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in 2010 witin funding from 

National Library of Scotland 

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8 15 22 29 

9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 31 

11 18 25 .. 

12 19 26 .. 

13 20 27 .. 

14 21 28 . . 













13 20 27 1 

14 21 








17 24 31 i 












9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 .. 

11 18 25 .. 

12 19 26 .. 

13 20 27 . . 

14 21 28 .. 

1 8 15 22 29 











7 14 21 28 

Su. .. 

8 15 22 29 

Mo, .. 

9 16 23 30 

Tu. .. 

10 17 24 31 


, ,^ 

11 18 25 .. 

Th. .. 


12 19 26 .. 

Fri. .. 


13 20 27 .. 

Sat. .. 


4 11 18 25 

5 12 19 26 

6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 28 

8 15 22 29 

9 16 23 30 
10 17 24 .. 








. 2 

. 3 

. 4 

. 5 

,. 6 

.. 7 

1 8 

9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 31 

11 18 25 .. 

12 19 26 .. 

13 20 27 .. 

14 21 28 .. 

15 22 29 .. 

IS 3 4. 


Su. . 

Mo. . 
Tu. . 
Th. , 
Fri. . 
Sat. . 








13 20 27 

14 21 28 


22 29 


23 30 

17 24 31 1 


25 .. 


26 .. 









10 17 24 

11 18 25 

12 19 26 

13 20 27 

14 21 28 

15 22 29 

16 23 .. 


Su. . 
Mo. , 

Th. , 

9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 31 

11 18 25 .. 

12 19 26 .. 

13 20 27 .. 

14 21 28 .. 

1 8 15 22 29 





6 13 20 27 

7 14 21 


8 15 22 


9 16 23 


10 17 24 

11 18 25 

12 19 26 





18 25 




13 20 27 1 

14 21 








17 24 31 


Su. . 

Mo. . 

Tu. . 
Th. . 
Fri. . 
Sat. . 

8 15 22 29 

9 16 23 30 

10 17 24 .. 

11 18 25 .. 

12 19 26 .. 

13 20 27 .. 

14 21 28 .. 

Terms in Scotland and England. 

Candlemas, Feb. 2, N.S.;14, O.S 
Whitsunday, May 15 „ 27, „ 
Lammas, August 1 „ 13, ,, 
Martinmas, Nov. 11 ,, 23, ,, 
When a term day falls on a Sunday, 

as the term. 

Lady Day, March 25 

Midsummer Day, June 24 
Michaelmas Day, Sept. 29 
Christmas, December 25 
the Monday following is considered 

Bank Holidays— 1883-84. 

New Year's Day Jan. 1 

Christmas Day Dec. 25 

(If either faUs on a Sunday, the 

following Monday) 
Good Friday April 11 

Upon Sacramental Fast-days and other Local Holidays, the Bank Offices 
will be open only between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. 

The first Monday of May. 
The first Monday of August. 
And any Day appointed by Royal 



Municipal Directory. 


Magistrates and Town Council ... 5 

Guildry, & Dean of Guild Court.. 6 

Police Court 6 

Burgh or Baillie Court 6 

Town Council (Police Depart.)... 6 

Town Council (Gas Depart.) 7 

Aberdeen Harbour 7 

Incorporated Trades 8 

Parochial Board of St. Nicholas 

or City Parish . . , 8 

Pai'ochial Board of Old Machar ... 9 


Public Revenue Directory. 

Customs 9 

Inland Revenue (Stps. & Taxes).. 10 
Valuation of Lands & Heritages, 

and Registration of Voters . . 10 

Inland Revenue (Excise Branch). 10 


Commercial Directory, 

Banking Companies — 

Union Bank of Scotland, Lim 11 

North of Scot. Banking Co. , Lim. 12 

Bank of Scotland .... 14 

British Linen Company 15 

Abdn. Town & County Bank, Lim. 17 

Commercial Bank of Scot., Lim. . 18 

National Bank of Scotland, Lim.. 19 

Royal Bank of Scotland 21 

National Security Savings' Bank.. 23 
Assurance Companies — 

The Scottish Provincial 23 

The Northern 24 

North British and Mercantile .... 24 

Aberdeen Mutual As. & Friendly 24 

Nor. Plate Glass Insurance Co. . . 25 

Shipping Companies — 

Aberdeen Steam Navigation 25 

N. of Scot, and Ork. and Shet. 

Steam Navig. Co 25 

Abdn, Newcastle, and Hull Steam 26 

Moray Firth Steam Shipping Co.. 26 
Liverpool, Abdn., Dundee, Stor- 

noway, & Inverness Steamers 27 
Railway Companies — 

Caledonian 27 

Great North of Scotland 27 

Miscel laneous-^ 

Foreign Consuls 28 

Aberdeen Corn Exchange Co 28 


Mercantile Marine Board 29 

Aberdeen Stock Exchange 29 

Northern Agricultural Co 29 

Aberdeen Commercial Co 29 

Aberdeen Lime Company 30 

Northern Co-oper. Co. (Limited) 30 

Aberdeen Market Company 30 

Bon-Accord Property Invest. Co.. 30 

Aberdeen Property Invest. Co 31 

City of Abrdn. Land Assoc. , Lim. 31 

Aberdeen Building Co., Limited.. 31 

Abdn. Co-oper. Propertylnvest Co. 31 

Abdn. Herit. Security. Invest. Co. 32 

Abdn. and Nor. Her. Prop. Co. . , 32 

Aberdeen Jute Company 32 

Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce 32 

Aberdeen Tramways Company. .. 33 

Aberdeen Quarrying Co., Lim — 33 

Northern Patent Brick Co., Lim. 33 

Abdn. Theatre & Opera House Co. 33 

Aberdeen Music HaU Co 33 

The Aberdeen Cafe Co 34 

The Aberdeen Dairy Co 34 

The Bath Hotel 34 

Aberdeen Steam Laundry Co 34 

Aberdeen Cemetery Company.... 34 

Society of Accountants 35 


Legal Directory. 

Society of Advocates 35 

SherifE Court of Abdn. & Kincar. 36 
Sheriff Small Debt and Circuit 

Court 37 

Justice of Peace Court 37 

Just, of Peace. Small Debt Court.. 37 

Circuit Court of Justiciary 38 

Messengers-at-Arms 38 

Sheriff Officers. 38 

Commissioners of Supply 38 

Abdn. County Road Trustees 38 


Medical Directory. 

Royal Infirmary 39 

Royal Lunatic Asylum 39 

Hospital for the Relief of Per- 
sons labouring under Incur- 
able Diseases 39 

Ophthalmic Institut. for Diseases 

of the Eye and Ear. 40 

Aberdeen Dispensary and Vaccine 

Institution 40 

Abdn. Hospital for Sick Children 

Medico Chirurgical Society ....... 41 



Ecclesiastical Directory. 

Established Church of Scotland . . 41 

Free Church of Scotland. 42 

Episcopalian, United Presbyter- 
ian, &c 43 


Educational Directory. 

University of Aberdeen 44 

Free Church College 45 

Aberdeen School Board 45 

Schools under the Board : — 

Grammar School 45 

Girls' Academy in Little Bel- 
mont street 45 

Public Elementary Schools 46 

Aberdeen Church of Scotland 
Training College and Practis- 
ing School, George street 46 

Abdn. Free Church Training Col. 46 

Denominational Schools 47 

Endowed Schools 47 

Academies, Schools, and Teachers 47 

Ladies' Boarding and Day Schools 47 

Mechanics' Institution do. 47 

School of Science and Art 48 

Robert Gordon's College 48 

Boys' arid Girls' Hospital 49 

Alex. Shaw's Hospital 49 

Institution for the Education of 

the Deaf and Dumb 49 

Victoria Lodging-House 49 

Abdn. Female Orphan Asylum ... 50 
Hospital for Orphan and Desti- 
tute Female Children 50 

Sheriff Watson's Female Indus- 
trial School 50 

Aberdeen Female School of Indus. 50 

Aberdeen Indust. School Assoc. 50 

Oldmill Reformatory 51 

Reformatory for Girls 51 

Indus. Scb. for Catholic Girls.. .. 51 

Asylum for the Blind 51 


Miscellaneous Directory. 

Public News-Rooms 52 

Mechanics' Institution Library ... 52 

The Royal Northern Club 52 

The Aberdeen Club 52 

Aberdeen Conservative Club 52 

The New Club 52 

The City Club 52 

Aberdeen Masonic Club 53 

Aberdeeii Philosophical Society 53 

Royal Northern Agricult. Society 53 

Shore Porters' Society 53 

Mason Lodges 53 


Public Baths and Swimming Pond 56 

House of Refuge & Night Shelter 56 
Home of the Aged and Infirm of 

both Sexes 56 

Newspapers in Aberdeen 56 

PoUce Estabhshment 56 

Registration of Births, Deaths, 

and Marriages 57 

Naval & MiUitary Establishments 58 

Postal Directory. 

List of Post Towns 61 

Post Office, Aberdeen 78 

Rates of Postage and Conditions 

of Transmission 78 

Money Order OfiBce, Government 

Insurance & Annuity Office, 

and Post-Office Savings Bank 81 

Postal Orders 82 

Aberdeen Mail Arrangements 83 

Receiving Houses and Branch 

Money Order Offices 84 

Receiving Letter Boxes 84 

Post-Office Telegi-aphs 84 

Carriers to and from Aberdeen. . . • 85 

Hackney Carriages 86 

Aberdeen Tramways 86 

' Buses 87 

Coaches 87 

Aberdeen Shipping 87 

Bills of Exchange 90 

Aberdeen Directory. 

General Directory 92 

Cottages, Mansions, and Places 

in the Suburbs of Aberdeen . . 810 

Trades' and Professions' Directory 316 

Justices of the Peace 371 

Agents for Insurance Companies. 373 

Street Directory 377 

Alterations and Additions 461 

Old Aberdeen Directory. 

Magistrates and Town Council. . , 463 

Incorporations 463 

Old Machar School Board 464 

Seminaries of Learning 464 

List of Names 464 

Woodside Directory. 

Churches, Post Office, &c 472 

List of Names 474 






Lord Provost— PETER ESSLEMONT, Merchant. 


Alexander Duffus, wholesale confec- 
James Hunter, granite merchant 
George Walker, bookseller 

George Donald, glass and colour mer- 
David Macdonald, merchant 
James Ross, merchant 


Bmn of Guild John Sangster, druggist 

Treasurer James Walker, merchant 

Master of Shoreworks James Paterson, wholesale druggist 

Master of Kirk and Bridge Works William Findlay, late merchant 

Master of Mortifications John Ogilvie, late bookseller 

Master of Guild Brethren's Hospital Robert Beveridge, M.D. 

Daniel Mearns, merchant r John Gray, ironfounder 

Henry Gray, merchant 
William Graham, baker 
Alexander Shepherd, auctioneer 
James Kilgour, manufacturer 
Alexander O. Gill, manufacturer 

John CroU, jun., late baker 
James Kinghorn, merchant 
George Walker, bookseller 
Archibald Duff, merchant 
William Pyper, merchant 

Town Clerk WUliam Gordon, advocate 

City CJKimberlain Peter M. Cran 

Depute Toion Clerk Alexander Yeats 

Assistant City Chamberlain James Frater 

Procurator-Fiscal George Cadenhead, advocate 

Superintendent of Works William Smith, architect 

Burgh Assessor of Property James Russell 

Auditor of Town's Accounts ;....; Harvey Hall, accountant 



Guildry, and Dean of Guild Court. 

Becm of Guild— Jon^ Sangster, Druggist. 


The Lord Provost I James Ross I George Jaraieson 

David Macdonald | Alexander Walker | James Paterson 

Cier^^— William Gordon, advocate. 

Police Court. 

Judge—The Sitting Magistrate. 
Procurator-Fiscal— George Cadenhead. CTer*— Depute Town Clerk. 

Burgh or Baillie Court. 

Lord Provost— Peter Esslemont. 


George Donald I James Ross I James Hunter 

David Macdonald | Alexander Duffus | George Walker 

C?e)-/i;— Depute To^vn Clerk. 
Procurator-Fiscal— George Cadenhead Officers of Court— Town Sergeants. 

Town Council (Police Department). 


Clerk— The ToAvn Clerk. Assistant— Ja,mes Yates. 

Treasurer and Collector — The City Chamberlain. Accountant — Chas. Sherett. 

Cashier — Robert Williams. Book-keeper — W. B. Bro^vn. 

Surveyor — William Boulton, C.E. Assistant — Matthew B. Jamieson. 

. Inspector of Lighting and Fire Engines — Lewis Anderson. 

Inspector of Cleansing Department — James Minty. 

Superintendent of Police — Thomas Wyness. 

1st Lieutoiant — George Day. Snd Lieutenant — James Milne. 

Police Surgeon and Medical Officer of Health — W. J. Simpson, M.D. 

Public Aiwdyst—Thova3uS Jamieson, F.I.C., F.C.S. 

Sanitary Inspector — Kenneth Cameron. 

The Watching force consists of (besides the Superintendent and two Lieu- 
tenants) 3 Inspectors, 4 Detectives, 9 Sergeants, 93 Constables, and 1 Female 


General Purposes Rates on Premises at Is. 4Jd. per £1 of yearly value. 
Water Rates on Dwelling-Houses at 6d. per £1 of yearly value, and on all 
other premises at l^d. per £1. On Warehouses, Manufactories, Stables, 
&c., per scale of charges. Sewer Rate (on Owners) at 4d. per £1 of yearly 
value. Public Health Act Assessment at l^d. per £1 of yearly value. 
County and Municipal Buildings Assessment^ ^d. per £1 of yearly value. 
Public Parks Assessment, |d. per £1 of yearly value. Minor Assessments — 
Owners 3 l-40th of Id. per £1 ; Occupiers 3 13-40th of Id. per £1. Land Cess 
Owners 8-40th of Id. per £1 ; Occupiers 24-40th of Id. per £1. 


Town Council (Gas Department). 

Gas Treasurer— V. M. Cran. 

Supe^'intendent — Alex. Smith. Assistayit Siqjerintendent — Alex. Slasser. 

Chief Clerk — James Crane. Book-keeper — Alex. Brown. 

Cle)'ks — R. B. Finlayson, J. Pigge, J. Tough, and C. Davidson. 

Meter Inspector— John Forbes. Messenger — G. Thomson. 

Aberdeen Harbour. 

Parliamentary Commissioners, for Improving and Maintaining the Har- 
bour of Aberdeen, under "The Aberdeen Harbour Act, 1868," "The Aber- 
deen Harbour Act, 1871," "The Aberdeen Harbour Act, 1879," "The 
Aberdeen Municipality Extension Act, 1871." 

Aberdeen Harbour Commissioners. 



George' Donald 
David Macdonald 

James Ross 

Alexander DuflFus 
James Hunter 
George Walker 

William Findlay 
John Ogilvie 
Daniel M earns 
James Kilgour 
Archibald Duff 
Alexander O. Gill 
Robert Beveridge 

John Sangster, Dean of Guild. 

James Walker, City Treasurer. 

James Paterson, Master of Shoreworks. 
William Pyper 

John Croll, Junior 
James Aiken, Junior 
Alexander Copland 
John Crombie 
Alexander Davidson 
James Crombie 

Secretary and Clerk — Wniiam Gordon. 

William Leslie 
John B. Nicol 
Alexander H. Wilson 
Thomas Adam, Junior 
George T. Harvey 
Charles Shepherd 
George Hutcheson 

Treasurer— VQiQX Riddel. 

Resident Engineer — Wm. Smith. Superintendent — Jas. Pirie. 


Collector— "PeiQx Riddel. 

CierAs— William Gellan, Edward Chasser, Charles S. Gauld, Thos. Knowles, 

and James M'Curach. 


Captain Pilot and Berthmaster at Loioer Quays — William Clark. 

Assistant and Keeper of Pier Light and Flag — John Davidson. 

Sockmaster — Joseph T» Willett. Assistant Bockmaster— Thomas Lute. 

Sv,peri7itendent of Coalj LimCi and Grain Meters, of Harbour Rails, and of Carter* 

and Carriers of CoaZ-^John M'Lean. 0#ice— Provost Blaikie's Quay, 


Incorporated Trades. 

Patron— B.eY. Alexander Spence, D.D. 
Convener — Peter Raeburn. Master of Trades' Hospital — E. Bain, junior. 


Hammermen Andrew Robb Marshall Watt 

Bakers James Wood Robert Meff 

Wrights and Coopers Alexander Brown Alexander M'Kay 

Tailors James Swanson Alexander Mavor 

Shoemakers Alexander Forsyth George M'Kay 

Weavers Robert Beveridge, jr . . . . Alexander M. Byres 

FLeshers Charles Mackie James Millar 

Factor of the Widows' Fund — James Thomson. 

Treasure^ of the Widows' Supplementary Fund — James Berry. 

Joint-Clerks and Assessors — John Thomson and David Stewart, advocates. 

Convener's Officers — Andrew Ramsay and John Mitchell. 

Housekeeper — Miss Macpherson. 

Parochial Board of St. Nicholas or City Parish, 
Aberdeen, 1883. 

Alexander Duffus, Esq., Chairman, 


Mr. Robert Donald, engineer I Mr. David Macdonald, merchant 

,, John Ogilvie, late bookseller | ,, Joseph Tennant, draper 


Mr. William Findlay, late merchant I Mr. George Reid, merchant 
,, Wniiam Graham, baker 1 Dr. John Wight, physician 


First Ward or Division. 

Mr. Wm. Williams, house proprietor 
,, Francis B. Kelly, clothier 
,, Charles Gordon, merchant 

Mr. John Wilson, builder 
,, Alexander Badenoch, clothier 

Second Ward. 

Mr. Wm. Pyper, wholesale merchant 
,, Chas. Gordon Downie, advocate 
,, John Webster, iron merchant 

Mr. William Gordon, merchant 
,, Charles Coutts, druggist 

Third Ward. 
Mr. Alex. Craig, late merchant [ Mr. Alexander Duffus, wholesale 

,, James Paterson, draper confectioner 

„ John Croll, late baker I ,, Alexander Inglis, merchant 

Monthly Meetings of the Board are held on the second Tuesday of each 
month, at 3 o'clock p.m. Five a quorum. 

Inspector — James Wallace. 

1st Assistant Inspector — Peter Diack. 

^nd do. C. B. Williams, 

Cashier and Book-keeper — G. G. Christie. 

Medical Officers— Dvs. Burr, Crombie, P. B. Smith, and Reith. 

Office of Parochial Board— 38 Castle Street 


The mode or principle of Assessment is as follows, viz. : — One-half the 
Assessment is leviable from the Owners, after deduction of 20 per cent, from 
the annual value of house property, in name of repairs, insurance, and public 
burdens, and 7^ per cent, from cultivated grounds and fishings, in name of 
public burdens. The other half of the Assessment is leviable from the Oc- 
cupants, under deduction of 12^ per cent, in the following, viz. : — Occu- 
pants of cultivated grounds and lishings are rated at one-half of the rate 
levied on the occupants of all other subjects. 

Collector of Assessment — George G. Christie. 

Collector's Cleric — William Gumming. 

Office— 38 Castle Street, 


I^ELSON Street. 

Governor— William Dalgleish. Matron—Miss Rhind. 

Porter — Alexander Harper. 

Medical Officer — Dr. C. M. Crombie. Chaplain — Rev. Mr. Mackay. 

Parochial Board of Oldmachar. 

Parochial Board — Heritors of £20 annual value or upwards ; Twenty Mem- 
bers elected by the other qualified Ratepayers ; Six Members elected 
by the Kirk-Session ; and the Provost and Baillies (rated for assess- 
ment) of any Royal Burgh in the Parish. 

Office of Parochial Board, - - 9 Diamond Street. 

Inspector — Thomas Skene. Cashier and Collector of Assessment — Alex. Diack, 

Assistant Inspectors — Wm. Noble and Charles Cook. 

District Medical Officers — Drs. Garden, Fraser, Fowler, and Gordon. 


St. Machar's Place, Ferryhill. 

Governor — James Donald. Matron — Miss McKay. 

Medical Officer — Dr. Garden. Chaplain — Rev. John Hunter. 



Collector and Surveyor — Lewis Evans. 
Clerks— John Pirie, Wm. Whitecross, Jas. N. Justice, and Fi-ed. G. Taylor. 

Writer— T. R. Moncrieff. 

Exam,ining Officers— George Johnston, Alexander Taylor, Robert Clark, Thos. 

Bowie, and George Gregory. 

Out-door Officers— 1st Class — William M 'Galium, James Imray, Andrew 

Forbes, John Clouston, and John Leith. 

2nd Class— Wm. W. Duncan, James R. Smith, M. J. O'Farrell, 

Timothy Kelly, William Reid, and John Robertson. 

Boatman — Charles Cook. 

Housekeeper — A. Edwards. 

Principal Coast Officer, Newhurgh— 'Robert Reid. 

Custom House Agent and Shipbroker — G. B. Anderson. 


Inland Revenue (Stamps and Taxes). 

Office 27 King Street. 

Surveyor for the First District, or City of Aberdeen and Cowaty of Kincardine- 

James Russell. 

Surveyor for Second District, or County of Aberdeen — John Airtb. 

Office 27 King Street. 

Distributor and Collector— Andreyv Jopp, 

Clerks— John M'Diarmid, Samuel M'Hardy, James Fleming. 

Stamp Office open from 10 to 4 ; on Saturdays from 10 to 1. 

Tax Office open from 10 to 3 ; on Saturdays from 10 to 12. 

Valuation of Lands and Heritages. 


Registration of Voters. 

Office, 27 King Street. Open from 10 to 3 ; Saturdays, 10 to 12. 

James Russell, Assessor for the Burghs of Aberdeen and Inverbervie. 

John Airth, Assessor for the County of Aberdeen and Burghs of Peterhead, 

Inverurie, and Kintore. 

Inland Revenue. 


Office 27 King Street. 

Collector— E. J. Maguire. Clerks— G, T. Curtis, and J. W. Broomhead. 

Assistants— J. G. Elrick, W. Downie, D. MacMillan, D, M'Creath, W. S. 
Grassick, J. Robson, W. Grenfell, R. J. Campbell, and D. J, Leahy. 

1st District Supervisor— W. R. White. 0#cers— James Wilson, Thos. 
Sproule, James Taylor, Hugh Cowan, Colin Macme, and W. Anderson. 
Assistant — Chas. O'Neill. 

2nd District Supervisor— H. Thomson. Officers— Jsbs. Heron, John Soddy, 
D. R. Halley, Thos. PoUard, and E. H. PhiUips. Assistants— John 
Snell, and D. Walsh. 

Oldmeldrum District Supervisor— James Allan. Officers— T. Harland, 
R. Anderson, Wm. Wilson, James McGiUivray, and J. Bratten. 

New Maud District Supervisor— Wm. Ross. Officers— J. Michie, J. W. 
Westcott, W, R. New, J. C. Farquhar, John Cruickshank, and Leo 


Ballater District Supervisor— Hector Mackenzie. Officers— J). Stewart, 
J. A. Couper, and J. Whitrow. Assistant — Wm. Purser. 

Orkney District Supervisor— John Wm. Gray. Officers— S. Watson, F. 
R. Gulline, Wm. Graham, Geo. Swanson, and Robt. Muir. 

Shetland District Supervisor— Walter Galbraith. Officer— Geo. Osborne. 





The Union Bank of Scotland, Limited. 

Capital, £5,000,000. Paid-up, £1,000,000. 


William Yeats of Auquharney. | Alexander Davidson, advocate. 

Cashier— 3 ohxi Cook. ^crefctry— David Easton. 

Accountant— Axi^vQyf Gordon. 

TeMers— David Wyllie, James Davidson, and George G. Sharp. 

George Street Branch (113 George Street)— John Sharp, Agent. 

West-End Branch (203 Union Street)— W. Y. M'Donald, Agent. 


Aberlour William McGowan 

Ballater John Simpson 

Banchory James Brown 

Banff James Rust 

Braemar James Aitken 

Buckie John Anton 

Cullen Wm. L. Taylor 

Elgin James Jameson 

Ellon George F. Raeburn 

Fochabers H. R, Levay 

Fva «Prhnrffh i George Wallace and 
b raserburgn „ . . | j^g_ Blackball 



London Office, 62 Cornhill, E.G. 


Huntly James Milne 

Inverurie . . George P. WUson 

Keith James A. Stephen 

Macduff James Martin 

New Pitsligo James Shives 

Peterhead William Boyd 

Portsoy Peter Murray 

Rosehearty James D. Sharp 

Tarland H. Ross 

Turriff William Dunbar 

Aberf eldy Charles Munro 

AUoa Thos. Brydie & Son 

Alva William Cowan 

Aiichterarder Wm. L. Young 

Auchtermuchty . . Robert Wyllie 
. „„ ( Cuthbert Cowan & 

^y^ X Wm. H. Dunlop 

Barrhead W. & J. Pollock 

Barrhill Edward Hyslop 

Bathgate John Wright 

Beith W. F. Love 

Blair- Athole James Stewart 

T>i„-, „^„™;^ f Wm. S. Souter 
Blau-gom-ie . . . . | r^Yiom?,^ Souter 

Brechin Gordon & Lamb 

Bridge of Allan . . Robert Jenkins 
Castle Douglas . . . Richard Hewat 

Coatbridge J. H. Bowie 

Coupar- AngTis J. P. Paton 

Crieff J. & A. Gibson 

Dalbeattie R. W. Macnab 

Dairy (Ayrshire) , . W. F. Love 

^ah7 (|^u-kcud- 1 jj^^j^j Morrine 

Darvel Thomas Fleming 

Doune Thos. M. Graham 

•n ^^..^^.r.r. i W. Babtie & W. 
Dumbarton.... I ^^^^^ 

Dumfries Wm. Craig 

Dunblane William Christie 

Dundee D. S. Ferguson 

Dunkeld Joseph Dickie 

Dunning M. H. Lawson 

Dunoon W. Munro 

Edinburgh — 
Hunter Square.. James M. Gow 
Downie Place . . James Morton 

Grassmarket Charles E. Condell 

Newington A. M. Touch 

Haymarket Thomas Gordon 

Edzell Wm. Cra^vf ord 

Erroll T. Rogers Kinmont 

Forfar William Lowson 

Galston John Hendrie 



Gatehouse William Cairns 

Girvan David Andrews 

Glasgow — 

Anderston Wm. Mackie 

Argyle Street. . . R. R. B. Thomson 
Bridgeton Cro. .John Wither 

Cowcaddens Andrew Forsyth 

Hillhead Andrew Forsyth 

Kinning Park. .Wm. L. Rome 
St. Vincent St . . James Wallace 

Tradeston James Frame 

Trongate D. M 'Arthur 

Gourock W. H. Turner 

Govan . D. D. Baird 

Greenock F. G. Bruce 

Hamilton William Forrest 

Helensburgh Jas. Milne 

Inveraray Q. M. Wright 

Inverness George Black 

Irvine Jn. Paterson 

T 1, i (J. Holmes and A. 

Joh"«*o"« i Bartlemore 

Killin J. M'Naughton 

Kilmarnock R. &D. C. Gairdner 

Kincardine, Fife.. James Patrick 

Kirkcaldy John N. M'Leod 

Kirkwall R. G. W. Irvine 

Kirriemuir i ^- ^^- ^^^^^ ^"^ '^• 

Kirriemuir j ^^ Wilson 

Ladybank Robert Wyllie 

T cvo-« i ^- H. Eckford and 

•^^^^^ ( Alex. Young 

Larkhall William Forrest 

Leith John A. White 

Lerwick A. Mitchell 

Leslie, Fifeshire. .H. M. Hewison 

Lochgelly Wm. Cameron 

Lochgilphead H. & A. M'Ewan 

Mary hill Wm. Philips 

Maybole Thomas Rennie 

Mearns Wm. & Jas. PoUock 

Millport James Ross 

Moffat Jas. R. MacGibbon 

Moniaive Wm. Smith 

Paisley Wm. Abercrombie 

Partick Geo. Smith 

Perth Alb. Butter, cashier 

Pitloehrie J. & H. Mitchell 

Port-Glasgow John Hope 

Renfrew Wm. Herroii 

Stewarton Gabriel Alexander 

Stirling Robert MacLuckie 

Stonehouse Wm. Forrest 

Straiirapr i^' <^uthrie and 

fetianraer -^ j^^^^^ Hunter 

Strathaven James Miller 

Stromness Wm. Hay 

Tarbert G. K. Aitchison 

Thornhill D. Crichton 

Tillicoultry Wm. Hunter 

Troon John Andrew 

Wick Alexander Wares 

The Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, draw and issue Letters of Credit 
on the Bank of England, Coutts and Company and Glyn, Mills, Currie, and 
Co., bankers, London ; Manchester and Liverpool District Bank, Limited; 
Beckett and Co., Leeds ; Lambton and Co., Newcastle ; Yorkshire Banking 
Company, Limited ; National Provincial Bank of England, Limited ; Moore 
and Robinson, Limited, Nottingham ; Sheffield Banking Co., Limited ; 
Cumberland Union Bank, Limited ; Worcester City and County Bank, 
Limited ; Manchester and Salford Bank, Limited ; North-Eastern Bank, 
Limited; Paget and Co., Leicester; Huddersfield Banking Co., Limited; 
Carlisle City and District Bank, Limited ; Whitehaven Joint-Stock Bank ; 
Provincial Bank of Ireland ; Belfast Banking Co. ; ToAvn and County Bank, 
Limited ; North of Scotland Bank, Limited ; Bank of Scotland ; National 
Bank of Scotland, Limited; Royal Bank of Scotland; Clydesdale Bank, 
Limited ; Bank of Montreal ; Union Bank of Australia, Limited ; Roths- 
child Freres, Paris ; J. G. King's Sons, New York ; and the various Branches 
of these Banks. 

North of Scotland Bank, Limited— 1836. 

Incorporated under Act of Parliament. 
Paid-up Capital . . . £400,000 
Eeseeve Fund .... £213,000 
Head Office Aberdeen. 


John William Cruickshank, Elrick 
House, Newmachar 

George Donald, glass and colour mer- 
chant, Aberdeen 

William Ferguson of Kinmundy 

Archer Irvine Fortescue, of King- 
causie and Swanbister 

William Hunter, advocate, Aberdeen 

William Henderson, of Devanha 

House, Aberdeen 
George Jamieson, of Rosebank 
Jas. Matthews, architect, Aberdeen 
Francis Ogston, Professor of Juris- 
prudence, University of Aberdeen 
Simpson Shepherd, merchant, Abdn. 
Thomas Wilsone, solicitor, Aberdeen 



Joint Managers— Robert Lumsden and Edward Fiddes. 

Secretary and Superintendent of Branches — C. A. MoUyson. 

Accountant — David S outer. 

W. R. Leslie, Inspector, and Robert Murray and James Hutcheon, Assistant 

Inspectors of Branches. 

Tellers — Hugh Mackenzie, George Brotchie, James Turreff, and 

Douglas B. Leask. 

Market Branch (Exchange Street)— William Scott, Agent. 

West-end Branch (226 Union Street)— George Carmichael, Agent. 

George Street Branch (157 George Street)— Benjamin Saunders, Agent. 


Aberchirder Jn. Alexander, jun. 

Aberlour Jas. Fleming, jun. 

Aboyne James Ogg 

Alf ord Francis Stephen 

Auchinblae Robert Crabb 

Ballater James L. Douglass 

•Ranohorv I William Sim 

Bancnory | William Sim, jun. 

Banff A. O. Morison 

Bervie A. & D. Legg 

Blairgowrie J. B. Miller 

Broughty Ferry. . . William Miller 

Buckie John Shearer 

Carnoustie Robert Summers 

Crieff Robert Clement 

Cullen Alexander Sim 

Dufftown James Petrie 

Dundee George Anderson 

Elgin H. M. S. Mackay 

Ellon Jas. H. Brown 

Fettercairn Alexander Don 

Fife-Keith John Robertson 

Fraserburgh Alexander Watson 

Friockheim Peter Edward 

Gardenstown David Chalmers 

Glenlivet Geo. Smith Grant 

Huntly William Walker 

Insch W. F. G. Dawson 

Invergorden Harvey H. Smith 

Inverurie Alex. Smith 

Keith Adam Annand 

Kintore John Annand 

Laurencekirk James B. Greig 

Lerwick William Irvine 

Lochee Alex. Gray 

Longside Robert Cheves 

Lonmay J. & C. Forrest 

Lumphanan Harry Stuart 

Lumsden James Wallace 

Macduff Alex. Robertson 

Methlick John Grant 

Montrose Alex. Muirden, jun. 

New Deer George Lawrence 

New Maud John Davidson 

Oban D. & J. S. M'Caig 

Old Deer John Walker 

Oldmeldrum James Manson 

Peterhead William Alexander 

Port-ErroU Thomas Ruxton 

Port-Gordon David Reid 

Portree Thomas Skene 

Portsoy James Moir 

Rliynie James Stewart 

i^""- {^tSSLp 

Sauchen (Cluny).. David Lumsden 
c<^-^.,^^,,^„„„ f James Scott 
Stonehaven.. | a. B. Annandale 

Strichen John Stewart 

Tayport (Ferry 
Port on Craig 

• David White 

Tain i George M'Leay 

^'^"^ (MurdoM'Kenzie 

Tobermory Sproat & Cameron 

Turriff James Grieve 

Wick Donald Swanson 

The North of Scotland Bank draws upon Messrs. Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, 
and Co. , bankers, London ; the Union Bank of London, Limited : the 
National Provincial Bank of England's Branches, Limited ; the Manchester 
and Liverpool District Bank, Limited, Manchester and Branches ; the Liver- 
pool Union Bank, Limited ; the Birmingham, Dudley, and District Bank, 
Limited, Birmingham, and Branches ; Lambton & Co., Newcastle, Sunder- 
land, North Shields, &c. ; J. Backhouse & Co. , Darlington, and Branches ; 
the Carlisle and Cumberland Banking Company, Limited, and Branches ; 
the Yorkshire Banking Company, Limited, Leeds, and Branches ; the 
Sheffield Union Banking Company ; the Commercial Bank of Scotland, 
Limited, Edinburgh, and Branches ; the National Bank of Scotland's 
Branches, Limited ; the Union Bank of Scotland and Branches, Limited ; 
the Clydesdale Banking Company Limited, and Branches ; the Town and 
County Bank's Branches, Limited ; the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Limited, 
Dublin, and Branches ; and in the Colonies on the English, Scottish, and 
Australian Chartered Bank ; the Union Bank of Australia, Limited ; the 
Bank of New Zealand ; the Standard Bank of South Africa, Limited ; and 
the Bank of British North America, and on that Bank's Agents at New York 
and San FraJicisco. 

Bills negotiated ivherever there is a Bank or a Banker. 



Bank of Scotland (Aberdeen)— 1780. 

(40 Union Street.) 

Head Office, - - - EDiNBURan. 

Established by Act of Parliament, 1695. 

Ag€7its—Jsimes Augustus Sinclair and Robert Smith. 

Teller — John Sim. 


New Town, Edinburgh — Charles Bruce, Agent. Southern District, 7 Clerk 
Street — R. D. Mathie, Agent. Stockbridge — John Gillespie, Agent. 
Greenside— J. T. Gerard, Agent. Moraingside — William Watson, 
Agent. West End — A. W. Logan, Agent. 

London Office, Lothbury — Robert Davidson, Manager. 

H. A. Hotson, Assistant Manager. Samuel Neal, Pro-Manager, 



Arbroath . . 
Ardrossan . 



( a 


J. M'Kerchar 

M. Diarmid, p. 


Airdrie D. Mitchell 

Alyth George Duncan 

f James Moffat 

I James Moffat, jun. 

j James Muir 

1 R. C. Kinloch 

..D. I. Mack 

Auchterarder J. Smitton 

Auchtermuchty . . Archd. Walker 

. „„ ( Robert Philips 

^^^ ] W. Pollock 

Barrhead Arch. Brownlie 

Beauly A. Mackenzie 

Bellshill Wm. Neilson 

Blackford D. Lawson 

Blairgowrie Robert Robertson 

Brechin J. Will 

Bucklyvie G. M'Farlane, agt. 

Cflllpudfl-r -I Alex.Macnaughton 

Cauenaar j ^ Stewart 

rarnnnstip i ^- A.M'Corquodale 

Carnoustie | j^^^^j^ Guthrie,jun. 

..H. M'Lellan 

J J. Melrose and Jas. 

( Porteous, agents 

. . Geo. Robertson 

Crieff J. M'Nab 

Cumnock H. B. M'Lellan 

Denny Wm. Auld 

Dingwall John Binning, agt. 

Dumfvips i James Johnston 

uumtiies j j_^ p_ ^gt. 

Dunbar P. Murray, agent 

DnnblaTip -I James W. Barty 

Uunblane -J ^y^^ Thomson 

Dunkeld J. M'Naughton 

rWm. Moir 

Dundee ■< Chas. G. Ross, asst. 

(.W. Freeland, acct. 
,, Victoria St. .R. Walker, agent 

Dunfermline J. Barclay 

Duns R. F. Hardy 

Castle Douglas. . 


Coupar- Angus . . 

Galashiels . . . 
Gatehouse . . . 


Dysart Andrew Harrow 

-p-i„:„ ( Alex. Cameron 

^^Sm-- I James Allan 

Falkirk D. M. Peebles 

v^^f^.. i Robert White 

^""^^"^ ( David Binny 

Fort- William D. M'Leish 

Fraserburgh James R. Grant 

JW. Rutherford 
jAlex. Rutherford 
..H. D. Glover 
/R. Gourley, man., 
and Jas. Bain, 
sub. man. 
W. Neilson, acct. 
J. W. Mackay, p. 

I D. Henderson, p. 
^ man. 
Glasgow, Crossbill. James Wallace 

n-^ S James Robb, and 

» '^^'^^^ \ Jno. Watt 

,, Lauriston Hugh Pollock 

,, Hutcheson- 

" 'sSSf.'.''}j---F-^ 

,, Calton Walter Harvey 

,, Hillhead Robt. M'Lean 

" Voir^:':''} Ale.. Kelly 

,, Glassford St.. David Osborne 
,, Whitevale . ..Thomas Lightbody 

Gorbals, Glasgow.. Thos. Smith, agt. 

Grangemouth Basil Mackenzie 

Greenock . 

*" I Alex. Eraser 

( Thomas Stark 

1 P. Ballingall, acct. 

Haddington . . . 


Todrick, p. agt. 
..J. C.Kay 
Helensburgh Alex. Breingan 

Inverness \ 'HoriaXA Duff 

Inverness -j p_ Warax, p. agt. 

Inverleithen Thomas Young 





W. A. 

R. A 


D. A. Haggart, p. 

Kelso Pat. S. Darling 

Kilmarnock D. Bain 


Kirkcudbright . 


..D. J. Wilson 
...David M'Lellan 

..P. S. Heddle, agt. 

( Archd. Smith 

\ Jas. Coupar, agts. 
Lamlash J. Mackintosh, agt. 

C Robert Romanes 
Lauder ^ T. Edgely, jun., p. 

(. agent 

Lasswade C. Clark 

f .., (Fulton Spiers 

■•"^"^ 1 J. M'Gregor, p. agt. 

Lockerbie { '^tg^ent^''"'^"''''"' 

Lossiemouth C. M. Stuart 

Moffat S. M'Millan 

Montrose Alex. Ramsay 

Tv/r i.\.^ ,„„n f Robert Jack 

Motherwell | w.R.Barbour, 

New Cumnock 

. ..Alex. Tenant, agt. 
j Alex. Brown 
\ D. C. Brown 

Paislev i ^- ^- ^^^*^^' ^S'*- 

^^^^^®y 1 A. Boyd, acct. 

Peebles R. Thorburn 

p ,-, f J. W. Jamieson & 

(J. Paterson, agents 

n I. rn „ f John Anderson 

Port-Glasgow. . . -j j^^ Scobbie, agts. 

Pitlochrie Alex. Macbeth 

Rothesay R. Mackirdy, agt. 

St. Andrews Andrew Syme 

Saltcoats J. Campbell, agt. 

Slamannan J. Mitchell, agt. 

Stirlins- i J^^- ^^- Campbell 

^^"'^^ \m. Lawson, acct. 

Stonehaven Thos. Martin 

Strathaven Thomas Tennent 

(E. H. M'K. Mathe- 
Tain •] son and 

L Al. Mackay 

Thurso Jas. Brims 

Uddingstone Jno. R. Davidson 

West Linton John Alexander 

Wick DavidCormack.agt. 

The Bank of Scotland draws on the Bank of England and Branches ; 
Coutts & Co., and Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London ; Manchester and 
Liverpool District Bank and Branches ; Carlisle City and District Bank ; 
Woods & Co. ; the Huddersfield Banking Company ; Samuel Smith & Co., 
Nottingham and Derby ; Old Bank, Bradford ; Godfray, Major, & Godfray, 
Jersey ; the Bank of Ireland and Branches ; the Provincial Bank of Ireland 
and Branches ; Royal Bank of Ireland and Branches ; London and County 
Bank's Branches : National Provincial Bank of England ; Burton, Uttoxater, 
and Ashbourne ; Union Bank and Branches ; Sheffield Union Banking 
Company ; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Banking Company ; the 
Commercial Bank of Scotland ; British Linen Company ; Union Bank of 
Scotland ; also Royal Bank, Town and County Bank, Clydesdale Bank, 
National Bank of Scotland, and North of Scotland Bank ; National Bank of 
New Zealand ; Bank of Bengal, and Mercantile Bank of River Plate ; Bank 
of Australasia ; Bank of New Zealand, and Bank of British North America ; 
Canadian Bank of Commerce ; Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London 
and China ; Standard Bank of British South Africa ; issues Circular Notes 
on the principal cities and towns on the Continent, and negotiates Bills in 
the principal towns of Scotland, England, and Ireland, and in foreign parts. 

British Linen Company. 

Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1746. 

Head Office, ... St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

London Office, ... 41 Lombard Street, E.C. 

Aberdeen (1833). 

Lauchlan M'Kinnon, Junior, Agent. 

21 Market Street— Alex. Edward, S%tb-Agent. 

Teller — John A. Montgomerie. 

West-End Branch— James Buyers, Sub-Agent. 


Airdrie A. B. Motherwell I Ayr Wm. Kilpatrick 

Annan David Brown | Balfron M'Onat & M'Adam 

( J. A. Dickson I r^..™.,, „„ rp,^^ j Wm. Douglas 

Arbroath -^ J. M. M'Bain, sub- | ^^^^ k-on-iwa j Robert Douglas 

( agent | Brechin W, M. Vallentine 



Carluke James Martin 

Castle-Douglas . . . J. Moffat 

Coldstream W. Douglas 

Crieff James Macrosty 

Cupar-Fife D. Osborne 

Dairy, Ayrshire {I^kV^->^°"*«- 

B-^-M- {i'sr-.tS-s 

Dunbar J. & J. J. KeUy 

Dundee J. A. Smith 

,, West-Port. James Ireland 

Dunfermline Jno. Landale 

Duns .James Wyllie 

Edinburgh — 
South Bridge. . .W, Macleod 

^Br'anch^'* U. M. Milroy 




Elgin Brander & Gall 

■c„iM„»,^ 17^*.^ f Chas. Gulland 
Falkland. Fife. . | ^ Gulland, jun. 

Forfar William Gordon 

Forres J. D. Davidson 

Fort- WiUiam N. B. Mackenzie 

Fraserburgh J. M. Anderson 

Galashiels F. S. Fairbairn 

Galston Robert Blair 

Girvan James Mackenna 

Glasgow Thomas Balmain 

,, South Side "i 


Lauriston ) 

,, Bridgeton Cross ) 
Branch, 26 VThos. Kinnaird 

Bridgeton Cross ) 

,, Charing Cross \ 

Brancli, Char- > Jno. Eraser, jun. 

ing Cross ) 

„ 269 Main Street ) ^ Mitchell 

Hutchesontown j 

,, 42 Trongate John Graham 

,, AnderstonBr. . .Jno. Fraser 

,, Gallowgate Br..Jas. G. Todd 

,, 35 Union St Robert Calderwood 

"Cvoss^''''^^'^ }Robt. Russell 

" Ssg?^^'^^': } W- Hamilton, agt. 
„ 112 Renfieid St.. J. P. Laidlaw 

Clyde Bank, ") 

Yoker, near > Chas. P. Leiper 

Glasgow ) 

Golspie G. G. Tait 

^ James Glen 

Greenock -| Wm. Philip, sub- 

( agent 

Haddington J. & W. T. Ferme 

Hamilton Samuel F. Simpson 

Hawick G. Davidson 

Helmsdale James John Hill 

Inverness Alex. Williamson 

Irvine Wm. M'Jannet 

Jedburgh James Gumming 

Kelso T. Balmer Dove 

Kilmarnock P. & A. Sturrock 

Kingussie Alex. Macpherson 

Kinross William Wilson 

Kirkcaldy T. & W. M. Dow 

Kirriemuir Jas. Forrest 

Lanark D. Stodart 

t--^""'- {%?sr**- 

Leith J. Ross Cundell 


Lesmahagow John Hamilton 

Linlithgow W. Gilkison 

Loanhead Geo. Johnston 

Melrose -( ^ Cm;if '■'^'''^' ^""^ 

Moffat Thomas Reid 

Montrose {i^^.'i^^^Zt 

«-- {H:^D'rrdL, 

Newton-Stewart.. A. B. Matthews 
North Berwick ... David M'CuUoch 

Paisley Hugh Macfarlane 

Peebles Blackwood & Smith 

p . j^ f Hunter and BaUin- 

Port- William, \n i^./r T^^.■.^^^^A 

Wigtownshire I ^- ^^- Ro^tledge 

Sanquhar Jos. Carruthers 

Selkirk J. Steedman 

oj.- T f J. Davidson 

Stirling { W.Stevenson 

Stornoway M. M'Leod 

Stranraer Thomas M'Caig 

Tain Hugh Ross 

Thornhill Wm. Austin 

Tliurso David Sutherland 

Troon A. B. Cowan 

„r. , ( Wm. Paterson 

^^^^'^ t Smith 

Wigtown Eb. S. Black 

Wishaw Rob. Morton 

^•^^^^^ 1a. H. Erskine 


Broxburn (to Linlithgow) 
Fortli (to Lanark) 
Fi'euchie (to Falkland) 

Kinghorn (to Kirkcaldy) 
Newcastleton (to Langholm) 
Newton St. Boswell's (to Melrose) 



The British Linen Company issues drafts on other places in Scotland be- 
sides those in which they have Branches, and also in the principal Towns in 
England and Ireland, and they have correspondents throughout the Conti- 
nent of Europe, as well as in British America, United States, India, China, 
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, &c., &c. 

Town and County Bank, Limited. 

Established 1825. Incorporated 1862. Registered 1882. 


John Crombie, manufacturer 
Charles Duncan, advocate 
John Duguid Milne of Melgum 
Andrew Murray of AUathan 

Head Office . . , 

James Badenoch Nicolson of Glen- 

Alex. Milne Ogston, manufacturer 
John Smith, advocate 

62 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

George L. Rorie, Managei- and Cashier. 

John Keith, Secretary. George Robertson, Accountant, 

James Batchan, Inspector of Branches. 

W. M'C. Gordon, Joint Inspector. 

John Jameson, John A. Adamson, Alexander Thomson, and Francis 
E. Watt, Tellers. 


Inverness .... 



Kildrummy . . . 






(Aberdeen) . 
New Deer . . . . 
Oldmeldrum . 

Peterhead .... 

Aberdeen — 

Western, 262 ) ., Morrice 
Union Street I ^^®^- ^^-^oriice 
Northern, 236 \ James B. Keith 
George St. . . j Alex. S. Murray 
Harbour, 15 \ WiUiam Leslie 
Regent Quay j G. G. Wilkie 
Alf ord Daniel Baxter 

A»cMnblae { ^^^'J^.^SsTn 

Auchnagatt George Knox 

Badenscoth R. & W. M. Hunter 

Ballater Francis Coutts 

Banchory John Gordon 

Banff Alex. Duncan 

Bervie James Glegg 

Brora G. & G. R. Lawson 

Cuminestown Alexander Porter 

Dufftown ^. . .John Robertson 

Dundee James Low 

Durno, Pitcaple . . . George W^ebster 

Echt James Coutts 

Ellon. . John Rae 

Fochabers Charles Gray 

Fraserburgh Wemyss Park 

Fy vie James Mackie 

Golspie G. & G. R. Lawson 

TT„„j.i„ ( James Lawson 

H""*^y I John R. Lawson 

Insch J. & J. Bisset 

The Town and County Bank, Limited, negotiate Bills on every Town 
where there is a Bank or Banker, and issue Drafts on the following Banks 
and their respective Branches, viz. : The London Joint Stock Bank, Limited, 
London ; Birmingham, Dudley, and District Banking Company, Limited, 
Birmingham ; Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company, Limited, 
Manchester ; Sheffield Union Banking Company, Sheffield ; Yorkshire Bank- 
ing Company, Limited, Leeds ; Woods & Company, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 
Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh ; Caledonian Bank, Limited ; North of 


Perth , 

Rhynie ... . 
Stonehaven . 
Strathdon . . . 
Strichen . . . . 
Tarland .... 
Tarves ...... 




Udny , 


Woodside . . 

.Wm. Douglass 
. John Charles 
.W. &A. Thurburn 
.Dougall Christie 
.P. Dickson 
.A. & J. Mowat 
. Alexander Smith 
. John Farquhar 
. Alexander Mackie 

■Peter Murray 

.J. & A. Joiner 
. James Bruce 
Patrick Irvine 
John Ramsay 
'M'Leish& Robert- 
. James Lawson 
.Arth. W. Kinnear 
.Charles F. Wattie 
.James Smith 
.William Thomson 
.W. & A. Duthie 
. Robert Bruce 
.James M'Laggan 
.Douglas Gordon 
.WUliam Giles 
.Thomas Adam 
.James Henderson 



Scotland Bank, Limited ; Bank of Scotland ; Union Bank of Scotland, 
Limited ; Provincial Bank of Ireland, Dublin ; Bank of Montreal, Canada, 
and New York, U.S. ; Union Bank of Australia, Limited, in New South 
Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, 
and New Zealand ; the National Bank of New Zealand, Limited, New 
Zealand ; and on the IIong-Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, in 
India, China, and Japan, 

The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited. 

Draws on the London and Westminster Bank, Limited, and Coutts & Co., 


Head Office Edinburgh. 

Established in 1810, and Incorporated by Royal Charter. 

Aberdeen in 1811. 

Agent — George Milne. Accountant — James Gibson. 

Teller— John M. Wallace. 


Aberfeldy C. W. L. Forbes 

Abington J. W. Paterson 

Alloa A. & J. Moir 

Annan Skelton & Roddick 

Anstruther Philip Oliphant 

Arbroath Wm. RoUo 

Ayr Wm. Macrorie 

Ay ton J. Bowhill 

Balmacara S. W. C. Gauld 

Banff Wm. Auld 

Beauly Alex. M'Pherson 

Beith Andrew Stuart 

Biggar John Paul 

Bonhill Patrick Moir 

Blairgowrie J. Henry- Anderson 

Burntisland Thomas A. Wallace 

Callander Wm. M'Michael 

Cambuslang George Campbell 

^ i,„ii„„^ f Mactaggart & Dun- 

Campbeltown . . | ean.^iSint agents 

Carnwath John Gray 

Colinsburgh John Flockhart 

Crieff Wm. France 

Cromarty Joseph Williams 

Cupar-Fife George Hogarth 

Dalkeith James Gray 

Dumbarton. .. . . . . J. & W. Robson 

Dumfries William Primrose 

Dunbar G. R. Scott 

f Henderson & Mac- 

( George 

Dunfermline John Smith 

Douglas(Lanark- ) ,j, lyi'Crie 
shire) j ' 

Earlston John Mackenzie 


.A. Melvin, agent 
.Rob. Forsyth, agt. 

j- Rob. Comrie, agt. 

) Gulland & Hine, 
j" agents 

> James Oliver, agt. 

Dundee . 

Grassmarket. . 

South Bridge. 

4 North-West 
Circus PI. . . 

2 Greenside 
Place , 

Office, 1 


Elgin J. W. Dunlop 

Falkirk Charles S. Gauld 

Forfar George Lyon 

Galashiels F. A. Russel 

Girvan William Murray 

Glasgow Jas. Hay Stuart 

/rru , K f Rob. B. Paterson, 
„(Ti-ongate)....| ^^^^^^ 

„ (St. Enoch \Don. M'Naughton, 
Square) I agent 

' ' ^^OffiS)°'™ } ^^^^'^ Wilson,agt. 

''^Xnc5....|j- Hamilton, agt. 


Grangemouth J. S. Mackay & Son 

Greenock Alex. Gauld 

"%°S;fcSt..}^- '■»"■"'">.''§'■ 

Haddington "Wm. Dods & Son 

Hamilton Thos. S. Michie 

Hawick Geo. & Jas. Oliver 

Invergordon Munro & M'Kenzie 

Inverness A. Eraser 

Jedburgh C. T. Cargill 

Kelso James B. Kerr 

Kilmarnock Alex. Miller 

Kilwinning Hugh King & Sons 

Kirkcaldy James Small 

Kirkintilloch Jno. H. Melvin 

Kirkcudbright . . . Samuel Cavan 

Kirkwall James Spence 

Lanark Simon L. Kello 

Lerwick Charles G. Duncan 

Leith Robert Nisbet 

Leven D. Nicoll 

Linlithgow Glen & Henderson 

Lockerbie D. Matheson 

Markinch W. J. Anderson 

Mauchline Wm. M'Millan 

Meigle J. A. Webster 

Montrose J. & H. Ross 

Musselburgh Andrew Maxwell 



Newburgh, Fife ..Alexander Laing 

Nunton N. Macdonald 

Oban Alex. M'Arthur 

Paisley James Ross 

Perth Thomas Souter 

Peterhead Robert Robertson 

Peebles J. & W. Buchan 

Pitlochry Evan Fraser 

PoUockshaws John Campbell 

Rutherglen R. S. Murray 

St. Andrews Jas. Wilson King 

St. Clairtown S. Davidson 

Shotts Peter Forrest 

Stirling J. M. Morrison 

Stranraer William Wallace 

Stromness Alex. Coghill 

Tain D. A. M. Ross 

r John Henderson 
Thurso ■< Duncan Cameron, 

C assist, agt. 

Turriff J. F. Soutar 

West Calder J. & J. T. Mungle 

West Kilbride Rob. Gemmill 

Whitburn A. W, Bennett 

Wick James Gilchrist 

Wishaw John Burgess 


Alness Hector Ross 

Ballantrae H. Campbell 

Castletown ) A. Macdonald, sub- 

,.. f agent 

] James Greenfield, 

■ ■ ( . sub-agent 
Comrie John Robertson 


f D. Mathewson, p. 

I a 

^^'^^1 ■■■\ agent 

Eyemouth A. Whitlie, pro 

j John S. Gow, sub- 

■ ■ 1 agent 
( A. A. Phin, pro 

■ ■ "( agent 

Lybster . 

The Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, negotiates Bills in every place 
in Great Britain and Ireland where there is a bank or banker ; issues Drafts 
or Letters of Credit on the principal cities or towns of England and Ireland, 
and of Canada, and on New York, Paris and Hamburg ; issues Drafts and 
Letters of Credit, negotiates Bills on Australia, New Zealand, India, China, 
and Natal, and is agent for the following establishments, viz. : The North of 
Scotland Banking Company, Limited ; National Provincial Bank of England, 
Limited ; Adelphi Bank, Limited ; Birmingham Joint Stock Bank, Limited ; 
Parr's Banking Co., Limited; Bank of Whitehaven, Limited; Cumberland 
Union Bank, Limited ; Bradford Banking Company, Limited ; Carlisle City 
and District Bank, Limited ; Halifax Joint Stock Bank, Limited ; West 
Riding Union Bank, Huddersfield ; Hull Banking Company, Limited ; 
Beckett & Co. ; Old Bank, Leeds; Leicestershire Banking Co., Limited; 
Liverpool Commercial Banking Co., Limited ; Manchester and Salford Bank ; 
Manchester and Livei'pool District Bank, Limited ; Lambton & Co., New- 
castle ; J. & J. C. Wright & Co., Nottingham; Sheffield Banking Co., 
Limited ; York Union Bank ; Wakefield and Barnsley Union Bank ; Preston 
Banking Co., Preston; National Bank, Ireland; Northern Banking Co.; 
Munster Bank, Dublin, Limited; Royal Bank of Ireland; Boyle, Low, Murray, 
& Co., Dublin; Hibernian Bank; Bank of British North America; James 
G. King's Sons, New York ; Rothschild Brothers, Paris ; M. Abensur, Ham- 
burg ; the Commercial Banking Company of Sydney, New South Wales ; the 
Union Bank of Australia, Limited ; the Oriental Bank Corporation ; and the 
Natal Bank 

National Bank of Scotland, Limited (Aberdeen, 1833). 

Incorporated by Royal Charter. 
Head 6»^ce— EDINBURGH, Manager— Thos. Hector Smith. 

ABERDEEN, - - - 67 UNION STREET (Corner of Market St.) 

Agent — Thomas Adam. Accountant — William S. Guthrie. 

Tellers — Alex. Ross and William Sim, 

London Office, 37 Nicholas Lane, E.C.— Jas. Robertson, Manager, Thos, 
Ness, Assistant Manager. 


a; /i-.;^ (James Russel and I .n^^ ( D.M'Wattand Jno. 

^^ *^"® t John Sutherland [ ^^^°^ \ Duncan, asst. agt. 



Anstruther H. B. Mackintosh 

Ayr Thomas Gemmel 

Banff James Watt 

Bathgate John Johnston 

Berw'k-on-Tw'd. .Steph. Saunderson 

Biggar Adam Pairman 

Brechin John Shiell 

Burntisland J. S. Farquharson 

Carluke Thos. Matthews 

(W. H. Lidderdale 
Castle-Douglas.. -( W. Gillespie, asst. 

< agent 
Cellardyke (Fife)..H. B. Mackintosh 

^ „,v . •, ( John Sutherland 

Coathridge | and W.J.Andrew 

Coupar- Angus C. Boyd 

Cupar-Fife W. M. Johnstone 

Dalkeith Wm. Millar 

Dingwall G. H. Duncan 

T» ^f • . f David M'Kettrick 

^^^i^^^^' { andJas. M'GiU 

Dundee J. Henderson 

„ Hilltown Richard C. Reid 

Dunfermline W. Beveridge 

East Linton Jonathan Hall 

Edinburgh — 
Nicholson St. . . Murdoch Ross 

Princes St Alex. M. Eraser 

Tollcross A. Logan Fyfe 

7 Leith Walk. ..Robert Grieve 

Haymarket John Donaldson 

High Street. . . .Alex. Duncan 

Elie, Fifeshire W. R. Ketchen 

Falkirk J. A. Henderson 

Fauldhouse Andrew Macallan 

Forfar James Young 

Forres F. C. Mackenzie 

j Duncan M'Niven & 
' ■ ■ ( Ewen Cameron 

J John Dun 
" ■ t W. Little, asst. agt. 

Girvan Alexander Martin 

Glasgow Michael Balmain 

„ (Argyll St. Branch).. . .J. Clark 

,, (St. Rollox Branch) J. Stewart 

„ (Springburn) J. Stewart 


,, (Trongate) James Lament 

„ (GallowgateBr.)A. Mitchell 
,, (Anderston Br.). Dun. Thomson 
,, (Paisley Road) .. Geo. Lindsay 

,, (Govan) James Donald 

,, (St. Enoch Sq.)..Rob. Murdoch 

Glenluce G. Symington 

Grantown Jas. Mackintosh 

Fort- William , 

Greenock J. Thomson 

Hawick Thomas Purdom 

Inveraray John M'Arthur 

Inverness i ^^^- ^^^^^^ ^"^^ * 

Inverness j y^^ ^^^^^ 

Islay John CuUen 

Jedburgh W. Mason 

Johnstone Robert Reid 

Kelso i J^™^^ ^^^^' ^- ^• 

^®^^° t B. Tait, assist. 

Kilmarnock James Wilson 

Kilsyth John M' Gilchrist 

Kirkcaldy {^.Tb^^ou 

„ Pathead •< ] 

J. White 
G. S. Bryson 
Kirkcudbright... '.R. M. Gordon 


KirkwaU J. Donald 

Kirriemuir James Davidson 

Largo W. R. Ketchen 

langholm { g; S?5'e?Je 

Leith David Melville 

Leven James H. Smith 

Lochmaben Thomas E. Watson 

Lochwinnoch Robert Reid 

Montrose Arthur Dickson 

Musselburgh... {i:^;K-;^- 

Nairn J. D, Lamb 

Newton-Stewart ..Alex. Waugh 

Oban Robert Watson 

Pfli<^lev i P- Guilleaume 

^^^^^®y I G. Balfour, ass.agt. 

Partick James Hendry 

Pittenweem John Bowman 

j Wm. M'Leish 
( P.M'Gregor,as.agt. 
-D i- aa J Alex. M'Donald 

^onree ^ j^^g Porsyth, asst. 

Portobello David Craig 

Ruthergien Wm. Davidson 

Selkirk C. Alexander 

J,,.,. j Daniel Ferguson 

^"^'^^"S ■[ and S. D. Murrie 

Stornoway Kenneth M'Kenzie 

c,, ( H. Adair and 

Stranraer | ^ ^ M'Dowall 

Stromness J. Spence 

Thurso J. W. Galloway 

Ullapool Hay M'Kenzie 

Whithorn Jno. Cameron 

Wigtown James M'Lean 


The National Bank of Scotland, Limited, issue Drafts and negotiate Bills 
on every place in Scotland, England, and Ireland where there is a Bank or 
Banker ; draw on Glyn & Co., and Coutts & Co., etc., London ; and on the 
principal towns in Australia, New Zealand, British North America, United 
States, India, and China. 

The National Bank of Scotland, Limited, also grant Foreign Credits and 
Circular Notes. 



Royal Bank of Scotland. 

Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1727. 
(Aberdeen, 1862.) 

Paid-up Capital, - - - £2,0a0,000. 

Head Office, - - St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh. 

Jas. S. ¥leming-^C ashler and General Manager. 
London Office, - - 123 Bishopgate Street, within. 

J. T. Horley — Manager. A. S. Michie — Bep. Manager, 


Agents — Cochran and Anderson. Accountant — Alex. Meikle. 

Teller — William Hayworth. 


Airdrie Robt. M. Rodger 

Alloa James Young 

Alyth William Yeaman 

Alytli, Airlie St.. William Japp 

Arbroath Alex. Hutton 

Ardrossan James L. Bailey 

Ayr Hugh Cowan 

Ayton Alex. Thomson 

Bathgate David Simpson 

Biggar David Thomson 

Blairgovcrie John Panton 

Bo'ness T. Hope 

Brechin {^""ioL ^''^^"'^ ^ 

Broughty Ferry . . T. Lillie 

Buckhaven i ^- ^' Wallace and 

iJucknaven | g_ youden 

Campbeltown .... James Hamilton 

Campsie William White 

Cfltrinp (James and Alex. 

^^^"^^"^ \ M 'Master 

Coatbridge James Bishop 

Crawford) ohn '\ 
(Sub. Br. to [■ James Paterson 

Douglas) ) 

Cumbernauld J. Longwill 

Cumnock A. Brakenridge 

( Arthur Russell 

Cupar ■< Geo. Wallace, asst. 

(. agent 

I Richard Paterson 
( Wm. Main, jt. agt. 
Dalmellington John Walker 

Doune R. Main 

Drymen Wm. Melrose 

Dumfries Gordon & Whitelaw 

Dundee, Castle ) George Mackenzie, 

Street j manager 

William W. Thom- 
son, sub-agent 

King Street { ^f^^^^ ^' ^^^^i^' 

West Port Henry Wyse 


Murraygate < 

Dunfermline John Ross 

Duns W. A. Hunter 

Ecclef echan Thos. Shankland 

Edinburgh — 

,, Forest Road. .R. N. Ramsay 
,, Hope Street. ..George Andrew 

Hnntpr ^n J William Morton & 
„ Hunter Sq..-| h. S. Pillans 

,, Leven Street. .James Wylie 

Morninaside -f ^- I>ouglas and 
„ mornmgsiae| A.A.Wilson 

,, Newington . ...John T. Peacock 

Pitt StT-PPt i Thos. A. Thomson 
„ Pitt Street. . | ^ j^^^^ Macdonald 

Tfi„i„ j Forsyth & Stewart 

•^^^^" 1 Wm. Allan, as. agt 

Eyemouth A. Thomson 

FflltirV i John Gair and W. 

*^^^^^^ \ K. Gair 

Forfar D. Steele 

Forres Dan. Fraser 

Galashiels R. Lees 

riivvan i J- M'Limont 

'^" ^^" 1 R. Lamb, as. agt. 

Glamis Andrew Ralston 

lArchd. Robertson, 

«>-^-. jjoiriVr. .ub. 

I cashier 

,, Anderston Chas. Phillips 

,, Argyle Street.. W. R. Crombie 
,, Bridgeton f Alex. Waddell and 

Cross I James Waddell 

,, Calton Do. Do. 

, Charing Cross. J. T. Sinclair 
,, Cowcaddens . .Walter Denham 

f Alex. Waddell and 
\ James Waddell 
Gallowgate. ... Do. Do. 
Garscube Cro'sJohn A. Adam 

?ow?.'''":.} Henry Dallachy 

Plantation, \ t„™„„ t^i„,-,. 
Paisley Rd. j-JamesiSiau 

Duke Street. 



rjohn T. Horley, 

Kilmarnock , 

Kilmalcolm . 



, , St RoUox John Young 

,, Springbtirn . . John Young 

,, Tradeston . ...Robt. Graham 

,, Trongate William Dickson 

„ West Br.,-) 
140 St Vincent V Wm. Raid 

Street ) 

Govan John Rankin 

Granton Thomas Wilkie 

r^ j.^,„„ (Donald Grant 

^^^"*o^" i John Grant 

Greenlaw W. A. Hunter 

Greenock D. M. Latham 

■C^rJirr'll-M Ken. 

Hamilton T. J. & W. A. Dykes 

TT^.i ij«^4.^,. ( Jas. and John D. 
Haddmgton | ^^^^^^ 

Hawick Walter Haddon 

T„„„,„„„„ ( H. C. Macandrew 

I"^e™e«« 1 and Geo. G. Allan 

^Alex. Gilmore and 

Irvine < Wm. Christie, 

(. joint agents 

Johnstone Walter Holmes 

Jedburgh Charles Anderson 

Kelso William Robson 

'A. B. Challoner 
and Jos. Brockie, 
assist, agent 
f Wm. Forgie and 
t Walter Holmes 

Kilsyth Thos. Somerville 

Kinross George Bogie 

Lanark A. Paterson 

Taros f W. J. Armstrong 

^^^Sa 1 J. K. Boyd 

J ..■^^ j Andrew H. Wilson 

^^^^"- \ and W. Henderson 

Lesmahagow John Gibb 

T^^^v. fl'- T. WaUace and 

I^even I S. Youden 

Lochee, Dundee . . Wm. M. Ogilvie 
T„„v„,v;„ f David Dobbie and 

Lockerbie ...... | j^^^ p Cormack 

The Royal Bank of Scotland negotiates Bills on evei-y Town where there 
is a Bank or Banker, and issues Drafts on the following, viz. : Australian 
Joint Stock Bank ; Bank of England ; Bank of Scotland ; Bank of Ireland ; 
Bank of British North America ; Bank of New South Wales ; Bank of South 
Australia; Belfast Banking Co. ; Blyth, Brothers, & Co., Mauritius; Cam- 
bridge Bank ; Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London, and China ; 
Clydesdale Bank, Limited ; Commercial Bank of Australia, Limited ; Coutts 
& Co. ; Cumberland Union Bank, Limited ; Foster & Co. (Cambridge Bank); 
Halifax and Huddersfield Union Banking Co., Limited; Lambton & Co. ; 
Lancaster Banking Co.; London & County Banking Co., Limited; Man- 
chester & Liverpool District Banking Co., Limited; National Provincial 
Bank of England, Limited ; National Bank of New Zealand, Limited ; Town 
& County Bank, Limited; Union Bank of Scotland, Limited; Western 
Australian Bank ; Williams & Co. ; Woods & Co. 

Bills at a currency negotiable in any part of the world, and Circular 
Notes for the use of Travellers on the Continent can be obtained through 
any of the Offices of the Royal Bank of Scotland. 

lo»<Ion ^ n^iiJhfe, 

C deputy manager 

Mary hill (Glas.)..H. & A. Kirkwood 
( W. & D. Brown 

Maybole -I W. Crawford, asst. 

( agent 

TVT • 1 ( W. Yeaman 

Meigle I J. Yeaman 

Melrose Allan Freer 

( J. Savage 
Montrose K O. Ross 

( T. Bishop 

Musselburgh John Ramsay 

Nairn W. Dick 

New Cumnock John Paterson 

Newmilns Hugh Brown 

Newhaven (Edin.)Thomas Wilkie 
Newton(StBos-|^_ Fi-eer 

Paisley Thos. Findlater 

Partick George Thomson 

(Melville Jameson 
Perth ■< Wm. D. Forbes, 

{ joint agent 
Port-Ellen (Islay). James Stein 

Port-Glasgow Alex. Lang 

Portobello John Flinn 

Prestonpans James C. Edie 

„ ,, f J. T. Wilson and R. 

^othes^Y I M'Laren 

St Andrews Stuart Grace 

Saltcoats John G. Halkett 

Sanquhar James R. WUson 

Stenhousemuir \j o^ w xr n : 
(Mon. & Fri.). | J- ® ^>'- «-• ^^u 

Stewarton James Love 

Stirling WiUiam Graham 

„, i.r,„„^ ( Robert Wilson and 

Strathavon -[ ^_ j_ ormiston 

Tighnabruaich ...John M'Kenzie 

Tranent James C. Edie 

Wishaw George Skead 



National Security Savings' Bank of Aberdeen— 1845. 

Office - - - 27 Exchange Street. 

The Lord Provost 

The Eldest Baillie 

The Dean of Guild 

The Convener of the Trades 

The Minister of the West Parish 

The President of the Society of Ad- 

The Treasurer of the Society of Ad- 

The President of the Shipmasters' 


The Member of Parliament for the 

The Member of Parliament for the 

The Sheriff 

The Sheriff-Substitute at Aberdeen 
The Convener of the County 
The President of the Mechanics' In- 
The Treasurer of the Mechanics' In- 

The above are Managers ex officiis. 

Robert Abernethy, ironfounder 
*Robert Catto, merchant 
^ James Chalmers of Westburn 
^George Donald, glass and colour 

Peter Esslemont, merchant 
"* John Fi-aser, Bon-Accord Street 
*Gray C. Eraser, advocate 
*James Garden, advocate 

*David McHardy, Cranford 
John Miller, manufacturing chemist 

*John D. Milne, advocate 

"David Reid, Dee Street 
James Rettie, jeweller 
John Sangster, druggist 
Simpson Shepherd, merchant 
Alexander Walker, merchant 
John Webster, LL. D. , M. P. , advocate 
WiUiam Yeats, advocate 

"George Jamieson, merchant 
"James B. M'Combie, advocate 

Those marked thus (*) are Trustees. 

Treasure]' — Robert Lumsden, manager of the North of Scotland Bank, 

Actuary and Cashier — Thomas Riddell. 


The Scottish Provincial Assurance Company. 

Established 1825. 

Incorporated by Act of Parliament. 

CAPITAL £1,000,000. 

Head Office - - 93 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

Governor— The Right Hon. Lord Forbes. 
Deputy-Governor— The Right Hon, the Earl of Fife, K.T. 


Chairman— John Webster, Esq. of Edgehill, LL.D., M.P. 

Patrick H. Chalmers, Esq., advocate 
George Collie, Esq., advocate 
William Littlejohn, Esq., Queen's 

James F. Lumsden, Esq. , advocate 
Alexander M. Ogston, Esq. of Ardoe 
Thos. Richardson, Esq., J. P., Perth 

P/iysician— Professor Smith-Shand, M.D. 

Secretary and Actuary — Charles Gordon, F.F.A., F.I. A. 

Bankers — Town and County Bank, Limited. 

Office in Edinburgh 10 North St. David Street 

Office in Glasgow 16 St. Vincent Place 

. Office in Perth 44 St. John Street 

Office in London 64 Cannon Street, City 

Office in Dublin 9 Upper Sackville Street 


N.B.— This Company has agents in almost every town in Scotland, Eng 
land, and Ireland, 


Northern Assurance Company. 

Incorporated by Act of Parliament. 

CAPITAL £3,000,000. 


Aberdeen 3 King Street. 

London 1 Moorgatb Street. 


Manchester 52 Spring Gardens 

Melbourne 105 Collins St., West 

N^wcastle-on- j. ^ Collingwood St. 

New York ...... 33 Pine Street 

Bristol The Guild Hall 

Dublin 32 College Green 

Dundee Commercial Street 

Edinburgh 20 St. Andrew Square 

Glasgow 24 George Square 

Liverpool 5 Tithebarn Street 


Alexander Davidson, Esq. of Desswood, Chairman. 
Alexander Edmond, Esq., advocate (Messrs Edmonds & Macqueen). 
James Matthews, Esq., architect (Messrs Matthews & Mackenzie). 
James Badenoch Nicolson, Esq. of Glenbervie. 
A. Ch. Pirie, Esq., manufacturer (Messrs. A. Pirie & Sons). 
John Reid, Esq., advocate (Messrs. Burnett & Reid). 
J. COMRIE Thomson, Esq., Sheriff-Substitute. 

JAMES BISSET, Assistaiit Secretary. 

North British and Mercantile Insurance Company. 

Head Office, Edinburgh, ■ - 64 Princes Street. 

Aberdeen Branch Office, • - 103 Union Street. 


Chairman— WilWsim Yeats, Esq. of Auquharney. 
John Ligertwood, Esq., advocate I John Cook, Esq., banker 
J. Murray Garden, Esq., advocate | 

Secretaries— Mwcv&y & M'Combie, advocates. 

Aberdeen Mutual Assurance and Friendly Society. 

Established 1831, and enrolled pursuant to Act of Parliament. 
74 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

President— AIqs.. Finlayson, writer. 

F. B. Kelly, clothier 

Robert Simpson, sculptor 

James Yates, assistant in Town 

Clerk's office 
John Leask, joiner 
Alexander Birnie, buUder 

James Selbie, mason 
William Paterson, wright 
James Duthie, stonecutter 
Thomas Morrice, office messenger 
James M. Smith, bootmaker 
Jas. Thomson, house carpenter 
Charles Gordon, ironfounder 

Auditors — George Esson, Charles Brown, and George Angus. 

Treasurer — James Duthie, stonecutter. 

Actuary and Secretary — John Crombie, chartered accountant. 

Bankers— The Bank of Scotland. 


Northern Plate-Glass Insurance Company, Limited. 

Head Office - - - 21 Beidge Street, Abekdeen. 


Chairman — Georare Jamieson of Rosebank. 

Jas. Talloch, jun., merchant 
Jas, Walker, wine merchant 

Wm. Lindsay, publisher 

J. Sangster, chemist 

J. Shepherd, wholesale druggist 

Secretar I/— John Muill, advocate, 21 Bridge Street, Aberdeen. 


The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company. 


Alexander Milne Ogston 
Gordon Pirie 
Walter Scott 

Alexander Eddie 

Alexander Pirie Hogarth 

John Ligertwood 

David M'Hardy 


Ban-Righ, 957 275 Alex. Turriff 

City of London, - ■ - - 977 275 John Warn 
City of Aberdeen, - ■ - - 972 300 James Marchant 
Harlaw, 450 — 


The Company's steamships leave Aberdeen and London (weather permit- 
ting) twice a week. 
Agent— John A. Clinkskill, The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.'s Wharf, 
Limehouse, London. 

Manager— Charles Shepherd, Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. 

North of Scotland and Orkney and Shetland Steam 
Navigation Company. 


Thomas Adam 
James Chalmers 
Archer Irvine Fortescue 
George Jamieson 

James Shepherd 
Simpson Shepherd 
Alexander Webster 


From Aberdeen to Leith every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during 
October, November, December, January, February, March, and April ; and 
every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the other months 
of the year. 


From Albert Dock, Leith, every Friday morning, and Aberdeen the same 
afternoon for Wick, Kirkwall, and Lerwick. Also, on Wednesdays for Aber- 
deen, Kirkwall, and Lerwick from 1st May to end of September only. 

From Albert Dock, Leith, every Monday morning, and Aberdeen the same 
afternoon for Stromness and Scalloway. 

From Albert Dock, Leith, every Tuesday morning, and Aberdeen the same 
afternoon for Wick and Thurso. 


Returning as follows :— From Lerwick on Monday evening, also on Friday 
evening during summer ; from Kirkwall on Tuesday morning, also on Satur- 
day morning during summer ; from Thurso on Thursday morning ; from Wick 
every Thursday forenoon, also on Tuesday forenoon during summer. 

From Scalloway every Wednesday afternoon, and from Stromness every 
Thursday morning for Aberdeen and Albert Dock, Leith. 


Edinburgh and Leith — George Hourston. 

Wick — John Wilson 
Thurso — David and Hugh Sinclair 
St Margaret's Hope— Wm. Cromarty 
Kirkwall — Charles Davidson 

Lerwick— William M. Shand 
Stromness— Alex. Thomson 
Scalloway— Ogilvy Jamieson 

Maimger—Chaxles Merrylees, 62 Marischal Street, Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull Steam Company, 

Registeked Office .... 22 Regent Quay. 


George Jamieson 
J. B. Adam 
George Donald 

P. H. Chalmers 
William Shirres 
Alexander Davidson 

Alex. Chas. Pirie 
David McDonald 
James Ogston 


Countess of Aberdeen Capt. McBain. 

Alexander Pirie Capt. Linklater. 

James Hall Capt. Wright. 

steamers sail as under:— 

Aberdeen to Newcastle every Saturday ; Newcastle to Aberdeen every 
Wednesday ; Aberdeen to Hull every Tuesday ; Hull to Aberdeen every 

Agents— John N. Mould, 57 Quayside, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; and Hornby & 
Needier, Prince's Dock, Hull. 

Manager— Wmisim Skirving, 22 Regent Quay, Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen, Leith, and Moray Firth Steam Shipping 

Company, Limited. 

Steamer, "EARNHOLM". 

Sails between Leith, Aberdeen, Buckie, Invergordon, Cromarty, and 
Inverness every week. 


M. Langlands & Sons. Leith. 

John Macdonald Buckie. 

A. W. Brook Invergordon. 

W. M'Kay Cromarty. 

D. Macpherson Inverness. 

Registered Office of CoHij^cmy— Trinity Buildings, Aberdeen. 



Liverpool, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stornoway, and 
Inverness Steamers. 

("Princess Alice." 
Steamers •< " Princess Beatrice." 


steamers sail between Liverpool, Stromness, Aberdeen, Dundee, and 
Leith every week. 

Steamers saU between Stornoway, Stromness, Inverness, Liverpool, Aber- 
deen, and Dundee every fortnight. 


James Crombie Trinity Buildings, Trinity Quay, Aberdeen. 

J. T. Inglis 33 Dock Street, Dundee. 

J. M. Morrison Stornoway. 

D. Macpherson 8 Drummond Street, Inverness. 

M. Langland & Son Stromness. 

Do. Do Leith. 

Do. Do 88 Great Clyde Street, Glasgow. 

Do. Do 5 Rumf ord Place, Liverpool. 

Liverpool Shipping Berth Trafalgar Dock. 

Aberdeen Do. Victoria Dock, Regent Quay. 


Caledonian Railway Company. 


J. C. Bolton, M.P., Car brook, Stirlingshire, Chairman. 
Tho. Hill, Dean Park, Edinburgh, Deputy-Chairman. 

James King, Glasgow 

Daniel Ainslie, Edinburgh 

James Taylor, Burntisland 

Lieut. -Col. Wm. W. Hosier, Mauldslie 

Earl of Breadalbane, Taymouth 

Castle, Dunkeld 
John Sharp, Dundee 
Hugh Brown, Glasgow 

Castle, Lanarkshire John Cowan, Greenock 

James BadenochNicolson,Glenbervie Major Green Thompson, Bridekirk, 

House, Kincardineshire I Cumberland 

James C. Bunten, Glasgow | Alexander Crum, M.P., Glasgow 

General Manager— J SLvaes Thompson. Secretary — Archibald Gibson. 

General Goods Manager — Arch. Hillhouse. Engineer-in-Chief—G;. Graham, C. E. 

Engineer for Northern Division — Thos. Barr, C.E. 

Engineer for Southern Division — Robert Dundas, C.E. 

General Passenger Siqyerintendent — Irvine Kempt. 

Locomotive Superintendent — D. Drummond. 

District Traffic Superintendent (Aberdeen) — Charles Smith. 

Solicitor — George Jackson, Glasgow. 

Auditors — John Young, London ; John Graham, C.A., Glasgow. 

Great North of Scotland Railway Company. 

Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1846. 


CAairwtcm— William Ferguson, Esq. of Kinmundy, Mintlaw. 
Deputy Chairman—ThoH. Adam, Esq., banker, Aberdeen 


John Crombie, Esq. , Balgownie 
Lodge, Aberdeen 

James Grant, Esq. of Glengrant, 

Robert Kaye, Esq., Fountain Bank, 
Partick Hill, near Glasgow 

The Right Hon. the Earl of Kintore, 
Guthrie Castle, Forfarshire 

J. Ligertwood, Esq., advocate, Aber- 

James Moir, Esq., banker, Portsoy 
Thomas Martin, Esq., chartered ac- 

• countant, Edinburgh 
James Badenoch Nicolson, Esq. of 

Glenbervie, Fordoun 
Col. John Ramsay, of Barra, Straloch, 

by Aberdeen 
John G. Smith, distiller, Glenlivet 
Owen Hugh Williams, Esq., Dod's 

Buildings, Chapel St., Liverpool 

Solicitors — Messrs. Adam, Thomson, and Ross, Aberdeen. 

Auditors — J. A. Sinclair and William Milne. 

Secretary arid General Manager — William Moffatt. 

Assistant Do, . J. S. Stuart. 

Locomotive Superintendent — William Cowan. Resident Engineer — P. M. Barnett. 

Goods Manager — A. M. Ross. Passenger Superintendent — A. G. Reid. 

Accountant — S. Paterson. Registrar — James Mortimer. 

Audit Clerk — James Rutherford. 


Foreign Consuls, &c. 

Belgium John F. White, 107 King Street 

Chili William Leslie, 67 Marischal Street 

Denmark William E. Buyers, 53 Marischal Street 

France John F. White, 107 King Street 

German Empire Paul Ludwig, 17 Regent Quay 

Netherlands Do. do. 

T, , f R. A. Dyer Connon, 2 Trinity Buildings, 

"^^y t Quay 

Portugal H. Campbell Gordon, 29 Union Street 

Russia John Robertson, 45 Marischal Street 

Spain Paul Ludwig, 17 Regent Quay 

Sweden and Norway John F. White, 107 King Street. 

United States John Ramsay, 74 Union Street 

Surveyor to Lloyd's Register— Thom&s W. Kettle, 13 Regent Quay. 

Lloyd's Agent— Jsbiaes Aiken, jun., 57 Marischal Street. 
Govd-nment Emigration Agent— J. T. Rennie, 48 Marischal Street. 
American Lloyd's Agency— Fa^nl Lud-\vig, 17 Regent Quay. 
Germanic Lloyd's Agency — Do. do. 

Do. Surveyor— Ca,]pt. Wm. Holmes. 

Aberdeen Corn Exchange. 


Chairman — William Webster. 

Treasurer — Alexander Walker. Secretary — John Crevie. 

John F. White I Alexander Mitchell 

William Keith William Davidson 

William Knox I Alexander Campbell 

William Green | James Littlejohn 



Mercantile Marine Board. 

Office ... 28 Regent Quay. 
Chairman ex officio — The Lord Provost. Deputy Chairman — James Milne, Esq. 


James Aiken, Alexander Inglis, David McHardy, J.P., and Andrew Sherer. 


Thomas Adam, J. P., James Duthie, John Cook, James Milne, Thomas 

Adam, jun., James Elsmie. 

Stiperintendent, Registrar Royal Naval Reserve, and Secretary to the Board — 

James F. Kellas. 

Deputy do. do. — David Kyd. 

Examiner in Navigation and Seamanship — 

Lieut. Joseph Leeman, R.N.R., F.R.A.S. 

Shipwright Surveyor — J. T. Wilkins. Clerk and Messenger — George E. Hay. 



Engineer-Surveyor and Examiner of Engineers and in Steam, and Inspector of 

Ships' Lights, d-c. — J. J. Rose. 

John Ferguson, jun. 
H. Campbell Gordon 
John Gray 
Robert B. Home 

Aberdeen Stock Exchange Association. 


Chairman — R. B. Home. 

Lauchlan M'Kinnon, jun. 
David Smith 
Alexander Stephen 
James Strachan 
Secretary — Geo. G. Whyte 

Alex. S. Sutherland 
James Tytler 
James R. Webster 
Geo. G. Whyte 

The Northern Agricultural Company. 

Incorporated under " The Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867". 

30 Waterloo Quay, 
sub-committee of management. 

James Milne, C.A., Aberdeen 
William Dunn, advocate, Aberdeen 
John Wilson, factor, Castle Park, 

Manager— J. S. Smith. 

David Reid, late chemist, Aberdeen 
James Saint, silk mercer, Aberdeen 
John W. Cruickshank, Elrick, New 

The Aberdeen Commercial Company. 


Registered under " The Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867 " 

CAPITAL, .... £100,600. 


William Brown, Esq., farmer, Pitna- 

moon, Laurencekirk 
Patrick Henderson Chalmers, Esq., 

advocate in Aberdeen 
Alex. Davidson, Esq. of Desswood 
Alexander F. Douglass, Esq., factor, 
Haddo House 

Manager — Alexander Copland. 
Secretary and Cashier—John Sangster, 


James H. Harvey, Esq., farmer, Pit- 
gersey, Foveran 

John Smith, Esq., advocate in Aber- 

William Yeats, Esq. of Auquharney 


Aberdeen Lime Company. 

Established 1837. 

Incorporated under "The Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867". 

Head Office & "Works — Pkovost Blaikie's Quay, Aberdeen. 


John Craighead, jun., Thomastown, 

G. J. Walker, Portlethen 

John Fyfe, granite merchant, Abdn. 
John Gray, engineer, Aberdeen 
Thos. Ruxton, advocate, Aberdeen 
John Gray Chalmers, Queen's Ter- 
race, Aberdeen 

Manager — Geo. T. Harvey 

Ranald Macdonald, factor, Cluny 

Northern Co-operative Company, Limited. 

Incorporated 1861. 



Capital, .... £50,000. 

Registered Office — 54 Loch Street. 

Cashier— John Ferries. Secretary— James S. Low. 

BanJcers— The Town and County Bank, Limited ; the North of Scotland 
Bank, Limited. 

Aberdeen Market Company. 

Incorporated by Act of Parliament. 


Chairman — George Walker, bookseller. 

Deputy-Chairman^-Henvy Jackson, M.D. 

George W. Wilson William Yeats James Littlejohn 

William Pyper George Jamieson , G. Spark 

Principal Pirie William Lindsay Archibald Hossack 

Rev. Wm. Milligan, D.D. William Milne William Moir 

W. Cassie James Duguid John Fleming 

W. Alexander W. Webster Peter Garioch 

George Hutcheson 

Secretaries— AdSbva, Thomson, and Ross, advocates. 

Treasurer— Robert Lumsden, manager. North of Scotland Bank. 

Sttjperintendent—A. S. Chalmers. Architect — William Smith. 

Bon- Accord Property Investment Company. 

Established 1855. 
Incorporated under "The Building Societies' Act, 1874". 
Shares, £25 each. Entry Money, 6d. per share. 
Chairman,—!). R. Lyall Grant of Kingsford. 
Vice- Chairman — Baillie Donald. 
William Alexander, clothier 
Dr. Beveridge 
A. S. Cook, clothier 
Provost Esslemont 
Archibald Gillies, editor 

William Lindsay, publisher 
James M'Kenzie, baker 
Rev. A. Ogilvie, LL.D., Gordon's Col. 
James Paterson, draper, Gallowgate 
James Ross, advocate 

Solicitor — Thomas Ruxton, advocate. Surveyor — James Henderson, architect. 

Managers and Treasurers — Marquis, Hall, and Milne, advocates and C.A. 

Banlcers—Uhe North of Scotland Bank, Limited. 


The Aberdeen Property Investment Building Society. 

Established 1851. 

Incorporated under " The Building Societies' Act, 1874 ". 

President — Baillie David Macdonald. 

Vice-P7'esident— George T. Harvey, Aberdeen Lime Company. 

£ankers— British Linen Company. 

Surveyor — John Robb, buUder, Spring Garden. 

Solicitor — William Hunter, advocate, 14 Adelphi. 

Treasurer — James Collie Smith, solicitor, 14 Adelphi. 

Manager — John Macaldovrie, 12 St. Nicholas Street. 

The City of Aberdeen Land Association, Limited. 

Office— 10 Bkidge Street, Aberdeen. 


Alexander Davidson of Desswood, Chairman. 

John Reid, advocate 
James Walker, merchant 

Sir Alexander Anderson 
John Crombie, Grandholm 
Alexander Edmond, advocate 

Treasurers and Secretaries — Edmonds & Macqueen, advocates 

Aberdeen Building Company, Limited. 

Incorporated 1877. Capital, £10,000. 
Registered Office, - - - 7 Colville Place. 


Baillie Hunter, granite merchant. Chairman. 

W. J. Booth, boiler maker 
George Copland, joiner 
Dr. Jackson 
Alexander Kidd, mason 
David Millar, surveyor 
James Minty, inspector 

Manager— Alex. Ross. Laio Agents— Edmonds & Macqueen. 
Bankers— North of Scotland Bank, Limited. 

William Robertson, plasterer 
James Scrimgeour, moulder 
George Stewart, overseer 
Alex. Taylor, manager 
James Watt, stonecutter 

Aberdeen Co-operative Property Investment Company. 

Incorporated under " The Building Societies' Act, 1874". 

74 Union Street, Aberdeen. 


George Thompson, jun., Esq. of Pitmedden 

William Henderson, Esq., Devanha House 

R. B. Home, Esq., Queen's Terrace 


Chairman — Wm. Henderson, Esq. Vice-Chairman — Mr. James Selbie. 
George Brown, late auctioneer I Alexander Brown, house carpenter 

James M'Condach, mason | George M'Donald, joiner 

James Anderson, blacksmith I Alex. Kidd, mason 

Thomas Skea, upholsterer 1 James Pratt, cashier 

Manager— John Crombie, C.A. 
Bankers— To\fn and County Bank, Limited. 


The Aberdeen Heritable Securities Investment 
Company, Limited. 

Capital, £50,ooo. 

Head Office of the Company — 



Edward Fiddes, Esq., banker | Jas. A. Sinclair, Esq., banker 


George Jamieson, Esq. of Rosebank, Aberdeen, Chairman. 

A. Irvine Fortescue, Esq. of King- 

causie and Swanbister 
John Sangster, Esq., chemist 

John Cook, Esq. of Ashley 
John W. Cruickshank, Esq., Elrick 
House, NeAvmachar 

James Shepherd, Esq. (Messrs. Soutar and Shepherd) 


The North of Scotland Bank, Limited | The Bank of Scotland 
Axiditor—Geo. G. Whyte, C.A. 
John Muill, advocate, Secretari/ and Law Agent. 

The Aberdeen and Northern Heritable Property Company, 

Office, . . . . 5 Market Street. 

Capital, £100,000. 
John Willet, C.E., Chairvian. 
James A. Beattie, land surveyor I John Russell Mackenzie, architect 

James H. Bisset, builder I William F. Ogg, advocate 

William Boulton, C.E. j Alexander Walker, merchant 

David Macdonald, merchant | 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Strachan & Gray. 

The Aberdeen Jute Company, Limited. 

Works and Office, - - - Sunnypark, Aberdeen. 


Chairman— John Millar, manufacturing chemist. 
Deputy-Chairman— John W, Cruickshank, Elrick. 

George Findlay, merchant 
George Tough, merchant 

David M'Hardy, of Cranford 
William Webster, Gilcomston Park 
John F. White, merchant 

Solicitors— Messrs. Edmonds & Macqueen. 

Auditor — James Meston, accountant. 

Commercial Manager and Secretary— SaxaQS Ducat. 

WorTcs Manager— WiYLisim L. Aberdeen. 

The Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce. 

Office— 137 Union Street. 

President— jy&yidi Stewart, manufacturer. 

Vice-President'-Robfixi Gerard, merchant. 

JVeosttrer— William Smart. Law Agent—3dh.n. Duncan, jun., advocate. 

Secretary— 3 axaes Tytler, C.A. 


The Aberdeen District Tramways Company. 

Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 10th August, 1872. 
Office— 23 Market Street. 


Geo. Jamieson, Esq. of Rosebank, Chairman. 

John Cook, Esq. of Ashley 
James Chalmers, Esq. of Westburn 
Thomas Douglas, Esq. of Airyhall 
James Walker, Esq., merchant 

David Allan, Esq., cabinetmaker, 

Geo. Collie, Esq., advocate 
James Saint, Esq., merchant, Abdn. 

Bankers — The British Linen Company's Bank. 

Auditors — James Tytler and Harvey Hall. 

Secretary — L. M'Kinnon, jun., advocate. 

The Aberdeen Quarrying Company, Limited. 


Chairman — William Keith, junr., granite merchant. 

Wm. Garden, granite mercht. I James Murray, bookseller 

John Grant, do. ! Wm. Boddie, granite mercht. 

Robert Simpson, do. | Chas. M 'Donald, do. 

Secretary — James Collie Smith, solicitor, 14 Adelphi. 

The Northern Patent Brick and Tile Company, Limited. 

Works— ToRRY. Office— 187 King Street. 


Chairman — George Miller, Sandilands, 

Managing Director — William Keith, junr., granite merchant. 

Major Ross of Tillycorthy I John Morgan, builder 

James Saint, silk mercer | John Rust, junr., architect 

James H. Bisset, builder | 

Aberdeen Theatre and Opera House Company, Limited. 


Chairman — A. M. Ogston of Ardoe. 

William Duthie of Cairnbulg 
John G. Chalmers, publisher 
John Willet, C.E. 

Architects — C. J. Phipps, F.S.A., London ; James Matthews, Aberdeen. 

Auditor — John Crombie, C.A. 

Secretary — James Ross, advocate, 75 Union Street. 

G. W. Wilson, artist 

John Eraser, gi-anite merchant 

The Aberdeen Music Hall Company, Limited. 


Chairman — John Webster, LL.D., M.P. 
Robert Abernethy 
George Brown 
Robert Catto 

Alexander Davidson of Desswood 
Cornelius Thompson ! 

Auditor — John Crombie, C.A. 
Secretaries and Law Agents — Eraser & Duguid, advocates. 
Keeper of the Rooms — William Clark. 

John. F. White 
John Eraser 
James Walker 
Alex. Webster 


The Aberdeen Caf6 Company, Limited. 

John Millar, Sandilands, Chairman. 

Alexander Skene Cook, clothier, Vice-Chairman. 

William Lindsay, publisher 
Rev, Wm. MiUigan, D.D., Professor 
of Divinity and Biblical Criticism 

James Paterson, wholesale drug- 
James TuUoch, jun., merchant 

Bankers — The North of Scotland Bank, Limited. 

Secretary and Treasurer — James S. Butchart, advocate, 20 Belmont Street. 

Office of the Company — 20 Belmont Street. 

Managers— Mxs. and Miss Ledingham, Caf 6, 10 Shiprow. 

The Aberdeen Dairy Company, Limited. 

Incorporated vmder " The Companies Acts," 1862—1880. 


Peter Esslemont, Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

James Duthie (Duthie Brothers), 53 I John Milne, agricultural chemist, of 

Wellington Street | Mains of Laithers, Turriflf, and 

Lieut-Col. Jopp, 1st A.R.V., 5 Albyn I Dyce Agricultural Works 

Terrace, Aberdeen | John Urquhart, M.D., 250 Union St. 

Manager — John Black. 

Secretary — William Paul, advocate in Aberdeen. 

Registered Offices — 177 Union Street. 

Major Ross of Tillycorthy 
Thomas Ruxton, advocate 
David Macdonald, merchant 
Geoi-ge Brown, View Terrace 
Colonel Kirby, 15 Dee Street 

The Bath Hotel Company, Limited. 


James H. Bisset, builder 

Daniel Macandrew, architect 
William Keith, jun., granite mer- 
Alex. Smith, 7 Constitution Street 

Bankers — The North of Scotland Bank, Limited. 

Auditor — James Meston, C.A. 

Secretary and Treasurer— 3 . S. Butchart, advocate, 20 Belmont Street. 

The Aberdeen Steam Laundry Company, Limited. 

Incorporated under the Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867. 


James S. Brazier, F.C.S., Professor of Chemistry, University of Aberdeen, 

Lieut-Col. Jopp, 5 Albyn Terrace 
David Macdonald, merchant, 27 St. Andrew Street 
John Russell Mackenzie, architect 
Alexander Smith, manager, Corporation Gas Works 

Secretary — William Paul, advocate, 177 Union Street. 

The Aberdeen Cemetery Company, Limited. 

Registered Office — 177 Union Street. 


Geo. Gordon, merchant, 44 Union St. 
James Littlejohn, merchant. Green 
Ewen Macdonald, merchant, Gallow- 

Secretary and Solicitor — William Paul, advocate. 
Sv.veri^itmdent — James WiUiams, 7 Sycamore Place 

John Robertson, advocate. County 

James Shepherd, merchant. College 




Society of Accountants in Aberdeen. 

Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1867. 

President — James Tytler. Secretary and Treasurer — James Meston. 

Auditor— George G. Whyte. 

Council— JsiS. MUne, jun,, G. G. Whyte, John Crombie, and William Milne. 


Richard C. Allan 
Alex. M. Byres 
John Crombie 
John Gray 
John K. Greig 
Harvey Hall 
Alexander Ledingham 

William Lunan 
Alexander Machray 
James Meston 
James Milne 
James Milne, jun. 
William Milne 
Archibald J. Rennie 

William Richardson 
James A. Sinclair 
John Smith 
George A. Thow 
James Tytler 
George G. Whyte 


Society of Advocates. 

Incorporated by Royal Charters— 1774, 1799, and 1862. 
, Presidmt— 3 o\m Smith. Treasurer— yfiWiaxa. Yeats. 




John Smith n 

David Mitchell 

Patrick Cooper n 

C. G. Grainger 

William L. Reid n 


Sir A. Anderson n 



Robert Smith n 

Alex. Simpson 


Alex. Davidson 

George Cadenhead 

Fras. Edmond, LL.D. n 


Thomas Ruxton 


William Hunter 


Andrew Murray n 

John Ligertwood n 

D, G. Cattanach 

J. B. M'Combie n 

James Geddes 



J. Webster, LL.D., M.P. 

James Collie n 

James Paull 

William F. Ogg 

John Davidson 


John Clark n 

James Garden 

John Robertson 


Lauchlan MacKinnon, 

William Paul 

Thomas Primrose 

jun. n 




T. J. Bremner 

George Allan n 

Charles Duncan n 

John D. Milne n 

John Reid 


John Humphrey 



George Grant 

James Bryce 

Peter Duguid 
G. C. Fraser 
Thomas M'Kenzie 



George Grub, LL.D. 

George Walker 

Charles F. Runcy 

William Yeats n 

Norval Clyne 

John Duncan 



John Thomson 
J. Watt n 
William Dunn 
Andrew Jopp n 
George Collie 

T. A. W. A. Youngson 
Alex. Stronach 

Alex. E. Smith 
Alex. Edmond n 
John Muill n 

John G. Dawson 

Alexander Yeat.? 

C. B. Davidson 

James F. Lumsden 
Alex. Cochran n 

David Duncan 
James Tawse 

Geo. David Rutherford n 
P. H. Chalmers n 
Alex. Edmond, jun. 
James Ross 
Farquharson Taylor 

T. S. Sinclair-Spark 
William Milne 
Robert Collie Gray 
William Gordon n 

Peter Clark 
David Littlejohn 
Douglass Duncan 
Alex. Murray n 
John Parker 

Alex. Webster n 
Harvey Hall 
John Paton Cumine 

Jas. Murray Garden n 
John Milne Shaw n 

Alexander Kemlo 
John Whyte 

Arthur D. Morice 
C. Gordon Downie 
George Anderson 

Stoddart J. MitcheU 
A. M'l. M 'Donald n 
Alex. F. W^ight n 
Andrew Macpherson 
Hugh M'Lennan n 

Alex. Meffet 

William Smith n 
Robert Lamb 
David Stewart n 

James Duguid n 
Thomas Shives 
Robert Gray 

George Cruden 
James R. Whyte 

J. S. Butchart 
R. D. Leslie 
C. M'Combie 
A. R. D. Leask n 
G. Falconer 
And. Murray, jun. 
J. S. Bryce n 

William Rae 
Charles Ruxton 

James Jamieson 
John Ferguson 
Lachlan MacKinnon, 

John Edmond 
W. R. Reid 
W. Kendall Burnett n 

John B. Allan 


A. M. Williamson n 
John C. W^illet 
William Mackinnon 
John B. Barclay 
George D. Collie 
James Y. Collie 

Librarian — Professor Grub, LL.D. 

Factor and Secretary — Norval Clyne. 

Officer — Thomas Wood. 

Those having n attached to their names are Notaries Public. 

Sheriff Court of Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banff. 


Sheriff— John Guthrie Smith, advocate. 

Sheriffs-Substitute — John Comrie Thomson and John Dove Wilson, advocates; 

and in their absence, William Yeats, George G*ub, LL.D., and Wm. 

F. Ogg, advocates in Aberdeen. 

Sheriff-Clerk of Aberdeenshire — John Ligertwood. 

Ordinaiy Civil and Criminal Bepartment, Clerks-Bepute — William Murison 
and Robert George Shirreffs. 

Executry and Wills DeiMrtment, Clerk-Depute- George Bennet Michie. 


Clerhs—Jsimes L. Campbell, John Robertson, Adam Shirreffs, Alex. Sinclair, 

and Geo. Gavin. 

Clei'Tc-Deptite at Peterhead — Robert Maitland. 

Procurator-Fiscal of Aberdeen and Kincardine — Charles Duncan, advocate. 

Depute- Fiscals— Henry Peterkin and Charles F, Runcy, advocates. 

Auditors— Psitvick Cooper and G. D. Rutherford. 

Bar Officers — William Richardson and Thomas Coleman. 

Keeper of Cotirt House — William Richardson. 

Court Bays, Ordinary Roll at Aberdeen — Wednesday and Friday. 

Small Debt iJoW— Thursday. Debts Recovery Roll — Friday. 

Court Day at Peterhead — Friday. Court Day at 5to?ie^aufi7i— Wednesday. 

Sheriff Small Debt and Circuit Court. 

The Ordinary SmaU Debt Court at Aberdeen is held on Thursday, at 10 
o'clock A.M., weekly, during Sessions of the Court, and once or twice during 
vacation. The Circuit Small Debt Courts are held at Huntly and Turriff, 
once every three months, and at Fraserburgh on the last Friday of every 
month in Session. 

W. Murdoch, Huntly I John Finlayson, Fraserburgh 

William Ingram, Turriff | 

are the persons who respectively issue summonses, &c., to be brought in 
these Courts, and a Clerk from Aberdeen officiates in these Courts. 

Justice of Peace Court. 

The Quarter Sessions are held on the first Tuesdays of the months of 
March, May, August, and last Tuesday of October. Special Sessions are oc- 
casionally held. 

CTfir^•— James A. Sinclair. Clerk-Depute—SViWisim Murison. 

Procurator-Fiscal — George Cadenhead, advocate. 

Justice of Peace Small Debt Court. 

The Aberdeen District Court sits every fortnight, on Monday, at 11 o'clock 

A.M., for the trial of Small Debt Cases under £5, by 6 Geo. IV., c. 48. 

Judges— Any two Justices of the Peace. Clerk — J. A. Sinclair. 

Clerk-Depute— WiWia^m Murison. 

Bar-Officer — William Richardson. 


Aberdeen W. Murison 

Alf ord Francis Stephen 

Ellon George F. Raeburn 

Garioch Jas. Monro, Inverurie 

Peterhead Robert Maitland 

Rathen and j John Proctor, 
Fraserburgh / Fraserburgh 

Huntly W.Taylor 

Turriff William Ingram 

Old Deer John Walker 

Holidays— ISfeyv Year's Day, Good Friday, the First Monday in May, the 
Queen's Birthday, the Aberdeen Annual Holiday, the First Monday in 
August, and Christmas Day, are kept as Holidays at the Sheriff- Clerk's and 
the Justice of Peace Clerk's Offices. 



Circuit Court of Justiciary. 

The Circuit Court of Justiciary, for the counties of Aberdeen, Banff, and 
Kincardine, meets at Aberdeen four times a-year, in the months of January, 
April, July, and October, for the trial of criminal cases by one or two of the 
Lords. Appeals in certain civil cases from the inferior courts are also heard 
by this court. 


Alex. Leslie, Aberdeen 
John Milne, Aberdeen 

Wilham Rushmore, Fraserburgh 


Alexander Leslie, Aberdeen 

George Lyell, 

John Milne, 

Alex. Sangster, 

James Young, 

David R. Hendry, 

D. J. Farquharson, Ballater 

William Brebner, Banchory-Ternan 

Alexander Thomson, Ellon 

Robert Cormack, Fyvie 

William Rushmore, Fraserburgh 

James S. Martin, Huntly 

George Robertson, Inverurie 

John Dawson, Inverurie 
George Shepherd, Keith 
George Taylor, ,, 

Charles Cow, Kildrummy 
Maxwell Geddes, New Deer 
John Brown, New Pitsligo 
John Leslie, Peterhead 
Wm. Sellar, 
Jas. Selbie, sen., ,, 
Jas. Selbie, jun., ,, 
James M 'Hardy, Tarland 
Joseph George, Turriff 

Commissioners of Supply of the County of Aberdeen. 

Convener — Alex. Forbes Irvine of Drum. 
Chairman of Finance and Advice Committee — William Ferguson of Kinmundy. 

Clerk of Supply— 3. F. Lumsden, County Buildings, Aberdeen. 

Collector of County Bafes— Alexander Cochrane, 152 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

Axulitor— 'William Milne, C.A., 147 Union Street, Aberdeen. 

Cfcief Constable— Mdu^ox John Ross, County Police Office, Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen County Road Trustees. 

County Road Clerk — J. F. Lumsden, County Buildings, Aberdeen. 


1. Deer Patrick Irvine, Peterhead 

2. Ellon George F. Raeburn, Ellon 

3. Garioch C. B. Davidson, advocate, Aberdeen 

4. Kincardine O'Neil William Milne, C.A., Aberdeen 

5. Tui-riff George Cumraing, Banff 

6. Aberdeen George Anderson, advocate, Aberdeen 

7. Alford Francis Stephen, Alford 

8. Huntly William Murdoch, solicitor, Huntly 



Royal Infirmary (1740). 


Consulting Physician — Alex. Harvey, M.D. 
J. W. F. Smith-Shand, M.D. | Robert Beveridge, M.B. | Angus Fraser, M.D. 


Alex. Ogston, M.D, | J. C. O. Will, M.D. | Robert J. Garden, M.D. 

Junior Surgeon — John G. Hall, M.D. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon — Alex. D. Davidson, M.D. 

Chloroformist—T. Blaikie Smith, M.D. 

Dental Surgeon— W. H. Williamson, M.D. 

Resident Suj^erintendent— Edward Wagstaff Robertson, M.D. 

Chaplain— Rev. Robert Lippe. Clerk and Treasurer — Wm. Carnie. 

Auditor— James Tytler. Head iVwrse— Miss Bothwell. 

Housekeeper — Miss Edwards. 

Lecturers on Clinical Medicine— Br. James W, F. Smith-Shand, Dr. Robert 

Beveridge, and Dr. Angus Fraser. 

Lecturers on Clinical Surgery— Alex. Ogston, M.D., J. C. O. Will, M.D., and 

R. J. Garden, M.D. 

Lecturer on Pathology and Ctcrator of Museum — James Rodger, M.D. 

Royal Lunatic Asylum (1800). 


Physician and Superintendent— Rohert Jamieson, M.D. 

Joint SupeiHntendent—yfimam Reid, M.D. Medical Assistant— Br. Anderson. 

House Steward— Edward Savage. Head Female Attendant— Miss C. Bell. 

Ho^isekeeper-Miss Ellis. 

Ladies' Companion at Elmhill House— Miss M. M. Connon. 

Housekeeper at do.— Miss E. Johnston. 

Chaplain— Rev. Robert Lippe. Clerk and rreasitrer— William Carnie. 

Auditor— 3 a,rsxes Tytler. 

Hospital for the Relief of Persons Labouring under 
Incurable Diseases. 

President— The Right Hon. the Earl of Aberdeen. 

Vice-Presidents— TlD.e Right Hon. Lord Forbes, Alexander Innes of Raemoir, 

Sheriff Comrie Thomson, Sheriff Dove Wilson, Frederick Holland, Esq., 

London, and John Webster, Esq., LL.D., M.P. 

Chairman of Committee— The Lord Provost. 

Medical Officers— Br. Davidson, 224 Union St., Dr. Urquhart, 250 Union St. 

Secretaries and Treasurers— Fa,iYick Cooper & Son, advocates, 42 Union St. 


Ophthalmic Institution for Diseases of the Eye and Ear. 


Supported by Voluntary Contribution. 

Under the Patronage of the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, and the Members for 
the City and County of Aberdeen, and the Hon. the County Club. 

President — Robert Lumsden, Esq., banker. 

Surgeon — Dr. Davidson. 

Secretaries and 2Veasatrers— Messrs. Davidson & Garden, advocates. 

Attendance daily ?it 2.30 P.M. Open to all cases Avithout any recommendation. 

Average yearly attendance upwards of 800. 

Aberdeen Dispensary, Lying-in, and Vaccine Institution 



For supplying Advice and Medicine to the Sick Poor, and to such as are 
unfit patients for the Infirmary, at their own houses. Supported by volun- 
tary contributions. 

President — The Lord Provost. 

Secretary and Treasurer — John P. Cumine, advocate. 


John G. Hall, M.D. I J. M'K. Booth, M.A., M.B., CM. 

Francis Ogston, M.D. | Geo. Watt, M.D. 

James Brander, M.B., CM. | Alex. Macgregor, M.B., CM. 

Surgeon-Dentist — W. P. Robertson. 

Vaccination by the Medical Officers of the Institution. 

Apothecaries — J. & J. Urquhart. Housekeeper — Miss Catto. 

Patients admitted every week-day morning at 10 o'clock ; Medicine dis- 
pensed every week-day at 10 A.M. and 3 P.M., Sunday at i p.m.; and Vaccina- 
tion performed every Wednesday at 2.30 P.M. 

Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children. 

Established 1877. 

For the Medical and Surgical treatment of Children between the ages of 2 
and 10. 


Chairman of Directors — Jas. J. Todd, Esq, 

Honorary Treasurer— J. Murray Garden, Esq., advocate. 

Medical Queers— Professor Stephenson, M.D.; Robt. John Garden, Esq., M.D. 

Assistant — Dr. Macgregor. 

Honorary Lady Superintendent—Misa R. F. Lumsden. 

Secretary— Mr. George Milne, M'Combie's Court, Union Street. 

The Medical Oflacers attend for Consultation daily at 11 A.M. 



Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society. 

Instituted 1789. 

President — John Urquhart, Esq., M.D. 

Secretary and Treasurer — James Rodger, Esq., M.D. 

Librarian — Wm. Fraser, Esq., Surgeon. 

Those marked t constitute the Council. 

Dr. F. Ogston 
,, Alexander Harvey 
,, James Will 
,, R. Jamieson 
,, t William Fraser 
,, Al. Gibbon 
,, James Corbet 
,, tR. Beveridge 
,, J. Irvine, Tarves 
,, J. Marshall 
,, H. Jackson 
,, Archibald Reith 
,, J. Booth 

Dr. C. Macquibban 

J. E. Fowler 
tJ. Rodger 
tC. M. Crombie 
tJ. Urquhart 
tJ. R. Garden 
F. M. Moir 
Wm. Stephenson 
J. C. Ogilvie Will 
Alex. F. Proctor 
J. G. Hall 
Jas. M'Kenzie Booth 


Dr. James Burr 
,, James Brander 
,, Alex. M'Gregor 
,, William Reid 
,, tWm. J. Simpson 
,, George Watt 
,, Wm. H. Williamson 
,, J. M. Gordon Pirrie 
,, Ferguson Ruxton 
,, E. W. Robertson 
,, J. D. Wyness 
,, George Simon 

Mr. Alfred De Lessert, Aberdeen 
Professor Grainger Stewart, Edin- 
Professor A. R. Simpson, Edinburgh 

Dr. Patrick Heron Watson, Edin- 
Sir James Paget, London 
Mr. Jonathan Hutchison, London 



East Parish Union street , 


(A. W. Brown 

(James Cooper 19 Union place 

Principal beadle— James Taylor, 9 Schoolhill. 

West Parish Union street J. Mitford Mitchell 6 Queens ter. 

Principal beadle — Richard Maitland, 71 Thistle street. 

North Parish King street Wm. Wilson 17 Powis ter. 

Principal beadle— John Logan, 62 Queen street. 

South Parish Belmont street. . | w^D^^S^ot^B^D''^ 

Principal beadle — Thomas Wood, Advocates' Hall, Broad street. 

Grey friars Parish .... Broad street Wm. Oliver 92 Powis place 

Principal beadle — John Mitchell, 86 Chapel street. 

St. Clement Parish. . . St. Clement st C. C. Macdonald 1 Mount place 

Principal beadle— James Ewing, 20 Prince Regent street. 

John Knox Mounthooly Herbert Bell 2 Belmont place 

Principal beadle — Alex. Topp, 56 Nelson street. 

Gilcomston Parish . . . Summer street Wm. Brebner, M. A. . . •( "^^ St. Mary's 

( place 
Principal beadle — Alex. Shepherd, 15 Guestrow. 

HolWPavisb Wem„gtonpUoe4i;,%»'^-i--„t;S.S:^Tl\?S. 

Principal beadle — Peter Johnston, 43 Bon-Accord street. 

Ferryhill Ferryhill Henry W. Wright .... 5 Devanha ter. 

Principal beadle— James Clake, 44 Bridge street. 

Rubislaw Parish Queen's cross Robt. Thomson, M.A.. . .Queen's cross 

Pi'incipal beadle— James Murray, 87 Chapel street. 



Trinity Parish Marischal street . . . Robert Slessor 25 Ferryhill place 

Principal beadle — Edward Leslie, 20 Queen street. 

Rosemount Parish . ..Kosemount ter. .Duncan Campbell, M. A..7 Hamilton pi. 
Principal beadle— Alex. Morison, 18 Skene square. 

St. George's in the West, John street .... James Smith, B. D 3 Skene place 

Principal beadle — George Shirreffs, 52 Canal road. 

Mannofield Wm. Forbes 17 Victoi-ia street. 

Craigiebuckler Geo. DingwaU, B.D.,4 Eldon terrace. 

R^^thrieston William T. W. Lowe. { ^l^^Cottafe^ 



East Belmont street James Selkirk 5 Westfield ter. 

Principal beadle — Joseph Lawrence, 53 Summer street. 
•nr i TT..-:«v, ^^-,,^r.^- S George "Webster Thomson, M.A., 

West Union street [ 2 Rubislaw terrace 

Principal beadle — Alex. Kemp, Church Buildings, Bon-Accord street. 

North West North st Vacant. 

Principal beadle — James Adams, 6 Frederick street. 

South Belmont street . . . . G. H. Knight . , Manse, 5 Queen's road 

Principal beadle— William Macadam, 72 St. Andrew street. 

Melville Correction wynd . . James Masson 120 Crown street 

St. Columba Dee street Geo. Macdonald, Manse, Albury road 

Principal beadle — David M'Kay, 15 Gordon street. 

Bon -Accord Union terrace Hector M. Adam 7 Marine ter. 

Principal beadle — Wm. Menzies, 124 Union street. 

Trinity Crown street Andw. Doak,M.A.. {^^SpaS^d! 

Principal beadle— Alex. Lennie, 40 Chapel street. 

Greyfriars George street Hugh Fitzpatrick, B.D., 42 Skene ter. 

Principal beadle— John Aitken, 10 St. Paul street. 

Gilcomston Union street Robert A. Mitchell 13 Victoria st. 

Principal beadle— Adam Hay, 32 Union row. 

Union Shiprow Alex. M. Bannatyne . . 5 Rubislaw pi. 

Principal beadle — John Reid, 41 St. Andrew street. 

f Alex. Spence, D.D Castlehill 

St. Clements Castle teiTace •< Andrew D. Donaldson, M. A., 3 

( Springbank terrace 
Principal beadle — John Forsyth, 27 Summer lane. 

John Knox Gerrard street . . . Vacant. 

Principal beadle — James Ogg, 253 George street. 
„ ,, -D A ^ 4- (Andrew M'Queen, M.A., B.D., 16 

^omwcrv Bon-Accord ter.. I Beaconsfield place 

Principal beadle— George Gordon, 9 Henry street. 

^ , . r^ i. 4. ( JohnLongmuir,A.M.,LL.D.5Deeplace 

Commerce street. . . . Commerce street | ^ Murra| Scott, M. A. . .6 Devanha ter. 

Principal beadle— John Barron, 4 Shore brae. 

High Belmont street Henry W. Bell, M.A 6 Albyn ter. 

Principal beadle— Wm. Simpson, 36 Union terrace. 

Gallowgate 160 Gallowgate James Goodall. ... 14 Correction wynd 

Principal beadle— James Smart, 16 Catherine street. 

Rutherford , Loanhead terrace. .James Dewar.. . . -I j^^^ Stocket rd.' 

Principal beadle— Peter P. Simpson, 41 Richmond street. 

Ferryhill Rotunda place James Iverach 12 Ferryhill place 

Principal beadle— John Scott, 29 Bank street. 

Causewayend John Kae, M.A 54 Loanhead ter. 

Principal beadle— George Taylor, 3 Charles street. 

Queen's cross Queen's cross George A. Smith — Foiintainhall rd. 

Principle beadle— John Eraser, 10 Claremont place. 

Ruthrieston Broomhill road Robert Semple | Broomhill rd. 




St. Ana,el's'?''.''.':"SS?ieet }•'■ «• Danson, M.A 18 King St. 

Verger — Thomas Parsons, 96 Park street. 
Scotch Episcopal— ") WilUam Henry Bleaden, 

St. John's St. John's place S 44 Bon- Accord street 

Verger — James Blair, 28 Portland street. 
Scotch Episcopal— "^Arthur F. S. Hill, M.A., 

St. Mary's Garden place } 12 Westfield terrace 

Verger— John Hunter, 20 Upper Denburn. 
Scotch Episcopal— \ John Comper, St. Margaret's brae, 

St. Margaret's Seamount place 3 King's crescent 

Scotch Episcopal— \ C5„™„gi pi„„i- j, y^ -.q Alhpvf qtrppt 

St. Paul's 61 Gallowgate ) oamuei oiarK, n.v., u Albert street 

Verger — H. Franklin, 61 Gallowgate. 
Scotch Episcopal — \ Charles M. Black, B.A., 

St. James' Crown street J 11 Rotunda place 

Verger — Henry S. Ceilings, 25 Marywell street. 

United Presbyterian.. St. Nicholas lane { J°^- ^^b--' ^•^•' ^,^\^^^^ ^,^^^ 

Principal beadle — Colin Wood, 8 Charlotte street. 

United Presbyterian .. Garden place Arch. Young, M.A. . ..29 Osborne pi. 

Principal beadle— John Black, Church Buildings, North Albert street. 

United Presbyterian. .Belmont street David Beatt 17 North Silver st. 

United Presbyterian. .Charlotte street. . .Matthew Galbraith. .13 Devanha ter. 
Principal beadle — Robert Kaye, 200 Gallowgate. 

United Presbyterian. . St. Paul street. . . .Andrew Dickie 29 North silver st. 

Principal beadle— Robert Wyllie, 9 St. Paul street. 

United Presbyterian. .Nelson street John E. Dobson Banchory Park 

Principal beadle — Charles Reid, 26 Causewayend. 

Original Secession Skene terrace Ebenezer Ritchie ... 26 Skene terrace 

Principal beadle — Joseph Mather, 16 Commerce street. 

Methodist (Wesleyan). Crown terrace Samuel Sheard 18 Ferryhill place 

Principal beadle— John Spence, 38 Castle street. 

Congregational Belmont street James Stark 9 Westfield terrace 

Principal beadle— John Clark, 8 Little Belmont street. 

Congregational Blackf riars street . . James Bell 86 Bon-Accord st. 

Principal beadle — Thomas Michie, 35 Blackfriars street. 

Congregational (Trinity) Shiprow John Duncan Calsayseat 

Principal beadle — James Laing, 69 Shiprow. 

Congregational Park street George Moir 18 Roshn terrace 

Principle beadle— John Murray, 21 Park street. 

Evangelical Union .... St Paul street .... Alex. Brown 46 Stanley street 

Principal beadle— Wm. Adams, 5 St. Paul street. 

Evangelical Union .... John street Alex. Stewart Heathcot 

Principal beadle — Wm. Jaffray, 39 Powis place. 

Baptist Crown terrace. .W. Stewart Chedburn.3 Gordondale rd. 

Baptist (Scotch) Academy street. . . 

{Right Rev. Dr. Macdonald, Bishop of 
Abdn. , Bishop's House, 20 Queen's 
rd. ; Rev. Wm. Stopani ; Rev. Don. 
Chisholm ; Rev. John M'Intosh 
Roman Catholic, St. Peter's . . Chapel Court, Justice st. 

Principal beadle —John Stewart, King's square, Huntly street. 

Friends Diamond street. . . Various 

Unitarian George street George T. Walters. . . .15 Ashley place 

Catholic Apostolic .... Exchange street . . E. C. Leal 62 Springbank ter. 




University of Aberdeen. 

Founded 1494. 

Chancellor — Charles Henry, Duke of Richmond and Gordon, K.G., &c. 

Vice-Chancellor — The Very Rev. Principal Pirie, D.D. 

Rector — Alexander Bain, LL.D. 

Parliamentary Representative — A. J. Campbell of Stracathro, LL.D. 

Principal — William Robinson Pirie, D.D. 

Secretary — ^William Milligan, D.D. 

Assessors — John Ramsay, M.A. ; John Webster, LL.D., M.P. ; 

J. F. White, M.A. ; Wm. D. Geddes, M.A., LL.D. 

Registrar, Librarian, and Secretarylof the University Court — Robert Walker, 
M.A., F.R.S.E. 


Greek WiUiam D. Geddes, M.A., LL.D. 

Humanity James Donaldson, LL.D. 

Logic William Minto, M.A. 

Mathematics George Pirie, M.A. 

Natural Philosophy Charles Niven, M.A., F.R.S. 

Moral Philosophy John Fyfe, M.A. 

Natural History H. Alleyne Nicholson, M. A., M.D., D.Sc. 

Systematic Theology Samuel Trail, D.D., LL.D. 

Divinity and Church History John Christie, D.D. 

Divinity and Biblical Criticism William Milligan, D.D. 

Oriental Languages John Forbes, D.D., LL.D. 

Law George Grub, LL.D. 

Institutes of Medicine Wm. Stirling, M.D., D.Sc, F.R.S.E. 

Practice of Medicine James W. F. Smith-Shand, M.D. 

Chemistry James Smith Brazier, F.C.S. 

Anatomy John Struthers, M. D. 

Surgery Alexander Ogston, M.D. 

Materia Medica Alex. Dyce Davidson, M. A., M.D. 

Mid-\vifery William Stephenson, M.D. 

Med. Logic and Med. Jurisprudence.. Francis Ogston, M.D. 

Botany James W. H. Trail, M.A., M.D. 

Pathological Anatomy David James Hamilton, M.B. 


( W. Milligan, D.D. 
Murray Sunday Lecture -^ S. Ti-ail, D.D., LL.D. 

C John Christie, D.D. 

Murtle Lect., Evidences of Christianity S. Trail, D.D., LL.D. 

Agriculture Thomas Jamieson, F.C S. 


Greek William Keith Leask, M.A. 

Humanity William Coutts, M.A. 

Mathematics John Jack, M.A. 

Natural Philosophy W. B. Morren, M.A. 

Chemistry Henry Thomas Jones. 

Anatomy Thos. W. Griffith, CM., M.B. 

Medical Logic & Medical Jurisprudence. ...Francis Ogston, jun., CM., M.D. 
Materia Medica John George Hall, CM., M.D. 




fJas. Anderson, M.A., M.D. 
John Barclay, M.D. 
Geo. M. Edmond, M.A.,M.D. 
J. Greig Smith, M.A., M.B. 
Fred. Treves, F.R.C.S., Eng. 
R. M. Wilson, M.A., M.D. 



P. J. Anderson, M.A., 

W. L. Davidson, M.A. 
Donald Sime, M.A. 


Free Church College, Alford Place. 

Rev. Principal BroAvn, D.D., 104 Crown Street 
Rev, Dr. Binnie, 1 Fonthill Road, Ferryhill 
Rev. Stewart D. F. Salmond, Queen's Road 
Rev. George G. Cameron, 29 Union Place 
Janitor and Curator of itfifseztm— William Beveridge, 2 Alford Place 

Aberdeen School Board. 

CAairwMtTi— Rev. William Milligan, D.D., Professor of Divinity and 

Biblical Criticism 

William Brebner, late Manager 

Rev. John Christie, D.D., Professor of Divinity and Church History 

Rev. Samuel Clark, Incumbent of St. Paul's Church 

Robert Donald, Engineer 

James Murray Garden, Advocate 

George Jamieson, Merchant 

Rev. Charles Cadell Macdonald, Minister of St. Clement's Parish 

Rev. James R. Mitford Mitchell, B.A., Minister of West Parish 

Thomas Ogilvie, Warehouseman 

Oswald Prosser, Solicitor 

Rev. Stewart Dingwall Fordyce Salmond, Professor in Free Church College 

Rev. William Stopani, Roman Catholic Clergyman 

Offices of the Boarb 31 King Street. 

Clerk and Treasurer — Thomas Hector. 

Schools imder the Alanagemcnt of the School Board. 

Grammar School. 

(Founded previous to 1262.) 
Rector — James Moir, M.A. 


( The Rector 
Classics -I Rev. J. W. Legge, M.A. 

i George Harvey, M.A. 

English Hugh F. Campbell, M.A. 

Arithmetic and Mathematics Charles Sleigh, M.A. 


German Gustav Hein 

Natural Science Charles Sleigh, M.A. 

Writing and Drawing Samuel Pope 

Phonography Calder M. Lawrence 

Elocution Alfred MacLeod 

Preparatory Department Mr. Alexander Green 

Janitor — Charles Duncan. 

Prospectuses may be had at the School, or at the Office of the School Board. 

The High School for Girls, Little Belmont Street. 

Head Master Mr. John McBain, M.A. 

f Mr W T Fvfe M A 
Higher English and Arithmetic | j^^; ^j^^; ^ wuiiams, M.A. 

German , Herr Gustav Hein 

-^^'^"^"^^ ( Miss Annie L. W. Jamieson 

Pianoforte, with Theory of Music and Singing. .Herr Meid and Assistants 

Drawing Mr. John Mitchell 

Phonography Calder M. Lawrence 

Infants' Mistress Miss Eliza J. Massie 

Prospectuses may be had at the School. 


Public Elementary Schools. 

St. Paul Street Public School Miss I. L. Chalmers 

Albion Street Public School Mr. James Rose 

King Street Public School Mr. Thomas C. Hynd 

Marywell Street Public School Mr. James Darling 

Northfield Public School IVIr. James A. Phillips 

St. Andrew Street Public School Mr. John M'Kenzie 

Middle Public School Mr. James C. Barnett 

Porthill Public School Mr. Robert C. Watson 

St. Clement Street Public School Mr. James Findlay 

Commerce Street Public School Mr. John Beaumont 

Causeway end Public School Mr John M'Lachlan 

Ferryhill Public School Mr. Jno.D. Anderson.M. A. 

Skene Street Public School Mr. James Allan 

Dr. John Brown's Public School Mr. John Roy 

Davidson's Public School Miss Jane B. Spalding 

Dr. Bell's Public School Mr. James Campbell 

Aberdeen Church of Scotland Training College and 
Practising School, George Street. 

Under the charge of the General Assembly's Education Committee. 

Sub-Committee in Aberdeen. 
The Rev. Professor MUligan, D.D., I William Yeats, of Auquharney. 
Chairman. \ The Rev. Prof. Christie, D.D. 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Messrs. Simpson and Cruden, 35 Castle street. 


iJecior— Joseph Ogilvie, M.A. Lecturer — P. J. Anderson, M.A.', LL.B. 

Vocal Music — James Wilson. 

Pianoforte Instructor — Septimus Parker. Do. Governess — Miss E. Cleland. 

Drawing Master — John P. Eraser. 

Inchistrial IFbr^'— Miss VoUar. -Do?Hes<ic ^co5io?)i?/— Miss Reid and Miss Clarke. 

French — Miss Cleland. 


12 Charlotte Street. 
Lady Stqierintendent—M\ss\d\\.SiX. 


Head Master — James Kerr, M.A. 

Assistants— Reid, M.A., John Brown, Miss Fernie, and Miss Shand. 

Advanced Class — Miss Dale. 

Middle Department — Miss Webster. Assistant — Miss Clarke. 

Infant Department — Miss Reid. Assistant— Miss Lobban. 

Pianoforte — Miss Porter. Janitor— Henjj S. Ogilvie. 

Aberdeen Free Church Training College. 

Secretary and Treasurer — Robert Lumsden, Esq., banker. 


Rector— Alexander Ramage. Lady Superintendent — Miss Walker, 

Teachers— Miss Hutcheon and Miss Davidson. 

Music — Wm. Litster. Draioing- John Hay. 

Pianoforte — Miss Forbes. Preparatoi^j Class — Miss Hutcheon. 




Superintendent— The Eector. 

TeacAfirs— Alexander M'D. Reid, M.A., John M'Dougall, David Kerr, Miss 
Davidson, Miss Findlay, Miss Cheyne, Miss Colvin, Miss Slaker, 

Infant Department — Miss M'Kenzie. 

Janitor — D. Strachan. 

Denominational Schools. 


Church of Scot, Estab. (Gilcomston) . . 57 Summer st George Imray 

Do, Free (Holburn) Justice Mill lane, . . Miss Duncan 

S, Episcopal (St. AndreAv's) 9 Castle street Mrs, Singer 

Do. (St. John's) St. John's place Wm. Thompson 

Roman Catholic, St. Peter's, Boy's James Murphy 

Do. St. Joseph's, Girl's Franciscan Nuns 

Do. do. Infant's Miss Simpson 

Endowed Schools. 


R«««'« School Holburn street {SrSL 

Miss Chalmers's Westfield Miss Copland 

Academies, Schools, and Teachers. 



Silver Street Academy 10 North Silver st. , 

(Charles Michie, M,A,, 
( and Assistants 
AberdeenCollegiateSchool — ( "i 

Young Ladies' Department J 1 Bon-Accord street f C, Des Clayes, principal, 
Kindergarten do, . Do, (" Willowbank 

Young Gentlemen's do, ( Willowbank ) 

Bon -Accord School 1 Bon- Accord ter Rev. John Macmillan 

/' /Miss Warrack, Queen's 

Union Place Ladies' School — J J road, & Alex. Mackie, 

Day School > . . S 52 & 53 Union place j M. A., 4 Albert ter., 

I ( joint principals 
Boarding Department ^ Fountainhall road Miss Marshall 

Union Row Academy 18 Union row { ^^^Jg ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^' 

Academy 2 West Craibstone st.. W. Grahame Walker 

Mathematics, &c 12 Golden square David Rennet 

Do. 173 Union street Alexander Thomson 

Do. 15 Adelphi George TurrifE 

Navigation School, B. of Trade. 21 James street J. R. Jones 

Ladies' Boarding and Day Schools. 

Franciscan Nuns, Huntly street 
Miss Paul, 7 St. Swithin street 
Misses Fyfe, 147 Crown street 
Misses Knowles, 50 Union place 
Miss Andrew, 13 Union row 

Miss Ferrier, 6 Bon-Accord square 
Miss Proctor, 19 Victoria street west 
Misses McKillam, 217 Union street 
Miss Lobban, 40 King street 


Mechanics' Institution— 1824. 

President— Alex. Walker. Vice-President — Alex. D. Milne. 

Treasurer — Alex. O. Gill. Manager and Secretary — James Sinclair. 

Librarian — Alex. Boddie. 


Drawing in all its Branches—John P. Fraser and Assistants. 

Robert Gordon's College in Aberdeen. 

Founded by Robert Gordon, by Deed of Mortification dated in 1730, and 
by Alexander Simpson of CoUyhill, by Trust Disposition dated in 1816. 
The President and Governors were incorporated by Royal Charter under the 
Great Seal of Scotland, dated 15th June, 1772, and by another Royal Charter 
dated 16th May, 1792. They were also incorporated under the name and 
title of " The President and Governors of Robert Gordon's College in Aber- 
deen," by a Provisional Order, dated 10th June, 1881, made by the Secretary 
of State under the Endowed Institutions (Scotland) Act, 1878, which Provi- 
sional Order came into operation on 1st August, 1881. 

President and Governors — ex Officiis, 

The Lord Provost of Aberdeen, President. 

The Dean of Guild of Aberdeen. 

The Principal of the University of Aberdeen. 

The Chairman of the School Board of the Burgh of Aberdeen. 


To hold Office for Three Years— 
Baillie David Macdonald, James Paterson, Robert Beveridge. 

To hold Office for Four Years — 
Baillie Alex. Duffus, Baillie George Walker, and Mr. James Walker. 

To hold Office for Five Years — 
Baillie George Donald, Baillie James Ross, and Alexander O. Gill. 



To hold Office for Four Years- 
Charles Niven, F.R.S., Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University. 
To hold Office for Six Years — 
William D. Geddes, LL.D., Professor of Greek in the University. 


Rev. J. Mitford Mitchell, Rev. Charles C. Macdonald. 
Head Master and House Governor — Rev. A. Ogilvie, M.A., LL.D. 

Clerk to the College — WiUiam Paul, advocate. 

Factors — William Paul, and T. A. W. A. Youngson, advocates. 

Treasurer — John Morison. Aiiditor — William Milne, C.A. 

The College has for its object the maintenance and education of " children 
or grand-children of Burgesses of Guild, or of Trade, of the City of Aber- 
deen, or children belonging to the City or County of Aberdeen, who are 
orphans, or whose parents are in receipt of weekly wages, or belong to the 
labouring classes ". It is provided that "the chief subjects of instruction 
shall be the English Language and Litei-ature, History, and Geogxaphy, 
Modern Languages, Mathematics and Elements of Physical and Natural 
Science ". Day Scholars are admitted to the College Schools, but they, as 
well as the Foundationers, must be of the age of eight years. The Founda- 
tioners, at present numbering 160, must leave the College at the age of 
fifteen years, except in special cases. 


Boys' and Girls' Hospital. 

King Street Road. 

This Hospital was instituted in 1739, and the Trustees were incorporated 
by Act of Parliament, 1852. Its objects are the maintenance and education 
of poor boys and girls of the Parish of St. Nicholas. The education consists 
of reading, writing, arithmetic, gi'ammar, geogi-aphy, drawing, and music. 
The girls are also taught sewing, knitting, and household work. Children 
are admitted from 8 to 11 years of age, and may continue till 14. Present 
number, 100. A limited number of Day Scholars are also admitted. 

Interim-Master — Richard Jones. 1 Drill and Bandmaster — James Wood. 

Assistant Teaclw — Miss B. Ganson. \ Matron — Miss Hutchison. 
Steward — James Sutherland. | Sewing Mistress — Miss Pyper. 

Factor — Alexander Davidson, advocate. 

Treasurer and Secretary — Alexander Simpson, advocate, 35 Castle Street. 

PAysiciati— Francis Ogston, M.D. Dentist — Alfred A. De Lessert. 

Alexander Shaw's Hospital. 


The Lord Provost 

The Dean of Guild 

The Principal of the University 

The Professor of Greek 

The Professor of Medicine 

The Senior Physician of the Royal 

The President of the Board of Police 
The President of the Soc. of Advocates 
The President of the Shipmasters Soc. 

Treasurer and Secretary— George Allan, advocate, 56 Castle Street, Aberdeen. 

Medical Officer— Dx. P. B. Smith. 

Matron — Mrs. Murdoch, at the Hospital, 8 Rosemount Place. 

The Convener of the Incorporated 

The Eldest Minister of St. Nicholas 

The Second Minister of St. Nicholas 

The Senior Minister of St. Paul's 

Episcopal Chapel 
The Secretary of the County Club 

Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb. 


Instituted 1819. 

Patron— "His Grace the Duke of Richmond. 

President and Convene) — The Lord Provost for the time being. 

Secreta/ry and Treasurer — A. Edmond, jun. 

Physicianr-Di:. Angus Eraser. 

Superintendent and Teac/ier— Alexander Pender. Matron— Mrs. Bill. 

Victoria Lodging House. 

45 GuESTROw— Instituted 1840. 

Treasurer and Secretary— George Grant, advocate. 

Sihperintendent — Walter Pirie. 


Aberdeen Female Orphan Asylum. 


Instituted November, 1840, for Maintaining, Clothing, and Educating 
Orphan Girls whose parents have lived in the Parishes of St. Nicholas, Old 
Machar, Nigg, or Banchory-Devenick, for three years previous to their de- 
cease. Admitted from the age of four to eight. 

Secretary— 3. Cruickshank, 26 Belmont St. UIiaplain—RQv. J. A. M'Clymont. 

Physician — Dr. P. B. Smith. Matron— Mxs. Reid. 

Visitors from Aberdeen and its vicinity admitted to view the Asylum the 
first and third Monday of every Month. Strangers may visit every lawful 
day, Saturday excepted, on application to the Matron. 

Hours of admission— 11 to 1. 

Hospital for Orphan and Destitute Female Children. 


Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1849. 

Treasurers— Da.yiAson & Garden, advocates. 

Physician — Dr. Davidson. 

Matron— Miss jMalcolm. Teacher— Miss Reid. Porto-— James Cobban. 

Sheriff Watson's Industrial School. 


Patroness — The Countess of Kintore. 

Matron— Miss Reid. Teacher— Miss Burnett. 

-Secretaries— Mrs. Smith, 2 Skene Place ; Gray C. Eraser, advocate. 

Treasxirer-Mrs, Sangster, 17 Cardan Place. 

Aberdeen Female School of Industry. 


Certified under the Industrial Schools Act, 1866, 29 and 30 Vic, cap. 118. 
Open also for the reception of a certain number of poor girls, not under seven 
years of age, to whom the Industrial Schools Act may not apply, and who 
are supported by voluntary subscription. 

Secretor?/— George Carmichael, 226 Union Street. 

Matron — Miss Campbell. Assistant Matron— Miss Hay. 

Teacha- — Miss Davidson. 

Sewing Teachers— Mrs. Fawns and Mrs. Latto. 

Physician— P. Blaikie Smith, M.D., 193 Union Street. 

Aberdeen Industrial School Association. 
Boys' School— Oak Bank. Girls' School— Whitehall. 

Certified under the Acts 17 and 18 Victoria, cap. 74, and 29 and 30 Victoria, 
cap. 118. 

Boys' School opened 1st October, 1841. 
Juvenile School opened 19th May, 1845. 



Secretary — Charles F. Riincy, advocate. 

Treasurer — James Meston, C.A. Medical Attendant — Robert J. Garden, M.D. 

Boys' School — Superintendent — George Anderson, A.M. 

Matron — Mrs. Anderson. 

Teachers — W. Smith and R. M'Leod. 

Bandmaster— 3 a.^. Wood, late Drum-Major, R.A.H. Drillmaster — Segt. CroU. 

Girls' School — Superintendent — Miss Reid. 

Teachers— Miss Hay and Miss Rennie. 

Oldmill Reformatory School. 


For Boys. 

Certified under the Acts 17 and 18 Vic, cap. 86, and 29 and 30 Vic, cap. 117. 

Opened in March, 1857. 

Secretary— CthaxlBS F. Runcy, advocate. Treasurer — James Meston, C.A. 

Medical Attendant — Archibald Reith, M.D. 

Governor — Robert Simpson. Matron — Miss Innes. 

Teacher — John Livingstone. Assistant Teacher — Archibald M'Lean. 

Farm Oversee)- — George Bain. 

Bandmaster— Jaraes Wood, late Drum-Major, R.A.H. 

Reformatory for Girls. 


Certified under the Acts 17 and 18 Vic, cap. 86, and 29 and 30 Vic, cap. 117. 

Opened in March, 1862. 

Secretary — C. F. Runcy, advocate. 

Treasurer — Wm. Milne, advocate. Medical Attendant — Henry Jackson, M.D. 

Superintendent — Miss Johnston. Teacher— Miss Young. 

Work Teacher — Miss Lillie. 

Aberdeen Industrial School for Roman Catholic Girls. 


Teachers — Sisters of Nazareth. 

Asylum for the Blind, Huntly Street. 

Established 1843. 

Secretaries and Treasurers — Messrs. Davidson & Garden, advocates. 

Physician — Dr. Davidson. 

Superintendent — William Meston. Matron— Mvs. Stephen. 



Aberdeen Public News Room. 


Open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
Annual Subscription, 5s. ; Single Visit, Id. each. 

Mechanics* Institution Public Library. 

Open from 11 a.m. to Three Afternoon, and from Six to Nine Evening. 

On Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 P.M. only. 

General Library — Annual Subscription, 5s. 

Select Library— OYt^n at same Hours. Annual Subscription, Ts 6d and 10s 6d. 

The Royal Northern Club. 

204 Union Street. 

Cliairman — Sir William Forbes, Bart, of Craigievar. 

Secretary— Juvaes Tytler, C.A., 137 Union Street. 

Steioard — John Burman. 

The Aberdeen Club. 

Established February, 1862. 

4 Bridge Street. 

Secretary — David Wyllie, jun, Steivard—J ohn Webster. 

Aberdeen Conservative Club. 

120 Union Street. 

Chairma7i— Colonel Thomas Innes of Learney. 

Secretary — Geo. Cruden, advocate, 35 Castle Street. 

Sieivard—WUliebm. Wilson. 

The New Club. 

Established June, 1867. 

254 Union Street. 

Secretary—J&mes Ross. Steward — G. W. Richards. 

City Club. 

22 Bridge Street. 

Chairman— J Simes Florence, 10 Queen's Road. 

Secretary and Treasurer— Korsice Fildes, 42 King Street. 

Steward— Murdoch M'Kenzie. Attendant— Mis. M'Kenzie. 


Aberdeen Masonic Club. 

President— Dv. R. Beveridge. Treasurer— Robert Ogg. 
Attendant— Sa,ia\\el Innef;. 

The Aberdeen Philosophical Society. 

Meets on the first Tuesday of each month during University Session. 

President — Sheriff Dove "Wilson. 

Vice-Presidents — Prof. Struthers and AJex. Bain, M.A., LL.D. 

Committee— John Miller, Alex. Cruickshank, A.M., LL.D , and Dr. Beveridge. 

Treasurer and Secretary — Alex. D. Milne, merchant, 58 Marischal Street. 

Royal Northern Agricultural Society. 

Patron — His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. 
President — The Earl of Aberdeen. 
Vice-rresidents—T\\Q Duke of Richmond and Gordon, K.G., the Marquis of 
Huntly, the Earl of Kintore, the Earl of Fife, the Earl of CraAvford and 
Balcarres, Lord Forbes. 
Committee— The Members of Parliament for Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, and 
Kincardineshire, the Convenors for these Counties, and other gentlemen. 
Secretary and Treasurer — George Bruce, 35 Market Street, Aberdeen. 

Shore Porters' Society. 


Deacon — John Beattie. 
John Wilson, 28 Shiprow j William Robertson, 2 Little Wales 

James Chrystall, 55 Cotton street i street 

John Cantley, 1 Park place 
Andrew Mitchell, 27 Cotton street 
William Buchan, 24 Frederick street 
William Laing, 25 Cotton street 
John Reid, 47 Cotton street 
James Philip, 4 Castle terrace 
James Murray, 57 Park street 

Robert Robb, 15 Fish street 
David Johnston, 27 Clarence street 
John Beattie, 14 Fish street 
William Thomson, 15 Cotton street 
Alexander Gordon, 65 Cotton street 
Joseph Cooper, 14 Fish Street 
William Ogg, 20 Castle street 

Masonic Lodges, &c., in Aberdeen. 


R. Beveridge, M.B R. W. Provincial Grand Master 

Edward Savage Depute Provincial Grand Master 

Substitute Provincial Grand Master 

Charles Shepherd ,., Provincial Grand Senior Warden 

John Laing Provincial Grand Junior Warden 

Alexander Dakers Provincial Grand Secretary 

Rev. C. C. Macdonald Provincial Grand Chaplain 

A. I. M'Connochie, C.A., 74 Union St. . .Provincial Grand Treasurer tf; Clerk 

R. Kynoch P.G.S.D. 

Wm. Innes P.G.J.D. 

Wm. Smith P. G. Architect 

R. Yule P.G. Jeweller 

A. Stott P.G.B.B. 

J. Johnston P.G. Dir. of Cer. 

A. Callaghan P. G. S. B. 

Geo. Skakle P.G. Dir. of Mus. 

Robt. Bruce P.G.S.B. 

Robt. Durward. . . .P.G.S. 

W. M. Gibson P.G. Organist 

R. Milne \t> a Mavshals 

Peter Whyte j ^•^- ^^^ai^^i^^s 

Alex. Yeats P.G. Librarian 

A. M. Byres, C.A..P.G. Auditor 
John Co we P.G.LG. 


The Aberdeen City Provincial Grand Lodge Presides over tlie following 

Lodges : — 


John Paterson .R. W.M. I Charles Wilson J. W. 

Geo. Smith, jun S.W. | A. Diack Secretary 

ST. MACHAR, No. 54. 

George Geddes R.W.M. I Robert Milne J.W. 

James Selbie S.W. | A. M. Byres, C. A Secretary 

ST. NICHOLAS, No. 93. 

Robert Cran R.W.M. I Alex. Barclay J.W. 

Peter Whyte S.W. 1 W. S. Forrest Secretary 

ST. ANDREW, No. 110. 

Charles Crombie, M.D R.W.M. 1 J. H. Wilson J.W. 

John Laiag S.W. j-J. D. Campbell Secretary 

OPERATIVE, No. 150. 

Robert Kynoch R.W.M. | James Laing J.W. 

William Gray S. W. ( Wm. Maitland Secretary 



ST. GEORGE, No. 190. 

John Burt R.W.M. I John Jolly J.W. 

Alex. K. Craighead S.W. | Thomas Eraser Secretary 

ST. MACHAR, No. 319. 
Bridge Hall, Woodside. 

Wm. Innes R.W.M. I John Ross J.W. 

Wm. Cowie S.W. | A. M. Hendry Secretary 

NEPTUNE, No. 375. 

Alex. Milne R.W.M. | Francis Forbes J.W. 

S. Lawrence S.W. | Ewen Ritchie Secretary 

ST. TERNAN, No. 443. 
Townhall, Banchory-Ternan. 

Alexander Lunan R.W.M. | Alex. Duncan J.W. 

William Taylor S.W. | R. Johnston Secretary 

BON-ACCORD, No. 669. 

Andrew Stott R.W.M. | Samuel Fyfe J.W. 

James Johnston S.W. | A. I. M'Connochie, C. A Secretary 



Major John Crombie Superintendent 

Right Hon. Earl of Crawford and Balcarres .M.E.P.G. Second Principal 

William Boyd, Peterhead M.E.P.G. Third Principal 

Robert Beveridge, M.B Past M.E.P. G. Superintendent 

Edward Savage Dep. P. G. First Principal 

Robert Cran Bep. P.G. Second Principal 

George Skakle Dep. P.G. Third Principal 

A. I. M'Conuochie, C.A., 74 Union Street Scribe E. 

The Aberdeenshire Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter presides over 
the following Chapters : — 

ABERDEEN, No. 11. 

E. C. Sylvester Z. I Robert Milne J. 

John Laing H. George Skakle Scribe E. 


ST. GEORGE, No. 21. 

Anthony Callaghan Z. I George Walker J. 

Alexander Milne H. 1 Thomas Eraser Scribe E. 

ST. PETER, No. 30. 

George Royal Z. | Robert Bruce J. 

Robert Durward H. | S. Lawrence Scribe E 

ST. MACHAR, No. 37. 

Charles Shepherd Z. | James Selbie J. 

George Geddes H. | William Graham 


Donald Blake Z. | Robert Kynoch J. 

Robert Hall H. | William Maitland Scribe E. 

ST. NICHOLAS, No. 155. 

Gilbert Mitchell Z. 1 Wm. M'Combie J. 

George Farquharson H. \ Alexander Barclay Scribe E 


SOLOMON, No. 38 Fraserburgh 

KEITH LODGE, No. 44 Peterhead 

CHARLESTON, No. 57 Aboyne 

ST. NATHALAN, No. 142 Ballater 

ST. ANDREW, No. 146 New Pitsligo 

ST. ANTHONY, No. 149 Inverurie 


Charles Shepherd E. C. | Alexander Dakers First Captain 

Charles Wilson Dep. E.C. | Alexander Yeats Secretary 

Aberdeen and Kincardine P. G. Lodge. 

Edward Savage R. W.P.G.M. I Charles Shepherd J. W. 

John Crombie, C.A S.W. 1 A. I. M'Connochie, C.A. ..Secretary 

Bon-Accord Conclave, No. 6. 

Edward Savage M.P. Sovereign | John Crombie, C.A Treasurer 

Provincial College of Aberdeen and Neighbouring Counties. 

John Crombie, C.A Chief Adept | A. I. M'Connochie, C.A Recorder 

BoN-AccoRD Council, No. 2. 

John Crombie, C.A T. I. Master | Edward Savage R. I. Dep. Master 

A. I. M'Connochie, C.A Prin. Cond. of Work 

All the above Masonic Bodies (unless where othei'wise mentioned) meet 

in the 

Masonic Hall, - - - 12 Exchange Steeet. 
Sam. Innes, Hall Keeper. 

House of Refuge and Night Shelter. 


Instituted 1836. 

Secretary/— ChuYles F. Runcy, advocate. Treasurer — J. Meston, C.A. 

Superintendent — James Will. Matron — Mrs. Will, 


Public Baths and Swimming Pond, Crooked Lane. 

(The former opened 1851, and the latter 1869.) 

Closed on Mondays for thorough cleaning. 

Open on other Week-days from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Baths open on Sundays from 

7 to 8-30 A.M. 

Chairman — James Matthews, architect. 

Secretarij — Archibald Gillies, Aberdeen Journal. 

Treasurer — James Tytler, C.A., 137 Union Street. 

Superintendent — William Cameron, house, 13 Loch Street. 

Home of the Aged and Infirm of Both Sexes. 


Newspapers in Aberdeen. 

Aberdeen Journal (Daily) 28 Adelphi 

,, Free Press (Daily) 14 and 16 Broad Street 

„ Evening Express 28 Adelphi 

,, Evening Gazette 14 and 16 Broad Street 

Northern Advertiser (Tuesday) 20 Netherkirkgate 

Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine People's Journal 

(Saturday) 30 Market Street 

Aberdeen Weekly News (Saturday) 18 Adelphi 

Police Establishment. 


Thomas Wyness, Superintendent 1 Springbank terrace 

George Day, Lieutenant 13 Diamond street 

James Milne, do v. 36 Union street 

Lewis Gordon, Inspector 19 Guestrow 

.Smith Ewan, do 22 Gordon street 

David Gabriel, do 58 Castle street 

William Shelley, Sergeant 5 Lemon street 

William Hall, do 32 Urquhart road 

James AUardyce, do 9 Langstane place 

William Smart, do 22 Young street 

Samuel Presslie, do 42 North Charlotte street 

James Main, do 2 Seaview place 

John Shand, do 36 Upperkirkgate 

Francis Farquhar, do 13 Nelson sti eet 

Robert S. Donald, do 56 Marischal street 

William Baird, Detective 18 Jute street 

William Pope, do 43 Bon- Accord street 

James Wyness, do 62 Gerrard street 

John Innes, do 23 Bank street 

Alexander Smith, do Police office 

Daniel Ross, do 240 Union street 

James Lonie, Constable 4 Charlotte street 

William Cormack, do 10 St. Paul street 

James Anderson, do 225 King street 

George Smith, do 30 Summer lane 

Alexander Watson, do 12 Urquhart road 

John Shewan, do. 83 Spring Garden 

Walter M'Currach, do 33 Charlotte street 

Robert Grant, do 11 Nelson street 

Tames Flaws, do 20 Urquhart road 

Alexander Coghill, do 11 Pai'k place 



George Forbes, Constable 19 Nelson street 

George Wilson, do 28 Summer street 

Francis Middleton, do 21 Nelson street 

Alexander Geals, do 49 Powis place 

Charles Ramsay, do 284 George street 

Peter Gorman, do 6 North Charlotte street 

Alexander Mackay, do 40 Constitution street 

William Mackay, do South Constitution street 

William Taylor, do 136 Skene street 

Alexander Scott, do 114 Chapel street 

James Bisset, sen. , do 18 Jute street 

James Bisset, jun., do 18 Jute street 

James Dey, do 19 Craigie street 

John Robei'tson, do Police office 

Alex. Johnstone do 3 Colville place 

John Masson, do 81 George street 

Robert Thomson, do 22 Gordon street 

Alexander Gibb, do 8 Canal place 

Jonathan Simmers, do 191 Gallowgate 

Joseph Simmers, do. 225 King street 

William Walker, do 60 Gordon street 

Robert Mackie, do 123^ Union street 

James Reid, do 1 Millburn street 

Alex. Anderson, do 61 Gallowgate 

William Anderson, do 31 Mounthooly 

Robert Birnie, do 160 Crown street 

Archibald Simpson, do 48 Jasmine terrace 

William Hendry, do 12 Gordon street 

Alexander Deans, do 130 Causewayend 

Thomas Ritchie, do 50 King's Crescent 

John Clark, do 32 Jasmine terrace 

Bobert Beattie, do 22 Jute street 

Charles Ross, do 6 Blackfriars street 

John Pirie, do 5 North Constitution street 

W^illiam Connon, do 11^ Roslin terrace 

Agnes Cameron, female turnkey. Commercial court. Castle street. 

Registration of Births, Marriages, and Deaths. 

17 and 18 Victoria, cap. 80, and relative Statutes. 

Office— No. 4 Correction Wynd, for District of St Nicholas, Aberdeen. 

Hours 10 to 3, and 6 to 8 ; shut on Saturdays after 2. 

Charles Stronach, Registrar. 

Office— 11 North Silver Street, for the District of Old Machar. 

James Valentine, Registrar. 

Hours, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and (for working classes) from 6 to 8 P.M. ; 

shut on Saturdays after 2. 

Births, Marriages, and Deaths, will be registered without any fee or 
penalty, if intimated within the following periods, viz. : — 

Births 21 days. 

Marriages 3 ,, 

Deaths 8 ,, 

In Registering Births, it is necessary to state the date and place of the -parents' 


All Children must be Vaccinated, or some Certificate given, within Six 
months after birth, by a duly qualified Medical Practitioner, whose Certifi- 
cate of Vaccination must be returned to the Registrar within three days 
after the opei'ation. 

Under the Friendly Societies' Act, 1875, and Relative Statutes, no money 
can be paid by any Friendly Society or Industrial Assurance Company on the 


death of any person, except on production of the Registrar's Certificate of 
the Death. Fee for Certificate, Is. , or when apphcation filled up by Registrar, 
Is. 3d. 

Under the Marriage Notice (Scotland) Act, 1878, notice of intention to 
marry is now received by Registrars from persons residing in any part of 
their Districts — the fee being 2s. 6d. in each case. 

Naval and Military Establishments. 


H.M.S. " Clyde." 14 Guns, 1081 Tons. 

Drill Ship for Royal Naval Reserve, moored in Albert Basin. 

Commander F. A. Sargeaunt, H.M.S. Clyde 

Staff-Surgeon A. M'Donald, M.D., 7 Forest road 

Paymaster F. A. Keogh, H.M.S. Clyde 

Gunner John Candy, H.M.S. Clyde 


Inspecting Commander — F. C. H. Dent, R.N. 

Chief Officers — James Spence, Don ; James Good, Peterhead. 

Colliston John Collins, chief boatman in charge 

Cove Bay S. Lush, do. do. 

Muchalls J. Memberey , do. do. 

Port Evrol (Detachment) \Vm. J. Rogers, commissioned boatman 

Belhelvie (do.) E. Veal, do. 

Stonehaven (do.) Walter Bignell, do. 

The Rocket Life Saving Apparatus supplied by the Board of Trade, is in 
charge of the Coast Guard, and there is a Life Saving Company at each of 
these Stations. 


Depot "Gordon Highlanders". 

2nd Battalion. 

Colonel G. H. Parker, C.B., Commanding. 

Major H. F. Cotton I Lieutenant W. A. Scott — Adjutant 

Captain B. H. Woodward | ,, G. T F. DoAvnman 

Brigade Surgeon — B. Lane. 
Paymaster — F. Robertson, Army Pay Dept. Quartermaster- J. Ross. 

3rd Battalion Gordon Highlanders (Militia). 

Head Quarters King Street Barracks. 

John Turner (Colonel).... Lt. -Colonel Commanding 

R. H. Oxley, Capt., 2nd Batt. Gordon) A^-„+or,+ 

Higlilanders j-Aajutant 

Instructor of Musketry 

C. M. Macquibban, M.B., M.M.D Surgeon-Major 

James Ross Quartermaster and Act. Paymaster 



Lieut. -Colonel F. C. Elton, C.B., R.A. (for Auxiliary Artillery) 

Lieutenant G, E. Baker. 


Orderly Room— 60 Queen Street. 

Thomas A. W. A. Youngson Lieutenant-Colonel 

James Ogston Major 

Hei'cules Scott ,, 

George Wilkie .' Captain 

F. M. Moir „ 

Geo. M. Cook , 

Alex. Sutherland ,, 

George Milne : , ,, 

W. Bates Avery ,, 

Wm. Booth „ 

F. G. F. Grant (St. Cyrus) ,, 

D. A. Urquhart (Bervie) ,, 

J. Beattie (Johnshaven) ,, 

A. Burton, Capt., R.A Adjutant 

J. Rodger, M.D Surgeon 

R. J. Garden Act. Surgeon 

Rev. J. M. Mitchell. , Chaplain 

S. P. Ottewell Sergeant-Major 

Thomas Cowell Sergeant-Instructor 

Jas. Wood Bandmaster 

Orderly Room— Huntly Street. 

William Hall Captain Commandant 

VV. H. Williamson Capt. No. 2 Company 

William M. Thomson Sergeant-Instructor 


(11 Companies.) 

Orderly Room— Blackfriars Street and Woolmanhill. 

William Jopp Lieutenant-Colonel 

Douglass Duncan Major 

David Littlejohn ,, 

Henry A. Crane Major and Adjutant 

Angus Eraser, M.D Surgeon 

Alexander Dyce Davidson, M.D Assistant Surgeon 

Patrick Blaikie Smith, M.D ,, 

Rev. Henry Cowan Hon. Chaplain 

David Wyllie Captain Supernumerary 

Alexander Morrice Captain A. Company 

Alexander Skene B. 

William Leslie 

H. Campbell Gordon 

Harvey Hall 

George Cruden 

John Crombie 

R. A. D. Connon .... 
J. W. Crombie 


John Mearse, 123 George street Sergeant-Major 

John Smith, Drill Hall Sergeant-Instructor 

Wm. Eraser, 24 Jasmine terrace ,, 

John Eraser, 20 Skene street Bandmaster 







1. Money Order and Savings Bank Offices (where also Government Stock 
business is transacted), are marked thus a ; Telegraph Offices thus 6 ; Insurance 
and Annuity Offices thus c : and certain places where Railway Companies tran- 
sact telegraph business on behalf of the Post Office thus d. At some railway 
stations the companies collect, bvit do not deliver, messages, and in such cases 
the distance in miles from the nearest Delivering Office is shown, Where a 
railway station being a Delivering Office, is a considerable distance from the 
Post Office of the same name, the name is repeated, and the distance from the 
Post Office is given in miles. Y\'hen a Sub-office which is not a Telegraph 
Office is followed by an office having a figure after it, that office is the nearest 
Telegraph Office, and the figures give the distance in miles from the Sub- 

2. Places named alone are Post Tovms, that is, towns having a Head Office. 
Where two places are named, the first is a Sub-offlce and the second the Head 
Office. Where three places are mentioned, the first is a Sub-office, the second 
the Head Office, and the third the nearest Money Order Office ; but in cases where 
the first of three places is marked a, then the third name is that of the nearest 
Telegraijh Office. Railway Sub-offices {i.e., offices which receive their corres- 
pondence direct from a Travelling Post Office, and are indicated by the ini- 
tials R.S.O., and the name of a county in brackets), are an exception to this 
arrangement, their names being followed not bj' that of a Head Office, but by 
that of the nearest Money Order Office, where the place itself is not a Money 
Order Office. Certain Sub-offices, which receive a large part of their corres- 
pondence or their Day Mail Letters, from some other than their own Head 
Office are also an exception. These offices are distinguished hj the initials S.O., 
and the name of a county in brackets. In addressing lettei-s to residents in 
the delivery of these Sub-offices, or Railway Sub-offices, the name of the 
county (if given in the list) should invariably form part of the address. 
Toimi Receiving Cffices which are not Money Order Offices are not entered in 
the list. 


Aberarder, Inverness 14 
Aberargie, Bridge of Earn 3 
Abernethy 2 
fl&Aberchirder, S.O. (Banff) 

Aberdalgie, Perth 4 
cfZ^c Aberdeen. Town Receiving Offices 
oCastle street 
aCrown street 
(•(George street 
aHolburn stieet 
flOld Aberdeen 
("(Queen's cross 
cfUnion street 
o&Aberdoiir, Burntisland 
oAberfoyle, Stirling, Bucklyvie, 

RS. 7 
aAberladj% Longniddrie, S.O. 
Longniddrie R.S. 3 

Aberlemno, Forfar. Forfar. 
Auldbar R.S. 4 
atAberlour, R.S.O. (Banffshire.) 
Abernethy, Gran town. Grantown. 
Nethvbridge R.S. 1 
a6Abernethy, S.O. (Fife.) 

Aberuthven, Auchterarder 3 
ffi^Abington, R.S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 
o6Aboyne, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 
Abriachan, Inverness. Drumna- 
drochit 7 
(^Achanault, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Acharacle, Aidgour, S.O. (Argyll- 
shire). Salen 3 
Achateny, Ardgour, S.O. (Argyll- 
shire). Ardnamurchan. Salen 18 
Achbreck, BaUindalloch, R.S.O. 

(Banffshire.) Glcnlivat 3 
Achluachrach, S.O. (Inverness-sh.) 
Fort William. Spean Bridge 6 
oAchnacroish, R.S.O. (Argyllsh.) 
Oban 7 (by Sea) 



Addiewell, Mid-Calder, R.S.O. 
(Midlothian.) West-Calder 2 
dAdvie Stn., R.8.O. (Morayshire.) 
abc Airdrie 

Airth, Larbert, R.S.O. (Stirling- 
shire.) Larbert. Dunmore 2 
Airth Station, Larbert, R.S.O. 
(Stirlingshire.) Larbert. Dun- 
more 2 
a?>cAlexandria. (Dumbartonshire. ) 
aiAlford, Aberdeen 

Allan Water, Hawick 8 

acZAlmondbank, Perth 
a6 Alness, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Altass, Ardgay. Lairg. Inver- 
shin, R.S. 7 
dAltnabreac, Wick. Halkirk. 
Thurso 20 
Altnaharra, Lairg. Tongue 17 
o6Alva, R.S.O. (Stii'lingshire.) 

(ZAlves, Forres 
a&Alyth, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
Amisfield, Dumfries 5. Parkgate 
Amulree, Dunkeld 10 
6Ancrum, Jedburgh 
c( 6c An nan 
oAnnbank, Tarbolton Stn. R.S.O. 
(Ayrshire.) 4 
«6Anstruther. Town Receiving Of- 
fice at — 
a6Appin, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 
aApplecross, Lochcarron, R.S.O. 
(Ross-shire.) 20 
Arbirlot, Arbroath 3 
aftcArbroath. Town Receiving Office 
a6Keptie street 
Arbuthnott, Fordoun 3 
Archiestown, Craigellachie 

Craigellachie. Carron R.S. 3 
Ardclach, Forres. Nairn. Dava 

R.S. 5 
Ardconaig, Aberfeldy. Kenmore 

Killin 7 
Ardelve, Lochalsh 4 
Ardentinny, Greenock. Blairmore 4 
atArdersier, R.S.O. (Inverness-sh.) 
Ardfern, Lochgilphead. Kilmartiu 
a6c Ardgay 
a6Ardgour, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 
aArdnamurchan, Salen, S.O. (Ar- 
gyllshire) 18 
aArdf Patrick, Greenock. Clachan -8 
(by Ferry) 
aftcArdrishaig, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 

Ardross, Alness, R.S.O. (Ross-sh.)3 

Ardtalnaig, Aberfeldy. Kenmore. 

Killin 10 
Ardvasar, Broadford. Isle Om- 
say 15 
a6Ardwell, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire.) 

aAiisaig, Fort William. Arisaig. 

Banavie 35 
abArmadale, Bathgate 

Armadale, Thurso. Bettyhill 7 
Arncroach, Pittenweem, R.S.O. 

(Fifeshire.) 4 
Arnisdale, Lochalsh. Glenelg 12 
Arnisort, Portree, Edinbane 2 
a&Aros, Oban 
6Arroohar, Tarbet (Loch Lomond), 

(Dumbartonshire. ) 
Artafallie, Inverness. Munlochy 3 
Ascog, Rothesay 3 
Ashkirk, Hawick 7 
Assynt, Lairg. Lochinver 15 
Athelstaneford, Drem 3 
a6Auchenblae, Fordoun 
«Auchencairn, Castle Douglas 8 
Auchencloich, Kilmarnock. Gal- 

ston 4 
Aucheucrow, Reston, R. S. 0. 
(Berwickshire.) Chirnside. 
Reston R.S. 3 
dAuchengray, Carnwath, R. S. O. 

a^Auchinleck, R.S.O. (Ayrshire) 
Auchleeks, Calvine, R.S.O. (Perth- 
shire) 5. Blair Athol 
Auchleven, Insch 3 
aiAuchmill, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 
Auchmithie, Arbroath 4 
Auchnacarry, Fort William. Fort 
William. Spean Bridge 6 
«?>Auchnacraig, Oban 
cZAuchnagatt, Ellon 
6Auchnasheen, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 

dAuchnashellach, R.S.O. (Ross-sh.) 
a&c Auchterarder 
dAuehterhouse, Dundee 
cZAuchterless, Turriff. Turriff. 

Auchterless, R.S. 4 
a^Auchtermuchty, R.S.O. (Fifesh.) 
Auchtertool, Kirkcaldy 5 
aAuldearn, Nairn 3 
a^Auldgirth, R.S.O. (Dumfriessh.) 
Aultbea, Poolewe, R.S.O. (Ross- 
shire.) 8 
a^Aviemore, R.S.O. (Inverness-sh.) 
aAvoch, Inverness. Avoch. Fortrose2 
Avonbridge, Falkirk. Slamannan 4 

Back, Stornoway 7 
Badenscoth, Aberdeen. Fyvie. 
Rothienorman, R.S. 3 
dBailieston, Glasgow. Coatbridge 3 
Bainshole, Insch 7 
Balallan, Stornoway 14 
Balbeggic, Perth 5. i?cone 
Balblair, Inverness. Invergordon 3 
Baldovie, Dundee. Droughty Ferry 2 
a6Balerno, Currie 

Balfour. Kirkwall 6 (by Sea) 
aiBalfron, Glasgow 



Balgonie, Markinch 3 
o&Ballachulish, S.O (Argyllshire.) 
o6Ballantrae, Girvan 
a&Ballater, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 
a^^Ballindalloch, R.S.O. (Banffshire.) 
pJjBallinluig, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
6Ballintuim, Blairgowrie 
Balloch, Alexandria. Janaestown. 

Balloch, R.S. 1 
Ballygrant, Greenock, Portaskaig4 
Balmaclellan, New Galloway, S.O. 

(Kirkcudbrightshire. ) 3 
Balmullo, Cupar (Fife). Leuchars 3 
Balquhidder, Stirling. Lochearn- 
head 5 
or&Baltasound, Lerwick 

6Banavie, Fort William 
aiBanchory, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 
Banchory-Devenick, Aberdeen. 
Aberdeen. Cults, R.S. 2 

Bankend, Dumfries 6 
o&Bankfoot, Perth 
aiBannockburn, Stirling 
Bantoii, Denny. Kilsyth 3 
Bargeddie. Glasgow. Coatbridge 2 
Bargrennan, Newton Stewart 9 
Barnhill, Perth 1 
Ban-, Girvan 8 
aBarra, Lochmaddy Lochboisdale 
22 (by Ferry) 
flZ)Barrhead, Glasgow 
aBarrhill, S.O. (Ayrshire.) Barr- 
hill. Colmonell 7 
Barrock, Thurso, Castletown 7 
Barvas, Stornoway 12 

oBayhead, Lochmaddy. LochEportS 
fcBearsden, Glasgow. Maryhill 
6Beattock (Craigielands), Moffat 

Beeswing, Dumfries 7 

Belhelvie, Aberdeen 8 
Belivat, Nairn 7 

oBellanoch, Lochgilphead. Crinan 
Pier 2 
ofZBellshill, S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 
Bells Quarry, Mid Calder. West 

Calder 3 
Bentpath, Langholm 6 
Bemera, Stornoway 23 
fcBerriedale, Wick. Dunbeath 
abBervie, Fordoun 
«6Bettyhill, Thurso 

Birgham, Coldstream 4 
aJBirnam, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
Birness, Ellon 4 

Birsay. Stromness, S.O. (Ork- 
ney) 14 
Birse, Aberdeen, Aboyne 8 
c?Bishopbriggs, Glasgow 
fl&Bishopton, S.O. (Renfrewshire.) 
Blackburn, R.S.O. (Aberdeen- 
shire.) Kinaldie. Kinaldie, R.S.2 

Blackburn, Bathgate. Whitburn 8 
acZBlackford, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
rfBlackhall, S.O. (Midlothian.) 

Davidson's Mains 
Black hills, Aberdeen. Peter- 

head 4 
Blacklaw, Banff. Aberchirder 3 
Blackridge, Bathgate. Armadale 3 
Black's Boat, Craigellachie. Ballin- 
dalloch. Ballindalloch, R.S. 3 
a&Blackshiels, SO. (Midlothian.) 
Bladnoch, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire.) 
Wigtown 1 
«6Blairadam, R.S.O. (Kinross-shire.) 

Blair-Drummond, Stirling. Doune 3 

Blairlogie, Stii'ling 4 
a&Blairmore, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 
Blairngone, Dollar, R.S.O. (Co- 
Clackmannan.) 3 
Blairs-Smithy, Aberdeen. Aber- 
deen. Cults, R.S. 3 
o&Blanefield, Glasgow 
a6Blantyre, High. See High Blan- 
Blantvre Station, Glasgow. Both- 
well 1 
Blythe Bridge, Dolphinton, R.S.O. 

(Peeblesshire.) Noblehouse 2 
Boar-Hills, St. Andrews 4 
6Boat of Garten, R.S.O. (Inverness- 
shire. ) Carrbridge 
ftZ^Boddam, Peterhead 
Bogroy, R.S 0. (Inverness-shire.) 

Inverness. Lentran, R.S. 2 
Bogside Stn., Alloa, Culross 4 
Bohally, Pitlochry. Rannoch. 
Dunalastair 5 
aBonar Village, Ardgay 2 
Bonchester Bridge, Hawick 8 
a6Bo'ness, R.S.O. (Linlithgowshire.) 
aBonhill, Alexandria. (Dumbarton- 
shire) 1 
wZ^Bonny bridge S.O. (Stirlingshii'e.) 
Bonnykelly, Aberdeen. New Pit- 

sligo 3 
cBonnyrigg, S.O. (Midlothian.) 
Bonnyrigg. Lasswade 1 
Boreland, Lockerbie 8 
Borgue, Kirkcudbright 6 
aBorrowstouness. See Bo'ness 
a6cBothwell, Glasgow 
Botriphnle, Keith 6 
Bowden, Newton St. Bosw ell's, S.O. 

(Roxburghshire) 2 
Bower, Halkirk, R.S.O. (Caith- 
ness.) Castletown 6 
aSBowling, Glasgow 
a^Bowmore, Greenock 
Bow-of-Fife, Cupar 3 
Boyndlie, Fraserburgh. New 

Aberdour. New Pitsligo 5 
a&cBraco, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 

Brae, Lerwick. Lerwick. Voe 6 
a^Braemar, Aberdeen 



Branxton, Cornhill, R.S.O. (North- 
umberland.) Cornhill. Cold- 
stream) 5 
Breakish, Broadford 3 

Bressay, Lerwick 2 (by Boat) 
ffbBridgend, Greenock 

Bridge of Avon, Ballindalloch, 
R.S.O. Glenlivat-Tomintoul 3 
Bridge - of - Bucket, Aberdeen. 
Strathdon 5 
6Bridge-of-Cally, Blairgowrie 
Bridge-of-Canny, Aberdeen. Ban- 
chory 4 
Bridge-of-Dee, Aberdeen 2 
Bridge-of-Don, Aberdeen 2 
fi!Bridge-of-Dun, Montrose 

Bridge - of - Piddich, Dufftown, 

R.S.O. (Banffshire.) 4 
Bridge-of-Gairn, Aberdeen. Balla- 
ter 2 
Bridge-of-Marnoch, Huntly. Aber- 

chirder 2 
Bridge-of-Roy, S.O. (Inverness- 
shire.) Fort William. Spean 
Bridge 3 
6Bridge-of-Turk, Callander, R.S.O. 
ac?Bridge of- Weir, Johnstone 

Bridge-of-Westfield, Thurso 5 
fit Broadford 

aZ^cBrodick, R.S.O. (Isle of Arran.) 
t?Brodie, Forres 

Broomhouse, Glasgow. Udding- 
ston 3 
aicBrora, R.S.O. (Sutherlandshire.) 

Brough, Thurso. Castletown 5 
abcBroughty Ferry, Dundee 
a6Broxburn, S.O. (Linlithgowshire.) 
aBruichladdich, Greenock. Bridg- 
end 6 
Brunton, Cupar (Fife) 7 
Brydekirk. Annan 3 
Buchanty, Perth. Methven. Meth- 
ven, R.S. 6 
aZ>Buckhaven, S.O. (Fifeshire.) 
a6cBuckie, Fochabers 
dBucklyvie, Stii-ling, Kippen 
dBunchrew, R.S.O. (Inverness 
shire.) Inverness 4 
a5Bunessan, Oban 
o.6Burghead, Elgin 
oBurnbank, Hamilton 2 
Burnbrae, Perth, Methven, Meth- 
ven, R.-*. 3 
Burnhead, Thornhill. Penpont 1 
Burn-of-Cambus, Stirling, Doune 2 

Burra, Lerwick. Lerwick, Scallo- 
way 4 (by Boat) 
Burray, Kirkwall, St. Margaret's 

Hope. Longhope 8 (by Sea) 
Burravoe, Lerwick, Lerwick. UlstaS 
aBurrelton, Cupar Angus 3 

Burwick, Kirkwall. St. Margaret's 
Hope. Longhope 10 (by Sea) 
aiBiishby, Glasgow 

Butterstone, Dunkeld 5 
Cabrach, Aberdeen. Rhynie 9 
Cairness, Aberdeen. Lonmay 3 
Cairngrassie, Stonehaven 7 
Cairnie, Huntly 2 
Cairnnorrie, Aberdeen. New Deer 
Methlic 4 
a^Cairnryan, Stranraer 
Calder, Thurso 7 
fcCalderbank, Aii'drie 
a^jCallander, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
6Cal vine, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) Blair 
fl&Cambus, Stirling 

CambusbaiTon, Stirling 2 
a&Cambuslang, Glasgow 
a6Camelon, Falkirk 

Campfield, Aberdeen, Banchory. 

Torphins, R.S. 4 
Camptown, Jedburgh 6 
Cannisbay, Wick, Wick. Keiss 8 
Canna, Greenock. Arisaig. Tober- 
morey 40 (by Sea) 
aSCanonbie, R.S.O. (Dumfriesshire.) 
oCarbost, Broadford, Carbost. 
Portree 17 
«(ZCardross, S.O. (Dumbartonshire.) 
Careston, Brechin 4 
Carfin, Motherwell 2 
Carinish, Lochmaddy. Loch- 

maddy. Loch Eport 4 
Caiiops, Penicuick. West Linton 3 
Carlowaj', Stornoway 22 

Carmunnoch, Glasgow. Busby 2 

Carmyllie, Arbroath 7 

Carnbee, Pittenweem, R.S.O. 

(Fife.) 4 
Carnbo, Kinross 4 
Carnock, Dunfermline 4 
aftcCarnOListie, R.S O, (Forfarshire) 
a6Carnwath, R.S.O, (Lanarkshire) 
aftCarradale, S.O. (Argyle. ) 
aCarrbi'idge, Aviemore, R.S.O, (In- 
verness-shire). Boat of Gar- 
ten 5 
Carrick, Greenock. Lochgoilhead 4 
Carrington, Gorebridge, R S.O. 
(Midlothian). Gorebridge. 

Hawthornden, R.S. 3 
Carron, Larbert, R.S.O. (Stirling- 
shire.) Falkirk 2 
Carronbridge, Denny 5 
Carronbridge, Thornhill 2 
Carron Shore, S.O. (Stirlingshire.) 
Falkirk 3 
rfCarron Station, Craigellachie. 
Carrutherstown, Lockerbie. 

Annan 8 
Carsphairn, Dairy, R.S.O. (Kirk- 
cudbrightsh.) Dalmellington 10 



Carstairs, Lanark, Carnwath. Car- 
stairs, R.S. 2 
(^Carstairs Junction, R.S.O. (Lan- 
arkshire.) Carnwath 
Castlebay, Lochmaddy. Barra. 
Lochboisdale 28 (by Ferry) 
abcCastle Douglas 

Castlehill, Inverness 3 
ciCastle Kennedy Station, R.S.O. 
(Wigtownshire.) Stranraer 
a&Castletown, Thurso 

Cathcart, Glasgow, Crossbill 2 
a&Catrine, Mauchline 

Causewayhead, Stirling 2 
Cawdor, Nairn 5 
a&Cellardyke, Anstruther. 
aicCeres, Cupar (Fife) 
a6Chance Inn, S.O. (Forfarshire.) 
Chapelhall, Airdrie, Holytown. Cal- 

derbank 2 
Chapelknow^e, Canonbie, R.S.O. 

(Dumfriesshire.) 6 
Chapelton, Hamilton. Strath- 

aven 3 
Chapeltown, Ballindalloch, R.S.O. 
(Banffshire.) Tomintoul 5 
o/jcCharlestown, Dunfermline 

Cherrybank, Perth 2 
oicChirnside, R.S.O. (Berwickshire.) 
Chryston, Glasgow. Glasgow. 

Garnkirk, R.S. 2 
Clachaig, Gi'eenock. Sandbank 3 
tClachan, Greenock. Tayinloan 
Clachnaharry, Inverness 2 
a&Clackmannan, Alloa 
Cladich, R.S.O. (Argyllshire.) 

Dalmally 6 
Clarencefield, Annan 8 
Clarkston, Airdrie 2 
Clashmore, Dornoch, R.S.O. 

(Sutherlandshire.) 4 
Clatt, Keiniethmont, R. S. O. (Aber- 
deenshire. ) Kennethmont. 
Kennethmont, R.S. 3 
Claverhouse, Dundee 3 
Cleish, Kinross 3 
Cleland, Motherwell. 4 
Clintmains, Newton. St. Boswells, 
S.O. (Roxburghsh ) St. Bos- 
wells 3 
Clochan, Fochabers. Port Gordon 3 
Clola, Mintlaw 3 
Closebuni, Thornhill 3 
Clovenfords, Galashiels 4 
Clunas. Nairn 8 

Cluny, Aberdeen. Ordhead. Mony- 
musk, R.S. 4 
«6Clydebank, Glasgow 

Clynder, Helensburgh. Roseneath 1 
Coaltown, Dysart, R.S.O. (Fife- 
shire. ) West Wemyss 2 

aCoatdyke, Coatbridge 2 

Cockenzie, Pre.stonpans, S.O. (Had- 
dingtonshire) 2 

Coigach, Ullapool, R.S.O. (Ross- 
shire) 24 
Coldbackie, Thurso. Tongue 3 
aColdingham, Ayton. Eyemouth 4 
aColdinghamshore, Ayton. Eye- 
mouth 5 

a^Colinsburgh, R.S.O. (Fife) 
aiColinton, S.O. (Midlothian) 
Colintraive, Greenock. Tigh-na- 
bruich 4 (by Ferry) 
«Col], Oban. Tobermory 18 (by Sea) 
CoUessie, Ladybank 3 
(Jolliestou, Ellon. Ellon. New- 
burgh 3 
Collin, Dumfries 4 
Z)Colmonell, Girvan. Ballantrae 
Colonsay, Greenock. Portaskaig 15 

(by Sea) 
Colp3'', Insch 3 
Colvend, Dalbeattie 8 
«6cComrie, Crieff 

Condorrat, Airdrie. Kilsyth 4 
Counell, Oban 6. Ledaig 
aiConon Bridge, R.S.O. (Ross- 
Contin, Dingwall. Strathpeffer 3 
Coppercleuch, Selkirk 18 
Corgarfl, Aberdeen. Strathdon 8 
CornhiU, R.S.O. (Northumberl'd.) 
Coldstream 2 
teCornhill, Banff 
Corrie, Brodick, R.S.O. (Isle of 
Arran.) 6 
aCorsock, Dalbeattie. Castle 

Douglas 10 
a?jCorstorphine. S.O. (Midlothian.) 
Cortachy, Kirriemuir 6 
Cothal, Aberdeen, Dyce. Dyce, 

R.S. 3 
Coulter, Biggar 3 
Co\intesswells, Aberdeen 5 
«6cCoupar Angus 

Coui'ance, Lockerbie. Lochmaben 

Beattock 9 
Cousland, Dalkeith 4 
Cove, Aberdeen 5 
abCoYe, R.S.O. (Dumbartonshire.) 
a6Cowdenbeath, R.S.O. (Fife.) 
aCoylton, Ayr 6. Annbank 
Craichie, Forfar 4 
aCraighouse (Jura), Greenock. Por- 
taskaig 9 (by Ferry) 
Craigie, Blairgowrie 5 
Cruigie, Kilmarnock 4 
Craigievar, Aberdeen. Alford. 

Lumphanan, R.8. 5 
Craignuire, Oban. Auchnacraig3 
Craigrothie, Cupar (Fife.) Ceres 2 
Craigton, Carnoustie, R.S.O. 
(Forfar.) 6 
aiCrail, S.O. (Fifeshire.) 6 
Crailing, Kelso. Jedburgh 3 
Cramond, Cramond Bridge, S.O. 
(Midlothian.) Davidson's Mains 2 



Cramond Bridge, S.O. (Mid- 
lothian.) Davidson's Mains 2 
Cransliaws, Dunse 10 
cZCi-athes, Aberdeen. Banchory 
Crathie, Aberdeen. Ballater 9 
Crawfordjohn, Abington, R.S.O. 
(Lanarkshire) 5. Leadhills 
a^Creagorry, Lochmaddy 
a^Creetown, R. S. O. (Kirkcud- 
dCrianlarich, Stirling. Killin 

Crimond, Peterhead. Lonmay 3 
iCrinan Pier, Lochgilphead. Bel- 

Crocketford, Dumfries. Dalbeattie 6 
a^Cromarty, R.S.O. (Cromarty.) 
Cromdale, R.S.O. (Morayshire.) 

Grautown. Advie, R.S. 6 
Crook, Biggar 14 
Crossbost, Stornoway 10 
Crossford, Lanark. Carluke 3 
aftCrossgates, S.O. (Fifeshire.) 
aCrosshill, Maybole. Kilkerran, R.S. 3 
aCrosshouse, Kilmarnock 3 
Crosslee. Stowe, S.O. (Midlothian) 4 
Crossmichael, R.S.O. (Kirkcud- 
brightshire.) Castle Douglas 4 
6Crossmyloof, Glasgow. Poilock- 
Cross Roads, Fochabers. Keith 4 
Croy, Fort George Station 3 
Cruden, Ellon. Ellon, Port Errol 6 
Culbokie, Dingwall. Conou Edge. 6 
Culduthel, Inverness 3 
afoCuUen, Fochabers 
ctCullicudden, Conon Bridge, R.S.O. 

(Ross-shire.) 9 
6Cullavoe, Lerwick. Baltasound 
Culrain, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 

Ardgay. Inverness-shire, R.S. 1 
a6Culross, Alloa 
CultercuUen, Aberdeen, Ellon. 
Udny, R.S. 1 
dCults, Aberdeen 
Cumbernauld, Glasgow. Kilsyth. 
Cumbernauld R.S. 2 
(^Cumbernauld Station, Glasgow. 
Cummertrees, Annan 4 
aCumminestown, Turriff 6 
abcCumnock (Old) 

Cunningsburgh, Lerwick. Ler- 
wick. Sandwick 4 
o6cCupar (Fife) 
a/jDailly, Maybole 
adDairsie, Cupar (Fife) 
(ZDalgaise, Dunkeld 
Daljarroch, S.O. (Ayrsh.) Barrhill 
Colmonell 4 

Dallas, Forres 9 
a6DalmelUngton, S.O. (Ayrshire.) 

Dalmeny, S.O. (Midlothian.) 

South Queensferry 2 
Dalmuir, Glasgow. Clydebank 2 

6Dalry, R.S.O. (Kirkcudbrightsh.) 

New Galloway 3 
Dalrymple, Ayr. Maybole, Holy- 
bush 2 
Dalsetter, Lerwick. Baltasound. 

Cullavoe 5 
Dalswuiton, Dumfries. Auldgii-th 2 
Daltou, Lockerbie 7 
rfDalwhinnie, R.S.O. (Inverness- 
shire.) Kingussie 
Damhead, Milnathort, R.S.O. 

(Kinross-shire.) 4 
Darnaway, Forres. Forres, Brodie, 

R.S. 4 
Darnick, Melrose 1 
Darvel, Kilmarnock. Newmilns 2 
dDava, Grantown, R.S.O. (Inver- 
a6cDavidson's Mains, S.O. (Mid- 
Daviot, Inverness 6 
Daviot, Aberdeen. Old Meldi'um 5 
Deanburnhaugh, Hawick 8 
Deanston, Stirling. Doune 2 
Deerness, Kirkwall 14 
Delny, R.S.O. (luverness-shire.) 

Invergorden 4 
Denhead, St. Andrews 4 
Denhead of Auchmacoy, Ellon 3 
a6cDenholm, Hawick 

Denino, St. Andrews 5 

Dannyloanhead, Denny. Bonny- 
bridge) 2 
aDervaig, Oban. Dervaig, Tober- 
mory 8 
Deskford, Fochabers. CuUen 4 

Dinnet, Aberdeen. Aboyne 5 
Dirleton, Drem. N. Berwick 3 
«6Dollar, R.S.O. (Clackmannan-sh.) 
Dolphinton, R.S.O. (Peebles-sh.) 

Noblehouse 4 
Dores, Invei'ness 8 
Dornie, Lochalsh 5 
a6Dornoch, R.S.O. (Sutherland-sh.) 

Dornock, Annan 2 
a6 Douglas, Lanark 

Douglastown, Forfar 4 
«6Doune, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 

Dounby, Finstowu, S.O. (Orkney) 7 
ftDownfield, Dundee 3 
aDreghorn, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) Ir- 
vine 3 

Drimnin, Oban. Morvern 12 
Drumbeg, Lairg 54. Lochinver 
Drumblade, Huutly 6 
Drumclog, Strathaven, S.O. (Lan- 
arkshire.) 7 
cZDrumlithie, Fordoun 
a^Drummore, R.S.O. (Wigtownsh.) 



a&Drumnadrochit, R.S.O. (Inver- 
Drumoak, Aberdeen. Banchory. 

Park, R.S. 1 
Drybridge, Fochabers. Buckie 2 
Dryburgh, Newtown St. Boswell. 
(Roxburghshire.) 2 
a&Drymen, Glasgow 

Drj^men Station, Glasgow. Dry- 
men 2 
Dubford, Banff. Macduff. Gar- 

denstown 1 
Duddingston, S.O. (Midlothian.) 
Portobello 3 
(f&Dufftown, R.S.O. (Banffshire.) 
Duffus, Elgin 5 

Dulnain Bridge, Grantown, R.S.O. 
(Inverness-shire) 3 

aicDumfries, Town Receiving Office at 
6Dunalastair, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
Dunan, Broadford 4 
a^jDunaskin, S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
a&Dunbeath, Wick 

Duncanstone, Insch 5 
Duncanstown, S.O. (Ross-shire.) 

Conon Bridge 4 
Duncow, Dumfries. Auldgirth 4 
c(?)cDundee. Branch and Town Re- 
ceiving Offices at — 
Branch Office — 

aiDock street 
Receiving Offices — 
aDundonald street 
oKing street 
aPerth road 
aPrinces street 
Dundonald, Kilmarnock. Dreghorn. 

Drybridge, R.S. 2 
Dundrennan, Kirkcudbright 6 
Duneoht, Aberdeen, Kintore 6 

5Dunlop, Stewarton, R.S.O. (Ayr- 
6Dunmore, Stirling. Alloa 
Dunnet, Thurso. Castletown 3 
aJ)Dunning, Perth 

dDunphail, R.S.O. (Morayshire.) 
6Dunragit, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire.) 
Glen luce 
o6Dunrussness, Lerwick 

Dunscore, Auldgirth, R,S.O. 
(Dumfriesshire) 4 
aftcDuns or Dunse 

Dunshelt, Auchtermuchty, R.S.O. 
(Fife.) 2 

dDuusyre, Dolphinton, R. S. O. 

(Peeblesshire.) Noblehouse 

Duntocher, Glasgow. Old Kirk- 

patrick 2 
Duntulm, Portree, Uig 10 
atDunvegan, Portree 

Duraden, Cupar. (Fifeshire.) 2 
Durisdeer, Thornhill 6 
aDurness, Lairg. Durness. Tonsrue 30 
Duror, S.O. (Argyllsh.) Balla- 

chluish 5 
Durris, Aberdeen. Banchory. 
Crathes, R.S. 2 
adDyce, Aberdeen 

Dykehead, Kilmarnock. Kilmaurs. 

Stewarton 4 
Dykehead, Shotts 2 
aftcDysart, R.S.O. (Fifeshire.) 

aEaglesfield, Ecclefechan. Eagles- 
field. Kirtlebridge, R.S. 1 
Eaglesham, Glasgow. Busby 4 
atEarlston, S.O. (Berwickshire.) 
aiEasdale, Oban 
a6East Kilbride, Glasgow 

East Linton. See Prestonkirk 
East Wemyss, Dysart, R.S.O. 

(Fife.) West Wemyss 2 
East Yell, Lerwick. Baltasound. 
Mid Yell 4 

Eccles, Coldstream 6 

Echt, Aberdeen. Ordhead. Park, 

R.S. 7 
Eday, Kirkwall. Stronsay4(bySea) 
dEdderton, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 

dEddleston, S.O. (Peeblesshire.) 
a&Edinbane, Portree 
aicEdinburgh. with Branch and Town 
Rec. Offices at — 
Branch Offices — 
o6George street 

«6Lynedoch jjlace 
Receiving Offices — 
aArgyle place 
fl Beaufort road 
o?;Bounington road 
aiCockburn street 
aComely green 

a6Crown street, Leith Walk 
(iDalry road 
aDuke street 
aEaster road (Leith) 
«Elm row 
aFerry road (Leith) 
a & Fountain bridge 
ftGolden Acre 
ff6Graiitown Harbo\ir 



Edinburgh. Receiving Offices^ 
olndia street 
«6Leith Walk 
G.6Leveu street 
aLindsay place 
aLondon street 
aLothian road 
aSNicolson street 
o6North Junction st. (Leith) 
aPitt street 
oPolwarth Gardens 
aRaeburn Place 
flftSandport street 
aShandwick place 
fiiStock bridge 
oTait Street 
a&West Maitland street 
t?Edrom, R.S.O. (Berwickshire.) 
a6Edzell, Brechin 

Egilshay, Rousay, S.O. (Orkney.) 
Kirkwall 10 
«Eigg, Oban. Tobermory 23 (by Sea) 
Elderslie. R.S.O. (Renfrewshire.) 
Johnstone 2 

Elgoll, Broadford 15 
aSElie, R.S.O. (Fife.) 

Elphin, Lairg. Lochinver 23 
dElvanfoot, Abington, R.S.O. (Lan- 
&Enochdhu, Pitlochrie 
En zie, Fochabers. Port Gordon 2 
Eochar or lochdar, Lochmaddy 1 
(by Ferry) 
ac<7Errol, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 

Errol Village Errol, R.S.O. 
(Perthshire.) Errol. Errol, R.S.2 
Eskdalernuir, Langholm 13 
Ettrick Bridge, Selkirk 7 
Etal, Cornhill, R.S.O. (Northum- 
berland.) Lowick. Coldstream 9 
aSEvanton, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
aEvie, S.O. (Orkney.) Evie. Fins- 
town 9 
atcEyemouth, Ayton 

Fair Isle, Lerwick, Dunrossness 30 
(by Sea) 
acZFairlie, S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
flic^alkirk. Town Receiving Office 
at — 

a&Falkland, Ladybank 

Farnell, Brechin. Brechin. Bridge 

of Dun, R.S. 3 
Farr, Invei-ness 10 
Fasi acloich, Ledaig, S.O. (Argyll- 
shire.) Appin 7 
ctftFauldhouse, S.O. (Linlithgowsh.) 
Fearn, Brechin 10 

a&Fearn, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Fender Bridge, Blair Athol 2 
aFenwick, Kilmarnock 4 
Fernin, Aberfeldy, 9 Kenmore 
Ferry den, Montrose 2 
Feshie Bridge, Kingussie. Kin- 
gussie. Kincraig, R.S. 2 
Fetlar, Lerwick. Lerwick. Mid 

Yell 6 (by Boat) 
Fetterangus, Mintlaw 2 
a&cFettercairn, Laurencekirk 
Fincastle, Pitlochrie 6 
Findhorn, Forres. Forres. Kin- 
loss, R.S. 3 
abFinstown, S.O. Orkney 

Fintray, Aberdeen. Kinaldie. 

Kinaldie, R.S. 1 
Fintry, Glasgow. Balfron 5 
Fisherie, Turriff 9 
6Five Mile House, Dundee. Lochee 3 
Flotta, Stromness, S.O. (Orkney.) 
Longhope 1 (by Sea) 

Folda, Alyth, R.S.O. 13. (Perthsh.) 
Forbes, Aberdeen. Alford 2 
Ford, Cornhill, R.S.O. (Northum- 
berland.) Lowick. Coldstream 8 
aZ)Ford, Dalkeith 
6Ford (Lochawe) Lochgilphead, 

Fordyce, Banff. Portsoy 3 

Forgandenny, Bridge of Earn 3 
Forglen , Turriff 4 
Forneth, Blairgowrie 6 
Forgue, Huntly. Huntly. Aber- 
chirder 6 

Forsinard, R.S.O. (Sutherland- 
shire.) Halldi'k. Kinbrace 8 
Forss, Thurso 6 
a6Fort Augustus, R.S.O. (Inverness- 
dForteviot, Perth. Dunning 
a6 Fort-George, R.S.O. (Inverness- 
a6Fort-George Station 

Forth, Lanark. Carnwath. Auch- 

engray, R.S. 3 
Fortingal, Aberfeldy 9 
aftcFortrose, Inverness 
abcFort William 

Fossaway, Kinross 6 
Fuula, Lerwick. Lerwick. Scallo- 
way 30 
Foulden, Berwick. Ayton 4 
Fountain Hall, Stow, S.O. (Mid- 
lothian.) 5 
Fowlis, Crieff. Crieff. Aber- 
cairney, R.S. 2 
Fi'eswick, Wick 

Freuchie, Ladybank, Falkland 3 
cibFriockheim, R.'O. (Forfarshire.) 
Fuinafort, Oban. Bunessan 6 



a&Furnace, S.O. (Argyllshire.) Min- 

afePyvie, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 
a^Gairloch, R.S.O. (Koss-shire.) 
Gairlochy, Fort William. Spean 

Town Receiving Office at — 
rt&cGalston, Kilmarnock 
aiGardenstown, Banff 

Garderhouse, Lerwick 19 
«?>Gareloch Head, Helensbro' 
ft^Garlieston, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire.) 

6Gargnnnock, Stirling. Kippen 
a6Garmouth, R.S.O. (Morayshire.) 
Garrabost, Stornoway 7 
Garrynahine, Stornoway 14 
Gartcosh, Glasgow. Coatbridge. 

Garnkirk, R.S. 3 
dGartly. R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 
Gartmore, Stirling. Balfi-on. 

Bucklyvie, R.S. 5 
Gartness Station, Glasgow. Dry- 
men 2 
Garvald, Prestonkirk 6 
oftGarve, R.S.O. (Koss-shire) 

Gask, Auchterarder. Dunning. 

Balgowan, R.S. 3 
Gasstown, Dumfries 2 
oftcGatehouse, R.S.O. (Kirkcud- 
bright. ) 
Gateside, Strathmiglo, R.S.O. 

(Fife.) 3 
Gattonside. Melrose 1 
Gavinton, Dunse 3 
Gelston, Castle Douglas 3 
c(&Gifford, Haddington 

Gigha, Greenock. Tayinloan 5 (by 

Gilmerton, Crieff 2 
Gilmerton, Lasswade. Liberton 1 

Gladsmuir, Tranent 4 
cfGlammis, R.S.O. (Forfarshire.) 
oftcGlasgow, with Branch and Town 
Receiving Offices at — 
Branch Offices^ 
abArgyll street 
fiiCharing Cross 
a^Eglinton street 
a6Hope street 
6 Kingston 
«6St Enoch square 
abUhe Cross 
Receiving Offices — 

Gl&sgovj —Receiving Offices — 
a6 Cambridge street 
aCrown street 
aDdlmarnock road 
aZ'Duke street 
o.6Garscube Cross 
aGeorge street 
aGorbals Cross 
aGovan Road 
oGreat Hamilton street 

aKinning park 
aNew City Road 
aPaisley road 
aPossil park 
• a&Rutherglen road 
aSt George's Cross 
f(6Saint Rollox 

aStirling road 
Glass, Huntly. Huntly. Dufftown 8 
Glasserton, Whithorn, R.S.O. (Wig- 
townshire.) 2 
Glen, Falkirk 2 
fiGlenalmond, Perth. Glenalmond, 
Methven, R.S. 4 
Glenapp, Girvan. Ballantree 6 
Glenbarr, S.O. (Argyllshire.) Tay- 
inloan 9 
a&Glenboig, Coatbridge 
aGlenbuck, Lanark. Muirkirk 4 
Glencaple, Dumfries 5 
ac^Glencarse, Perth 
«6Glencoe, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 
Glendale, Portree. Dunvegan 8 
Glendaruel, Greenock, Tigh-na- 

bruaich S 
Glendoick, Perth. Errol. Glen-, R.S. 2 
Glenelg, Lochalsh 8 
Gleufinnan, Fort William. Fort 
William. Banavie 16 
a^Glengarnock, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
Glengirnaig, Aberdeen. Ballater 4 
Glenisla, Alyth, R.S.O. (Perth- 
shire.) 9 
a6GlenUvet, BallindaUoch, R.S.O. 
Glenlochar, Castle Douglas 3 
a6Glenluce, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire.) 

Gleulyon, Aberfeldy 21 
o6Gleumorriston, R.S.O. (Inver- 
Glenshee, Blairgowrie. Bridge of 

Cally 13 
Gleutruim, Kingussie 7. Laggan 
Glen Urquhart, Drumnadroehit, 

R.S.O. (Inverness-shire.) 7 
Glenwhillie, Stranraer. Barrhill. 
Stranraer 17 

Gordon, S.O. (Berwickshire.) 
Greenlaw 4 



a^Gorebridge, R.S.O. (Mid-Lothian.) 
aGorgie, Murrayfield. Slateford 2 
Gortlech, Iiiveraess. Fort Augus- 
tus 15 
a^Gourdon, Fordoun 
aftcGourock, Greenock 
c6cGovan, Glasgow 
aGovanhill, Glasgow. Govanhill. 

Crossbill 1 
• Gowanbank, Arbroath 4 
Gramesay, Kirkwall. Stromnass 1 

«ciGrantshouse, R.S.O. (Berwick- 
Greenland, "Wick. Castletown 5 
o6Greenlaw, R.S.O. (Berwickshire.) 
«6cGreeuock. Town Receiving 

Houses at — 
aSBlackhall street 
a6Brougham street 
oiCathcart street 
aEldon street 
cNelson street 
a6 Roxburgh street 
«6Rue End street 
Greens, Turriff 10. Cumminestown 
alGretna, Carlisle 

Greystone, Arbroath 9 

Griinsay, Lochmaddy. Lochmaddy. 

Loch Eport 6 (by' Ferry) 
Gruinart (Islay), Greenock. Bridg- 
end 6 
Guardbridge, Cupar (Fife.) 

Leuchars 2 
Guildtown, Perth. Stanley 3 
Gullane, Drein 4. Aberlady 
ciGuthrie, R.S.O. (Forfarshire.) 

<?llalbeath, Dunfermline 
aHalkirk, R.S.O. (Caithness.) Hal- 
kirk. Thurso 6 
Halkirk Roadside, Halkirk, R.S.O. 
(Caithness.) Halkirk. Thurso 5 
c(&cHamilton. Town Receiving Office 
at — 
a6 Peacock Cross 
Harlosh, Portree. Dunvegan 3 
Haroldswick, Lerwick. Balta- 
sound 3 
Harray, S.O, (Orkney), Finstown4 
o&Harris, Stornoway 
aHarthill, Bathgate. Whitburn 3 
Hatton, Ellon. Ellon. Port Errol 3 
Haugh-head, Glasgow. Lennox- 
town 2 
Haugh-of-Urr, Dalbeattie 4 

Haywood, Lanark. Carnwath. 

Auchengray, R.S. 1 
Heath Cottage, Elgin 4 
Heiton, Kelso. Kelso. Roxburgh, 
R.S. 1 
aiHelmsdale, R. S.O. (Sutherland-sh.) 

dHeriot, S.O. (Midlothian.) Gore- 
Heriotfield, Perth. Methven. 

Methven, R.S. 6 
Hermiston, Currie. Currie, Gogar, 
R.S. 1 
a6High Blantyre. Glasgow 

Higbtae, Lockerbie, Lochmaben 3 
Hillend, Inverkeithing, S.O. (Fife- 
shire.) 2 
Hillside, Aberdeen. Aberdeen. 

Portlethen, R.S. 1 
Hillside, Montrose. Montrose. 

Dubton, R.S. 1 
Hills wick, Lerwick. Lerwick. Voel8 
a^Holj'town, S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 
Holy wood, Dumfries 4 
oHopeman, Elgin. Burghead 3 
Houston, Johnstone. Bridge of 
Weir. Bridge of Weir, R.S. 2 
6Howmore, Lochmaddy 
How wood. Paisley^ Johnstone. 

Milliken Park, R.S. 2 
Hoy, S.O. (Orkney.) Stromness 

6 (by Sea) 
Hughton. Beauly 7 
Hume, Greenlaw, R.S.O. (Ber- 
wickshire.) 4 
Huna, Wick. Wick. Keiss 9 
H\intingtower, Perth 2 

Hviiiet, Glasgow. Barrhead 2 
o^Hurlford, Kilmarnock 
Hutton, Berwick 7 
Inchbare, Brechin. Edzell 2 
«6Inchture, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
rflnchture Station, Perth 

Inkerman, Paisley 
«6Innellan, Greenock 
a6Innerleithen, R.S.O. (Peeblessh.) 

Innerwick, Dunbar 5 

Inverallochy, Aberdeen. Lonmay 8 
Inveran, R.S.O. (Sutherlandsh.) 
Ardgay. Invershin, R.S. 2 

Invercannich, Beauly 17 
Inverfarigaig, Inverness 17 
fl6Invergarry, R.S.O. (Inverness-sh.^ 
o6Invergordon, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Inverie, Broadford. Isle Ornsay 
11 (by Sea) 
o^Inverkeithing, S.O. (Fifeshire.) 
Inverkeithny, Turriff 10 
Inverkindie, Aberdeen. Strathdon 6 
Inverkip, Greenock. Wemj'ss 
Bay 2 
abclnverness, Town Receiving Office 
at — 
aGrant street 
dinvershin, R.S.O. (Sutherlandsh.) 
Inversnaid, S.O. (Dumbartonsh.) 
Tarbet (Loch Lomond) 2 



Inveryiiate, Lochalsh 10 
locbdar. See Eochar 
loiia, Oban. Bunessan. T 
oftclrvine. Town Receiving Office at — 

ahlsle Ornsay, Broadford 
a6I.-of-Whithorn, Whithorn, R.S.O. 
Isle Toll, Auldgirth, R.S.O. (Dum- 
fries-shire) 2 
Itlaw, Banff 6 
aJamestown, Alexandria. (Dum- 
bartonshire.) 2 
Janetstown, Thurso 3 

«6 Jocks Lodge, S.O. (Midlothian.) 
«6Johnshaven, Fordoun 
Johnstone Bridge, Lockerbie 8 
Juniper Green, Currie 1 
Karnes, Greenock. Tighnabruaich 2 
Keig, Aberdeen. Alford. White- 
house, R.S. 3 
Keills, Lochgilphead. Bellanoch. 

Crinan Pier 14 
?>Keiss, Wick 

Kelton Hill, Castle Douglas 3 
aZ^Kemnay, Aberdeen 
a^ZKennethrnont, R.S.O. (Aber- 
deensh.) Kennethmont, R.S. 2 
f'Kenmore, Aberfeldy 7 
Kennoway, Wiudygates, R.S.O. 

(Fife.) 2 
Kerrera, Oban 3 
Kessock, Inverness 3 (by Ferry) 
Kettins, Coupar Angus 2 
o&Kettle, Ladybank 
oKilbarchan, Johnstone. Kilbar- 
chan. Milliken Park, R.S. 2 
Kilberry, Greenock. Ardpatrick. 
Tarbert 16 
a5Kilbirnie, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
Kilbride, Lochmaddy. Loch Bois- 

dale 8 
6Kilbride. See East and West Kil- 
Kilchattan Bay, Rothesay 8 
Kilchenzie, Campbeltown 5 
Kilchrennan, Cladich. S.O. (Ar- 
gyllshire.) Taynui'lt 8 
KUconquhar, S.O. (Fifeshire.) 
Colinsburgh 1 
adcKilcreggan, R.S.O. (Dumbartonsh.) 
Kildonan, R.S.O. (Sutherland.) 

Helmsdale 10 
Kildonan, Whithig Bay, R.S.O. 
(Isle of Arran.) Whiting Bay. 
Lamlash 10 
KUfinan, Greenock. (Tighna- 
bruaich) 9 
Kilham, Coldstream 8 
Killearn, Glasgow. Balfron 3 
Killearu Station, Glasgow. Blane- 
field 4 

Killearnan, Inverness. Muir of Ord 5 
Killen, Inverness. Fortrose 4 
6Killiecrankie, Pitlochry 
aiKillin, Stirling 
adKOmalcolm, Paisley 
Kilmany, Cupar Fife 6 
a/jKilmartin, Lochgilphead 
afeKilmaurs, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
aKilmelford, Lochgilphead. Kil- 
melford. Ford 11 
Kilmichael, Glassary, Lochgilp- 
head 4 
Kilmorack, Beauly 3 
Kilmorie, Lamlash, R.S.O. (Isle 

of Arran.) 14 
Kilmuir, Portree. Uig 5 
Kilmun, S.O. (Argyllsh.) Strone 2 
Kilninver, Oban 8 
Kilpatrick. See Old Kilpatrick 
Kilrenny, Anstruther 2 
a&cKilsyth, Glasgow 
Kiltarlity, Beauly 5 
«6Kilwinning, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
flrfKinaldie, Aberdeen 
dKinbrace, R.S.O. (Sutherlandsh.) 
Kincaldrum, Forfar 6 
aicKincardine, Alloa 
aKincardine-O'Neil. Aberdeen. Kin- 

cardine-O'Neil. Dess, R.S. 2 
J)Kincraig, Kingussie 
dKing Edward, Banff 
Kingairloch, Sti-ontian, S.O. (Ar- 
gyllshire.) Ardgour 14 
Kingarth, Rothsea 7 
aSKinghorn, S.O. (Fifeshire.) 
Kinglassie, Kirkcaldy. Leslie 4 
Kingsbarns, St. Andrews, Crail 3 
King's Cross, Lamlash, R.S.O. 

(Isle of Arran ) 3 
Kingston, North Berwick 3 
aKing street. See Dundee 

Kinlochard, Stirling. Balfron. 

Bucklyvie, R.S. 12 
Kinlochbervie, Lairg 51 
6Kinlochevve, Auchnasheen, R.S.O. 
(Ross-shire.) Gairloch 
Kinlochmoidart, Salen, S.O. (Ar- 
gyllshire.) 10 
Kinmuck, Inverurie 4 
Kinneff, Stonehaven 5 
Kinnoir, Huntly 5 

Kinrossie, Perth. Scone 
Kintail, Lochalsh 15 
Kintessock, Forres 4 
a5Kintore, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire ) 
«6Kippen, Stirling 
Kippford, Dalbeattie 4 
Kirkbank, Kelso. Kelso. Rox- 
burgh, R.S. 2 
Kirkbean, Dumfries 13 
Kirkbuddo, Forfar 8 



6Kirkcolm, Stranraer 
Kirkconnel, Sanquhar, R.S.O. 
(Dumfriesshire.) 4 
aSKirkcowan, R S.O. (Wigtownsh.) 

Kii-kfield Bank, Lanark 2 
Kirkgunzeon, R.S.O. (Kirkcud- 
brightsh.) Dalbeattie 5 
dKirkinner, R.S.O. (Wigtownsh.) 
«6cKirkintilloch, Glasgow 
a5Kirkliston, S.O. (Linlithgowsh.) 

Kirkmahoe, Dumfries 4 
afeKirkmichael, Blairgowrie 

Kirkmichael, Maybole 3 
oftKirkmuirhill, S.O. (Lanarksh.) 
Kirknewton, R.S.O. (Midlothian). 

Midcalder. Midcalder, R.S. 1 
Kirkoswald, S.O. (Ayrshire). 

Maybole 5 
Kirkpatrick Durham, Dalbeattie. 

Castle Douglas 6 
Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Ecclefechan. 
Eaglesfield. Gi'etna 4 
obKirn, Greenock 
f?Kirtlebridge, Ecclefechan. Eagles- 
Kishorn, Lochcarron, R.S.O. (Ross- 
shire) 5 
Knockando, Craigellachie. Craig- 

ellachie. Carron, R.S. 2 
Knockbain, Inverness. Munlochy 3 
Knowe, Kirkcowan, S.O. (Wig- 
townshire.) 8 
a6Kyleakin, Lochalsh 

Ladykirk, Norham, R.S.O. 

(Northumberland.) 3 
Lagg (Jura), Greenock. Craighouse 
Portaskaig 18 
oLaggan, Kingussie 10 
Laid, Lairg. Durness. Tongue 22 
Laighdoors, Crieff. Muthill 3 

Lamancha, S.O. (Peeblesshire.) 
Noblehouse 6 
ac?Lamington, Biggar 
«&Lamlash, R.S.O. (Isle of Arran.) 

6Langbank, Port Glasgow 

Langshaw, Galashiels 6 
Larachbeg, Oban. Morvern 3 
«&Larbert, R.S.O. (Stirlingshire.) 
abhargo, S.O. (Fifeshire.) 

Largoward, St. Andrews. Colins- 
burgh 4 
aftLargs, S.O. (Aj'rshire.) 
a^Larkhall, R.S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 

Lassodie, Dunfermline 5 
oLatheron, Wick. Latheron. Dun- 
beath 5 
a&Lauder, R.S.O, (Berwickshire.) 


Laurieston, Castle Douglas. Castle 
Douglas. New Galloway, R.S. 5 
Laurieston, Falkirk 2 
Law, Carluke 3 
Lawers, Aberfeldy. Killin 8 
Leadburn Toll, S.O. (Peeblessh.) 

Pennycuick 4 
6Leadhills, Abington, R.S.O. (Lan- 
aLedaig, S.O. (Argyllshire.) Ledaig. 
Oban 8 
Leitholm, Coldstream 6 
aZ)Lennoxtown, Glasgow 
rfLentran, R.S.O. (Inverness-sh. ) 

a^Lenzie, Glasgow 

Leslie, Insch 4 
fibLeslie, R.S.O. (Fife.) 
a6cLesmahagow, R.S.O. (Lanarksh.) 
Leswalt, Stranraer 4 
Letham, Ladybank 4 
Letham, Forfar, Forfar. Auldbar, 

R.S. 3 
Lethnot, Brechin. Edzell 5 
aScLeuchars, R.S.O. (Fife.) 

dLhanbryde, Elgin 
a&cLiberton, S.O. (Midlothian.) 
a6Lilliesleaf, S.O. (Roxburghshire) 
Limekilns, Dunfermline. Charles- 
town 1 
Lindores, Newburgh 3 

Linlithgow Bridge, Linlithgow 1 
Linton, East. See East Linton, or 
a&Linton, West. See West Linton 
Lintrathen, Kirriemuir. Alyth 6 
a&Linwood, Paisley 
Lismore, Appin, S.O. 6. (Argyllsh). 
Livingstone, Midcalder 3 
aicLoanhead, S.O. (Midlothian.) 

Lochans, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire.) 
Stranraer 3 
o^Loch Boisdale, Lochmaddy 
bhoch Boisdale Pier, Lochmaddy. 
Loch Boisdale 
a&Lochbroom, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
aLochbuy, Oban. Lochbuy. Auch- 

nacraig 12 
aSLochcarron, R.S.O. (Ross-sbire.) 
oftLochearnhead, R.S.O. (Perthsh.) 
o^cLochee, Dundee 

Lochend, R.S.O. (Inverness- 
shire), Inverness 7 
Z>Loch Eport, Lochmaddy 
Lochfoot, Dumfries 5 
Lochgair, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 

Minard 5 
a&Lochgelly, R.S.O. (Fifeshire.) 
fi?>Lochgoilhead, Greenock 
aftLochinver, Lairg 



dLochliuchart, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
«&Lochmaben, R.S.O. (Dumfries- 
6Lochmaree, Dingwall. Gareloch 
Lochore, Lochgelly, S.O. 3. (Fife- 
Lochranza (Isle of Arran), 
Greenock. Brodick 16 
ft&Lochwinnoch, S.O. (Renfrew-sh.). 

Logie Pert, Montrose. Montrose. 

Dubton, R.S. 4 
Logierait, Ballinluig, R.S.O. 
(Perthshire. ) 1 
«Longforgan, Dundee. luchture, 

R.S. 4 
Longfornaacus, Dunse 7 
Longhaven, Ellon, Peterhead 6 
aSLonghope, Stromness, S.O 
Longmanhill, Banff. Macduff 3 
rfLongniddry, R.S.O. (Haddington- 
Longriggend, Airdrie. Slamannan 4 
arfLongside, Aberdeen 
aftLonmay, Aberdeen 
aiLossiemouth, Elgin 

Loth, R. S. O. (Sutherlandshire.) 

Helmsdale 4 
Lower Cabrach, Huntly. Dufftown 5 
afiLugar, Cumnock 
dLuib, S.O. (Perthshire.) Killin 
dLumphanan, Aberdeen. Aboyne 
Lumsden, Aberdeen. Rhynie 4 
Lundie, Dundee. Lochee 8 
6Luss, S.O. (Dumbartonshire.) 

Luthej-muir, Laurencekirk. Fettei'- 

cairn 4 
Luthrie, Cupar Fife 6 
a?>Lybstoi*, Wick 

Lyriwilg, Aviemore, R.S.O. (Invei- 
ness-shire.) 3 

Macmerry, S.O. (Haddington- 
shire.) Tranent 2 
dMadderty, Crieff. Crieff. Mad- 

derty, R.S. 2 
Maddiston, Linlithgow. Polmont 3 
Maggieknocketer, Craigellachie 3 
Makerston, Kelso 5 
Manish, Stornoway. Harris 9 
Mannofield, Aberdeen 2 

Maryburgh, Dingwall. Connon 

Bridge 1 
Maryculter, Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 
Culter, R..^. 3 
a?)Maryhill, Glasgow 

Marykirk, Montrose. Laurence- 
kirk 4 
Marypark, Ballindalloch, R.S.O. 
(Banffshire) 3 

dMaud, Aberdeen. New Deer 

Meikleour, Perth. Coupar Angus 
Cargill, R.S. 2 
6Melvich, Thurso 
Menmuir, Brechin 6 
&Menstrie, R.S.O. (Clackmannan.) 

6Methlic, Aberdeen 
«c?Methven, Perth 

Mey, Wick, Castletown 8 
rtMiavaig, Stornoway 32 
6Mid Yell, Lerwiek 
Mid Clyth, Wick. Lybster 4 
Midmar, Aberdeen. Ordhead. 

Monymusk, R.S. 5 
Migdale, Ardgay 3 
MiUbrex, Fyvie, R.S.O. 7 (Aber- 
Millerhill, Dalkeith 3 
Millerston, Glasgow 3 
Millhouse, Greenock. Tigh-na- 

bruaich 3 
Millhouse, Lockerbie. Lochma- 

ben 3 
Millifiach, Beauly 4 
«&Millport, S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
a6Milnathort, R.S.O. (Kinross-shire.) 
a6Milngavie, Glasgow 
aMilton Bridge, S.O. (Mid-Lothian.) 
Milton Bridge. Auchendinuy. 
R.S. 1 
a6Milton of Campsie, Glasgow 
afaMinard, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 
Mindrim Mill, Coldstream 6 
Minishant, Maybole 4 

Mochrum, Port William, R.S.O. 
(Wigtownshire) 2 

a6Moniaive, Thornhill 
a6Mouifieth, Dundee 

Monkton, Ayr. Troon. Prestwick, 
R.S. 2 
aicMontrose, Branch OflBce at — 
abMontrose Docks 
cZMonj'musk, Aberdeen. Kemnay 
a6Morebattle, Kelso 
dMorningside, Newmains, R.S.O. 
a?>Morvern, Oban 

Mossatt, Aberdeen. Rhynie 6 
6Mossbank, Lerwick 
6Mossend, R.S.O. Lanarkshire. 

Moulin, Pitlochrie 1 
dMound, R.S.O. (Sutherlandshire.) 

Mount Florida, Glasgow. Cross- 
hill 1 
Mousewald, Dumfries 7 
Moy, Inverness 12 



Muasdale, S.O. ( Argyleshire. ) 

Tayinloan 5 
Mucballs, Stonehaven 5 
Muckart, Dollar. R.S.O. (Clack- 
mannanshire.) 4 
Muirdnim, Carnoustie, R.S.O. 
(Forfarshire. ) 3 
«6Muirkirk, S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
a6Muir of Ord, R.S.O. (Inverness 
Mulben, Keith. Mulben, R.S. 1 
Mulchaich, Dingwall. Conon 

Bridge 3 
rt&Munlochj', Inverness 
ciMurthly, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
Murtle, Aberdeen. Aberdeen, 
Cults, R.S. 2 
aJjcMusselburgh. Town Receiving 
Office at — 
ctmuthill, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 

rtMylnefield, Dundee 3 

Neilston, Glasgow. Barrhead 2 
Ness, Stornoway 26 
Nethei-burn, Hamilton. Larkhall 6 
Netherley, Stonehaven 7 
New-Abbey, Dumfries 7 
aNew-Aberdour, Fraserburgh. New 
Aberdour, Rosehearty 4 
Nether Buckie, Fochabers. Buckie 1 
Newart Hill, Motherwell 3 
Newbigging, Dundee. Monifleth 3 
Newbigging, Lanark, Carnwath 3 
Newbridge, Dumfries 3 
a^cNewburgh. (Fife.) 

6Newburgh. Aberdeen. Ellon 

New Byth, Turriff 10, Cuminestown 

aZ^Newcastleton, S.O. (Roxburghsh.^ 

«6New Cumnock, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) 

aNew Deer, Aberdeen. New Deer. 

Maud Junction, R.S. 3 
a&New Galloway, R.S.O. (Kirkcud- 
c?New Galloway Station, R.S.O. 
(Kirlccudbrightshire.) New Gal- 
New Lanark, Lanark 2 
New Leeds, Mintlaw. Lonmay 3 
Newluce, Glenluce, S.O. (Wig- 
townshire.) 6 
a^Newmains, R.S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 

New Mill. Keith 2 
a&Newmilns, Kilmarnock 
aiiNew Pitsligo. Aberdeen 
K^Newport, Dundee 

New Rattray, Blairgowrie 1 
Newstead, Melrose 1 
ctNewton, Glasgow. Cambuslang 3 
Newton Ferry, Lochmaddy 9 
Newton Grange, Dalkeith 3 
Newton Meai-ns, Glasgow. Busby. 

Thornliebank 3 
fZNewton More, Kingussie 3 

Newton - of - Ferintosh, Dingwall. 
Conon Bridge 2 
a&cNe w ton-St e wai't 
a6Newtown St. Boswell's, S.O. (Rox- 
acJNewtyle, Coupar-Angus 
Nigg, Aberdeen 2 
Nigg, Inverness. Nigg Stn.,,E.S.O. 
(Ross-shire) 4 
aZ*Nigg Station, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
«6North Berwick 

«,6North Queen's Feny, S.O. (Fifesh.) 
North Roe, Lerwick, Lerwick. 

North Ronaldshay, Kirkwall. 

Sanday 13 (by Sea) 
North Tolsta, Stornoway 15 
Northwater Bridge, Laurencekirk 6 
Nunton, Lochmaddy. Creagorry 7 
Oakley, Dunfermline 4. Saline 

a60bbe, Stornoway 
ftOchiltree, Cumnock. Auchinleck 4 
Old Bridge-of-UiT, Dalbeattie. 

Castle Douglas 4 
Old Cathcart, Glasgow. Crossbill 2 
Old Deer, Mintlaw 2 
Oldhamstocks, Cockburnspath 3 
a601d Kilpatrick, Glasgow 
a601d Meldrum, R.S.O. (Aberdeen- 
Old Rayne, Insch 4 
Old Rattray, Blairgowrie 2 
011aberry,Lerwick. Lerwick. Voe 17 
Onich, BallachuUsh, S.O. (Argyll- 
shire.) 2 
aOrdhead, Aberdeen. Monymusk, 
R.S. 4 
Ormiston, Peucaitland, S.O. (Had- 
dingtonshire). Pencaitland. 
Tranent 3 
Ormsary, Ardrishaig, S.O. (Ar- 
gyllshire.) 12 
Orphir, KirkwaU 7 
Orton, Fochabers. Fochabers. 

Fochabers, R. S. 4 
Ouplaymoor, Glasgow. Barrhead 5 
Overtown, Wishaw2 
Oxnam, Jedburgh 6 
Oxton, Lauder, S.O. (Berwicksh. ) 5 
Oykel, Lairg 
Oyne, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 

Insch 4 
Padanarum, Forfar 3 
«&cPaisley. Town Receiving Offices 
at — 
aCaledonia street 
aCauseyside street 
oWellmeadow street 
Pallinsburn, Cornhill, R. S. O. 
(Northumberland.) Coldstream 6 
Palnackie, Dalbeattie 4 
Papa Stour, Lerwick 36 
Papa Westray, Kirkwall. Westray. 
Stronsay 24 (by Sea) 



Parkgate, Dumfries 8 
ctbParkhead, Glasgow 
tt^Parkhill, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Parton, R.S.O. (Kirkcudbright- 
shire.) Castle Douglas. New 
Galloway, R.S. 2 
a6Pathhead, Kirkcaldy 

Pathstruie, Bridge of Barn 9 
(xPatna, Ayr. Dunaskin 3 
Paxton, Berwick 5 
Peat Inn, Cupar. Ceres 4 
ctPencaitland, S.O. (Haddingtoush.) 
Pencaitland, Tranent 4 

6Pennyghael. Oban. Bunessan 
aiPenpont, Thornhill 
aftcPerth. Town Receiving Oflfices at — 
aftCaledonian place 
aiSouth Methven street 
6Peterculter, Aberdeen 

Pettinain, Lanark. Carnwath. 

Carstairs, R.S. 3 
Petty, Inverness. Fort George 
Station. Dalcross, R.S. 2 
a&Phinstown. See Finstown 
Pirn Mill (Isle of Arran), Greenock. 
Brodick 20 
aciPitcaple, R.S.O. (Aberdeenshire.) 

Pitlessie, Lady bank 3. Kettle 

Pitrodie, Perth. Errol. Errol, R.S. 2 
a6Pittenweem, R.S.O. (Fife.) 
Plean, Stirling. Bannockburn 3 
Plockton, Stromeferry, R.S.O. 

(Ross-shire) 7 
Pluscarden, Elgin 6 
flftPollockshaws, Glasgow 
ft6Pollockshields, Glasgow 
C66Polmout, R.S.O. (Stirlingshire.) 
(iPolniont Station. R.S.O. (Stirling- 
shire.) Polmont 2 
Polton, R.S.O. (Midlothian.) Lass- 
wade 2 
a&Poolewe, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Port AppiTi, S.O. (Argyllshire.) 
Appin 4 
a&Portaskaig, Greenock 
b Port Bannatyne, Rothesay 
Port Charlotte, Greenock. Bridg- 
end 8 
abPort Ellen, Greenock 

Port Elphinstone, Inverurie 1 
Portencross, Ardrossan. "West Kil- 
bride 3 
6Port Errol, Ellon 
a6rPort Glasgow 
a6Port Gordon, Fochabers 
6Port Logan, R.S.O. (Wigtown- 
shire.) Ai'dwell 
ct6Portmahomack, R.S.O. (Ross-sh.) 
Port Monteith, Stirling. Kippen. 

Port Monteith, R.S. 4 
dPort Monteith Station, Stirling. 

Portnahaven, Greenock. Bridg- 
end 16 

a6Portpatrick, R.S.O. (Wigtown- 

a6Portsoy , R. S. O. (Banffshire. ) 
abPort Wilham, R.S.O. (Wigtown- 
Poyntzfield, Invergordon, R.S.O. 

(Ross-shire) (by Ferry) 4 
Preston, Dumfries. Dalbeattie 10 
a&Prestonkirk (or E. Linton.) 
a6Prestonpans, R.S.O. (Hadding- 
aciPrestwick, S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
Quarter, Hamilton 4 
Quarrywood, Elgin 3 
Queensferry. See North and 

South Queensferry 
Quo^doo, StromnesSjS.O. (Orkney) 8 
Rassay, Portree 14 (by Ferry) 
Rachan Mill, Biggar 7 
Rafford, Forres 4 
Rait, Errul, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 

Errol. Errol, R.S. 3 
Ramsaycleugh, Selkirk 18 
(iRankinston, Ayr. Dunaskin 7 
aSRanuoch, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
a&Ratho. R.S.O. (Mid-Lothian.) 
Ravenstruther, Lanark. Lanark. 
Carstairs, R.S. 3 
a6Reay, Thurso 

Redding, Polmont Station, R.S.O. 

(Stirlingshire. ) Polmont 2 
Redgorton, Perth. Stanley. Lun- 

carty, R.S. 1 
Reiss, Wick 3 

Relugas, Forres. Forres. Dunphail 3 
RendaU, S.O. (Orkney.) Evie. 
Finstown 5 
a6Renfrew, Paisley 
a6Renton, S.O. (Dumbartonshire.) 
cJKeston, R.S.O. (Berwickshire.) 
Rhynd, Perth. Bridge of Earn 3 
a&Rhynie, S.O. (Aberdeenshire,) 
adlliccarton, Hawick 
Riccarton, Kilmarnock 1 
Riccarton, Stonehaven 5 
Rigg, Annan 6 

Ringford, R.S.O. (Kirkcud- 

brightshire.) Kirkcudbright 5 
Roadside, Errol, R.S.O. (Perth- 
shire.) Errol. Errol, R.S. 3 
6Rogart, R.S.O. (Sutherlandshire.) 

Rosehall, S.O. (Sutherlandshire.) 
Lairg. Invershin, R.S. 10 
a&Rosehearty, Fraserburgh 

Rosemarkie, Inverness, Fortrose 2 
a^Roseneath, Helensburgh 
ftRosewell, S.O. (Mid-Lothian.) 
Rosewell. Hawthornden, R.S. 1 
Roshn, S.O. (Mid-Lothian.) Loan- 
head 3 



Ro&slyn Castle, S.O. (Mid- 

Lothian.) Roslin. Hawthorn- 
den, R.S. 2 
a& Rothes, Elgin 

ciKothie-Norman, R.S.O. (Aber- 
deenshire.) Fyvie 
dRothiemay, Huntly. Huntly. 

Rothiemay, R.S. 3 
aRousay, S.O. (Orkney.) Kirk- 
waU 12 (by Sea) 
o&Row, Helensburgh 
adRoxburgh, S.O. (Roxburghshire.) 
Rubislaw, Aberdeen 2 
RumbUng Bridge, Dollar, R.S.O. 

(Clackmannanshire.) 4. 
Ruskie, Stirling. Thornhill 3 
ftJyRutherglen, Glasgow 

Ruthven, Huntly. Huntly. 

Rothiemay, R.S. 3 
Ruthven, Meigle 4 
a&cSt Andrews 

aiSt Boswell's, S.O. (Roxburghshire.) 
St Catherine's,S.O. (Argyllshire.) 

Inveraray 3 
St Cyrus, Montrose. Johnshaven. 

Lauriston, R.S. 5 
St Fergus, Peterhead 5 
6St Fillan's, Crieff. Comrie 
ftSt Margaret's Hope, Kirkwall. 
Longhope 9 (by Sea) 
St Martin's Perth 6. Scone 
St Mary's Holm, Kirkwall 7 
abSt Monance, R.S.O. (Fife.) 

St Ninian's, Stirling 2 
a^Salen (Sunart), S.O. (Argyllshire.) 
ttSaline, Dunfermline 6 
Salsburgh, Holy town, S.O. (Lan'k- 
shire) 5 

Salton. See West Salton 
Samuelston, Haddington 4 
«6Sanday, Kirkwall. Sanday 
a6Sandbank, Greenock 

Sandhaven, Fraserburgh 3 
tSandhead, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire.) 
Sandilands, Lanark 4 
Sandness, Lerwick 32 
iSandwick, Lerwick 
Sandwick, Stromness, S.O. 
(Orkney.) 5 
a^cSanquhar, R.S.O. (Dumfries- 
Sauchie, Alloa 2 
a&Scalloway, Lerwick 
Scaniport, Inverness 4 
Scarfscerry, Thurso. Castletown 9 
Sconcer, Broadford. Portree 12 
aScone, Perth 2 
Scotlandwell, Kinross. Leslie 5 
aScourie, Laiig. Scourie. Lochinver 

SScrabster, Thurso 

6Shandon, Helensburgh 

Shawhead, Dumfries 7 
Shebster, Thurso. Reay 3 
Shettlestone, Glasgow. Parkhead 2 
Shieldaig, Lochcarron, R.S.O. 

(Ross-shire.) 16 
Shiskine, Brodick, R.S.O. (Isle of 
Arran.) 9 
a^Shotts, R.S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 

Skeabost, Portree 8 
a&Skelmorlie, Greenock 

Skene, Aberdeen. Kintore 6 
Skerray, Thurso. Bettyhill 5 
tSkipness, Greenock. Tarbert 
Skirling, Biggar 3 
Skyreburn, Gatehouse, R.S.O. 
(Kirkcudbrightshire.) 4 
a^Slamannan, S.O. (Stirlingshire.) 
a6Slateford, S.O. (Mid-Lothian.) 
Sligichan, Broadford. Portree 9 
Smailholm, Kelso 7 
Snizort, Portree 8 
Sollas, Lochmaddy 10 
(JSorbie, R. S. 0. (Wigtownshire.) 
Sorn, Mauchline. Catrine 3 
Sourim, Rousay, S.O. (Orkney.) 
Kirkwall 15 (by Sea) 
6South AUoa, Alloa 
South dean, Hawick. Jedburgh 7 
^Southend, Campbeltown 
«6South Queensferry 

South wick, Dumfries. Dalbeattie 8 
a6Spean Bridge, S.O. (Inverness- 
Spinningdale, Dornoch, R.S.O. 

(Sutherlandshire.). Ardgay 6 
Spitalfield, Dunkeld. Dunkeld. 

Murthly, R.S. 3 
Spittal, Wick 14 
atSpringburn, Glasgow 
aSpringfield, Cupar (Fife.) 3 
Springholm, Dalbeattie 7 
Sprouston, Kelso 2 
Staffin, Portree. Uig 10 
Stairbridge, Ta'rbolton Station. 
R.S.O. (Ayrshire) 4 
a&Stanley, R.S.O. (Perthshire.) 
Star, Markmch 3 
aStenhousemuir, Larbert, R.S.O. 
(Stirlingshire.) 1 
Stenness, S. O. Orkney, Stromns. 3 
Stenton, Prestonkirk 4 
c66Stevenston, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
a6Stewarton, R.S.O. (Ayrshire.) 

Stitchell, Kelso 4 
dStobo, R.S.O. (Peeblesshire.) 
Stobs, Hawick 5 
Stoer, Lairg. Lochinver 9 
Stonefield, Glasgow. High Blan- 
tyre 2 
a^Stonehouse, R.S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 
Stoneykirk, R.S.O. (Wigtown- 
shire.) Stranraer. Sandhead 3 



o&Stow, R.S.O. (Mid-Lothian.) 

Strachan, Aberdeen. Eancliory 4 
a^Strachur, St Catherine's, S.O. 
Straiten, Maybole 8 

a^Strathaven, R.S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 
oStrathbungo, Glasgow. Crosshill 1 
Strathblane, Glasgow. Blanefield 1 
rfStrathcarron, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Strathconan, S.O. (Ross-shire.) 
Muir of Ord 16 
obStrathdon, Aberdeen 

Strathkinnes, St Andrews 4 
a&Strathmiglo, R.S.O. (Fife.) 
a6Strathpeffer, Dingwall 

Strathy, Thurso. Bettyhill. Mel- 

vich 4 
Strathyre, Stirling. Lochearnhead 6 
acZStrichen, Aberdeen 

Stroma, Wick. Wick. Keiss 12 (by 
«&Strome Ferry 
a6Stromness, S.O. (Orkney) 
ctftStrone, S.O. (Argyllshire) 
o6Stronsay, Kirkwall 
a&Strontian, S.O. (Argyllshire) 
Struan, Portree. Carbost. Dun- 
vegan 11 
Strauy, Beauly 10 
Stuartfield, Mintlaw 3 
SuUam, Lerwick. Lerwick. Voe 10 
ftSummerhill, Aberdeen. New 

Machar R.S. 1 
aSwinton, Dunse 6 
Symington, Kilmarnock 5 
^Symington, Biggar 

Talmine, Thurso. Tongue 7 
Tannadice, Forfar 
a(!/Tarbert, Lochfyne, Greenock 
a^Tarbet, Lochlomond, R.S.O. (Dum- 
bartonshire. ) 
c(?^Tarbolton, R.S!0. (Ayrshire) 
Tarbolton Station, R.S.O. (Ayr- 
shire.) Tarbolton 2 
Tarfside, Brechin. Edzell 12 
abTarland, Aberdeen 

Tarves, Aberdeen. Old Meldrum. 
Udny, R.S. 6 
«/>Tayinloan, Greenock 
«6Taynuilt, S.O. (Argyllyshire.) 
a6Tayport, R.S.O. (Fife.) 

Tayvallich, Lochgilphead. Bel- 

lanoch. Crinan Pier 8 
Tealing, Dundee 7 
Templand, Lockerbie. Lochmaben 3 
Temple, Gorebridge, R.S.O. (Mid- 
Lothian.) 3 
Teviothead, Hawick 9 
aThankerton, R.S.O. (Lanarkshire.) 

Symington, R.S. 3 
The Braes, Portree 10 
The Craigs, Ardgay 1 
The Poles, Inverness. Dornoch 3 

a6Thornhill, Stirling 
a6Thornliebank, Glasgow. Pollock- 
Thornton, Keith. Keith. Grange 

R.S. 1 
cZThornton, Kirkcaldy 
Thrumster, Wick 4 

Tibbermuir, Perth. Almondbank. 
Almondbank R.S. 1 
a6Tigh-na-bruaich, Greenock 

Tighyarry, Lochmaddy. Bayhead. 
Loch Eport 8 
a&Tillicoultry, R.S.O. (Clackmannan- 
Tingwall, Lerwick 7 
aTiree, Oban. Tiree. Tobermory 
28 (by Sea) 
a6Tobermory, Oban 

ToUcross, Glasgow, Parkhead 2 
Tomatin, Invei^ness 15 
Tomich, Beauly 21 
ctZ-Tomintoul, Ballmdalloch, R.S.O. 
Tomnavoulin, Craigellachie. Glen- 
Uvat 2 
rt6Tongue, S.O. (Sutherlandshire.) 
Tongueland, Kirkcudbright 3 
Tore, Inverness. Munlochy 4 
Tornaveen, Aberdeen. Banchory. 

Torphins R.S. 6 
Torphichen, Bathgate 3 
aTorphins, Aberdeen 
Torrance, Glasgow. Kirkintilloch 3 
aTorridon, Auchnasheen, R.S.O. 

Ross-shire. Kinlochewe 12 
oTorry, Aberdeen 2 
aTorryburn, Dunfermline. Culross 3 
Torthorwald, Dumfries 4 
a&Toward, Greenock 

Toward Point, Gi'eenock, Toward 2 
Townhead, Castle Douglas 2 
Townhill. Dunfermline 2 
Toxside, Gorebridge, R.S.O. (Mid- 
lothian.) 7 

Tresta, Lerwick 15 

Trinity Gask, Auchtei'arder. Auch- 

terarder. Madderty R.S. 4 
Trochry, Dunkeld 4 

Tullibody, Stirling. Cambus 1 
Tullymet, Ballinluig, R.S.O. 
(Perthshire.) 2 
adTullypowrie, Balhnluig, R.S.O. 
Tummel Bridge, Pitlochry. Ran- 
noch. Dunalastair 4 

Twatt, Stromness, S.O. (Orkney) 12 
Twynholm, R.S.O. (Kirkcud- 
brightshire.) Kirkcudbright 3 
fZTyndrum, Stirling, Killin 
Tynehead, S.O. (Midlothian.) 
Black shiels 4 



Tynningham, Prestonkirk 2 
Tynron, Thornhill. Moniaive 3 
Tyrie, Fraserburgh. New Aber- 
dour. Rosehearty 4 
«&Uddingpton, Glasgow 

dUdny, Aberdeen. Ellon, UdnyR.S. 3 
abljig, Portree 

Ulbster, Wick 8 
a&Ullapool, R.S.O. (Ross-shire.) 

SUlsta, Lerwick 
arfUphall, S.O. (Linlithgowshire.) 
Upper Keith, S.O. (East Lothian.) 

Blackshiels 3 
Urray, S.O. (Ross-shire.) Muir of 

Ussie Valley, Conon Bridge R.S.O. 3 
&Uyasound, 'Lerwick. Baltasound 
Virkie, Lerwick. Dunrossness 4 
&Voe, Lerwick 
rt6Walkerburn, R.S.O. (Peeblessh.) 
Walls, Lerwick 26 
Wamphray, Moffat. Moffat. Beat- 

tock 5 
Wanlockhead, Abington, R.S.O. 

(Lanarkshire.) Leadhills 1 
Warthill, Aberdeen. Pitcaple. 

Rothie-Norman 3 
Washington, Meigle 
Waterbeck, Ecclefechan. Eagles- 
field. Kirtlebridge R.S. 3 
Waternish, Portree. Dunvegan 9 
Waterside, Kilmarnock 6 
aWatten, R.S.O. (Caithness.) Wick 8 
Wellbank, Dundee. Broughty 

Ferry 6 
Wemyss. See E. or W. Wemyss 
a&Wemyss Bay, S.O. (Renfrewshire.) 

West Barns, Dunbar 2 
a&West-Calder, R.S.O. (Midlothian.) 
Westerdale, Halkirk, R.S.O. (Caith- 
ness. Halkirk. Thurso 11 
West Fenton, Drem 3. Aberlady 
Westfield, Blairgowrie 2 
a6West Killbride, S.O. (Ayrshire.) 
a6 West Linton, R.S.O. (Peeblessh.) 
aWestray, Kirkwall. Stronsay 20 
(by Sea) 
Westruther, Gordon, S.O. (Ber- 
wickshire.) Lauder 8 

West Salton, Pencaitland, S.O. 
(Haddingtonsh.) Pencaitland. 
Tranent 6 
ct6West Wemyss, Dysart, R.S.O. 
Weydale, Thurso 4 
Whalsay, Lerwick 15 (by Boat) 
dWhaup'hill, R.S.O. (Wigtownsh.) 

aWhifflet, Coatbridge 1 
Whinneyleggate, Kirkcudbright 3 
a6Whitburn, S.O. (Linlithgowshire.) 
Whiterashes, Aberdeen. Old Mel- 
drum. New Machar R.S. 4 
Whitebridge, Inverness. Fort 

Augustus 9 
Whitecairns, Aberdeen. Snmmer- 

hill. New Machar R.S. 3 
Whitehills, Banff. Banff. Lady- 
bridge R.S. 2 
dWhitehouse, Aberdeen. 
Whitehouse, Greenock. 
oiWbiteinch, Glasgow 
Whiteness, Lerwick 10 
Whiterashes, Aberdeen. 

drum. Fyvie 3 
Whiterigg, Airdrie 3 
a& Whithorn, R.S.O. (Wigtownsh.) 
ctWhiting Bay, R.S.O. (Isle of 
Arran.) Lamlash 4 
Whitletts, Ayr 2 
Whittingham, Prestonkirk 2 
Whitsome, Chirnside R.S.O. (Ber- 
wickshire) 6 
a6cWick, Town Receiving Office at — 
aPulteney Town 
Wiesdale, Lerwick 13 
aiWigton, R.S.O. (Wigtownshire) 
Wilkieston, R.S.O. (Midlothian) 
Ratho, Mid-Calder R.S. 3 
acZWinchburgh, S.O. (Linlithgowsh.) 
a6Windygates, R.S.O. (Fife) 
Wiston, Biggar. Lamington. 
Lamington R.S. 2 
abWoodside, R.S.O. (Aberdeensh.) 

Yarrow, Selkirk 11 
a6Yetholm, Kelso 
6Yoker, Glasgow 

Tarbert 6 

Old Mel- 




William Mitchell, Postmaster. 

Chief Clerk— Georg-e Wood. Superintendent of Telegraphs— J as. M'Cormack. 

On Week Days the Office is open for Postal business from 7 a.m. till 9 p.m., 
and for Money Order, Savings Bank, Life Insurance, and Annuity business 
from 9 A.M. till 6 p.m. On Sunday the Office is open for Postal business from 

9 till 10 A.M., and from 1.10 till 2 p.m. ; and on Sacramental Fasts from 9 till 

10 A.M., and from 4.30 till 5.30 p.m. For Telegraph business there is attend- 
ance continuously during day and night both on Week days and Sundays. 

Rates of Postage and Conditions of Transmission. 

LETTERS— /'/uZcfHrf;. 

The rates of Postage when prepaid are as follows : — 

For a letter not above 1 oz Id. 

Do. above 1 oz. , but not above 2 oz l^d. 

Do. do. 2 oz., do. 4 oz 2d. 

Do. do. 4 oz. , do. 6 oz 2^d. 

Do. do. 6 oz., do. 8 oz 3d. 

Do. do. 8oz., do. 10 oz 3^d. 

Do. do. lOoz. , do. 12 oz 4d. 

A letter above the weight of 12 oz. is liable to a postage of Id. for every 
ounce, beginning with the first oz. Thus, a letter weighing between 14 and 
15 oz. must be prepaid Is. 3d. 

A letter posted vmpaid is chargeable on delivery with double postage ; and 
a letter posted insufficiently prepaid is chargeable with double the deficiency. 

No letter niaj'^ be above 18 inches in length, 9 inches in width, or 6 inches 
in depth, unless it be sent to or from one of the Government offices. 

If the stamps affixed to letters are mutilated or defaced, the letters will be 
liable to the unpaid rates. 

An unobliterated, embossed, or impressed stamp which has been cut from 
an envelope, card, or wrapper, and affixed to a letter or other packet, renders 
it liable to be charged at the unpaid letter rate. 

He-directed letters are charged an additional postage for each re-direction, 
according to the prepaid scale. 

All persons sending letters by the post unpaid, which, from any cavise 
whatever, cannot be delivered to the parties to whom they are addressed, are 
liable to pay the postage charged thereon, which may be recovered, with 
costs, by summary proceedings before a magistrate. 

NEWSPAPERS— finlandj. 
Inland Newspapers are subject to the following regulations : — 
To have the privilege of passing as a newspaper, the publication must first 
have been accepted as a Newspaper by the Postmaster-General, and 
have been placed on a register at the General Post-Office, from which 
it is liable to be removed, either through the non-renewal of the regis- 
tration fee, 5s., year by year, or in consequence of any change which 
may deprive it of the characteristics of a Newspaper. Registration for 
inland circulation includes registration for transmission abroad. 

For each inland newspaper, whether posted singly or in a packet, the 
postage, when prepaid, is one halfpenny ; bat a packet containing two 


or more registered newspapers is not chargeable with a higher rate of 
postage than would be chargeable on a book packet of the same weight, 
viz., one halfpenny for every 2 oz., or fraction of 2 oz. 

A newspaper posted unpaid, or a packet of newspapers posted either unpaid 
or insufficiently paid, is treated as an unpaid or insufiBciently paid 
book packet of the same weight. 

The postage must be prepaid either by an adhesive stamp or by the use of a 
stamped wrapper. 

No Newspaper can be sent through the post a second time for the original 
postage ; for each transmission a fresh postage is required. 

Every newspaper must be posted either without a cover, or in a cover en- 
tirely open at both ends, so as to admit of easy removal for examination. 
If this rule be infringed, the newspaper is treated as a letter. 

Every newspaper must be so folded as to admit of the title being readily 

A newspaper, or a packet of newspapers, which contains any inclosure 
(except supplements) is charged as a letter ; unless the inclosure be 
such as might be sent at the fiook rate of postage, and the entire packet 
be sufficiently prepaid as a Book Packet, in which case it is allowed to 

A newspaper which has any letter, or any communication of the nature of 
a letter, written in it or upon its cover, will be charged as an unpaid or 
insufficiently paid letter. 

No packet of newspapers may be above 141bs. in weight, two feet in length, 
one foot in width, or one in depth. 


The Postage is one halfpenny for every 2 oz. or part of that weight. 

A packet posted wholly unpaid is charged with double the book postage ; 
and if posted partially prepaid, with double the deficiency. 

Every book packet must either have no cover, or a cover entirely open at 
both ends, so as to admit of the contents being easily withdrawn for exami- 
nation. It may contain any number of separate books or other publications, 
prints, or maps, and any quantity of paper, parchment, or vellum, either 
printed, written, plain, or any mixture of the three ; together with whatever 
is necessary for the safe transmission of literary matter, or usually appertains 
thereto, to the exclusion of letters or any enclosure sealed or otherwise 
closed against inspection, or any communication of the nature of a letter 
written in any such packet, or on its cover. Entries, however, merely 
stating who sends the book, &c., or to whom it is given, are not regarded as 
a letter. 

Circulars, i.e., letters which are intended for transmission in identical 
terms to several persons, and the whole or the greater part of which is printed, 
engraved, or lithographed, may also be sent by book post. 

No book packet may be above 5lbs. in weight, or 18 inches in length, 9 
inches in width, and 6 inches in depth, unless it be sent to or from one of the 
Government Offices. 

POST CARDS— finlandj. 

Official Post Cards impressed with a halfpenny stamp ; Reply Post Cards 
impressed with a halfpenny stamp on each portion of them, and private Cards 
embossed, with a halfpenny stamp, are available for transmission between 
places in the United Kingdom ouly. 

The front (or stamped side) is for the address only. There must be 
nothing else written, printed, or otherwise impressed on it, nor must there 
be any writing or printing across the stamp. On the reverse side, any com- 
munication may be printed or written. Nothing whatever may be attached : 


nor may the Card be folded, out, or otherwise altered. If any of these rules 
be infringed, the Card will be charged Id. on delivery. 

No Card other than one of those issued by the Government, or a private 
Card embossed with a half-penny stamp by the Inland Revenue 0j£ce will 
pass under a half-penny stamp, if it bear on it a written communication of 
the nature of a letter. 


For every information as to rates of postage of Colonial and Foreign Letters, 
&c. , see Post Office Guide, published quarterly, by command of the Post-master 
General, price 6d. , to be had at ail Post-Ofiices. 

REGISTRATION— i^/nZcncZ and Foreign). 

The fee for registering a letter, newspaper, or book-packet, passing between 
any two places in the United Kingdom is twopence. 

The fee chargeable for registration to places abroad will be found in the 
column headed " Registration Fee," in the Table of Colonial and Foreign 
postage. Post Office Guide. To some countries, as shown in that Table, an 
article can be registered only to the port of arrival : it being left, in those 
cases, to the postal authorities of the country to which that port belongs to 
continue the registration or not as they may think proper. To a few 
countries, as also shown in the Table, there is no arrangement whatever for 

No letter or other postal packet addressed to initials or to a fictitious name 
can be registered ; nor can any letter be accepted for registration, unless the 
enclosure can be securely placed so as not to move about, and be covered by a 
proper and well fastened envelope. 

Registered letters, &c. , must be prepaid as regards both postage and regis- 
tration fee ; except official letters for Government Offices in London, Dublin, 
or Edinburgh, which may be registered on prepayment, in stamps, of the 
registration fee only. 

Every letter to be registered, must be given to an Agent of the Post-Oflfice 
and a receipt obtained for it, and should on no account be dropped into the 
letter-box. If, contrary to this rule, a letter marked "Registered " be dropped 
into the letter-box, it will, if directed to any place in the United Kingdom or the 
British Colonies, be liable to a registration fee of 8d. instead of the ordinary 
fee of 2d. 



The Indian Parcel Post is not connected with the British Post Office ; but 
is an arrangement between the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation 
Company on the one hand, and the Post Office Departments of India, Ceylon, 
and the Straits Settlements on the other. 

The Company's Circular on the subject is to the following effect : — 

The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company are authoi-ised 
by the Directors-General of the Post Ofl&ces of India, &c. , to receive Parcels for 
delivery at any Post town or district throughout India, Ceylon, and British 
Burmah, at a uniform rate of Is. per pound, or fraction of a pound weight, 
except for Book- Packets. See heloiv. 

To the Straits Settlements (Penang, Singapore, Malacca, and Wellesley) the 
rate will be Is. 4c?. per lb. or fraction of a lb. on all Parcels, whether containing 
Books or otherwise. 

These charges, which may be either prepaid or paid on delivery, cover the 
conveyance from London to the address in India, &c. (but do not include 
Duty, which is levied and payable in India only). 

Jewellery, Gold, and Silver ware. Watches or Precious Stones, and other 
valuables are charged an additional ad valorem rate of Is. on every bl., or 
fraction ol bl., which must be prepaid. 


Parcels intended for this conveyance must be legibly addressed to their 
destination in India, &c., marked, " To be fonvarded by Indian Parcel Post," 
and sent either to the Company's Office, 1^-2 Leadcnhall Street, B.C., or to the 
Branch Office, 25 Cockspitr Street, S. W., London, by 2 o'clock p.m. at the latest 
on Mondays. If sent by post or other conveyance, the Parcel, with the full 
Indian address, must have an outer covering addressed to the Company. In 
all cases a letter of advice must be forwarded to the Company, stating Indian 
name and address of package, and value and contents, for Custom House 
clearance ; and also distinctly stating whether carriage is to be prepaid or not. 
Should more than one package be forwarded, a separate advice must be sent 
for each, and the contents and value of each declared. If prepayment is 
required, the amount due for carriage, &c., must be enclosed in the letter, 
payable to Mi\ A. M. Bethune, Secretary, or when sent to Cockspur Street, 
to Mr. F. H. Firth, Agent. Particular attention is requested to these regu- 
lations in order to save any dela y in" the despatch of Parcels, as none are 
forwarded until all charg es d ue are received at this Office, whether for carria^^e, 
ad valorem rate, or insai-auce, and the contents and value stated. 

Parcels conveyed undeFTheseTegulations must not exceed 50 pounds in 
weight, and 2 ft. x 1 ft. X 1 ft. in measurement, nor be more than 50L value. 
They should be entirely closed, and any articles liable to suffer from crushing 
must be in a strong wooden case not less than half inch thick (tin lining 
optional). Packages not in wood, if measuiing one cubic foot and upwards, 
must have an outer covering of stout canvas. 

Senders of Pai-cels from the Country will receive a receipt for them from 
the Company in due course, and if required the Company will effect Insurance 
against Sea and Land risks. The charge for Insurance, ivhich must in all cases 
be 'prepaid, will be at the rate of Is. for every 5L or fraction of 51. value on each 

Packages of a fragile nature, or containing liquids, or articles of a dangerous 
or damaging nature, will not be received. 

Reduced Rates fob Books. — Under the authority of the Director-General 
of the Post Office of India, the rate for the conveyance of Book packets from 
London to Aden, India, Ceylon, and British Burmah has been reduced to 
Sixpence per lb. or fraction of a lb., for which a separate advice must be sent. 
This reduction does not apply to the Straits Settlements. 

If any other article is found enclosed iia the Book packet when examined by 
the Customs at Bombay, an extra rate 2/- per lb. on the iDacket will be charged 
to the addressee. 

If no Advice accompanies the Package, it will be liable to be charged at the 
1/- rate. 

If a Receipt is required, a stamped and directed envelope must be enclosed 
in the Advice. 

Remittances from the Country must be by Cheque, Post Office or Postal 
Order, or Penny Stamps, if thecamount does not exceed One Shilling, and they 
must not be defaced or affixed to the package. Stamps of a higher denomina- 
tion cannot be received. 

*.x.* No letter must, -under any circumstances, be enclosed in these parcels. 

Money Order Office, Government Insurance and Annuity 
Office, and Post-Office Savings Bank. 

Commission on Inland Money Orders. 

For sums under 10s 2d. 

Do. of 10s. and under £2 ... .3d. 
Do. of £2 do. £3....4d. 

Do. of £3 do. £4....5d. 

Do. of £4 do. £5....6d. 
Do. of £5 do. £6....7d. 

For sums of £6 and under £7 8d. 


of £7 





of £8 





of £9 





of £10 




Commission on Colonial or Foreign Orders. 

Foi- sums not exceeding 





S. D. 


S. D. 


S. D. 

1 6 

S. D. 


Money Orders do not require a receipt stamp. 

Although at the end of twelve months from that in which it was issued, a 
Money Order, if still unpaid, becomes legally void, nevertheless, when a good 
reason can be given for the delay in presenting it, an application for payment, 
subject to a certain deduction, is entertained. 

No application can be entertained for compensation for alleged injury from 
the non-payment of a Money Order at the expected time. 

After once paying a Money Order, by whomsoever presented, the Office is 
not liable to any further claim. 

Postal Orders. 

Postal Orders, for certain fixed sums from Is. up to £1, are now issued to 
the public at all Post-OflQces in the United Kingdom at which Money Order 
business is transacted, and at Malta and Gibraltar. 

The following are the amounts for which Postal Orders are issued, to- 
gether with the Poundage payable in respect of each Order :— 

Amount of Order. Poundage. 

Is. Od ^d. 

Is. 6d ^d. 

2s. 6d Id. 

5s. Od Id. 

7s. 6d Id. 

Amount of Order. Poundage. 

10s. Od 2d. 

12s. 6d 2d. 

15s. Od 2d. 

17s. 6d 2d. 

20s. Od 2d. 

The person to whom a Postal Order is issued must, before parting with 
it, fill in the name of the person to whom the amount is to be jmid, and may 
fill in the name of the Money Order Office at which the amount is to be paid. 
The person so named must, before payment can be made, sign the receipt at 
the foot of the Order, and must also fill in the name of the Money Order 
Office, if that has not been already done. 


These banks are established under the provisions of the Act 24 Vict., cap. 14, 
intituled, " An Act to grant additional facilities for depositing smcdl Savings at 
interest, with the Security of the Government for the dve Repayment thereof," and 
are open daily during the hours appointed for money order business for the 
receipt of deposits of one shilling, or any number of shillings, subject, of 
course, to the limitations of amount prescribed in the Acts previously in force 
for Savings Banks. 


The Postmaster-General is empowered, under the Act 27 and 28 Vict., cap. 
43. to insure the lives of persons of either sex between the ages of 16 and 60 
for not less than £20 or more than £100. He is also empowered, under the 
same Act, to grant immediate or defei-red aimuities of not more than £50 on 
the lives of persons of either sex, and of the age of ten years and upwards. 
The persons whose lives are insured, or to whom annuities are granted by the 
Postmaster-General, have direct Government security for the payment of the 
money at the proper time. 




g aft 



P s d 

^xird ^^,d 

"^ 2 

in fl 

Oi-HOOO^ ooo 

12; ;z;^:2i ;zi:z;!z; 

„ „ ^ a, a A 

00 M 03 03 03 m 33 
<D 03 <U _ <U 0) CU 


o o 
-tj +-> 

03 ai 

_ _ 03 Ph 

fiP P S 
O O O qj 



03 03 




2 P-P* 


I o o 

a a a a a a a a a 

"^ O lO So 

a^ a a aaa 





CO o 

M en 

Ph cS Pi 
O o 



. PhPi 

•oo • 

I— I 

a §■ a a a a a a a 


O '^ lO O o o 

CO p-*j_pco--5H 



lO o 

rH o i^;i;^ 

o tz; o o 
-' CO o 







-^ ^ -6 

g - O 

-2 ?„«> 

03 S^'^ 

-§ &po 

• =y o- 

^:^S :5^S 


cgj3 g- i--^ -^ 


« o g 

■3 -s p ^ 

O S CM g J 

03 ^ 03 M 

~^:^ 3 3 d o!^ 
o - I ^ o 

;^ i" 9 03 C ^ «3 

O P-l M i-l CM CO rH 



r 03 . 03" 

O 3 cS o3 

sS Pf^!=l 
SO n „ 03 
3 " SJH SO 


« Ti S -03 

•S 3 2-^ 

O 03 — ' - 

+3 ^H 'j P 
■ffl g ^ ^ 


. 03 ■ 
. 03 ■ 


. U 03 

O tS 

-" p ^ 

-^""^ • • 

c^ 03 c3 

Iz; P ppq 


[V. » H ■"; o o 

^'^ cs » 
.3 p !^ £? 
^^. 03- o 
[^ 2| 

-S p .3 ^ 

o O r^ S : 

■^ '^ " 03 Ti 



d d' 

3 ^Q^ aP'S'^l 

P !h -iJ > 
(M CO 

r~ t/3 C S-< 

fC — I i^l CO ► 


i:- t-i- CO ■* 



-j c« o3 



c3 03 cS -^ -^ 03 "2 ftiiidHP 

R 4J O +D lO LO 

O !>1 CM c 
-ijt 4j( t-. 

a a a a a a a a a a g 








ho .Tj 

-p-s "* 

Z3 be 03 
Xi -^ 03 

h;^ p 

r «3 33 

^ 03 

^ ft ^ 

03 fcc'S 
O ,- ■ ■■ 

OS .1 



3 P 

^ 2,4^ 



o St; t3 clj b ^ 03 

Eh C« 03 r-; CJ ^i pq 

a -s 2 -^ -■$^V. 

P g^ti g-g^ S 

t3 SH +^ 
fl =« S 
o3 ^ S 

•^ o'Hj 
P=^ , 

^ 'Stl 
hc'^ P 

C3 OS H 

cS pl| c« 
^ P^ 

"*^ c3 P ^ 

03- P 

03 03 

4^ ;:? C -3 ?- 03 rjS 
Cjq3 Swi; P 0Q.2ffi 

3 p 't?„'^ S 2 3 • 


"15 ^'''' cS'j o e 
'd a-P-i-^ d P 

g g ? ^ ^fi 03-g 

■rH rj-l 03 rrj ^ 03 --J 



Receiving Houses and Branch Money Order Offices. 


Castle street (corner of King Street), 

200 George Street 

'^Union Street (corner of Dee Street). 
^Rosemount (1 South Mount Street). 

9i Holburn Street 

182 Crown Street} 

Queen's Cross, Fountainhall Road... 

Hours of Collection on 













































At those roarked thus * there is a Collection at 2 a.m. daily. 
Open for Money Order and Savings Bank business from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. 
On Wednesdays the Rosemount and Crown Street ofiBces shut at 3 p.m. 

Pillar and Wall Letter Boxes. 



2-0 A.M. 

2nd, 10-0 A.M. 


11-0 A.M. 

12-15 P.M. 

5th, 3-30 P.M. 

6th, 6-15 P.M. 

7th, 9-0 P.M. 

Sunday, - - - - 2"0 a.m. 

Post-Office Telegraphs. 


The charge for Telegrams throughout the United Kingdom is Is. for the 
first 20 words, and 3d. for every additional five words or part of five words ; 
the names and addresses of the sender and receiver are not counted. 

Telegrams may be repeated at the request of the sender, if he desires to 
adopt this extra security against risk of error, by being signalled back from 
each office at which they are received to the office from which they are for- 
warded. The charge for repetition is one half the^ ordinary tariff ; fractions 
of threepence being reckoned as twopence. 

The cost of a rej)ly not exceeding forty words may be prepaid. 

Copies of a Telegram, directed to more than one firm or person in the same 
free delivery, London excepted, will be delivered separately at an additional 
charge of threepence per copy. 

Numbers expressed in figures are counted as so many words according to 
the number of figures employed. Fractions are counted in a similar manner, 
with the exception that one word is added for the bar between namerator 
and denominator : thus A- counts as three words. 


The sums charged for the transmission of Telegrams cover the costs of 
delivery by special Foot Messenger within the limits of one mile of the Ter- 
minal Telegraph Office, or within the limits of the Town Postal Delivery of 
that Office, when it is a Head Office, and the Town Postal Delivery extends 
for more than a mile fi'om it. 

When the addressee does not reside within the above described limits, and 
the sender desires to have his telegram delivered by special Foot Messenger, 
the chai-ge will be sixpence per double mile or any part thereof. A sum of 
one shilling per double mile will be charged for the deUvery of Telegrams by 
Cab. Fly, or Horse express. 

When the addressee does not reside within the above described limits, and 
sender does not wish to incur the cost of special deliveiy, his Telegram may 
be delivered free of extra charge by the ordinary postal delivery next following 
on the arrival of his Telegram at the Terminal Telegraph Office. 



Carriers who Depart from and Arrive in Aberdeen. 

Those marked "^ are Fortnightly ; the remainder are weekly. 


Auchindoir . . 
Auchterless . 

Blackburn . . . 


Buxburn . 
Cabrach . . 
Clatt .... 


Alex. Paterson . . 

William Sim 

A. Cryle 

John Robbie . . . , 

Francis Beaton. 

George "Wilson., 

James Monro. . 

J. Thomson 

W. Sim 

G. Spence 

Cluny . 


Cumineston . . . . 



*Watert.of Echt 


Fy vie 



Glenbucket . 

Inverurie . . . 

Kincardine . .. 
Lumsden VUl. 
Lumsden Vill. 
Maryculter . . . 


Newburgh . . . " 



New Deer 

New Pitsligo. 

Old Deer 

Oldmeldrum . 

Oldmeldram . 


Oldmeldrum . 
Keithfield . . . 
Peterculter . , 

Rhynie , 



30 Gerrard street|We. 8 a.m.. .. 

30 Gerrard streetlTh. 8 a.m 

30 Gerrard streetlTh. 8 a.m.... 
6 Lt. Belmont St. Th. 2 p.m.. . . 

j Tu. & Fri. 

t 3 p.m 

We. 8 a.m.... 


Twice a Day.. 
Th. 8 a.m.... 
Th. 8 a.m.. ,. 

H. Robertson,. 

A. Cryle 

Francis Christie, 

James Gerrie 

A. Kennedy .... 
W. Farquharson 

A. Moir 

J. Craighead.. 
James Clark . . 
Francis Christie 
William Forbes. 

Francis Beaton. 

Alex. Sheriffs. . 

H. Hall 

W. Sim 

J. Calder ...... 

James Gerrie. . . 

C. Fowler 

B. Cruickshank, 
James Connon . , 
Francis Christie 

W. Robertson . 
G. Davidson . . . 
A. Nicol 

P. Craigmyle. 

James Paul. 

A. Reid .... 

W. Sim 

John Selbie. 

Skene H. Robertson. . 


'W. Macpherson. 
James Ferries . 

6 Lt. Belmont st. 
16 Mealmarket st 

Jopp's Lane . . 
Exchange st . . 
Gerrard street 
Gerrard street 

7 SchoolhiU. 

Gerrard street 
Gerrard street 

6 Lt. Belmont st. 

Harriet street. 
Lt. Belmont st. 

16 Mealmarket st. 




6 Lt. Belmont st. 


I Mealmarket st. 
Harriet street. 
Gerrard street. 
Lt. Belmont st. 

Lt. Belmont st. 
Lt. Belmont st. 
Gerrard street. 
Lt. Belmont st. 
Lt. Belmont st. 

Harriet street. 

Mealmarket st. 

Mealmarket st. 

Gerrard street. 

Mealmarket st. 

16 Mealmarket st. 
16 Mealmarket st. 
6 Lt. Belmont st. 

16 Harriet st. 

30 Gerrard street. 

14 Exchange st. . 

30 Gerrard street, 

6 Lt. Belmont st, 

7 Schoolhill 

6 Lt. Belmont st. 
6 Lt. Belmont st. 

j Tu., Th. & 
( Sat. .5 p.m. 

Th. 8 a.m.... 
We. 9 a.m 

( Tu. & Th. 3 

t P-m 

Frid. 11 a.m. 
Wed. 10 a.m.. 

j Tu. & Fr. 9 

I a.m 

Th. 8 a.m. .. 
Th. 9 a.m.... 
Wed. 9 a.m... 
Wed. 9 a.m... 

jTues. &Fri. 

( 3 p.m 

Thur. 10 a.m. 
Wed. 9 a.m... 
Thur. 8 a.m.. 
Fr. 10 a.m. . . 
Th. 3 p.m.... 

JM., W., F., 

ISat., 7 a.m. 
Wed. 10 "a.m. 

jTu. & Fr. 

1 9 a.m 

Wed. 8 a. m . . 
j Mo. & Wed. 
I 8 a.m 

Wed. 9 a.m... 

Thur. 10 a.m" 
( Tues. & Fr- 
i 3 p.m.... 
,' Mo. & Th. 4 
i p.m 

Thur. 2 p.m.. 


Thur. 8 a.m. 
Thur. 8 a.m, 

( Tu., Th., & 
i. Sa. 5 p.m. 
J Tu., Th., & 

( Sat. 9 a.m 
Thur. 2 p.m. 


We. 3 p.m. 
Th. 4 p.m. 
Th. 4 p..m 
Th. 6 p.m. 

I We. & S. 

( 5 a.m. 

jM. 12-30 

IW. 3p.m. 

Twice a Day 
Th. 4 p.m. 
Th. 4 p.m. 

(Tu., Th., 
& Sat. 
5-30 am. 
Th. 4 p.m. 
We. 3 p.m. 

* Tu. & Fr. 

i 6 a.m. 
Fri. 2 p.m. 
Wed. 1p.m. 
J Tu. & Fr. 
1 3 p.m. 
Th. 3 p.m. 
Th. 4 p.m. 
Wed. 3 p.m. 
Wed. 5 p.m. 

( 5 a.m. 
Thur. 6 p.m 
Wed. 3 p.m. 
Thur. 4 p.m. 
Fr. 3 p.m. 
Fr. 6 a. m. 


( S. 4 p.m. 
Wed.'l p.m. 
J Tu. & Fr. 

( 3 p.m... 
Wed. 3 p.m. 
j Mo. & We. 

( 3 p. m. 
J M. & W. 
t 3 p.m. 
Thur. 3 p m. 
J We. & Sat. 

( 5 a.m. 
J Tu. & Fr. 
X 8 a.m. 

Frid. 11a.m. 


Thur. 4 p.m. 
Thur. 1 p.m. 
( Tu.Th. Sa. 
I 5-30 a.m 
J Tu. Th. & 
( Sa. 3 p.m. 
Frid. 5 a.m. 





Stewartfield. . . . 





Woodside ^ 

Buxburn ' 

Stoneywood . . ( 
Dyce ^ 


Alex. Spence 

G. Davidson . . . . 
Alex. Anderson. 

— Booth 

W. Forbes 

A. Cryle , 

James Moiu'o... 


6 Lt. Belmont st. 
16 Mealmarketst. 

6 Lt. Belmont st. 
16 Mealmarket st. 

6 Lt. Belmont st. 
30 Ge'rrard street. 

47 Jopp's Lane. . . 


Tiies. 10 p.m. 
Thur. 10 a.m. 
Wed. 8 a.m. . 
Thur. 8 a.m., 
Wed. 9 a.m.. 
Thur. 8 a.m., 



We. 12 noon 
Thur. 3p.m. 
Wed. 3 p.m. 
Thur. 3 p. m , 
W. 4.30 p.m. 
Thur. 4 p.m. 


Hackney Carriages 

Plying for Hire in City of Aberdeen. 
Inspector — Lewis Gordon, Inspector of Police. 

(1). Fares by Distance, 

1 Mile or under Is Od 

U Mile do Is 6d 

2 Miles do 2s Od 

3 Miles do 2s 6d 

4 Miles do 3s 6d 

5 Miles do 4s 6d 

(2). Fares by Time. 

Shoppiu}?— First Hour 2s Od 

Airing — Do. 28 6d 

Double Fare from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. 

No charge for Luggage under 56 lbs. weight. 

6d. chargeable for Luggage exceeding do. 

No charge for Drivers. 

Proprietor and Driver to produce Regulations when required. 

Tolls payable by Hirer in addition, but no allowance to Coachmen. 

Aberdeen Tramways. 

Place at 8'0 a.m., and subsequent Cai-s leave Market Street at 8'22 a.m., 
and every 30 minutes until 9 22 p.m. (till 10-22 p.m. on Saturdays). Leave 
Mannofield at 8 'SO a.m., and every 30 minutes until 9 '45 p.m. (tUl 10-45 p.m. 
on Saturdays). 

Car meets 'Bus at Mannofield for Cults and Bieldside, commences at 7"15 
a.m. and every two hours until 7"53 p.m. (Summer months every houi-). 
Saturdays till 9 '53 p.m. 

KITTYBREWSTER AND WOODSIDE.— Leave Market Street at 8-0 a.m., 
and every 15 minutes until 8-45 p.m. (Saturdays till 10-45). Leave Woodside 
at 7-4'2 a m., 7-53 a.m., 8 7 a.m., 8 22 a.m., and 8-30 a.m., and every 15 minutes 
until 9-15 p.m. (Saturdays till 10 -15). 

QUEEN'S CROSS AND CATTLE MARKET.— Leave Queen's Cross at 8-0 
a.m., and every 15 minutes until 9-15 p.m. (Saturdays till 10 15). Leave 
Cattle Market at 8-22 a.m., and every 15 minutes until 9-37 p.m. (Saturdays 
till 10-37 p.m.). 

WOODSIDE, BUXBURN, AND WATERTON, in connection with Cars.— 
A 'Bus leaves Woodside for Buxburn and Waterton every hour, from 7-30 
a.m. till 8-30 p.m. (till 10-30 p.m. on Saturdays). Returning from Waterton 
every hour, from 85 a.m. till 9*5 p.m. (till 11 '5 p.m. on Saturdays). 



PooTDEE AND HoLBURN STREET. — A 'Bus leavcs New Pier Road every half- 
hour from 8"30 a.m. till 9"0 p.m. (Saturdays, 10 p.m.); leaves Holburn 
Street every half-hour from 8"30 a.m. till 830 p.m. (Saturdays, 9"30 p.m.). 

Castle Street and Rosemount. — A. 'Bus leaves North of Scotland Bank, 
Castle Street, every half -hour from 8 "30 a.m. till 8"30 p.m. (Saturdays, 
9'30 p.m.); leaves end of Beechgrove Terrace every half-hour from S'SO 
a.m. till 8 '30 p.m. (Satxn-days, 9'30 p.m.). 

Castle Street and Ferryhill. — A 'Bus leaves North of Scotland Bank, 
Castle Street, every half hour from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. (Saturdays till 
10 p.m.). 

Old Aberdeen and Market Street. — A 'Bus leaves top of Market Street 
every hour at the hour from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. (Saturdays till 10 p.m.). 

Old Aberdeen and Market Street. — A 'Bus leaves top of Market Street 
everv hour at the half-hour from 8-30 a.m. till 8-30 p.m. (Saturdays, 
10-30 p.m.). 

Old Aberdeen via Gallowgate and Spittal. — Leaves Marywell Street every 
half-hour from 8*30 a.m. till 9 p.m. (Saturdays, till 10). Passes Queen's 
Statue five minutes past the half-hour and hour. 

Bridge of Don. — A 'Bus leaves top of Market Street every hour at the half- 
hour from 9"30 a.m. until 8"30 p.m (Saturdays, 10'30 p.m.]. 


Blackburn. — Leave 55 George Street, every Friday and Saturday, at 4'0 p.m. 
(Summer months at 4"30 p.m.). Arrives in Aberdeen same days, at 10 a.m. 

Blairs and Maryculter. — From top of Market Street to Blairs daily, at 7'50 
a.m., 12-30 p.m., 4 p.m. — additional on Saturdays, 10 p.m. From Blairs 
at 9 a.m., I'SO p.m., 5 p.m. (6'30 p.m. on Saturdays instead of 5 p.m.) — 
additional on Saturdays, 11 p.m. On Fridays, to Mill Inn, leaving 44 Union 
Place at 7 '25 a.m., instead of 7 '50 a.m., and Mill Inn at 8 '45 a.m. 

Cluny. — Leave 11 St. Nicholas Street daily, at 4 p.m., passing Straik, Skene, 
&c., arriving at Cluny at 6'30 p.m. Leaves Cluny at 7 '30 a.m., arriving in 
Aberdeen atlO a.m. 

EcHT. — Leave 101 Union Street daily at 4'0 p.m., passing Carnie and Garlogie 
Mills, arriving at Echt at 6'0 p.m. Leaves Echt daily at 7'30 a.m., 
arriving in Aberdeen at 9 "30 a.m. 

Newburgh. — Leave 6 Mealmarket Street at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., returning 
from Newburgh at 7 '45 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

Tarves. — Leave 6 Mealmarket Street at 4 p.m., returning from Tarves at 
7'0 a.m. 



Aberdeen, s.s., Farquhar Adam & Co 1056 1871 

Aberdeen, s. s. , Matheson G. Thompson & Co 237 1 82 

Aberdonian, schooner D. Mearns 133 ' 40 

Aberdour, s.s.. Mutch Adam & Co 1810 83 

Abergeldie, s.s., Watson Adam & Co 2862 82 

Abergeldie, ship, Crombie J. Duthie, Sons, & Co ... .■ 1151 69 

Agricola, brig, Osburn Northern Agricultural Co 151 57 

Alexander Duthie, ship, Morgan. . . William Duthie , 1158 67 

Alexander Nicol, sch. , Donald Aberdeen Lime Co 195 76 

.1 J T>--„„„T-iij. (Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull 

Alexander Pine, s.s. , Lniklater . . | g^^^^^ ^^ ^ Limited 328 74 



Alexandra, brig, Buyers Aberdeen Lime Co 161 1866 

Alma, schooner, Jamieson Charles Stopani 90 58 

Altmore, s.s., Young Adam & Co 1975 77 

Altna-Craig, s.s., Buyers Adam & Co 2858 82 

Altonower, s.s., Murray Adam & Co 2476 80 

Altyre, s.s., Stephen Adam & Co 854 78 

Alvah, s.s.. Smith Adam & Co 3600 78 

Ann Duthie, ship, Morgan William Duthie 993 68 

Annie Laurie, brig, Leys J. & A. Davidson 180 56 

Ardoe, s.s.. Mutch Adam & Co 1380 80 

Argonaut, ship, Anderson Anderson, Anderson & Co.,Lond..l073 66 

Aristides, ship, Kemball G. Thompson & Co 1661 76 

Arva, schooner, Esson The Master 79 56 

Aviemore, Ayling G. Thompson & Co 1091 70 

Balgownie, s. s. , Ross J. & A. Davidson 1150 80 

Balgownie, barque, Ross Alexander Nicol & Co 324 48 

Ballater, s.s., Innes J. & A. Davidson 730 76 

Ballochbuie, s.s., M'Donald J & A. Davidson 428 80 

Ballogie, s.s., Watson J. & A. Davidson 1019 79 

Balmoral, s.s. , Still J. & A. Davidson 630 78 

Ban Righ, s.s. , Turriff : . . . . Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co. . 575 70 

Banchory, s. s. , Dawson J. & A. Davidson 575 77 

Belleisle, barque. Brown J. B. Westcott, London 388 57 

Benachie, Pad. Trawler, Hegans . . .G. & W. Davidson 82 78 

Ben Avon, s. s. , Wood J. & A. Davidson 632 75 

Benledi, Pad. Tug, Newton John Newton 9 78 

Ben Lomond, ship George Windran, Liverpool 986 62 

Benabourd, s.s., Spence J. & A. Davidson. 430 81 

Ben-a-main, s.s.. Smith J. & A. Davidson 246 78 

Ben-Macdui, s.s., Reid J. & A. Davidson 377 74 

Birkhall, s.s., Smith J. & A. Davidson 1470 78 

Bon- Accord, steam-tug, Thomson . . .George Leslie & Co 31 62 

Bon-Accord, s. s. . Smith J. & A. Davidson 296 72 

Bonito, S. Trawler, Crombie Thomas Walker 60 80 

Border Chief, ship, Leslie H. Adamson's trustees 1010 70 

Borealis, ship, Shaw Anderson, Anderson & Co., Lond 920 64 

Braemar, s.s. , Grubb J. & A. Davidson 750 75 

Brilliant, ship, Davidson John Duthie 1613 77 

Britannia, steam-tiig, Roger George Leslie & Co 15 57 

Cairnbulg, ship, Donald J. Duthie & Sons 1600 74 

Camatic, ship J. F. Gibb, London 871 67 

Camerata, s.s. , Taylor Adam & Co 1000 74 

Caprera, barque, Beynon John Laws, South Shields 755 61 

Carnaquheen, ship, Colville James Aiken, iun., & Co 825 67 

Catherine Ellen, sch. , Williams Bon- Accord Slate Co 99 62 

Centurion, ship, Taylor G. Thompson & Co 965 69 

Cimba, J. Fimister A. Nicol & Co 1116 78 

Charles Chalmers, brig, Paterick . . . Commercial Company 176 74 

Charles, schr. , Adam J. Archibald 97 57 

ChUe, barque J. F. Gibb, London 739 56 

Christiana Thompson, ship, MurrayG. Thompson & Co 1079 66 

City of Aberdeen, s.s., Marchant . .Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.. 579 73 

City of London, s. s. , Warn Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co. . 564 71 

C jast Guard, P. Trawler, BowmakerWm. Meff 21 79 

Cock of the North, smack, Do wman. William Hogarth 48 35 

Countess of Aberdeen, s. s. , '(^ Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull 

Urquhart j Steam Co 575 78 

Coulnakyle, ship, Morrison John F. Gibb London 579 63 

Dabulmanazi, s. s. Langley J. T. Reiuiie & Son 1640 82 

Darra, bar., Mitchell Anderson,Anderson&Co.,Lond.. 999 65 

Deeside, s.s. , Christie Mennie & Brown 592 83 

Diana, schooner, xlllan James Allan 125 68 

Dunrobin Castle, ship, Milne 545 52 

Eliza Ann, schooner, Gray John Fleming 127 76 

Endeavour, brig, Martin Robert Brown 271 59 



Energie, barque, Stewart J. Rnst & Son 525 1858 

Ethiopian, schr., Allan G. Thompson & Co 839 64 

Fancy, brig, Scorgie Robt. Brown 148 48 

Garland, schooner J. Tulloch & Co 88 47 

Garrawalt, s.s., Sutherland Abdn. & Glasgow S.S. Co., Lim.. 313 82 

George Thompson, ship. Mill Alexander Nicol & Co 1127 65 

Glengairn, ship. Brown Alexander Nicol & Co 894 63 

Glen Gelder, s. s. , Easson John Fleming 499 81 

Glen Tilt, s.s., Stephen John Fleming 290 83 

Good Hope, brig, Ganson Herman Ganson 156 61 

Goval, s.s., Brown Wm. Leslie & Co 282 81 

Granite City, Tug, Bruce John Newton 20 83 

Granite, brig, Benzie Aberdeen Commercial Co 179 46 

Harbinger, ship, Slader Anderson, Anderson&Co. ,Lond . . 1506 76 

Harlaw, s.s., Chalmers Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.. 277 81 

Hayle, s.s., Gordon Adam & Co 223 67 

Heather-Bell, steam-tug, HendersonNewton 15 57 

Helena, schooner, Crighton D. "Walker 157 52 

Hesperus, ship, Harry, Anderson, AndersonX Co., Lond.. 1777 73 

Hindostan, M'Pherson George Milne & Co 674 47 

Ich Dien, s.s. Dove Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co. 87 77 

Ifaf a, barque, Messurier John T. Rennie & Son 365 75 

I'll Try, brig, Henderson James Allan 152 63 

lUovo, barque. Brown J. T. Rennie & Son 397 68 

Invercauld, ship, Phillips James Aiken, jun. , & Co 1320 74 

Isabel, schooner, Adam George Sinclair 136 52 

Ivanhoe, sch 143 66 

Tames Hall -^s Wri^/ht 1 Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull 

jamesnau, s.s., wrignt -j gteam Co., Limited 221 70 

Jan Mayen, s.s. , G. Thompson, jun 233 59 

Jerusalem, ship. Breach G. Thompson & Co 901 67 

Jessie, schooner, Callander A. Sherer 101 58 

Jessie, schooner, Brown Brown 90 70 

John Duthie, ship, Levie John Duthie, Sons, & Co 1031 64 

King Fisher, S. Trawler, Clark Wm. Meff 58 62 

Lady Cathcart, s. s. , Ross Aberdeen Lime Co 418 82 

Leucadia, ship, Mearns A. Nicol & Co 896 70 

Lightning, brig, Crighton A. Baxter 153 57 

Lightning, Pad. Trawler, Noble Crawford Noble 15 79 

Lochnagar, schooner, Lees Alex. Lees 96 67 

Louisa, schooner, A. Sherer 99 51 

Luna, schooner, Christie Wm. Christie 170 48 

Lydia, barque, Youngson Neil Smith, Jun., & Co 376 73 

Margaret Edward, bar George Elsmie & Son 281 56 

Maritzburg, barque, Findlay John T. Rennie & Son 442 76 

Martha Birnie, ship, Milne Geo. Milne & Co 830 63 

Mary Ann, brig A. Sherer 174 50 

Mary Jane, schooner, Duncan Alex. Morgan 64 56 

Mercury, schooner, Thomas George Elsmie & Son 366 71 

Mermaid, sch. , Wood James Jack, Stonehaven 96 58 

Messenger, schooner. Sharp Andrew Sherer 211 39 

Miltiades, Perrett G. Thompson & Co 1452 71 

Moira, ship, Logan Donaldson Rose & Co 856 55 

Morford and Trubey, sch., Craib Robert Brown 193 71 

Monaltrie, ship, James Aiken, jun., & Co 1048 72 

Namoa, s.s J. S. Lapraik 1375 72 

Natal, barque, Tytler J. T. Rennie & Son 445 76 

Nereid, sch. , Farquhar George Sinclair 182 60 

North Star, S. Trawler Robert Brown 83 

Nyassa, ship, Butchart Alexander Nicol & Co 780 68 

Orontes, ship. Bain G. Thompson & Co 1318 81 

Palmerstou, Pad. Trawler, Smith. .James Main 55 66 

Panofje, schooner, Morrison And. Sherer 85 57 

Patriarch, ship. Plater G. Thompson & Co 1339 69 

Pericles, ship, Largie Geo. Thompson & Co 1598 77 



Perseverance, brig, Scroggie Robert Stephen, Boddam 224 1868 

Pioneer, S. Trawlei-, Cook Robert Anderson 67 £ 2 

Pleiades, schooner, Andrew Sherer 106 53 

Ploughman, brig, Milne Aberdeen Commercial Co 168 67 

Port Jackson, ship, Crombie W. A. & J. Duthie 2132 82 

Prince of "Wales, schr. , Ross Aberdeen Lime Company 182 64 

Prince Consort, brig. Main J. Cumming 214 62 

Quathlamba, barque, Melville J. T. Rennie & Son 467 79 

Queen, steamship, Nisbet N. of S. and O. & S. Steam Co. . . 404 61 

Queen of the Dart, schr. , Hartman. . A. H. Taylor 131 48 

Resolute, ship. Shepherd Donaldson Rose & Co 1072 58 

Restless Wave, s.s., Hunter Alex. Fiddes 43 81 

Romanoff, ship. Shepherd Alexander Nicol & Co 1225 74 

Rowena, ship, Craigen G. Milne & Co 729 61 

Salamis, ship, Philip G. Thompson & Co 1079 75 

Samson, schooner, Halcrow "William Harty, Sunderland 122 36 

Samuel PlimsoU, ship, Boaden G. Thompson & Co 1444 73 

Siberia, ship, Wilson Adam & Co 1301 6Q 

St. Clair, s. s. , Linklater N. of S. and 0. & S. Steam Co. . . 588 68 

St. Holaf, s.s., Reid N. of S. & O. & S. Steam Co 82 

St. Lawrence, s.s., Grant Aberdeen Lime Co 38 

St. Magnus, S.S., Masson N. of S. and O. & S. Steam Co. . . 518 64 

St. Nicholas, s.s., Angus N. of S. and O. & S. Steam Co. . . 744 71 

Scottish Maid, sch. , Smith George Leslie & Co 135 39 

Sir "Walter Raleigh, ship, Purvis. . . Donaldson Rose & Co 1492 76 

Sir William Wallace, ColviUe { ^^^1^.'^^: !^^?^.°.^.^'".'^ ^. . ^.°': 967 66 

Smyrna, ship, Jamieson G. Thompson & Co. 1305 76 

Sophocles, ship, Smith G. Thompson & Co 1120 79 

Star of the East, sch , Arch. McKenzie 113 57 

Stephenson, Pad. Trawler, Parry . .Thomas Davidson 14 60 

Superior, brig Noble 136 16 

Thames, schr. , Duncan James Jack 56 29 

Thermopylse, ship, Henderson G. Thompson & Co 947 68 

Thyatira, ship, Lawrance G. Thompson <fe Co 962 67 

Titania, brig, Henderson D. Mearns 192 52 

Toiler, steam-tug J. A. TuUoch 48 68 

Trafalgar, ship, Moir Donaldson Rose & Co 1429 76 

"Umkemonzi, barque, Langsford J. T. Rennie & Son 307 74 

Umvoti, barque. Reeves John T. Rennie & Son 464 69 

"Veronica,, barque, MoiTis ...Anderson, Anderson & Co., Lond. 333 60 

"Victoria, schooner, Jaffray Aberdeen Lime Co 180 49 

"Victory, ship, Farquhar Adam & Co 1380 65 

Viking, s.s. , M'Kinlay Le^vis Miller, Crieff 264 75 

William Duthie, ship, Davidson John Duthie, Sons, & Co 968 62 

Windsor Castle, ship, Milne Donaldson Rose & Co 979 70 


Where the amount or value of the money for which the bill or note 

is drawn or made does not exceed £5 - 
Exceeding £5 Not exceeding £10 - - - - 

„ 10 „ 25 - - - - 

„ 25 „ 60 - - - - 

„ 50 „ 75 - - - - 

75 „ 100 - 

For every £1( 0, and also for any fractional part of £100, of such 

amount or value - - - - - - - 010 

The duties on Inland and Foreign Bills are made identical. 










For £2 and upwards, Id. 

Where adhesive Stamps are used, the granter must cancel them by writing', 
on or across the stamp, his Name or Initials, or the Name or Initials of his 
firm, together with the true date of his so writing, so that the stamp may be 
effectually cancelled, and rendered incapable of being used for any other in- 
strument, or unless it is otherwise proved that the stamp appearing on the 
instrument was aflSxed thereto at the proper time. 

Penalty for neglect or refusal, £1 




1883-8 4. 

ABEL, John, book-keeper, 6 Henry place 

Abel, John, gardener, 62 Hardgate 

Abel, Wm., grocer, 117, h 115 Gallowgate 

Abel, Wm., letter carrier (P.O.), 74 Hutcheon street 

Abel, Mrs., lodgings, 18 South Mount street 

Abercrombie, Miss Kachael, 3 Queen's road 

Abercromby, James, letter carrier (P.O.), 8 Ferryhill terrace 

Abercromby, James (A. Ogston & Sons), 33 Watson street 

Aberdeen & Glasgow Steam Shipping Co., Lim. ; agents, W. 
Leslie & Co., 67 Marischal street 

Aberdeen and North of Scotland Newspaper and Printing 
Company, Limited, 28 and 29 Adelphi 

Aberdeen and Northern Friendly Society, 141 and 145 George 
street ; George Shand, treasurer ; James Eobertson, 

Aberdeen and Northern Register Office for Servants, 13 Bel- 
mont street 

Aberdeen and Northern Heritable Property Co., Limited, 5 
Market street ; Strachan & Gray, secretaries and trea- 

Aberdeen Association for the Improvement of the Dwellings 
of the Labouring Classes, Limited ; secretary, James 
Murray Garden, 7 L^nion terrace 

Aberdeen Association for Improving the Condition of the 
Poor, office, 2 M'Combie's coui't, 50 Union street ; 
George Milne, secretary and superintendent 


Aberdeen Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- 
mals ; office, 2 M'Combie's court ; secretary, George 

Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind, 50 Huntly street ; William 
Meston, manager 

Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine PeoioWs Journal Office, 30 
Market street ; W. & W. Lindsay 

Aberdeen Berlin Wool warehouse. 111 Union street 

Aberdeen Boat Club, Polmuir ; secretary, Charles S. Gordon, 
2 Garden terrace 

Aberdeen Building Company, Limited, 7 Colville place ; man- 
ager, Alexander Ross 

Aberdeen Cabmen's Provident Society ; secretary, J. B. Harper, 
4 Belmont street 

Aberdeen Cafe Company, Limited, purveyors of tea and 
coffee. Cafe, 10 Shiprow ; Mrs. and Miss Ledingham, 
joint managers ; office, 20 Belmont street, Jas. S. But- 
chart, secretary 

Aberdeen Catholic Hall Co., Lim., 9 North Silver street ; 
secretary, John Craigen, solicitor 

Aberdeen Cemetery Company, Limited ; secretary, William 
Paul, advocate, 177 Union street ; superintendent, Jas. 

Aberdeen Central Hide, Tallow, and Offal Market, 291, 293, 
295, George street 

Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce and North of Scotland Trade 
Protection Society ; James Tytler, 137 Union street, 

Aberdeen Chemical Light Manufactory, 38 Jopp's lane 

Aberdeen Chemical Works, Links ; J. Miller & Co. 

Aberdeen Church of Scotland Training College and Practising 
School, 185 George street ; Alexander Simpson, advo- 
cate, secretary and treasurer 

Aberdeen Free Church of Scotland Training College and 
Practising School, Free South School, Charlotte street 
south ; R, Lumsden, banker, secretary and treasurer 

Aberdeen Choral Union ; secretary, J. B. Keith, 236 George st. 

Aberdeen Club, 4 Bridge street ; D. Wyllie, secretary ; John 
Webster, steward 

Aberdeen Collegiate School, for young Ladies, and Kinder- 
garten, 1 Bon-Accord street. Boys Department, Willow- 
bank ; Principal, C. Des Clayes 

Aberdeen Comb Works, 40 Hutcheon st. ; S. R. Stewart & Co. 

Aberdeen Commercial Company, lime, coal, bone, and chemi- 
cal manure, oil-cake makers, and grain merchants ; 
offices and works. Provost Blackie's quay ; branch office, 
2 Belmont street, Alexander Copland, manager 


Aberdeen Conservative Club, 120 Union street ; secretary, 

George Cruden, advocate, 35 Castle street ; steward, 

Wm. Wilson 
Aberdeen Coal Company, Limited, Upper quay ; Alexander 

Taylor, managei? 
Aberdeen Co-operative Property Investment Co. ; office, 74 

Union street, John Crombie, C.A., manager 
Aberdeen Cork Co., manufacturers, and importers of foreign 

corks, Alexandra buildings, 25 Carmelite street 
Aberdeeen Dairy Company, Limited, 3 and 4 Bon-Accord st. ; 

secretary, Wm. Paul, 177 Union street 
Aberdeen District Tramway Co. ; office, 23 Market street ; L. 

M'Kinnon, jun., secretary 
Aberdeen Dog Show Association, John A. Adamson, 24 Ashley 

road, Hon. secretary 
Aherdeen Evening Express Office, 28 and 29 Adelphi 
Aberdeen Female School of Industry, North Lodge, 167 King 

street ; Miss Campbell, matron 
Aberdeen Flour Mills Co., Lim., Cotton street ; manager, 

Alex. Johnstone, 37 Bon-Accord street ; secretaries, 

Downie & Bennett, advocates, 1 Adelphi 
Aherdeen Daily Free Press Office, 14 and 16 Broad street 
Aberdeen Foundry, 122^ West North street; William Hender- 
son, manager 
Aberdeen Gas Works, Cotton street 
Aberdeen General Dispensary and Vaccine Institution, 61 

Aberdeen Golf Club, Club House, Links ; secretary, A. D. 

Morice, advocate ; attendant, A. Simpson 
Aberdeen Granite Works, Constitution street ; A. Macdonald, 

Field, & Co. 
Aberdeen Granite Quarrying Co., Limited, office, 14 Adelphi ; 

secretary, J. C. Smith 
Aberdeen Gymnastic Club, 8 Union wynd ; secretary, George 

Cruden, 35 Castle street 
Aberdeen Heritable Securities' Investment Co., Limited ; 

secretary, John Muill, advocate, 21 Bridge street 
Aberdeen Hide, Skin, and Tallow Market Co., Limited, Wales 

street market ; John B. Cairns, manager 
Aberdeen Horse Bazaar, 137 North Broadford : Thos. M'Bey 
Aberdeen Iron Works, York place, Footdee ; Hall, Russel, & 

Aberdeen Jute Company, Limited, works, Sunnypark ; secre- 
tary, James Ducat 
Aherdeen Journal Office, 28 and 29 Adelphi 
Aberdeen Lands and Heritages Valuation Office, 27 King st. ; 

James Russell, assessor 


Aberdeen, Leith, and Moray Firtli Steam Shipping Co., Lim.; 

office, 3 Trinity buildings ; manager, James Crombie 
Aberdeen Lime Co. (lime, coal, bone manure, nitrate of soda, 

and guano merchants, and manufacturers of oil and oil- 
cake), 2 Provost Blaikie's quay; branch office, 140 Union 

street ; George T. Harvey, manager 
Aberdeen Loan Co., Limited, 95 Loch street ; Jas. Maitland, 

Aberdeen Master Masons' Association ; chairman, Baillie Jas. 

Hunter ; secretary, John Morgan (of A. Mitchell & Co.) 
Aberdeen Market Company ; secretaries and law agents, Adam, 

Thomson, and Ross, 75 Union street ; treasurer, R. 

Lumsden, manager, N. of S. Bank, Limited ; superin- 
tendent, A. S. Chalmers 
Aberdeen Masonic Hall Co., Limited ; office, 74 Union street; 

A. I. M'Connochie, C.A., secretary 
Aberdeen Mourning E establishment, 44 Union street 
Aberdeen Music Hall, Union street : secretaries, Eraser and 

Duguid, advocates, Albany buildings, Bridge street 
Aberdeen Mutual Assurance and Eriendly Society ; actuary 

and secretary, J. Crombie, C.A., 74 Union street 
Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull Steam Co., Limited ; office, 22 

Regent quay, William Skirving, manager 
Aberdeen Property Investment Co. ; John Macaldowie, 12 St. 

Nicholas street, manager 
Aberdeen Property Register, 4 Belmont st. ; Wm. Smith, jun. 
Aberdeen Public Newsroom, 7 Hadden street 
Aberdeen Rope and Twine works, Links ; A. Watt & Son 
Aberdeen Quill Manufactory, 47 Queen Street 
Aberdeen Salmon Co. ; office, 255 Union street ; icehouse, 

Eish street 
Aberdeen School Board ; office, 31 King street ; clerk and 

treasurer, Thomas Hector 
Aberdeen Sea Insurance Co., 55 Marischal street ; James 

Aiken, jun., manager 
Aberdeen Soap and Candle Works, 92 Loch street 
Aberdeen Society of Chemists and Druggists ; secretary, Alex. 

Strachan, 48 Richmond street 
Aberdeen Steam Carpet Beating Company, works. Thistle 

lane ; office, 177 Union street 
Aberdeen Steam Laundry Co., Limited, Laundry, Claremont 

street ; secretary, William Paul, advocate, 177 Union 

Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co., 87 Waterloo quay ; Charles 

Shepherd, manager 
Aberdeen Temperance Society, 2 Correction wynd ; M. Edwards, 



Aberdeen Town and County Association for teaching the blind 
at their homes ; secretary and treasurer, Thomas Fergu- 
son, 245 Union street ; missionary and teacher, Robert 
Aberdeen Weekly News, office, 18 Adelphi ; John Thomson, 
agent and reporter 

Aberdeen Young Men's Christian Institute, 198 Union street ; 
secretary, Charles ShirrefFs 

Aberdeen Young Women's Christian Institute, 28 Union ter- 
race ; matron, Miss Crane 

Aberdeenshire Artillery and Rifle Association ; secretary, 
John Crombie, C.A., 74 Union street 

Aberdeenshire Cricket Club ; manager, J. F. Lumsden, County 
Buildings ; Ground, Broomhill place, near Holburn st. 

Aberdein, Alex., commercial traveller, Craiglug Cottage, 

Aberdein, Alex. (East Coast Railways), 28 Market street, h 10 
North Broadford 

Aberdein, James, salesman (N. Co-Oper. Co.), 32 Marywell 
street, h 28 Wellington place 

Aberdein, Robert, funeral undertaker, 55 Queen street, h 5 
Wales street 

Aberdein, Thomas, spirit dealer, 51 Frederick street 

Aberdein, Wm. L., works manager, Aberdeen Jute Co., Lim., 
h 5 Elmbank terrace 

Aberdein, Mrs, 22 Constitution street 

Abernethy David W., engineer (of J. A. & Co.), Ferryhill 

Abernethy, David, flesh er, 191 George street 

Abernethy, James & Co., Ironfounders, engineers, millwrights, 
machine makers, blacksmiths, and Boilermakers, Ferry- 
hill Foundry 

Abernethy, James W. (of J. A. & Co.), 2 Rubislaw place 

Abernethy, Robert (of J. A. & Co.), Cults House 

Abernethy, Mrs, Ferryhill Cottage 

Adair-Moffat, Mrs F., 87 Crown street 

Adam & Co., shipowners, merchants, ship and insurance 
brokers, 22 Regent quay 

Adam, Alexander, C.E., land valuator and surveyor, 20 Union 
terrace, h Balfluig, Alford 

Adam, Alexander, slater, 4 Hutcheon street 

Adam, Alexander, manager (Aberdeen Salmon Co.), 9 Fish 

Adam, Alex., grocer, 86 Broad street, 7i 24 Canal road 

Adam, George L., slater, 48 Gerrard street 

Adam, Rev. Hector M. (Bon- Accord Church), 7 Marine ter. 

Adam, James (Jamieson & Mitchell), 4 Salisbury terrace 


Adam, John, bookseller, 73 Union st., h Jessiefielcl, Skene rd. 
Adam, John, storekeeper (Wm. Knox, 16 King street), 28 

Wellington street 
Adam, P., draper (Jas. Neil), 34^ Union place 
Adam, Robert, book-keeper (Reith & Anderson), 6 Mount st. 
Adam, Thomas, agent. National Bank of Scotland, Limited, h 

6 Rubislaw terrace 
Adam, Thomas, jun. (of Adam & Co.), 16 Albyn place 
Adam, Thomson, & Ross, advocates, 75 Union street 
Adam, Wm., temperance hotel keeper, 20 Regent quay 
Adam, Mrs William, 124 Crown street 
Adam, Mrs, 50 Loanhead terrace 
Adam, Miss, 59 Victoria street 
Adam, Miss, grocer, 4 Broomhill place 
Adam, Miss, 14 St. Mary's place 
Adams, Andrew, photographer, 32 Queen street, h Woodbine 

Cottage, Bridge of Dee 
Adams, Charles, draper, 8 Black's buildings, li 2 View terrace 
Adams, James, funeral waiter and beadle (Free North Church), 

6 Frederick street 
Adams, John, painter, &c., 32 Holburn street, h 26 Holburn 

Adams, John C, tea merchant and commission agent, 22 

Broomhill place 
Adams, John, tea and coffee salesman, 64 Green, h Hammer- 
field House, Cuparstone 
Adams, John, coachman, 23 Ferryhill terrace 
Adams, John, shipmaster, 32 Thomson street 
Adams, William, beadle (St. Paul's street E.U. Church), 5 St. 

Paul street 
Adams, W. D., bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 25, h 23 

Thistle street 
Adams, Mrs Robt, 48 Charlotte street 
Adams, Mrs Samuel, lodgings, 2 St. Catherine's wynd 
Adams, Mrs, 33 Mount street 
Adams, Isabella, grocer, 24 Castle street 
Adams, Miss, teacher of music, 2 St. Catherine's wynd 
Adamson, Alexander, tinplate worker, 16 Upperkirkgate, li 16 

Adamson, Alexander, 24 Ashley road 
Adamson, John A. (Town and County Bank, Limited), 24 

Ashley road 
Adamson, Mrs, 4 Carden terrace 
Adamson, Mrs James, lodgings, 46 Schoolhill 
Addison, George, fishcurer, 17 Point law, h IQ Portland street 
Addison, Mrs Allan, butcher, 35 Market Hall, h 3 Chapel Court, 
Justice street 


Adelphi Billiard Rooms, 7 Adelphi 

Adelphi Hotel, 10 Adelphi, N. Moncur 

Adlington, Wm., 31 Albyn place 

Advocates' Society Hall and Library, Advocates' Hall, 10 

Broad street 
Aiken, Alex., boot and shoe warehouse, 27 and 39 Broad st. 
Aiken, Alexander (of Gove, Balfour, & Co.), Spring-Garden 

Aiken, James, jun., & Co., insurance brokers, timber importers, 

and agents for Nevill, Druce, & Co., yellow metal 

manufacturers, 55 Marischal street 
Aiken, James, jun. (of J. Aiken, jun., & Co.), manager, Aber- 
deen Sea Insurance Co., agent to Lloyd's, h 27 LTnion 

Aiken, John L., upholsterer, 24 Portland street 
Aiken, Mrs, 158 Crown street 
Airth, John, surveyor of Stamps and Taxes, 27 King street, 

h 58 Ashley place 
Airth, John, late shoemaker, 21 Bank street 
Airth, John, jun., tea dealer, 31, A 33 Market street 
Aitken, Alex., painter (of J. Garvie & Sons, 236 Union street), 

3 Belvidere place 
Aitken, John, beadle (Free Greyfriars), 10 St. Paul street 
Aitken, Robert, innkeeper (Bon- Accord), Bridge of Dee 
Aitken, Miss, Clydebank, Salisbury terrace, Hammerfield 
Albany Cycling Club, secretary and treasurer, Robert Houston, 

1 Millburn street 
Albert Granite Works, Portland street ; Grant & Watt 
Albert (Royal) Hall, 43 Huntly street 
Albion Steam Power Carrying Co., Limited, 30 Exchange 

street, Alex. Stewart, secretary 
Alexander, A. & Co., grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 

151 George street 
Alexander, Alexander, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 1 and 3 

Baltic street, h 3 Canal terrace 
Alexander, Daniel, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 York place, h 

15 Cotton street 
Alexander, David, house carpenter, 4a, h 3a Crown terrace 
Alexander, David, provision merchant, 40a Summer street 
Alexander, Hay, commercial traveller, 24 Craigie street 
Alexander, Henry, editor (Aberdeen Daily Free Press), 10 

Westfield terrace 
Alexander, James, miller and grain merchant. Lower Justice 

Mills, Union Glen, h Cambridge Cottage, 49 Ashley 

Alexander, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 113 Union street, 

A 10 Albert street 


Alexander, James, shipmaster, 1 Park place 

Alexander, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 269 Union 

street, workshop, Crimon place, h 16 Rose street 
Alexander, Robert, china merchant, 51 Broad street, h 38 

Mount street 
Alexander, Robert, clerk (Richards & Co.), 25 Mount street 

Alexander, Wm. (of J. Lumsden & Co.), 21 Albyn place 
Alexander, Wm, (Aberdeen Free Press), 3 Belvidere street 
Alexander, Mrs A., 89 Stanley street 
Alexander, Mrs John, 15 King's crescent 
Alexander, Mrs James, lodgings, 37 Mount street 
Alexander, Mrs Robert, 5 Millburn street 
Alexander, Mrs, 6 Caledonian place 
Alexander, Mrs, milliner, 270 Union street, h 4 Summer 

Alexander, Mrs, lodgings, 91 Queen street 
Alves, Mrs, draper, 51 and 52 Market Gallery 
Allan & Robertson, coach builders, Bon-Accord carriage 

factory, 213 King street 
Allan, Alexander, coal merchant, office 5 Summer street, h 

29 .Dee street 
Allan, Alex., grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 16, A 14 St. 

Clement street 
Allan, Alexander (of J. Allan & Sons), 37 Dee street 
Allan, Alexander, boxmaker and carpenter, 86, h 62 Gerrard 

Allan, Alex., manager. West of Scotland boot and shoe house, 

39 Queen street, h 27 Jasmine terrace 
Allan, Colin, coppersmith and feuar, 63 Hutcheon street 
Allan, David (of J. Allan & Sons), 37 Dee street 
Allan, George, advocate, 56 Castle Street, h 33 Albyn place 
Allan, George, draper, 61^ Windmill brae, h 7 Crown terrace 
Allan, George (of A. & R.), 211 King street 
Allan, George J., shipmaster, 20 Belvidere street 
Allan, J. Buckley, advocate, 56 Castle street, h 33 Albyn place 
Allan, James, clerk (W. Walker & Sons), 1 St. Mary's place 
Allan, James, carver, 7 Bannermill street 
Allan, James, late shipmaster, 24 Summer lane 
Allan, James, general commission and insurance agent, 44 

Allan, James & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 122 

Union street ; cabinet manufactory, 42 Dee street 
Allan, James, teacher (Skene street public school), Brands- 

myres Cottage, Braemar place 
Allan, John C. (R. & Co.), 29 Thomson street 
Allan, John, draper, 38^ Broad street, h 25 Urquhart road 


Allan, John, foreman plumber (James Farqiiliar), 42 Loanhead 

Allan, John M., cabinetmaker (John Alexander), 47 View 

Allan, John W. (Journal Office)^ 3 Richmond terrace 
Allan, John, commercial traveller, 4 Bon- Accord terrace 
Allan, R. G., architect, 17 Belmont street 
Allan, Wm., teacher of shorthand, Phonetic Institute, 10 

Constitution street 
Allan, Wm., family grocer (agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine 

merchants), 34 Mount street, h 22 Belvidere street 
Allan, Wm., bookbinder, 58 Nelson street 
Allan, William, grocer and provision merchant, 6 East North 

Allan, Mrs, teacher of music, 49 Upperkirkgate 
Allan, Mrs George, South Seafield 
Allan, Mrs Wm., 23 Whitehouse street 
Allan, Mrs, lodgings, 121 Crown street 
Allan, Miss, 37 Dee street 

Allan, Miss Williamina, draper, 237i George street 
Allan, Miss, teacher of music, 42 Loanhead terrace 
Allan, Miss M., draper, 129 Skene street 
Allan, Miss, dressmaking dept. (Pratt & Keith), Ashley road 
Allan, Miss, fish merchant. Wet Fish Market, h 83 College st. 
Allan, Misses, dressmakers, 239 George street 
Allardice, Wm. (D. M. & Co.), 3 Strawberry bank 
Allardyce, Colonel J., 3 Queen's terrace 
AUardyce, J. R., family grocer, &c., 137 Crown street and 81 

Bon- Accord street, h 83 Bon- Accord street 
Allardyce, James, sergeant of police, 9 Langstane place 
Allen, Henry, house painter and decorator, 43 Thistle street 
Alcock, Robert, janitor. Girls' High School, 83 Park street 
American, European, and General Foreign Express office, 56 

Marischal street, J. S. Chalmers, agent 
Anderson & Garden, furniture dealers, 58 Queen street 
Anderson & Rae, advocates, 14 Union terrace 
Anderson & Thomson, wholesale warehousemen, 23 and 25 

Broad street 
Anderson, A. & H., painters, glaziers, and paperhangers, 38 

Marischal street, ^ 10 Broad street 
Anderson, Adam C. (of J. Blaikie & Sons), Littlejohn street, 

and 211 Union street, h 95 Crown street 
Anderson, Alexander, Forest Lodge, King's Gate 
Anderson, Alex., baker, 60 George street, h above shop 
Anderson, Alexander, painter, 56 Gerrard street 
Anderson, Sir Alexander, advocate (of Anderson & Rae), 14 
Union terrace 


Anderson, Alex. (Pratt & Keitli), 49 Bon-Accord street 

Anderson, Alexander, mason, 48 Powis place 

Anderson, Alex., cutter (N. Co-Oper, Co., Lim.), 30 Loanliead 

Anderson, Alex., gardener, 189 West North street 
Anderson, Alex., secretary, associated ironmonlders' Society of 

Scotland (Aberdeen Branch), 47 Park street 
Anderson, And., gardener. Market hall, and North Rubislaw 
Anderson, David, grocer and spirit dealer, 25 Park street, h 2 

Wales street 
Anderson, David, clerk (Post Office), 131 Crown street 
Anderson, David, book-keeper (George Thompson & Co.), 19 

Ferryhill place 
Anderson, Duncan, painter, 32 St. Andrew street, h 61 

Hutcheon street 
Anderson, Fraser, spirit dealer, 22 Skene terrace, li 29 Skene 

Anderson, G. B., commission and custom-house agent. Shore 

lane, and Custom-house, h 31 North Broadford 
Anderson, George, advocate (of Cochran & Anderson), 152 

Union street 
Anderson, George, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 31 

Justice street, h 29 Frederick street 
Anderson, George, jun., engraver and jeweller, 23 and 24 

Market Gallery, h ll'Huntly street 
Anderson, George, watchmaker, 16 Schoolhill, li 110 North 

Anderson, George, clock and watch repairer, 25 Windy wynd 
Anderson, George, M.A., superintendent, Oakbank Industrial 

Schools * 

Anderson, George, night watchman (R. & Co.), 24 Powis place 
Anderson, James, feuar, 52 Nelson street 
Anderson, James, foreman blacksmith, 28 Wellington street 
Anderson, J. & J. S., hardware merchants, house furnishers, 

watch, clock, and jewellery warehousemen, 93 Queen 

street, and 1 West North street 
Anderson, James (of J. & J. S. A), 11 Jute street 
Anderson, J. D., M.A., teacher (Ferryhill Public School), 18 

Albert terrace 
Anderson, James, shoe-nail, heel, and toe plate manufacturer, 

h and works, 33 Skene square 
Anderson, Jas., butcher, 102_Rosemount place, h 56 Loanhead 

Anderson, J. & W., gardeners. Lower Cornhill, shop, 45 Park 

Anderson, James, baker, 1 Windsor place 
Anderson, James, gardener, Cairnfield 



Anderson, James, 5 Crimon place 

Anderson, J., jun., & Co., grocers, 204 Gallowgate 

Anderson, James, shoemaker, 31 Bank street 

Anderson, James, fleslier, 10 Churcli street, A 18 Constitution 

Anderson, James L., assistant (J. Wallace & Co.), 220 George 

Anderson, John P., flesher, 39 Loch street, h 21 Richmond 

Anderson, John, Balmoral Lodge, Balmoral terrace 
Anderson, John F., plumber (A. Smith), 72 Skene square 
Anderson, John (of J. & J. S. A.), 72 Queen street 
Anderson, John, T. & C. Bank, Limited 
Anderson, John, hairdresser, 1 James street 
Anderson, J., missionary, Castle Brae ChajDel, h 110 North 

Broad ford 
Anderson, Lewis, inspector of lighting and fire brigade, h 27 

Castle street 
Anderson, P. J., 2 East Craibstone street 
Anderson, Peter, stonecutter, Claremont street, h 4 Holburn 

Anderson, Robert, sub-editor (Aberdeen Daily Free Press), 12 

Belvidere street 
Anderson, Robert J. (of Reith & Anderson), Ashgrove, Kitty- 

Anderson, Robert, commercial traveller (A. Skene), 174 Crown 

Anderson, Samuel, secretary, Northern Assurance Company, 

3, h 1 King street 
Anderson, T., 15 St. Mary's place 
Anderson, Thomas, furniture dept. (Pratt & Keith), 9 Crimon 

Anderson, William, baker and confectioner, 62 Holburn street 
Anderson, William, salmon and ice store, 12 Carmelite lane, h 

12 Millburn street 
Anderson, Wm., & Son, umbrella makers, 47, h 49 L^pperkirk- 

Anderson, Wm. B., photographer, 2(3 Union terrace, h 13 

Gladstone place 
Anderson, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 41 East North 

street, h 40 Park street 
Anderson William (of Brebner & Grant), Fountainhall road 
Anderson, William, engineer (of B. Reid & Co.'s Bon- Accord 

Works), Ashley terrace 
Anderson, Wm., house carpenter, 21 Dee Village road 
Anderson, Wm., clerk ( N. S. Savings Bank), 2 St. Catherine's 



Anderson, William, billiard saloon keeper, 4 Exchange street, 

A 181 Crown street 
Anderson, Wm. (Inland Revenne), 27 King street 
Anderson, Mrs David, Bon- Accord Register, 42 Union place 
Anderson, Mrs George, 86 Bon- Accord street 
Anderson, Mrs George, baker, 6, h 8 Commerce street 
Anderson, Mrs George, 45 Watson street 
Anderson, Mrs George, 86 Powis place 
Anderson, Mrs, 179 Crown street 
Anderson, Mrs James, 11 Chattan place 
Anderson, Mrs R., 32 Albert terrace 
Anderson, Mrs, midwife, 29 Skene street 
Anderson, Mrs, 16 South Mount street 
Anderson, Mrs, 15 Argyll place 
Anderson, Mrs, lodgings, 39 Union terrace 
Anderson, Mrs, lodgings, 18 Queen street 
Anderson, Mrs, lodgings, 61 Regent quay- 
Anderson, Mrs, lodgings, 18 Crown street 
Anderson, Mrs James, sick nurse, 66 Leadside road 
Anderson, Mrs, fish dealer, Basement, Market, h 10 Carmelite 

Anderson, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Gallowgate 
Anderson, Miss, fruiterer and stationer, 133, A 131 Crown 

Anderson, Miss, 8 Crimon place 
Anderson, Miss, lodgings, 84 Powis place 
Anderson, Miss, lodgings, 7 Black's Buildings 
Anderson, Miss, 12 St. Clement street 
Anderson, Misses, Glenburnie Cottage, Skene street west 
Anderson, Misses, 57 Victoria street 
Andrew, Francis, auctioneer, 11 Princes street 
Andrew, William, druggist, 168 Union street, h above shop 
Andrew, Mrs, 40 Grove street 
Andrew, Miss, ladies' boarding and day school, 13 Union 

Andrews, Miss, 59 Victoria street 
Angus, A., dairyman, 6 Rose street 
Angus, George, merchant and fish dealer, 14 and 16 Bank 

street, h 7 Bank street 
Angus, John, blacksmith, 15 Pork lane, A 16 Castle terrace 
Angus, Samuel, spirit dealer, 25 Hadden street, h Bonnymuir, 

Angus, William (of Johnston & Laird), 30 Holburn road 
Angus, Mrs, 16 Castle terrace 
Angus, Mrs, 7 Golden square 
Angus, Miss, Fountainhall road 
Annand, Alex., chimney-sweep, 13 Crooked lane 


Annand, John, sec, Aberdeen United Trades Council, 7 Henry 

Annand, Peter, blacksmith and horse shoer, 14 Jopp's lane, h 

149 George street 
Annand, Miss M., mantle maker, 20 Blackfriars street 
Arbnthnot, Robert, 35 Garden place 
Archibald, Rev. George, senior minister (F. C. Udny), 14 - 

Ferryhill place 
Archibald, James, carter, 70 Loch street 
Archibald, James, treasurer, Shipmasters' Society, Kepplestone 

Argo, Alexander, late farmer, 133 Rosemount place 
Argo, David, spirit merchant, 61 Loch street, h above shop 
Armstrong, T. T., 43 Dee street 
Arthur, Andrew (of J. & A. Arthur), 20 Canal street 
Arthur, A. W., grocer, 59, h 63 Green 
Arthur, Rev. David, 7 Springbank terrace 
Arthur, J, & A., house carpenters, 1 Canal road 
Arthur, James (of J. & A. Arthur), 20 Jute street 
Arthur, Wm., spirit dealer, 79, h 81 Holburn street 
Arthur, Mrs Thomas, flesher, 14 Park street, /i 17 Hanover 

Artillery Gymnasium (Volunteer), 60 Queen street 
Asher, James, & Sons, merchants, 12 and 13 Back wynd 
Asher, James (of James Asher & Sons), 2 Springbank place 
Asher, Robert (of James Asher & Sons), 38 Stanley street 
Asher, Mrs James, 6 Dee place 
Attenborrow, Mrs, draper, 15 Rosemount 'place, h 1 Gallon 

Athenaeum Restaurant, George Cook, manager, 2 Union 

Auer, A., watch and clock maker, 51 Upperkirkgate, h 20 

Victoria street 
Auld, James, traveller (Geo. Reid & Sons), 37 Caledonian place 
Avery, John, & Co., printers, publishers, and wholesale sta- 
tioners, Office (Northern A dvertiser), 20 Netherkirkgate, 

works, 14 Gallowgate 
Avery, Wm. Bates (of J. Avery & Co.), Morningside 
Avery, Mrs John, 24 Garden place 

BADENOCH, Alexander, outfitter and woollen draper, 63 St. 

Nicholas street, h 20 North Silver street 
Baillie, James, dentist, 76 Holburn street 
Baillie, John, bellhanger, 33 Charlotte street 
Baillie, Mrs, milliner and dressmaker, 3a Holburn street 
Bain, Alexander, M.A., LL.D., Emeritus prof, of Logic, Lord 

Rector of the University, Ferryhill Lodge, Polmuir rd. 


Bain, Alex, (of Reid & Bain), 13 Richmond terrace 
Bain, David, coppersmith, 12 Littlejohn street, h 3 Willow- 
dale place 
Bain, Ebenezer, wright, 209 George street, h 16 Craigie street 
Bain, Ebenezer, sub-editor (Aberdeen Free Press), 18 Craigie 

Bain, George, slater, 310 § George street, h 76 Nelson street 
Bain, George, farm overseer, Oldmill Reform., h Bon-Accord 

Bain, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 21, h 12 Thistle 

Bain, James, engineer, Rodulph Cottage,. Holburn place 
Bain, James (Wm. Bain, 44 Union place), 6 Rose street 
Bain, Thomas, tinsmith (John Moir & Son, Lim.), 101 Park 

Bain, William, post-horse master and coachbuilder ; livery 

stables, 60 and 61 Loch street, and 44 Union place, 

h 33 Union place 
Bain, Wm., manager (the Howe Machine Co., Limited), 66 

Holburn street 
Bain, Wm. F., grocer and provision merchant, 38 Gallowgate, 

h 168 Crown street 
Bain, Wm., jun., auctioneer, 60, h 62 Loch street 
Bain, Wm., storekeeper, police store, Frederick street, h 29 

Broad street 
Bain, Mrs, provision merchant, 7 Mounthooly 
Bain, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Eldon terrace, Cuparstone road 
Baird, Thomas, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 181 Union 

street, workshop, 19 Summer street, h 5 Wellington 

place, and Woodland House, Pitfodels 
Baird, Wm., police detective, 18 Jute street 
Baker, G. E., Lieutenant Commanding Detachment Coast 

Brigade R.A., office, Barracks, h 20 Ashley place 
Baker, Samuel, agent for Wordie & Co., 54 Bon- Accord street 
Balfour, Francis (of Gove, Balfour and Co.), 12 Charlotte street 

Balfour, James, boot and shoe maker, 68 John street, h 1 Berry 

Balfour, Wm., 21 Kintore place 

Balfour, Wm., licensed North sea pilot, 89 Hutcheon street 
Balfour, Mrs Wm., lodgings, 89 Hutcheon street 
Balmoral Soap Powder Works, and Blacking Factory, Canal 

Balneaves, John, clerk, 21 Bridge street, h 22 Mount street 
Bamford, Mrs, 22 Holburn place 
Bank of New Zealand, deposit agents, Strachan & Gray, 5 

Market street 


Bank of Scotland Branch, 40 Union street, Jas. A. Sinclair 

and Robt. Smith, joint-agents 
Bannatyne, Rev. Alex. M. (Free Union Church), 5 Rubislaw 

Bannerman, George, merchant, 62 Gallowgate, h 24 Spittal 
Bannerman, James (of W. B, & Co.), Abbothall Villa, Cults 
Bannerman, John, draper, 268a and 270a George street, h 71 

Catherine street 
Bannerman, John, late dyer, 6 Little Chapel street 
Bannerman, John, commercial traveller, 5 Huntly street 
Bannerman, Patrick (of B. & B.), Abbothall Villa, Cults 
Bannerman, W,, & Co., commission agents and coal merchants, 

2 Trinity quay. Stores, Reclaimed Ground, Inches 
Bannerman, Mrs, 119 Crown street 
Bannerman, Mrs, 19 Springbank terrace 
Bannochie, Alexander, confectioner, 175 George street, h 6 

Powis terrace 
Bannochie, James, tile setter and marble merchant, office and 
showroom, 17a Belmont street, works, Gilcomston park, 
h 33 Gilcomston park 
Barber, James, builder, 57 Chapel street 
Barber, Mrs J., 45 Thistle street 
Barclay & Bannerman, merchants, 3 Trinity quay 
Barclay, Alexander, builder, Charlotte street, h 24 Springbank 

Barclay, John, traveller (B. Reid & Co.), 179 Skene street west 
Barclay, John, commission agent, 19 Correction \vynd, h 27 

Osborne place 
Barclay, John, overseer, 3 Rosemount terrace 
Barclay, John B., advocate, 13 Belmont street, h 3 Rosemount 

Barclay, Morrison (of Barclay & Bannerman), chemical manure 

manufacturer, 60 Dee street 
Barclay, Robert, cowfeeder, 61 West North street 
Barclay, Mrs, 142 Skene street 
Barker, A. C, 79 Chapel street 

Barker, Jas., agent and insurance broker, 17 Hadden street 
Barnet, Isaac, picture frame maker, 49, li 42 East North street 
Barnet, John, clerk (Inland Revenue), 38 Mount street 
Barnett, James C, teacher (Middle Public School), 3 Mount 

street west 
Barnett, Patrick M., resident engineer (G. N. of S. R.), Berry- 
den House 
Barnett, Peter K., late farmer, Forresterhill Cottage 
Barr, Mrs, 5 Prospect terrace 
Barratt, John R., 56 Osborne place 
Barrie, Wm. P., book agent, &c., 9 Kintore place 


Barron, Alex, (of T. R Watson & Co.), Hammerfield west 
Barron, Geo., draper (J. Gordon & Son), 51 Thomson street 
Barron, Gilbert, provision merchant, 19 Holburn place 
Barron, John, commission agent, 18 Adelphi, h 83 Claremont 

Barron, Robert, cattle dealer, 3 Belmont place 
Barron, Robert, ironmonger, 15 Schoolhill, h 44 Thomson st. 
Barron, Thomas, Edinburgh Ale Establishment, 17 Castle st., 

h above shop 
Barron, Wm., mason, 20a Dee street 
Barron, Peter (of Watt & Barron), 1 Kingsland place 
Barron, Mrs L., 8 Bon- Accord square 

Barry, Henry, & Co., iron founders, 122^ West North street 
Barry, Thomas, reporter (Aberdeen Journal), 146 Hutcheon 

Bartlett, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 1 Waverley 

place, h 10 Margaret street 
Bartlett, Wm., boot and shoe maker, AVestfield road, h Craigie 

Loanings, Mile-end 
Bath Hotel, Bath street, manager, R, Benson 
Batchan, James, inspector of branches (T. & C. Bank, Lim.), 

91 Crown street 
Baxter, Alex, (of R. & B.), 42 Summer street 
Baxter, Alex,, cashier (John Moir & Son, Lim.), 20 North 

Charlotte street 
Baxter, Andrew, cashier and bookkeeper (Northern Agricul- 
tural Co.), 7 Millburn street 
Baxter, Rev. Daniel, 7 Victoria street 
Baxter, Miss, draper, 41 Market Gallery, h 93 Skene street 
Bearsley, Miss, Berlin Wool and fancy repository, embroidery 

printer, &c., 12 and 14 Crown street, h 74 Bon-Accord 

Beaton, John, hairdresser, 33 Rosemount place 
Beaton, Wm., mason, 8 Ferryhill terrace 
Beaton, Mrs, milliner and fancy draper, 66 Park street 
Beat, John, engine-driver (G. N. of S. R.), Betsyville, 86 Powis 

Beatt, Rev. David (U. P. Church, Belmont street), 17 North 

Silver street 
Beattie, Alex., house agent, 30 Belmont street 
Beattie, Francis, blacksmith and bellhanger, 20a Dee street, h 

3 Crown terrace 
Beattie, James A. (of Walker & Beattie), 2 Bon-Accord square 
Beattie, John, shoreporter, 14 Fish Street 
Beattie, Joseph, bootmaker, northern shoe warehouse, 230 

George street, /i 134 Hadden street, Woodside 
Beattie, Robert (of Smith & Beattie), 147 North Broadford 


Beattie, Wm., clerk, 2 Abbotsford place 

Beattie, Mrs James A., 6 East Craibstone street 

Beattie, Misses, dressmakers, 3 Crown terrace 

Beattie, Miss, 12 Prospect terrace 

Beaumont, John, teacher, Commerce Street Public School, h 

90 King street 
Begg, Alex,, dairyman, 9 Forbes street 
Begg, George D., clerk (J. L. & Son), 124 North Broadford 
Begg, Henry F. (Lochnagar Eoyal Distillery), 15 North Silver 

Begg, John, distiller (to the Queen, H.R.H, the Prince of 

Wales, and Duke of Edinburgh), Lochnagar ; office, 17 

Weigh-house square 
Begg, John, sub-editor ( Aberdeen Journal), 21 Ashley road 
Begg, Peter, boot and shoe maker, 52 Virginia street 
Begg, Mrs, 7 Albert terrace 
Begg, Miss, lodgings, 39 Union terrace 
Belgian Consul ; J. F. White, 107 King street 
Bell, Alex. P., gilder and ornamental modeller, 13 Nellfield 

Bell, Andrew, spirit dealer, 1 Adelphi lane, 7i 15 Bon- Accord 

Bell, David, fishing tackle maker (late Wm. Brown), 36, /i 34 

George street 
Bell, Rev. H. (Free High Church), 6 Albyn terrace 
Bell, Rev. Herbert (John Knox Church), 2 Belmont x^lace 
Bell, Rev. James (Blackfriars Independent Church), 86 Bon- 
Accord street 
Bell, Rannie, & Co. (of Leith), wine merchants, 44 Marischal 

street ; John Sheed & Co., agents 
Bell, Richard painter and decorator, 29b, Ji 27 Dee street 
Bell, Mrs Dr., 18 Osborne place 
Bell's (Dr.), School, Frederick street 
Bendelow, John, provision merchant, 8 Hutcheon street 
Bennet, Peter, provision merchant, 60 Hutcheon street 
Bennett, J. C, B.L., solicitor (of Downie and Bennett), 1 Adelphi 
Bennett, William, printer, 42 Castle street 
Bennett, Miss, milliner, 80 Queen street 
Benson, Richard, manager (Bath Hotel), Bath street 
Benson, Thomas C, printer, 18 Watson street 
Benson, Wm. H. superintendent (Goods dept., Cal. Ry.), 

Falcon House, Ruthrieston 
Benzie, Alexander, inspector of works, 56 Rose street 
Benzie, James, 59 Osborne place. 
Benzie, John, stonecutter, 61 Jute street 
Benzie, Robert, missionary (Free West), 23 Mount street west 
Benzie, Mrs, dressmaker, 25 Prosx3ect terrace 


Berg, Mrs. J., 24 Chattan place 

Berneaud & Co., herring and commission merchants, 63 Mar- 

ischal street 
Berneaud, Henri G. (of B. & Co.), 9 Ferrjhill place 
Berry & Mackay, chronometer, nautical instrument makers, 

and opticians, 65 Marischal street 
Berry, A. W., chemist and druggist, 29 Thistle street, h 1 

Dee place 
Berry, James (of B. & M.), 1 Dee place 
Berry, Thomas, bootmaker, 4 Skene square 
Berry, John Edward, 11 Caledonian place 
Berry, John, plumber and gastitter, 4 South Silver street, h 1 

Union Wynd 
Berry, Patrick, wholesale confectioner, 120 and 122 Chapel 

Berry, Wm. W., com. traveller, (Jas. Sword & Son, wine mer- 
chants, Glasgow), 6 Hill street 
Best, Mrs Thomas, 13 Rubislaw terrace 
Beveridge, Peter, linen manufacturer, 39 St, Nicholas street, 

A 15 Ferry hill place 
Beveridge, Robert, M.B., surgeon, lecturer on clinical medi- 
cine, and Physician to Royal Infirmary, h 36 King st. 
Beveridge, Robert, jun. (of D. Mackie & Co.), Beath Villa, 

Polmuir road 
Beveridge, William, curator, Free Church College, 2 Alford 

Beveridge, Wm., tobacco pipe manufacturer, Cotton street, h 

5 Cross street 
Beveridge, Mrs Robert, Beath Villa, Polmuir road 
Beverley, Rev. Alex., LL.D., late teacher, Grammar School, h 

42 Bon- Accord street 
Beverley, Mrs, lodgings, 16 View terrace 
Beverley, Mrs Robert, 83 Wales street 
Bibby, Mrs, 8 Affleck street 
Bible Society Depository ; James Murray, bookseller, 28 St. 

Nicholas street 
Billet Master, James Frater, City Chamberlain's Office 
Bill, Mrs, matron, Deaf and Dumb Institution, 31 Belmont 

Bings, Mrs, laundress, 37 Chapel street 
Binner, Thos. Wm., dyer (A. Hadden & Sons), 28 Prospect 

Binnie, Wm., D.D., professor of Church History, Free Church 

College, 1 Fonthill road 
Bird, James, carter, 24 Young street 
Birnie, Alexander, builder, 10a, h 5 Crimon place 
Birnie, Alex. W., baker, 2, h 4 Justice street 


Birnie, Rev. Charles, M.A., assistant minister, North Parish, 

9 Roslin terrace 
Birnie, George, grocer, 1 St. 'Andrew street, li 73 Loch street 
Birnie, George, carpenter, 83 Waterloo qnay 
Birse, Alex,, late teacher, 25 Broomhill place 
Birss, James, clerk, 37 Thistle street 

Birss, Robert, wholesale druggist, 27 Queen street, h Middle- 
field House, Woodside 
Birss, Mrs, sick nurse and midwife, 87 Chapel street 
Birtchnell, Edward, late supervisor of Inland Revenue, 61 

Springbank terrace 
Bisset, A., draper, 69 Rosemount place 
Bisset, George, Abergeldie Cottage, Braemar place 
Bisset, George, boot and shoe manufacturer, 179 Gallowgate, h 

1 Berry lane 
Bisset, James G., bookseller, stationer, and news-agent, 59 

Broad street 
Bisset, James, photographer, 15 Young street 
Bisset, James (Northern Assurance Co.), 7 Albyn terrace 
Bisset, James H. (of P. Bisset & Son), 1 Elmbank terrace 
Bisset, James (of J. & J. B.), 10 North Broadford 
Bisset, James, grocer, 19 Mount street west, li 27 Richmond 

Bisset, John, & Co., grocers, tea, wine, and spirit warehouse, 

37 Queen street 
Bisset, John & William, wholesale grocery warehouse, 15 Ex- 
change street 
Bisset, J. & J., drapers, 53 Broad street 
Bisset, John (of J. & W. Bisset), Dalvanie, Banchory 
Bisset, Joseph (of J. & J. B.), 145 North Broadford 
Bisset, Joseph, confectioner, 149 Gallowgate 
Bisset, Peter, & Son, builders and cement merchants, Willow- 
dale place 
Bisset, Robt. S., shipmaster, 54 Regent quay 
Bisset, William, 41 Ashley place 
Bisset, Wm., joiner, 108 North Broadfoad 
Bisset, Wm., paper and paper stock merchant, 4 Water lane 

and Buxburn Mills, h Buxburn Mills 
Bisset, Wm., letter carrier (P.O.), 19 Loch street 
Bisset, Wm., jun. (of J. & W. Bisset), 15 Exchange street 
Bisset, Wm., overseer (Mennie & Brown), 63 Jute street 
Bisset, Mrs, register office, 13 Belmont street 
Bisset, Mrs James, 21 Richmond terrace 
Bisset, Mrs, midwife and sick nurse, 18 Jute street 
Bisset, Miss, dressmaker, 30 Queen street 
Bisset, Miss Fen wick, 1 1 Albyn terrace 
Black & Ferguson, wine merchants, 30 Adelphi 


Black & McKain, bakers, 6 Waverley place 

Black, Alexander, wright, 69, h 67 College street 

Black, Rev. Charles M., St. James' Parsonage, 11 Rotunda 

Black, Geo., agent (Lowe & Co., Glasgow), 10 Ann place 
Black, George, grocer, 254 George street, h 68 Gerrard street 
Black, George, feuar, Rutlirieston House, Bridge of Dee 
Black, Hugh (of Black & McKain), 2 Waverley place 
Black, James, & Co., share brokers and general agents, 23 King 

Black, James, store-keeper (Duthie Brothers), 33 York street 
Black, James, flesher, 20 North Broadford 
Black, James (late N. L. H. Service), 29 Mount street 
Black, James, hairdresser, 7 Flourmill brae, h 13 Gallowgate 
Black, James, Walnut Cottage, Bridge of Dee 
Black, James (of J. & W. Bisset), 75 Chapel street 
Black, John, 18 Bon- Accord terrace 
Black, John, tea merchant, Alexandra buildings, 25 Carmelite 

street, h Fountainhall road 
Black, John, clerk (Bower & Elorence), 2 Park place 
Black, John, church officer, Garden place U.P. Church, li 

Church Buildings, North Albert street 
Black, John, manager (Aberdeen Dairy Co., Lini.), 76 Bon- 
Accord street 
Black, John, hairdresser, 70 West North street 
Black, John, roadman, Berrybank Cottage, Countesswells 

Black, William, & Co., brewers and distillers, Devanha 
Black, Mrs James, 3 Wellington place 
Black, Mrs, 43 Whitehouse street 
Black, Mrs Morrice Alex., 80 Garden place 
Black, Mrs Professor, 1 West Craibstone street 
Black, Mrs, 1 Crown street 
Black, Mrs Wm., 21 Affleck street 
Black, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Ann place 
Black, Mrs, lodgings, 178 Crown street 
Black, Miss, 33 Constitution street 
Black, Miss, 77 College street 
Blackett, Mrs, 29 Bon- Accord terrace 
Blackfriars Hall, 29 Blackfriars street 

Blackie »& Sons, publishers, 40 Broad street ; R. Bruce, agent 
Blackie, Miss, 3 Albert place 
Blackwood, Alexander, tea dealer, 2 Longacre 
Blackwood, Alexander, watchmaker and jeweller, 52 Broad 

street, h 2 Longacre 
Blackwood, Wm., Northern District agent, Scottish Permissive 

Bill and Temperance Association, 30 Urquhart road 


Blaikie Brothers, ironfounders, engineers, millwrights, boiler- 
makers, and general blacksmiths, Footdee Iron Works, 
St. Clement street 

Blaikie, John, & Sons, braziers (to Her Majesty), bell and 
brassfounders, plumbers, gasfitters, lamp and gas-meter 
manufacturers, coppersmiths, &c., Littlejohn street ; 
Lamp saloon warehouse, 211 Union street 

Blair, James, church officer (St. John's), 28 Portland street 

Blair, Patrick P., shoe manufacturer, 43 Baker street, h 129 
Eosemount jDlace 

Blake, Joseph C, book-keeper (J. Allan & Sons), 2 South 
Crown street 

Bleaden,. Wm. Henry, priest, St. John's Parsonage, 44 Bon- 
Accord street 

Blue Ribbon Gospel Army meeting hall, 25 Frederick street 

Board of Trade Surveyor of Shipping, 28 Regent quay 

Boddie, J., gardener, Springbank, Mannoheld 

Bodclie, Wm., monumental works, 37 St. Clair street, A 211 
King street 

Bolton, Wm. J., hairdresser, 248 George street, h 33 Hutcheon 

Bolton, Mrs, midwife, 33 Hutcheon street 

Bon- Accord Carriage Factory, 213 King street, Allan & 

Bon- Accord Distillery Company, Limited, Newbridge, Hard- 
gate ; Registered Office, Distillery, John Thomson, 

Bon- Accord Granite Works, 35 Charles street, and 27 Cause- 
wayend, Stewart & Cruickshank, sculptors 

Bon-Accord Loan Office, Chronicle court, 32 Broad street 

Bon- Accord Meat Company, wholesale and retail butchers and 
greengrocers, 209 Gallowgate 

Bon- Accord, Property Investment Co. ; managers, Marquis, 
Hall, & Milne, 147 Union street 

Bon-Accord Register Office, 42 Union place, Mrs D. Anderson 

Bon- Accord Sawmills, York street ; A. L. Forsyth, & Sons, 

Bon-Accord School, 1 Bon-Accord terrace. Principal, Rev. 
John Macmillan, M.A. 

Bon- Accord Slate and Cement Merchant Co., Limited, Provost 
Blaikie's quay ; James F. Wyness, manager 

Bon-Accord Swimming Club & Humane Society, secretary, 
James Maitland, 46a Mount street 

Bon-Accord Tobacco Pipe and Clay Manufactory, 63 Gordon 
street, Alex. Gray 

Bonar, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 212 Gallowgate, h 6 
North Broadford 


Bonner, Joseph, Broomfield Cottage, Balmoral place 

Bonner, Joseph, printer and stationer, 115 George street, h 23 

Erskiue street 
Bonner, Eobert, 31 Garden place 
Bonnyman, John, stonecutter, South Bridge, Holburn street, 

h 29 Victoria street 
Bonnyman, Misses, 24 Graigie street 
Booth, Alex., 37 Victoria street 
Booth, Alex., chimney sweep, 14 East North street 
Booth, Alex., jun., chimney sweep, 75 Green 
Booth, Alex., pipe top manufacturer, 1 Cross street 
Booth, Francis, chimney sweep, 48 East North street 
Booth, James, M.D., physician, 231 Union street 
Booth, James M'Kenzie, M.A., M.B., CM., physician, 231 

Union street 
Booth, James, chimney sweep, 50 Longacre 
Booth, John, jDianoforte maker, 95 Chapel street 
Booth, John, farmer. Brae Farm, Mannofield 
Booth, J. & A., chimney sweeps, 50 Longacre, and 37 Castle 

Booth, Matthew, farmer, Mastrick 
Booth, R., tinsmith, 38 and 40 George street, li 23 Watson 

Booth, Robert, draper, stationer, and fancy goods warehouse, 

35 Bank street 
Booth, Williamson, M.A., solicitor, 173, h 231 Union street 
Booth, Wm. P. (R. Booth, 40 George st.), 18 Kingsland place 
Booth, Wm. P., merchant, 148 Union street 
Booth, William, foreman boilermaker (Blaikie Brothers), 15 

St. Clement street 
Booth, William, chimney sweep, 10 Schoolhill 
Booth, Mrs, 2 Castlehill 
Booth, Mrs, 18 Kingsland place 
Booth, Mrs, 1 Powis terrace 
Booth, Mrs, lodgings, 265 George street 

Borthwick, Andrew, silk and woollen dyer, scourer, cloth 
fuller, and dresser ; dye works, 76 Loch street ; shop, 2^ 
Summer street ; h 25 View terrace 
Borthwick, Wm. T., engineer, 25 View terrace 
Boswell, Wm., observer. Observatory, King's College, li 3 Elm- 
bank terrace 
Bothwell, Alex., violin maker, 40 Netherkirkgate, h 56 

Wellington street 
Bothwell, Alex., jun., wholesale and retail confectioner, 1 

North Broadford 
Bothwell, John, shoemaker, 18 Guestrow, h 20 Catherine st. 
Bothwell, W. J., cashier, 18 Regent quay, h 12 Portland street 



Botliwell, Miss, head nurse, Royal Infirmary 

Boulton, J. F., C.E., harbour engineer's office, h 69 Crown 

Boulton, Wm., civil engineer and town surveyor ; office. City 

Buildings, Union street, h 176 Skene street west 
Bower & Florence, polished granite manufacturers, Spittal 

Granite Works 
Bower, James H., merchant, 48 Market street, h 18 Golden 

Bowie, Thomas, examining officer (Customs), Roslin Cottage, 

Park road 
Bowie, Wm., mason, 42 Holburn road 
Bowie, Mrs, grocer, 18 h 17 Prince Regent street 
Bowie, Mrs, dressmaker, 2 Baker street 
Bowman & Son, carvers and gilders, 187 Union street 
Bowman, Alexander, flesher, 10 Justice street, h 3 Castle 

Bowman, Andrew (of Bowman & Son), 6 Henry place 
Bowman, Robert, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 70 Essle- 

mont avenue, h 29 Whitehouse street 
Bowman, Miss, white seamstress, 35 Whitehouse street 
Boyle, David, superintendent, Aberdeen Passenger Joint 

Station, A 15 Caledonian place 
Boyne, Robert, joiner, 12 Kingsland place 
Boys' Hospital, King street 
Boyd, Mrs, waiteress, 28 Huntly street 
Bradbury & Co., Limited, sewing machine manufacturers, 18 

Carmelite street 
Brand, David, grocer, 37 Union terrace 
Brand, George, & Co., shoe blacking and harness composition 

manufacturers, 121, h 10 Mary well street 
Brand, Wm., engineer, 5 Caledonian place 
Brand, Misses, 7 Dee place 
Brands, Miss, lodgings, 27 Crown street 
Brander, A. J., solicitor, 22 Belmont street, h 11 Ann place 
Brander, James, & Co., fish, poultry, and game dealers, 9 

Stirling street, h 81 Skene square 
Brander, James, M.B, and CM., physician and surgeon, 84 

King street 
Brander, Mrs James, Ashley terrace 
Brazier, James S., F.C.S., professor of chemistry. University of 

Aberdeen, h 17 Bon- Accord square 
Brebner & Grant, tea merchants. Grant's Buildings ; entries, 

48 St. Nicholas street, and 2 Flourmillbrae 
Brebner, James, 67 Bon-Accord street 
Brebner, James, miller, Auchnagatt Mills, warehouse, 267a 

George street, h 12 Summer street 


Brebner, Rev. Wm., M.A. (Gilcomston Church), 14 St. Mary's 

Brebner, William, 1 1 Garden place 
Brebner, Mrs, 2 Balmoral terrace 
Brebner, Mrs James, 6 Albyn place 
Brebner, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 56, h 54 East North 

Brechin, Mrs Henry, 11 Canal street 
Breck, Mrs, draper, 174 Crown street 
Bremner & Clark, carriage and harness manufacturers, 101 

King street 
Bremner, Alex., house proprietor, 6 Canal street 
Bremner, David (C. Davidson & Sons, Lim.), 12 Regent quay 
Bremner, George (of D. Roberts & Co., and Bremner & Clark), 

95 King street 
Bremner, John, & Co., bakers, 1 William's square, h 23 Baltic 

Bremner, John, parcel clerk (G. N. of S. R. Joint Station), 11 

Urquhart road 
Bremner, John, fishmonger, poulterer, and game dealer, 19 

Stirling street, All Hadden street 
Bremner, Thomas John, of Glasslaw, 42 Garden place' 
Bremner, Mrs, 28 Wellington place 
Bremner, Mrs, 41 Mount street 
Brewster, George, & Co., cartwrights and joiners, 27 St. Clair 

street, h 6 St. Nicholas lane 
Brewster, Mrs, dressmaker, 6 St. Nicholas lane 
British Linen Co.'s Bank, 21 Market street ; agent, Lachlan 

M'Kinnon, jun., advocate ; West-end Branch, 2b Union 

Eroadford Baking Co., 18 North Broadford 
Broadford Works (Richards & Co.), Maberley street 
Brockie, James, cashier (A. T. & R.), 20 North Charlotte street 
Brodie, C. F. (of Blaikie Brothers), h at works 
Brodie, John, grocer, 5 Ragg's lane, h 25 Queen street 
Brodie, William (of Blaikie Brothers), h Baillieswells, Cults 
Brodie, Mrs D., 35 St. Nicholas street 
Brook, James, monumental stonecutter, Baltic street, h 2 Mile 

end, Stocket 
Broomhead, George E., chemist, 15 Union place, and aerated 

water manufacturer. Justice Mill lane, h 15a Union 

Broomhead, John (late Inland Revenue), 15a Union place 
Brotchie, George, teller (N. of S. B., Lim.), 3 Mount place 
Brown, Rev. Alex., St. Paul street Evangelical Union Church, 

h 46 Stanley street 
Brown, Alex., late merchant, 93 Crown street 


Brown, Alex., auctioneer and npholsterer, 1 and 3 Belmont 

street, A 10 Strawberry bank 
Brown, Alex., architectural surveyor, 39 Thomson street 
Brown, Alex, (of James Brown & Son), 26 Ashley road 
Brown, Alex., & Co., booksellers and publishers, 77 Union 

Brown, Alex., clothier, 26 Caledonian place 
Brown, Alex., house carpenter, 38, h 70 Catherine street 
Brown, Alex., book-keeper (Town Council — Gas Department), 

47 Victoria street 
Brown Andrew, flesher, 66b College street, h 5 Affleck place 
Brown, Arch., jun., stonecutter. King st., k 16 Urquhart road 
Brown, Charles, auctioneer and appraiser, 115 Union street, h 

27 Ashley place 
Brown, C. (of M. & B.), Crathie Cottage, Braemar place 
Brown, Rev. David, D.D., Principal of Free Church College, 

104 Crown street 
Brown, D. & W.,jun., & Co., plasterers and cement workers, 

Albion street, h 47 Park street 
Brown, David, shipmaster, 11 Mount street 
Brown, George, auctioneer, 27 View terrace 
Brown, George, grocer and wine merchant, 43 Park street 
Brown, George, miller, 23 Hadden street 
Brown, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 33 Summer lane, h 8 

St. Clement street 
Brown, George, draper, 31 Castle street, h 2 Castle terrace 
Brown, James, & Son, silk mercers, 2, 4, & 6, George street 
Brown, James, printer, 6 Calton terrace 
Brown, James, fish and game dealer, 62 and 63 Basement 

floor, market, h 80 Bon- Accord street 
Brown, James, clerk (A. Ogston & Sons), 61 Hutcheon street 
Brown, James (C. H. C. & Co.), 26 Caledonian place 
Brown, John, shipmaster, 31 Marischal street 
Brown, John, 5 Affleck place 
Brown, John, cattle dealer, 75 Hardgate 
Brown, John, fish curer, 28 Wellington street 
Brown, John, builder. Clay hills, h 34 Portland street 
Brown, M., fishmonger. Wet fish market, h 2 Regent quay 
Brown, Robert, tailor and clothier, 113 Loch street, h 4 John 

Brown, Robert K., wine and spirit merchant, 60 and 61 Castle 

Brown, Robert, Prince of Wales' Hotel, 9 St. Nicholas lane 
Brown, Robert, water tacksman and shipowner, 6 Crimon pi. 
Brown, Thomas, shoemaker, 27 Cuparstone place, h 2 Allan 

Brown, Thomas, collector, 15 St. Andrew street 


Brown, Wm. Alex., advocate, Sheriff-Substitute of Aberdeen, 
Banff, and Kincardine, Court House 

Brown, W. M., book-keeper and cashier (A. Hadden & Sons), 
32 Ashley place 

Brown, Wm., letter-carrier (P.O.), 42 Summer street 

Brown, William (Postal telegraphs), 3 Colville place 

Brown, Wm., feuar and clerk, 65 Hutcheon street 

Brown, William B., book-keeper (Town Council — Police De- 
partment), h 60 Eose street 

Brown, William, plain and ornamental letter-cutter, 36 
Whitehouse street 

Brown, Wm. G., joiner, 59 Skene square 

Brown, Mrs. G. G., 31 Bon- Accord terrace 

Brown, Mrs J., lodgings, 40 Summer street 

Brown, Mrs, 1 Bon- Accord square 

Brown, Mrs, 1 Balmoral terrace 

Brown, Mrs, draper, 19, h 21 Woolmanhill 

Brown, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 45, h 43 Commerce 

Brown, Mrs, lodgings, 10 St. Mary's place 

Brown, Mrs, dressmaker, 20 South Mount street 

Brown, Miss, 38 Skene terrace 

Brown, Miss, teacher of music, 59 Dee street 

Brown, Miss, 55 Thomson street 

Brown's (Dr. John), Public School, Skene square 

Brownlee, James, slater, 31 Rosemount place, h 66 Skene sq. 

Brownlee, Miss M. B., milliner and dressmaker, 4 Mary place 

Bruce, Edwards & Milne, manufacturers and wholesale ware- 
housemen, Victoria buildings, 38 Bridge street, Works, 

Bruce, Alex., traveller (Aberdeen Com. Co.), 13 South Crown st. 

Bruce, Alex., manager (N. Co-op. Co. Mills), Millbank, Berry- 
den, h Millbank Cottage, Berryden 

Bruce, Alex., horse shoer, 3 Little Belmont st., h 5 Hill street 

Bruce, Charles, plumber and gasfitter, Guild street, li 10 
King street 

Bruce, Duff, inspector of works, police dept.. Town Council, h 
32 Young street 

Bruce, George, 60 Stanley street 

Bruce, George, builder and architect, h Kingsland Cottage, 
255a George street 

Bruce, George, seed merchant, 35 Market street, h 86^ Crown 

Bruce, George, grocer, 20, /i 19 Richmond street 

Bruce, George, letter carrier (P.O.), 20 Urquhart road 

Bruce, James (of Bruce, Edwards & Milne), Middleton, Pit- 


Bruce, James, spirit dealer, 8 Netlierkirkgate 
Bruce, John, cashier (Free Press), Ashley terrace 
Bruce, James, butcher, 37k Woolmanhill, h 43 Powis place 
Bruce, Mearns, 1 Crown place 

Bruce, Eobert, spirit dealer, 16 St. Andrew street, h 4 Broad- 
ford place 
Bruce, Robert, agent (Blackie & Sons), Broad street, h 7 Mount 

street west 
Bruce, Robert, 7^ Balmoral place 
Bruce, Wm., ship carpenter, 17 Nelson street 
Bruce, Wm., preserved provision manufacturer, 12 Prince 

Regent street, and 12 Canal terrace, A 41 Gilcomston 

Bruce, Mrs, lodgings, 26 Union place 
Bruce, Miss, 51 Springbank terrace 
Bruce, Miss, milliner and straw hat maker, 8 Little Chapel 

Bruce, Miss, dressmaker, 40 Holburn street 
Bruce, Miss, millinery, and fancy warehouse, 18 Waverley 

place, h 37 Victoria street 
Bruce, Misses, 71 Bon-Accord street 
Brunton, John, shipmaster, 44 Victoria street 
Brunton, Mrs, 44 Victoria street 
Bryce, Hugh, foreman brass finisher (James Farquhar), 191 

Bryce, James, advocate, 24 Adelphi, h Westbank, Fonthill 

Bryce, John Stewart, advocate and notary public, 24 Adelphi, 

h Westbank, Fonthill road. 
Bryden, Mrs, lodgings, 13 Netlierkirkgate. 
Buchan, Francis, baker, 129 Crown street, 7i 8 Marine terrace 
Buchan, George, coal agent (J. Fleming), 55 Jasmine terrace 
Buchan, George, licensed porter, 26 Broad street 
Buchan, James, grocer, 1 & 17 Justice street, h 21 Roslin ter. 
Buchan, John, grocer, 23 George street, h above shop 
Buchan, Robert, & Son, bakers, 76 Green 
Buchan, Robert, builder, 4 Claremont place 
Buchan, William, shoreporter, 24 Frederick street 
Buchan, Mrs, lodgings, 268a George street 
Buist, Misses I. & M., milliners, 18, h 31a George street 
Buglass, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Watson street 
Bulloch, John, jun,, bookkeeper (Richards & Co.), 13 Osborne 

Bulloch, Wm., cashier, Broadford Works, h 14 Osborne place 
Bunting, Thomas, artist, 38 Summer street 
Burgess, George, letter-carrier (P.O.), 17 Denburn terrace 
Burman, John, steward, Royal Northern Club 


Burns, Alex., & Co., wholesale and retail fruit merchants, 244 

Union street, and Market Hall, h Kepplestone Gardens, 

Burns, A., jun., fruiterer, Market Hall and 65 Thistle street 
Burns, John, draper, 266, h 266^ George street 
Burns, Robert, fruiterer and green grocer, 17 & 100, h 107 

Rosemount place 
Burns, Mrs, lodgings, 51 Marischal street 
Burness, Alexander, flesher, 4 Powis terrace 
Burnett & Reid, advocates, 20 King street 
Burnett, James, butcher, 61, h 63 Skene street 
Burnett, James, bookbinder, 7 Crimon place 
Burnett, John, bootmaker (Branch Post Office), 200 George 

street, h Maybank Cottage, 152 Hutcheon street west 
Burnett, John J., stonecutter, 217 King street, h 25 Jasmine 

Burnett, W. Kendall, M.A., advocate and notary public, 123^ 

Union street, h 141 Crown street 
Burnett, Mrs, midwife and sicknurse, 38 Union terrace 
Burnett, Miss, teacher, Sheriff Watson's School 
Burr & Donald, drapers, 38a George street 
Burr & Shirras, drapers, 36a, clothiers, 82 George street 
Burr, James, physician and surgeon, 57 Schoolhill 
Burt, John, tailor and clothier, 57 Marischal st., h Irvine pi. 
Burt, Peter, stationer, fancy goods, and picture frame maker, 

3, h 4 Gilcomston steps 
Burt, Robert, cabinet maker, 10 Carmelite lane, h 23 Hadden 

Burwell, Elijah, 38 Victoria street 
Butchart, James S., advocate, 20 Belmont street, h Deemount 

Butchart, Robert, clerk, 7 Prosj)ect terrace 
Butchart, Mrs Alex., 18 Prospect terrace 
Butler, Charles, glass and china repairer, 20 Carmelite lane 
Buyers & Robertson (late Neil Smith, jun., & Co.), oilcake, 

manure, and commission merchants, passenger, general 

shipping, and insurance agents, 53 Marischal street 
Buyers, Alex., grain merchant, 131 King street 
Buyers, George (Cluny Estates office), h 26 Wellington place 
Buyers, James, & Co., builders, 12 Kidd lane 
Buyers, James, sub-agent (British Linen Co.'s Bank, West-end 

branch), h 3 Garden terrace 
Buyers, James, jobbing gardener, 52 Summer street 
Buyers, Wm., shipmaster, 44 Stanley street 
Buyers, Mrs John C, Ashley terrace 
Buyers, Mrs Peter, wholesale ship chandler, 32, h 31 Regent 



Buyers, Mrs, lodgings, 129 Union street 

Buyers, Miss Ann, provision dealer, 36 Loch street 

Byres, Alex. M., chartered accountant, 74 Union street, h 63 

North Broadford 
Byres, David, 63 North Broadford 

CABLE, Alex., insurance agent, 35 Mount street 
Cable, Peter, carter, Regent road and Commercial road 
Cadenhead, Geo., advocate, procurator-fiscal for the City of 

Aberdeen, and justice of peace fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 

City Buildings, Union street, h Bon- Accord House, 57 

Dee street 
Cadenhead, Colonel James, Maryville, Stocket 
Cadenhead, Peter, late shipmaster, 7 Caledonian place 
Cadenhead, Wm., wholesale wine and spirit merchant, and 

commission agent, 39 Netherkirkgate, h 48 Skene 

Cadenhead, Mrs, lodgings, 9 Castle street 
Cadenhead, Miss, lodgings, 30 Watson street 
Caie, Alex., fish merchant. Wet Fish Market 
Caie, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 159 Skene st. west, h 43 

Whitehouse street 
Caird, George, clerk (A. Brown, Belmont street), Alexandra 

Cottage, Woodside 
Cairns, John B., manager (Aberdeen Hide, Skin, and Tallow 

Market Co., Limited), 17 Roslin terrace 
Caithness, George, sexton, Nellfield Cemetery, li South Lodge, 

Nellfield place 
Calder, David, watchmaker, 3 Market Gallery 
Calder, James (L. & N. Tea Co.), 47 Watson street 
Calder, J., furniture dealer, 22 George street, li Rachael Cottage, 

Loch head 
Calder, John, watch, &c., dealer, 45 Market Gallery, h 10 

Belmont road 
Calder, M. & S., watchmakers and jewellers, 55a St. Nicholas 

Calder, Malcolm (of M. & S. Calder), 16 Craigie street 
Calder, Mrs, lodgings, 2 St. Mary's place 
Calder, Mrs C, 50 Ashley place 

Calder, Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 31 Frederick street 
Calder, Mrs, clothier, 34 & 35 Market Gallery, h 7 Carmelite 

Caledonian Granite Works, 34 & 36 Wellington road, J. & J. 

Callaghan, Anthony, saw and edge-tool maker, 67 Netherkirk- 
gate, h 4 Abbotsford place 
Galium, Miss, broker, 68 Woolmanhill, h 80 St. Andrew st. 


Calvert, R. B. (R. & Co.), 46 Rosemount place 

Cameron, Andrew (of Durno and Cameron), 45 Victoria street 

Cameron, Wm., tobacconist, 50 Regent Quay, 12 & 14 Hadden 
street, and 20 Guild street, h 6 Cherrybank Cottages 

Cameron, Rev. F., D.D., 89 Crown street 

Cameron, Rev. George G., M.A., Professor of Hebrew, Free 
Cliurcb College, h 29 Union place 

Cameron, George, slater, Affleck street, h 23 Virginia street 

Cameron, James, grocer, Ruthrieston, Bridge of Dee 

Cameron, John, commission agent, office, 16 Hadden street, h 
4 Bridge street 

Cameron, John, innkeeper, 13 Harriet street 

Cameron, John, contractor, 34 Gordon street, h Cults 

Cameron, John, house carpenter, 202 George street, h 72 Rose- 
mount place 

Cameron, John, manager (J. Fleming), 13 Loch, street 

Cameron, Kenneth, sanitary inspector. City Buildings, h Cun- 
ningar Hill 

Cameron, William H. (of Morefield), R.N., Morefield, Stocket 

Cameron, Wm., shoemaker, 10 Skene st., h 23 Caledonian pi. 

Cameron, William, superintendent. Public Baths, 5 Crooked 
lane, A 13 Loch street 

Cameron, William, plasterer, 31 Watson street 

Cameron, William, 21 Mount street west 

Cameron, Mrs, South Seafield, Cuparstone road 

Cameron, Mrs, lodgings, 121 Crown street 

Cameron, Mrs, innkeeper, 44 Regent quay 

Cameron, Mrs, spirit dealer, 6 Little Belmont street 

Cameron, Misses (late of Morefield), 139 Crown street 

Cameron, Misses, lodgings, 245 Union street 

Campbell, Achnach, & Co., India rubber, waterproof, and oil- 
skin manufacturers, 18 Bridge street, and 7 Trinity 
Buildings, h 6 Albury road 

Campbell, A. & G., gardeners and fruiterers, 23 Gallowgate 

Campbell, Alex., late farmer, 9 Belmont place 

Campbell, Alex., horse and cab hirer, 6 Diamond street, cab 
office, 3, Ji 2 South Silver street 

Campbell, Archibald, solicitor and notary public. County 
Buildings, h Albert Cottage 9 Balmoral place 

Campbell, Daniel, 16 Portland street 

Campbell, David, plasterer, 31 Virginia street, h 97 Wales st. 

Campbell, Rev. Duncan, M.A. (Rosemount Church), 7 Ham- 
ilton place 

Campbell, Duncan, post and job horse master, livery stable 
keeper, and cab proprietor, office and stables, 5 Bon- 
Accord street, 9 Back wynd, Wellington road, and 
Alford place, h 7 Bon- Accord street 


Campbell, Geo., plumber and gasfitter, 1 Dee Village road, h 

16 Portland street 
Campbell, Henry (of Stephen & Campbell), 24 Woolmanhill 
Campbell, James, horse and cab hirer, 19 Huntly street, and 

Hutcheon street west, h West Middlefield, Skene road 
Campbell, James, teacher. Dr. Bell's school, Frederick street 
Campbell, James, bookseller, 16 and 17 Market Gallery, h 57 

Campbell, James L., writer, Sheriff Clerk's Office, h 27 

Victoria street 
Campbell, John, agent (Aberdeen Lime Co.), Viewfield Cot- 
tage, Banchory 
Campbell, John, plumber, 13^, h 14 Dee street 
Campbell, John, printer, 62 Virginia street 
Campbell, John S. G., cashier (Anderson & Thomson), 2 Eden 

Campbell, Joseph, pawnbroker, 39 Windy wynd, and 128 

Loch street 
Campbell, Peter, seaman, 2 1 Prospect terrace 
Campbell, Samuel S. (of Robertson & Campbell), 57 Osborne 

Campbell, Thomas, clerk (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 34 Chapel 

Campbell, William, draper, 53 North Broadford 
Campbell, William, 4 Claremont place 
Campbell, Mrs, dressmaker and machinist, 8 South Mount 

Campbell, Mrs, lodgings, 172 Crown street 
Campbell, Mrs John, 59 Thistle street 
Campbell, Mrs Captain, 57 Osborne place 
Campbell, Mrs, 5 Forest road 
Campbell, Mrs, lodgings, 35 Mount street 
Campbell, Miss, Ladies' Outfitting and Baby Linen Establish- 
ment, 150a Union street, h 25 Wellington place 
Campbell, Miss, matron. Female School of Industry, North 

Cantly, John, shoreporter, 1 Park place 
Cantly, Peter, late shoreporter, Poplar House, 15 Guestrow 
Cardno & Darling, seedsmen, nurserymen, and florists, 80 

Union street ; nurseries, Kittybrewster 
Cardno, William, clerk. Town and County Bank, Limited, 5 

Holburn road 
Cardno, William, shipmaster, 70 Wales street 
Carmichael, George, agent, West-end Branch, N. of S. Bank, 

Limited, 226, h 228 Union street 
Carnegie, David, Sailor's Missionary, Sailor's Institute, /ill 

Fish street 


Carnie, J. M., grocer, 115 Eosemount place, h Tlh South 

Constitution street 
Carnie, William, clerk and treasurer of Royal Infirmary and 

Lunatic Asylum ; office, 27 Exchange street, li 26 

Ashley place 
Carnie, "Wm., builder, Hutcheon street west, h 107 Eosemount 

Carr, Mrs, 5 Alford place 
Carr, Miss, 14 Victoria street 
Carrying Company, the General, 10 Guild street, Milne, 

Brothers, managers, depot, 124 West North street 
Carter, Miss, 54 Dee street 
Cassie, John, assistant (Chivas Brothers), 72 Constitution 

Cassie, Wm., 100 Crown street 
Cassie, Mrs, lodgings, 1 1 Springbank terrace 
Cassie, Miss, milliner, 19 St. Nicholas street, 7i 81 Eosemount 

Castilla, Mrs, 6 Albert terrace 
Catanach, Misses, 3 1 North Albert street 
Cattanach, Charles, & Co., military tailors and outfitters, 115 

Union street 
Cattanach, D. G., advocate, 12 Bon- Accord square 
Catto's City Bazaar, Emporium of British and Foreign Fancy 

Goods, 94 Union street 
Catto, Alex., confectioner, 180 George street, h 3 Urquhart road 
Catto, Gavin, builder, Hutcheon street west, h 32 Dee street 
Catto, Alfred (of Catto's Bazaar), Eastfield House 
Catto, George, flesher, 31 Urquhart road 
Catto, George (of Catto's bazaar), Eastfield House 
Catto, James, 132 Crown street 

Catto, James, wine and spirit merchant, 21|, h 21 Adelphi 
Catto, John, Cattofield 
Catto, Eobert, Wallfield 
Catto, Mrs, sick nurse, 16 Bon- Accord lane 
Catto, Miss C. S., 8 Alford place 
Catto, Miss, 8 Springbank terrace 
Catto, Miss, matron. Incurable Hospital, Baker street 
Catto, Miss E., dressmaker, 40 Charles street 
Cay Brothers, grocers, 69 Upper denburn 
Cay, George, late grocer, 53 View terrace 
Cay, William, & Sons, house carpenters, builders, and funeral 

undertakers, Gilcomston park, and 143 George street 
Cay, W^m. (of W. C. & Sons), 35 South Charlotte street 
Chadwick, Edmund, & Co., manufacturers and warehousemen, 

10 Broad street 
Chalmers, Arthur (Joint Station), 14 Ferryhill terrace 


Chalmers, A. S., superintendent, Aberdeen Market, h 3 Wind- 
sor place, entry by Thistle lane and 21 Victoria street 

Chalmers, C. & P. H., advocates, 13 Union terrace 

Chalmers, George M., shipmaster, 10 King street 

Chalmers, J. F. (J. Forbes & Sons), 3 Mary place 

Chalmers, James, Westburn 

Chalmers, James, storekeeper, 54 Regent quay 

Chalmers, John G., 9 Queen's terrace 

Chalmers, John S., wine merchant, shipping agent, passage 
and insurance broker, office, 56 Marischal street, h 33 
Bon- Accord terrace 

Chalmers, Patrick Henderson, advocate (of C. & P. H. Chal- 
mers), 29 Albyn place 

Chalmers, Peter, carter, 2 Willowdale place 

Chalmers, Scott, ironmonger, 52 Upperkirkgate, h 19 Mount 

Chalmers, "Wm., late builder, 35 Victoria street 

Chalmers, Wm., shoemaker, 26 Carmelite lane 

Chalmers, Mrs, 59 Springbank terrace 

Chalmers, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Hadden street 

Chalmers, Miss, 3 8t. Swithin street 

Chalmers, Miss, corsetmaker, 25 Charles street 

Chalmers, Miss, teacher (St. Paul street Public School), 17 
Albert terrace 

Chalmers, Miss, lodgings, 11 Craigie street 

Chamber of Commerce, Aberdeen and North of Scotland Trade 
Protection Society ; James Tytler, 137 Union street, 

Chapman & Co., tailors and clothiers, 24 Union street 

Chaprnan, Alex, (of Chapman & Co.), 2 St. Catherine's wynd 

Chapman, Mrs, 90 Rosemount place 

Charles, William, baker, 76, h 78 Skene square 

Charles, William, porter. Old Machar Poorhouse 

Chasser, Edward, clerk (Harbour Office), 176 Crown street 

Chedburn, Eev. W. S. (Crown Terrace Baptist Church), 3 
Gordondale road 

Chemists' and Druggists' Association, secretary, A. Strachan, 
48 Eichmond street 

Cheyne, Alex., builder, 16 Ferryhill terrace 

Cheyne, George J., Eoyal Eestaurant, 44 Market street, h 
Lilybank, Kittybrewster 

Cheyne, George, & Son, house carpenters, 13 Jasmine terrace 

Cheyne, George Gordon, overseer (Aberdeen Journal), 14 Con- 
stitution street 

Cheyne, George (of George Cheyne & Son), 14 Constitution 

Cheyne, George, clerk (G. N. of S. E.), 5 Nellfield place 


Cliejne, James A. (of George Clieyne & Son), 22 Eoslin ter. 
Clieyne, Joseph, brassfinisher and gasfitter, 104 John street, h 

66 Gerrard street 
Cheyne, Walter S., M.B., CM., laboratory, 5 Queen street, h 

134 King street 
Cheyne, "Wm,, tailor, 178 George street 
Cheyne, "Wm., meter, 21 Jasmine terrace 
Cheyne, Mrs John, grocer, 14 James street 
Cheyne, Mrs J., provision merchant, 97 Claremont street 
Cheyne, Miss F., teacher, F. C. Normal school 
Cheyne, Catherine, sick nurse, bb Huntly street 
Chisholm, A. F., watchmaker and jeweller, 6 Correction wynd 
Chisholm, Alex., publisher's agent, 60 St. Nicholas street 
Chisholm, Rev. Donald, Chapel House, Huntly street 
Chisholm, Mrs G. A., 1 Thistle street 
Chisholm, Miss, 77 Bon-Accord street 
Chivas Brothers, grocers (to Her Majesty and H.R.H. the 

Prince of Wales), Italian warehousemen, wine and spirit 

merchants, 13 King street; West-end Branch, 35A 

Union place 
Chivas, James (of Chivas Brothers), 21 King street, and 

Thornhill, Cults 
Chivas, William, jun., boot-top manufacturer, 182 George street, 

h 35 Mount street 
Christie, Alex., chimney sweep, 35 Loch street 
Christie, Andrew (of R. & A. C.), 8 Carmelite street 
Christie, Charles, assurance agent, 38 Thistle street 
Christie, Charles, & Co., coal merchants and general agents. 

Guild street 
Christie, Charles (Seaton Tile Work) depot. Reclaimed 

Ground, Inches, h Hawthorn Bank, Cults 
Christie, Duncan F., musical instrument maker, 52 Causeway- 
Christie, Gavin M., coal agent (Charles Christie & Co.), 57 

View terrace 
Christie, G. G., cashier and collector of Poor Rates, parish of 

St. Nicholas, 38 Castle street, A 19 St. Swithin street 
Christie, George, flesher, 60 Windmill brae, h 7 Crown terrace 
Christie, Henry G., auctioneer and appraiser, 3 Adelphi 
Christie, James, piano-forte maker, 150 West North street, li 

44 South Constitution street 
Christie, John (of Milne, Low, & Co.), Fountainhall road 
Christie, John, auctioneer and valuator, 3 Adelphi 
Christie, John, tailor and clothier, 54 St. Nicholas street 
Christie, R. & A., fish curers. Wet Fish Market 
Christie, Robert (of R. & A. C), 37 Virginia street 
Christie, Robert, stoneware merchant, 79 Park street 



Cliristie, "William S., stonecutter, 16 Urqiiliart road 

Christie, William, shipmaster, 38a Virginia street 

Christie, William, wright and furniture dealer, 20 Woolman- 

Christie, Mrs Dr., 77 Crown street 
Christie, Mrs, midwife, 38 Thistle street 
Christie, Mrs, Brighton place 
Christie, Mrs, lodgings, 16 Frederick street 
Christopher, Mrs S., spirit dealer, Granite City Tavern, 84, li 

83 Waterloo quay 
Chrystall, James, shoreporter, 55 Cotton street 
Chrystall, Mrs William, 6 Belmont place 
Church of Scotland Boarding house, 12 North Charlotte street 
City Club, 22 Bridge street 

City Flour Mills, 73 Causewayend, John Lindsay's trustees 
City Hotel, 21 St. Nicholas street, John R. Smith, proprietor 
City of Aberdeen Loan Office, 19 Drum's lane 
Clake, James, tobacconist, 44 Bridge street, h 8 Thistle place 
Clark, Alexander, grocer, 40 South Mount street, A 56 Watson 

Clark, Alexander, jun. (of G. Pegler & Co.), 15 Springbank 

Clark, Alexander, shipmaster. Arcade, llA Union place 
Clark, Alexander, cutter, 9 Bank street, h 16 Mary well street 
Clark, Andrew, provision merchant, 33 Summer street 
Clark Brothers, millers and grain merchants, Leggart Mills, 

Bridge of Dee ; warehouse, 15 Guild street, and 13 

West North street 
Clark, George, baker, 53 Hutcheon street, h above shop 
Clark, George, engineer, 46 Watson street 
Clark, J. Nicol (Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.), 23 Albert 

Clark, J. & M., fish and game dealers, 12 Carmelite street 
Clark, John (of Clark Brothers), Leggart Mills 
Clark, J. T. (of Brebner & Clark), 8 Little Belmont street 
Clark, John, builder (of Watt & Clark), 91 King street 
Clark, John, house agent and undertaker ; office and house, 8 

Little Belmont street 
Clark, John H., shipmaster, 14 Portland street 
Clark, Eev. John S., F.C. Manse, Foveran, A 46 Ashley place 
Clark, Peter, advocate, 83 Union street, h Lochhead Villa 
Clark, Peter, clothier and draper, 89 George street, li 2 Loan- 
head terrace 
Clark, Eobert, examining officer, (H.M.C.), 3 Constitution 

Clark, Rev. Samuel, B.D., incumbent of St. Paul's, 19 Albert 



Clark, William, pilotmaster, Pocra Pier 

Clark, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Nortli Broadford, 
h 16 Rosemount place 

Clark, William, keeper of Music Hall Buildings 

Clark, W. G., watchmaker and jeweller, 70, h 128 George 

Clark, William, carpenter, 22 Holburn road 

Clark, Mrs A., 14 Portland street 

Clark, Mrs P. M., 27 Albyn place 

Clark, Mrs, 23 Albert terrace 

Clark, Mrs, grocer, 75 Hutcheon street 

Clark, Mrs M., 26 Wellington place 

Clark, Mrs, dress and mantle maker, 10 Wellington place 

Clark, Mrs, lodgings, 22 Bank street 

Clark, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Eiclimond terrace 

Clark, Mrs, lodgings, 36 Schoolhill 

Clark, Miss, 16 Gallowgate 

Clark, Miss, teacher, Buthrieston Public School, Cathay Cot- 
tage, Holburn place 

Clark, Miss, teacher, Marywell Street Public School, Cathay 
Cottage, Holburn place 

Clarke & Co., grain and commission merchants and herring 
factors, 47 Marischal street 

Clarke, A. G. (of Clarke & Co.), 26 North Silver street 

Clarke, Alex., cutter (James Mowat), 26 North Silver street 

Clarkson, William (of J. Gordon & Co., coopers), 63 Jasmine 

Clayhills Monumental Granite Works, 50 and 52 Wellington 
road, J. Petrie & Co. 

Clayton, Wm. James, assistant superintendent of agents'. Pru- 
dential Assurance, Holly cottage, Seafield 

Clerihew, Alex., teacher, 1 Castle terrace 

Clerihew, Mrs F., 5 Union place 

Clerk of Supply, J. F. Lumsden, County Buildings, Castle 

Clews, Mrs Dr., 58 Garden place 

Clubb, Andrew, farmer. Upper Mastrick 

Clyne, Arthur, architect (Pirie & Clyne), 6 Golden square 

Clyne, James (of William Clyne & Sons), Hirpletillim, 

Clyne, Nerval, advocate, factor and secretary to Society of 
Advocates ; Advocates Hall, h 6 Golden square 

Clyne, Thomas, tea, coffee, and fish dealer, 20 Gallowgate, h 
49 Constitution street 

Clyne, Wm., & Sons, engineering factors, agents for Roslin 
Powder Mills, dealers in leather belting, vulcanised 
India rubber, and engineers' furnishings, 2 Hadden st. 


Cobban, James (F. O. Asylum), 30 Huntly street 

Cobban, Eobert, joiner, 85 Claremont street 

Cobban, Mrs Eobert, 72 Dee street 

Cobban, Mrs, 47 Asliley place 

Cobban, Mrs, sick nurse, 2 Catherine street 

Cobban, Misses, 18 Springbank terrace 

Cochran & Anderson, advocates, agents for Eoyal Bank of 

Scotland, and Standard Life Assurance Company, 152 

Union street 
Cochran, Alex., advocate (of Cochran & Anderson), 1 Queen's 

Cochran, Mrs, lodgings, 5 Waverley place 
Cock, John, spirit dealer, 11, h 9 Commerce street 
Cocks, James Smith, engineer, 42 Thomson street 
Cockburn & Co., wine merchants (of Leith) ; John S. Chal- 
mers, 56 Marischal street, agent 
Cockburn & Campbell, wine merchants (Edinburgh) ; Peter 

Mitchell, 21 Union Buildings, agent 
Cocker, Alex. M., nurseryman (of J. Cocker & Sons), Sunnypark 
Cocker, James, & Sons, nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 

nursery, Sunnypark 
Cocker, James, nurseryman (of J. Cocker & Sons), Sunnypark 
Cocker, James, jun., nurseryman (of J. Cocker & Sons), 63 Jute 

Cocker, Wm. (of J. Cocker & Sons), Morningfield Nursery 
Cockerill, Charles, hairdresser, 26 Causewayend 
Cockerill, Charles, jun., draper, 11 George street, h 26 Cause- 
Coleman, Thomas, bar officer. Sheriff Court, 7 Crimon place 
Collie, Alex. E., slater, 81 Claremont street 
Collie, Alex., slater, 22 Shiprow, h Harlaw 
Collie, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 12 Skene street, h 32 

Skene terrace 
Collie, Alexander, gate-keeper (J. Moir and Son, Lim.), 1 

Nellfield place 
Collie, Andrew, family grocer and wine merchant, 253 Union 

street, h 1 Caledonian place 
Collie, Duncan, Post Office, Market street 
Collie, George (of J. & G. Collie, advocates), Balnagarth, 

Collie, George Duncan, advocate (of J. & G. Collie), Viewbank, 

Collie, George, dealer in fancy goods, 5 & 6 Market Gallery, h 

64 Broad street 
Collie, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 23 Chapel lane, h 32 

Skene terrace 
Collie, James & George, advocates 25 Union street 


Collie, James (of J. & G. Collie, advocates), Viewbank, Cults 

Collie, J., Younger, advocate (of J. & G. Collie), Viewbank, 

Collie, James H., hairdresser, 1 Soutli Silver street, h 29 
Caledonian place 

Collie, James, 52 Springbank terrace 

Collie, John (M'Taggart & Booth), 12 Ferryhill terrace 

Collie, John, plumber, 36 Watson street 

Collie, Peter, chimney sweep, 29 Wales street 

Collie, Eobert, wholesale and retail hardware and fancy ware- 
house, 123 Union street, h 1 AjSleck street 

Collie, Eobert, accountant (of J. & G. Collie), Northcote, 

Collie, Eobert, yost. (J. & G. Collie), Bexhill Cottage, Holburn 

Collie, William, painter, 144 George street, 7i Honey bank, 
Canal road 

Collie, Wni., grocer, 65 College street, 7i 12 Ferryhill terrace 

Collie, Wm., stonecutter, 6 Gilcomston steps 

Collins, Charles, commisssion agent, 37 Market street 

CoUings, Henry J., church officer (St. James's Church), 25 
Marywell street 

Collison, David, provision merchant, 43 Summer street 

Colville, David, brewer (Bon- Accord Distillery), 81 Hard gate 

Colville, G. G., shipmaster, 16^ Bank street 

Colvin, Mrs, 74 Wales street 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited, Branch, 9 King street ; 
George Milne, agent 

Comper, Eev. John (incumbent of St. Margaret's Scottish 
Episcopal Church), St. Margaret's Brae, King's crescent 

Conn, Wm., spirit dealer, 20, h 18 West North street 

Connel, John (Jamieson & Mitchell), 22 Beechgrove terrace 

Conner, James, clerk, 44 Holburn road 

Conner, Misses, drapers, 49 and 60 Market Gallery, A 44 Hol- 
burn road 

Connon & Eeid, seedsmen and florists, 8 Hadden street, 
Nursery, East Seaton 

Connon, Alex. Anderson, solicitor, 74 Union street 

Connon, Alex., shipmaster, 27 Victoria street 

Connon, Andrew, cooper (of G. G. & Co.), 28 Watson street 

Connon, George, commercial traveller, 7 Elmbank terrace 

Connon, George, grocer (G. Angus, 14 Bank street), 11 Ferry- 
hill terrace 

Connon, James (of C. & E.), 7 Orchard place. Old Aberdeen 

Connon, Eichard & Co., ship brokers, coal merchants, and com- 
mission agents, 2 Trinity buildings. Trinity quay 

Connon, Eichard A. Dyer (of E. Connon & Co.), 24 Ashley pi. 


Connon, Robert, & Co., gardeners, Market Buildings, h East 

Seaton, Old Aberdeen 
Connon, Mrs James, gardener. Market Hall, and Sandilands, 

h 7 Baltic street 
Connon, Mrs P., draper, 123 J Crown street 
Connon, Mrs Wm., furniture dealer, 55a, h 55 Schoolbill 
Connon, Mrs Wm., 22 Albyn place 
Connon, Miss, lodgings, 8 Albert terrace 
Constable, Wm., feuar, 23 South Constitution street 
Convalescent Hospital, Lochheacl ; Eobert Mennie, superin- 
Cook, Alex., builder, 65 Holburn street, h 5 Ashley place 
Cook, Alex. S., clothier, hosier, and shirt maker, 26 and 28 

Market street, 7i 33 Albert terrace 
Cook, Alex., assistant (A. S. Cook), 33 Albert terrace 
Cook, Alex., jun., tea and wine merchant, and cork manu- 
facturer, Clark's Court, 2 Upperkirkgate, h The Birches, 
Cook, Charles, 17 Golden square 
Cook, Charles, assistant inspector of poor|(01d Machar), Atichin- 

yell Cottage, Old Deeside road 
Cook, Charles, boatman, H.M.C., 3 Wales street 
Cook, George, manager, Atheneeum Eestaurant 2 Union bdgs. 
Cook, George M. (of J. Cook & f-'on), 9 Hamilton place 
Cook, George, lineman (Postal Telegraj)hs), 54 King's crescent 
Cook, James, foreman moulder (H. E.. & Co.), 8 Cotton street 
Cook, John, cashier, Union Bank, 2 Marischal street 
Cook, John, & Son, ship insurance, passage and commission 

brokers, 48 Marischal street 
Cook, John (of J. Cook & Son), Ashley 
Cook, Wm., cashier (B. Eeid & Co.), 14 Springbank terrace 
Cook, Mrs C, 12 Osborne place 

Cooke's Eoyal Circus, reclaimed ground, foot of Market street 
Cooper, Alex., house carpenter, 2 Union wynd, h 67 Chapel 

Cooper, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer. Prospect buildings, 92 

North Broadford, h above shop 
Cooper, Alex., clerk, loco. dept. (G. N. of S. Ey.), 82 Powis pL 
Cooper, Francis, clerk (Police Tax Office), 20 Prospect terrace 
Cooper, George, sorting clerk (Post Office), 55 John street 
Cooper, George, provision merchant, 89 Holburn street 
Cooper, Eev. James (East parish), 19 Union place 
Cooj)er, James, provision merchant, 78 Chapel street 
Cooper, James, manager (John Moir & Son, Lim.), 16 Cotton 

Cooper, John, hairdresser, 121, h 123 George street 
Cooper, J. & W., joiners and boxmakers, Hutcheon street west 


Cooper, Joseph, sliore porter, 14 Fish street 

Cooper, Patrick, & Son, advocates, 42 Union street 

Cooper, Patrick, advocate and notary public, auditor and 

accountant of Sheriff Court of County Office, 42, h 285 

Union street 
Cooper, Patrick, jun., solicitor, 42, h 285 Union street 
Cooper, Eobert, tinplate worker, 35 Ferryhill terrace 
Cooper, Eobert, shorthand writer, Sheriflf Court, h 38 Castle 

Cooper, William (of Philip <k Cooper), 23 Albyn place 
Cooper, Wm. (of J. & W. Cooper), 40 Thomson street 
Cooper, Wm., baker, 83 Gallowgate 
Cooper, Mrs John, 87 Holburn street 
Cooper, Mrs, 81 Stanley street 
Cooper, Mrs, 41 Eoseraount place 
Copestake, Hughes, Crampton & Co., warehousemen, 1 Bridge 

place. Bridge street 
Copland, Alex., manager (Aberdeen Commercial Co,), 78 Dee 

Copland, James B. (Northern Assurance Co.), 60 Stanley 

Copland, James, slater, 16 Young street 
Copland, James, grocer and wine merchant, 141 Skene street, 

h above shop 
Copland, John E., wholesale brush manufacturer, 38 and 44 

George street, 7i 73 John street 
Copland, John, slater, 54, h 69 Hutcheon street 
Copland, Wm. C, & Co., slaters and smoke curers, 9 Broadford 

place, h 9 Mount street west 
Copland, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Cause way end 
Copland, Mrs, lodgings, 178 Crown street 
Copland, Mrs, merchant, 17 Bank street 
Copland, Miss, teacher (Chalmers' Girls' School), Westfield 
Corbet, James (late H.E.T.C.S.), 21 Bon- Accord terrace, and 

Cairnlee, Bieldside 
Cormack, James, coach-bodymaker, foreman (Laing & Melvin), 

10 Bon- Accord street 
Cormack, John, hotel keeper (Lemon Tree), 7 & 9 St. Nicholas 

Cormack, Wm. B., bookseller, stationer and bookbinder, 35 

Woolmanhill, h 7 Black's buildings 
Cormack, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Broad street 
Cormack, Miss, 151 Crown street 
Corn Exchange, 7 Hadden street 

Cornwall, George, & Sons, bookbinders, printers, and litho- 
graphers by steam, die stampers, paper rulerSj and 

general commercial stationers, 45 Castle street 


Cornwall, Joseph E. (of G. C. & Sons), 2 Queen's Road 
Cotton, James, paraffin oil merchant, and photograper, 178 

Gallowgate, and 6| Innes Street, h Mary Cottage, Canal 

Cotton, Major H. F,, 15 Rubislaw terrace 
Cotton Street Stone Polishing Works, Wm. Ogg 
Coulter, Robert, dairyman, 7 Westfield buildings, Short 

County Police Office, 25 and 27 Lodge walk 
County Rates Office, 152 Union street ; Alexander Cochran, 

advocate, collector 
County Road Clerk, Jas. F. Lumsden, County buildings, Castle 

County Road Trustees, Aberdeen (or sixth) District ; clerk, 

George Anderson, advocate, 152 Union Street 
County Valuation Office, 27 King Street ; John Airth, assessor 
Couper, John Cardno, of Craigiebuckler, Craigieb'uckler House, 

Countesswells road 
Couper, AVm., fishery officer, Fishery Office, 46 Marischal 

street, A 31 Osljorne place 
Courage, James, cooper, 175, h 177 Gallowgate 
Court House, Castle street 

Coutts, Alex., drapery dept. (Pratt & Keith), 47 Grove street 
Coutts, Alex., grocer, 173 Crown Street, li 8 Portland street 
Coutts, Alex., late mason, 61 Skene Square 
Coutts, Alex., carter, 5 Prospect terrace 
Coutts, Andrew W., watchmaker and jeweller, 32 Union place, 

A 52 Ashley place 
Coutts, Arch, (of M'Kinnon & Co.), 50 Watson street 
Coutts, Charles, chemist and druggist, 26 Broad Street, h 8 

Roslin terrace 
Coutts, Francis, acidopathist, Fountainhall road, and Heath 

Villa, Cults 
Coutts, Gavin, family grocer. Queen's road 
Coutts, George, builder, architect, cement merchant, and 

licensed valuator, 22 A 24 John Street 
Coutts, George, mate, 17 Holburn road 
Coutts, James G., tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 3 Bon- Accord 

Street, li Abbey Cottage, 52 Ashley place 
Coutts, John, engineer, 45 Rosemount place 
Coutts, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 42 Gordon street 
Coutts, John (of W. C. & Sons), Abbey Cottage, 52 Ashley 

Coutts, John, grocer, 140 Skene street 
Coutts, Peter, collector, Aberdeen and Northern Society, 25 

Loch street 
Coutts, Wm. B., architect, 24 John street 


Coutts, Wm., gingerbeer manufacturer, 4 Tlioriiton place, 

Guestrow, h 42 Eose street 
Coutts, William & Sons, painters to tlie Queen, and H.R.H. 

tlie Prince of Wales, 223 Union street 
Coutts, Wm. (of W. C. & Sons), Abbey Cottage, 52 Asliley 

Coutts, Wm., assistant (Chivas Brothers), 1 Union Wyncl 
Coutts, Wm., slater, South Bridge, Holburn street, h 20 Broom- 
hill place 
Coutts, Wm., grocer, 5 North Broadford 
Coutts, Mrs, Fountainhall road 
Coutts, Mrs, lodgings, 104 North Broadford 
Coutts, Misses, 62 Stanley street 
Cow, Charles, house painter, 103 Eosemount place, h above 

Cowan, Hugh, Inland Eevenue Officer, 9 Caledonian place 
Cowan, William, locomotive superintendent, (G. N. of S. E.), 

Kittybrewster, A 46 Skene terrace 
Cowan, Wm. P., engineer, (G-. N. of S. E.), Kittybrewster, h 7 

Belmont road 
Co we, John, canvasser, West Coast Eailway ; office, Guild 

street station, h 27 Dee street 
Cowe, William, farrier, 1 St. Mary's place 
Cowie, Alex., innkeeper (Wallace Tower), 63, 65 Netherkirkgate 
Cowie, Charles, cartwright and general blacksmith, 184, A 186 

West North street 
Cowie, George, hairdresser and perfumer, 4 Belmont street, h 

8 Loanhead terrace 
Cowie, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 66, li 64 Eose street 
Cowie, George, provision merchant, 47 Guestrow 
Cowie, Mrs, lodgings, 89^ Broad street 
Cowieson, David, gatekeeper (King Street Granite Works), 

h 100 West North street 
Cox, Thomas, provision dealer, 33 Upperkirkgate, Ti 44 East 

North street 
Craib, John (of Greig & Craib), 3 Friendship terrace, Cupar- 

Craig, Alex., baker, 308, 310, /i 310i George street 
Craig, Andrew, late merchant, 44 Nelson street 
Craig, Charles, tea merchant, 46 Queen street, h 6 Black's 

Craig, Charles, & Co., hairdressers, 6 Park Street 
Craig, James, & Co., trunk and saddlery warehouse, 38 School- 
Craig, James, Balvenie House, Cults 
Craig, James, grain merchant and commission agent, 34 

Marischal street, h 6 Mount street west 


Craig, John, saddler, 20 Back wynd, h 170 Skene street west 
Craig, Thomas, & Sons, tobacco manufacturers, 29, 31 and 33 

John street 
Craig, Thomas (of T. Craig & Sons,), 70 Carden place 
Craig, Thomas, book and music seller, 286 George street, h 83 

Hutcheon street 
Craig, Walter L., waiter, 9 Huntly street 
Craig, W. C, boot and shoemaker, 247a George street, li 3 

Gilcomston brae 
Craig, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Marischal street 
Craig, Mrs, 4 South Constitution street 
Craig, Mrs James, 57 Eose street 
Craig, Miss, Melbourne Cottage, 29 Nelson street 
Craig, Miss, milliner, 55 Thistle street 
Craig, Miss, lodgings, 9 Margaret street 
Craigen, Alex., shipmaster, 12 Ferryhill terrace 
Craigen, George, confectioner and fruiterer, 5 Guild street, 

h 14 Craigie street 
Craigen, James, fruit and provision merchant, 70 h 85 Bon- 
Accord street 
Craigen, John, solicitor, 63 Union street, /ill Ann place 
Craigen, Jolm, photograper, 16 George street, li 25 Wellington 

street, Woodside 
Craighead, Alex. K., house factor, 14 Summer street, h Pansy 

Cottage, 41 Bloomfield road 
Craighead, Jas., receiving clerk (Cal. Eailway), 8 Summer st. 
Craighead, Peter, wine, tea, and spirit merchant, 106 Union 

street, West-end branch, Fountainhall road, Queen's 

Cross, h Lynne House, Albyn place 
Craighead, Mrs, lodgings, 13 Craigie street 
Craigie, John, inspector of schools, 9 Albert terrace 
Craigmile, George, manager (Steam Power Carrying Co.), 14 

Holburn Street 
Craigmile, Peter (Old Meldrum carrier), 16 Harriet street 
Craigmile, Wni., of M'Taggart & Booth, 1 Trinity Buildings, 

Trinity quay 
Craigmyle, Andrew, warehouseman (Leith & Paterson), 65 

Eose street 
Craigmyle, Mrs, 5 Strawberry bank 

Cran, George, inspector of County Police, and of weights and 
■ measures ; ofGice, 25 and 27 Lodge walk, h 137 Lead- 
side road 
Cran, James, superintendent and clerk (County Police, office, 

25 and 27 Lodge walk), h 8 Albert terrace 
Cran, James, 3 Gray street, Hammerfield 
Cran, James H., Asylum for the Blind Warehouse, 88 Union 

street, A 12 Margaret street 


Cran, John, sorting clerk (P.O.), 1 Mount street west 

Cran, P. M., City Chamberlain, Gas Treasurer, and Treasurer 

of Police, Town House, h South Bridge, Holburn street 
Cran, Eobt. C, salesman (J. L. & Son), 8 Balmoral place 
Cran, Eobert, cashier, 46 King street, h 23 King's crescent 
Cran, Mrs John, 8 Balmoral place 

Crane, Major Henry A., adjutant 1st A.E.V., Elmfield House 
Crane, James, chief clerk (Gas Dep. — Town council), 16 Powis 

Crane, Miss, dressmaker, 11 Diamond street 
Crane, Miss, matron, Young Women's Institute, 28 Union ter. 
Crawford, Charles, shipmaster, 24 Bank street 
Crawford, Mrs William, 76^ North Broadford 
Cree, Eobert, turner, 1 20 West North street 
Crevie, John, grain merchant (of K. & W.), 4 St. Catherine's 

Crichton, Cumin, janitor (Aberdeen School Board), King 

street Public School 
Crichton, James (J. Miller & Co.), 51 Springbank terrace 
Crichton, John, 105 Eosemount place 
Crichton, P. K., clerk (N. B. By., Guild street), 4 Blackfriars 

Crichton, Mrs, lodgings, 164 Crown street 
Crighton, Daniel, shipmaster, 37 Market street 
Croft, Mrs Charles, 5 Springbank terrace 
Croll, Francis, late baker, St. Nicholas Cottage, Argyll place 
Croll, John, late baker, 29 North Albert street 
Croll, Matthew, baker, CroU's buildings, Gallowgate, h Mount 

Pleasant, 1 Canal street 
Croll, Wesly, baker and confectioner, 70 h 72 King street 
Croll, Mrs H., 20 View terrace 
Cromar, James, stationer, 1 Urquhart Eoad 
Cromar, John, dentist, 1 5 Belmont street, h 5 Gladstone place 
Crombie, Charles M., doctor of medicine, 10 Union terrace 
Crombie, George, late shipmaster, 22 Summer lane 
Crombie, James, merchant, 3 and 4 Trinity buildings, Trinity 

Quay, h 18 Queen's Eoad 
Crombie, J. W., (of J. & J. Crombie), Balgownie lodge 
Crombie, J. & J., woollen manufacturers, Grandholm M^orks 
Crombie, John (of J. & J. Crombie), Balgownie Lodge 
Crombie, John, jun. (of J. & J. Crombie), Danestone 
Crombie, John, chartered accountant, 74 Union street, h 23 

Albert street 
Crombie, Theodore (of J. & J. Crombie), 18 Albyn place, and 

Cothal House, Fintray 
Crombie, P., L.D.S.K.C.S. Ed., dental surgeon, 8 Union terrace, 

h JEolian Lodge, Nigg 


Croiiibie, Wm., fislicurer, 54 Wellington road, h- 32i Prospect 

Crombie, Mrs James, Goval, Fintray, and 16 Bon- Accord sq. 
Crone, David, shoemaker, 22 Gilcomston steps, and 19, h 15 

Skene square 
Crone, Wm., working jeweller, 42 St. Nicholas street, h 66 

Esslemont avenue 
Crow, James, ironmonger, 33 Thomson street 
Crowden, Charles, clerk (G. N. of S. K.), 11 Huntly street 
Crown Clothing Co., 15 Broad street, and 2 and 4 Netherkirk- 

gate, Adam Pratt, manager, Primrose Cottage, Old 

Crown Granite and Stone Works, 13 and 15 North Charlotte 

street, G. L. Jamieson, proprietor 
Crown Inn, T>. Ogg, jun., 3 Shore brae 
Crown Match Works, Wellington road 
Cruden, Alex, (of Mellis & Cruden), 86 John street 
Cruden, George, advocate (of Simpson & Cruden), 108 Crown 

Cruden, Mrs, 33 Springbank terrace 

Cruickshank, A., & Co., hosiers and glovers, 105 Union street 
Cruickshank, Alexander, inspector of works, 6 Little Chapel 

Cruickshank, Alex., LL.D., 20 Eose street 
Cruickshank, Alex., late merchant, 3 Ann place 
Cruickshank, Alex., engineer, 12 Fish street 
Cruickshank, Colin A., bookseller and stationer, 5 George st., 

h 3 Sea View place 
Cruickshank, Rev. G. W. S., 261| George street 
Cruickshank, George P., dispensing chemist, 218 George street, 

h Hamilton place 
Cruickshank, George T., grocer and spirit merchant, 52^ Skene 

square, 7i 14 Mount street west 
Cruickshank, George, Brighton place 
Cruickshank, James, Brighton place 
Cruickshank, James, Ashley terrace 
Cruickshank, James, stamper (P.O.), 83 Park street 
Cruickshank, James, butcher, 37 Skene street, h 5 Nellfield 

Cruickshank, John, insurance and general agent, 26 Belmont 

street, h 32 Loanhead terrace 
Cruickshank, John T., commercial traveller (E. Ewen & Co., 

Hawick), 15 Powis terrace 
Cruickshank, John, carver and gilder, 13 Crown street, h 1 

Justice Mill lane 
Cruickshank, John F., teacher (Eubislaw Public School), 12 

Gladstone place 


Criiicksliank, John, carter, 8 Hill street 
Cruicksliank, Robert, letter carrier (P.O.), 26 Union row 
Cruickshank, Robert D. (of S. & C), 47 Richmond street 
Cruicksliank, Mrs James, tobacconist and stationer, 11 Summer 

lane, h 10 Park place 
Cruickshank, Mrs Robert, Beech Lee, Cuparstone road 
Cruicksliank, Mrs, lodgings, 164 Crown street 
Cruickshank, Mrs, lodgings, 84 Broad street 
Cruickshank, Mrs, provision merchant, 164 Causewayend 
Cruickshank, Mrs, grocer, 104, h 105 1 Gallowgate 
Cruickshank, Miss B., dressmaker, 116 Chapel street 
Caddie, Mrs, 7 Belvidere street 

Culter Mills Paper Co., Limited, papermakers. Guild street 
Cuniine, J. P., advocate (of Watt & Cumine), 169 Crown st. 
Cumine, Misses, 3 Albyn place 
Cummine, George, shipmaster, 49 Powis place 
Cumming, A. (R. Brotchie & Co., Leith, tea merchants), 4 

Belmont street, h 4 South Mount street 
Cumming, Alexander, shoemaker and sexton, John Knox 

Cemetery, 13 Mounthooly 
Cumming, Alexander, bottler, 18 Frederick street 
Cumming, Alex., wholesale tea merchant, 58 Skene street, h 

2 Watson street 
Cumming, Andrew, flesher, 21 Market hall 
Cumming, James, ship chandler and grocer, 79 and 80, h 78 

Waterloo quay 
Cumming, John, spirit dealer, 64 Queen street, h 10 Charlotte 

Cumming, John, grocer and provision curer, 18^, h 20 Mary- 
well street 
Cumming, Robert, clerk (Post Office) 
Cumming, Robert (of W. Black & Co., Devanha Brewery), 9 

Devanha terrace 
Cumming, Robert, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 41 Union 

place, h 28 Holburn road 
Cumming, Mrs, lodgings, 217 Union street 
Cumming, Mrs, lodgings, 14 Correction wynd 
Cumming, Miss, 25 Frederick street 
Cunningham, Thomas, house carpenter, 3 Commerce lane, 7i 

23 Commerce street 
Curr, Thomas (successor to J. & R. Urquhart), tea and coffee 

iiierchant, and manufacturer of coffee essence, Aberdeen 

Coffee Works, Schoolhill, h The Terrace, Seafield 
Curran, James, superintendent, Trinity Cemetery, h The 

Lodge, Cemetery gate 
Currie, David, 63 Rose street 
Currie, George, slater, 31 Gilcomston park 



Curtis, George T. (Inland Eevenue), 3 Argyll place 

Curtiss & . Harvey, gunpowder manufacturers ; local agents, 
R. Connon & Co., 2 Trinity buildings 

Cushnie, William, silk and woollen dyer, and skin mat manu- 
facturer, 2 William's place. Spring garden 

Cushnie, Misses, 44 Skene terrace 

Custom House, 16 Regent quay ; watcli house, New Pier, 

Cuthbert, James, manager (Gilcomston Brewery Co.), h at 

Cuthbert, Miss 12 North Silver street 

DAKERS, Alexander, lithographer, engraver, and printer, 17 
and 19 Netherkirkgate, h 48 Constitution street 

Dakers, James, coachbuilder, 7, h 6 Union wynd 

Dale, James, teacher (Robert Gordon's College), 44 King street 

Dalgarno, Rev. James, 10 Rose street 

Dalgarno, Thomas, & Son, stair-rail makers, 29 Princes street, 
h 85 Wales street 

Dalgarno, Wm., miller, Spring garden Mills, 40 Spring garden 

Dalgarno, Wm. (of T. D. & Son), 25 Jasmine terrace 

Dalgarno, Mrs, house proprietrix, 62 Catherine street 

Dalgety, Alexander, consulting engineer, 70 h 66 Hutcheon st. 

Dalgety Brothers, engineers and boilermakers, 70 Hutcheon st. 

Dalgety, William (of Dalgety Bros.), 66 Hutcheon street 

Dalgleish, Wm., governor, St. Nicholas Poor-house, li Friendly 
Bank, Mounthooly 

Daniel, Charles W. (N. Ass. Co.), Woodend, Hazelhead 

Daniel, David, grocer, 27 Upperkirkgate 

Daniel, James, & Son, printers, publishers, stationers, book and 
chart sellers, 46 and 48 Castle street 

Daniel, John, 120 King street 

Daniel, Wm. (of Warrack & Daniel), 17 North Charlotte st. 

Daniel, Mrs Wm., 26 Chapel street 

Danson, Rev. J. M., M.A., Incumbent of St. Andrew's Epis- 
copal Chm-ch, 18 King street 

Darling, David C. (of Cardno & Darling), 2 Rosemount terrace 

Darling, James, teacher (Marywell street Public School), h 54 
Stanley street 

Darling, Thomas (of Cardlio & Darling), 2 Rosemount terrace 

David, Mrs William, feuar, 137 Causewayend 

Davidson & Garden, advocates, 7 Union terrace 

Davidson & Kay, chemists, 205 Union street 

Davidson & Sim, wholesale druggists, Victoria court, 54 Castle 

Davidson, Alex. Dyce, M. A., M.D., professor of materia medica, 
Unversity of Aberdeen, 224 Union street 


Davidson, Alex., advocate, 7 Union terrace, h Desswood, and 
1 Diamond street 

Davidson, Alex., gun and fishing tackle maker, 20 Carmelite 
street, h 4 Nellfield place 

Davidson, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 202 Gallowgate, A 16 
Argyll place 

Davidson, Alex., furniture dealer, cabinetmaker, and uphol- 
sterer, 21 and 25 St. Andrew street, h 57 Loanhead ter. 

Davidson, Alex., 4 Belmont place 

Davidson, Alex. (Mains of Cairnbrogie), 32 Osborne place 

Davidson, Alex., coach painter, 33 Hutcheon street 

Davidson, Alex., gardener. Market Hall, li 36 St. Paul's street 

Davidson, Alex., hairdresser 19 George street 

Davidson, A., plumber and gasGtter, 61 /i 63 Queen street 

Davidson, A. (of J. & A. Davidson), Woodbank, North Dee- 
side road 

Davidson, Arch., foreman engineer (H. E. & Co.) 31 Clarence st. 

Davidson Brothers, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 131 ^ 
Union street ; workshop, 18 Summer street 

Davidson, C, & Sons (Limited), paper manufacturers ; ware- 
house, 4 Trinity Quay ; works, Muggiemoss and Bux- 

Davidson, Charles (of Davidson & Kay), Forresterhill 

Davidson, Charles B., advocate (of Robertson & Lumsden), 
County Buildings, Castle street, h 8 Rotunda place 

Davidson, Charles R., shipmaster, 64 Ashley place 

Davidson, C & W., merchants, rope and twine manufacturers, 
35 St. Clement Street ; office, 17 Regent quay 

Davidson, George (of G. & W. Davidson), Wellwood, Cults 

Davidson, George, stonecutter, 43 Richmond street 

Davidson, George, slater, 37 ^Summer street 

Davidson, George, gardener & fruiterer, 138 and 140 Gallow- 
gate, h Pitmuxton 

Davidson, Henry, market gardener, 35 Skene street, h South 

Davidson, J. & A., coal merchants, ship owners, and ship in- 
surance brokers, Provost Blaikie's quay, and 125 Union 

Davidson, J. & R., timber merchants, cabinetmakers and cart- 
wrights, 94 Cause way end ; Sawmills, 3 Willowdale j)l., 
152 West North street 

Davidson, James, teller. Union Bank, 34 Ashley place 

Davidson, James, wine merchant, 44 Castle street h Fountain- 
hall road 

Davidson, James (of J. & A. Davidson), Homewood, Countess- 
wells road 

Davidson, James, flesher, 47 Market hall, 7i 19 Crown street 


Davidson, James (of Davidson Brothers), 26 Summer street 

Davidson, James, sculptor, Britannia Granite Polishing works, 
54 Constitution street 

Davidson, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 79 Broad street, li 
Banchory Park Cottage, King's Gate 

Davidson, James, plasterer, 45 Skene terrace 

Davidson, James, 3 Eldon terrace 

Davidson, James, manager (Scottish Employers Liability and 
Accident Co., Limited), 92 Union street, /i 13 Beech- 
grove terrace 

Davidson, John, advocate, 34 St. Nicholas street, h 5 Ann pi. 

Davidson, John, assistant pilot master, Pocra Pier 

Davidson, John, potato merchant, Ruthrieston 

Davidson, John, Home farm, Sheddocksley 

Davidson, John (of J. & R. Davidson), 91 Causewayend 

Davidson, John, flesher, 27 Park street 

Davidson, John, pianoforte maker, 36 Holburn road 

Davidson, John, stabler, 6 Mealmarket street 

Davidson, Peter, bookkeeper, 4 Claremont place 

Davidson, Robert, manufacturing chemist, 32 Canal road 

Davidson, Robert (of Davidson Brothers), 28 Union Row 

Davidson, Robert, agent, 46a Powis Place 

Davidson, Robert (of J. & R. Davidson), 3 Willowdale place, 
152 West North street 

Davidson, R., insurance and shipping agent, 2 Correction 
wynd, h 53 Garden place 

Davidson, Samuel, 21 Richmond terrace 

Davidson, Thomas, fishcurer, fish salesman, and auctioneer, 
Pointlaw, and Wet Fish Market, h 2 Prospect terrace 

Davidson, Thomas, writer, 103 Union street, h Claremont 
House, Claremont street . 

Davidson, Wm., &Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, and 
dealers in agricultural seeds, 44 Broad street 

Davidson, William, printer and paper ruler, 15 St. Nicholas 
street, h 70 Dee street 

Davidson, Wm., warehouseman, 34 Jasmine terrace 

Davidson, Wm., flesher, executors of the late, 4 Mounthooly 

Davidson, William, & Son, tailors, clothiers, hosiers, glovers, 
&c., 87 Union street, h Fernlea, King's Gate 

Davidson, Wm. (of Davidson & Sim), 83 Stanley street 

Davidson, Wm., miller and grain merchant, 12 and 14 Com- 
merce street, and Inverurie 

Davidson, William, gardener, 97 Bon- Accord street, h Ferry- 
hill Mills 

Davidson, William C, 59 Victoria street 

Davidson, Wm., bookbinder, and band sergeant, 1st A. R. V., 
65 Loch street 


Davidson, Wm., licensed porter, 8 Denburn side, h 28 Black- 
friars street 

Davidson, Wm., Ashley terrace 

Davidson, Wm., (Footdee Cafe), 40 St. Clement street 

Davidson, Mrs John, 37 Ashley place 

Davidson, Mrs John, house proprietrix, 16 Watson street 

Davidson, Mrs JosejDh, lodgings, 156 Crown street 

Davidson, Mrs Charles, 13 Ferryhill place 

Davidson, Mrs Robt, fruiterer, 4 and 5 Arcade, Union Place, 
h 97 Chapel street 

Davidson, Mrs Wm., Garibaldi place, 73 Skene square 

Davidson, Mrs, lodgings, 146^ George street 

Davidson, Mrs, hosier. 111 John street, h 2 Baker street 

Davidson, Mrs, broker, 163 Gallowgate 

Davidson, Mrs, 38 Albyn place 

Davidson, Mrs (late of Ceylon), 42 Belvidere place 

Davidson, Mrs, sick nurse, Springbank House, Dee place 

Davidson, Mrs, 44 Skene terrace 

Davidson, Miss, lodgings, 2 Rosebank terrace 

Davidson, Miss Janet, hosiery and worsted dealer, 43 Green, h 
38 Union terrace 

Davidson, Miss, outfitting dept. (Pratt & Keith), 67 Chapel st. 

Davidson, Miss, 47 Watson street 

Davidson, Miss, teacher of music and French, 12 St. Mary's 

Davidson, Miss, hosier, 30b Belmont street 

Davidson, Miss, 3 Eden place 

Davidson, Miss, Bloomfield 

Davidson, Miss, dressmaker, 5 Whitehouse street 

Davidson, Misses, hosiers and drapers, 65 Queen street 

Davie, James, draper and silk mercer, 28 Union place, li 5 
Chattan place 

Davie, James, jobbing gardener, 2 Nellfield place 

Davie, John, carpenter (Aberdeen Commercial Co.), 10 Regent 

Dawson, Alex. (Watson, Philip & DaAvson), 31 Victoria street 

Dawson, Charles, compositor, 39 Union terrace 

Dawson, David, blacksmith, 29 Gilcomston steps, and refresh- 
ment rooms, 87 George street, h 30 Hill street 

Dawson, George, shipmaster, 42 King's crescent 

Dawson, George, shoemaker, 59 Gallowgate, h 52 Powis place 

Dawson, G. C, organist (St. Andrew's), 31 Bon- Accord street 

Dawson, John Grant, advocate, 25 Marischal street, h 28 High 
street, old Aberdeen 

Dawson, Robert, foreman nailmaker (G. & T.), 278 George 

Dawson, William, cartwright, 10 7i 11 Jopp's lane 


Dawson, William, house carpenter and horticultural builder, 

136a Skene street, h 27 Thistle street 
Dawson, Mrs Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 61 Windmill 

Dawson, Mrs Eobert, late of Buxburn, Millbank Cottage, 

Stafford street 
Dawson, Mrs, dressmaker, 20 Kintore place 
Day, George, lieutenant of police (City), 13 Diamond street 
De Faye, Clement, pasteur, 49 Schoolhill 
De Lessert, Alfred Alexander, L.D.S., R.C.S.I., surgeon-dentist, 

220 Union street 
Deaf and Dumb Institution, 31 Belmont street ; Alex. Pender, 

superintendent and teacher 
Dean, Mrs, 161 King street 
Deans, Matthew, chimney sweep, 25 Mutton brae 
Deans, Walter, hay and straw merchant, Weigh-house square, 

h 1 Virginia street 
Dee Swimming Club and Humane Society, secretary, James 

Henderson, 83 King street 
Dempsey, George, spirit dealer, 7 Exchequer row 
Denmark, consul for ; William E. Buyers, 53 Marischal street 
Dent, Hastings, commander, Coast Guard, Clydeburn House, 

Gordondale road 
Des Clayes, Camille, principal (Aberdeen Collegiate School), 

Deuchar, James, shoemaker, 7 Holburn street 
Deuchar, William, clerk (G. K. of S. R. Joint Station), 33 

Caledonian place 
Deuchar, Mrs, teacher of music and German, 33 Caledonian 

• place 
Devanha Brewery, Devanha ; William Black & Co. 
Devanha Distillery Co., Polmuir ; William Black & Co. 
Dewar, David, general draper, 49 Castle street, h Cosie brae, 

Dewar, George (of David Dewar), 58 Dee street 
Dewar, Rev. James (Free Rutherford), Bonnymuir Villa, Low 

Stocket road 
Dewar, James, tobacconist, 41a George street 
Dey, Hugh, letter carrier (P.O.), 194 George street 
Dey, William, M.A., rector. Old Aberdeen Grammar School, 

14 Roslin terrace 
Dey, William, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 1 Church st., 

h 11 Clarence street 
Diack, Alexander, collector of Oldniachar Poor's Assessment ; 

Office, 9 Diamond street, h 70 Springbank terrace 
Diack, Arthur, tailor and clothier, 228 George street, h 68 

Catherine street 


Diack, James, county police, 25 Lodge walk 
Diack, Peter, assistant inspector of poor (St. Nicholas) 84 Bon- 
Accord street 
Diack, William, clothier, 21 Queen street 
Diack, Mis Wm, grocer, 23 Woolmanhill, h 4 Blackfriars st. 
Diack, Mrs, 4 Mount place 
Diack, Mrs, 12 Balmoral place 
Diack, Miss, milliner, 27 Lodge walk 

Dick & Youngson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, West- 
field road, h Mile-end 
Dickie, Eev. Andrew (United Presbyterian Church, St, Paul 

street), 29 North Silver street 
Dickie, Andrew, house carpenter, 7 Windmill lane, 7i 14 Thistle 

Dickie, Andrew B., writer (J. & G. Collie), 29 North Silver st. 
Dickie, George, cashier (J. & R. Ligertwood), Hammerfield 
Dickie, George, bookseller (James Murray), 10 Ferryhill ter. 
Dickie, Wm., Sheriff officer, 16 Adelphi 
Dickie, Mrs Professor, 16 Albyn terrace 
Dickson, William, 68 Dee street 
Dickson, Mrs George, 176 Crown street 
Dilling, Wm., cashier (Davidson & Garden), 45 Grove street 
Dinnes & Middleton, house carpenters aud builders, 35a 

Chapel street 
Dinnes, William (of D. & M.), Mormond Cottage, Holburn 

Dinnes, William, inspector of works, Aberdeen School Board, 

31 King street, h Ash cottage, 95 Leadside road 
Dinnie, Alex., photographer, 3 Bridge place, Bridge street, h 

2 Argyll place 
Dinnie, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 117 George street 
Dingwall, Arthur, general merchant and dairy, 21, h 24 

Chattan place 
Dingwall, Rev. George, B.D. (Craigiebuckler Church), 4 Eldon 

Dippe, Miss, lodgings, 1 Broad street 
Dispensary, General, 61 Guestrow 

Divorty, George, clerk (J. Saint & Co.), 168 Crown street 
Doak, Rev. Andrew, M.A. (Free Trinity Church), 3 Granville 

place, Cuparstone 
Dobson, Rev. J. E. (United Presbyterian Church, Nelson st.), 

h Wilton House, King's Gate 
Doig, James, 24 Constitution street 
Donald, Alexander, wood merchant, Commercial road, h 19 

Skene terrace 
Donald, Alexander, butcher, 16 Queen street, h 63 Hutcheon 



Donald, George, glass and colonr merchant, 16 and 18 Nether- 

kirkgate, h 289 Union street 
Donald, George, jun., painter and glazier, 16 and 18 Netlier- 

kirkgate, A 18 Thistle street 
Donald, James, farrier, 6 Crooked lane 
Donald, James, governor. Old Machar Poor House, h St. 

Machar place 
Donald, James, miller and grain merchant, 14 and 16 Welling- 
ton place, h Newmills, Peterculter 
Donald, James, & Co., grocers and ship store merchants, 9a 

Regent quay 
Donald, James (of James Donald & Co.), 22 Bank street 
Donald, James, insurance agent, 33 Hutcheon street 
Donald, John, dynamite agent, 4 Belmont street, h Cressbrook 

Cottage, Rubislaw 
Donald, John, cab hirer, 93 Rosemount place 
Donald, John R., hatter, 29 George street, h 15 Denburn ter. 
Donald, Robert, engineer, 44^ Holburn street 
Donald, Robert S., sergeant of police, 56 Marischal street 
Donald, William, Woodland House, Bieldside, Murtle 
Donald, Wni., painter and glazier, 16 and 18 Netherkirkgate, 

h 6 Constitution street 
Donald, Mrs, lodgings, 45 Skene terrace 
Donald, Miss, dressmaker, 70 Rose street 
Donald, Miss, 26 Crown street 
Donald, Misses, 10 Chapel street 
Donaldson, Alexander, feuar, 22 Portland street 
Donaldson, Alexander, shipmaster, 11 Union Buildings 
Donaldson, Rev. Andrew D., M.A., junior minister (Free St. 

Clements), 3 Springbank terrace 
Donaldson, James, draper, 32 Loanhead terrace 
Donaldson, John, refreshment rooms, 59 Queen street, h 68 

Broad street 
Donaldson, Robert, flesher, 57 Commerce street, h 2 Roslin 

Donaldson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 124 King street 
Donaldson, Wm., tobacconist, Alexandra Buildings, Guild st., 

/ill Nelson street 
Donaldson, Mrs A., 3 Calton terrace 
Donaldson, Mrs John, lodgings, 27a Dee street 
Donaldson, Mrs, grocer, 23 Gerrard street 
Douglas, Alex., grocer, 21 Chapel street, h 3 Thistle street 
Douglas, The Hon. and Right Rev. Arthur Gascoigne, Bishop 

of Aberdeen and Orkney. See alterations and additions. 
Douglas, Charles, joiner, 89 Claremont street 
Douglas, David, shoemaker, 89 Claremont street 
Douglas, John, pawnbroker, 32 Justice street, h 42 Park street 


Douglas, Thomas, purveyor to Her Majesty, Douglas Hotel, 43 

and 45 Market street, h Airyhall 
Douglas, Thomas S., glass and bottle merchant, 2 South Con- 
stitution street, h 50 Park street 
Douglas, Mrs, 71 Crown street 

Dow, Alexander, heel and toe-plate maker, 141 Causeway end 
Dow, John, boot and shoemaker, 82, h 137 North Broadford 
Downie & Bennett, advocates, 1 Adelphi 
DoM^nie, Alexander, boot merchant, 44 Guestrow 
Downie, Charles Gordon (of Downie & Bennett), 32 Albyn pi. 
Downie, James, 19 Young street 

Downie, John, writer, 46 King street, h 57 Rosemount place 
Downie, Mrs John, grocer, 8, h 6 Holburn street 
Downie, Miss, teacher, Achor Cottage, 3 Powis terrace 
Downie, Miss, 33 Charlotte street 
Drummond, John, & Son, boot and shoemakers, warehouse, 

175 TJnion street 
Drummond, John, sen. (of J. D. & Son), Hammerfielcl, Cupar- 

Drummond, John, jun. (of J. & J. D.), 6 Eldon terrace 
Drummond, J. & J., leather and oil merchants, mill and 

engineer furnishers, India rubber and gutta percha 

dealers, 2^ Belmont street 
Drummond, K H. K., produce broker and commission agent, 

2^ Belmont street, h Hammerfield 
Drummond, Miss, 20 Springbank terrace 
Drummond, Miss, dressmaker, 20 Bank street 
Drysdale, John, messenger (N. S. Savings Bank), 27 Exchange 

Ducat, James, commercial manager and secretary, Aberdeen 

Jute Co., Limited, Banchory Park, King's Gate 
Duckworth, Henry, joiner and van builder. Market street, end 

of Palmerston road 
Duckworth's temperance restaurant. Market street 
Duff, Archibald, coal, lime, fire clay goods and cement mer- 
chant, office, Guild street, h Annfield, Cuparstone 
Duff, William, provision merchant, 20, h 22 Thistle street 
Duff, Mrs, 5 Albert street 
Duff, Mrs, lodgings, 170 Crown street 
Duff, Miss, dressmaker, 54 Summer street 
Duff us, Alex., wholesale confectioner, 4 North St. Andrew st, 

A 10 Golden square 
Duff us, B., watchmaker and jeweller, 46 Upperkirkgate, and 

55 and 56 Market Gallery, h 44 U]3perkirkgate 
Duff us, George, hotel-keeper, 9 and 13 Guestrow 
Duffus, Mrs, ironmonger, 53 and 54 Market Gallery, h 44 



Diiffus, Mrs, sick nnrse, 20 Gordon street 

Duffus, Misses, Temperance Hotel, 54 Union street 

Dufton, Alex., stoneware merchant, 31 Thistle street, h 17 

Denburn terrace 
DiTgan, Hugh, china merchant, 31, h 31a George street 
Duguicl, Andrew, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 43 Schoolhill, 

h 30 Watson street 
Duguid, C. J. G., 24 Bon- Accord terrace 
Duguid, David, fishing tackle maker, 5 Flourmill brae, 7i 6 

Watson street 
Duguid, George, builder, Kintore place, h 46 A^iew terrace 
Duguid, James, advocate and notary public (of Fraser & 

Duguid), 24 Bon-Accord terrace 
Duguid, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 Holburn street, h 2 

Irvine place 
Duguid, Peter, advocate, (of Stronach, Duncan, and Duguid), 

Fonthill road, Ferryhill 
Duguid, Peter, saddler, and portmanteau maker, 12 Schoolhill 
Duguid, Robert, 26 South Mount street 
Duguid, Robert A., inspector (G. N. S. R. Joint Station), 18 

Portland street 
Duguid, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Holburn place, h 

13 Holburn road 
Duguid, Wm. (of J. Smith & Co.), Auchlunies, Maryculter, and 

12 Albyn terrace 
Duguid, Mrs, 20 Kintore place 
Duguid, Mrs, sick nurse, 13 Holburn road 
Duguid, Misses, Newlands, Ruthrieston 
Duguid, Miss, 6 Rosemount terrace 
Dunbar, James, Deeside diary, 150b Union street 
Dunbar, Mrs William, 205 George street 
Dunbar, Mrs, dressmaker, 9 Causewayend 
Duncan & Morice, advocates, 34 Marischal street 
Duncan, Alex., com. agent, 22 Adelphi, h 16 Ferryhill place 
Duncan, Alex., store-keeper. Locomotive dept., Kitty brewster, 

h Old Inn House, Kittybrewster 
Duncan, A. J., cashier (Devanha) 

Duncan, Alex., stationer and news-agent, 39 Causewayend 
Duncan, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer. Bridge of Dee 
Duncan, Alex., hearse and cab proprietor, livery stables 47 & 

49 Wales street, office and h 103 King street 
Duncan, Alexander (P.O.), 19a Richmond street 
Duncan, Calder, foreman plater (H. R. & Co.), Torry 
Duncan, Charles, advocate (of Stronach, Duncan, & Dnguid), 

procurator fiscal of Aberdeen and Kincardine, 35a 

Union street, and procurator fiscal's ofiice, Court House 

Buildings, Castle street, h Deebank, Murtle 


Duncan, Charles, janitor. Grammar School, Skene street west 
Duncan, D., D.Sc. (of Presidency College, Madras), 4 St. 

Swithin street 
Duncan, D. & H., Bathing station, li 4 Wellington place 
Duncan, David, inn and stabling, 8 West North street, h 4 

Wellington place 
Duncan, Douglass, advocate (of J. & D. Duncan), 2 Crown 

Duncan, George, spirit dealer, 19 Castle street, h Ferndale 

Cottage, King street road 
Duncan, George, commission agent, 90, h 88 John street 
Duncan, George, night watchman (Joint Station), 24 Holburn 

Duncan, George, tailor, 11 Market Gallery 
Duncan, J. & J., cab and lorry hirers. Clay hills and Ferryhill 
Duncan, James, 116 North Broadford 
Duncan, James (Caledonian Railway), 39 College street 
Duncan, J., com. traveller (J. Catto), 1 Adelphi 
Duncan, John & Douglass, advocates, 8 Castle street 
Duncan, Rev. John (Trinity Congregational Chapel), Calsay- 

Duncan, John, jun., advocate (of Duncan & Morice), Merle- 
bank, Ruthrieston 
Duncan, John, furnishing and wholesale ironmonger, smith, 

&c., Adelphi House, 51 Union street ; workshop, 2 

Chapel lane, h 7 Albury road 
Duncan, Jolm, spirit dealer, 8, h 4^ Justice street 
Duncan, John, cattle salesman (to the Queen) and auctioneer, 

Cattle Market, King street, h Zetland House, King st. 

road, and Whitestripes, Bridge of Don 
Duncan, John, 43 Chapel street 

Duncan, John, general merchant, 28 Mealmarket street 
Duncan, John, foreman blacksmith, Kittybrewster, 11 Powis 

Duncan, J. W. (Dundee Advertiser and People's Journal), 30 

Market street, h 266| George street 
Duncan, R. S., Meadowbank, Cults 
Duncan, Robert R., carter and contractor, 37 Albion street, h 

12 Castle terrace 
Duncan, Thomas, civil engineer and surveyor, 47 Victoria st. 
Duncan, Thomas, grocer, 252 George street 
Duncan, Thomas, pawnbroker, 5 Seamount place 
Duncan, Wm., sen., boot and shoemaker, and leather cutter, 

37 Broad street and 2 Ragg's lane, h 1 Cherrybank, 

Duncan, Wm., grocer, South Mile-end, Bridge of Dee, h 

Falcon House 


Duncan, Wm., weaver, 9 Broadford lane, h 121 Causewayend 
Duncan, Wm. W. (H.M.C.), 60 Jasmine terrace 
Duncan, Wm. S., tailor and news-agent, 25 and 29 Causeway- 
Duncan, Mrs, Raeden House, North Stocket 
Duncan, Mrs Adam, 21 Victoria street, and Yellow Cottage, 

Duncan, Mrs A., general merchant, 75 Upper Denburn 
Duncan, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Broad street 
Duncan, Mrs Dr., 87 Bon- Accord street 
Duncan, Mrs James, 8 Strawberry bank 
Duncan, Mrs John, 47 Victoria street 
Duncan, Mrs John, 6 Watson street 
Duncan, Mrs M., grocer and spirit dealer, 17 Causewayend, h 

58 Nelson street 
Duncan, Mrs, 4 Correction wynd 

Duncan, Miss, teacher (Free Holburn School), 30 Thistle st. 
Duncan, Miss, poultry dealer, 26 Shiprow 
Duncan, Miss, biblewoman (Blackfriars' Bible Class), 56 Ger- 

rard street 
Duncan, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 4 Granton place, Ti 37 

Market street 
Duncan, Miss, laundress, 47 Rosemount place 
Duncan, Miss, 31 Schoolhill 

Duncan, Misses, drapers, South Bridge, Holburn street 
Dundee Shipping Office, 3 Trinity buildings. Trinity quay. 
Dunn, Arthur, mason, 1^ Nellfield place 
Dunn, David (of S. & D.), 39 Watson street 
Dunn, James, stoneware merchant, 80, h 95 Causewayend 
Dunn, John A., Globe boot and shoe warehouse, 15 Market 

street, and 26 and 30 Union street, h 55 Dee street 
Dunn, John, chemist and druggist, 45 Woolmanhill, h 22 

Prospect terrace 
Dunn, John, moulding manufacturer, 2, h 6 Rose street 
Dunn, Robert, shoemaker (J. A. Dunn), 14 Springbank ter. 
Dunn, Wm., advocate, 63 Union street, h 30 Bon- Accord ter. 
Dunn, Mrs, 7 Westfield terrace 
Dunn, Mrs David, 7 Alford place 
Dunn, Miss, milliner, 22 Prospect terrace 
Dunnet, James F., shopman (Hay & Lyall), 97 Chapel street 
Dunningham, John, engineer, 8 Claremont place 
Dunningham, William, wholesale watch and clock maker, 78 

Union street, h West View, Irvine place 
Durham, Robert, Granitehill 

Durnin, George, brewer, 20, h 22 Mealmarket street 
Durno & Cameron, drapers and silk mercers, 19 and 21 Broad 



Durno, Alex., printer, 34 Gallowgate 

Durno, Alex. E. (of Durno & Cameron), 6 Marine terrace 

Durno, James (of S. & J. Watts & Co.), office, 22 Adelplii, h 

26 Osborne place 
Durno, James, grocer, 32 Nortli Albert street, h above shop 
Durwarcl, Gordon, 42 Union terrace 
Durward, Robert, spirit merchant, 2 Exchange street, h 36 

Union street 
Duthie, Alex, (of J. Duthie, Sons, & Co.), 3 Albyn terrace 
Duthie, Alex., ironmonger, smith, and dealer in india rubber 

goods, 104 Union street, h\\ Balmoral terrace 
Duthie, Alex., blacksmith, 24 Jack's brae, h 36 Richmond st. 
Duthie Brothers, hemp, wire rope and sailmakers, Links, 

Footdee, York street 
Duthie, C. W. (of Leslie & Duthie), 17 Queen street 
Duthie, Chas., merchant, Kepplestone, Mannofield 
Duthie, James (of Duthie Brothers), 53 Wellington street and 

Springbank Lodge, Mannofield 
Duthie, James, 19 Mount street 
Duthie, James, teacher (Ross's School), Leighton Lodge, 126 

Duthie, James, ship carpenter, 46 Park street 
Duthie, John, Sons, & Co., ship builders, York place 
Duthie, John, innkeeper, 180 Gallowgate 
Duthie, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 99 Skene street, li 44 

Belvidere place 
Duthie, Robert, shipowner, York place, h Pitmedden, Udny 
Duthie, Stewart, fish curer. Point Law, h 30 Prospect terrace 
Duthie, William (of Cairnbulg), shipowner, 13 Regent quay, h 

Ashley Lodge, Cuparstone 
Duthie, William, Banff Villa, Cults 
Duthie, Mrs, sen., of Cairnbulg, 20 Albyn place 
Duthie, Mrs, lodgings, 17 Queen street 
Duthie, Mrs, midwife, 55 Catherine street 
Duthie, Miss Elizabeth (of Ruthrieston), Broadford House, 20 

Broadford place 
Duthie, Misses, 13 Balmoral place 
Dyce, Miss, 12 Albyn place 
Dyker, James, traveller (David & John Smith, Glasgow), 47 

St. Nicholas street 
Dyker, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 47 St. Nicholas street 

EAST-END Cafe Co., 78 Waterloo quay, and 40 Clarence st. 
Easton, David, secretary (Union Bank), Rockland, Cults 
Easton, David (Davidson & Garden), 18 Loanhead terrace 
Easton, Mrs James, 18 Loanhead terrace 
Eaton, James, 4 Queen's road 



Eden, Mrs, lodgings, 88 Skene square 

Eddie, Alexander, late baker, 130 Crown street 

Eddie, William, chemist and druggist, 30, h 28 George street 

Eddie, William, inspector of water meters, 14 Holbiirn place 

Eddie, Miss, 13 Springbank terrace 

Edmond »i Spark, J. & J. P., bookbinders and stationers, 54 

Queen street 
Edmond, Alex., sen., advocate (of Edmonds & Macqueen), 

Edmond, Alexander, jun., advocate (of J. & A. Edmond), 229 

Union street 
Edmond, Francis, LL.D., advocate (of Edmonds' «& Macqueen), 

5 Albyn place 
Edmond, J. & A., advocates, 229 Union street 
Edmond, John, advocate (of Edmonds & Macqneen), 23 

Edmond, John Philip (of J. & J. P. E. & S.), 64 Bon- Accord 

Edmond, Wm., tailor and clothier, 22, h 160 Crown street 
Edmond, Misses, 37 Springbank terrace 
Edmonds & Macqueen, advocates, 10 Bridge street 
Edmonston & Co., warehousemen, 26 Exchange street 
Edmonston, Charles, com. traveller, 22 Adelphi, h 14 Beech- 
grove terrace 
Edmonston, John (of E. & Co.), Monaltrie Villa, Seafield 
Ednie, John (Richards & Co.), h Rubislaw Villa 
Edward, Alex., sub-agent (British Linen Bank, Market street 

branch), Renmuir Cottage, Fountainhall road 
Edward, John, jobbing gardener, 19 Gordon street 
Edward, John, baker, Belvidere place, h above shop 
Edward, Wm., shipmaster, 40 Bon-Accord street 
Edward, Mrs, 34 Ashley place 
Edwards, A, messenger (H.M.C.), Custom House, 16 Regent 

Edwards, D. (of J. & D. E.), 76 Holburn street 
Edwards, J. & D., boot and shoemakers, 38 Union place 
Edwards, James (of J. &. D. E.), 26 Holburn place 
Edwards, John (of Bruce, Edwards, & Milne), Beeclihill, 

Edwards, John, stonecutter, 11 Ferryhill terrace 
Edwards, Matthew, secretary, Aberdeen Temperance Society, 

2 Correction wynd, h 6 View terrace 
Edwards, Wm., polished granite manufacturer, 33 and 35, h 

36 St. Clair street 
Edwards, Miss, housekeeper. Royal Infirmary 
Elder, Alexander M., plumber (of Gunn & Elder), 49 Chapel 



Elder, George, jeweller, 59 St. Nicholas street, h 27 North 

Elder, William, commercial traveller (W. Ford & Son), 121 
Crown street 

Elder, Miss, corsetmaker, 37 Bon- Accord street 

Elfert, 0. H., grocer and wine merchant, 1 Chattan place, h 
29 Claremont place 

Ellicock, Joseph, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 64, h 62 
George street 

Elliot, Mrs Wm., 16 Bridge street 

Ellis & M'Hardy, coal merchants, ship brokers, and commis- 
sion agents, 10^ Regent quay 

Ellis & Wilson, architects, Victoria Buildings, 34 Bridge st. 

Ellis, Alex, (of Ellis & Wilson), 66 Springbank terrace 

Ellis, John (of Ellis & M'Hardy), 60 Bon- Accord street 

Ellis, Miss, lodgings, 2 Guestrow 

Ellis, Miss Isabella, dressmaker, 10 Skene square 

Ellis, Miss, ostrich feather dyer and dresser, 10 Dee street 

Elmslie, Wm., grocer and spirit merchant, 50 Virginia street^ 
h 27a Constitution street 

Elmslie, Mrs, 52 Chapel street 

Elmsly, Mrs, late of Woodside, 14 Bon- Accord square 

Elmsly, Mrs, 48 Springbank terrace 

Elrick, Alex., cutler, 43 George street, 7i 57 John street 

Elrick, Charles G., & Co., Limited, comb manufacturers, works, 

Elrick, Wm. (G. N. of S. R), 176 Crown street 

Elrick, Mrs, lodgings, 42 King's crescent 

Elrick, Mrs, 7 Margaret street 

Elsmie, George, & Son, commission agents and coal merchants, 

11 Regent quay 
Elsmie, James (of G. Elsmie & Son), 22 Bon- Accord terrace 
Emslie & Burnett, painters, 87 Spring garden 
Emslie, Andrew, house carpenter, 12 Rosemount place, h 28 

North Broadford 
Emslie, George, spirit dealer, 53 John street, h 90 Powis 

Emslie, James B., manager, 4 Mounthooly, h 18 Kingsland 

Emslie, James, provision merchant, 33 Urquhart road 
Emslie, James, hardware merchant, 64 Park street 
Emslie, Joseph L., M.D., 37 Jack's brae 
Emslie, Mrs, 25 Bank street 
Emslie, Miss (Pratt & Keith), 32 Union terrace 
Engineer's Office (Volunteers), 8 Union wynd 
England, James, stoneware merchant, 13 Skene street 
England, George (of James Saint & Co.), 15 Victoria street 


Epidemic Hospital, Cimnigarhill, Park road 
Erskine, Alex., rope and twine manufacturer, Soiitli Constitu- 
tion street, h 64 East North street 
Erskine, John, furnishing tailor, 3 Blackfriars street, h 73 

John street 
Esplin, William, sen.. Cults 
Esslemont & Macintosh, warehousemen, 11 and 13 Broad st., 

and 10 and 12 Union lane 
Esslemont, Alex,, wholesale grocer, tea and coffee merchant, 

32, h 30 King street 
Esslemont, John E., family grocer (Branch Post Office), 2 and 

4 King street, h 2 Affleck street 
Esslemont, Peter (of Esslemont & Macintosh), 34 Albyn place 
Esson, Charles, 43 South Constitution street 
Esson, George (Journal Office), 167 Skene street west 
Esson, James, draper and silk mercer, 40 Castle street 
Esson, John, assistant (J. F. & Co.), 5 Huntly street 
Esson, John, draughtsman (Footdee Ironworks), 3a Crown 

Esson, Lewis, tailor, 2 Broadford place, h 76 North Broadford 
Esson, Robert, tailor and clothier, 96 and 98 Rosemount place, 

h 20 Argyll place 
Esson, Misses, 28 Thistle street 
Ewan, Smith, inspector of police, 22 Gordon street 
Ewan, Mrs J., lodgings, 95 Rosemount place 
Ewan, Mrs, furniture dealer, 26 Castle street 
Ewart, Alex., blacksmith, 10 Yeat's lane 
Ewen & Co., boot and shoemakers, 25 Schoolhill 
Ewen, Alex., & Co., family grocers, 270 George street, h 8 John 

Ewen, John, tailor and clothier. Imperial place 
Ewen, John, boot and shoemaker, 7 Summer lane 
Ewen, William (of Ewen & Co.), 24 View terrace 
Ewen, William, stonecutter, 14 Ferryhill terrace 
Ewing, Alexander, shoemaker and news agent, 3, 7i 13 Jack's 

Ewing, David, flesher, 42 Market hall, li Greyfriars buildgs., 

Ewing, James, sexton and warden (St. Clements), funeral 

waiter and undertaker, 20 Prince Regent street 
Ewing, James, photographer, 11 Crown street 
Ewing, J. D., joiner, 20 Prince Regent street 
Ewing, James, cashier (C. & P. H. Chalmers), 36 Mount street 
Ewing, John, session clerk, Holburn parish, h 5 Albert terrace 
Ewing, Mrs, 30 Urquhart road 
Exchange Billiard Rooms, 4 Exchange street, William 



Exchange Restaurant, 24 Exchange street, and 21 Stirling 

street, A. Scatterty, jun. 
Eyval, William, clerk (Union Works), 10 Margaret street 

FAIRLEY, John, Billiard Saloon, 63 Union street, and 

Adelphi lane, h 166 Crown street 
Fairweather, Mrs David, 193 Union street 
Falconer, George (of J. Falconer & Co.), 24 Union row 
Falconer, George, advocate, 63 Union street, h 24 Union row 
Falconer, George, saw-trimmer, 7 Harriet street, h Loanhead 

Falconer, George, shipmaster, 1 Millbank terrace 
Falconer, J. G., commission agent, 4 Regent quay, li\l Erskine 

Falconer, John, late farmer. Prospect House, 90 Rosemount 

Falconer, Mrs Joseph, 5 Cherrybank, Hardgate 
Falconer, John, & Co., drapers, 65 Union street 
Falconer, Wm. (of J. Falconer & Co.), 20 Osborne place 
Falconer, Mrs Robert, spirit dealer, 19 Hadden street 
Falconer, Mrs, sick nurse, 58 Castle street 
Falconer, Miss, 14 Chapel street 

Falconer, Misses, Belvidere House, Mile-end, Stocket road 
Fantom, James, manager, Bannermill, h Bannermill Cottage, 

60 Constitution street 
Farquhar & Gill, colour and varnish manufacturers, glass and 

oil merchants, wholesale dealers in paperhangings and 

mouldings. Drum's lane, and St. Paul street 
Farquhar, Ben., upholsterer, 66 Woolmanhill, h 175^ Gallow- 

Farquhar, Francis, sergeant of police, 13 Nelson street 
Farquhar, George, hosier and woollen draper, 16, A 14 Castle 

Farquhar, James, plumber and brassfounder, 24 Upperkirkgate, 

/i 71 Dee street 
Farquhar, James, shipmaster, 67 Broad street 
Farquhar, James, house carpenter, 18 Broomhill place 
Farquhar, Robert, Waverley Hotel, Guild street 
Farquhar, T., surgeon-major, H. M.'s Indian army, 16 Rubis- 

law terrace 
Farquhar, Wm. C, house carpenter and blacksmith, Hill- 

Farquhar, Mrs F., lodgings, 13 Nelson street 
Farquhar, Miss, 18 Garden place 
Farquhar, Miss, 15 Rose street 
Farquharson & Co., family grocers and wine merchants, 131 

Union street 


Farquharson, Cliarles, flesher, 42 Skene square, li 8 South 

Mount street 
Farquliarson, George, house carpenter, 5 Harriet street, h 57 

John street 
Farquharson, Henry, fish curer, Point Law, h 75 Union street 
Farquliarson, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 36 Park 

street, h 29 Constitution street 
Farquharson, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Jasmine ter. 
Farquharson, John, 1 Abbotsford place 
Farquharson, Peter, 72 Chapel street 
Farquharson, Peter, house proprietor, 22 Belmont street, h 

Farquharson, Wm., builder, Gilcomston park, h 32 Thomson 

Farquharson, Wm., fish dealer, 9 Basement, Market, h 3 . 

Crown terrace 
Farquharson, Miss (of Allargue), 18 Albert street 
Farrell, Maurice 0. (H.M.C.), 18 Marywell street 
Fearnside, John, chemist and druggist, 49 Green, /i 18 Ashley 

Female Domestic Servants, Benevolent Society for ; secretary, 

W. Kendall Burnett, 123^ Union street 
Female Orphan Asylum, 19 Albyn place, Mrs Reid, matron 
Female School of Industry (Aberdeen), North Lodge, King 

street, Miss Campbell, matron 
Female School of Industry (Sheriff Watson's), Skene street 

Fenton Brothers, hairdressers and perfumers, 117 Union street 
Fenton, John G., bookbinder, 13 Bon-Accord street, 
Fenton, Robert (of Fenton Brothers), 6 Abbotsford place 
Fenton, Wm., shipbroker, 21 Regent quay, h 6 Neptune terrace 
Ferguson, Alex., & Co., painters, glaziers, and decorators, 43 

Union place 
Ferguson, Alex, (of A. F. & Co.), 8 Thistle place 
Ferguson, J. & J., advocates and sharebrokers, 31 Adelphi 

Ferguson, John, junior, advocate, 31 Adelphi, h 41 Albyn 

Ferguson, Robert, silk dyer and renovator, 42 Upperkirkgate, 

h 7 Charles court, 40 Upperkirkgate 
Ferguson, Thomas, insurance and general agent, 245 Union 

street, h 46 Don street, Old Aberdeen 
Ferguson, Wm, 39 Constitution street 
Ferguson, Mrs Fergus, 12 Mount street 
Ferguson, Mrs John, 41 Albyn place 

Fergusson, Robert (of A. Macdonald, Field, & Co.), Temora, 


Fernie, Alex. D., shipmaster, 12 Caledonian place 

Ferres, John, & Co., booksellers and news agents, 81 Windmill 

brae, h Hillhead, Ferryhill 
Ferrier, Alex., loco, foreman (N. B. Ry.), 16i Bank street 
Ferrier, James, fruiterer. Market Hall, and 7 Waverley place, li 

66 Green 
Ferrier, Mrs John, spirit dealer and lodgings, 64 Regent quay 
Ferrier, Misses, boarding and day school, 6 Bon- Accord square 
Ferries, James, salesman (ISTorthern Co-Operative Company, 

Limited), 1, 3, h 14 Holburn road 
Ferries, John, cashier (N. Co-Op. Co., Lini.), 27 Marywell street 
Ferries, Peter, spirit dealer, 2 Schoolhill and 1 & 3 George st., 

h 7 Powis terrace 
Ferries, Wm., spirit dealer, 8 Back wynd, h Den of Cults 
Fettes, David (of Marr & Fettes), 23 Prospect terrace 
Fettes, James, slater, 44 Skene street 
Fettes, Joseph, com. traveller, 4 Charles street 
Fettes, Misses, 57 Watson street 
Fiddes, Alexander, grocer, 52 and 54 West North street, and 

132 Causwayend, h 4 Roslin terrace 
Fiddes, Rev. Alex., Assistant, West Parish, 1 Queen's road 
Fiddes, Edward, joint manager, N. of Scotland Bank, Limited, 

h 1 Queen's road 
Fiddes, John, cabinetmaker, 15, h 13 Upperkirkgate 
Fiddes, Rev. Robt., minister of Kinellar, 5 Balmoral terrace 
Fiddes, John, salesman (J. Raffan), 24 Portland street 
Fiddes, Wm., joiner and box maker, 75 George street, h 159 

North Broadford 
Fiddes, Mrs Francis, 9 Albert terrace 
Fiddes, Misses, 154 Union street 
Fidler, Alexander, coalbroker, 93 Wales street 
Figg, C. W., waiter, 31 Chapel street 
Fildes, Horace, solicitor (of J. & A. Webster), 44 King street, 

/j 15 Watson street 
Findlater, George, clerk (Bon- Accord Distillery Co., Limited), 

1 Strawberry bank 
Findlater, Robert B.N., wine merchant, 39 Adelphi, h 1 

Strawberry bank 
Findlay & Co., indiarubber merchants, 146 George street 
Findlay, Alexander, feuar, 6 Hawthorn terrace 
Findlay, Alex, (of Findlay & Co.), 23 Thomson street 
Findlay, George (of A. Steele & Co.), 50 Victoria street 
Findlay, George (of M. & F.), New buildings, Nellfield place 
Findlay, Gilbert, hairdresser, 9 St. Catherine's wynd 
Findlay, James, late merchant, 1 Prince Arthur street 
Findlay, James, teacher, St. Clement Street Public School, h 
178 Crown street 


Findlay, Joliii, clothier, 21, h 72 Queen street 
Findlay, L., & Son, fislicurers, Pocra Pier 
Findlay, Wm. (of L. Findlay & Son), 1 Castlehill 
Findlay, Wm., late merchant, 2a Albyn place 
Findlay, Wm,, shipmaster, 160 Crown street 
Findlay, William, foreman boilermaker (H. E. & Co.), 29 Cot- 
ton street 
Findlay, Mrs, sick nurse, 35 Rose street 
Findlay, Mrs, 26 Marywell street 
Findlay, Mrs G., 4 Mount street west 
Findlay, Mrs (National Hotel), 42 Regent quay 
Findlay, Miss, dressmaker, 19 Chapel street 
Findlay, Miss Ann, lodgings, 18 Craigie street 
Findlay, Miss, 60 Ashley place 

Finlayson, Alex., writer, 34 St. Nicholas st., h 36 Loanhead ter. 
Finlayson, Miss, 42 Marischal street 
Finlayson, James, tailor and clothier, 6 Huntly street, h 232 

George street 
Finlayson, Robert B., clerk (Town Council, Gas Dept.) 
Finnie, Mrs, 27 Victoria street 

Fire Engine Station, Municipal buildings, Broad street 
Do. do. 101 Chapel street 

Do. do. 86 Waterloo quay 

Do. do. 92 Causewayend 

Do. do. Ferryhill road 

Firth, Joseph C, watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 29 St. 

Nicholas street, h 123^ Union street 
Fish Market, Upper quay 

Fisher and Ironside, wine merchants, 38 St. Paul street 
Fisher, John (of F. & I.), Hilton Villa, Woodside 
Fitzpatrick, Rev. H., B.D. (Free Greyfriars), 42 Skene terrace 
FitzjDatrick, John, spirit dealer, 8 Littlejohn street 
Fitzpatrick, John, jun., cork manufacturer, 24 St. Paul street, 

h 8 Littlejohn street 
Flann, Mrs, 36 Union terrace 
Fleming, J. & J., hardware merchants, 24 Broad street, 7i 17 

Bon- Accord terrace 
Fleming, James D., clerk (stamps and taxes. Inland Revenue), 

h 8 Affleck street 
Fleming, John, merchant and shipowner, 48 Market street, h 

South Seafield, Cuparstone road 
Fleming, John, wood merchant, Regent road 
Fleming, Mrs. J. G., South Seafield, Cuparstone road 
Fleming, Mrs John, 81 Crown street 
Fletcher, Alex., fish curer, Clayhills 
Fletcher, Wm., currier and leather merchant, 55 Princes street, 

h 23 Constitution street 


Flett, Alexander, baker, 7, h 9 Dee street 

Flett, John, baker, 142, h 140 George street 

Flockhart, John C. (of W. Black & Co.), Devanha Brewery, h 

Devanha Cottage, Ferryhill 
Florence, James (of J. Laing & Co.), 10 Queen's road 
Florence, John (of Bower & Florence), Rose Acre Cottage, 29 

King's crescent 
Florence, Peter, sculptor, 68, h\b Nelson street 
Florence, Mrs, midwife, 30 Park street 
Foggo, Eobert G., factor, 76 Garden place 
Footdee Cafe, 38 St. Clement street 
Footdee Dairy, Wm. Robertson, 29 Wellington street 
Footdee Drapery Warehouse, 9 St. Clement street 
Footdee Ironworks, St. Clement street ; Blaikie Brothers 
Footdee Sawmills, 53 York street ; John Rust & Son 
Forbes & M'Gregor, wholesale merchants and commission 

agents, Weigh-house square 
Forbes, Alex., & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 42 Queen street 
Forbes, Alex., Morkeu, Pitfodels 
Forbes, Alex., Willford Cottage, 102 Powis place 
Forbes, A. Knight, merchant (of F. & M'G.), 2 Mackie place 
Forbes, Alexander, jun., merchant (of J. Forbes & Sons), 1 

Albyn terrace 
Forbes, Alex., teacher (Ruthrieston Public School), Salisbury 

Forbes, Alexander, A.M., Galleries, Skene street west 
Forbes, Alexander, spirit dealer, 137 Gallowgate, h Croll's 

buildings, Gallowgate 
Forbes, Alex., plasterer, 37 Bon- Accord street 
Forbes, Andrew (Customs), 52 Wellington street 
Forbes, Andrew, salesman (Pratt & Keith), 3 Prospect terrace 
Forbes, Arthur, commercial traveller (Farquhar & Gill), 7 

Colville place 
Forbes, Duncan, Ernan Lodge, King's gate 
Forbes, Francis, general blacksmith, 48, h 56 Nelson street 
Forbes, Frederick, 32 Springbank terrace 
Forbes, George, commercial traveller, 50 Ashley terrace 
Forbes, James, & Sons, merchants and general warehousemen, 

24 Market street 
Forbes, James, merchant (of J. Forbes & Sons), 1 Albyn 

Forbes, James, wright, Cuparstone row, near Southbridge 
Forbes, James, builder, cartwright, and blacksmith, Bridge of 

Forbes, James, quarrymaster, Kincorth, Bridge of Dee 
Forbes, James, slater, 27 Hutcheon street, h 43 Longacre 
Forbes, James, stonecutter, 65, h 58 Nelson street 


Forbes, Eev. John, D.D., LL.D,, prof, of Oriental languages, 

3 Westfield terrace 
Forbes, John, meter inspector (Town Council, gas clept), 126 

Eosemount place 
Forbes, P., sawmaker, 34 St. Paul street, h 12 Urquliart road 
Forbes, Tlios,, fisli dealer, 8 Basement floor, Market, h Torry 
Forbes, Kev. Wm., M.A., Mannofield Church, 17 Victoria 

Forbes, Dowager, Hon. Lady, of Craigievar, 26 Albyn place 
Forbes, Mrs, 2 Albury road 
Forbes, Mrs, 8 Millburn street 
Forbes, Mrs James, 25 E-egent quay 
Forbes, Mrs, lodgings, 3 Skene terrace 
Forbes, Mrs, lodgings, 2 Gray's buildings, Eosemount 
Forbes, Mrs, 5 St. Mary's place 
Forbes, Mrs, lodgings, 178 Crown street 
Forbes, Mrs, 1 Gilcomston place 
Forbes, Miss, of Echt, 97 Crown street 
Forbes, Miss, 1 Albyn terrace 
Forbes, Miss, lodgings, 13 Holburn place 
Forbes, Misses, dressmakers, 160 Crown street 
Ford, John, flint glass manufacturer to the Queen (Holyrood 

Flint Glass Works, Edinburgh) ; china warehouse, 136 

Union street ; John Veitch, manager 
Ford, Wm., & Sons, of London, Leith, and Glasgow^, 22 Ex- 
change street 
Fordyce, Edward, principal porter, passenger department, 

Joint Station, h 4 Marywell street 
Fordyce, George, & Co., builders, Hutcheon st. west, h Dyce 
Forest, Wm., farmer, Abbotwells, Kincorth, Bridge of Dee 
Forrest, George S., senior master. Ferry hill Public School, 175 

Skene street west 
Forrest, James F., ship carpenter and boat builder. Provost 

Blaikie's quay, h 33 South Constitution street 
Forrest, James, inspector (Board of Health), T. C, h 5 Haw- 
thorn terrace 
Forrest, Matthew, painter and glazier, 19 Eichmond street, h 

42 View terrace 
Forrest, Mrs, 28 Marywell street 
Forshaw, James H., 19 Ashley road 
Forss, Mrs A. C, 85 Stanley street 
Forsyth, A. G., clerk, Eoyal Infirmary ; office, 27 Exchange 

street, h 1 Crown place 
Forsyth, Alex, (of J. Gray & Co.), 9 Castle street 
Forsyth, Alex. L., & Sons, boatbuilders and sawmillers, York 

street, h at works 
Forsyth, Alex., miller, 10, 7i 12 Holburn street 

gMeral directort. 159 

Forsyth, John, boot and shoemaker, principal beadle (Free St. 

Clements), 25, h 27 Summer lane 
Forsyth, J. Grant, warehouseman (of S. & F.), 5 Belvidere st. 
Forsyth, Mrs, lodgings, 86i Crown street 
Forsyth, Mrs, lodgings, 31 Belvidere street 
Forsyth, Mrs, stoneware merchant, 4 Skene street 
Forsyth, Miss, 166 Crown street 
Forsyth's Temperance Hotel, 90 to 102 Union street ; Misses 

Walker, proprietors, h Well Brae 
Fotheringham, Thomas, cashier (M. H. & M.), 147 Union st., 

h 48 Loanhead terrace 
Fotheringham, Miss, 55 Victoria street 
Fowler & Norrie, fish curers. Point Law 
Fowler, Alexander, goods agent, Deeside rail., 24 Bank street 
Fowler, James (of Fowler & Norrie), 32 Prospect terrace 
Fowler, John, linen and woollen draper, 88, h 108 King street 
Fowler, Wm., music teacher, 32 Prospect terrace 
Fowler, Mrs John, 5 Huntly street 
France, Vice-Consul ; J. F. White, 107 King street 
Franciscan Nuns, Convent, Huntly street 
Franklin, Hamilton, beadle, St. Paul's Chapel, 61 Gallowgate 
Fraser & Duguid, advocates, Albany buildings. Bridge street 
Fraser, Alex., mason, 26 Holburn road 
Fraser, Alex, (of Morgan & Fraser), 10 Watson street 
Fraser, Alex., general merchant, 43, h 45 York street 
Fraser, Angus, M.D., 232 Union street 
Fraser, Charles R., painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 1 South 

CroAvn street, A 181 Crown street 
Fraser, Charles, Town-house keeper, City .buildings. Union st. 
Fraser, Charles, family grocer, 54 Watson street, A 19 King 

street road 
Fraser, Daniel, plumber, 60 Loanhead terrace 
Fraser, David, of Derncleugh, Broadforcl House, 81 North 

Fraser, Donald, broker, 88 Shiprow 
Fraser, G. & W., steam jDrinters, lithogr',.phers, and stationers, 

Belmont Works, off Belmont street 
Fraser, George (of G. & W. Fraser), 81 Rosemount place 
Fraser, George, bookseller, 189 George street, h 42 North 

Charlotte street 
Fraser, George, grocer, 125 Causeway end 
Fraser, Gray C., advocate (of Fraser & Duguid), 8 West 

Craibstone street 
Fraser, Hector, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 58 Gallowgate, 

h 47 Carden place 
Fraser, Hugh, china merchant (to the Queen), 55, h 54 Castle 



Fraser, James, agent, 26 Thomson street 

Eraser, James, washing powder, and blacking manufacturer, 

Balmoral soajD powder works, Canal place, Mounthooly, 

7i 10 College bounds 
Fraser, James, wright, 27 Dee Village road 
Fraser, James, letter carrier (P.O.), 50 Chapel street 
Fraser, James, shipmaster, 26 Thomson street 
Fraser, James, sheriff-officer, 28 Hill street 
Fraser, James C, 38 Thomson street 
Fraser, John Philip, artist, School of Art, Market street, h 46 

Carden place 
Fraser, John, bandmaster (1st A.RV.), 20 Skene street 
Fraser, John, 58 Bon-Accord street and Kincorth, Nigg 
Fraser, John, carver, 6 Upperkirkgate, h 49 Loch street 
Fraser, John (of Ceylon), 87 Stanley street 
Fraser, John, & Son, granite merchants and manufacturers, 

The Granite Works, Aberdeen, Hutcheon street west, 

office, 81 North Broadford 
Fraser, John (of John Fraser & Son), Broadford House, 81 

North Broadford 
Fraser, John (late T. & C. Bank), 21 Springbank terrace 
Fraser, John, beadle (Queen's Cross, F.C.), 10 Claremont 

Fraser, John, miller and grain merchant. Upper Justice Mills, 

warehouse, 17 Wellington place 
Fraser, John, grocer, 19 Albion street 
Fraser, John M'K., tobacconist, 9 Union buildings, & Albany 

buildings. Bridge street, h Bridge street, above shop 
Fraser, Robert, clerk (P.O.), 30 Bank street 
Fraser, Thomas, agelit, 84 King street 

Fraser, Thomas, jun., clerk (G. & W. Davidson), 84 King st. 
Fraser, William, surgeon, 31 Union terrace 
Fraser, William, ironmonger and dealer in India rubber goods, 

57 St. Nicholas street, li Ashley bank, Cuparstone 
Fraser, William, drill instructor (1st A.R.V.), 24 Jasmine 

Fraser, Wm. A., watchmaker, 30 Dee street 
Fraser, Wm., gardener. Market Hall 
Eraser, Wm., 30 Watson street 

Eraser, Wm. (of G. & W. Eraser), 10 South Mount street 
Eraser, Mrs Colonel, 4 Bon-Accord square 
Eraser, Mrs, lodgings, 168 Crown street 
Eraser, Mrs, 25 Union place 
Eraser, Mrs, sick nurse, 37 Ann street 
Eraser, Mrs, flesher, 13 Market Hall 
Fraser, Mrs James, Yew Cottage, Bridge of Dee 
Fraser, Mrs, flesher, 15, A 10 Summer lane 


Fraser, Miss, ornamental hair worker, 55 Jasmine terrace 

Fraser, Miss M., lodgings, 9 Little Belmont street 

Fraser, Miss M., 13 Drum's lane 

Fraser, Miss, dressmaker, 172 Crown street 

Frater, Alex., book-keeper (J. Blaikie & Sons,) 3 Gray's build- 
ings, Rosemount 

Frater, tFames, accountant. City Chamberlain's Office, and 
Billet Master, h 4 Caledonian place 

Frederick, Mrs, fancy hair worker, 211 Union street 

Free Church College, Alford place ; curator, Wm. Beveridge, 
2 Alford place 

French, Samuel, grocer, VSa Hutcheon street 

Friends, Society of. Meeting House, 13 Diamond street 

Frost, Robert, bookseller, 112 King street 

Fullerton, Alex., 3 Crimon place 

Fullerton, Mrs, tea and provision merchant, 20 Hanover street 

Fullerton, Mrs, merchant, 38 Cotton street 

Fullerton, Misses, 4 Rotunda place 

Fyfe & Co., wholesale and retail hatters and hosiers, 2, 4, and 
6 St. Nicliolas street, and 4 and 5 Union buildings 

Fyfe, George, grocer, 51 Shiprow, h 126 King street 

Fyfe, J. & S. (late Gumming & Fyfe), painters, glaziers, and 
paperhangings, 5 Dee street ; workshop, 81 Windmill- 

Fyfe, James (of J. & S. Fyfe), 5 Thistle place 

Fyfe, Rev. John, M.A., Professor of Moral Philosophy (Aber- 
deen University), 7 Rubislaw terrace 

Fyfe, John, stone merchant, 72 Waterloo quay, li Beechgrove, 
Mile-end ; Quarries, grey granite, Kemnay, Toms 
Forest, and Cove, red, Corrennie 

Fyfe, John, & Son, brushmakers (to the Queen), 22 St. Nicholas 
street, workshop, 66 Netherkirkgate, A 16 Bon-Accord 

Fyfe, John, foreman. King Streeet Saw Mills, 27 Jasmine ter. 

Fyfe, Leslie, draper, 150, h 152 George street 

Fyfe, Lewis, draper, 36 Ferryhill place 

Fyfe, Samuel, painter, 5 Dee street, h 39 Bon- Accord street 

Fyfe, Wm. C. (Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.), 20 Welling- 
ton place 

Fyfe, Wm. W., & Co., brassfounders and plumbers, 13 Rose st. 

Fyfe, Wm. W. (of W. W. Fyfe & Co.), 176 Crown street 

Fyfe, Wm. (of Fyfe & Co.), Gleniffer Cottage, King street road 

Fyfe, William T., senior English master, High School for 
Girls, Little Belmont street, h 3 Osborne place 

Fyfe, Mrs S., 27 Thistle street 

Fyfe, Mrs, cookery instructress, 70 Dee street 

Fyfe, Misses, ladies' boarding and day school, 147 Crown st. 



GABRIEL, David, sen,, inspector of quays and harbour police; 

office, Regent road, li Commercial Court, 58 Castle st. 
Gabriel, David, jun., clerk (Scbool Board Office), h 58 Castle 

Gabriel, James, gatekeeper, Footdee Iron Works, h at the gate 
Gaffron, William, spirit dealer, 29 St. Clement street, h 3 

Mitchell place 
Gage, Mrs Andrew, 48 Skene street 
Gair, John, draper, 46 North Charlotte street 
Galbraith, Rev. Matthew, M.A. (Charlotte st. U.P. Church), 

13 Devanha terrace 
Gall & Walker, builders, Richmond street 
, Gall, Andrew, chemist and druggist, 26J Skene square, h 17 

Mount street 
Gall, George, principal officer, Aberdeen School Board, 31 

King street, h 5 Hawthorn terrace 
Gall, James, wright, Clayhills, h 32 Portland street 
Gall, John (of Gall & Walker), 139 Leadside road 
Gall, Wm., tailor, 24 St. Nicholas lane 
Galloway, James, engine driver (Cal. Railway), Deemount 

Gammie & Johnstone, coal, grain, and commission agents, 47 

Clarence street 
Gammie, William (of Gammie & Johnstone), 57 Cotton street 
Ganson, Herman, ship and insurance broker, and commission 

merchant, 63 Marischal street, h 89 Wales street 
Ganson, John, shipmaster, 42 Constitution street 
Ganson, Miss B., teacher, Boys' and Girls' Hospital, King st. 
Garden & Co., Victoria Granite Works, King street 
Garden & Raeburn, bakers, 32 Schoolhill 
Garden, F. T., advocate (of C. & P. H. Chalmers), 3 West 

Craibstone street 
Garden, James, advocate (of Davidson & Garden), 6 Union 

terrace, h Woodthorpe House, Murtle 
Garden, James Murray, advocate and notary public (of David- 
son & Garden) Maryfield, Ferryhill 
Garden, James, upholsterer, foreman (J. A. & Sons), 54 Chapel 

Garden, John, messenger. Royal Bank, h 34 Thomson street 
Garden, John, gardener, Calsayseat 
Garden, R. J., M.D., CM., 15 Golden square 
Garden, William, gun and fishing tackle manufacturer, 122J 

Union street, A 125 Crown street 
Garden, William (of Garden & Co.), King street, 7i 17 Jasmine 

Garden, William (of A. Pirie & Sons), 6 Crown terrace 
Garden, Mrs, draper, 19 Market Gallery 


Garden, Mrs Win., 53 Huntly street 

Gardiner, Charles, 3 Oakdale terrace, Mannofield 

Gardiner, Edward, commercial traveller, Hammerfield, Ciipar- 

Gardiner, H. 0. (Brebner & Grant), 168 Crown street 
Garey, Wm., artist, 37, h 35 Back wynd 
Garioch, James, fisli and poultry dealer, 65 Basement floor, 

Market, h 20 Longacre 
Garioch, Peter, innkeeper, potato merchant, fish dealer, &c., 

13 Hadden street, h 1 Stirling street 
Garland, Mrs, lodgings, 26 Skene street 
Garner, Captain John, R.N., 11 Irvine place 
Garrow, James, jun., fish and game dealer, 69 Basement floor, 

Market, A 115 Union street 
Garrow, Robt., fish and game dealer (to the Queen and H.R.H. 

the Prince of Wales), 26 Hadden st., h 115 Union st. 
Garrow, Mrs James, 115 Union street 
Garvie, James, & Sons, house and horticultural builders, 

cabinet makers, timber merchants and contractors, 

North British steam joinery and cabinet works. Rose 

Garvie, James, & Sons, painters, glaziers, and paperhangers, 

and art furniture warerooms, 236 Union street 
Garvie, Robert Glegg, engineer (of B. Reid & Co.), Bon- 
Accord Works, h Fonthill terrace 
Garvie, James, sen., 9 Margaret street 
Garvie, Wm. (of J. G. & Sons), 1 Osborne place 
Gas Office, City Buildings, 2 Broad street 
Gas Meters, weights and measures, A. Robb, inspector, 23 

Lodge walk 
Gaudie, Hugh, house carpenter and furniture dealer, 81, 

workshop and h 86 George street 
Gaudie, John, house carpenter, 2 Belmont road 
Gauld & M'Kenzie, builders, Gilcomston park 
Gauld & Third, sculptors, Belmont granite works, 49 and 51 

Nelson street 
Gauld, Alexander, assistant superintendent (Joint Station), 38 

Springbank terrace 
Gauld, Alexander, fish, poultry, and game dealer, 24 Hadden 

street, h Laurel Cottage, 9 Powis terrace 
Gauld, Charles, commercial traveller, Claremont Cottage, 

Claremont street 
Gauld, E., jun., builder, Gilcomston Cottage, Gilcomston place 
Gauld, James (of Gauld & M'Kenzie), 28 Thomson street 
Gauld, John (of Gauld & Third), 1 Hillhead terrace, Spittal 
Gavin, John, & Sons, Birsack Mills, millers and grain 

merchants, 198 George street 


Gavin, William, house agent, 2 Correction wynd, h Lome 

Bank, Broomliill road 
Gavin, Mrs William, 46 Belmont street 
Geddes, George, clothier and hatter, 36 Market street, h Forest 

Cottage, Broomliill road 
Geddes, James L., secretary (Culter Mills Paper Co.), 71 SjDring- 

hank terrace 
Geddes, Wm., & Co., sack hirers, 20 Adelphi 
Geddes, Wm._ (of W. G. & Co.), 7 Chapel street 
Geddes, William, plasterer, 54 Hutcheon street, h 86 Hutcheon 

street west 
Geddes, Mrs, 37 Union place 

Geering, Edmund, photographer, 10 Union place, h Cults 
Gellan, William, principal clerk (Harbour Office), 33 Bank 

Gellie, William C, photographic printer, 30 Thistle street 
George, Lewis, engineer, 124 George street 
George, Eobert, tailor and clothier, 115, h 113 John street 
George, Mrs James, lodgings, 57 Park street 
Gerard, George, 5 Balmoral terrace 
Gerard, Robert (of G. Lyall & Co.), 97 Union street 
Gerrard, James, nurseryman and florist. West End Nursery, 

4 & 10 Grove street, and Market hall, h 36 Grove street 
German Empire Consul, P. Ludwig, 17 Regent quay 
Gerrie, Mrs, lodgings, 57 Regent quay 
Gerrie, Miss, lodgings, 29 Union street 
Gervaise, Walter, general dealer, 5a Carmelite street 
Gibb & Hay, draughtsmen, lithographers, and engravers, orna- 
mental and general printers (to Her Majesty), 3 Queen 

street and 40 Broad street 
Gibb, Alexander, traffic agent for L. & N. W. Railway, and 

Caledonian Railway ; office, Guild street station, h 7 

Roslin terrace 
Gibb, Alex, (of J. & A. Gibb), 12 Queen's road 
Gibb, George, plasterer, 72, h 54 Nelson street 
Gibb, Herbert B., Merkland road Cottage, off King street road 
Gibb, James, bootmaker, 16 Marischal street, h 20 Bank street 
Gibb, John, market officer, 66 Green 

Gibb, John, & Son, Rubislaw Granite Quarries, 4 Belmont st. 
Gibb, John, & Sons, outfitters and general merchants, 28 

Regent quay 
Gibb, J. & A., wholesale warehousemen, 32 Market street 
Gibb, John (of J. & A. Gibb), 1 Belvidere street 
Gibb, John (of J. Gibb & Sons), 31 Dee street 
Gibb, Robert, stationer, 61 Upper Denburn 
Gibb, Robert (Excelsior Granite Works), King street, h 37 

Watson street 


Gibb, Thomas, spirit merchant, 27 Guestrow, h 25 Seamount 

Gibb, Wm., stone merchant, Cressbrook 
Gibb, Wm., boot and shoemaker, 33, h 65 Park street 
Gibb, Wm., provision merchant, 12 Catherine street, h 37^ 

South Constitution street 
Gibb, Mrs Andrew, 40 Victoria street 
Gibb, Misses, 63 Springbank terrace 

Gibbon, Alex, (late Bengal Medical Service), 2 Queen's terrace 
Gibbon, Miss, 152 Crown street 
Gibson & Thomson, engravers, lithographers, printers, and 

stationers, 60 Netherkirkgate, and 12 Correction wynd 
Gibson, Andrew, fishcurer, 30 Cuparstone place 
Gibson, Andrew, chimney sweep, 152 Gallowgate 
Gibson, Andrew, carter, 4 Black's buildings 
Gibson, Charles, chimney sweep, 2 Garden -nook close 
Gibson, James, tailor and clothier, 49 Queen street, h Head- 
croft place, Bon- Accord lane 
Gibson, James, accountant (Com. Bank of Scotland, Limited), 

7 King street 
Gibson, Robert H. (M. Rettie & Sons), 43 Victoria street 
Gibson, Thomas B. (of Lumsden & Gibson), 2 Golden square 
Gibson, Wm., 1 St. S within street 
Gibson, William, seedsman (of B. Beid »& Co.), 3 Little Chapel 

Gibson, Wm., plasterer (of W. Robertson & Co.), 61 Hutcheon 

Gibson, W. Milne (of Gibson & Thomson), 4 Black's buildings 
Gibson, Mrs, 4 Dee place 
Gibson, Mrs G., 21 Skene row 
Gibson, Mrs, sick nurse, 35 Whitehouse street 
Gibson, Mrs, 176 Crown street 
Gibson, Miss, 19 North Silver street 
Gifford & Son, carvers and gilders, printsellers, and artists' 

colourmen, 265 Union street 
Gifford, James, jun. (of GifFord & Son), 25 Rose street 
Gifford, Mrs James, sen., 30 North Silver street 
Gilbert, Robert, plasterer, 56 Chapel street 
Gilbert, Thomas, 11 Kingsland place 
Gilbert, Mrs J. L., 23 Mount street west 
Gilchrist, Dr. Alfred, 168 Skene street west 
Gilchrist, Rev. J. W., 11 Balmoral place 
Gilchrist, Wm., & Co., funeral undertakers, 74 Queen street 
Gilcomston Brewery, Gilcomston, James Cuthbert, manager 
Gilcomston Comb Works, Rodger's walk, John street ; J. 

M'Pherson & Co. 
Giles, Alex., jobbing gardener, 8| Margaret street 


Giles, James, jobbing gardener, Fountainhall 

Giles, Wm., chemist and druggist, 123, 7i 121 Crown street 

Giles, Wm., 7 Nellfield place 

Gill, Alex., watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 59 Union st., 

?i 21 Watson street 
Gill, Alex. 0. (of Farquhar & Gill), Fairfield, Fonthill road 
Gill, John, general draper, 110 George street, h 15 Beechgrove 

Gill, Samuel, mason, 63 Kosemount place 
Gill, T. P., reporter (Free Press), 163 North Broadford 
Gillan, William, house carpenter, 99 George street, h 134 

North Broadford 
Gillan, William, general merchant, 4 Guild street, h View 

Cottage, 43 View terrace 
Gillan, Mrs R, lodgings, 4 Rosebank terrace 
Gillanders & Sons, joiners, cabinetmakers, and funeral under- 
takers, 91 Loch street 
Gillanders, George, inspector of works (W. H. & Son), 4 Eden 

Gillanders, Mrs William Eobb, Millbank house, 139 Hardgate 
Gillespie, Thomas, clerk (Inland Revenue office), Income 

Tax Department, 27 King street 
Gillespie, Wm., Gilcomston Tavern, 16 Steps of Gilcomston 
Gillies, Archibald, manager ( Aberdeen Journal), h Cluny Cot- 
tage, 13 Balmoral ]3lace 
Gillies, John McD., painter and glazier, 7 Little Belmont st., 

h 160 Hutcheon street west 
Gillies, T. R. (of Rutherford & Gillies, advocates), 13 Balmoral 

Gilmour, James, file maker. Harper's court, 74 West North st,, 

h 227 King street 
Girls' Hospital, King street 
Glashan, John, shipmaster, 162 Crown street 
Glass, James, slater, 15 Baker street, h 52 John street 
Glass, Robert, assistant (Gordon & Smith), 195 Union street 
Glegg & Thomson, iron merchants and wholesale ironmongers, 

177 and 179 George street 
Glegg, Alex. R., grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant. 111 

Causewayend, h New Inn House, Kittybrewster 
Glegg, Robert (of Glegg & Thomson), Park House, Loch-head 
Glegg, Robert, late shipmaster, 76 Powis place 
Glegg, Mrs Robert, Fountainhall road 
Glenesk, William, overseer, 71 Rosemount place 
Glenesk, William S., bookseller and stationer, 95 George st., 

A 71 Rosemount place 
Glennie, Harvey A., book-keeper, 46 Holburn road 
Glennie, James, insurance agent, 10 North Broadford 


Glennie, John, house carj^enter, 48 Watson street 

Glennie, William, boot and shoemaker, 34 Market street, h 50 

Garden place 
Glennie, Mrs, innkeeper, 56 Queen street, and 49 Lodge walk 
Glennie, Mrs A., 3 Gladstone place 
Glennie, Miss, 102 Crown street 
Globe Parcel Express Office, 5 Adelphi lane ; John Lunan, 

Glover, William K., chemist (of Davidson & Kay), 26 Union 

Goldney, W. R., Windsor and cane chair manufacturer, Hut- 

cheon street west 
Gollan, Mrs, lodgings, 6 Black's buildings 
Gonnella, J. & F., refreshment rooms, 71 Broad street 
Gonsalvo, James, house proprietor, 23 Canal road 
Good, William Clements (of Robinson, Crum, & Co., Limited), 

12 Rubislaw terrace 
Goodall, Rev. James (Gallowgate Free Church), 14 Correction 

Goodbrand, James (of S. & G.), 25 King's crescent 
Goodbrand, J. M., hosier, &c., 176 George street, li Viewton 

place, 31 King's crescent 
Goodbrand, Stephen (of S. & G.), h Viewton place, 31 King's 

Goodbrand, Stephen, hosier and manufacturer, 33 St. Nicholas 

street, h Viewton place, 31 King's crescent 
Goodwin, Wm., late post office mail guard, 168 Crown street 
Gordon & Smith, family grocers (agents for W. & A. Gilbey), 

wine merchants, 195 and 197 Union street 
Gordon & Watt, glaziers, paper hangers, and decorative 

painters, 48 and 49 Woolmanhill 
Gordon, Admiral A. C, 6 Westfield terrace 
Gordon, Adam, butcher, 89, h 78 Skene square 
Gordon, A., flesh er, 44 Market Hall 
Gordon, Alex., shoreporter, 65 Cotton street 
Gordon, Alexander (Scottish Provincial Assurance Co.), 19 

Union buildings 
Gordon, Andrew (Union Bank of Scotland, Limited), 1 Albury 

Gordon, Andrew, grocer, 17 Short loanings 
Gordon, Captain A. H. (of Fyvie), 5 Queen's terrace, and 

Fyvie Castle 
Gordon, Charles, & Son, coopers and provision curers, 57, 67, 

69, and 71 Green 
Gordon, Charles, & Son, ironfounders. New Pier Foundry, 

Pocra Pier, h at works 
Gordon, Charles (of C. Gordon & Son), 9 Millburn street 


Gordon, Charles, secretary and actuary (S. P. Assur. Coy.), 52 

Dee street 
Gordon, Charles Stuart (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 2 Carden 

Gordon, Charles, 3 Balmoral terrace 
Gordon, Charles, mason, 82 Powis place 
Gordon, David, butcher, 173 Skene street west 
Gordon, Donald, 56 Dee street 

Gordon, George (of James Gordon & Son), 36 Cuparstone pi. 
Gordon, George, innkeeper (Star and Garter), 79 Windmillbrae, 

h 20a Dee street 
Gordon, George, beadle (Free Holburn), 80 Rose street 
Gordon, George G., shipmaster, 41 View terrace 
Gordon, George, timber measurer and auctioneer, 37 Rose- 
mount place 
Gordon, George, tin-plate worker, 24 St. Paul street, h 184 

George street 
Gordon, H. Campbell, sharebroker, 29 Union street, h 11 Bon- 
Accord square 
Gordon, H., photographer, 3 Belmont street and 92 Rose- 
mount place, h 32 Thomson street 
Gordon, J. & G., fishing tackle makers, 73 Netherkirkgate 
Gordon, J. & W., fleshers, 74 North Broadford 
Gordon, James, & Co., coopers, 13 Chronicle lane 
Gordon, James, & Son, Aberdeen Mourning Establishment, 

44 Union street 
Gordon, James (late of James Gordon & Son), Cuparstone 

Lodge, 36 Cuparstone place 
Gordon, James (of James Gordon & Co.), 8 Mealmarket street 
Gordon, James E., wholesale grocer, tea and coffee merchant, 

63 Loch street, hll Beechgrove terrace 
Gordon, James, upholstery salesman (John Alexander), 34 

Thistle street 
Gordon, James F., boot and shoe warehouseman, 3 and 5 

13road street, h Holburn place 
Gordon, James, 26 Wellington place 
Gordon, James, wright, Portland street 
Gordon, James, butcher, 7 Holburn road 
Gordon, John, pharmaceutical chemist (J. & J. Urqnhart), 

3 Gray's buildings 
Gordon, John, butcher (of J. & W. G.), 82 North Broadford 
Gordon, John, builder, 2 North Broadford 
Gordon, John, shipmaster, 52 Loanhead terrace 
Gordon, John, traffic canvasser (Midland Railway), 21 Rose- 
mount place 
Gordon, John R., dealer in old gold and silver watches, &c., 
20 Belmont street, h 53 Green 


Gordon, John, jun., shipmaster, 8 Holburn road 

Gordon, John, telegraphist (P.O.), 25 Mount street west 

Gordon, John, flesher, 80 Gerrard street, h 38 Rose street 

Gordon, Joseph, wood measurer, 3 St. Clement street 

Gordon, Joseph, stoneware merchant, 76, h 74 St. Clement st. 

Gordon, Lewis, inspector of police, 19 Guestrow 

Gordon, Peter, stoneware merchant, 31 St. Nicholas street, h 

4 Correction wynd, and Bonnymuir, Stocket 
Gordon, Peter, painter, 19 Little Chapel street 
Gordon, Eobert, late farmer, 7 Balmoral place 
Gordon, Robert, joiner and packing-case maker, 12 Charles 

street, h 58 Gerrard street 
Gordon, Robert, foreman (T. Baird), 21 Summer street 
Gordon, W. & JL. C, commission merchants and agents for 

Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China, 29 

Union street 
Gordon, William, stockbroker and commission merchant, 29 

Union street, 7i 11 Bon- Accord square 
Gordon, William, solicitor and notary public (of Hunter, 

Gordon, & Smith), 35 Albyn place 
Gordon, William, advocate and town clerk. Town House, h 26 

Rubislaw terrace 
Gordon, William, boot and shoemaker, 71 George street, h 14 

View terrace 
Gordon, William, draper, 2 Mary well street 
Gordon, William (of J. Sim & Co.), 80 King street 
Gordon, William (of W. Davidson & Co.), Rosslyn Bank, 

Cuparstone road 
Gordon, Wm. M'C, inspector of branches (T. & C. Bank, Lim.), 

29 Mount street 
Gordon, Wm., flesher and cattle dealer, Holburn place, h 16 

Balmoral place 
Gordon, William, mill and general wright, Bridge place, li 2 

Marywell street 
Gordon, Wm., tailor, 39 Summer street 
Gordon, Mrs, 29 Union street 
Gordon, Mrs Alex., 19 Union buildings 
Gordon, Mrs Charles, 277 Union street 
Gordon, Mrs George, 2 Garden terrace 
Gordon, Mrs John, lodgings, 51^ Bon- Accord street 
Gordon, Mrs M. F., lodgings, 158 Crown street 
Gordon, Mrs, 18 Beaconsfield place 
Gordon, Mrs, Woodbine Cottage, Ferryhill 
Gordon, Mrs, lodgings, 20 Belmont street 
Gordon, Mrs, Seafield Cottage, Seafield 
Gordon, Miss, cloak and dressmaker, 29 Union street 
Gordon, Miss, 5 Garden terrace 


Gordon, Miss, 37 Osborne place 

Gordon, Miss M., 73 Crown street 

Gordon, Miss, 18 Balmoral place 

Gordon, Miss, lodgings, 37 Market street 

Gordon's College, Robert, Schoolhill 

Gorrod, Charles, mason. Elm Cottage, 27^ Monnt street 

Gorrod, G., & Co., coopers, 21 Regent quay, h 55 View terrace 

Gorrod, Jobn, Elm Cottage, 27;^ Mount street 

Gould, Mrs, Irvine place 

Gove, Balfour, & Co., packing box manufacturers, Spring 
Garden Works 

Gove, James, jobbing gardener, 82 Holburn street 

Gove, James (of G. B, & Co.), 2'Magdala place 

Gove, Mrs William, fishmonger, 6 Basement Floor, Market, h 
10 Carmelite street 

Government Emigration Agency for Australia ; agent, J. T. 
Rennie & Son, 48 Marischal street 

Gow, Mrs, sick nurse, 82 Chapel street 

Gowans, George Russell, artist, 267 Union street 

Graham, Gordon, tea merchant, 37 Market street, 7i 11 Spring- 
bank terrace 

Graham, J. & C, bootmakers, 41 Upperkirkgate 

Graham, John (of Grant & Co.), 11 Springbank terrace 

Graham, Wm., baker, 102, A 114 King street 

Graham, Mrs A., furniture dealer, 85 and 87 King street 

Graham, Miss, spirit dealer, 6, ^ 7 Church street 

Grammar School, Skene street west 

Grant & Co., grain n>erchants, and commission agents, 49 
Marischal street, warehouse, 52 Regent quay 

Grant, & Robbie, slaters, 126 Cause way end 

Grant & Watt, Albert granite works, Portland street 

Grant, Alexander, grocer, 2 Kintore place, A 71 Rosemount 

Grant, Alexander, manager (J. Mowlem & Co.), 3 Elmbank 

Grant, Alexander, clerk (Duthie Brothers), 179 Crown street 

Grant, D. R. Lyall, of Kingsford (of Brebner & Grant), Kings- 
ford, Alford 

Grant, Douglas, messenger. Police Chambers, h 64 Gerrard st. 

Grant, George, advocate, 22 Belmont street, h 26 North Albert 

Grant, George, 13 Fish street 

Grant, George, ornamental japanner, 4, A 6 Blackfriars street 

Grant, George P., mechanical draughtsman, 1 Mackie jDlace 

Grant, James, & Son, granite polishers, 11 Rose street, h Foun- 
tainhall road 

Grant, James (of G. & R), 11 Millbank lane 


Grant, James, mercliant, and Post Oifice, Mannofield 

Grant, James, shipmaster, 28 Cliattan place 

Grant, John, flesher, 78 East North street, h 21 Mount street 

Grant, John Lyall (of Brebner & Grant), Richmondhill House 

Grant, John (of Grant & Watt), 5 Affleck place 

Grant, John (of Watt & Grant), 25 Ashley place 

Grant, John, ironmonger and blacksmith, 12 Gilcomston steps, 

h 3 Gilcomston brae 
Grant, John, sack agent, 23 Cotton street 
Grant, John, tailor, 3 Colville place 
Grant, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 51 Castle street, h 42 

Marischal street 
Grant, Peter A., grocer, 1 Argyll place 
Grant, Peter, flesher, 28 Watson street 
Grant, Peter, cashier (S. E. Stewart & Co.), 23 Mount street 

Grant, Kobert B,, letter carrier (P.O.)j 3 Urquhart road 
Grant, Robert (WiHiam Ford & Sons, Leith), Glenbogie Cot., 

17 Belvidere street 
Grant, Thomas, builder, Hutcheon st. west, A 15 South Mount 

Grant, William, house carpenter, 13 Spa street, h 13 Craigiest. 
Grant, William (of Grant & Co.), h Queen's gate 
Grant, William, grocer, 34 Union place, h 22 Thistle street 
Grant, Wm., Methlick Villa, 1 Westfiekl terrace 
Grant, Mrs (of Whitemyres), 6 Strawberry bank 
Grant, Mrs, Albert Cottage, Prince Arthur street 
Grant, Mrs, 177 Crown street 
Grant, Miss, of Monymusk, 1 1 Belmont street 
Grant, Miss, 13 Springbank terrace 
Grassick, John S., 21 Ferry hill place 
Grassick, W. E., com. traveller (C. Davidson & Son, Ld.), 4 

Trinity quay, h Lome Cottage, Auchmull 
Grassie, James, principal porter, goods department, Caledonian 

Railway, h 7 Dee Village road 
Grassie, Wm., gardener. Lower Rosewell 
Grate, Robert G., manager (Gilcomston Comb Works), h 56 

Watson street 
Gray, A. N. (A. R. Gray), 9 Marine terrace 
Gray, Adam M., merchant, Eountainhall 
Gray, Adam (A. R. Gray), 24 Albert terrace 
Gray, A. R., commission agent, tea, fruit, and provision 

merchant, Upper quay, h 9 Queen's road 
Gray, Alex., watch and clockmaker, 11 Netherkirkgate, Ji Ann 

Cottage, West Cults 
Gray, Alex. M., storekeeper (G. K S. R.), Waterloo Station, h 



Gray, Alex., retired engineer, I.N., 3 Canal street 

Gray, Alex., Bon- Accord tobacco pipe manufactory, 63 Gordon 

street, li 57 Huntly street 
Gray, Alex., commission agent, 57 Huntly street 
Gray, Alex., fruiterer, Market Hall, h 68 Green 
Gray, David, coal agent, 42 Union street 
Gray, D., & Son, cartwriglits, 180 Hardgate, and 15 Spa street 
Gray, D., sen. (of D. G. & Son), 49 Holburn street 
Gray, D., jun. (of D. G. & Son), 47 Holburn street 
Gray, Francis W., shipmaster, Millburn Cottage, Dee Village 
Gray, Francis, boot and shoemaker, 8|- Park place 
Gray, George, grocer, 237 George street, 7i 81 Queen street 
Gray, George, shoemaker, 177, h 125 Crown street 
Gray, George, hairdresser, 62 Regent quay 
Gray, Henry, draper, Greyfriars Buildings, Gallowgate, and 

furniture dealer, 73 Broad street, h 82 Crown street 
Gray, James C, merchant, 11 Marischal street, h Berryhill, by 

Gray, James, commercial traveller (S. Mitchell & Son, Glas- 
gow), 3 Marine terrace 
Gray, James, cashier (Eobinson, Crum, & Co., Limited), 81 

Queen street 
Gray, James, stonecutter, 7 St. Clair street, h 8 Powis terrace 
Gray, John (of Strachan & Gray), 115 North Broadford 
Gray, John (of Mackinnon & Co.), 20 Waverley place 
Gray, John, & Co., Ayrshire boot and shoe shop, 10 & 11 

Castle street 
Gray, John (A. R. Gray), Aerial Cottage, Holburn road 
Gray, John, accountant, 47 Marischal street, h Henry Villa, 

Gray, Peter, coal merchant and commission agent, 61 Maris- 
chal street /i 81 Queen street 
Gray, R., ticket inspector (Caledonian Railway), 39 College st. 
Gray, Watt, & Co., rope and twine manufacturers, 162 West 

North street 
Gray, Wm., cashier (A. Hall & Co.), 21 Wellington place 
Gray, Wm., wholesale and retail draper, 50 Broad street and 

13 Millburn street, A 12 Roslin terrace 
Gray, Wm,, chief reporter (Aberdeen Journal)^ 1 Caroline place 
Gray, Mrs Andrew, 25 St. Swithin street 
Gray, Mrs, 17 Albert street 
Gray, Mrs William, 115 Crown street 
Gray, Mrs James, 130^ Union street 

Gray, Mrs, flesher, 38 Market Hall, h 26 Charlotte street south 
Gray, Mrs, 2 Caledonian place 
Gray, Mrs, Thistle Cottage, Balmoral place 
Gray, Mrs, lodgings, 20^ North Silver street 


Gray, Miss, 15 St. Mary's place 

Gray, Miss, 58 Garden place 

Gray, Miss, 28 Holburn road 

Gray, Miss, lodgings, 2 Chapel street 

Great Northern Telegraph Co. of Copenhagen, Post Office 

buildings, Shiprow 
Green, Alex., cutter (Philip & Cooper), 44 Ashley place 
Green, Alex., teacher (Grammar School), 12 Beechgrove ter. 
Green, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller, 161 George street, h 4 

Eden place 
Green, James, jun., furniture dealer and mattress maker, 49 & 

51 Gallowgate 
Green, William, wholesale tea dealer, grocer and commission 

merchant, 29 Queen street, h 3 South Crown street 
Greenlaw, John, grocer, 112 Wellington road, li 33 Caledonian 

Gregory, George, examining officer (H.M.C.), 2 St. Catherine's 

Greig & Craib, builders, 10 Broomhill place 
Greig, Alex., 10 Osborne place 
Greig, Charles (of James Yule), 8 Thistle place 
Greig, George, foreman carpenter (H. E. & Co.), 9 Lemon 

Greig, George (of Greig & Craib), Irvine place 
Greig, George, feuar, Margaret place, Ruthrieston 
Greig, James, late shipbuilder, 6 York street 
Greig, John K., chartered accountant (of J. Meston & Co.), 30 

Albert terrace 
Greig, John (of J. Watson & Co.), Thistle Inn, Ruthrieston 
Greig, Wm. M. (of Gove and Balfour), 57 Jute street 
Greig, Mrs Captain, Farquhar place 
Greig, Mrs G., Carnation Cottage, Ann Place 
Greig, Mrs John, midwife. Thistle Inn, Ruthrieston 
Greig, Mrs William, 4 Thistle place 
Greig, Mrs, lodgings, 172 Crown street 
Greig, Mrs, sick nurse, 66 North Broadford 
Greig, Mrs, provision merchant, 15 Jute street 
Greig, Miss, lodgings, 55 Thistle street 
Gresham Life Assurance Society, 28 Market street, 

Mackintosh, agent 
Griffith, Wm., Thorn Grove, Mannofield 
Griffith, Mrs Charles F., 56 Ashley place 
Groundwater, Robert, engineer, 87 College street 
Grub, George, LL.D., advocate. Advocates' Hall, professor of 

Law, University of Aberdeen, 10 Broad street, li 153 

Crown street 
Gruer, Wm., commercial traveller (A. R. Gray), 71 Chapel st. 



Guild, John, inspector (Caledonian Railway), 114 Wellington 

Gillian, David, litliograplier and stationer, 52 Castle street, 

and 1 Marisclial street 
Gunn & Elder, plumbers and gasfitters, 123, 125 King street 

and 42 Union place 
Gunn, Alexander (of Gunn & Elder), 225 King street 
Gunn, John, shipwright, 78 Wales street 
Guthrie, George, engineer, 124 Causewayend 
Guthrie, John, house proprietor, 15 Eoslin terrace 
Guthrie, William S., accountant (National Bank), 142 Skene 

Guthrie, William, grocer, 17 Loch street, li 109 George street 

HADDEN, Alex., & Sons, woollen and carpet manufacturers, 
and worsted spinners, Green ; Carpet works, Gordon's 
Mills, Woodside 

Hadden, Henry C, Craigie Park 

Hadden, John, manager, 9 Yiew terrace 

Hadden, John, shipmaster, Loanhead place 

Hadden, Gavin (A. Hadden & Sons), Dalhebity, by Cults 

Hadden, Martin L. (A. Hadden & Sons), Union Grove 

Hadden, James, baker, 28 Bank street 

Hadden, James C, organist, Mannofield E. Church, 32 Hol- 
burn road 

Hadden, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 65 Commerce street, 
and 95 Hadden street, Woodside 

Halcrow, T. G., clerk (P.O.), 279 George street 

Halcrow, Miss, milliner, 126 George street, ^ 18 Hadden street, 

Hall, Alexander, & Co., shipbuilders, 40 York street 

Plall, Alex., shipmaster, 81 Wales street 

Hall, George, Smithfield, Whitemyres 

Hall, Harvey, advocate and C. A. (of Marquis, Hall, & Milne), 
25 Bon- Accord terrace 

Hall, Henry, wool and rag merchant, 1 Harriet street, h Wood- 
bine cottage, 14 Powis place 

Hall, J. G., M.D.', CM., 189 Union street 

Hall, James, clothier and hatter, 39 Union street, h 1 Consti- 
tution street 

Hall, James, merchant, 21, h 23 Urquhart road 

Hall, James, carter, 33 Frederick street 

Hall, John, & Co., wholesale warehousemen, 43 Broad street, 
and 34 Guestrow 

Hall, J. & E,., French polishers, 7 Barnett's close 

Hall, Eobert, builder, Gilcomston park, h 12 Margaret 


Hall, Eussell, & Co., shipbuilders and engineers, berdeen 

Iron works, York place and York street 
Hall, T. C, bookseller, stationer, and fancy goods merchant, 

222 George street, h above shop 
Hall, William, sen., shipbuilder, 49 York street 
Hall, William, jun. (of A. Hall & Co.), 49 York street, and 

Hall, William, sergeant of police, 32 Urquhart road 
Hall, Mrs, 4 Calton terrace 
Hall, Mrs, 11 South Crown street 
Hall, Miss, china, glass, and stoneware merchant, 47 Regent 

Hall, MissJ 12 North Silver street 
Halley, Daniel R., Inland Revenue, 45 View terrace 
Hallglen, Richard, spirit dealer, 46 North Broadford 
Hally, Robert (of James Laing & Co.), Earnbank, 22 Queen's 

Hamilton, David James, M.B., F.R.C.S.E., Professor of Patho- 
logical Anatomy, Marischal College, A 1a Albyn place 
Hamilton, M'Culloch, & Co., coal masters. Guild street 
Hamilton, Gavin, cutler, 17 George street, h 59 North Broad - 

Hamilton, Gavin J., manager, Northern Co-Operative Co. 

(clothiery branch), h Ythanbank Cottage, 10 Powis ter. 
Hamilton, G. W, shipmaster, 1 Market street 
Hamilton, Miss J. R., assist, teacher (St. Andrew's school), 1 

Market street 
Hampton, James, keeper. Sailor's Institute, 21 James street 
Hampton, Thomas W., carver, gilder, picture-frame maker, lA 

Huntly street, h 34 Union terrace 
Hampton, Wm., 82 Chapel street 
Hannan, Mrs, 2 Thistle place 
Harbour Engineer's Office, Provost Blaikie's quay 
Hardie, George, clothier, 42, h 33 King street 
Hardie, John, com. traveller (A. Skene), 1 60 Crown street 
Hardie, John, photographer, 1 52 King street, h. 6 Roslin terrace 
Hardy, Alex., grocer and fruiterer, 299 George street, li Jessie 

Bank, Woodside 
Hardy, Geo., foreman (Abdn. Steam Nav. Co.), 19 Cotton 

Hardy, James, wholesale and retail plate, watch, jewellery, 

optical, and clock merchant, 53 Union street, /i 21 Vic- 
toria street 
Harker, John, manager (A. Hadden & Sons), 26 Prospect 

Harkness, John, com. traveller (Mann, Byars, & Co., Glasgow), 

Arbour Cottage, Hammerfield 


Harper & Co., founders, engineers, millwrights, blacksmiths, 

iron and wire merchants, manufacturers and contractors, 

works, the Albion Iron Works, Fish street, warehouse, 

Market buildings, 20 Hadden street 
Harper & Sherit, slaters, 11 Jasmine terrace 
Harper, Alex., draper, 10 Gallowgate, h Alexander's buildings, 

Union Glen 
Harper, Alex, (of Harper & Sherit), 109 Park street 
Harper, Alex., gatekeeper, City Poor House, Nelson street 
Harper, Hugh (of Harper & Co.), Thorn Vilkj Seafield 
Harper, James B., accountant and insurance agent, 4 Belmont 

street, k 1 Carden place 
Harper, John, sen., late iron and wire merchant, Seafield 
Harper, John, jun. (of Harper and Co.) 
Harper, Peter, superintendent (Duthie Park), h "West Lodge 
Harper, William, mason, 6 Nellfield place 
Harper, Wm., & Co., coal merchants and commission agents, 

Caledonian Railway Station, office, Guild street 
Harper, Wm. (of Wm. Harper & Co.), 10 Springbank terrace 
Harrow, Alex., dairyman, Inverdee, Kincorth, Bridge of Dee 
Harrowes, Wm., flesher, 260 George street, 7i 18 Mount street 

Hart, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Bon- Accord street 
Hart, Mrs, sick nurse, 30 Gordon street 
Harvey, George T., manager (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 106 Crown 

Harvey, George, M.A., Classical master, Grammar School, h 

30 Argyll place 
Harvey, James, mason, 46 Claremont street 
Harvey, Robert, H.M's inspector of schools, 11 Devanha ter. 
Harvey, Robert, goods accountant (G. N. of S. R.), Rose Cot- 
age, 46 Cuparstone place 
Harvey, Robert, fish and game dealer, 88 Basement Floor, 

Market, and 91 Rosemount place, h 24 Watson street 
Harvey, William, late merchant, 10 Ashley terrace 
Hastie, Mrs, attendant, waiting room. Joint Station, h 28 

Ferryhill place 
Hatt, W., stationer, and fancy goods warehouse, 42^ Chapel st. 
Haworth, Mrs, 50 Springbank terrace 
Hay & Lyall, carvers and gilders (to the Queen), printsellers, 

opticians, and artists' colourmen, 2 Market street and 

19 Guestrow 
Hay, Adam, beadle (Free Gilcomston), and funeral waiter, 32 

Union row 
Hay, Alexander, seedsman (of Ben. Reid & Co.), 14 Gladstone 

Hay, Alex., cabinetmaker, 45, li 60 Baker street 


Hay, David, clerk (N. of S. E. L. Co.), 2 North Charlotte st. 

Hay, George, builder, 47 Broomhill place 

Hay, George, tailor and clother, 5 Skene street, h 5 Skene pi. 

Hay, George G., late teacher, 9 Colville place 

Hay, James (Hay's Cafe), 17, h 19 Union buildings 

Hay, James, superintendent gunpowder magazine, 89 Eose- 

mount place 
Hay, J. Marley (of Gibb & Hay, 3 Queen street), 28 Kose- 

mount place 
Hay, John G., clerk (Young's P. L. & M. 0. Co., Limited), 33 

Market street, h 32 S. Mount street 
Hay, John, jun. (of Hay & Lyall;, 9 Kotunda place 
Hay, John (sexton), St. Nicholas Churchyard, h 7 Back wynd 
Hay, John, artist. Government certificated teacher, 115 Union 

Hay, Ralph W., draper, 70 Green, h 38 Bon- Accord street 
Hay, Robert, cabinetmaker, 7 Union wynd, h 30a Summer 

Hay, Wm., bootmaker, 24 Rosemount place 
Hay, Wm., millwright and jobbing joiner, 27, li 44 Short 

Hay, Wm., town sergeant, 15 Young street 
Hay, Wm., foreman (G. Milne & Co.), Cafe buildings, 40 St. 

Clement street 
Hay, Wm., salesman, Newmill of Culter warehouse, 14 and 

15 Wellington place, h 7 Huntly street 
Hay, Mrs A., 4 Mount street 

Hay, Mrs, sick nurse, 172 Crown street / 

Hay, Mrs, 54 Ashley place 

Hay, Mrs, general merchant, 91 Rosemount place 
Hay, Mrs (jeorge, 5 Skene place 
Hay, Mrs, broker, 14 Castle brae 
Hay, Miss, lodgings, 13 Springbank terrace 
Hay, Misses, 25 Springbank terrace 
Hay, Misses, dressmakers, 24 Rosemount place 
Hayne, Charles F., St. Ronans, Seafield 
Haynes, Henry A., writer, R. N., 17 Osborne place 
Hayworth, Wm., teller (Royal Bank), 225 King street 
Hazel wood, Wm., 35 Clarence street 
Heathcot Dairy, Miss Howie, 28 Carmelite street 
Hebenton, John M., booking clerk (Cal. Ry.), 21 Wellington 

Hector, Andrew E., salmon merchant, 167 Crown street 
Hector, John, agent for coal, fire clay goods and cement, 81 

John street, h 43 Thomson street 
Hector, Thomas, clerk and treasurer, Aberdeen School Board 

office, 31 King street, A 13 Argyll place 


Hector, William, bookseller (Branch. Post Office, 9| Holburii 

street), and 1 1 Hoi burn place 
Hector, Wm., jun., drauglitsman (J. Garvie & Sons), 4 Cherry- 
Hector, Wm., carver and designer, 31 Eose street, h 4 Cherry- 
Hector, Miss, 9 South Crown street 
Hein, Gustav, teacher of modern languages (Grammar School 

and High School for Girls), 62 Dee street 
Heintzler, Melle, teacher of French and German, 140 Union st. 
Helmrich, Charles, wholesale stationer, 23 Adelphi 
Helmrich, Mrs, 130-| Union street 
Henderson & Websters, sculptors and granite polishers, Affleck 

Henderson, Alex., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 17 St. 

Clement street, 7i 11 Irvine place 
Henderson, Alex,, marine engineer, 16 Urquhart road 
Henderson, A., builder, Wellington road, h Fonthill terrace 
Henderson, David, tea merchant, 114 North Broadford 
Henderson, D., & Sons, ironmongers, tinplate workers, and 

japanners, 79, /i 77 St. Andrew street 
Henderson, Francis, furnishing tailor, 9 Bank street, h 1 

Salisbury terrace, Hammerfield 
Henderson, Geo., builder, Wellington road, h Fonthill terrace 
Henderson, H., & Sons, wholesale and export leather, boot, and 

shoe manufacturers, Imperial place 
Henderson, James & William, slate merchants, agents for the 

Duke of Devonshire's slate quarries, and J. B. White 

Bro.'s (London) Cement, Upper quay 
Henderson, James, architect, 26 Belmont street, h 1 Garden 

Henderson, James, general blacksmith, 1 Harriet street, li 20 

Urquhart road 
Henderson, James F, (of Forbes Maxwell & Co.), 17 Ashley pi. 
Henderson, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 20 Shiprow, 

h 1 Affleck street 
Henderson, Jas., secretary, Dee Swimming Club, 83 King st. 
Henderson, James, Laurel Bank, Broomhill road 
Henderson, John (of H. & W.), 93 Spittal 
Henderson, John, shipmaster, 21 Broadford place 
Henderson, John M., engineer, machine maker, and crane 

maker, King street engineering Works, King street pL, 

h 199 King street 
Henderson, John, builder, 6 Summer street, h 4 Granville 

place, Cuparstone road 
Henderson, John, tea merchant and commission agent, 102 

North Broadford 


Henderson, John (Aberdeen Journal), 67 Rose street 

Henderson, John, draper and tailor, 14 Gilcomston steps, h 77 
St. Andrew street 

Henderson, John, engineer, 9 Colville place 

Henderson, John A., & Co., merchants and commission agents, 
(agents for J. & R. Tennent, Wellpark Brewery, Glas- 
gow), Alexandra Buildings, 25 Carmelite street 

Henderson, Joseph, shipmaster, Ashley terrace 

Henderson, Matthew, 15 Jasmine terrace 

Henderson, Peter, tailor and clother, 107 George street, A 13 
Richmond terrace 

Henderson, Robert, plasterer, 16 North Charlotte street, h 15 
Craigie street 

Henderson, Robert, silk mercer and general draper, 33 and 35 
Union street, h 30 Victoria street 

Henderson, Thomas, mason (John (:ifibb & Sons), 65 Chapel st. 

Henderson, Wm. (of J. & W. Henderson), 20 Westfield ter. 

Henderson, W., & Son, architects, 124 Union street 

Henderson, Wm. (of Wm. M'Kinnon & Co.), Belvidere st. 

Henderson, Wm. L. (of W. Henderson & Son), 1 Garden pi. 

Henderson, Wm. (of George Thompson & Co.), Devanha House 

Henderson, Wm. (Barry, Henry, & Co.), The Lodge, Manno- 

Henderson, Wm., clerk (Caledonian Railway), 162 Crown st. 

Henderson, Wm., engineer, 64 Stanley street 

Henderson, Wm., manager (Henderson & Sons), 6 Charlotte st. 

Henderson, Wm., tailor, 30 Dee street. 

Henderson, Wm., bookseller and grocer, 35 Regent quay 

Henderson, Mrs Dr., 49 Schoolhill 

Henderson, Mrs Alex., lodgings, 2 Springbank terrace 

Henderson, Mrs A., lodgings, 49 Bon-Accord street 

Henderson, Mrs J. S., 33 Dee street 

Henderson, Mrs John, 1 Millbank terrace, North Broadford 

Henderson, Mrs M., 168a Skene street west 

Henderson, Mrs Robert, 15 Craigie street 

Henderson, Mrs W., 3 St. Mary's place 

Henderson, Mrs, lodgings, 12 (5astle street 

Henderson, Mrs, lodgings, 30 Rose street 

Henderson, Miss Ann, sick nurse, 124 Chapel street 

Henderson, Miss, 140 Rosemount place 

Henderson, Miss, 50 Stanley street 

Hendry, Alex., house carpenter and builder, 21 Gilcomston 
park, h 34 Thomson street 

Hendry, D. R., Sheriff officer, house agent and auctioneer. 
Union auction hall, 1 Union lane, h 58 North Broadford 

Hendry, Frederick W. F., 38 Watson street 

Hendry, George, reporter (Free Press), 47 Thomson street 


Hendry, Wm., sliipbroker and commission agent, 12 Regent 

Hendry, Mrs, 24^ Catherine street 
Henry, Alex., & Son, plasterers, 50 Leadside road, h 10 Gerrard 

Henry, James, basketmaker, 87 Broad street, h 2 Upperkirkgate 
Henry, John, cattle agent (A. S. N. Co.), 17 Jasmine terrace 
Henry, Wm., cashier (C. & A. Johnstone), 112 North Broad- 
Hepburn, Alex., boot and shoemaker, 63 Powis place 
Hepburn, George, corkcutter, Concert court, 27 Gallowgate 
Hepburn, James, missionary, 29 Wellington place 
Hepburn, John, printer and news agent, 20 Schoolhill, h 1 

Donald's court, Schoolhill 
Herd, Robert, fruiterer. Market Hall 
Herd, Wm., family grocer, and tea merchant, 28 Belmont 

street, h 42 Mount street 
Herd, W. A., music teacher, 7 Skene street 
Herriot, Mrs Jas. M., 9 Canal terrace 
Hicks, Richard W., spirit dealer, 44 Netherkirkgate, h 49 

Frederick street 
Hickton, Wm., grocer, 13, h 9 Holburn street 
High School for Girls, Little Belmont street and 51 Schoolhill 
Hill, Rev. Arthur, F.S., M.A. (St. Mary's) Garden place, h 

St. Mary's Parsonage, 12 Westfield terrace 
Hill, George, clerk (R. & Co.) 151 North Broadford 
Hill, George, tailor and clother, 192 George street, h 56 Powis 

Hill, James, provision merchant, 54 Virginia street 
Hill, James (late Walker & Hill), grocer, 15 Justice street, h 

90 Park street 
Hinchliffe, Joseph, dyer, 20 South Mount street 
Hird, A. P., agent (J. Penman & Co., London), 28 Queen st. 
Hird, Benjamin, grocer, 38 Leadside road, h 9 Richmond st. 
Hird, George S., O.E., 22 Bridge street, h 27 Victoria street 
Hobrow, Mrs W., confectioner, 218 Gallowgate 
Hobbs, Joseph G., plumber and gasfitter, 7 Rosemount place, 

h 1 Gray's buildings 
Hodge, J. & J., cutlers and surgical instrument and bandage 

makers, 3 Netherkirkgate, h 38 Watson street 
Hodge, Wm., coffee rooms, 1 Regent quay 
Hodges, N. W., general manager (H. M. Theatre), 11 Hadden 

Hodgson, Ben., watchmaker and jeweller, 27 Regent quay, h 

17 Prospect terrace 
Hodgson, Mrs, 1 7 Prospect terrace 
Hogarth & Co., merchants, 82 College street 


Hogarth, Alex. P., 14 Crown terrace 

Hogarth, Hugh, merchant, 13 Golden square, and Carronbank, 

Hogg, Alex, (of W. & A. Hogg), 8 Affleck street 
Hogg, Charles (of W. Gilchrist & Co.), 76 Queen street 
Hogg, George, & Sons, engineers and millwrights, 70 Spring 

garden, h 146J George street 
Hogg, W. & A., Wrights, Affleck street 
Hogg, Wm. (of J. Jaraieson & Co., 221 Union street), 174 

Crown street 
Hogg, Miss, dressmaker, 30 Rose street 
Hogg, Miss, lodgings, 18 Bon-Accord street 
Hoggins, Mrs, stoneware merchant, 21^ Woolmanhill 
Holborne, And. C, teacher, High school for girls, 20 Mount 

Holmes. John, manager (J. Mess' Trustees), 29 Belvidere st. 
Holmes, William, 21 Bon- Accord street 

Holmes, William, late shipmaster, 31 Eegent quay, h Hammer- 
field west 
Hood, G. Mair, solicitor, 14 Adelphi, h 13 Gladstone place 
Hood, James, stoneware merchant, 202^ Gallowgate 
Hood, Mrs, lodgings, 164 Crown street 
Home & Smith, stock and sharebrokers, 31 Adelphi 
Home, Charles, general merchant, 26 Craigie street 
Home, R. B. (of Home & Smith), 10 Queen's terrace 
Home, Mrs Adam, teacher, 42 Ashley place 
Home, Mrs, provision merchant, 20 Holburn street 
Home, Miss, teacher of music, 166 Skene street west 
Hosie, Alex., jun., woollen manufacturer, 89 King street, A 10 

Canal street 
Hosie, James, 15 Affleck street 
Hossack, Archibald, fruit merchant, 179 Union street, h 10 

Rotunda place 
Houston, Mrs, 1 Millburn street 

Howard, Adolphe J., professor of music, 41 Union terrace 
Howe Sewing Machine Co., Limited, 13 Bridge street ; Wm. 

Bain, agent 
Howie, George, house carpenter, 66 Loch street 
Howie, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 10, /i 5 East North st. 
Howie, Wm., relief inspector (Cal. Ry.), 20 Skene street 
Howie, Miss, dressmaker, 102 Chapel street 
Howitt, Mrs, lodgings, 37 Littlejohn street 
Howling, Mrs Thomas, 45 Garden place 
Hughes, George, 8^ Nellfield place 

Huggan, John A., seedsman, 35 Market street, h 1 Powis ter. 
Humphrey, Mrs John, 15 Balmoral place 
Humphrey, Mrs, Union Glen, Justice Mills 


Hunter & Walker, grocers, 118 Gallowgate 

Hunter, Arthur, mason, 12 Claremont place 

Hunter, David, solicitor. City buildings. Union street 

Hunter, G. S., artist, 209 King street 

Hunter, Gordon, & Smith, advocates, 14 Adelphi 

Hunter, James, granite merchant. King Street Granite Works, 

h 209 King street 
Hunter, James (ofH. E. & Co,), 158 King street 
Hunter, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 49 Park street, h 29 

Frederick street 
Hunter, James, jun., 7 Elmbank terrace 
Hunter, Rev. John, Elm Cottage, 27 1 Mount street 
Hunter, John (Union Works), 7 Ferry hill terrace 
Hunter, John, carter, and verger, St. Mary's Episcopal, 20 

Upper Denburn 
Hunter, Robert, 7 Thistle place 
Hunter, R., provision merchant, 18 Chapel street 
Hunter, Stephen, clerk (N. Agr. Co.), and Session clerk for 

St. Clements Parish, 13 Constitution street 
Hunter, Wm., advocate (of Hunter, Gordon, & Smith), 36 

Albyn place 
Hunter, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 63, li bb Huntly st. 
Hunter, Mrs Wm., stoneware merchant, 90 Green, h 27 Afdeck 

Hunter, Mrs, lodgings, 173 Union street 
Hunter, Mrs, 58 Castle street 
Hunter, Miss, 67 North Broadford 
Hurray, Andrew, shipmaster, 3 Affleck place 
Hurray, Wm., com. trav. (A. Malcolm), 3 Affleck place 
Hurrell, Samuel Chandless, manager, steamer dep. (J. & A. 

Davidson), 54 Osborne place 
Hurry, A. (of G. & A. Hurry), 67 Upper denburn 
Hurry, G. & A., blacksmiths, Upper denburn 
Hurry, George (of G. & A. Hurry), 8 Upper denburn 
Hutcheon, Alex., clerk, 23 Broomhill place 
Hutcheon, James, stonecutter, King Street Cemetery Granite 
• Works 

Hutcheon, Stephen, com. trav., 25 Prospect terrace 
Hutcheon, "William, blacksmith, 10 Bridge place, h 4 Marywell 

Hutcheon, Mrs John, Temperance Hotel, 56 Union street 
Hutcheon, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 15 West North street, 

h above shop 
Hutcheon, Mrs, milliner, 52 King's crescent 
Hutcheon, Miss I., teacher (F. C. Training College), King st. 

Cemetery Granite Works 
Hutcheon, Miss, 142 Hutcheon street 



Hutclieon, Margaret, provision merchant, 10 Justice Mill lane 
Hutcheson, Alex. B., baker, 63, h 61 Broad street 
Hutclieson, George, & Co., corn and commission merchants, 47 

Marischal street 
Hutcheson, G. (of G. H. & Co.), 26 Albert terrace 
Hutcheson, James, gardener, Denhead, Rubislaw 
Hutchieson, James C, manager (Union Works), 89 College 

Hutchison, John, clerk (C. Davidson & Sons, Limited), 2 

Nelson place 
Hutchison, Tliomas, Ingleside, West Cults 
Hutchison, Wm., com. traveller (N. Agr. Co.) 
Hutchison, Miss M., matron. Boys' Hospital, King street 
Hutton, James, engineer (H. E. & Co.), 47 Wellington street 
Hynd, Thomas Chalmers, teacher (King Street Public School), 

6 Argyll place 
Hyslop, Eobert, teacher (High School for Girls), 20 Mount st. 

IMLAY, Hugh (of Hugh Imlay & Co.), oo Watson street 

Imlay, Hugh, & Co., envelope manufacturers and wholesale 
stationers. Park Eoad Works 

Imlay, John (of Hugh Imlay & Co.), 29 Urquhart road 

Imperial Hotel, Stirling street ; address, the manager 

Imray, David, broker, 4 Water lane 

Imray, George, teacher (Gilcomston School), do Summer st. 

Imray, James (H.M.C), 18 York street 

Imray, William, shoemaker, 46, h 47 Woolmanhill 

Imray, Miss, lodgings, 193 Union street 

Income Tax Office, 27 King street; James Wm. Eobson, clerk 
to the commissioners 

Income Tax Assessor's Office for Aberdeen district, 27 King 
street ; James Eussell, assessor 

Incurable Hospital, Baker street 

Indigent Gentlewomen of Scot., Fund for the relief of, treas., 
Simpson & Cruden, 35 Castle street 

Industrial Asylum and Eeformatory for Girls, 10 Mount st. ; 
Miss H. Johnston, superintendent 

Industrial Schools for Girls, Whitehall ; Miss Eeid, superin- 

Infirmary, Eoyal, Woolmanhill 

Inglis, Alex., 77 Chapel street 

Inglis, Alex. S., engineer, 77 Chapel street 

Inglis, James, late baker, Woodend Cottage, Hazelhead 

Inglis, John, M.A., 77 Chapel street 

Inglis, John, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 47, h 49 Com- 
merce street 

Inglis, Mrs, 37 Garden place 


Ingram & Mortimer, commission merchants and produce bro- 
kers, 20 Adelphi 
Ingram, A, R, shipmaster, 5 Powis terrace 
Ingram, A. M. (of I. & M.), 28 Ashley road 
Ingram, Alex., nail, heel, and toe-plate maker, 37 West North 

Ingram, Alex., keeper of Reith & Anderson's Auction Mart, 

Erskine road, Kittybrewster 
Ingram, Alex., plumber, 30a Belmont st., h 51 View terrace 
Ingram, J. & J., cartwrights, 44 Causewayend 
Ingram, James, tailor, 49 Skene street 
Ingram, John (of J. & J. Ingram), 15 Craigie street 
Ingram, John, jun. (of J. & J. Ingram), 78 North Broadford 
Ingram, Robert, sorting clerk (P.O.), 48 North Charlotte st. 
Ingram, Rev. William, 5 Huntly street 
Ingram, Miss A., stationer, 46 East North street 
Inland Revenue Office (Excise Branch), 27 King street 
Inland Revenue (Stamps and Taxes), 27 King street. Hours, 
Stamp Office, 10 to 4 ; Saturday, 10 to 1 ; Tax Office, 
10 to 3 ; Saturday, 10 to 12 
Innes, Alexander, & Sons, house carpenters and undertakers, 

6 Queen street, and 4 and 6 Barnett's close 
Innes, Colonel, of Learney, 25 Belmont street 
Innes, John (N. of S. Bank, Lim.), 25 Victoria street 
Innes, John, detective, city police, 23 Bank street 
Innes, Robert, 1 Windsor place 

Innes, Samuel, keeper of Masonic Hall, Exchange street 
Innes, Mrs John, 114 Crown street 
Innes, Mrs J. B., 25 Victoria street 
Innes, Mrs R., 13 Commerce street 

Innes, Miss, costume dept. (Pratt & Keith), 46 Watson street 
Ironside & M'Donald, builders, 9 Spa street 
Ironside, Andrew J., land surveyor and valuator, 14 Union 

terrace, h 4 Argyll place 
Ironside, A. W., boot and shoemaker, 51 Green, h 18 Consti- 
tution street 
Ironside, A. M., accountant (N. of S. Bank, Lim.), Market 

Branch, 19 Little Chapel street 
Ironside, F. P., provision merchant, 15 Marischal street 
Ironside, George, bookseller and stationer, 265A George street 
Ironside, James, tallow merchant, 27, li 35 Gerrard street 
Ironside, John (of Ironside & M'Donald), 8 Spa street 
Ironside, Wm., overseer (Abdn. Com. Co.), 25 Dee Village 

Ironside, Mrs Patrick, grocer, 31 Ann street 
Ironside, Mrs E. P., 7 Eldon terrace 
Ironside, Mrs Wm., 1 Gilcomston park 


Ironside, Mrs, 19 Little Chapel street 

Irvine & Co., horse shoers, 4 Farrier lane 

Irvine, A. M., commercial traveller (Milne & Pledge), 1 Grey 

street, Hammerfield 
Irvine, James E., shipmaster, 40 Eegent quay- 
Italian Consular Agency, R. A. Dyer Connon, 2 Trinity 

buildings, Trinity quay 
Iverach, Rev. James, M.A. (Ferryhill Free Church), 12 Ferry- 
hill place 

JACK, A. & J., watchmakers and jewellers, 170 George street, 

h 7 Forbes street 
Jack, John, china and stoneware merchant, 67 Queen street 
Jack, John C, jobbing joiner, 72 Catherine street 
Jack, Thomas C, publisher, 26 Broad street ; agent, George 

Jackson, George, bill poster, messenger, &c., 3 South College 

Jackson, Henry, M.D., surgeon, 19 Golden square 
Jackson, James, bootmaker (successor to J. & D. Munro), 48 

Upperkirkgate, h 40 Thomson street 
Jackson, William, bookbinder, 10 Little Belmont street, h 47 

Jackson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 1 and 2 Union 

Jackson, Wm., 23 Beechgrove terrace 
Jackson, Miss Mary C, dressmaker, 3 South College street 
JafFray, John, tea merchant, 27 Marischal street, h 5 Orchard 

place. Old Aberdeen 
JafFray, Lawrence, clerk (Post Office), 18 Mount street 
JafFray, Wm., agent, 39 Powis place 
JafFray, Wm., traveller (S. Shepherd), 5 Orchard place, Old 

JafFray, Mrs Captain, 7 Baltic street 
JafFray, Miss, 19 Victoria street 

JafFrey, Thos., carriage inspector (G. N. oF S. R.), 43 Dee st. 
JafFrey, Thomas, accountant, West end branch (N. oF S. Bank, 

Limited), 43 Dee street 
Jameson, John, teller, T. & C. Bank, Limited, 8 Victoria st. 
Jamieson & Co., harness composition manufacturers, 86 Si)ring 

garden, h 28 Skene terrace 
Jamieson & Mitchell, wholesale tea, coffee, and wine merchants, 

34 and 36 Netherkirkgate 
Jamieson Brothers, boot and shoemakers, 101 George street, 

7i 23 Richmond terrace 
Jamieson, G., & Son, jewellers, watch and clock makers (to the 

Royal Family), 107 Union street 


Jamieson, G., & Co., harness composition manufacturers, 

Eodgers walk, John street, manager's office, 40 St. Paul 

Jamieson, George (of Jamieson & Mitchell), 19 Queen's road 
Jamieson, George Leslie, Crown Granite Works, 13 and 15 

North Charlotte street, h 20 Rubislaw terrace 
Jamieson, George (late Gavin & Co.), grocer and grain mer- 
chant, 59 Schoolhill, h 32 Belmont street 
Jamieson, James, & Co., family grocers and wine merchants, 

221 Union street, and 1, 2, and 3 Dee street (Receiving 

Post Office) 
Jamieson, James (of James Jamieson & Co.), Prospect Hill, 

Jamieson, James, 7 Beechgrove terrace 
Jamieson, James, cattle dealer. Bridge of Dee 
Jamieson, John, & Co., clothiers and outfitters, 50 Union st. 

and 38 Broad street 
Jamieson, John, tea and spirit dealer, 7, h 9 Commerce street 
Jamieson, Lewis, spirit dealer, 76 Hutcheon street, h above 

Jamieson, Matthew B., assistant city surveyor. Town House, 

h The Manse, Old Aberdeen 
Jamieson, Peter, harness composition manufacturer, 8 South 

College street, h Leddach, Skene 
Jamieson, Peter, jun., 9 South College street 
Jamieson, Robert, M.D., physician to the Royal Lunatic 

Asylum, Elmhill 
Jamieson, Thomas, F.I.C., Lecturer on Agriculture, University 

of Aberdeen, Agricultural .Analytical Chemist, and 

City Analyst, 140 Union street, h Binghill House, 

Jamieson, Wm. G., jeweller (of George Jamieson & Son), 

4 Langstane place and Drum garth. Cults 
Jamieson, Mrs G., 4 Langstane place and Drumgarth, Cults 
Jamieson, Mrs G., lodgings, 3 Loanhead place 
Jamieson, Mrs, 10 Albyn j)iace 
Jamieson, Mrs, 28 Skene terrace 
Jamieson, Mrs, lodgings, 74 Hutcheon street 
Jamieson, Miss, lodgings, 94 Skene street 
Jarvis, E. W., clerk (Traffic Supt. Office, Caledonian Railway), 

4 Prospect place 
Jarvis, Wm. C, clerk (J. M'Intosh, New Market), 23 Bank 

Jeffrey, James, commercial traveller (W. W. »& S.), 4 Belmont 

Jeffrey, William, grocer, 8, h 10 Queen street 
Jeffrey, William, jobbing gardener, Mile-end 


Jenkins & Marr, civil engineers and architects, 16 Bridge st. 
Jenkins, G. Gordon (of Jenkins & Marr), Fontliill terrace 
Jenkyns, Wm., inspector of buildings, Gladstone Cottage, 12 

Gladstone place 
Jessiman, Alex. G., clothier and draper, 25 and 27 George st. 

and 46 Green, h Clarinda Cottage, Loch-head 
Jobberns, Joseph, Captain H. P., 48 Chapel street 
Johannesen, M. E., & Co., ship brokers and commission agents, 

55 Marischal street 
John Knox Churchyard ; sexton, Alex. Gumming, 13 Mount- 

Johnson, Miss, dressmaker, 15 Correction wynd 
Johnston & Co., glove, lace, scarf, and millinery establishment, 

126 Union street, h Eskbank, Montrose 
Johnston & Laird, clothiers and outfitters, 7 Broad street 
Johnston & Stephen, house carpenters, Stevenson street 
Johnston, Alexander, M.D., Surgeon Major, A.M.D., Queen's 

road west 
Johnston, Alexander, agent, 9 Crimon place 
Johnston, Alexander, manager (Aberdeen Flour Mills Co., 

Limited), 37 Bon- Accord street 
Johnston, Alex., clerk (G. N. of S. E.), 15 Bon- Accord street 
Johnston, Anthony B., designer and printer for embroidery, 

sewing machine merchant, 9 Crown street, h 8 Holburn 

Johnston, David, slioreporter, 27 Clarence street 
Johnston, David, physician and surgeon, 66 Broad street, 

li 2 Union place 
Johnston, G., examining officer (Customs), 20 Caledonian pi. 
Johnston, George, shoemaker, 23 Broomhill place 
Johnston, James, 6 Osborne place 
Johnston, James, 8 Mount street west 
Johnston, James, spirit dealer, 56 North Charlotte street 
Johnston, James, manager, police stables, 81 West North st., 

/i 10 Mealmarket street 
Johnston, James, plumber and gasfitter, 4 Eose street, h 7 

Thistle street 
Johnston, John (of G. Eeid & Sons), Crown Court, 41 J Union 

Johnston, John (of J. & S.), 11 Eichmond street 
Johnston, John, commercial traveller, 22 Bridge street 
Johnston, John (Dent, AUcroft, & Co., London), 4 Belmont st,, 

h 26 Ashley road 
Johnston, John H., soap manufacturer and general agent, 17 

Crov/n street, works and h 6 Holburn place 
Johnston, Joseph, baker and confectioner, 44 King's crescent, 

/i 12 Jute street 


Johnston, Peter, gas inspector, 43 Bon- Accord street 

Johnston, Robert, 16 Queen's road 

Johnston, Wm., builder, 22 Bank street 

Johnston, Wm., blacksmith, Dander Hill Iron Works, 129 
West North street 

Johnston, Wm., painter, 80 Gerrard street 

Johnston, Mrs Alex., 41 Whitehouse street 

Johnston, Mrs Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 86, h 90 
Upper Denburn 

Johnston, Miss, 1 Crown terrace 

Johnston, Miss H., matron. Industrial Asylum and Eeforma- 
tory, 10 Mount street 

Johnston, Miss, dressmaker, 8 Castle street 

Johnstone, Alexander (of C. & A. Johnstone), 22 Wellington 

Johnstone, C. & A., wholesale merchants, 5 Trinity buildings, 
Trinity quay 

Johnstone, Charles (of C. & A. Johnstone), 16 Gladstone place 

Johnstone, John, warehouseman, Eosemount Provision Works, 
2 Gilcomston place 

Johnstone, Eobert (of Gammie & Johnstone), 19 South Con- 
stitution street 

Jolly, F. J., salesman (J. Allan & Sons), 30 Bank street 

Jolly, George, 26 Wellington place 

Jolly, John, painter, 57 Huntly street 

Jolly, Wm., printer, 14 Prospect terrace 

Jones, Henry T., assistant to Professor of Chemistry, Univer- 
sity of Aberdeen, All Eichmond terrace 

Jones, James E., F.E.A.S., teacher (Board of Trade Naviga- 
tion School), agent for Meteorological Committee, 21 
James street, /ill Affleck street 

Jones, Eichard, teacher, boys' and girls' hospital, King street 

JojDp, Alex., 255 Union street, h Woodhill 

Jopp, Andrew, advocate, distributor of stamps, and collector 
of taxes for Aberdeenshire, 27 King street, h 309 Union 

Jopp, G., lodgings, 4 Blackfriars street 

Jopp, Keith (of W. & K. Jopp), 20 Bon- Accord square 

Jopp, W. & K., wine and spirit merchants, 13 Market street 

Jopp, William (of W. & K. Jopp), 5 Albyn terrace 

Jopp, Mrs, Woodhill 

Jordan, T. C. (Great Northern Telegraph Co.), 28 Thomson 

Joss, Towns, & Kynoch, Caledonian Engine Works, Welling- 
ton road 

Joss, Alexander (of J. T. & K.), 33 Caledonian place 

Joss, Charles, tailor, 8 Broomhill place 


Joss, George, gardener, Westburn, Eubislaw 

Joss, Patrick, agent, 1 Alford place 

Joss, Peter, clerk (Aberdeen Commercial Co.), 116 North 

Broadford ^ 

Joss, Mrs, provision merchant, 55 Loch street, h 36 Loanhead 

Joss, Mrs, stoneware merchant, 132 Loch street 
Justice, James N., clerk (H. M. Customs), 6 Oakdale terrace, 

Justice, Miss, 160 Crown street 
Justice of Peace Court, Court House, Castle street ; William 

Eichardson, bar officer 

KAY, James P. (of Davidson & Kay), Elgin Villa, 7 Queen's 

Kay, William Mitchell, grocer, 13 Pilot's square, h 13 South 

Kay, Miss, 3 Westfield Cottages, Whitehall place 
Kaye, Robert, beadle (Charlotte street U.P. Church), 200 

Keenan, James, carver and gilder, 7 George street 
Keith, Alex., grain merchant, 42 Commerce street, and Virginia 

street east, h 8 Queen's road 
Keith, Alex., 4 Eosemount terrace 
Keith, James B., joint agent. Northern Branch, T. & C. Bank 

(Limited), 236 George street, h 88 Spring garden 
Keith, James (A. Macdonald, Field, & Co.), Headcroft place, 

Bon- Accord lane 
Keith, James, blacksmith, 7i 13 Crown terrace 
Keith, John (of Pratt & Keith), 25 Albyn place 
Keith, John, secretary, T. & C. Bank, Limited, h 7 Bon- Accord 

Keith, Wm. E. (of Pratt & Keith), 25 Albyn place 
Keith, William, sen., late slate merchant, 24 Union row, and 

24 Summer street 
Keith, William, jun., manufacturer of polished granite and 

enamelled slate. King street granite works, and 102 

West North street, h Eubislaw Den House 
Keith, William, cashier. King street granite works, 7i 31 Belvi- 

dere street 
Keith, Mrs Dr., 301 Union street 
Keith, Miss, stoneware merchant, 65 Windmillbrae, h 100 

Keith, Miss, Hamilton place 
Keith, Misses, teachers, 4 Eosemount terrace 
Kelman, Charles, flesher, 10 West North street, h 23 Eoslin 



Kelnian, William, pattern maker, 126 "Wellington road 
Kelman, Robert, clothier, 1 St. Paul st., h 3 King's Crescent 
Kelman, Mrs Andrew, lodgings, 98 Chapel street 
Kellas, James F., secretary, Local Marine Board, and superin- 
tendent. Mercantile Marine Office, &c., 28 Regent quay, 

li 48 Carden place 
Kelly, F. B., clothier, 10 St. Nicholas street, h 11 Albert street 
Kelly, James, baker, 17 Skene terrace 
Kelly, Timothy (H.M.C.), 13 Commerce street 
Kelty, James, baker, 147 George street, h \b Leadside road 
Kemlo, Alexander, advocate, 74 Union street, h oQ Victoria 

Kemlo, Miss H., stay maker, 8 Upperkirkgate, h above shop 
Kemp & Walker, millers and grain merchants, 4 St. Catherine's 

wynd, and Murtle Mills 
Kemp, Alex., church officer (Free West Church), li Church 

buildings, Bon- Accord street 
Kemp, George, cashier (J. Crombie), 27 Watson street 
Kemp, James, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 121 

North Broadford 
Kemp, James, foreman (Joint Station), 16| Bank street 
Kemp, William, fiesher, 29 Market Hall, h 5 Barron street, 

Kemp, Mrs Francis, grocer, 60 Skene square 
Kemp, Mrs, lodgings, 3 King's Crescent 
Kenn, Alex., stoneware merchant, 39 Commerce street 
Kennedy, Alexander, bookseller, stationer, and news agent, 16 

Crown street, A 16 Holburn road 
Kennedy, A. T., & Co., grocers, tea, wdne, and spirit merchants, 

35, h 27a George street 
Kennedy, James, draper, 38 Upperkirkgate 
Kennedy, Mrs (late of Killearnan), Craigwell Cottage, Skene 

Kennedy, Mrs, lodgings, 85 Crown street 
Ker, Mrs W. T., 40 Skene terrace 
Kerr, George, mason, 7 Causewayend 
Kerr, George, late master gunner, R.A., 36 Mount street 
Kerr, James, cashier (goods dept. Caly. Ry.)j Kepplestone, 

Kerr, James, A.M., head-master. Church of Scotland Training 

College, h 25 Argyll place 
Kerr, William, house proprietor. Heath Cottage, Balmoral 

Kesson, John, carver and gilder, 28 Diamond street, h 167 

Skene street west 
Kettle, Thomas W., surveyor to Lloyd's Register, 13 Regent 

quay, 7i 22 Ashley place 


Kidd, John, agent, Kittybrewster Station, li itfew Inn, Kitty- 

Kidd, John, feiiar, 40 Powis place 
Kilgoiir & Walker, woollen manufacturers, Berryden Mills, 

Berryden road, warehouse, 92 George street 
Kilgour, James, draper, 94 George street, h 2 Caroline place 
Kiloh, Miss, 4 Wellington place 
King & Co., A., Printers to the University of Aberdeen, and 

stereotypers to the trade, Clark's court, 2 Upperkirkgate 
King & Milne, house carpenters, Stevenson street 
King, Charles, cutter (Milne, Low, & Co.), 67 Rosemount pi. 
King, David, & Son, architectural and general iron founders, 

50 Castle street 
King, David M., accountant, 245 Union street 
King, David, jun. (of D. King & Son), 4 Mount street west 
King, George (of King & Milne), 47 Baker street 
King, George F., sub-editor (Aberdeen Journal)^ 1 Broad street 
King, J. & W., builders, Hutcheon street west 
King, Maxwell M,, dentist, 26 St. Nicholas street 
King, William C, hatter, 3 & 5 St. Nicholas street, h Duncairn 

House, South Seafield 
King, William, clerk of works, 15 Claremont street 
King, William (of J. & W. King), Prospect Buildings, 94 

North Broadford 
King, Mrs Wm., 7 Margaret street 
King Street Cattle Market, opposite Boys' Hospital ; John 

Duncan, lessee 
King Street Granite Works, William Keith, jun., 187 King st. 
King Street Iron Works, King street place ; J. M. Henderson 
Kinghorn, James, general draper, 30 and 32 St. Nicholas st., 

h Mount Cottage, Mount street 
Kinnear, Alex., shoemaker, 26 St. Clement's street 
Kinnear, James, artificial limb maker, 110 King street, h 31 

Jasmine terrace 
Kinnear, Mrs, spirit dealer, 5, li 6 Eegent quay 
Kinnaird, Alex., gardener, 21 Justice street, and 41 Park st., 

h Braeside, Pitfodels 
Kinnaird, Wm., gardener. Market Hall, Outseats, Rubislaw 
Kirby, Colonel G., Beltie House, 15 Dee street 
Kirby, John, professor of music, 3 Craibstone street east 
Kirk & Piggot, plasterers, Stevenson street 
Kirk, John (of Kirk & Piggot), 75 Upper Denburn 
Kirkland, Miss, 12 North Silver street 
Kirton, James, marble manufacturer, 33 Diamond street, li 30 

Jute street 
Kirton, Peter, marble and granite polisher. Upper Justice 



Kirton, Peter, flesher, 41 Market Hall, and 2 Baltic street, h 

59 Cotton street 
Kirton, Mrs, spirit dealer, 106 Green 
Kitson, George E., china merchant, 7 King's crescent 
Kitson, Luther (of W. K. & Co.), 78 Powis place 
Kitson, William, & Co., stoneware and rag merchants, 170 and 

172 Gallowgate 
Knight, Eev. George H. (Free South Church), 5 Queen's road 
Knight, Eev. George F., 4 Craibstone street west 
Knowles & Leiper, engineers and millwrights, 61 Commerce 

Knowles, Alex., engineer, 37 Shuttle lane 
Knowles, James, freestone, marble, and enamelled slate mer- 
chant, Hutcheon street west, show rooms, 2o3a George 

street, h 3 Eden place 
Knowles, Thomas, clerk (Harbour Office), 82 Chapel street 
Knowles, Wm., engineer, 8 King street place 
Knowles, Mrs, 63 Bon- Accord street 
Knowles, Miss, 72 Dee street 

Knowles, Misses, Kindergarten and school, 50 Union place 
Knox & Webster, iron merchants and wholesale ironmongers, 

Ironmonger's court, 14 Upperkirkgate, and 26 and 28 

St. Paul street 
Knox, Arthur, 31 Springbank terrace 
Knox, James, stoneware merchant, 27 Skene square, h 3 Hill 

Knox, Joseph, bookbinder, 24 St. Nicholas lane, h 86 John 

Knox, Robert, shoemaker, 155 Gallowgate 
Knox, William, grain merchant, 16 King street, h Craigton, 

Knox, Mrs, teacher, 84 Skene square 
Knox, Mrs, sicknurse, 19 Gordon street 
Kursch, C. Y. (Great Northern Telegraph Co.), 30 North Albert 

Kyd, David, deputy-superintendent. Mercantile Marine Office, 

h Glamis Cottage, 20 Spittal, Old Aberdeen 
Kynoch, Alex, (of J. T. & K), 16 Ferryhill terrace 

LAER, Mrs E. W. Yon, Hope Cottage, 10 Balmoral place 
Laing & Melvin, carriage builders (to Her Majesty), and har- 
ness makers, 4 & 8 Bon- Accord street 
Laing, Alex, (of Laing & Melvin), 14 Bon- Accord street 
Laing, Alex., tanner, skinner, and wool merchant, Gilcomston 

tannery, h Loch-head Cottage, Stocket road 
Laing, Andrew, flesher, 82, A 77 John street 
Laing, Charles A., 9 Bon- Accord terrace 


Laing, Charles, tailor and clothier, 6 Crown street, h Fountain- 
hall road 

Laing, Charles, market gardener, Fountainhall 

Laing, David, basket manufacturer, and toy merchant, 5 Crown 
street, and 77a Windmill brae, h 3 Affleck place 

Laing, George, clerk, 39 Marischal street, h Eden Cottage, 
West Cults 

Laing, James, hide, skin, and tallow factor, 74 & 76 Wool- 
manhill, h 7 View terrace 

Laing, James, beadle (Trinity Con. Church), 69 Shiprow 

Laing, James, & Co., furnishing ironmongers, smiths, and bell- 
hangers, 121 Union street, wholesale, 50, 52, and 54 
Green ; workshop, 10 Back wynd 

Laing, John (late of Ceylon), Granton Lodge, Cuparstone pi. 

Laing, Kobert, shoemaker, 193, A 195 George street 

Laing, Thomas (of Wm. L. & Son), 11 Belvidere street 

Laing, Thomas, dentist, 83 Union street 

Laing, Thomas, ironmonger, iron heel and toe plate manufac- 
turer, 19 Gallowgate, h 42 Chapel street 

Laing, William, & Son, wholesale ironmongers, blacksmiths, 
and bellhangers, 207 Gallowgate, and 2 Gerrard street ; 
workshop, 18 Catherine street 

Laing, Wm., shoreporter, 25 Cotton street 

Laing, Mrs B., grocer, 2 Upper Denburn 

Laing, Mrs James, 6 Queen's road 

Laird, Daniel, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 211 Union street 

Laird, Daniel, jun. (teller N. S. Savings Bank), 28 Thomson 

Laird, John, book-keeper (Gunn and Elder), 21 George street 

Laird, John, com. traveller, 8 Erskine street 

Laird, John, N. of S. Bank, Limited, 24 Argyll place 

Laird, Peter, com. traveller (Anderson & Thomson), 8 Margaret 

Lamb, Alex., plumber and gasfitter, 10 George st., h 50 Skene 

Lamb, Andrew, baker, I8I5, h 183 Crown street 

Lamb, George, accountant, 35a Union street 

Lamb, John (S. Martin, hatter), 79 King street 

Lamb, John, photographer, 5 South Silver street, A 17 Chattan 

Lamb, Robert, advocate, 29 Union street, A 21 St. Swithin st. 

Lamb, Thomas, royal bazaar and stationery warehouse, Thur- 
burn buildings, 40 Market street, A 81 Claremont street 

Lamb, Mrs, 79 King street 

Lamb, Mrs, 26 Victoria street 

Lamb, Miss, 15 Crown street 

Lamb, Misses, Fountainhall road 


Lambert, Mrs, 30 Dee street 

Lamond, Alex., blacksmith, 5 St. Clair street 

Lamond, Charles, Mansfield Cottage, Nigg 

Lamond, M. A., dress and mantle maker, Mansfield Cottage, 

Lamont, Andrew, jun., grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Cotton street, 

h 37 Constitution street 
Land Association (Limited), City of Aberdeen, secretaries and 

treasurers, Edmonds & Macqueen, 10 Bridge street 
Lands and Heritages Valuation Oflice, 27 King street 
Landles, Charles, Grill Restaurant, 213 Union street, h 34 

Chapel street 
Lane, Benjamin, brigade surgeon, A.M.D., 2 Forest road 
Langlands, Robert, provision dealer, 189 Gallowgate 
Latto, Mrs, 36 Union terrace 
Laurie, Wm., shipmaster, 19 Ashley place 
Laurie, Wm., late bookbinder, 10 Prospect terrace 
Laurie, Mrs Thomas, 75 Dee street 

Law, Alex., com. traveller (J. & A. Gibb), 14^ Powis terrace 
Law, Alex., slater, 24 Upper Denburn 
Law, Alex., baker, 82 Shiprow, h 2 Cherrybank 
Law, Arthur, grocer and spirit dealer, 133 Skene street, li 10 

Margaret street 
Law, James, baker, 9 UjDperkirkgate, h 76 Wales street 
Law, John, D.C., manager (P. Craighead's West-end branch), 

Fountainhall road 
Law, Robert, boot and shoemaker, 104 Rosemount place, li 41 

Mount street 
Law, Thomas, cashier (Hall, Russell & Co.), 11 Ashley road 
Law, Thomas B., manager (G. & W. Davidson), 17 Regent quay 
Law, Mrs D., sick nurse, 37 Bon- Accord street 
Law, Mrs, Meridian Cottage, Cuparstone road 
Law, Miss B., grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Wellington place, h 

10 Margaret street 
Lawe's Chemical Manure Co., Limited ; Ben. Reid & Co., 

agents, Guild street 
Lawie, James E., overseer (G. Elsmie & Son), 44 Chapel st. 
Lawrance, Walter, Fleet surgeon, R.N., 5 East Craibstone st. 
Lawrence, C. M., teacher of shorthand, 53 Sunmier street 
Lawrence, Joseph, tailor and funeral waiter (olficer, Free East 

Church), 53 Summer street 
Lawrence, Robert, granite monument manufacturer, 63, h 47 

Nelson street 
Lawrence, Sampson, overseer (A. Ogston & Sons), 37 Powis pi. 
Lawrence, Thomas, brushmaker (G. Morison), 6 Loanhead ter. 
Lawrence, Mrs, 3 Grey street, Hammerfield west 
Lawrence, Mrs, lodgings, 7 Black's buildings 


Lawrence, Miss, A. E., 73 Dee street 

Lawrie, Alex., grocer, 1 Irvine place 

Laws, Robert, cabinetmaker, wright, and upholsterer, 12 Bridge 
place, h 6 Little Chapel street 

Lawson & Turnbull, tinplate and metal merchants, and lead 
pipe manufacturers, 12 Meal Market street 

Lawson, James, shipmaster, 22 Loanhead terrace 

Lawson, John, printer, 26 Argyll place 

Lawson, Walter, 22 Waverley place 

Leal, Rev. E. C, minister. Catholic Apostolic Church, Exchange 
street, h 62 Springbank terrace 

Leaper, John, carter and contractor, 75 West North street 

Leaper, Joseph, spirit dealer, 60, h 62 College street 

Leask, A. R. D., advocate and notary public, 19, h 13 Maris- 
chal street 

Leask, Douglas B., teller (N. of S. Bank, Lim.), 174 Crown st. 

Leask, Henry, commercial traveller (of Bannerman & Sons, 
Manchester), 2 Elmbank terrace 

Leask, John, house carpenter, 50, h 48 Hardgate 

Ledingham, A. W. (of Marshall & Co., Spring-garden Provi- 
sion Works), 5 Caroline place 

Ledingham, Alex., bookseller and stationer, 27 Bank street 

Ledingham, Alex., chartered accountant, 10 Bridge street, 7i 13 
Watson street 

Ledingham, Alex., coal canvasser (N. A. C), 39 Union terrace 

Ledingham, James A., clerk (Town Council, Police dept.), 28 
Holburn road 

Ledingham, James D., clerk, surveyor's dept., Town House, 
h 79 Hutcheon street 

Ledingham, John, baker, 3 South Mount street, Ti 14 Mount 

Ledingham, John, 79 Hutcheon street 

Ledingham, Wm. M., cashier (Marshall & Co.), 5 Caroline pi. 

Ledingham, Mrs, 16 Mount street 

Ledingham, Miss, dressmaker, 86 George street 

Lee, James, manager (A. Ogston & Sons), 40 Mount street 

Leeman, Joseph, Lieut., R.N.R., F.R.A.S., examiner in Navi- 
gation, and Seamanship, Local Marine Board, 28 Regent 

Lees, John, fish merchant, 11 Carmelite street 

Lees, Mrs James, lodgings, 225 King street 

Legg, William, tinsmith, 79 Queen street 

Legge, Rev. James W., A.M., Classical Master, Grammar 
School, h 20 Balmoral place 

Legge, John W., sculptor, polished granite, marble, and free- 
stone works, South Bridge, Holburn street, h 18 Cale- 
donian place 


Legge, Mrs John, Bellahill Cottage, Balmoral place 

Leigh, W. J., superintendent of agents (Prudential Life Ass. 

Co.), Stoneleigh house, Dee place 
Leighton, James, messenger (M. Rettie & Sons), 46 Claremont 

Leighton, William, telegraphist (P.O.), 25 Richmond terrace 
Leiper, James, grocer, 108, h 106 Chapel street 
Leiper, John (of K. & L.), 75 Virginia street 
Leith & Co., photographers, 6 Rettie's Court, 26 Broad street 
Leith & Paterson, manufacturers and wholesale warehousemen, 

Victoria buildings, 48 Bridge street 
Leith, Alexander, builder and contractor, 18 Ashley place, 

hotel-keeper, 16 Meal Market street 
Leith, David (of John Leith & Sons), 3 Rubislaw terrace 
Leith, George, 19 Prospect terrace 
Leith, Hugh, miller and grain merchant, 83 George street, h 

4 Union place 
Leith, James (of John Leith & Sons), 150 Crown street 
Leith, James, stone merchant, Cairncry Quarries, h Granite- 
hill House 
Leith, James, clerk, 85 Bon- Accord street 
Leith, John, & Sons, wholesale merchants, 17 Exchange street 
Leith, John (of John Leith & Sons), 46 Springbank terrace 
Leith, John, baker, 66 College street, h above shop 
Leith, John (of Leith & Paterson), 75 Crown street 
Leith, John, grocer, 91 Chapel street, h 38 Rose street 
Leith, John (H.M.C.), 82 North Broadford 
Leith, Joseph, house carpenter, 66, h 68 Skene square 
Leith, Peter, toymaker, 1 Doric place, Loch street 
Leith, Robert (of Leith & Co.), 6 Crooked lane 
Leith, Thomas, 28 Kintore place 
Leith, Miss J. A., teacher (Causewayend Public School), 21 

Mount street west 
Lemon Tree Hotel, 7 & 9 St. Nicholas street 
Lendrum, Mrs, 21 Bank street 
Lennie, Alex,, shoemaker and principal beadle (Free Trinity 

Church), 40 Chapel street 
Leonard, Geo., manure agent and hay dealer, 3 Langstane pi. 
Leslie & Duthie (successors to J. Roy, jun.), seedsmen, florists, 

and fruiterers, 48 Union street 
Leslie & Russell, printers, 2 Grown court, 41 i Union street 
Leslie, A. M., 14 Queen's road 

Leslie, Alex., messenger-at-arms and sheriff officer, 1 Broad st. 
Leslie, Alexander, 81 Skene square 

Leslie, Alex., insurance agent. Willow Cottage, 43 Canal road 
Leslie, Charles (J. Laing & Co.), 21 Albert terrace 
Leslie, Edward, boot and shoemaker, 20 Queen street 


Leslie, George, & Co., coal, coke, canvas, rope and twine mer- 
chants, and mast, spar, and sailmakers, 74 Union street ; 
works. Provost Blaikie's quay 

Leslie, Geo. Christie (of Leslie, Gray, & Co.), Abbotsville, Cults 

Leslie, George (of Leslie & Russell), 16 Caledonian place 
Leslie, George (of L. & D.), Bexhill Cottage, Holburn place 

Leslie, Gray, & Co., manufacturers, Rosemount works, Gil- 

Leslie, Jas,, undertaker (of T. R. Watson), 14, h 10 St. Paul st, 

Leslie, Jas., builder, 54 Hutcheon street, h 130 North Broadford 

Leslie, James, shoemaker, 23 Marywell street 

Leslie, John (of J. & J. Crombie), Don Bank, Bridge of Don 

Leslie, John, bootmaker, 31 South Constitution street 

Leslie, John, assistant superintendent, House of Refuge, 85 
George street 

Leslie, John, accountant, 83 Union street, h 22 Watson street 

Leslie, John, shipmaster, 15 View terrace 

Leslie, John B., commercial traveller (A. R. Gray), 21 Roslin 

Leslie, Robert Downie, advocate, 75 Union street, h Fonthill 
road, Ferryhill 

Leslie, Robert, spirit dealer, 36 West North street, h 10 Con- 
stitution street 

Leslie, Wm. (of Wm. Leslie & Co.), 25 Rubislaw terrace 

Leslie, Wm., & Co., ship insurance brokers, commission mer- 
chants, and herring factors (agents for Harbour branch, 
T. and C. Bank, Lim.), 67 Marischal street 

Leslie, Wm. R., branch inspector (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 1 
Springbank place 

Leslie, Mrs Alexander, Cherryvale, Skene street west 

Leslie, Mrs Wm., of Nethermuir, 28 Albyn place and Nether- 
muir. New Deer 

Leslie, Mrs, 21 Constitution street 

Leslie, Mrs John, 263 George street 

Leslie, Mrs John G., 33 Caledonian place 

Leslie, Mrs, lodgings, 1 1 1 Correction wynd 

Leslie, Miss, 37 View terrace 

Leslie, Misses (of Powis), Powis House 

Leslie, Miss (late of Udny), 14 (Queen's road 

Letters, Charles, pawnbroker. Chronicle court, 10 Queen st,, 
h 33 View terrace 

Levie, Alex., shipmaster, 37 Garden place 

Levie, Daniel, 15 Ashley road 

Levie, G. 0., furniture dealer and cooper, 25, h 23 Skene 

Levie, Mrs, lodgings, 13 Marischal street 

Levie, Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 19 Marischal street 



Lewis, Mrs Charles E., keeper, Inland Eevenue Office, 27 King 

Lewis, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 57, h 55 Virginia street, 

and boat builder. Provost Blaikie's quay- 
Lewis, Mrs, 79 Bon- Accord street 
Leys, Mrs G. C, 4 Kirkville terrace 
Lickley, George (Gal. Ry.), 10 Ferryhill terrace 
Ligertwood, J. & E,, advocates and notaries public, County 

buildings, Castle street 
Ligertwood, John, advocate, &c., sheriff clerk, County build- 
ings, Castle street, h 36 Bon- Accord terrace 
Ligertwood, Wm,, shipwright, 33 York street 
Ligertwood, Mrs, 117 Crown street 
Ligertwood, Mrs James, 36 Thistle street 
Lilybank Provision Works, Kittybrewster ; Robertson and 

Lind, John, 31 Springbank terrace 
Lind, Miss, 53 Osborne place 

Lindsay, Chas. A., City Flour Mills, 7j 71 Cause wayend 
Lindsay, John, Trustees of, millers and grain merchants, City 

Flour Mills, 73 Causewayend 
Lindsay, John, City Flour Mills, h 132 North Broadford 
Lindsay, W. & W., booksellers, stationers, printers, publishers, 

and newspaper agents, 28 and 30 Market street 
Lindsay, Wm. (of W. & W. Lindsay), 9 Gladstone place 
Lindsay, Wm. G. (of W. & W. Lindsay), 9 Gladstone place 
Lindsay, Mrs John, Berrybank 
Lindsay, Misses, 7 Crimon place 
Linklater, Alex., shipmaster, 27 Mary well street 
Linklater, Wm., grocer, wine and spirit merchant (agent for 

W. & A. Gilbey), 109 Gallowgate, h 8 Erskine street 
Linton, Misses, 8 Caledonian place 
Lippe, Rev. Robert, Chaplain, Royal Infirmary and Lunatic 

Asylum, 28 Argyll place 
Lipton, Thos. J., provision merchant, 55 Union street, h John- 
stone Villa, Cambuslang — by Glasgow 
Lister, John, lapidary, 46 Netherkirkgate, h 66 St. Nicholas 

Lister, Mrs, lodgings, 66 St. Nicholas street 
Litster, Wm., teacher of music, 68 Springbank terrace 
Littlejohn, David, advocate, 15 Adelphi court, h Cotton Lodge 
Littlejohn, George G. (of J. Littlejohn & Sons), 34 Springbank 

Littlejohn, George, & Co., wholesale saddlers' ironmongers, 

&c., 19 Back wynd 
Littlejohn, James, & Sons, wholesale and retail tea dealers and 

grocers, 39 Green 


Littlejohn, James (of J. Littlejohn & Sons), 4 Millburn street 
Littlejohn, James, jun. (of J. Littlejohn & Sons), 31 Cale- 
donian place 
Littlejohn, John, draper, 1, A 3 Rosemount place 
Littlejohn, John, gardener, 62 Stanley street 
Littlejohn, Wm., late bank manager, 6 Queen's Gardens 
Littlejohn, Wm., farmer, Whitemyres 
Littlejohn, Mrs George, 55 Garden place 
Littlejohn, Mrs Wm., 7 East Craibstone street 
Liverpool Shipping Office, 3 Trinity buildings. Trinity quay 
Livingstone, John, fish dealer, 11 Carmelite lane, h 13 Carme- 
lite street 
Livingstone, John (N. of S. Bank, Lim.), 4 East Craibstone st. 
Livingstone, Mrs, 25 Victoria street 
Lizars, Mrs Dr, 23 St. Swithin street 
Lloyd's agent, James Aiken, jun., 55 Marischal street 
Lloyd's Agency, American, P. Ludwig, 17 Regent quay 
Lloyd's Register, surveyor to, Thos. W. Kettle, 1 3 Regent quay 
Loan and Agency Co., Lim., The London and Canadian ; Home 

& Smith, agents 
Lobban, Wm., pattern maker (Blaikie Brothers), 134 King st, 
Lobban, Miss, Young Ladies' School, 40, h 134 King street 
Lobban, Miss, lodgings, 8 Summer street 
Lockhart, James, confectioner, 2 Little Belmont street, h W 

Back wynd 
Lockhart, Mrs, 47 Schoolhill 
Logan & Co., pianoforte makers and music sellers, 2a Union 

place, and 57 and 59 Church street, Inverness 
Logan, C. A., 25 Thomson street 
Logan, David (of Logan & Co.), 35 Ferryhill terrace 
Logan, Hay, picture frame maker, 27 Loch street 
Logan, John, principal beadle (North Church), 62 Queen st. 
Logan, Wm., grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 114 George 

street, h 24 Mount street west 
Loggie, Mrs, lodgings, 68 George street 
London and Newcastle Tea Co., 7 Market street and 81 Broad 

street ; James Calder, manager 
Longair, Andrew D., spirit dealer, 4 Exchequer row 
Longmore, John, book-keeper, 26 South Mount street 
Longmuir, Mrs, Hawthorn Cottage, 5 Dee place 
Longmuir, Mrs Capt. James, Diamond Cottage, 34 Cuparstone 

Longmuir, Mrs John, 43 Victoria street 

Lonie, Alex., tailor and clothier, 154 George street, h 4 Char- 
lotte street 
Lonie, Alfred G., bookkeeper (Devanha Brewery), 57 Queen 


Lonie, James, warder, Police Office, 4 Charlotte street 

Lorimer, James, & Son, French, and English boot and shoe 
saloon. Palace buildings, 157 Union street 

Lorimer, James, sen. (of J. Lorimer & Son), Belvidere street 

Lorimer, James, jun. (of J. Lorimer & Son), Belvidere street 

Lorimer, Mrs, 4 Bon-Accord terrace 

Lome Hotel, 6 Trinity street 

Love, Alex, (of Paterson, Love & Co.), 57 Jute street 

Lovie, James, commercial traveller, 17 Richmond terrace 

Lovie, Mrs, 43 Victoria street 

Low, Alex. B., wood merchant, sawmills. Provost Jamieson's 
quay, and 162 Wellington road, h 32 Ferryhill place 

Low, David, joiner, 160 Hutcheon street west 

Low, George M., shipping clerk (J. Crombie), 34 Urquhart rd. 

Low, James, & Co., saddlers, 45 Queen street, h 27 King's 

Low, J. S., secretary (N. Co-op. Co., Lim.), 11 Powis terrace 

Low, John, flesher, 1 Holburn place 

Low, John, Fiddie Cottage, Holburn place 

Low, William, mason and diver, 37 Powis place 

Low, Mrs A., 31 Union place 

Low, Mrs Gavin, 40 Whitehouse street 

Low, Mrs J., tailor and general outfitter, 56, h 57 Regent quay 

Low, Miss, lodgings, 9 Victoria street 

Lowe, Rev. Wm. T. W., Elm Cottage, Ruthrieston 

Lucas, Miss, teacher of music, 16 Bridge street 

Ludwig, Charles, & Co., ship and insurance brokers and com- 
mission merchants, 17 Regent quay 

Ludwig, Paul (of C. Ludwig & Co.), Bank of Scotland court, 
35 Castle street 

Ludwig, Mrs Charles, Bank of Scotland court, 35 Castle street 

Lumsden & Gibson, family grocers and wine merchants, 95 
Union street 

Lumsden, Alex., agent, Gordondale road 

Lumsden, Henry S. (of Lumsden and Gibson), 35 Bon-Accord 

Lumsden, James Forbes, advocate (of Robertson & Lumsden), 
County buildings. Castle street, h 9 Albyn terrace 

Lumsden, James & Co., clothiers, outfitters, and shirtmakers, 
155 Union street 

Lumsden, James, plumber and gasfitter, 7 Baker street, h 18 
Kintore place 

Lumsden, James, late waterproof manufacturer, 54 Summer 

Lumsden, John (of Wm. Lumsden & Son), 12 Devanha terrace 

Lumsden, Robert, joint manager (N. of S. Bank, Lim.), Ferry- 
hill House 


Lumsden, Win. & Son, family grocers and wine merchants, 58 

Union street 
Lumsden, Wm. W., 2 Gilcomston park 
Lumsden, Mrs, Hamilton place 
Lumsden, Mrs, lodgings, 74 John street 
Lumsden, Miss, lodgings, 10 Margaret street 
Lumsden, Miss M. A., lodgings, 29 Dee street 
Lunan, John, commission agent, and agent for the Globe 

Parcel Express, 5 Adelphi lane, h 2 Gray's buildings, 

Lunan, Marianus, 31 Huntly street 
Lunan, William, chartered accountant, 39 Ashley place 
Lunatic Asylum (Royal), adjoining Mary place ; Robert 

Jamieson, M.D., superintendent 
Lute, Thomas, dockmaster's assistant, office, Dock Gates, h 67 

Cotton street 
Lyall, George, & Co., silk mercers (to the Queen), 97 and 99 

Union street 
Lyall, J. & J., ironmongers, blacksmiths, and bell hangers, 24 

George street 
Lyall, James (of J. & J. Lyall), 33 Shiprow 
Lyall, John, com. trav. (Northern Agricultural Company), 7 

Abbotsford place 
Lyall, John, com. traveller (T. Craig & Sons), Mayfield Cot- 
tage, 35 Thomson street 
Lyall, Robert, jun., ironmonger, 34 Broad street, h 3 Watson 

Lyall, Robert, late blacksmith, 33 Shiprow 
Lyall, R. W. (of Hay & Lyall), 12 Springbank terrace 
Lyon, Alexander, margarine, soap, oil, and tallow manufacturer, 

1944 George street, h 43 Garden place 
Lyon, Alex., jun., hide and tallow factor, 194| George street, 

h 52 Garden place 
Lyon, Charles, joiner and packing case manufacturer (by 

steam power), Clayhills, Wellington road, h 13 Crown 

Lyon, John, 5 Belmont place 
Lyon, William, leather merchant, 85 Broad street, 7i EUerslie 

Cottage, Hammerfield 
Lyon, Mrs John, spirit dealer, 76 Waterloo quay 

M'ADAM & Co., brewers and maltsters (late Wallace Bros.), 

146 Hardgate 
M'Adam, Alexander, foreman (Geo. Fordyce & Co.), 31 Ashley 

■M'Adam, David G., carter and contractor, 4| Mealmarket st., 

h 4 Mitchell place 


M'Adam, John, jun., carter and contractor, 4| Mealmarket st., 

h 6 Jopp's lane 
M'Adam, William (of M'Adam & Co.), 53 Holburn street 
M'Adam, Mrs, sen., 4 Mitchell place 
M'Adam, Mrs, innkeeper and stabler, 30 Gerrard street 
M'Addie, Alexander, pattern maker, 15 Ferry hill terrace 
M'Alley, Eobert, stoneware merchant, 22a, h 24 Skene street 
M'AUister, John, furnishing tailor, 24 West North street 
M'Bain, George, Seafield Cottage, Knbislaw 
M'Bain, George, shipmaster, 62 Ashley place 
M'Bain, James, Duncan place, 94 North Broadford 
M'Bain, John, M.A., teacher, High School for Girls', Little 

Belmont street, h Hamilton place 
M'Bean, William, 14 Springbank terrace 
M'Beath, Peter, shipmaster, 20 Mary well street 
M'Bey, Thomas, horse bazaar and horse dealer, 137 North 

Broadford, and Auchronie farm, Kinellar 
M'Boyle, Mrs William, 18 Mary well street 
M'Call, John, auctioneer and valuator, 14 King street 
M'Callam, William, locker (Customs), 31 Frederick street 
M'Callum, David, insurance agent, 18 Marischal street 
M'Cann, John P., architect, 75 Union street, h 20 Roslin ter. 
M'Cann, John, clothier and broker, 42 Lodge walk 
M'Clymont, Rev. James A., B.D. (Holburn'Church), 4 Albert 

M'Combie, Charles, advocate and notary public, 129 Union 

street, h 41 Garden place 
M'Combie, James Boyn, advocate (of Murray & M'Combie), 4 

Albyn place 
M'Combie, James, & Co., fishcurers and herring merchants, 20 

Point law 
M'Combie, Mrs, Dilkhoosh, 19 Belvidere street 
M'Combie, Mrs P., milliner and dressmaker, 6 Thistle street 
M'Combie, Mrs T., 16 Albert street and Briar Cottage, West 

M'Condach, Miss, 12 South Crown street 
M'Connochie, Alexander Inkson, chartered accountant, and 

law stationer, 74 Union street, h 36 Union terrace 
M'Cormack, James, superintendent, Postal Telegraphs, 4 Brae- 
mar place 
M'Courtie, Mrs George, 16 Crimon place 
M'Crae, George, & Co., drapers, 50 Market street 
M'Crae, George (of G. M'Crae & Co.), 8 Nellfield place 
M'Curley, J., foreman bleacher, Rubislaw Bleachfield, h Rub- 

islaw Villa 
M'Diarmid, John, accountant (Stamps and Taxes), 27 King 
street, h Belville, Hammerfield 


M'Donalcl, A. & J., boot top manufacturers, 27 Gallowgate 
M'Donald, Alex., M.D., staff surgeon, R.N., H.M. ship "Clyde," 

7 Forest road 
M'Donald, Alex., late C.S., 93rd foot, 47 Causewayend 
M'Donald, Angus, 9 Strawberry bank 
M'Donald, Archibald M., advocate (of Yeats, Milne, and 

M'Donald), 144 King street 
M'Donald, Archibald (of A. & J. M'D.), 17 Millbank lane 
M'Donald, Charles, Froghall Granite Works, Jute street, /i 12 

Jute street 
M'Donald, Duncan, mason, 4 Holburn road 
M'Donald, Ewen, joiner (N. of S. & 0. & S. Steam Co.), 12 

Constitution street 
M'Donald, George, builder (of I. & M'D.), 6H Skene street 
M'Donald, James, iron merchant, 1 Commerce lane, h 43 

Commerce street 
M'Donald, James, restaurant keeper, 1 1 Market street 
M'Donald, James, cabinetmaker, 3 Chronicle lane, h 68 Queen 

M'Donald, James, baker, 32 Gallowgate, h above shop 
M'Donald, John, blacksmith and locksmith, 50 West North 

street, h 36 Frederick street 
M'Donald, Patrick, contractor, 12 Kintore place 
M'Donald, Peter, woollen cloth merchant, 21,/i49 Upperkirk- 

M'Donald, Peter, & Co., furnishing tailors, 93 King street 
M'Donald, Roderick, mason, 32 Holburn road 
M'Donald, William Y., agent. Union Bank (West-end branch), 

203 Union street, /i 165 Crown street 
M'Donald, Wm., flesher, 37 Market Hall 
M'Donald, Mrs, lodgings, 12 Constitution street 
M'Donald, Mrs, lodgings, 72 Catherine street 
M'Donald, Mrs B., Claremont house, Claremont street 
M'Donald, Miss, 34 North Broadford 
M'Donald, Miss, 17 Victoria street 
M'Donald, Miss M., dressmaker, 22 Thistle street 
M'Donald's Club Hotel, 11 Market street 
M'Dougall, Daniel, hair dresser, 33 Loch street, h Watson's 

buildings, 13 Gallowgate 
M'Dougall, John, grain merchant, 48 Market street, h 14 North 

M'Edward, John, clerk (G. N. of S. Ry.), 18 Bank street 
M'Farland, Wm., lessee, Her Majesty's Theatre, Gxiild street 
M'Farland's Music Hall, 52 Market street 
M'Gee & Co., cork manufacturers, 18 Castle street 
M'Gilvray, D. R. (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 3 Marine place 
M'Gilvray, Mrs (late of Keith), 3 Marine place 


M'Gregor & Shand, slaters, Spa street 

M'Gregor, Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 57 Guestrow, h 2 
Barnett's close 

M'Gregor, Alex., saddler and harness maker, 43 Queen street 

M'Gregor, David, dyer, 26 George street, h 50 Belvidere place 

M'Gregor, David, cashier (Burnett & Reid), 9 Prospect terrace 

M'Gregor, James, painter and decorator, 292 George street, h 
Well of Spa 

M'Gregor, John, dyer, 26 George street, h Leonard Cottage, 46 
Belvidere place 

M'Gregor, John, house carpenter and furniture dealer, 105 
George street, h 3 Henry place 

M'Gregor, John, granite works, 2 Ashley place, h Ythan Cot- 
tage, Broomhill place 

M'Gregor, Thomas (of M'Gregor & Shand), 62 Skene street ■ 

M'Gregor, Wm. D. (of F. & M'G.), 16 South Mount street 

M'Gregor, Mrs John, 38 Union row 

M'Gregor, Mrs, 18 Watson street 

M'Gregor, Mrs, grocer, 7 East North street, h 83 King street 

M'Gregor, Miss, 25 Marischal street 

M'Grigor, Miss, 8^ North Silver street 

M'Hardy, Charles (of Ellis & M'Hardy), 6 Salisbury terrace 

M'Hardy, David, & Son, ironmongers (to the Queen and 
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales), bellhangers, and manu- 
facturers of general smith work, 54 Netherkirkgate 

M'Hardy, David, sen. (late of D. M'Hardy & Son), Cranford, 

M'Hardy, David, jun. (of D. M'Hardy & Son), 22 Ashley road 

M'Hardy, James, draper, 135 Crown street 

M'Hardy, James, draughtsman (Hall, Russell, & Co.), 27 York 

M'Hardy, Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 188 West 
North street 

M'Hardy, Samuel, clerk (Stamps and Taxes), 27 King street, h 
Anna Cottage, Peterculter 

M'Hardy, Mrs, lodgings, 3 Mary place 

M'Hardy, Mrs, lodgings, 15 North Broadford 

M'Hardy, Miss, 4 Kirkville terrace 

M'lntosii & Mackie, drapers, 46 St. Nicholas street 

M'Intosh, Alexander, draper (of M'l. & M.), 38 Thistle street 

M'Intosh, Alex., tinsmith, 146 Gallowgate 

M'Intosh, Daniel, late farmer, 72 Hutcheon street 

M'Intosh, James, gardener, Westmore, Stocket 

M'Intosh, James, commercial traveller (W. Rattray & Son), 
Roslin Cottage, Woodside 

M'Intosh, James, flesher (to the Queen), 50, 51 and 52 Market 
hall, h 8 Belmont road 


M'Intosli, James, stonecutter, 67 Gerrard street, h 15 Nelson st. 
M'Intosh, Rev. John, Chapel House, Huntly street 
M'lntosh, John, foreman plater (Hall, Russell, & Co.), Baker 

street, Torry 
M'lntosh, John, loco, foreman, Cal. Ry., Deemount Cottage, 

M'lntosh, John T,, draper, 31 Broad street 
M'lntosh, John, furniture dealer, 80 Loch street 
M'lntosh, John, head steward (City of London), 7 Crown 

M'lntosh, Simon, shoemaker, 73 King street, h 33 Constitution 

M'lntosh, Mrs, midwife, 82 Causewayend 
M'lntosh, Mrs, tea and provision merchant, 55 Hutcheon street 
M'lntosh, Miss, draper, 78 Queen street 
M'Intyre, Jas., chimney sweep, 96 Green, h 11 Windy wynd 
M'Intyre, James, boot and shoemaker, 113 Gallowgate, h 21 

Seamount place 
M'lver, Miss, lodgings, 51 Bon- Accord street 
M'Kay & Milne, timber merchants and turners, ' Victoria 

patent Sawmills, Hutcheon street west 
M'Kay, Alex, (of M'Kay & Milne), 2 Mount place 
M'Kay, Alex., grocer, 12, h 21 Kintore place 
M'Kay, David, beadle (Free St. Columba), 15 Gordon street 
M'Kay, George, & Son, slaters, 32 Union row 
M'Kay, George, joiner. Ash vale Cottage, 24 Cuparstone place 
M'Kay, H. S., overseer, Puttialla Cottage, 39 Charles street 
M'Kay, James, printer (Wm. Davidson), 44 Loanhead terrace 
M'Kay, James, spirit dealer, 22 Castle street 
M'Kay, John (of G. M'Kay & Son), 52 Stanley street 
M'Kay, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 94, h 102 Gallowgate 
M'Kay, John Q., painter and glazier, 6 Rosebank terrace, h 25 

Bank street 
M'Kay, John, North British Hotel, 8 and 10 Trinity street 
M'Kay, Neil, plumber and gasfitter, 21 Loch street, h 5 Ashley 

M'Kay, William, foreman joiner (H. R. & Co.), 95 Wales st. 
M'Kay, Wm., foreman engineer (G. N. of S. K), Kittybrewster, 

h Olmstead Cottage, Woodside 
M'Kay, William, collector, 5 Lemon street 
M'Kay, Mrs George, 48 North Charlotte street 
M'Kay, Mrs John, 46 Watson street 
M'Kay, Mrs, 8 Ferryhill terrace 
M'Kay, Miss, milliner, 1 Mount street 
M'Kechnie, Mrs James, broker, 21 Lodge walk 
M'Kenzie, Alexander, tinsmith, 74 East North street 
M'Kenzie, Alex., boot and shoemaker, 8, ^ 7 Park street 


M'Kenzie, Archibald, coal merchant, Upper quay, h 126 Crown 

M'Kenzie, Duncan, letter-carrier (P.O.), 171 Skene street west 
M'Kenzie, Duncan, foreman engineer (Abernethy & Co.), 

28 Ferryhill place 
M'Kenzie, James, fish and game dealer, 72 Loch street 
M'Kenzie, James, 8 Osborne place 
M'Kenzie, James, carpenter, 1 Hawthorn terrace 
M'Kenzie, James, carter, 18 St. Andrew street, h 72 Loch 

M'Kenzie, John, jobbing joiner, 2 Nelson lane 
M'Kenzie, John, teacher (St. Andrew Street Public School), 

261 George street 
M'Kenzie, John (of Gauld & M'Kenzie), 28 Thomson street 
M'Kenzie, John, M.A., classical master (Robert Gordon's Col- 
lege), 36 Osborne place 
M'Kenzie, John, grocer, 43f Schoolhill, h 39 Back wynd 
M'Kenzie, John (of J. Williams & Sons), 59 Watson street 
M'Kenzie, Murdoch, steward. City Club, 22 Bridge street 
M'Kenzie, Robert, brewer, Lochside Brewery, 112 Loch street, 

h St. John's court, 38 Castle street 
M'Kenzie, Thomas, agricultural implement maker, 14 Holburn 

M'Kenzie, Thos., commercial traveller, 122 North Broadford 
M'Kenzie, Wm., clerk. School Board Office, 31 King street, 7i 

13 Constitution street 
M'Kenzie, W. J., grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 69 

North Broadford, h 16 Erskine street 
M'Kenzie, Wm., blacksmith, 3 Gilcomston brae 
M'Kenzie, Mrs Alex., 17 King's Crescent 
M'Kenzie, Mrs, attendant. City Club, 22 Bridge street 
M'Kenzie, Miss (late of Ruthrieston), 10 Victoria street 
M'Kenzie, Miss, 173 Skene street west 

M'Keowin, William, superintendent of funeratory, 8 Hender- 
son's court. Broad street 
M'Killiam, B. & W., confectioners to the Queen, 54 Broad st. 
M'Killiam, Basil (of B. & W. M'Killiam), 48 Victoria street 
M'Killiam, Isaac R. (of B. & W. M'Killiam), 10 Bon- Accord ter. 
M'Killiam, Mrs R., 217 Union street 

M'Killiam, Misses, boarding and day school, 217 Union street 
M'Killican, James, clerk, Bon-Accord Livery stables, h 24 

M'Killigan, Alex. (Free Press), 12 Jute street 
M'Killop, Miss A., teacher (Ferryhill Public School), 43 

Whitehouse street 
M'Kinlay, Mrs Allan, fish merchant. Basement, Market, h 8 

Carmelite street 


M'Kinnon, George B., watchmaker, 20 St. Nicholas street, h 
13 Belvidere street 

M'Kinnon, James, com. traveller (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 41 
Victoria street 

M'Kinnon, John (of W. M'Kinnon & Co.), 54 King street 

M'Kinnon, Patrick, hair dresser and cutler, 29 Windy wynd, h 
1 Seamoiint place 

M'Kinnon, William, & Co., ironfounders, engineers, mill- 
wrights, boilermakers, and general blacksmiths, Spring- 
Garden Works, Windy wynd 

M'Lachlan, John, teacher (Causewayend Public School), 14 
Belvidere street 

M'Lachlan, Mrs John, lodgings, 24 Craigie street 

M'Laren, D, F., jeweller and hardware merchant, 15 Union 
buildings, h 29 Albert terrace 

M'Laren, David, commercial traveller, 61 Eose street 

M'Laren, James, solicitor and accountant, 25 Union street, h 
5 Affleck place 

M'Laren, Mitchell L. S., commission merchant (of John 
Sheed & Co.), Fernielee, Murtle 

M'Laren, Mrs John, Fernielee, Murtle 

M'Lean, Alexander, foreman (Mutter, Howie, & Co.), 60 
Huntly street 

M'Lean, Donald, contractor, 82 Rosemount place 

M'Lean, George, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 41 Green, h 
Arthur Cottage, Prince Arthur street 

M'Lean, James, fishmonger and grocer, 93 George street, /i 118 
North Broadford 

M'Lean, James (Walker & Co.), 68 and 70 Virginia street 

M'Lean, John, superintendent of meters ; office. Regent road, 
h 52 Gallowgate 

M'Lean, Mrs Thomas, 17 Bon- Accord street 

M'Lean, Mrs Alexander, Irvine place 

M'Lean, Mrs William, 44 Thomson street 

M'Lellan, Basil S., M.A., teacher (Robert Gordon's College), 
58 Springbank terrace 

M'Lennan, Hugh, advocate and notary public, clerk, and 
treasurer. Old Machar and Nigg School Boards, and to 
Heritors of Old Machar Parish, 71 King street, h Apple- 
bank, Spittal 

M'Leod, Alexander, tin plate worker, 16 West North street, 
/i 79 Park street 

M'Leod, Alexander, carter, Millbank lane, h 9^ Broadford lane 

M'Leod, Daniel, Trustees of, bootmaker, 90 George street 

M'Leod, Isaac, fiesher, 9 Market hall 

M'Leod, James, painter and glazier, 38 Back wynd, h 23 
Summer street 


M'Leod, James, Maryciilter P.O. messenger, 23 Mary well 

M'Leod, John, & Co., watchmakers and jewellers, 3 Schoolhill 
M'Leod, J. C, hatter, 46 Union street, h 148 Hardgate 
M'Leod, Simon, spirit dealer, 1, h 2 Trinity quay 
M'Leod, William, tailor and clothier, 14 Shiprow, h Celtic 

Cottage, 21 Erskine street 
M'Leod, Mrs, draper, 3 Forbes street 
M'Leod, Mrs John, 11 Schoolhill 
M'Leod, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 67 Park street 
M'Leod, Miss, teacher (Albion Street Public School), 91 King 

M'Leod, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 24 Dee street 
M'Mahon, John, artist and photographer, 9 Union row and 

115 Union street, /i 10 Union row 
M'Mannes, Alexander, plasterer, steam pipe and boiler coverer, 

54, /i 41 Hutcheon street 
M'Millan, Duncan, architect, 4 Dee street, h 1 1 Albury road 
M'Millan, Wm., engraver and lithographer, 37 Market street, 

h 37 Powis place 
M'Naughton, Mrs, 83 Skene square 
M'Neil, Thos. D., commercial traveller (J. Middlemas & Co., 

Edinburgh), 4 Bridge street 
M'Petrie, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 3, h 1 Garvock 

M'Pherson, Alexander, agent (Bradbury & Co., Limited), 18 

Carmelite street 
M'Pherson, Alexander, jun., baker and confectioner, 3 Guild 

street and 45 Kichmond street, h Fountainhall road 
M'Pherson, Alexander, baker and confectioner (Branch Post 

Office), Fountainhall road, and 18 Guild street, h 

Fountainhall road 
M'Pherson, Alexander, land steward, 87 Claremont street 
M'Pherson, D., shipmaster, 10 Park place 
M'Pherson, George, pawnbroker, 16, h 65 Hutcheon street 
M'Pherson, H., & Co., stockbrokers and commission agents, 

1 Adelphi 
M'Pherson, Hugh J., sharebroker (of H. M'P. & Co.), 66 

Garden place 
M'Pherson, James, stabler, 26 West North Street 
M'Pherson, James, engineer, 13 York street 
M'Pherson, John, & Co., comb manufacturers, Gilcomston 

Comb Works, Eodger's walk, John street 
M'Pherson, John, nurseryman and florist, Deemount Nursery 
M'Pherson, John, bookseller, 32 Watson street 
M'Pherson, Robert, commercial traveller (Edmonston & Co.), 

175 Crown street 


M'Pherson, Wm., restaurant, 88, h 99 George street 

MTherson, Mrs, 177 Union street 

MTherson, Miss Isabella, tobacconist, 25a Union street, h 24 

Eoslin terrace 
M'Pherson, Miss, housekeeper. Trades Hall, 153 Union street 
M'Pherson, Miss, 69 Dee street 

M'Pherson, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 3a Eden place 
M'Rae, Douglas, chimney sweep, 36 St. Andrew street 
M'Rae, John, 15 Nelllield place 
M'Rae, Mrs John, spirit dealer, 2 South Bridge, Holburn st., 

h 15 Nellfield place 
M'Rae, Miss E., dress and mantle maker, 28 Crown street 
M'Robb & Co., carters and contractors, 29 Commerce street 
M'Robb, Charles (of M'Robb & Co.), 15 Cotton street 
M'Robb, James, overseer (M'Robb & Co.), 78 Waterloo quay 
M'Robb, John, overseer (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 19 Roslin 

M'Robbie & Milne, builders, licensed valuators and surveyors 

of house property, Albert j^lace 
M'Robbie, Alexander (of M'Robbie & Milne), 3 Hamilton place 
M'Robbie, Charles, house proprietor, 18 Argyll place 
M'Robbie, James, house carpenter, Affleck street, h 27 Dee 

M'Robbie, John S., M.D., 160 Gallowgate, h Sunnyside 
M'Robbie, Peter, gardener, Market hall, h Sunnyside 
M'Robbie, Mrs, lodgings, 3 King's Square, Huntly street 
M'Robbie, Mrs, 39 Garden place 
M'Taggart & Booth, coal brokers and commission agents, 1 

Trinity buildings, Trinity quay 
M'Taggart, Mrs D., 16 Belvidere street 
M'Tavish, Mrs, lodgings, 174 Crown street 
M 'William, John, house carpenter. Thistle lane, h Fountain- 
hall road 
M'William, Mrs Alexander, grocer, 13 Wales street 
M'William, Mrs, lodgings, 174 Crown street 
M'William, Miss, lodgings, 69 Crown street 
Macadam, William, church officer (Free South), 72 St. Andrew 

Macaldowie, P., & Co., brush manufacturers, 12 St. Nicholas 

Macaldowie, John, clerk (Town Council, Police dept.), 43 

Victoria street 
Macaldowie, John, accountant, 12 St. Nicholas street, h 82 

Bon- Accord street 
Macaldowie, Mrs P., lodgings, 163 Crown street 
Macandrew, Alexander (G. Cornwall & Sons), 6 Blackfriars 




Macandrew, D., & Co., contractors, patent horticultural and 

house builders, concrete builders, cement and felt 

merchants, and licensed valuators, and surveyors of 

house property, 120 Loch street 
Macandrew, Daniel, architect (of D. M. & Co.), Vinery Lodge, 

Macandrew, D., jun. (of D. M. & Co.), Vinery Lodge, Cults 
Macbain, George, shipmaster, 17 Hanover street 
Macbean, Donald, Hammerfield west 
Macbean, D. A., clothier and outfitter, 63 Union street, h 166 

Crown street 
Macbeth, James, pianoforte maker and music seller, 164 Union 

street ; workshop. Thistle lane, h 4 Marine terrace 
Macbeth, Mrs David, milliner and draper, 33 Schoolhill and 

33 Woolmanhill, h 20 Kintore place 
Macbeth, Mrs, 45 Thomson street 
Macdonald, Alexander, Field & Co., Aberdeen Granite Works, 

Constitution street 
Macdonald, Alexander (of A. M., F,, & Co.), Kepplestone 
Macdonald, Alexander S. (of D. Macdonald & Sons), Marine 

Villa, South Constitution street 
Macdonald, A., refreshment rooms. Joint Station, h 15 Crown 

Macdonald, Alexander, boot and shoe merchant, 20 Broad 

street, h 12 King street 
Macdonald, Archibald, accountant and cashier (A. S. N. Co.), 

59 Bon-Accord street 
Macdonald, Rev. Charles Cadell (St. Clement's Parish Church), 

1 Mount place 
MacDonald, D. C., solicitor, 31 King street 
Macdonald, David, & Sons, hide, leather, bark, commission 

merchants, and herring factors, 27 and 29 St. Andrew 

Macdonald, David A. (of D. Macdonald & Sons), 17 St. Swithin 

Macdonald, David, 27 and 29 St. Andrew street, h Marine 

Villa, S. Constitution street, and Mount St. Ternan 

House, Banchory-Ternan 
Macdonald, Duncan, commercial traveller (J. F. White), 

4 South Crown street 
Macdonald, Ewen, grocer and spirit dealer, 193 Gallowgate, 

h 23 King's crescent 
Macdonald, Rev. George (St. Columba Free Church), St. 

Columba Free Manse, 10 Albury road 
Macdonald, Hugh, writer, 56 Castle street, h 26 Thomson st. 
Macdonald, James, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., surgeon-major, 26 

Garden place 


Macdonald, James, merchant tailor, 21 Marischal street, h 66 

Macdonald, The Right Rev. John, D.D., Bishop of Aberdeen, 

Bishop's House, 20 Queen's road 
Macdonald, John B., commission agent, 22 Adelphi 
Macdonald, Ranald, factor for the Cluny estates ; office, 240 

Union street, h 5 St. Swithin street 
Macdonald, Robert, warehouseman (H. Imlay & Co.), 4 Lemon 

Macdonald, Wm. P., stationer, 7 Upperkirkgate, h 1 Mary 

Macdonald, William, grocer, 1 St. Clair street 
Macdonald, Mrs Isabella, draper, 171 Gallowgate 
Macdonald, I., & Co., hosiers, 33 St. Nicholas street, h 40 

North Broadford 
Macdonald, Miss, 4 Ferryhill place 
Macdonald, Miss, 7 Queen's terrace 
Macdonald, Miss, 173 Skene street west 
Macgillivray, Charles, draper (J. Saint & Co.), 34 Thomson 

Macgregor, Alexander, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 

256 Union street 
Macguire, Mrs James, 51 Queen street 
Machattie, A. (of A. M. & Co.), Burn Dale Cottage, Bonny- 

Machattie, Charles, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 18 Victoria 

Machattie, John, family grocer, 40 and 42, h 38 Woolmanhill 
Machattie, William, grocer, 177 Gallowgate, h 255 George st. 
Machray, Alex., chartered accountant (of Cochran & Anderson), 

Struan Cottage, King's Gate 
Machray, John (William Bain, 44 Union place), 23 Ashley 

Macintosh, Wm. (of Esslemont & Macintosh), Grove Cottage, 

48 Cuparstone place 
Macintosh, Wm., wireworker, 58 North Charlotte street, h 44 

Thomson street 
Mackay, Alex., sailmaker, Provost Blaikie's quay, h 27 Clar- 
ence street 
Mackay, Alex., printer (Free Press), Ashley terrace 
Mackay, Alex. S. (of B. & M.), 26 Spittal 
Mackay, G. S., music and instrumental saloon, 6 Guild street, 

h 185 Crown street 
Mackay, James T., late jeweller, Sunart House, Murtle 
Mackay, John, gatekeeper, Bannermill 
Mackay, Rev. M., M.A., late of Fordyce, 10 Broadford place 
Mackay, R. Whyte (Anderson & Thomson), 54 Garden place 


Mackay, Roderick, draper and hosier, 120 Skene street, li 3 

Henry place 
Mackay, Roderick, contractor, 55 Powis place 
Mackay, Wm., chemist, 260 Union street, h 181 Skene street 

Mackay, Mrs, provision merchant, 38 Virginia street 
Mackay, Mrs D. M., 24 North Albert street 
Mackay, Miss, 8 Albert street 
Mackay, Miss, matron, Old Machar Poorhouse 
Mackenzie, A. M. (of Matthews & Mackenzie), Queen's Gate 
Mackenzie, Alexander, merchant, 187, h 185 Gallowgate 
Mackenzie, Alexander, upholsterer, Royal Lunatic Asylum, h 

30 Thomson street 
Mackenzie, Alexander, artist, 35a Union street, h 30 Thomson 

Mackenzie, Douglas F., clerk (People's Journal), 9 Crimon 

Mackenzie, Geo. D., draughtsman, 1 Bannermill Cottages 
Mackenzie, Hugh, teller (N. of S. Bank, Lim.), 16 North Silver 

Mackenzie, James (of Shirres, Webster, & Mackenzie), 2 Car- 
den place 
Mackenzie, James, Rosehill House 
Mackenzie, J. Russell, architect, 91 Union street, h Disblair, 

Summerhill, New Machar 
Mackenzie, Orlando, baker, 64 Virginia street, h 49 Commerce 

Mackenzie, Wm,, publisher, 48 St. Nicholas street 
Mackenzie, Wm., bread and biscuit baker, 66 Queen street, h 

Mackenzie, Wm. (of Fortrie), 3 Rotunda place 
Mackenzie, Mrs (late of Skene), 5 Garden place 
Mackenzie, Miss, Friend ville 
Mackie, Alex., M.A., joint principal, Union place Ladies' 

School, h 4 Albert terrace 
Mackie, Alex., fruiterer, 1 Gilcomston steps, 11 and 12 Black's 

buildings, 37^ George street, and Market Hall, h 38 

Skene street 
Mackie, Alex., messenger (Union Bank), 60 St. Nicholas street 
Mackie, Alex., basket maker, 1 and 2 Market Gallery, h 2 North 

Charlotte street 
Mackie, D., M.D. (A.M.D.), 87 Bon-Accord street 
Mackie, David & Co., wincey and tape manufacturers, 166 

West North street 
Mackie, David (of M'l. & M.), 5 Roslin terrace 
Mackie, Duncan, foreman engineer (H. R. & Co.), Torry 
Mackie, Geo., grocer, 1, A 7 Leadside road 


Mackie, James D., solicitor, 34 Bridge st., h 60 St. Nicholas st. 

Mackie, John, slater, 102 Green 

Mackie, John, basket maker, 25 and 26 Market Gallery 

Mackie, John, 15 Claremont street 

Mackie, Kichard S., 5 Crown terrace 

Mackie, Mrs James, 15 Richmond terrace 

Mackie, Miss, 44 Ashley place 

Mackinlay, R., tea and wine merchant, 15 Queen street, h 40 

Skene street 
Mackinnon, Lachlan, jun., & Son, advocates, sharebrokers, and 

insurance agents, 23 Market street 
Mackinnon, Lachlan, jun,, advocate and notary public, agent 

for the British Linen Co.'s Bank, and secretary to the 

Aberdeen District Tramways Co., 23 Market street, h 

261 Union street 
Mackinnon, Lachlan, yost, advocate, 23 Market street, h 

4 Forest road 
Mackintosh, David, telegraphist (P.O.), 3 Gray's buildings, 

Mackintosh, John, bookseller and news-vendor, 62, h 84 Broad 

Mackintosh, P. H. (Pratt & Keith), 26 Watson street 
Mackintosh, Wm., Local Insurance secretary, 28^Market street, 

li 40 Osborne place 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 34 Bank street 
Mackintosh, Miss Isabella, lodgings, 4 Dee street 
Maclean, Miss, 22 North Silver street 

Maclennan, Hector, commercial traveller, 9 Bon- Accord street 
Maclennan, Thomas, writer. Procurator's Fiscal's Office, Court 

House, h 65 Cotton street 
Macleod, Alfred, teacher of elocution, 4 Albury road 
Maclure, Mrs, 18 Rubislaw terrace 

Macmillan, Rev. John, principal, Bon- Accord school, 1 Bon- 
Accord terrace, h 1 Union place 
Macmillan, Mrs, 16 Wellington street 
Maconachie, Mrs, lodgings, 167 Skene street west 
Macphail, Miss, 63 Marischal street 
Macpherson, Duncan, tobacconist and stationer, 40 St. Nicholas 

street, h 210^ Gallowgate 
Macpherson, Mrs, 25 North Albert street 
M'acqueen, Rev. Andrew, M.A., B.D. (Free Holburn), 16 Bea- 

consfield place 
Macqueen, John Otto, S.S.C. (of Edmonds & Macqueen), Fae- 

me-well, Fintray, near Aberdeen 
Macquibban, Charles M., M.B., L.R.C.S.E., Surgeon-Major 

M.M.D. (3rd Battalion Gordon Highlanders), 248 Union 



Macrae, Colin (Inland Revenue OlSicer, Devanha Distillery), 

158 Crown street 
Macrae, Frederick, picture frame maker (Hay & Lyall), 9 

Urquhart road 
Macrobin, Mrs Dr, 33 Osborne place 
Macritchie, Roderick, late R.N., 44 King street 
Macritchie, Mrs, Register Office for Servants, 44 King street 
Maguire, E. J., collector of Inland Revenue, 27 King street, h 

48 Belvidere place 
Malioney, Mrs, 30 Ashley place 
Main, Alex.,' flesher, 39 Market Hall 
Main, Andrew, superintendent, 3 St. Clement's street 
Main, David, surveyor of shipping, 36 Union terrace 
Main, James, sergeant of police, 2 Seaview place 
Main, James, cork manufacturer, 31 St. Andrew street, h 

Northfield Cottage, Gilcomston 
Main, M. & Co., fish merchants, 82 King street 
Main, Mrs David, 39 Victoria street 
Mair, George, family grocer, 2 Wellington place 
Mair, Mrs, lodgings, 24 Dee street 
Maitland, Adam, 1 Belmont place 

Maitland, Geo., & Co., drapers, and silk mercers. The West- 
End House, 9a Union place 
Maitland, Charles, slater, 72 Woolmanhill, /i 15 Gilcomston 

Maitland, Geo. (of G. Maitland & Co.), 30 Holburn road 
Maitland, George (G. Lyall & Co.), 71 Thistle street 
Maitland, James, auctioneer, 13 Canal street 
Maitland, James, secretary, Bon- Accord Swimming Club, 46a 

Mount street 
Maitland, Joseph, grocer and spirit dealer, 229 King street, h 

13 Nelson street 
Maitland, Rich., principal beadle (West Church), 71 Thistle 

Maitland, Robert, shipowner, Balgreen, Low Stocket road, and 

2 St. Clement street 
Maitland, Mrs, 20 Ferryhill place 
Maitland, Mrs, 80 Rose street 
Malcolm, Alex., commission agent, 203 George street, h 30 

Skene terrace 
Malcolm, Andrew, watch and clock maker, 170 Union street, 

h 38 Union terrace 
Malcolm, James, carpenter and blacksmith, Mannofield, h 

Brighton place 
Malcolm, Wm., chainmaker, 30 Mealmarket street 
Malcolm, Miss, matron (Orphan Hospital), 30 Huntly street 
Mann, Alex., grocer, 1 Cause way end, h 1 Catherine street 


Mann, Charles, hotel-keeper (Mann's Palace Hotel), 159 Union 

street, and 9 Bridge street, h Broomhill House 
Mann, George, coal merchant, 41 Marischal street, h 72 Bon- 
Accord street 
Mann, George, draper, Croll's buildings, Gallowgate 
Mann, Henry, ship carpenter, 27 York place 
Mann, James, & Co., tailors, 54 North Charlotte street 
Mann, John, late shipmaster, 31 Broomhill place 
Mann, William, tailor, 22 Shoe lane 
Manson & Co., Bon- Accord Flour Mills, Cotton street 
Manson, Forbes (Manson & Co.), 12 Forest road 
Manson, Wm., house carpenter, 14 Blackfriars street, h 46 

North Charlotte street 
Manson, Wm. (Great Northern Tel. Co.), 14 Clareraont street 
Manson, Mrs, coffee-room keeper, 25 York place 
Manuelle, A. & F., stone merchants, Provost Blaikie's quay 
Marchant, James, shipmaster, s.s. City of Aberdeen, 48 Com- 
merce street 
Marnoch, James, letter carrier (P.O.), 48 North Charlotte 

Marquis, Hall, & Milne, advocates and chartered accountants, 

147 Union street 
Marr & Co., Royal Music saloon, 218 Union street, piano fac- 
tory. Union wynd 
Marr & Fettes, house carpenters and joiners, 18 Bon-Accord 

Marr, Adam, clerk (Brebner & Grant), 93 Bon- Accord street 
Marr, Alex., Free Press Office, h 23 Garden place 
Marr, Alex., rope and twine manufacturer, Millbank lane, 

h 41 North Broadford 
Marr, Alex., cashier (A. Pirie & Sons, Limited, Union Works), 

35 Springbank terrace 
Marr, Alex., meal and barley warehouse and stabling, 13 and 

15 John street, h 28 Rosemount place 
Marr, Alex., ship chandler, 21 Regent quay, h 32 Bank street 
Marr, Alex., draper and clothier, 9 St. (Element street, /i 14 

Marr, Andrew, mason and house factor, 47 Park street 
Marr, George, architect (of Jenkins & Marr), 93 Bon-Accord 

Marr, James (of C. Christie & Co., coal merchants), 22 Cale- 
donian place 
Marr, James, provision merchant, 14 Margaret street 
Marr, James, pianoforte tuner and repairer, 14 Schoolhill 
Marr, J., jun., & Co., pianoforte makers, and music sellers, 

5 St. Catherine's wynd, h 43 Constitution street 
Marr, John (of Marr & Fettes), 38 Thistle street 


Marr, Robert, boot and shoe shop, 17 Chapel street, h 32 
Thistle street 

Marr, Mrs J., Cliff House, Pitfydels, and 32 Victoria street 

Marr, Mrs, 24 Gladstone place 

Marr, Mrs, flower modeller, 7 St. Andrew street 

Marr, Mrs, merchant, 1 Willowdale place 

Marsh, Misses, 66 Rosemount place 

Marshall & Co., Limited, Aberdeen Chemical Light Manu- 
factory, 38 Jopp's lane 

Marshall & Co., preservers of fresh provisions, Spring garden 

Marshall & Reid, wholesale and retail drapers, 52 St. Nicholas 

Marshall, James, M.D., 6 Rubislaw place 

Marshall, James E., commercial traveller (Leith & Paterson), 
3a Holburn street 

Marshall, James, principal passengers' porter, 38 Summer 

Marshall, James M. (Richards & Co.), 13 Erskine street 

Marshall, John, draper (of Ltarshall & Reid), 23 Mount street 

Marshall, Thomas, clothier, 47 Gallowgate 

Marshall, William, & Co., clothiers, drapers, and silk mercers, 
38 Union street 

Marshall, William (of Wm. M. & Co.), 66 Bon- Accord street 

Marshall, Miss Agnes, boarding department (of Union Place 
Ladies' School), Fountainhall road 

Marshall, Miss Margaret, teacher (Middle Public School), 
h 10 Charlotte street 

Marshall, Miss, milliner, 10 Charlotte street 

Martin, Alexander, bookseller and stationer, 13 George street, 
h 8 Carmelite street 

Martin, Alex. W., & Co., hosepipe and linen manufacturers, 
Orchard Works, Berrvden road 

Martin, Alexander W. (of A. W. Martin & Co.), 31 North 

Martin, Alexander, M.A., 42 Bon- Accord street 

Martin, Andrew, ham and bacon curer, 47 Chapel street 

Martin, Benjamin S., 46 Constitution street 

Martin Brothers, bakers, 23 Justice street 

Martin, George, stationer and bookseller, 28 Woolmanhill 

Martin, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 14 North Broadford 

Martin, George, carpenter, 43 Wellington street 

Martin, James, 6 Springbank terrace 

Martin, James, late baker, 19 Justice street 

Martin, James, upholsterer, 17 Craigie street 

Martin, James, secretary. Working Men's Conservative Associa- 
tion, 5 Netherkirkgate 

Martin, Patrick M. (of Martin Brothers), 19 Justice street 


Martin, Samuel, hat manufacturer, 34 Union street, h 23 

Albert terrace 
Martin, William, 6 Springbank terrace 
Martin, William, flesher, 26 and 27 Market ball, h 15 North 

Martin, Mrs, lodgings, 2 Carmelite street 
Martin, Miss, dressmaker, 3 Gilcomston place 
Martin, Miss, dressmaker, 71 King street 
Mason, George (of J. Mason & Son), 35 Queen street 
Mason, John, & Son, painters, glaziers, and paperhangers, 

34 Queen street 
Mason, John (of J. Mason & Son), Millburn Cottage, Millburn 

Mason, John M., butcher and poulterer, 69 Thistle street, h 

Albert Grove, Kenfield 
Mason, Thomas, butcher and poulterer, 64 St. Nicholas street, 

h Albert Grove, Kenfield 
Masonic Hall, 12 Exchange street ; keeper, S. Innes 
Massie, J. F. M'Phail, cashier (J. M'R & Co.), 26 View terrace 
Massie, J. R. (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 5 Ferry hill place 
Massie, Joseph Innes, traveller (Brebner & Grant), 38 Powis 

Masson & Findlay, plasterers, 13 Baker street 
Masson, Charles Gordon, clerk, 40 Rosemount place 
Masson, George, printer, 29 Broad street 
Masson, George, provision dealer, 9 Park street 
Masson, Rev. James (Melville Church), 120 Crown street 
Masson, J. G., blacksmith and bicycle manufacturer, Duff st., 

h 9 Park street 
Masson, Robert, cabinet maker and funeral undertaker, 11 

Park street 
Masson, William (of M. & F.), 50 Skene street 
Masson, William, traveller (C. Davidson & Sons, Limited), 

7 Mount street 
Masson, Misses, French polishers, 63 George street 
Matheson, Alexander, filemaker, 126 Gallowgate, h 3 Crimen 

Matheson, John, hosier, 3, 5, and 7 Justice street, h Chapel 

House, Chapel court. Justice street 
Mather, Joseph, principal beadle (Original Secession), 16 Com- 
merce street 
Mathewson, Misses, lodgings, 25 LTnion street 
Mathieson, Findlay, Midland Railway live stock agent, 27 

Union street, A 178 Crown street 
Mathieson, George, spirit dealer, 65 Green, li 29 Broad street 
Mathieson, George, feuar, 1 Powis place 
Mathieson, James, 78 Garden place 


Mathieson, James, riddle and basket maker, 15 Carmelite 

Mathieson, John, cabinetmaker, 58 Broad street ; worksbop, 

Canal place, h 4 View terrace 
Mathieson, John, 95 Chapel street 
Mathieson, John, 27 Claremont place 

Mathieson, Robert, butcher, 80 Holburn street, h 35 Shiprow 
Mathieson, Thomas, 25 Caledonian place 
Mathieson, Thomas, shipmaster, 25 Prince Regent street 
Mathieson, Wm., coach-spring and mounting maker, 30 Meal- 
market street 
Mathieson, Mrs, lodgings, 11 Union buildings 
Mathieson, Mrs, register office, 15 Carmelite street 
Mathieson, Mrs, draper, 73 Park street 
Mathieson, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Caledonian place 
Matthew, James, shipwright, 37 Broomhill place 
Matthew, Mrs Robert, 51 Waverley place 
Matthew, Miss, 57 Victoria street 
Matthews & Mackenzie, architects and valuators, 255 Union 

Matthews, James (of Matthews & Mackenzie), 15 Albyn 

Matthews, James, plumber, 64 Woolmanhill, h 52 Baker street 
Matthews, Mrs, 74 Holburn street 
Matthews, Mrs, 30 Thistle street 
Maver, Alexander, merchant tailor, 7 South Silver street, h 8 

Card en j)lace 
Maver, Alexander, architect, 124 Union street, h Hammerfield 

Maver, David, late teacher, 17 North Broadford 
Maver, James, & Son, jobbing gardeners, 30 Holburn street 
Maver, Thomas, book-keeper (Mitchell & Muil), 58 Stanley 

Mavor, John, tailor and clothier, 18 Union place, 7i 42 Ashley 

Maxwell, Forbes, & Co., eerated water manufacturers, wine, 

spirit, and bottled beer merchants, Holburn Buildings 
Maxwell, James, tobacconist, 242 George street 
Maxwell, Robert, commercial traveller (Robertson & Arnot), 

20 South Mount street 
May, Robert R., late farmer, South Stocket Cottage 
May, Robert R., book-keeper (Aberdeen Jute Co., Limited), 

12 Urquhart road 
Maydon, James, town's sergeant, 53 Huntly street 
Meakin, Thomas, picture frame maker, 29 Marischal street 
Mearns, Alexander, & Co., saddlers, trunk, and harness makers, 

5 and 7 Back wynd 


Mearns, Daniel, shipping agent and surveyor, 32, h 31 Regent 

• quay 
Mearns, George, spirit dealer, 73 Queen street 
Mearns, James, inn and lodgings, 10 Harriet street 
Mearns, Rev. James, late teacher, 3 Belmont road 
Mearns, Rev. John, Wesleyan minister, View place, View ter. 
Mearns, John, book-keeper, Chivas Brothers, King street, 

A 18 North Silver street 
Mearns, Peter, baker, and confectioner, 90 North Broadford, 

h 1 Powis lane 
Mearns, R. L., cashier (J. Blaikie & Sons), 1 Mary place 
Mearns, William, plasterer, 3i Justice street 
Mearns, William, stoneware merchant, 9 Carmelite street 
Mearns, Mrs Alexander, 10 Argyll place 
Mearse, John, sergeant-major, 1st A.R.V., Drill Hall, Wool- 

' manhill, A 123 George street 
Mechanics' Institute and Library, 17 Market. street 
Medical and Chirurgical Society's Hall, 29 King street ; keeper, 

Thomas Morice 
Meff, Robert, baker, 199 George street, h above shop 
Meff, William, fish and game merchant, 46 Market street, and 

Pitmuxton, h 48 Market street 
Meffet, Alexander, advocate, 26 Belmont street, h Outseats, 

Meid, Karl Wilhelm, professor of music, 8 Albyn place 
Meikle, A., accountant. Royal Bank, h 142 Skene street 
Meldrum, Robert, missionary, teacher of blind, 50 Powis place 
Meldrum, William, tailor and outfitter, 51 St. Nicholas street, 

h 9 Ann place 
Mellis & Cruden, plumbers, brassfounders, and gasfitters, 2 

Langstane place 
Mellis, Alexander C. (of Mellis & Cruden), 5 Nellfield place 
Mellis, George, & Son, wholesale grocers, 14 Young street 
Mellis, Thomas, sen., house proprietor, 6 Ann place 
Mellis, Thomas, jun., spirit dealer, 235 George street, h 1 

Broadford place 
Melville, William, 26 Bon- Accord terrace 
Melville, Mrs E., 12 Rotunda place 
Melville, Mrs Thomas, Westfield House 
Melville, Miss, 75 Bon-Accord street 
Melville, Miss E., 26 Bon- Accord terrace 
Melvin, Charles (George Jamieson & Son), 49 Grove street 
Melvin, James, chemist, grocer, and spirit dealer, 148 Cause- 

wayend, h Willow Cottage, 43 Canal road 
Melvin, James, musician, 67 Guestrow 
Melvin, James, baker, Mannofield 
Melvin, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 89 John street 


Melvin, John, coachbiiilder, 20 Dee Village 

Melvin, Wm., manager, Rosemount Preserved Provision 

Factory, h 22 South Mount street 
Melvin, Miss E., lodgings, 34 Rose street 
Melvin, Miss, 57 Victoria street 
Melvin, Miss, 29 Dee street 
Mennie & Brown, coal and commission merchants, ship and 

insurance brokers, 56 Marischal street, and Upper quay 
Mennie, George, boot and shoemaker, 25 Holburn place 
Mennie, George (of Mennie & Brown), 21 Crown street 
Mennie, R., superintendent, Convalescent Hospital, Loch-head 
Mennie, Mrs, Ferryhill Hotel, 124 Wellington road 
Mennie, Mrs Alexander, 168 Crown street 
Mennie, Mrs, lodgings, 24 Union place 
Menzies, Henry H., letter-carrier (P.O.), 29 Skene row 
Menzies, James (of Tawse & Menzies), 15 Mount street " 
Menzies, Robert, foreman (Wordie & Co.), h Portland street 
Menzies, Thomas, tea merchant, 16 Shiprow 
Menzies, William, beadle (Free Bon- Accord), 124 Union street 
Merchant, Archibald, street porter (No. 16), 84 Shiprow 
Merchant, George, grocer and provision merchant, 24 Chapel 

street, h 3 Irvine place 
Merchant, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 72, h 74 Cuparstone 

Merchant, Mrs, lodgings, 8 Schoolhill 
Merchant, Miss, lodgings, 279 George street 
Merchant Seamen's Office, 28 Regent quay ; James F. Kellas, 

Merrilees, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Hill street 
Merry lees, Charles, manager (N. of S. & 0. & S. Steam Nav. 

Co.), 8 Ferryhill place 
Merson, Alex. E., slater, 90 Crown street, h 27 Dee street 
Mess, Jonathan (Trustees of), millers and grain merchants, Gor- 
don's Mills ; office and warehouse, 12 Virginia street 
Meston, Charles, bill poster, 26 St. Nicholas street 
Meston, James, & Co., chartered accountants, 75 Union street 
Meston, James, chartered accountant and public auditor of 

friendly and industrial societies, 75 Union street, h 13 

Albert street 
Meston, James, jun., writer, City Fiscal's Office, h 53 Thomson 

Meston, Wm., manager (Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind), 50 

Huntly street 
Meter's Office, Regent Road 
Methven, Mrs, 90 King street 
Michie, Alex., & Son, fish curers, 14 Point Law, h 28 Portland 



Michie, Alex., North Street Tavern, 176, h 163 West North st. 
Michie, Charles, M.A., rector of Silver Street Academy, h 10 

North Silver street 
Michie, George S., watch and clockmaker, 55 Green, and 10 

Market Gallery, h 5 Granton place 
Michie, G. B., sheriff clerk depute of Aberdeenshire, wills and 

executry department, County buildings. Castle street, 

h 23 View terrace 
Michie, James, 1 Westfield Cottages 
Michie, John, 2 South Crown street 
Michie, John, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 33 West North 

street, h 42 Eose street 
Michie, Peter, spirit dealer. City Bar, 13 and 15 Shiprow 
Michie, Thomas, principal beaclle (Blackfriars Street Chapel), 

35 Blackfriars street 
Michie, Wm., grocer, 20 East North street 
Michie, Misses, milliners, saloon 9a Union row, h 8 Little 

Chapel street 
Midbeltie Fund for Widows, Cochran & Anderson, agents, 152 

Union street 
Middleton, Alexander, auctioneer and live stock agent, Belmont 

auction mart, Kittybrewster 
Middleton, Archibald, bird dealer, 14 Guild st., h 5 Hawthorn 

Middleton, James D., agent (Lime Co.), 140 Union street 
Middleton, David, gardener, Berryden Gardens, Berryden 

Middleton, George, bookseller and librarian, 2 Baker street, 7i 

47 Richmond street 
Middleton, John, tailor, 35 Queen street 
Middleton, Joseph, house factor, 119 Gallowgate 
Middleton, Thomas, sergt. -major, 3rd Bat., G.H., King street 

Middleton, William, 8 Bon- Accord terrace 
Middleton, Wm. J., clerk (G. Robb, Adelphi), 7 Cherry bank 
Middleton, Wm. (of Dinnes & Middleton), 51 Chapel street 
Middleton, Wm., provision merchant, 32 and 33 Market Bdgs., 

h 6 Claremont place 
Middleton, Mrs Robert, 46 Victoria street 
Middleton, Mrs, 27 Gladstone place 
Middleton, Mrs, lodgings, 21 Mary well street 
Middleton, Mrs, 1 Belmont road 
Middleton, Miss, dressmaker, 1 East North street 
Middleton, Miss, milliner, 65 Dee street 
Middleton, Miss, 9 Ashley road 
Middleton, Miss, lodgings, 53 Huntly street 
Midland Railway Co., 27 Union street ; W. J. Shaw, agent 



Militia Depot (3rd Battalion Gordon Highlanders), King 

Street Barracks 
Military Hospital, Castleliill 

Mill of Buchanstone Warehouse, 12 Commerce street 
Mill of Cults Warehouse, 52 Queen street ; William Thomson, 

Mill of Kennerty Warehouse, 83 George street ; Hugh Leith 
Millar, David, assistant engineer (G. N. of S. By.)? Waterloo 

station, A 71 Bon- Accord street 
Millar, James, flesher, 158, h 156 Gallowgate 
Millar, Robert, tailor, 7 St. Catherine's wynd 
Millar, Wm., shipmaster, 7 South Crown street 
Miller, George, manufacturing chemist (of J. M. & Co.), 23 

Union place 
Miller, James S., pawnbroker, 4 and 26 Mutton brae 
Miller, John, & Co., coal tar distillers, naphtha, benzole, vitriol, 

manure, and albumen manufacturers, Sandilands 

Chemical works. Links, 
Miller, John (of J. Miller & Co.), 9 Rubislaw terrace 
Miller, John, foreman shipwright (J. Duthie, Sons, & Co.), 2 

York place 
Miller, John T., piano tuner, 14 Ferryhill terrace 
Miller, Wm., wood merchant, 128 Crown street 
Miller, Miss, 45 Bon- Accord street 
Miller, Miss, dressmaker, 158 Crown street 
Milligan, Robert A., solicitor, 83 Union street, h 9 Osborne pi. 
Miln, Wm. S., herring merchant and commission agent, 48 

Market street, h 23 Wellington place 
Milne & Hutchison, printers, 70 Netherkirkgate 
Milne & Munro, bootmakers, 49 Union street 
Milne & Pledge, wholesale warehousemen. Imperial place 
Milne & Saunders, general drapers, 58 George_.street 
Milne & Walker, advocates, 16 Union terrace 
Milne, A., house carpenter, 28 North Silver street 
Milne, A. & R., booksellers, stationers, librarians, and news- 
agents, 199 Union street and 1 Crown street 
Milne, Alex., & Sons, provision works, 42, h 36 Canal road 
Milne, Alexander (of A. & R. Milne, booksellers), 14 Albert st. 
Milne, A. D., merchant, deposit agent for the Standard Bank 

of British S. Africa, 58 Marischal st., h 40 Albyn place 
Milne, Alex., & Co., bootmakers, 216a Union street 
Milne, Alex, (of A. Milne & Co.), 162 Crown street 
Milne, Alex., Imperial Granite Works, 124 West North st. and 

26 to 32 St. Clair st., h Margaret Cottage, 41 St Clair st. 
Milne, Alex., builder, 130 Rosemount place, h Bonnymuir 
Milne, A., provision merchant,, 165^ Gallowgate 
Milne, Alex., house proprietor, 3 Broadford place 


Milne, Andrew (of A, Milne & Co.), 13 Caledonian place 

Milne, Andrew, umbrella maker, 130 George street, h 41 
Mount street 

Milne Brothers, millers, grain and produce merchants, 10 Guild 

Milne, C, spirit dealer, 258 George Street, h 58 Catherine st. 

Milne, David B., fire superintendent, S. P. Assurance Co., 65 
Bon- Accord street 

Milne, D., & Sons, engineers and machine makers. Park street 

Milne, David (of D. Milne & Sons), 3 Mitchell place 

Milne, Fraser G., shipmaster, 8 View terrace 

Milne, George, & Co., timber merchants, Victoria Dock Saw- 
mills, Provost Blaikie's quay 

Milne, George C, shipmaster, 33 Jasmine terrace 

Milne, George, banker, Westwood, Queen's Cross 

Milne, George, grocer, 51 Powis place 

Milne, George, solicitor, 56 Castle street, h 35 View terrace 

Milne, George, superintendent and secretary. Association for 
Improving the Condition of the Poor, M'Combie's 
court, 50 Union street, A 13 Ashley road 

Milne, George, draper, 23 Holburn place 

Milne, George, ironmonger, 23 Park street, A 37 South Con- 
stitution street 

Milne, George (Northern Assurance Co.), 8 Crimon place 

Milne, George, boot and shoemaker, 41 Union street, h 5 
Crimon place 

Milne, George F., inspector of works, 87 Claremont street 

Milne, George, timber merchant. King Street Sawmills, h 5 
Bon- accord square 

Milne, James (of G. Milne & Co.), Kinaldie 

Milne, James (late Angus Fraser & Co.), wine and spirit mer- 
chant, 72, h 74 Union street 

Milne, James, C.A. (of Edmonds & Macqueen, 10 Bridge st.), 
h 79 Crown street 

Milne, James, jun., chartered accountant (M., H., & M.), 15 
Holburn road 

Milne, James (of Milne & Munro), United Cottage, Holburn pi. 

Milne, James, brewer, bottler, and lemonade manufacturer, 69 
Virginia street, A 12 Castle terrace 

Milne, James, tailor, 82 Skene street, h 87 Chapel street 

Milne, James, flesher, 190 Gallowgate 

Milne, James, lieutenant of police, 36 Union street 

Milne, James, shipmaster, 5 View terrace 

Milne, James, plumber, 57 Holburn street 

Milne, James (of Milne & Saunders), 14 Castle street 

Milne, James, builder, 7 Charles street, hlb^ Roslin terrace 

Milne, James T., joiner, 1 Canal street, h 58 Powis place 


Milne, John B., commission agent, 48 Stanley street 
Milne, Eev. John (Holburn Church), 51 Chapel street 
Milne, John (of Milne & Hutchison), 53 Summer street 
Milne, John (of Milne & Pledge), 7 Rotunda place 
Milne, John, commission merchant, 22 Correction wynd, h 13 

Loch street 
Milne, John D., advocate (of Milne & Walker), 14 Rubislaw 

Milne, John, Eden Cottage, Mount street 
Milne, John S., spirit dealer, 121 Gallowgate, h 13 Seamount pi. 
Milne, John, messenger-at-arms, house factor, and licensed 

appraiser, 16 Adelphi, h 7 Salisbury terrace 
Milne, John, hairdresser, 53 Upperkirkgate, h 58 Baker street 
Milne, John, house carpenter, 15 Broomhill place 
Milne, John, baker, 13 Seamount place 

Milne, John, carpenter and boxmaker, Craigie loanings, Mile- 
end, and 41 James street 
Milne, John, sorting clerk, P.O., 13 Seamount place 
Milne, John, shipmaster, 1 Irvine place 
Milne, John, hotel-keeper, 7 and 9 Marischal street 
Milne, John (of King & Milne), 28 Black's buildings 
Milne, John, 30 Union row- 
Milne, John, clerk (J. Fraser & Son), 9 Canal street 
Milne, John, com. traveller (Lewis Smith & Son), 4 Devanha 

Milne, Johnstone, boot and shoe maker, 13 Schoolhill, h 65 

Rose street 
Milne, Low, & Co., clothiers, shirtmakers, and outfitters, 127 

Union street 
Milne, Peter, district manager, Scottish Legal Life Assurance 

Society, 46a. PowIb place 
Milne, Robert, ci^dl engineer (late manager, G. N. of S. Ry.), 

10 Rubislaw^ terrace 
Milne, Robert (of Milne, Sons, & Co.), Brighton terrace, Ashley 
Milne, Robt., draper, 60 Skene street, h 3 Skene terrace 
Milne, Robert, spirit dealer, Margaret place, Ruthrieston, h 24 

John street 
Milne, Robert, fishmonger, 9 Rose street 
Milne, Samuel (of M' Robbie & Milne), 5 Hamilton place 
Milne, Sons, & Co., French and English boot and shoe saloon, 

185 Union street 
Milne, Thomas, 5 Watson street 

Milne, Thomas, gardener and nurseryman, Glenburnie, Rubis- 
Milne, Thomas, grocer, 174 George street 
Milne, William, advocate (of Yeats, Milne, & M'Donald), 171 

Crown street 


Milne, William, solicitor, 31 Adelphi 

Milne, Wm., plumber and gasfitter, 1 Wellington place, li 16 

Claremont street 
Milne, William, chartered accountant (of Marquis, Hall, & 

Milne), 40 Albyn place 
Milne, William (of Bruce, Edwards, & Milne), 16 Osborne pi. 
Milne, William S., accountant, 24 Bank street 
Milne, William W., slater, 39 Victoria street 
Milne, William, grocer and spirit merchant (Branch Post 

Office), 1 South Mount street, h Victoria Cottage, Argyll 

Milne, William, nurseryman, Stockethill 
Milne, William, jun., commission agent, 46 King's Crescent, h 

34 Thomson street 
Milne, Wm., overseer (Hogarth & Co.), Fern Cottage, Balmoral 

Milne, Wm., agent for Singer's manufacturing Co., 76 Union 

street, 7^ 11 Margaret street 
Milne, Wm., jun., family grocer, tea and wine merchant, 1 

Watson street, h Victoria Cottage, Argyll place 
Milne, Wm., fishing tackle maker, 32 Back wynd, h 26 South 

Charlotte street 
Milne, Wm., family grocer^ 46, h 48 King's crescent 
Milne, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 18 Upperkirkgate, li 

1a Holburn street 
Milne, Mrs, 3 Albert terrace, 
Milne, Mrs captain, lodgings, 51 Chapel street 
Milne, Mrs George, 121 Crown street 
Milne, Mrs John, 36 Card en place 

Milne, Mrs J., butter, egg, and game dealer, 15 Loch street 
Milne, Mrs, 7 Osborne place 
Milne, Mrs M., Ashley terrace 
Milne, Mrs E,. M., Fountainhall road 
Milne, Mrs Wm., 4 East Craibstone street 
Milne, Mrs Wm., lodgings, 147 Union street 
Milne, Mrs, provision dealer, 17 and 19 Shiprow 
Milne, Mrs, lodgings, 45 Skene terrace 
Milne, Mrs, 1 Oakdale terrace, Mannofield 
Milne, Mrs, 1 Albert street 
Milne, Mrs, midwife, 9 John street 
Milne, Mrs, lodgings, 5 Crimon place 
Milne, Mrs, shirtmaker, 220 George street 
Milne, Mrs, cook, 35 Huntly street 
Milne, Mrs, 35 Rosemount place 
Milne, Mrs, lodgings, 16 Carmelite street 
Milne, Mrs, 5 Henry place 
Milne, Mrs, 27 Castle street 


Milne, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Marywell street 

Milne, Miss, lodgings, 27a George street 

Milne, Miss, lodgings, 13 Craigie street 

Milne, Miss, draper, 51 Commerce street 

Milne, Miss, 25 Albert terrace 

Milne, Miss, 38 Mount street 

Milne, Miss A., Hamilton place 

Milne, Miss C, dressmaker, 17 Whiteliouse street 

Milne, Miss, 2 Powis terrace 

Milne, Miss, 42 Victoria street 

Milne, Misses, M. & J., scripture readers, 10 Hill street 

Milner, Miss, provision merchant, 2 Kidd lane 

Minto, John, Gilcomston Cottage, Gilcomston place 

Minto, Wm., professor of Logic (Aberdeen University), 8 West- 
field terrace 

Milton, Alex., late merchant, 23 Argyll place 

Minty, James, inspector of cleansing, office. Municipal build- 
ings. Broad street, h 16 Canal road 

Minty, William, flesher, 23 Roslin terrace 

Mitchell & Muil, purveyors to H.M., bread and biscuit manu- 
facturers, 46 Schoolhill, and 2 to 10 Harriet street ; 
branch shops, 165 George street, and 28a Union place 

Mitchell, Adam, & Co., builders and contractors, 53 North 
Charlotte street 

Mitchell, A. Cosmo, professor of dancing and maintien, Music 
Hall buildings, h 46 Watson street 

Mitchell & Stewart, house carpenters and joiners, 48 Nelson 

Mitchell, Alex. (P. Beveridge), 5 Denburn terrace 

Mitchell, Alex., working jeweller and watchmaker, 37 Upper- 
kirkgate, h Elmbank Cottage, 141 Hardgate 

Mitchell, Alex., carter and licensed porter, 6 Frederick street 

Mitchell, Alex., prison warder, Isabel Cottage, Canal street 

Mitchell, Andrew, shoreporter, 27 Cotton street 

Mitchell, Charles, blacksmith and grate manufacturer, 77, h 
75 George street, and workshop, 40^ Loch street 

Mitchell, Charles R., engineer. Bark Mill House, Berryden 

Mitchell, David, advocate, 24 Adelphi, h 2 Albvn place 

Mitchell, David, principal ticket clerk (G. N.^of S. Ry.), 22 

Union terrace 
Mitchell, J. & J., builders and monumental stonecutters, 5 
Broadford place 

Mitchell, James (of J. & J. Mitchell), 4 Loanhead place 
Mitchell, James (of Mitchell & Muil), 50 Schoolhill 
Mitchell, James, naval, military, and general outfitter, 29 
Regent quay, h 46 Schoolhill 


Mitchell, James, outfitter, 63 Queen street 
Mitchell, James, chief reporter (Daily Free Press), 64 Spring- 
bank terrace 
Mitchell, James, foreman engineer (H. R. & Co.), 19 South 

Constitution street 
Mitchell, John, artist, and teacher of drawing, 10 Gladstone 

Mitchell, Rev. J. Mitford (West Parish Church), 6 Queen's 

Mitchell, John, manufacturer's agent, 3 Commercial court, 58 

Castle street 
Mitchell, John, clothier and agent, 1b Henry place 
Mitchell, John, principal beadle (Greyfriars), 86 Chapel street 
Mitchell, John P. S. (late Inland Revenue), Newham Cottage, 

King street road 
Mitchell, John, stonecutter, 150, h 132 West North street 
Mitchell, John, foreman cartwright (J. Forbes), Bridge of Dee 
Mitchell, Peter (Simpson & Whyte), agent for J. Cockburn & 

Campbell, wine merchants, Edinburgh, 21 Union build- 
ings, h 122 Crown street 
Mitchell, Peter, commercial traveller (J. Forbes & Sons), 126 

North Broadford 
Mitchell, Peter, tobacconist, 3 Market street, 7i 25 Roslin 

Mitchell, Rev. Robert Alexander, M.A. (Free Gilcomston), 13 

Victoria street 
Mitchell, Robert, family grocer, 69, h 67 Commerce street 
Mitchell, Robert, cashier (Farquhar & Gill), 8 Watson street 
Mitchell, Robert, lock and hinge maker, Beattie's court, 102 

Mitchell, Robert (of Mitchell & Stewart), 25 Erskine street 
Mitchell, Stodart James, advocate, 24 Adelphi, h 2 Albyn 

Mitchell, Wm., Postmaster of Aberdeen, Elmbank 
Mitchell, Wm. (A. R. Gray), 16 Beechgrove terrace 
Mitchell, Wm., tailor and clothier, 33 Marischal street, h 1 

East North street 
Mitchell, Wm., 268b George street 
Mitchell, Mrs Andrew, 8 Queen's terrace 
Mitchell, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Adelphi 
Mitchell, Mrs M., 43 Dee street 
Mitchell, Mrs Wm., 167 Skene street west 
Mitchell, Mrs Wm., 16 Castle terrace 
Mitchell, Mrs, lodgings, 16 Holburn road 
Mitchell, Mrs, lemonade manufacturer, 30 St. Paul street 
Mitchell, Mrs, sick nurse, 6 Minister lane 
Mitchell, Mrs, provision merchant, 41 Chapel street 


Mitcliell, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 65 Chapel street 

Mitchell, Miss, provision merchant, 274 George street 

Mitchell, Miss, late of Ceylon, 7 Eden place 

Mitchell, Miss, 13 Albert terrace 

Mitchell, Miss, 6 Watson street 

Mitchell, Miss, dress and mantle maker, Elmbank Cottage, 141 

Hard gate 
Mitchell, Miss, dressmaker, 4 Thistle street 
Moffatt, Wm., secretary and general manager (G. N. of S, R.), 

7 Union place 
Moffatt, W. Todd, shipbroker, forwarding insurance and com- 
mission agent, 57 Shiprow, h 7 Union place 
Moir, Alex., & Co., insurance and general commission agents, 

216 Union street 
Moir, Alex., basket warehouse, 63 Thistle street 
Moir, Alex. A. S., grocer (R. Strachan & Co.), 234 George 

Moir, Charles, bookseller (A. Brown & Co.), 11 Richmand ter. 
Moir, F. Maitland, physician and surgeon, 143 Union street 
Moir, George M., music seller, 33 Broad street, A 26 South 

Mount street 
Moir, Rev. George (Albion street Congregational Church), 18 

Roslin terrace 
Moir, James, M.A., rector, Grammar School, 25 Garden place 
Moir, James, surgeon and druggist, 36 Union place, h 1 Rose 

Moir, James, letter carrier (P.O.), 278 George street 
Moir, James, family grocer, 60 Chapel street 
Moir, James, foreman ropemaker (Duthie Bros.), 13 Neptune 

Moir, James, sawmaker, 63 John street, 7i 19 Millbank lane 
Moir, John M., insurance agent, and tea merchant, 37 Market 

street, h 8 North Silver street 
Moir, John, & Son, Lim., preserved provision manufacturers, 

and export oilmen, 56 Virginia street 
Moir, John, confectioner, 17 Marischal street 
Moir, Norman, compositor, 6 Charlotte street 
Moir, Wm., 52 Rosemount place 

Moir, Wm., traveller (Glegg & Thomson), 40 Belvidere place 
Moir, Mrs James, 8 North Silver street 
Moir, Mrs, lodgings, 216 Union street 
Moir, Mrs Jane, sick nurse, 5 Holburn street 
Moir, Miss, dressmaker, 40 Chapel street 
Moir, Miss, lodgings, 41 Baker street 
MoUison, George, commission agent, 2 Flourmill brae, h 35 

Ashley place 
Mollison, George, cashier, 179 Skene street west 


MoUison, George, 8 St. Mary's place 

Mollison, Hans G. L., cashier, 103 Union street, A 27 Welling- 
ton place 

Mollison, Hugh, late farmer, Burnsicle Cottage, Bridge of Dee 

Mollison, William, manager (N. of S. E. L. Co.), 139 Skene 

Mollison, William, house carpenter, 76 Woolmanhill, h 144 
Hutcheon street west 

Mollison, Wm., 5 Henry place 

Mollison, Mrs, 27 Wellington place 

Mollison, Mrs, lodgings, 39 Chapel street 

Mollison, Miss, 11 Albert terrace 

MoUyson, Charles Alex., secretary and superintendent of 
branches (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 22 Garden place 

Molyneux, A. M., letter carrier (P.O.), 12 Queen street 

Monarch Line of Steamships, A. R. Murrison, agent 

Moncrieff, Thomas R., writer (H.M.C.), 10 Crown street 

Moncur, Nicol, Adelphi Hotel, 10 Adelphi 

Moncur, Miss, millinery dept. (Pratt & Keith), 8 Belvidere 

Monro, A. S. (of J. Monro & Son), 29 Mount street 

Monro, Alex., constable (county). South Mile End 

Monro, George, spirit dealer and cab proprietor, 23 Regent 
quay ; stables and house, 20 St. Clement street 

Monro, James S., grocer, 12 Mount street west 

Monro, James, carter, 18 Chattan place 

Monro, James, plumber and gasfitter, 62 Windmillbrae, A 14 
Marywell street 

Monro, Joseph, farmer, Broomhill, Pitmuxton 

Monro, Joseph & Son, accordion repairers, and musical instru- 
ment makers, and stationers, 32 Woolmanhill 

Monro, Joseph (of J. Monro & Son), 21 Short Loanings 

Montgomrie, John A., bank teller (British Linen Co.), Market 

Moonie, David, superintendent, Aberdeen District Tramways, 
32 Claremont street 

Moray and Nairn (Express Office), 28 and 29 Adelphi 

Moray Firth Shipping Co., Trinity buildings, Trinity quay, 
James Crombie, agent 

Morgan & Eraser, tailors and clothiers, 2 Summer street 

Morgan, Alex, (of Morgan & Eraser), 4 Henry place 

Morgan, George, gardener. Market Hall, h 88 Green 

Morgan, John (of Adam Mitchell & Co.), 57 Thomson street 

Morgan, Patrick, 11 Richmond terrace 

Morgan, William P., cutler, hairdresser, hairsole maker, 287 
George street, h 145 North Broadford 

Morgan, Mrs, lodgings, 27a George street 


Morgan, Mrs Wm,, stoneware merchantj 11 Excliequer row, h 

296 George street 
Morgan, Mrs, spirit dealer, 5, 7i 71 Park street 
Morgan, Miss, 4 Crown court, 41 J Union street 
Morice, Arthur D., advocate (of Duncan & Morice), East Bank, 

Fonthill road 
Morice, Thomas, messenger (G. N. of S. Ry.)j ^^^^ keeper of 

Medical Hall, 29 King street 
Morison, Alex., shipmaster, 21 Constitution street 
Morison, Alex., bookseller and stationer, 28 Marischal street 
Morison, Alex., beadle (Rosemount Church), 18 Skene square 
Morison, George, M.D., surgeon-major, late 3rd Batt. Gordon 

Highlanders, 24 Albyn place 
Morison, George, brush manufacturer, 22^ George street, h 

Heath Bank, Crathes station 
Morison, James, family grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 17 

Skene street, h 1 Skene terrace 
Morison, James, gardener, 36 Kintore place 
Morison, John, late banker, treasurer of Gordon's College, 21 

Constitution street 
Morison, John, provision dealer, 27, h 22 Shiprow 
Morison, Peter, 157 Crown street 
Morison, Wm., house carpenter, 5 Urquhart road 
Morison, Mrs David, 30 North Albert street 
Morison, Miss M., 178 Skene street west 
Morison, Miss M., greengrocer and fruiterer, 51 Park street, 

h 24 Summer lane 
Morrice, Alex., agent. Western Branch, Town and County 

Bank, Limited, h 262 Union street 
Morrice, George, bookseller and stationer, 47, li 49 Broad street 
Morrice, James, mason, 19 Richmond terrace 
Morrice, James G., traveller (Mennie & Brown), 33 Bloom- 
field road 
Morrice, Mrs Alexander, 262 Union street 
Morris, James, eating-house keeper, 97 Gallowgate 
Morris, William, V.S., 25 Langstane place ; shoeing forge, 7 

Langstane place, and 8 Schoolhill 
Morris, Mrs John, 7 King's crescent 
Morrison & Skakle, jewellers, silversmiths, and opticians, 68 

Morrison, Alex., clothier and outfitter, 25 Market street, and 

Market Gallery, h 96 North Broadford 
Morrison, Alexander, butcher, 158 George st., h 75 Rosemount 

Morrison, A. S. (G. Jamieson & Son), Donald place, Forbes 

Morrison, Chas., accountant (W. & K. Jopp), 10 Caledonian pi. 


Morrison, Forbes, professor of dancing, 40 Union place 
Morrison, George, cattle dealer, 178 George street 
Morrison, George, grain merchant, 16 Mealmarket street 
Morrison, James (of Morrison & Skakle), 46 Marischal street 
Morrison, James, & Co., bakers, 6 Shiprow 
Morrison, James, sen. (of J. M. & Co.), Rotunda Cottage, Pol- 

muir road 
Morrison, James D., clerk (A. Hadden & Sons), 1 Belmont 

Morrison, James, jim. (of J. M. & Co.), 8 Shiprow 
Morrison, James, fishcurer, 22 Bank street 
Morrison, James, millwright, 1 Marywell street 
Morrison, John, cashier's assistant (G. N. S. R.), 43 Watson 

Morrison, John, carter, Willowdale place 
Morrison, Malcolmson, nurseryman, Forbesfield, Cuparstone 
Morrison, R. P., accountant, County buildidgs, h 113 Crown 

Morrison, Robert, 27 Marywell street 
Morrison, William, merchant, 1 and 3 Black's buildings, h 

Morrison, William, teacher of music, 42 Union place 
Morrison, William, 18 Balmoral place 
Morrison, Mrs W., 43 Watson street 
Morrison, Miss, draper, 42 St. Clement street 
Mortimer, Alexander, gardener. Market hall, h TuUos, Nigg ^ 
Mortimer, Arthur F., grocer and dealer in fishing gear, 5 

Carmelite street, and 15 Hadden street, h 4 Crown 

Mortimer, David A., chemist, 1 Exchequer row, and 3 Chattan 

place, h 3 Exchec[uer row 
Mortimer, James, wholesale grocer, 12 Harriet street, h 2 

Beechgrove terrace 
Mortimer, James, registrar (G. N. of S. R.), 174 Skene street 

Mortimer, John (of Ingram & Mortimer), 5 Marine place 
Mortimer, P., preserved provision manufacturer, Kitty brewster, 

h 2 Crimon place 
Mortimer, Wm., 1 Rubislaw place 
Mortimer, Mrs John, Rotunda Lodge, Ferryhill 
Morton, David (of J. Laing & Co.), 121 Union street, h 60 

Garden place 
Morton, G. B., iron, steel, and general hardware agent (agent 

for Harrison Brothers, and Howson, Sheffield), 35a 

Union street, h 8 Claremont place 
Morton, J. T., preserved provision manufacturer, Rosemount 

Provision Factory ; manager, Wm. Melvin 


Morton, Peter (of J. G. & Sons), 33 Victoria street 

Morton, Mrs, 49 Garden place 

Mowat, Alex., jobbing gardener, Eosehill Gottage 

Mowat, G. & J., general and furnishing ironmongers, 8 and 10 

King street 
Mowat, G. Isbister, ironmonger (of G. & J. M.), 2 Caledonian 

Mowat, James, tailor and clothier, 37 St. Nicholas street ; re- 
novator of gentlemen's wearing apparel, 9 Flourmill 

brae, h 19 Mount street 
Mowat, James, shipping clerk, 62 Marischal street, h 19 St. 

Clement street 
Mowat, James, gardener, 1 1 Huntly street 
Mowat, John, ironmonger (of G. & J. M.), 25 Union street 
Mowat, William, shipmaster, 5 Urquhart road 
Mowat, Miss, fancy goods warehouse, 1b, h 1a Holburn street 
Mowat, Miss, 10 Crown street 
Mowlem & Co., stone merchants. Provost Blaikie's quay ; 

Alexander Grant, manager 
Muil, Francis (of Mitchell & Muil), 66 Dee street 
Muil, Miss, 7 Strawberry bank 
Muill, John advocate and notary public, 21 Bridge street, 

h Fountainhall road 
Muill, Mrs, 39 Osborne place 

Muir, Robert, leather merchant and currier, 38 George street 
Mullet, Isabella, hotel keeper, 78 Union street 
Mundie, John, salesman (Esslemont <k Mackintosh), 22 Watson 

Munro, Alex. M., City Chamberlain's office, 7i 67 Eose street 
Munro, Andrew (of Milne & Munro), United Cottage, Holburn 

Munro, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 74, h 127 King street 
Munro, David, late bootmaker, 169 Skene street west 
Munro, D., shipmaster, 22 Argyll place 
Munro, George W., watchmaker and jeweller, 28 Schoolhill, 

h 43 Watson street 
Miinro, George, engineer, 8 Mount street west 
Munro, Gordon, boot-top manufacturer, 38 George street, 

h 127 Rosemount place 
Munro, James, Woodside carrier, 30 Gerrard st., h ^1 Jopp's lane 
Munro, James, sawmiller, 164 Crown street 
Munro, John M., pharmaceutical chemist (successor to James 

Hunter), 141 Union street, h 1 East Craibstone street 
Munro, John C, flesher, 294 George street 
Munro, John D., watchmaker and jeweller, 161 Gallowgate, 

h 1 Martin's lane, Green 
Munro, J. C. Ritchie (M. H. & M.), 147 Union street 


Munro, Kenneth, late baker, 22 Argyll place 

Munro, Malcolm, watchmaker and jeweller, 32 George street, 

li 36 Thomson street 
Munro, Simon, spirit merchant, 51 Guestrow, h 13 Seamount 

Munro, Mrs, 13 Prospect terrace 
Munro, Mrs, embroidery printer, 32 Upperkirkgate 
Munro, Miss M., draper, 42 Market Gallery 
Munro, Miss, biblewoman, Arthur Cottage, Prince Arthur 

Murchie, William, baker, 95, h 97 Skene street 
Murdoch, Alexander, & Son, grain merchants, 47 Marischal 

Murdoch, William, keeper, Epidemic Hospital, Cunnigarhill 
Murdoch, Mrs, matron, Shaw's Hospital, Rosebank House, 

Murdoch, Miss, 38 Osborne place 
Murdoch, Miss, 67 Bon-Accord street 
Murison, Alexander S,, L.D.S.I., dentist, 50 Dee street 
Murison, James, chemist and dentist, 44a Chapel street, h 50 

Dee street 
Murison, John S., sorting-clerk, Post Office 
Murison, William, Sheriff Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire, 

Sheriff Clerk's office, Court House 
Murison, William C, cashier (Leith & Paterson), 38 Bon- Accord 

Murison, Miss J., teacher of music, 50 Dee street 
Murrison, A. R., passage and insurance broker, 27 James street 
Murphy, James, teacher, St. Joseph's R. C. Schools, Constitu- 
tion street 
Murphy, J., bookseller, 6 South Silver street 
Murray & M'Combie, advocates, and secretaries to the Local 

Board of the North British and Mercantile Assurance 

Company, 103 tJnion street 
Murray, A., & Co., house carpenters, 38 Short Loanings 
Murray, Alexander, drainage inspector and land valuator, 49 

Springbank terrace 
Murray, Alexander, bookseller, stationer, librarian, and news 

agent, 271 Union street, and 1a Bon- Accord street, h 51 

Victoria street 
Murray, Alexander S., joint-agent, Town and County Bank, 

Limited, Northern Branch, 236 George street, h 15 

Albert terrace 
Murray, Alexander, 44 Ashley place 
Murray, Alexander (of A. M. & Co.), Burn Dale Cottage, 

Murray, Alexander, slater, 181, h 216 King street 



Murray, Andrew, advocate (of Murray & M'Combie), 35 

Belmont street 
Murray, Andrew, jun., advocate (of Murray & M'Combie), 

Inverdon, Bridge of Don 
Murray, Charles (of J. Craig & Co.), 7 Ann street 
Murray, D. B., teacher, Sunnybank Cottage, Broomliill road 
Murray, George, commercial traveller (J. Crombie), Harvieston 

Cottage, Fountainliall road 
Murray, H. G. (Free Press), 71 Skene square 
Murray, James, bookseller and stationer, and Bible Depository, 

28 St. Nicholas street, h Bellahill Cottage, 21 Balmoral 

Murray, James, manufacturer (J. »& J. Crombie), 5 Rosemount 

Murray, James, shoreporter, 57 Park street 
Murray, James, salmon fisher, Inchgarth, Cults, li 45 Broom- 
hill place 
Murray, James, church officer (Rubislaw Parish Church), 

87 Chapel street 
Murray, James, baker, 77 Waterloo quay, h 35 Clarence street 
Murray, John, importer of foreign goods and general merchant, 

74 Union street, 1st floor, li 3rd floor 
Murray, John, boot and shoemaker (funeral attendant for St. 

Nicholas Parish), 21, h 19 Park street 
Murray, John, solicitor, 74 Union street 
Murray, Robert, shipmaster, 21 Argyll place 
Murray, Robert, assistant branch inspector, N. of S. Bank, 

Limited, 7i 19 Watson street 
Murray, Thomas, letter carrier (P.O.), 20 Chapel street 
Murray, William, painter and glazier, 97 Chapel street 
Murray, William, hide, sheepskin, tallow, aud offal factor, 

wholesale and retail butcher, Aberdeen Central Hide 

Market, 291, 293, and 295 Geosge street, h Woodside 

Murray, William, contractor, 11 Margaret street 
Murray, William, clerk (A. M'Kenzie, coal merchant), 30 

Whitehouse street 
Murray, William, spirit dealer, 47 Castle street 
Murray, Mrs James A., 11 Rubislaw terrace 
Murray, Mrs, 4 Strawberry bank 
Murray, Mrs William, 15 Albert terrace 
Murray, Mrs, 21 Thomson street 
Murray, Mrs, draper, 40 Market Gallery 
Murray, Mrs, 40 Holburn road 
Murray, Mrs, lodgings, 188 George street 
Murray, Mrs, sick nurse, 5 Gilcomston terrace 
Murray, Mrs, midwife, 1 Hanover lane 


Murray, Miss, 43 Victoria street 

Murray, Miss, 22 Holburn road 

Murray, Miss, 80 Rose street 

Murray, Miss, 2 Gray's buildings, Rosemount 

Murray, Misses, 7 and 5 West Craibstone street 

Museum of Science, 24 and 26 Marischal street 

Music Hall Buildi-ngs, Union street ; keeper, Wm. Clark 

Music Hall, M'Farland's, 52 Market street 

Mustard, Andrew, clerk, 275 George street 

Mustard, Robert, tailor, 173 Nortli Broadford 

Mutch, Geo., clerk (Abdn. Steam Nav. Co.), 26 Holburn road 

Mutch, Geo. (of Stewart & Mutch), 136 Skene street 

Mutch, James G., grain and seed merchant, 30 Exchange street, 

agent for Lawes's Chemical Manures ; stores, 19 Holbuin 

street, A 17 Balmoral place 
Mutch, James, innkeeper. Steam Yacht Hotel, Pocra pier 
Mutch, John, draper, 28 Loanhead terrace 
Mutch, John, cattle dealer, 11 Summer street 
Mutch, Wm., flesher, 86 Bon-accord street 
Mutch, Wm., clerk, 11 Summer street 
Mutter, Howey, & Co., railway agents and carriers, 6 King st.; 

James Scott, agent 
Myles, Mrs, lodgings, 36 Union street 

NAIRN, James, 52 North Charlotte street 

Napier, Charles, manure manufacturer, 139 West North street, 

h 39 St. Clair street 
Napier, Joseph, broker, 56 Shiprow, h above shop 
Napier, P. Primrose, registration examiner, 49 Waverley place 
Napier, Mrs, 63 Rose street 
Napier, Mrs, lodgings, 30 Belmont street 
National Bank of Scotland, Limited, 67 Union street ] agent, 

Thomas Adam 
National Security Savings Bank, 27 Exchange street ; Thomas 

Kid del, actuary 
National Telephone Company, Limited, 28 Market street 
Navigation School, 21 James street ; J. R. Jones, teacher 
Nazareth House, Home of the Aged and Infirm, Clareraont 

street, Cuparstone 
Neil, Alex., grocer, 27 Rose street, and 19, Ti 57 Thistle street 
Neil, Jas., silk mercer, 183 Union street, h Woodville, Pol- 

muir road 
Neill, Miss Jamieson, 23 Crown street 
Neilson, John, stoneware merchant, 98 h 100 Green 
Neilson, Wm., boatbuilder, 10 Canal terrace 
Neilson, Mrs Daniel, 30 Bank street 
Ness, Wm., writer, 21 Bridge street, h 26 Huntly street 


Netherlands Vice-Consul, Paul Ludwig, 17 Regent quay 

New Club, 254 Union street ; secretary, James Ross, advocate; 
steward, G. W. Richards 

Newham, Mrs, lodgings, 19 King's crescent 

New Inn, Kittybrewster, Misses Riddell 

New Pier Foundry, Pocra pier 

Newlands, Mrs, Raeden House, North Stocket 

Newton, George, engineer, 16 York street 

Newton, John, shipowner, 28 Wellington street 

Nicholson, John, teaclier, 17 Osborne place 

Nicholson, H. Alley ne, professor of Natural History, Maris- 
chal College, 8| Queen's road 

N*icol, Alex., & Co., ship and insurance brokers, 39 Marischal 

Nicol, Alex., blacksmith. Mile-end, h 2 Mile-end 

Nicol, Alex., bookseller, 68, h 66 Park street 

Nicol, Alex. W., clerk (Old Machar Office), 38 Holburn road 

Nicol, Benjamin, ironmonger, 33, h 37 Thistle street 

Nicol, George, 24 Loanhead terrace 

Nicol, James, foreman (W. Davidson), 9 Bannermill street 

Nicol, James, stonecutter, 25 Urquhart road 

Nicol, James, 2 Prospect terrace 

Nicol, James, foreman blacksmith (G. N. of S. R.), Kittybrew- 
ster, h Olmstead Cottage, Woodside 

Nicol, John, reporter (Free Press), 15 Richmond street 

Nicol, John, & Co., grocers, 88 Gallowgate 

Nicol, John, tinsmith, 55, h 54 Regent quay 

Nicol, John (of J. Nicol & Co.), 61 Gallowgate 

Nicol, J. Blaikie (of A. Nicol & Co.), Inverdee, Cults 

Nicol, Joseph, baker, 134 Causewayend, h 5 Powis place 

Nicol, Peter, shipmaster, 5 Urquhart road 

Nicol, Wm., constable, Kincorth 

Nicol, Mrs James, 8 Canal terrace 

Nicol, Mrs Professor, 15 Bon- Accord square 

Nicol, Mrs, Murtle House 

Nicol, Mrs B., teacher of music, 37 Thistle street 

Nicol, Mrs, spirit dealer, 18 Wellington street 

Nicol, Miss, provision merchant, 56 Summer street 

Nicol, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 13 Bon- Accord street 

Nicoll, Henry J., sub-editor (Free Press), 11 Bon-Accord st. 

Nicoll, R. B., solicitor, 36 Union street 

Nicolson, Alexander, baker, 11 h 13 Waverley place 

Nicolson, Wm., family grocer and wine merchant, 242 Union 
street, h 43 Springbank terrace 

Nicolson, Wm,, late coal broker, 125 Crown street 

Nicolson, Misses Wilson, of Glenbervie, 9 Garden place 

Niddrie, James, 9 Friendship terrace, Ashley road 


Nidray, Charles, 53 Watson street 

Nisbet, James, foreman, plumber department (J. Blaikie and 

Sons), 24 Union row 
Nisbet, Misses, 7 Westfield terrace 
Noble, Alex. B., machine maker (agent, Wheeler & Wilson), 

25 Richmond terrace 
Noble, Andrew (of Noble, Ross, & Co.), 7 Carmelite street 
Noble, Crawford, 55 Osborne place 
Noble, Crawford, jun., Fountainhall road 
Noble, John, grocer, 12 Justice street, h 82 Park street 
Noble, Ross, and Co., pipe manufacturers, 9 Broadford lane 
Noble, William, assistant inspector of poor for Old Machar, 

9 Diamond street, h 187 Hardgate 
Noble, Mrs, dairy, 87 Basement floor. Market, h 7 Carmelite 

Noble, Mrs, Ava Cottage, Holburn place 
Noltie, James, wine and spirit dealer, 74, h 72 Commerce st. 
Norrie, James, draper, 173 George street 
Norrie, Joseph, 162 Crown street 
Norrie, Thomas, shipmaster, 19 Holburn road 
Norrie, Wm., grocer, 70 Broad street, h Emerald Cottage, 

King street road 
Norrie, Miss, 13 Springbank terrace 
North British and Mercantile Assurance Company, branch 

office, 103 Union street ; secretaries, Murray & 

M'Combie, advocates 
North British Hotel, 8 and 10 Trinity street, John M'Kay 
North British Railway Office, Guild street ; agent, Francis 

North-East Coast Mission ; treasurer, G. C. Eraser, Albany 

buildings, Bridge street ; secretary and superintendent. 

Captain David Ross, 3 Bloomfield 
North of Scotland and Orkney and Shetland Steam Naviga- 
tion Co., office, 62 Marischal street ; Chas. Merry lees, 

North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Castle street ; Robert Lums- 

den and Edward Fiddes, joint managers 
North of Scotland Bank, Limited, West-End Branch, 226 

Union street ; George Carmichael, agent 
North of Scotland Bank, Limited, Market Branch, 8 Exchange 

street ; Wm. Scott, agent 
North of Scotland Bank, Limited, George street Branch, 157 

George street ; Benjamin Saunders, agent 
North of Scotland Bedding Manufacturing Co., flock and 

mattress makers, 1 Jack's Brae, Wm. K. Stewart 
North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Co., Limited, secretary, 

William Smith, advocate, 89 Union street 


North of Scotland Ceylon Co., Limited, secretary, Douglass 
Duncan, office, 8 Castle street 

North of Scotland Colour Works, St. Paul street (Farquhar & 

North, of Scotland Equitable Loan Co., 4 Flourmill Brae and 
10 Flourmill lane ; Wm. Mollison, manager 

North of Scotland pianoforte and music saloon, 164 Union st.; 
James Macbeth 

Northern Advertiser Office, 20 Netherkirkgate 

Northern Agricultural Co., grain, coal, lime, guano, bones, and 
all kinds of manure merchants, importers of decorticated 
cotton cake, Indian corn, locust beans, and manufacturers 
of oil and oilcake, 30 Waterloo quay ; J. S. Smith 

Northern Assurance Co., office, 3 King street ; Samuel Ander- 
son, secretary 

Northern Co-operative Co., Limited. Grocery department, 58 
Loch street, 58 Eegent quay, 134 Skene street, 21 and 
23 Craigie street, 3 Causewayend, Holburn road, 32 
Marywell street, James Scott, manager. Clothing 
department, 50 and 52 Loch street, G. H. Hamilton, 
manager. Boot and Shoe department, 57 and 59 Loch 
street, Wm. Watt, manager. Bakery, 56 Loch street, 
Bakery sale-shop, 67 and 69 Gallowgate, Peter 
M'Ewan, manager. Butcher meat department, 68 Loch 
street ; Robert Stewart, manager. Barley and meal 
mills, Berryden, Alex. Bruce, manager. Registered 
Office, 54 Loch street ; James S. Low, secretary. John 
Ferries, cashier 

Northern Patent Brick and Tile Company, Limited, works, 
Torry, office, 187 King street 

Northern Plate Glass Insurance Company, Limited, 21 Bridge 
street, John i^'Buill, secretary 

Norway, Consul for, John F. White, 107 King street 

Nye, Jabez, grocer, 1 3 Hutcheon street 

OAK-TREE FOUNDRY, Regent road 

O'Conner, Bernard, feuar, 59 Hutcheon street 

Officer, James, family grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

wholesale and retail, 8 Garvock street, h Links Cottage, 

Garvock wynd 
Ogg, David, basket maker, 12J, 13, 13^, and 14 Correction 

Ogg, David, jun.. Hotel keeper (Crown), 3 Shore brae 
Ogg, Francis, foreman. National Telephone Co., Limited, 28 

Market street, h 46 North Charlotte street 
Ogg, Henry, & Co., Strathdee Distillery, Cuparstone 


Ogg, J. & J., granite mercliants, Caledonian Granite Works, 

34 and 36 Wellington road 
Ogg, James, aerated lemonade, ginger beer manufacturer, and 

dealer in porter and ales, 109^ John street, h Sunny- 
park, Kittybrewster 
Ogg, James, beadle (Free John Knox), 253 George street 
Ogg, John (of J. & J. Ogg), Dee Cottage, Ashley terrace 
Ogg, J. (of J. & J. Ogg), 6 Crimon place 
Ogg, Robert, basket manufacturer, 30, 31, 32, and 33 Market 

Gallery, workshop, 10 Carmelite lane, A 83 Union st. 
Ogg, Wm., stonecutter, 36 Cotton street, h 28 Constitution st. 
Ogg, Wm. F., advocate, 48 Market street, A 118 Crown street 
Ogg, Wm., shoreporter, 20 Castle street 
Ogg, Mrs, 10 Crown street 
Ogg, Mrs, Summerfield, 95 Park street 
Ogilvie, Rev. Alexander, LL.D., head master, Robert Gordon's 

Ogilvie, Alex, (of A. Mearns & Co.), 6 South Mount street 
Ogilvie, George, hatter, 44 George street, h 2 Upperkirkgate 
Ogilvie, George, grocer and spirit dealer, 69 Park street 
Ogilvie, James, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 227 Union st., 

workshop. Windmill lane, h 25 Bon-Accord street 
Ogilvie, James, jun., boat hirer, Victoria Bridge Boat Hiring 

Establishment, h Dock gates. Provost Blaikie's quay 
Ogilvie, John, late bookseller, 23 Belvidere street 
Ogilvie, Joseph, M.A., rector of Church of Scotland Training 

College, George street, h 9 Bon-Accord square 
Ogilvie, Robert, M.A., H.M. Senior Inspector of Schools, 18 

Bon- Accord square 
Ogilvie, Robert, hardware merchant, 48 Netherkirkgate, h 30 

Chattan place 
Ogilvie, Thomas, & Son, hat and cap manufacturers, and ware- 
housemen, 21 Carmelite street 
Ogilvie, Thomas (of T. Ogilvie & Son), 2 Westfield terrace 
Ogilvie, William A., grocer, 12 Portland street 
Ogilvie, William, cab proprietor, 79 Skene street 
Ogilvie, Miss, 11 Victoria street 
Ogilvie, Miss S. L., teacher (Mary well Street Public School), 

10 Crimon place 
Ogilvie & Campbell, Misses, milliners and hatters, 49 George 

Ogston, Alexander, & Sons, soap and candle manufacturers, 

92 Loch street 
Ogston, Alexander M. (of A. Ogston & Sons), Ardoe Hous , 

Banch ory-Devenick 
Ogston, Alexander, M.D., professor of Surgery, University of 

Aberdeen, 252 Union street 


Ogston, Francis, M.D., professor of Logic and Medical Juris- 
prudence (Aberdeen University"), 13 Albyn terrace 

Ogston, Frank, M.D., 156 Union street 

Ogston, James (of A. Ogston & Sons), Norwood 

Ogston, Robert, grocer, Margaret place, Ruthrieston 

Ogston, Mrs Alexander, 9 Golden square 

Old Machar Poor House, St. Machar place ; governor, James 
Donald, office, 9 Diamond street 

Old Machar School Board Office, 71 King street 

Oliver, Alfred, grocer and spirit dealer, 53 Gallowgate, h 25 
Mount street west 

Oliver, Rev. William (Greyfriars Parish), 92 Powis place 

Ophthalmic Institution for Diseases of the Eye, 61 Guestrow. 
Open daily at 3-30 p.m. 

Orchard, Thomas G., late supervisor, Inland Revenue, 
19 Justice Mill lane 

Orchiston, Joseph, harbour meter, 128 West North street 

Ord, David, 65 John street 

Ord, John, com. trav. (J. & W. Campbell & Co., Glasgow), 63 
Union street, h 9 St. Swithin street 

Orphan and Destitute Female Hospital, 30 Huntly street ; 
matron. Miss Malcolm 

Osborne, John, shipmaster, 57 Regent quay 

Oxley, R. H., Capt. and Adj. (3rd Batt. Gordon Highlanders), 
3 Albert street 

Owen, Margaret M., superioress, Nazareth House, Cuparstone 

PACKER, T. H., & Co., medical electricians, 75 Union street 
Palace Hotel, 159 Union street, and 9 Bridge street ; Charles 

Mann, proprietor 
Palmer, Wm. J., brewer, Holburn Brewery, h Fonthill terrace 
Panton, George, grocer, 36, h 34 Urquhart road 
Panton, James, plane and edge tool maker. Thistle lane, h 2 

Irvine place 
Panton, William, engineer, 9 Nelson street 
Pape, Mrs, lodgings, 39 Union terrace 
Pardy, Alexander, book-keeper, 12 Argyll place 
Park Road Machine Works, D. Milne & Sons 
Park, George, letter carrier, P.O., 11 Queen street 
Park, James, commercial traveller, (Aberdeen Commercial 

Company), 88 Powis place 
Park, Mrs, 93 Bon- Accord street 
Park, Mrs, spirit dealer, 13, h 11 Queen street 
Parker & M'Combie, advocates, 129 Union street 
Parker, John (of Parker & M'(^ombie), 52 Skene terrace 
Parker, Septimus, professor of pianoforte playing, C. of S. 

Training College, h 130| Union street 


Parr, Mrs Colonel, 12 Garden place 

Parsons, Thomas, waiter, and verger (St. Andrew's Episcopal), 

96 Park street 
Paterson, A. & W., boot and shoe manufacturers, 15 Nether- 

kirkgate, H. R. Watson, agent 
Paterson, Alexander, guard (Cal. Ry.), 31 Prospect terrace 
Paterson, Alexander, 10 Canal street 
Paterson, Alexander, 178 Crown street 

Paterson, David, sorting clerk (P.O.), 6 Donald's court, School- 
Paterson, George Hilton, May field House, Cults 
Paterson, George, mason, 164 Crown street 
Paterson, H. (of P. L. & Co.), 20 Kingsland place 
Paterson, Henry, clerk, 42 Kintore place west 
Paterson, James, draper, 63 Gallowgate, h 68 Grove street 
Paterson, James, grocer, 47 East North street, // 35 College st. 
Paterson, James (of W. Paterson & Sons), 194 King street 
Paterson, John, boot and shoemaker, 194 West North street 
Paterson, John (A. Pirie & Sons, Limited), 11 Schoolhill 
Paterson, Love, & Co., fancy box manufacturers. Spring Garden 

Paterson, Samuel, accountant (G. N. of S. R. Co.), 3 Garden 

Paterson, Thomas J., com. trav. (Young's P. L. and M. 0. Co., 

Limited), 4 Mount street west 
Paterson, Stephen (of W. Paterson & Sons), Burnieboozle 

Paterson, W. Dove, teacher of elocution, 1 Black's Buildings, 

h 26 Jute street 
Paterson, Wm., & Sons, wholesale druggists, 133 and 135 

Paterson, Wm., commercial traveller, 34 Watson street 
Paterson, W. T. (of Leith & Paterson), Kenfield, Mannofield 
Paterson, Wm., market gardener, Ruthrieston 
Paterson, Mrs Wm., 3 Forest road 
Paterson, Mrs, 3 Mackie place 
Paterson, Miss, 34 Watson street 
Paterson, Miss, 37 Victoria street 
Patterson, Mrs Major, 5 Mackie place 
Paton, Andrew, lithographer, 48 Powis place 
Paton, Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 41 Baker street 
Pattison, James, armourer. Barracks, 56th Brigade Depot, 

A 10 Holburn road 
Pattison, James, billposter, 14 Schoolhill 
Patrick, George, shipmaster, 4 Canal terrace 
Paul, John, foreman, mechanical department. Harper & Co., 

h 21 Jasmine terrace 


Paul, William, advocate, 245 Union street, h 46 Bon- Accord 

Paul, Mrs, 60 Rose street 
Paul, Miss, lodgings, 12 Castle street 
Paul, Miss, Queen's Cross School, 7 St. S within street 
Paull & Williamson, advocates, 12 King street 
Paull, James, advocate, 12 King street, /i 148 Crown street 
Peace Society, Aberdeen, secretary, James Smith, Orchard 

place. Old Aberdeen 
Pearson, Mark, furniture dealer, 25 Castle street 
Pegler, George, & Co., fruiterers (to the Queen), 7 Eegent 

Pegler, Mrs, 12 Chapel street 
Pender, Alexander, superintendent and teacher, Deaf and 

Dumb Institution, 31 Belmont street 
Penman, James, & Co., publishers, London ; A. P. Hird, agent 
Penman, Miss, 220 George street 

Penny, John, photographer, 9, A 5 Donald's court, 20 School- 
Penny, William, shipmaster, 22 Springbank terrace 
Pension Office, Barracks 

Peterkin, Henry, solicitor (of Stronach, Duncan, & Duguid), 
procurator fiscal depute of Aberdeen and Kincardine, 
35a Union street, h 23 Gladstone place 
Peterkin, James, builder, 54 Rose street, A 2 1 Gladstone place 
Peterkin, Wm. T., letter carrier (P.O.), 1 Hawthorn terrace 
Peters, Wm., boot and shoemaker, 28 Union street, and 50 
St. Nicholas street ; factory, Stevenson street ; h 53 
Springbank terrace 
Petrie, James R., & Sons, jobbing gardeners, 153 Hardgate 
Petrie, James, relieving clerk (Cal. Ry.), 2 South Crown street 
Petrie, James, collector (Cal. Ry.), 21 Bank street 
Petrie, James, nurseryman (W. Smith & Son), Polmuir 

Petrie, James, & Co., granite merchants and polishing works, 
Clayhills Monumental Granite Works, 50, 52 Welling- 
ton road. See Advertisement 
Petrie, James, jun. (of J. Petrie & Co.), 162 Crown street 
Petrie, James, & Co., lishcurers, Clayhills 
Petrie, James (of J. Petrie & Co.), 34 Portland street 
Petrie, John, mason, 71 Rosemount place 
Petrie, Robt. A., house agent, 39 Frederick street, A 16 Ferry- 
hill terrace 
Petrie, Robert, engine driver (Cal. Ry.), 21 Bank street 
Petrie, Robert, cashier (Robertson & Arnot), 21 Bank street 
Petrie, Mrs Alex., grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Mealmarket street, 
li 36 Frederick street 


Petrie, Mrs James, 2 Bon-Accord terrace 

Petrie, Mrs, fish dealer, basement floor, Market, h 20 Virginia 

Philip & Cooper, wholesale clothiers, 32 Union street 
Philip, Alexander, dyer and cleaner, 88 Hutcheon street, 

h 9^ Broadford lane 
Philip, Archibald, manager (G. Leslie & Co.), 2 St. Clement 

Philip, George, joiner and house agent, 256 George street 
Philip, James, shoreporter, 4 Castle terrace 
Philip, James L., commission merchant, 4 Stafford street 
Philip, James M., Ashvale Cottage, 26 Cuparstone place 
Philip, James, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 67, h 65 East 

North street 
Philip, James, cashier, J. Garvie & Sons, 33 Charlotte street 
Philip, James, grocer and spirit merchant, 1 and 3 Ashley 

place, h 3 Brighton place 
Philip, John Eev. (F. C. Fordonn), 9 Mount street 
Philip, John, wholesale and family grocer, 196 Gallowgate, 

and Bridge of Dee, h Kuthrieston 
Philip, Patrick, clerk (Broadford Works), Mile-end, Stocket 
Philip, Richard, tailor and clothier, 18 Adelphi 
Philip, Robert C., grocer and wine merchant, 44, h 47 Green 
Philip, William, jun. (of Philip & Cooper), 2 Strawberry bank 
Philip, Wm., shipmaster, Harlaw Cottage, 48 Ashley place 
Philip, Wm., late farmer, 15 Holburn road 
Philip, Miss, 3 Alford place 
Philip, Miss C. L., shirtmaker, 5 Canal street 
Philips, E. H., Inland Revenue Officer, 27 King street, h 25 

Erskine street 
Philips, George, commercial traveller (Anderson & Thomson), 

22 Victoria street 
Philips, James A., teacher (Northfield Public School), 6 Cherry 

Philij^s, Mrs, lodgings, 5 Langstane place 
Pickard, Mrs, lodgings, 47 Richmond street 
Pickthorn, Miss, 90 Bon- Accord street 
Piggie, David, shipmaster, 11 Ann place 
Piggie, Miss, 44 Thomson street 
Piggot, James (of Kirk & Piggot), Gauld's buildings, Gilcom- 

ston place 
Pirie & Clyne, architects, 123| Union street 
Pirie, Alexander & Sons, Limited, paper manufacturers and 

wholesale stationers ; works, Stoneywood, Woodside, 

and Union Works, Poynernook, Aberdeen 
Pirie, A. Lindsay (of A. Pirie & Sons, Limited), Stoneywood 



Pirie, A. Charles (of A. Pirie & Sons, Limited), Craibstone 

Pirie, Alex. (J. Blaikie & Sons, 211 Union street), 1 Magdala 

Pirie, Alex., slater, Justice Mill lane, h 32 Thistle street 
Pirie, A, joiner and feuar. Willow Cottage, 100 Powis place 
Pirie, George B., fishmonger. Basement floor. Market, h 23 

Hadden street 
Pirie, James, letter carrier (P.O.), 20 Prince Regent street 
Pirie, James, spirit dealer, 59 Netherkirkgate, h above shop 
Pirie, James, superintendent (Harbour Works), 15 Clarence 

Pirie, John, clerk (H.M.C.), 42 Stanley street 
Pirie, Johnstone K. (branch manager. Young's Par. Light and 

M. 0. Co., 33 Market street), A 17 Watson street 
Pirie, J. B., architect (of Pirie & Clyne), Whitehall 
Pirie, Martin H. (of A. Pirie & Sons, Limited), Stoneywood 

Pirie, Robert, cashier (J. Neil), 38 Holburn road 
Pirie, Wm., funeral undertaker, 34, h 34^ Skene square 
Pirie, Mrs, flesher, 85 Hutcheon street, li 3 Charles street 
Pirie, Mrs M., draper, 7 Wales street 
Pirie, Miss, dressmaker, 140 Union street 
Pirie, Misses, Waterton House 
Pirrie, J. M. Gordon, M.D., 281 Union street 
Pirrie, Mrs Dr. Wm., 281 Union street 
Pithie, Mrs, 93 Wales street 

Pittendrich, John, L.D.S., dentist, 84 Union street 
Pitts, Charles A., teacher of music, 6 Regent quay 
Playfair, Charles, «fe Co., gun and fishing tackle makers, 142 

■ Union street 
Playdon, James, restaurant, 26 Guild street, h 48 Market st. 
Police Office, City Buildings, 4 Broad street 
Police stables, 81 West North street ; J. Johnston, manager 
Police store, 21 Frederick street ; Wm. Bain, keeper 
Police Tax Office, City Buildings, 2 Broad street 
Poison, George G., agent, British Legal Life Ass. Co. Lim., 33a 

Summer street 
Poison, A. H,, professor of dancing and calisthenics, 33a 

Summer street 
Pollard, Thomas, Inland Revenue officer, 27 King street, h 7 

Friendship terrace 
Poor's Rate Office (St. Nicholas parish), 38 Castle street ; G. 

G. Christie, collector 
Poor's Rate Office (Old Machar parish), 9 Diamond street ; 

Alexander Diack, collector 
Pope, Peter, coachman, 5 Union row 


Pope, Samuel, writing and drawing master, 28 Victoria street 

Pope, Wm., police detective, 43 Bon- Accord street 

Porter & Leighton, boot and shoe makers, 58 St. Nicholas st. 

Porter, David, builder. Love lane, h at works 

Porter, George (of Porter & Leighton), 26 Beaconsfield place 

Porter, George, jun., grain and commission merchant, 28 Mar- 
ket street, h 89 Bon- Accord street 

Porter, James, 28 North Silver street 

Porter, John, feuar, 3 Stephen place, 76 North Broadford 

Porter, John, house carpenter, Gooseberry Bank Cottage, Bon- 
Accord terrace 

Porter, Wm., timber measurer, 1 Stephen place, 76 North 

Porter, Wm., foreman (N. Agr. Co.), 26 Frederick street 

Porter, Wm., cashier (J. & J. Crombie), Grandholm Cottage, 

Porter, Wm., clerk (G. Bruce), Gooseberry Bank Cottage, Bon- 
Accord terrace 

Porter, Miss, teacher of music, 26 Beaconsfield place 

Porter, Miss, manageress (Steam Laundry Co.), Claremont st. 

Porthill Public School, Porthill ; teacher, Robert C. Watson 

Porthill School (New), 164 Gallowgate 

Portuguese Vice-Consul, H. Campbell Gordon, 29 Union st. 

Post Office, Market street 

Pratt, Adam, manager (Crown Clothing Co.), Crown Cottage, 
Primrose Hill 

Pratt & Keith, warehousemen and upholsterers, 161 and 163 
Union street and 11 Bridge street ; goods entrance, 22 

Pratt, James, cashier (Blaikie Bros.), 16 Roslin terrace 

Pratt, John (of Williamson & Simpson), 34 Skene terrace 

Presslie, James, engineer, 25 Commerce street, h 59 East North 

Presslie, B. D., pharmaceutical chemist, 61 East North street, 
h above shop 

Presslie, Samuel, sergeant of police, 42 North Charlotte street 

Presslie, S. G., hairdresser and perfumer, 7 Bridge street, h 42 
North Charlotte street 

Preston, James, foreman carpenter (H. R. & Co.), 13 Commerce 

Primerose, Miss, 98 Powis place 

Primrose, Thomas, advocate, 28 Albyn place 

Prince of Wales Hotel, 9 St. Nicholas lane ; Robert Brown, 

Pringle & Slessor, builders, 7 Thistle lane 

Pringle, Gavin, mason, 34 Holburn road 

Pringle, John, saddler, 27^ Mount street 



Pringle, Win. (of Pringle & Slessor), 7 Thistle lane 

Probit, Wm., compositor, 1 Rosebank terrace 

Proctor, A. F., M.B., 39 Albyn place 

Proctor, Francis A., druggist (J. Sim & Co.), 225 King street 

Proctor, George, shipmaster, 16 Ferryhill terrace 

Proctor, John, overseer (Hogarth & Co.), 85 College street 

Proctor, Maxwell G., spirit dealer, 68 West North street 

Proctor, Miss, Carden House, Skene street west 

Proctor, Miss, Ladies' School, 19 Victoria street 

Procurator-Fiscal of the city of Aberdeen, George Cadenhead, 

City Buildings, Union street 
Procurator-Fiscal of Aberdeen and Kincardine, Charles Dun- 
can, advocate ; procurator's fiscal depute, C. F. Runcy, 
advocate, and Henry Peterkin, solicitor, Court- House 
buildings. Castle street 
Prosser, Oswald, solicitor (of J. & G. Collie), 25 Union street, 

h Craigie Bank, Westfield road 
Prosser, Mrs, lodgings, 76 Chapel street 
Public Baths, 5 Crooked lane ; supt., William Cameron, h V6 

Loch street 
Public Elementary Schools. See 'page 46 
Public News Room, Corn Exchange, Hadden street 
Purvis, Mrs Alex., 164 Crown street 

Pyper, Wm., late merchant, 22 Adelphi, h Hillhead, Pitfodels 
Pyper, Mrs, spirit dealer, 89, h 87 Loch street 
Pyper, Misses, Springbank House, Mannofield 
Pyper, Miss, sewing mistress, Boys' and Girls' Hospital, King 

RAE, Archibald (of J. & A. Rae), 77 John street 

Rae, Francis M., grocer and spirit dealer, 31 St. Clement st., h 

86 Crown street 
Rae, George, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 171 George street, h 

24 Craigie street 
Rae, George, letter carrier (P.O.), 196 George street 
Rae, J. & Co., painters and paperhangers, 77 Woolmanhill 
Rae, James, grocer, 1-| South Crown street, h above shop 
Rae, J. & A., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 48 George st. 
Rae, James, family grocer, 6 Union place, h 24 Osborne place 
Rae, James, agent (W. Mackenzie, publisher), 48 St. Nicholas 

street, h 26 Loanhead terrace 
Rae, James (of J. Rae & Co.), 127 Rosemount place 
Rae, John, messenger, Town and County Bank, Limited, 62 

Union street 
Rae, John, spirit dealer, 16 Hanover street, h 36 Union street 
Rae, John (of J. & A. Rae), 16 Kintore place 
Rae, John, spirit dealer, 12| Regent quay, h 36 Union street 


Eae, Rev. John (Cause wayend Free Cliiirch), 54 Loanhead 

Rae, John, clerk (G. N. of S. R.)) 4 Abbotsford place 
Rae, William, jobbing gardener, 33 Baker street 
Rae, Wm. (of Simpson & Rae), 44 Holburn road 
Rae, Wm. advocate (of Anderson & Rae), 2 Albert street 
Rae, Wm., engineer, 6 Crimon place 
Rae, Mrs John, grocer, 45 St. Andrew street 
Rae, Mrs John, Willow Cottage, Powis lane 
Rae, Mrs, lodgings, 170 Crown street 
Rae, Mrs, midwife, 48 Virginia street 
Raeburn, Charles, mason, 9 Young street 
Raeburn, Peter (of Garden & Raeburn), 30 Schoolhill 
Raffan, John, boot and shoe warehouse, 9 Market street, h 22 

Portland street 
Railway (Caledonian), Guild Street Station ; Charles Smith, 

district manager 
Railway (Great North of Scotland), head office, Waterloo 

station, William Moffatt, sec. and gen. manager 
Railway (Joint Passenger Station), off Bridge street 
Rainnie, George C, house carpenter, 60 Commerce street, h 9 

Union terrace 
Rainnie, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Shiprow, A 17 

Beechgrove terrace 
Rainnie, Mrs, 9 Union terrace 
Rait, Wm., 4 Prospect terrace 

Rait, Mrs, spirit dealer, 19 Virginia street, h 4 Shore brae 
Ramage, Alex., rector. Free Church Training College, h 19 

Rubislaw terrace 
Ramage, Mrs, 9 Nelson street 

Ramsay, Andrew, convener of trades' officer, 35 Chapel street 
Ramsay, George, tea merchant, 8 Canal street 
Ramsay, John, draper, 175 h 175^ Gallowgate 
Ramsay, John, United States Consular agent, and dis. agent, 

Commercial Union Ass. Co., 74 Union street, h 34 

Cuparstone place 
Ramsay, John, blacksmith, 61 Commerce street, h 23 Virginia 

Ramsay, Samuel, monumental stonecutter, 2 Jopp's lane, h 7 

Craigie street 
Rannie, Mrs, 7 Devanha terrace 
Rasmussen, Lauritz, interpreter (Ludwig & Co.), 17 Regent 

quay, h 45 York street 
Rattray, Alex., & Sons, tobacco pipe manufacturers, 70 West 

North street 
Rattray, David, grocer and provision merchant, 13 Castle st., 

h 24 Beaconsfield place 


Rattray, David, stationer, die-stamper, and printer, 135 Union 

street, h 6 Beechgrove terrace 
Rattray, John (of Wm. Rattray & Son), 27 Erskine street 
Rattray, Robert, M.D., 6 Garden terrace 
Rattray, Wm., & Son, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 24 

Queen street 
Rattray, William (of William Rattray & Son), 6 Beechgrove 

Rattray, Wm., jun. (of Wm. Rattray & Son), 22 Beaconsfield 

Rawer, James, Ruthrieston Inn, Bridge of Dee 
Ray, Miss, Elmbank, 141 Hardgate 
Reay, George, mill superintendent (N. Agricultural Co.), 16 

Marywell street 
Rebecca, George, Kincorth, Bridge of Dee 
Rebecca, Wm., flesher, 36 Market Hall, h Bieldside 
Recreation Grounds, Inches, secretary, John Cormack, Lemon 

Tree Hotel, 9 St. Nicholas street 
Registrar for District of St. Nicholas, Charles Stronach, 4 Cor- 
rection wynd 
Registrar for District of Old Machar, James Valentine ; office, 

1 1 North Silver street 
Reid & Bain, drapers, 54 and 56 George street 
Reid & Wilsone, advocates, 255 Union street 
Reid, Alex., flesher, 3 Bank street, h 1 Prospect terrace 
Reid, Alex. Govan, passenger superintendent (G. N. of S. R.), 

Joint station, h 5 Eldon terrace 
Reid, Alex., carpenter, 162 Crown street 
Reid, Andrew, merchant, 23 Waverley place 
Reid, Andrew, 50 Bon- Accord street 
Reid, Andrew, oil merchant and dry Salter, Provost Jamieson's 

quay, h 42 St. Nicholas street 
Reid, Ben., & Co., seedsmen and nurserymen, Guild street ; 

nurseries, Rubislaw, Burnieboozle, and Hazelhead 
Reid, Ben., & Co., engineers, agricultural implement makers, 

and millwrights, Bon- Accord Works, Justice Mill lane, 

warehouse, 8 Guild street 
Reid, Benjamin L., late farmer, 4 Springbank place 
Reid, Charles, Garvock Cottage, Garvock wynd 
Reid, Charles, beadle. Nelson street U.P., Church, 26 Cause- 

Reid, David, 76 Dee street 
Reid, David, pawnbroker. City of Aberdeen Loan Office, 19 

Drum's lane, h 100 North Broadford 
Reid, David F., watchmaker, 73 North Broadford 
Reid, George, & Sons, chemists and druggists, 45 Union street 
Reid, George, St. Luke's, Keppleston 


Reid, George, spirit and provision merchant, 23 Sliiprow, h 

149 Crown street 

Geo., clerk, harbour engineer's office, 28 Portland street 
George, tailor, 70^ St. Andrew street - 
Henry, carter, Inches, h IQ Portland street 
James, police officer, 1 Millburn street 
James, 251 George street 
James, 11 St. Swithin street 
James, & Sons, mangle, wringer, washer, plane, boot-tree, 

and last manufacturers, 58 John street 
James, draper (of M. & R.), 34 Loanhead terrace 
James, engineer, 16 North Broadford 
James, shipowner (of R. Connon & Co.), 86| Crown st. 
John, of Shannaburn, advocate (of Burnett & Reid), 20 

King street, h 3 Union place 
John, grocer and spirit dealer, 1 South College street, h 

Craigieshaw, Nigg 
John, grocer and wine merchant, 141 Gallowgate, 7i 15 

Bon-Accord street 
John, clerk, 36 Richmond street 
John A., & Co., tea merchants, 26 Exchange street 
John, engineer, 10 Millburn street 
John, cabinetmaker, 15 Upper Denburn, h 3 Rosemount 


John A. (of J. A. Reid & Co.), 50 Constitution street 
John, shoreporter, 47 Cotton street 
John, beadle (Free Union), 41 St. Andrew street 
John, gardener, 25 Mount street west 
Joseph, clerk (Aberdeen Comb Works), 7 Erskine street 
Robert, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 57 Broad street, 

h Yq.\n Bank, Hammerfield west 

Robert, clerk (N. of S. Bank, Limited), 48 Powis place 
Walter, feuar and session clerk, John Knox parish, 158 

Hutcheon street west 

William, photographer, 3 Summer street, h 16 Chapel st. 
William, retired officer (R.N.), 30 Chattan place 
Wm., porter and ale dealer, aerated water manufacturer, 

Stevenson street, A 21 Kintore place 
William (of Connon & Reid) 13 Richmond terrace 
William L. (of Reid & Wilsone) 8 Albyn terrace 
Wm., inspector of dairies and milk shops, sanitary de- 
partment. City Buildings, h 22 St. Andrew street 
William, M.B., CM., Royal Lunatic Asylum 
W. R., advocate. Secretary Scottish Farmers' Alliance, 

123^ Union street, /ill Watson street 
William, CM., M.D., 181 Crown street 
William (of R. & B,), Daisy Park, Woodside 


E-eid, Win., chemist, 3 Holburn street, h 16 Cliapel street 

Keid, William (H.M.C), 24 Wellington place 

Keid, Wm., tinsmith, 28 Rose street 

Reid, Wm., butcher, Mile-end 

Reid, Mrs, matron (A. F. 0. Asylum), 19 Albyn place 

Reid, Mrs C, furniture dealer, 78 George street, h Argyll 

Reid, Mrs D. J., 38 Loanhead terrace 
Reid, Mrs James, 12 Argyll place 
Reid, Mrs John, 9 Beechgroove terrace 
Reid, Mrs, proprietrix, 80 John street 
Reid, Mrs, 6'| St. Mary's place 
Reid, Mrs, Hawthorn Lodge, 52 Cuparstone place 
Reid, Mrs Sylvester, 8 Forest road 
Reid, Mrs James, lodgings, 41 Dee street 
Reid, Mrs Thomas, 84 Union street 
Reid, Mrs, 11 Watson street 
Reid, Mrs, sick nurse, 34 Union terrace 
Reid, Mrs, cab proprietrix, 13 Princes street 
Reid, Mrs, draper, 69 College street 
Reid, Mrs, lodgings, 19 St. Clement street 
Reid, Mrs, 50 Rosemount place 
Reid, Miss, 69 Loanhead terrace 
Reid, Miss, 58 Stanley street 
Reid, Miss, music teacher, 2 Crimon place 
Reid, Miss, dressmaker, 18 Springbank street 

Reid, Miss, superintendent. Industrial School, Whitehall 

Reid, Miss, teacher. Orphan Hospital, 30 Huntly street 

Reid, Miss, matron, Sheriff Watson's School, Skene st. west 

Reid, Misses, 161 Crown street 

Reid, Misses, 23 Justice mill lane 

Reid, Misses, 38 Grove street 

Reid, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 87 Claremont street 

Reidford, James, 2 Granville place 

Reiter, A., professor of music, 4 Langstane place 

Reith & Anderson, auctioneers and live stock salesmen, Auction 
Mart and Hall, Erskine road, Kittybrewster 

Reith, Alex., M.D., chemist and druggist, 288 George street, h 
15 Skene terrace 

Reith, Andrew, grocer and spirit dealer, 165 Gallowgate, li 
24 Watson street 

Reith, Archibald, M.D., 39 Union place 

Reith, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 and 10 Skene terrace, 
h 9 Denburn terrace 

Reith, Robert of (Reith .% Anderson), Middlefield, Woodside 

Reith, Mrs John, 16 Ashley place 

Rennet, David, teacher of mathematics, 12 Golden square 


Kennie, Alex., painter, glazier, and paperlianger, 45 Upper- 

kirkgate, h 30 Ashley road 
Rennie, Alex., slater, 40 Upperkirkgate 
Rennie, Alex, (late Gordon Highlanders), 28 Chapel street 
Rennie, George, fenar, 25 Watson street 
Rennie, James, jobbing gardener, 4 Canal road 
Rennie, John T., & Son, shipowners, insurance brokers, com- 
mission agents, and sailmakers, 48 Marischal street, 

Sail loft. Theatre lane 
Rennie, John, foreman blacksmith (H. R. & Co.), 24 Nellfield pi. 
Rennie, John W., builder, Love lane, Spittal, h 7 Jute street 
Rennie, John, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 24 Belmont street, 

workshop, 3 Windmill lane, h 36 Catherine street 
Rennie, William, furniture dealer, 29 Gallowgate 
Rennie, Mrs, 31 Dee street 
Rennie, Mrs George, 96 Powis place 
Rennie, Mrs, lodgings, 76 North Broadford 
Rennie, Miss, lodgings, 4 Dee street 
Renny, Mrs, Marchbanks, Gordondale road 
Rettie, James (of M. Rettie & Sons), Rettie's court, 26 Broad 

Rettie, M., & Sons, silversmiths and jewellers, dealers in London 

and Geneva watches, clocks, and fancy goods, 151 Union st. 
Rettie, Thos. L., cashier (J. Mess's trustees), 40 Thomson st. 
Rettie, Wm. (of M. Rettie & Sons), 23 Dee street 
Rettie, Wm., insurance agent, 3 Rosemount place 
Rettie, Mrs Adam, 24 North Silver street 
Rezin, George, clothier and shirtmaker, 139 Union street, li 

Primrose hill. Old Aberdeen 
Rezin, Mrs, lodgings, 31 Adelphi 

Rhind, A., & Sons, warehousemen, 11 and 13 Gallowgate 
Rhind, Alex, (of A. Rhind & Sons), 6 Erskine street 
Rhind, A., jun. (of A. Rhind & Sons), 1 Erskine road 
Rhind, James (of A. Rhind & Sons), 47 Grove street 
Rhind, John, & Co., drapers, 42 Broad street 
Rhind, John (of A. Rhind & Sons), 72 North Broadford 
Rhind, John (of J. R. & Co.), 4 Loanhead terrace 
Rhind, William, 19 Chat tan place 
Rhind, Mrs (late of Knockando), 10 Garden place 
Rhind, Miss H. D., matron, St. Nicholas Poorhouse 
Riach, Robert, hairdresser, 83 Queen street 
Rice, James, hairdresser, 118, A 123 Skene street 
Rice, Robert, metal refiner and bricklayer, 61 Commerce st., 

h 48 Wellington road 
Richards & Co., linen manufacturers, Broadford Works, 
Maberly street, bleaching and vitriol works, Rubislaw 
Richardf G. W., steward. New Club, 254 Union street 


Richardson, Geo. A., commercial traveller (Eclmonston & Co.), 

34 Bank street 
Richardson, Wm., keeper of the Court House, Court-House 

buildings, Castle street 
Eickard, John T. L., tobacconist, 38 King street 
Eiddel, Alex., flesher, 23 h 22 Hard weird 
Eiddel, Alex. S., commercial traveller (J. B. Macdonald), 7 

Ferryhill place 
Eiddel, John S., agent, 22 Adelphi, h 7 Ferry hill place 
Eiddel, Peter, harbour treasurer, 65 Springbank terrace 
Eiddel, Thomas, accountant (actuary, N. S. Savings Bank), 52 

Chapel street 
Eiddel, Miss, 9 Balmoral terrace 
Eiddell, Alex., 45 Skene terrace 
Eiddell, George, & Co., commission and general merchants, 36 

Marischal street 
Eiddell, George J. (of G. E. & Co.), 6 South Crown street 
Eiddell, Wm. W., upholsterer, 20 Constitution street 
Eifle Volunteers (1st Aberdeenshire) ; Drill Hall, Blackfriars 

street ; offices, Woolmanhill 
Eitchie, Alexander, tailor and clothier, 7a Holburn street, h 

85 Claremont street 
Eitchie, David, shipmaster, Fountainhall road 
Eitchie, David, chemist and druggist, 39 Market street, h 1 

Eotunda place 
Eitchie, D. & A., clothiers, 85 Union street, h Fountainhall rd. 
Eitchie, Eev. E. (Original Secession), 26 Skene terrace 
Eitchie, James D. (J. L. & Co.), IrAdne place 
Eitchie, James, spirit dealer, 168g Gallowgate, h 22 Seamount 

Eitchie, James, grocer, 61 Green, h 79 King street 
Eitchie, James (National Bank of Scotland, Lim.), 3 Milburn 

Eitchie, John, fishing tackle maker, 125 George street, h 171 

North Broadford 
Eitchie, Neil S., clerk (Belmont Auction Mart), 6 Belmont rd. 
Eitchie, R. (late Aberdeen P.O.), 30 Thistle street 
Eitchie, Thomas, shipowner, 3 Millburn street 
Eitchie, Thomas, foreman millwright (H. E. & Co.), 2 Haw- 
thorn terrace 
Eitchie, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 83 and 85 Skene street, h 

4 Eichmond terrace 
Eitchie, Mrs Turner, 16 Watson street 
Eitchie, Mrs, refreshment rooms, 6 Netherkirkgate, h 1 

Eobb, Alex., gas engineer, inspector of gas meters, and of 
weights and measures, 23 Lodge Walk, A 19 Affleck st. 


Robb, Alex., house carpenter and horticultural builder, Wel- 
lington road, h 2 Upper Denburn 

Robb, Alex., late farmer. Lower House, Polmuir 

Robb, Andrew, guninaker, 3 Springbank place 

Robb, Arthur, bird stuffer, 29 Ouparstone place, h 25 Bloom- 
field road 

Robb, Geo., engraver, lithographer, printer, and commercial 
stationer, 13 Adelphi, h 6 Bon- Accord terrace 

Robb, James, painter (Hall, Russell, & Co.), 36 Spittal 

Robb, Rev. John (of Pittrichie), 257 George street, and Pitt- 
richie House, Whiterashes 

Robb, John, caretaker, Aberdeen School Board, Anderson's 
Court, Loch street 

Robb, John (of Watson & Robb), 27 North Silver street 

Robb, Peter, assistant officer (Aberdeen School Board), h Port- 
hill Schoolhouse 

Robb, Peter, sacrist, Aberdeen University, 82 Broad street 

Robb, Robert, broker, 39 Shiprow 

Robb, Robert, shoreporter, 15 Fish street 

Robb, Wm., mason, 28 Holburn road 

Robb, Wm., messenger, N. of S. Bank, Limited, h Bank 
Buildings, Lodge Walk 

Robb, Wm., stonecutter, 35 Powis place 

Robb, Mrs Geo., 33 Garden place 

Robb, Mrs, lodgings, 5 Netherkirkgate 

Robbie, Francis, gardener. Market Hall, h 73 Shiprow 

Robbie, George, bottler, 5 Littlejohn street, h 86 Park street 

Robbie, James, flesher, h Alves Cottage, 19 Mount street 

Robbie, J. & M., spirit dealers, 42 Cause wayend 

Robbie, John (of Grant & Robbie), 51 Cause wayend 

Robbie, Wm., writer (Reid & Wilsone, 255 Union street), 36 
Belvidere place 

Robbie, Wm., overseer (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 27 Mary well st. 

Roberton, Wm., foreman moulder (Barry, Henry, & Co.), 122^ 
West North street 

Roberts, Arthur F., shipmaster, 10 Watson street 

Roberts, Clifford, shipmaster, 14 Argyll place 

Roberts, David & Co., gig and harness repository, 92 and 94 
King street, and 3 Summer street 

Roberts, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 47 George st., 
and 10, /i 18 Whitehouse street 

Roberts, Miss, dressmaker, 7 Henry place 

Robertson & Arnot, commission merchants and produce brokers, 
2 Trinity street 

Robertson & Campbell, preserved provision manufacturers, 
works, Lilybank, Kittybrewster 

Robertson & Lumsden, advocates, County Buildings, Castle st. 


Eobertson & Thom, tailors and clothiers, 9 Broad street 
Kobertson, Alex. B., plumber and gasfitter, 126 Chapel street, 

h 8 Little Chapel street 
Eobertson, Alex., stonecutter, King street (corner of St. Clair 

street), A 132 West North street 
Robertson, Alex. W., M.A., 6 Ferryhill place 
Robertson, Alex., baker and grocer, 92, h 91 Bon- Accord st. 
Robertson, Alex., 12 Balmoral terrace 
Robertson, Alex,, sen., plumber and brassfinisher, 4 Belmont 

street, h 34 St. Nicholas street 
Robertson, Alex., merchant, 65 Skene street 
Robertson, Andrew, feuar, 9 Holburn street 
Robertson, A. K., merchant, 15 Prospect terrace 
Robertson, C, & Co., tailors and clothiers. Arcade, 11a Union 

place, h 8^ Nell field place 
Robertson, Charles, 6 Ferryhill place 
Robertson, E. W., M.B., CM., Royal Infirmary 
Robertson, Forbes (of Buyers & Robertson), 44 Rosemount 

Robertson, George A., treasurer, Bon-Accord Swimming Club, 

and Humane Society, 4 tipper Denburn 
Robertson, Geo., accountant (T. & C. Bank, Lim.), Broomhill 

Robertson, Geo., salesman (Northern Co-Operative Coy., Ltd.), 

58 Regent quay, h 1 Rosebank terrace 
Robertson, Geo., coal agent, 48 Upper Denburn 
Robertson, Graeme E. M., cashier (Stewart & Mortimer, Lim.), 6 

Colville place 
Robertson, Henry, Skene and Cluny carrier, 5 and 7 School- 
Robertson, Herman A., clerk (A. Hall & Co.), 35 York street 
Robertson, James, clerk (A. Ogston & Sons), 6 Stafford street 
Robertson, James, clerk (J. Miller & Co.), 39 Bon-Accord st. 
Robertson, James, secretary, Aberdeen and Northern Friendly 

Society, 6 Hill street 
Robertson, James, 62 Stanley street 
Robertson, James (of R. & T.), 42 Grove street 
Robertson, James D. (W. Lyon, leather merchant), 18 Consti- 
tution street 
Robertson, Jas., & Son, stonecutters, Holburn Granite Works, 

125 Hardgate, h 5 Nellfield place 
Robertson, James, 2 Powis terrace 
Robertson, John, advocate (of Robertson & Lumsden), 158 

Union street 
Robertson, John, watchmaker, 7 Market Gallery 
Robertson, John (late John Lyell & Co.), gun, fishing rod, and 

tackle maker, 128 Union street, A 19 Bon- Accord st. 


Robertson, Dr. John, physician and surgeon, shop, 57 Castle 

street, h 26 King street 
Robertson, John G., clerk, 29 South Constitution street 
Robertson, John, corn factor and commission agent, 45 Maris- 

chal street, h 5 Marine terrace 
Robertson, John, clerk (Young's Par. Light and M. 0. Co., 

Limited), 28 Powis place 
Robertson, J. , cooper and curer, Hanover lane 
Robertson, John, boot and shoemaker, 35 Broad street, h 19b 

Mount street 
Robertson, John (of J. S. & Co.), 59 Jute street 
Robertson, John, broker, 73 Green 

Robertson, Joseph (of Robertson and Campbell), 10 Park st. 
Robertson, Robert, manager (salmon fishings, Fords of Dee), 

Donald Cottage, Bridge of Dee 
Robertson, Robert, house proprietor, 11 Powis place 
Robertson, Wm., & Co., plasterers, 1 Canal road 
Robertson, W., & Co., furniture dealers, 16 Gerrard street 
Robertson, Wm. (of A. & R.), 211 King street 
Robertson, Wm. Percival, dentist, 124 Crown street 
Robertson, W. (of W. R. & Co.), 9 Denburn terrace 
Robertson, Wm., shore porter, 4 Little Wales street 
Robertson, Wm., teacher (Middle Public School), 120 North 

Robertson, Wm.,. horse and cab hirer, and general carter, 213 

Robertson, Wm., Footdee Dairy, 29 Wellington street 
Robertson, Wm., plasterer (of W. R. & Co.), 74 Seamount place 
Robertson, Mrs, Roseville, 7 Balmoral terrace 
Robertson, Mrs, midwife, 49 Frederick street 
Robertson, Mrs, lodgings, 2 Crimon place 
Robertson, Mrs, provision merchant, 12 Park street 
Robertson, Mrs Mary, stationer, 27 Chattan place, h Arthur 

Cottage, Prince Arthur street 
Robertson, Mrs, 9 Holburn street 
Robertson, Mrs A., lodgings, 12 Urquhart road 
Robertson, Mrs, 7 Crimon place 
Robertson, Miss, 4 Albert terrace 
Robertson, Miss, teacher (Ross's School, Holburn street), 29 

Wellington place 
Robertson, Miss, teacher, 35 Huntly street 
Robertson, Miss, teacher of pianoforte and singing, 20 North 

Robertson, Miss, dressmaker, 36 Union terrace 
Robinson, Crum, & Co., Limited, cotton spinners, Bannermill 
Robinson, John (H.M.(J.), 85 Wales street 
Robinson, Mrs, milliner and dressmaker, 72 Holburn street 


Eobson, Alex, (of Wm. Smith & Son), 5 Osborne place 
Bobson, Alexander, engineer (Abdn. Steam Laundry), h 95 

Claremont street 
Robson, James W., clerk to P. and I. Tax Commissioners ; 

office, 27 King street, h 54 Victoria street 
Robson, James, Lome Hotel, 6 Trinity street 
Robson, Rev. John, M.A., D.D. (U.P. Church, St. Nicholas 

lane), 30 Carden place 
Rocca, Antonio, confectioner and ice cream manufacturer, 71 

George street, /i 61 Watson street 
Rodger, James, M.A., CM., M.D., physician, 1 Golden sq^uare 
Rodger, Mrs James, 8 Crimon place 
Roger & Baxter, plasterers, 181 Hardgate 
Roger, Alexander (of Roger & Baxter), 65 Dee street 
Roger, Hugh, foreman boatbuilder (H. R. & Co.), 10 Summer 

Roger, James, house carpenter and joiner. Cotton street, 7i 11 

Cross street 
Roger, John, late merchant, 189 Union street 
Roger, William, clerk (Broadford Works), 264 George street 
Roger, Mrs H., sick nurse, 35 Whitehouse street 
Roger, Miss, biblewoman, 65 Rose street 
Rogers, Thomas, civil engineer. Gait Villa, Polmuir road 
RoUa, William, spirit merchant, 283 George street, li Powis 

Ronald, George, grocer, 35 Bon- Accord street, /ill Ferryhill 

Ronald, William, hide and leather factor, 16 St. Paul street, 

A 19 Union terrace 
Rorie, George L., manager, Aberdeen T. and C. Bank, Lim., 

60 Union street 
Rose, Alexander (of D., Rose, & Co.), 42 Albyn place 
Rose, Donaldson, & Co., shipowners and timber merchants, 

24 King street 
Rose, George, flesh er, 1, 2, and 3 Market hall, h 4 Beechgrove 

Rose, George, boiler inspector, Salisbury terrace 
Rose, J. J., engineer. Surveyor, Board of Trade, 5 Albury 

Rose, John, Postal Telegraphs, 24 Broomhill place 
Rose, James (of D. Rose & Co.), 5 Rubislaw terrace 
Rose, W. (of D. Rose & Co.), 11 Golden square 
Rose, Miss, 174 Skene street west 
Ross & Ledingham, drapers, 23 Union street 
Ross, Alexander, foreman brass finisher (H. R. & Co.), 2 Ban- 

nermill street 
Ross, Alexander, stoneware merchant, 57 Windmill brae 


Ross, Alexander M., goods manager (G. N. of S. R), 5 Canal 

Ross, Alexander, late lime burner, Ashley terrace 
Ross, Alexander, teller (National Bank), 1 Market street 
Ross, Alexander, inspector of works (Aberdeen Building Co., 

Limited), 7 Colville place, h 30 Urquhart road 
Ross, Alexander, family grocer, 85 and 87 Rosemount place, 

h 24 View terrace 
Ross, Andre M^, jun., flesher, 156 George street 
Ross, Andrew, book-keeper (G. T. & Son), 5 Mount street 
Ross, Andrew, druggist, 43 Castle street, h 10 Roslin terrace 
Ross, Andrew, boot and shoe maker, 5 South Mount street, 

h 1 Mount street 
Ross, D. & J., ship carpenters and boatbuilders. Provost 

Blaikie's quay, near Dock gates 
Ross, Daniel, police detective, 240 Union street 
Ross, Captain David, secretary. East Coast Mission, 3 Bloom- 
Ross, F. M., commercial traveller (of Brown, Smith, & Co., 

Glasgow), 2 Ferry hill place 
Ross, Francis, sorting clerk (P.O.), 2 Eden place 
Ross, Francis, porter, 76 Constitution street 
Ross, George, bootmaker, 16 Correction wynd, h 53 North 

Ross, George (of Noble, Ross, & Co.), 78 Hutcheon street 
Ross, Hugh, grocer, 281, /i 216 George street 
Ross, J. & J., builders, 57 Rose street 
Ross, James, mason, 57 Rose street 
Ross, James, advocate (of Adam, Thomson, & Ross), 4 Rubis- 

law place 
Ross, James, boot and shoe maker, 21, /i 25 Virginia street 
Ross, James, clothier and haberdasher, 206, h 208 George 

street, and Petrie Villa, Cults 
Ross, James (of Ross & Ledingham), Millbank Cottage, 156 

Hutcheon street west 
Ross, James H., draper, 12 Broad street, h 28 Gladstone place 
Ross, Major John, Chief Constable of Aberdeenshire, County 

Police Office, 25 and 27 Lodge Walk, h 3 Queen's 

Ross, John, & Co., silk mercers and drapers, 119 Union street 
Ross, John (G. Mellis & Son), 255a George street 
Ross, John (of J. R. & Co.), 12 Albert street 
Ross, John, district manager (National Telephone Company, 

Limited), 28 Market street, h Caersws Cottage, King 

street road 
Ross, John D., 18 Hill street 
Ross, John, blacksmith, 9 Chapel lane 



Ross, John F., fish, game, and poultry dealer, 24 Bridge street 

Ross, John, broker, 24 Shiprow 

Ross, John (of J. & J. Ross), 57 Rose street 

Ross, John F., fruit and Italian warehouseman, 28, h 22 Bridge 

Ross, John A., accountant, 49 Grove street 
Ross, John A., draper, 36 St. Nicholas street, li 25 Jasmine 

Ross, Lewis, storekeeper. Gas Works, Cotton Street, h at the 

Ross, Walter, painter, 10 Hardgate, h 9 Princes street 
Ross, W., Commissariat Department, 134 King street 
Ross, W. D. (Evening Express), 39 Gilcomston park 
Ross, William, commission agent, 37 Market street, 7i 26 Huntly 

Ross, W. & J., grocers, tea, wine, and spirit mercliants, 10 

Cause wayend, /ill Ann place 
Ross, William, boot and shoe maker, 25, h 22 Chattan place 
Ross, Mrs J., 16 Albert terrace 
Ross, Mrs, provision merchant, 30 Maryvvell street 
Ross, Mrs, 24 Rose street 
Ross, Mrs, 8 Park place 

Ross, Mrs, milliner and dressmaker, 1 62 Crown street 
Ross, Mrs, provision merchant, 17 Little Chapel street 
Ross, Mrs, lodgings, 127 King street 
Ross, Mrs, sick nurse, 31 James street 
Ross, Miss, 3 Devanha terrace 
Ross, Miss, lodgings, 2 Crown terrace 
Ross's School, 47 Holburn street 
Routh, Mrs H. L., 21 Bon-Accord terrace 
Routledge, Winton, & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, 

219 Gallowgate 
Routledge, William Jamieson (of W. Routledge & Son), 99 

Crown street 
Routledge, Mrs, 15 Garden place 
Routledge, Miss, 220 Gallowgate 
Rowell, Benjamin, watchmaker, 187 George street 
Rowell, John, musical instrument and clock maker, 186 

George street 
Rowell, Joseph, sen., blacksmith, 35 North Broadford 
Roy, George, clothier, 29 Woolmanhill, h 42 Richmond street 
Roy, James, late Civil Service, Prospect Cottage, Ruthrieston 
Roy, John, teacher (Dr. John Brown's School), 33 Belvidere 

Roy, Mrs John, Ashley terrace 
Royal Bank of Scotland, branch office, 152 Union street ; 

agents, Cochran & Anderson, advocates 


Royal Bazaar, 40 Market street, T. Lamb 

Royal Engineers' Office, Barracks 

Royal Horticultural Society and Amateur Hortus Club,. 

secretary, Alexander Finlayson, 34 St. Nicholas street 
Royal Northern Agricultural Society; George Bruce, 35 

Market street, secretary 
Royal Northern Club, 204 Union street ; James Tytler, 

chartered accountant, 137 Union street, secretary ; John 

Burman, steward 
Royal Restaurant, 44 Market street 
Royal, George, agent, 104 North Broadford 
Ruddiman, Thomas, book-keeper (Reid & Wilsone), 6 Argyll 

Runcie, Charles, shoemaker, 11 Rose street 
Runcie & Lyons, Misses, milliners, 150 Union street 
Runcy, C. F., advocate. Procurator Fiscal Depute for the 

Sheriff Court of Aberdeen and Kincardine, and for the 

city, and P. F. Depute for the J. P. of Aberdeenshire, 

Court House Buildings, h West Cults House, Cults 
Eussel, George, sculptor, 101 Crown street 
Russel, Peter, M.D., 1 Roslin terrace 
Russel, Mrs, 3 Devanha terrace 
Russell & Sharp, painters, 64 Huntly street 
Russell, Francis, goods agent (N. B. Ry.), Guild street, All 

Bank street 
Russell, James (of Leslie & Russell), 14 Caledonian place 
Russell, James, surveyor of taxes, and assessor for the Burgh 

of Aberdeen, 27 King street, h 1 Dee Mount terrace 
Russell, John (of Russell & Sharp), 16 Chapel street 
Russell, Rev. John, minister of Grange, 74 Powis place 
Russell, Robert R., clerk (J. Smith & Co.), 1^ Ferryhill place 
Russell, William, silk mercer, 149 Union street, h 3 Ferryhill 

Russell, Mrs, 35 Huntly street 
Russell, Miss, ladies' outfitter, 13a Union place, A 16 Chapel 

Russell, Miss, 16 Rose street 

Russia, Consul for, John Robertson, 45 Marischal street 
Rust, James (of J. Rust & Son), Glasterberry, Milltimber 
Rust, John, & Son, timber merchants, Footdee Sawmills, York 

Rust, John (of J. Rust & Son), Lonsdale, Milltimber 
Rust, John, jun., architect, 7 Belmont street, h Hawkhill, 

Rust, William, of Auchincleck, 34 Gilcomston park 
Rust, Mrs, lodgings, 2 Bon- Accord street 
Rust, Mrs, 4 Dee place 


Rutherford & Gillies, advocates, 181a Union street 
Rutherford, A., wholesale and retail grocer, 56 King street, h 

25 Roslin terrace 
Rutherford, George D,, advocate and notary public (of Ruther- 
ford & Gillies), h Lynwood, Murtle 
Rutherford, James, audit accountant (G. N. of S, R.), 32 

Argyll place 
Rutherford, John (late T. R. & Sons), mahogany and veneer 

merchant, wood carver and fret cutter, 261 George 

street, hlb Rosemount place 
Rutherford, Thomas, 261 George street 
Rutherford, William, 19 Osborne place 
Rutherford, William, painter, 172 Crown street 
Rutherford, Miss I., 166 Skene street west 
Rutledge, John, governor. Prison 
Ruxton, Charles, advocate, 84, h 207 Union street 
Ruxton, James Ferguson, M.B., CM., 207 Union street 
Ruxton, Thomas, advocate, 84 Union street, h 22 Rubislaw 

Ruxton, William, shipping clerk (J. Crombie), 5 Trinity 

buildings. Trinity quay 
Ryan, Misses, dressmakers, 25 Marywell street 
Ryves, W. Edgar, surgeon and physician, 22 Marischal street 

ST. ANDREW'S Episcopal School, Bremner's court, 9 Castle 

street, teacher, Mrs Singer 
St. Clair, J, P., chaplain, H.M. Prison, h 1 Adelphi 
St. John's Episcopal School, Crown terrace 
St. Katherine's Halls, 16 Shiprow, secretary, Jas. S. Butchart 
St. Margaret's Mission Chapel and School (Mission Priest, 

Rev. John Comper), Seamount place ; teacher, Ben. 

St. Mary and St. John, The Community of ; the House of 

Bethany, 147 Hardgate 
St. Nicholas Plumbing and Brass Foundry Co., plumbers and 

brassfounders, 72 Netherkirkgate 
St. Nicholas Churchyard ; John Hay, sexton, h 7 Back wynd 
St. Nicholas Poor House, Nelson street ; governor, William 

Dalgliesh ; inspector, James Wallace ; office, 38 Castle 

St. Nicholas Printing Office, 15 St. Nicholas street ; William 

Davidson, proprietor 
St. Paul Street Hall, St. Paul street ; keeper, Robert Wyllie 
Salter, William, grocer, 19 Rosemount place, h 6 Hill street 
Sailor's Institute, 2 1 James street ; James Hampton, keeper 
Saint, James, & Co., silk mercers, hosiers, and outfitters, 171 

and 173 Union street ; wholesale, 8 Bridge street 


Saint, James (of J. Saint & Co.), 11 Queen's road 

Saint, James, jun. (of J. Saint & Co.), H Queen's road 

Saint, Miss, 11 Union row 

Salmon, Joseph, portrait painter, studio, 15 Adelphi, h 21 

South Constitution street 
Salmond, John (of R. & J. S.), 14 Back wynd 
Salmond, Pat., sorting clerk (P. 0.), 41 Mount street 
Salmond, R. & J., confectioners, pastry cooks, and aerated 

water manufacturers, 249 Union street ; bakehouse and 

shop, 37, 39, and 41a George street 
Salmond, Robert (of R. & J. S.), I Market street 
Salmond, Rev. Stewart D. F., professor of systematic theology 

and exegesis. Free Church College, h 6 Queen's road 
Salmond, William, 36 Mount street 
Salvation Army Meeting Hall, Windy wynd, official residence, 

27 Urquhart road 
Sandison, Ludvoick G., fishing rod and golf club maker, 118, 

A 114 King street 
Sang, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 50 Summer street, h 6 

Crimon place 
Sang, W. B., photographic printer, 68 Rose street 
Sangster & Co., St. Clair steam serated water works, porter and 

ale stores, 34 St. Clair street 
Sangster & Sons, 94 Rosemount place, h 7 Young street 
Sangster <fe Shand, fleshers, 31 Market hall 
Sangster, Alex., grocer, 4 Young street 
Sangster, Alex., sheriff officer, 2 Canal street 
Sangster, Alex., Mains of Ruthrieston, Bridge of Dee 
Sangster, Alex., grocer and spirit merchant, 81, h 83 Park st. 
Sangster, George, butcher, 198 Gallowgate, h 161 West North 

Sangster, George (of Sangster & Co.), 38 St. Clair street 
Sangster, John, druggist, 46 Commerce street, /i 17 Garden 

Sangster, John, secretary and cashier (Aberdeen Commercial 

Co.), 34 Ferryhill place 
Sangster, John, baker, 28 Holburn place and 7 Chattan place, 

h 13 Chattan place 
Sangster, Joseph, boot and shoemaker, 9 North Broadford 
Sangster, Robert, senr., 83 Crown street 
Sangster, Thomas, hairdresser, 214 Gallowgate 
Sangster, William, shipmaster, 38 Belvidere place 
Sangster, Wm., draper (Durno & Cameron), 39 Victoria st. 
Sangster, Mrs J., lodgings, 170 Crown street 
Sangster, Mrs James, spirit dealer, 33 James st., h 24 Regent 

Sangster, Mrs, 38 Frederick street 


Sangster, Mrs, keeper, Public News-room, Exchange street, h 

1 Martin's lane 
Sangster, Mrs, 18 Bank street 
Sangster, Miss, dressmaker, 42 Union street 
Sangster, Miss, sick nurse, 9 Little Belmont street 
Sangster, Miss, 37 Whiteliouse street 

Sargeaunt, Frederic Antony, commander, KN., H.M.S. Clyde 
Sargent, Joseph (of T. H. Packer & Co.), 75 Union street 
Saunders, Benjamin, agent, George street Branch, N. of S. 

Bank, Limited, h 50 John street 
Saunders, Eoger, furniture dealer, 45 Broad street, h 23 Albion 

Savage, Edward, house steward, Lunatic Asylum, h 29 Vic- 
toria street 
Scatterty, Alex., jun., Exchange Eestaurant, 21 Stirling street 

and 24 Exchange street, h 175 Crown street 
Scatterty, George, clerk, Mount Pleasant, 1 Canal street 
Schaedel, Moritz, blacksmith, Affleck street, h Crown court, 

41 J Union street 
Schaschke, Gottleib, tailor and clothier, 1 Correction wynd, h 

St. Dennis cottage, Hammerfield 
Schmidt, Otto, 63 Marischal street 
Scorgie, Alex., 16 Cotton street 
Scorgie, Alex., house carpenter, 69 Hutcheon street 
Scorgie, John, butter, egg, and commission merchant, 40 Broad 

street, h 11 Queen street 
Scorgie, Wm., foreman boilermaker (M'Kinnon & Co.), 69 

Scorgie, Wm., blacksmith, joiner and general merchant, Kin- 

corth. Bridge of Dee 
Scorgie, Wm., grain merchant, 7 Rose street, h 4 Thistle st. 
Scorgie, Mrs, 20 Loanhead terrace 
Scorgie, Mrs, lodgings, 45 Nelson street 
Scott & Stuart, wholesale tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 5 

Belmont street 
Scott, Rev. A. Murray, M.A. (Commerce st. F. C), 6 Devanha 

Scott, Alexander W., manager (J. Moir & Son), Garthdee, 

h Bridge of Dee 
Scott, Alexander, cashier (of Scott & Stuart), 24 Ferryhill 

Scott, David, 17 View terrace 
Scott, Francis, bookseller and stationer, 52 George street, h 118 

North Broadford 
Scott, George, watchmaker and jeweller, 66 George street, 

h 6 St. Mary's place 
Scott, George Jamieson, Bayview House, Queen's road west 


Scott, James, wine merchant (of Scott & Stuart), 2 Deemount 

road, Ferryliill 
Scott, James, agent (Mutter, Howey, & Co.), 5 Abbotsford place 
Scott, James, merchant, 61 Commerce street 
Scott, James (Johnston & Laird), 30 Thomson street 
Scott, James, grocery manager (N. Co-operative Co., Limited), 

31 Thomson street 
Scott, John, transfer clerk (North of Scotland Bank, Limited), 

30 Osborne place 
Scott, John, agent, 37 Thistle street 

Scott, John (Northern Agricultural Co.), 63 Eosemount place 
Scott, John (of H. R. & Co.), 145 Crown street 
Scott, John (Andrew Collie), Woodbine Cottage, Ferryhill 
Scott, John, beadle (Free Ferryhill), 29 Bank street 
Scott, John, 24 Ferryhill place 
Scott, Peter, canvasser (North British Ry.), Clayhills Cottage, 

"Wellington road 
Scott, Rev. William, B.D. (South Parish). See Alterations and 

Scott, William, commercial traveller (Scott & Stuart) 24 Ferry- 
hill place 
Scott, William, agent. Market Branch, N, of S. Bank, Limited, 

8 Exchange street, h Bellenden, Peterculter 
Scott, William, foreman (Adam & Co.), 33 Prospect terrace 
Scott, William D., 9 St. Mary's place 
Scott, William, funeral undertaker, 9|, h 11 Mounthooly 
Scott, Mrs, Kinsley, Hammerfield 
Scott, Mrs, bookseller and stationer, 4 Holburn street 
Scott, Mrs, 1 Mount street west 
Scott, Mrs, lodgings, 9 Crimon place 
Scott, Mrs, lodgings, 28 George street 
Scott, Miss (late of Berry den), 53 Bon- Accord street 
Scott, Misses, Ruthrieston lodge 

Scotsman Office, 145 Union street, Robert Walker, agent 
Scottish Employers' Liability and Accident Assurance Co., 

Limited, 92 L^nion street ; James Davidson, manager 
Scottish Flower Company, Grove and Stanley street ; R. Tocher, 

Scottish. Provincial Assurance Co., 93 Union street ; T. Y. 

Wardrop, manager 
Scottish Provident Institution (Aberdeen Branch), 245 Union 

Seaton Brick and Tile Co., works, Old Aberdeen and Essle- 
mont ; Depot, Reclaimed Ground, Inches ; offices, 39 
Marischal street and 27 Stirling street 
Seay, Samuel, shoemaker, 70 Windmill brae 
Sedgewick, Mrs, draper, 39, h 48 Skene street 


Seivwright, John, Aberdeen Berlin wool and fancy goods 

warehouse, 111, h 258 Union street 
Seivwright, Mrs George, 28 Huntly street 
Selbie, James, blacksmith and chainmaker, 3 Commerce lane, 

h 2 Church street 
Selbie, Joseph (Culter Mills Paper Co., Limited), Guild street 
Selby, Wood, & Co., pianoforte and music saloon, 191 Union 

Selkirk, Eev. James (Free East), 5 Westfield terrace 
Sellar, William, agent, 50 Castle street 
Sellar's Sewing Machine Depot, 45 Schoolhill 
Seller, John, painter, 24 Carmelite street, h above shop 
Seller, Peter, messenger. City Surveyor's Office, h 40 Lodge 

Semple, Rev. Robert, Free Church, Ruthrieston, h Broomhill 

Cottage, Broomhill 
Session-Clerk for District of St. Nicholas, Alexander Simpson, 

advocate. Bank House, 35 Castle street 
Session-Clerk for Parish of Old Machar, George Stables, jun., 

112 High street, Old Aberdeen 
Session-Clerk for Rubislaw Parish, Harvey Hall, advocate, 

147 Union street 
Session-Clerk for Holburn Parish, John Ewing, 5 Albert 

Session-Clerk for East Parish, Simpson & Cruden, 35 Castle 

Session-Clerk for West Parish, Simpson & Cruden, 35 Castle 

Session-Clerk for South Parish, Alexander Simpson, 35 Castle 

Session-Clerk for Greyfriars Parish, Simpson & Cruden, 35 

Castle street 
Session-Clerk for John Knox Parish, Walter Reid, 158 

Hutcheon street west 
Session- Clerk for Gilcomston District, Parish of Old Machar, 

T. A. W. A. Youngson, 124 Union street 
Session-Clerk for Rosemount Parish, Thomas Fotheringham, 

48 Loanhead terrace 
Session-Clerk for St. Clement's Parish, Stephen Hunter, 13 

Constitution street 
Session-Clerk for Ferryhill District, Andrew Collie, 1 Cale- 
donian place 
Seton, Wm. (late farmer), 10 Watson street 
Shand & Dunn, builders, Maberly street 
Shand, Alexander, engineer, 18 Springbank street 
Shand, David (of M'Gregor & Shand),' 2i Baker street 
Shand, George (late farmer), 9 Argyll place 


Shand, George, treasurer, Aberdeen and Northern Friendly 

Society, 20 Kintore place 
Shand, John, sergeant of police, 36 Upperkirkgate 
Shand, John, licensed porter, 33 Regent quay 
Shand, Wm. (of S. & D.), 59 Esslemont avenue 
Shand, Mrs (of Templeland), 23 Victoria street 
Shand, Mrs, lodgings, 2 Hill street 
Shand, Miss, teacher (Northfield Public School), 19 Richmond 

Shand, Miss Margaret, 45 Belmont street 
Shanks, Colin, late baker, 93 Skene street 
Shanks, John, messenger, N. of S. Bank, Limited, 5 Stirling 

Shanks, Rev. Robert, M.A., Gordondale road 
Sharp & Murray, fish curers. Point Law 
Sharp, A., painter (of R. & S.), 40 Chapel street 
Sharp, Andrew, grain merchant, 37 James street, h Culter- 

Sharp, Charles, seedsman and florist, 43 Union street, h 39 

Rose street 
Sharp, George G., teller, Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, h 

Lome Bank, Old Deeside road 
Sharp, James, auctioneer, oil refiner, and merchant, 34 Bridge 

street, h 25 Mount street 
Sharp, John, agent, George street Branch, Union Bank of 

Scotland, Limited, h 11 Argyll place 
Sharp, Mrs, lodgings, 27 Jute street 
Shaw, Angus, stoneware merchant, l,h 2 Crooked lane 
Shaw, S. R. W., auctioneer and valuator, 38 Market street, and 

tobacconist, 82 Union street, h 5 South Crown street 
Shaw, W. J., agent (Midland Railway Co.), 27 Union street, h 

Cleveland Cottage, 28 Ashley place 
Shaw, Wm., ship carpenter, 48 Frederick street 
Shaw, Mrs, Register office for servants, 35 St. Nicholas street 
Shaw's Hospital, Rosebank House, 8 Rosemount place ; George 

Allan, advocate, secretary, 56 Castle street ; Mrs Mur- 
doch, matron 
Sheach, David, writer, 84 Union street, h 38 Cuparstone place 
Sheard, Rev. Samuel (Crown terrace Wesleyan Church), 18 

Ferryhill place 
Sheed, John, & Co., wine, spirit, and liqueur merchants, plate 

glass factors, and general commission agents, 44 Maris- 

chal street and Theatre lane 
Sheed, Mrs John, 44 Marischal street 
Shelley, Wm., sergeant of police, 5 Lemon street 
Shepherd, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 13 North Broad- 


Shepherd, Alex., 60 Rose street 

Shepherd, Alex., auctioneer and valuator. Poplar House, 15 

Shepherd, Charles, overseer (Mowlem & Co.), 146 Hutcheon 

street west 
Shepherd, Charles, manager (Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.), 

87 Waterloo quay, h 1 Wellington street 
Shepherd, George, wine merchant, 52 King street, ^15 Affleck 

Shepherd, George, fruiterer, 20 Crown street and 15 Holburn 

place, h Arthurseat 
Shepherd, George, clerk and land-measurer (Aberdeen Horse 

Bazaar), Craibstone, AuchmuU 
Shepherd, George J. (of S. & S,), 23 Bon- Accord terrace 
Shepherd, Henry Paterson, confectioner, 21 Guestrow 
Shepherd, James (of S. & S.), 23 Bon- Accord terrace 
Shepherd, James, glass and china merchant, 6, 7i 4 Schoolhill 
Shepherd, John, clerk 16 Ashley place 
Shepherd, Robert, confectioner, 21 Guestrow 
Shepherd, Simpson, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, 52, 

h 50 King street, and Drumduan, Banchory-Devenick 
Shepherd, William H. (of S. & S.), 23 Bon-Accord terrace 
Shepherd, William, wholesale and retail confectioner, 21 and 

23 Guestrow, h 74 Dee street 
Shepherd, Wm., wine merchant, 52, h 50 King street 
Shepherd, Mrs, 8 Rosemount terrace 
Shepherd, Mrs, provision dealer, 1 Wales street 
Shepherd, Miss, Cairnaquheen Cottage, Mid Stocket road 
Sherar, Miss, restaurant and dining rooms, 6 Bridge street, h 

32 Union terrace 
Sherer, Andrew, ship-chandler, 13 Regent quay, h 11a Union 

Sheret, Robert, grocer and ship chandler, 67 Shiprow, h 7 Bon- 
Accord terrace 
Sherit, Wm., slater (of Harper & Sherit), 19 Jasmine terrace 
Sheriff's Office, Court House Buildings, Castle street 
Sheriff Clerk's Office, County Buildings, Castle street 
Sheriff Court, Castle street ; William Richardson, keeper 
Sheriff Watson's Female School of Industry, Skene street 

Sherrett, Charles, City Chamberlain's office, li Home Cottage, 

Broomhill Road 
Sherriffs, Geo., beadle (St. George's in the West), Honeybank, 

52 Canal road 
Sherriffs, Kenneth, grain merchant, 8 James street, h Straw- 
berry Cottage, 44 Hardgate 
Sherriffs, Miss, 21 Rose street 


Sherrit, David, draughtsman (J. Duthie, Sons, & Co.), 12 Con- 
stitution street 
Shewan, Alex., jobbing gardener, 38 Watson street 
Shewan, Alex., stationer, and picture frame maker, 207 George 
street, h 2Qk Gerrard street 

Shinie, Ferguson, writer, 4 Correction wynd, h 21 Osborne pi. 

Shinnie, James (of R. & J. Shinnie), 86 Rose street 

Sliinnie, R. »&; J., carriage and harness manufacturers, 7 and 8 
Union row 

Shinnie, Robert (of R. & J. Shinnie), 29 Bon- Accord street 

Shipmasters' Society Hall, 1 1 Regent quay ; Alex. Cochran, 
advocate, clerk 

Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent So- 
ciety, hon. agent, D. Mearns, 32 Regent quay 

Shipping Office, 28 Regent quay 

Shirras,'Alex., tinsmith, 88 College street, h 5 Huntly street 

Shirras, Geo. F. {of W. S. & Son.), 36 Victoria street 

Shirras, James (of Burr & Shirras), 23 Ferryhill terrace 

Shirras, Wm., & Son, ironmongers, lamp manufacturers, pur- 
veyors of oils, and copper, brass, and tinplate workers, 
and japanners, 44 Schoolhill and Harriet street 

Shirras, Miss E., draper, 271 George street 

Shirreffs, Alex. B., clerk (Northern Agricultural Co.), 38 Sum- 
mer street 

Shirreffs, Alex., painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 89, h 87 

Shirreffs, Charles, secretary (Aberdeen Young Men's Christian 
Association), h 3 Beechgrove terrace 

Shirreffs, James, green grocer, 244 George street 

Shirreffs, John, cab hirer, 19 Gordon street 

Shirreffs, R. G., sheriff clerk depute of Aberdeenshire, sheriff 
clerk's office, h 1 Braemar place 

Shirreffs, Mrs James, Struan Cottage, King's gate 

Shirreffs, Miss, dressmaker, 38 Summer street 

Shirres & Forsyth, manufacturers and warehousemen, 76 
George street 

Shirres, D. L., Tullos House, Nigg 

Shirres, James (of Shirres, Webster, & Mackenzie), 15 Albert 

Shirres, Webster, & Mackenzie, wholesale warehousemen, 42 
Market street 

Shirres, William, 32 Bon- Accord terrace 

Shivas, Wm., bootcloser, 182 George street, h 35 Mount street 

Shives, Alex., 16 Ashley road 

Shives, George, flesher, 39 Rosemount place 

Shives, Thomas, advocate, 74 Union street, 7i 16 Ashley road 

Shore dues and Harbour Office, Quay, foot of Marischal street 


Shore Porters' Office 34 Marischal street 
Short, Wm., prison warder, 62 Netherkirkgate 
Sick Children, Aberdeen Hospital for, 6 and 8 Castle terrace 
Sievewright, James, engine driver (Cal. Eailway), 14 Ferry- 
hill terrace 
Silver, George, spirit dealer, 92, h 90 Shiprow 
Silver Street Hall, 9 North Silver street 
Silver, Wm., tailor, 42 St. Nicholas Street, Ti 29 Gilcomston park 
Sim, Alex., HoUybank Cottage, 23 Holburn street 
Sim, Alex., collector and tea merchant 30 Urquhart road 
Sim, George, bird stuffer, 20 King street, A 16 Constitution st. 
Sim, George, slater, 3 Commercial court, 58 Castle street 
Sim, James, gardener, 41 Short Loanings 
Sim, James, & Co., manufacturing chemists, and wholesale 

druggists, 76 King street 
Sim, James (of Davidson & Sim), 77 Dee street 
Sim, James, telegraph clerk (G. N. of S. Ey. joint station), 25 

Bank street 
Sim, John, teller (Bank of Scotland), 7 Gladstone place 
Sim, John, surgeon (H.E.I.C.S.), Howburn Cottage, Holburn 

Sim, Peter, teacher of music, 1 Canal street 
Sim, Eobert, rector, Academy, 18 Union row, h 72 Dee street 
Sim, William, tanner and currier, Newbridge, 74 A, 76 Hardgate 
Sim, Wm., writer, 63 Union street, h 17 Chattan place 
Sim, Wm., teller (National Bank of Scotland, Lim.), 124 

North Broadford 
Sim, Mrs G., grocer and spirit dealer, 74 Shiprow 
Sim, Mrs G., grocer, 24, h 22 Maberly street 
Sim, Mrs G., 3 Dee place 
Sim, Mrs, proprietrix, 9 Park place 
Sim, Mrs, lodgings, 61^ Skene street 
Sim, Miss B., dressmaker, 76 Hardgate 
Sime, John, Caledonian Insurance Co., Albany buildings, 

Bridge street, A 13 Springbank terrace 
Sime, Mrs, milliner, 5, h 3 Mounthooly 
Simeon, Miss, Victoria millinery saloon, 67 Thistle street 
Simmers, Charles, provision merchant, 19, h 21 Marywell st. 
Simmers, Joseph, jun., letter carrier (P.O.), 225 King street 
Simon, George, brigade surgeon, A.M.D., 34 Osborne place 
Simpson & Cruden, advocates, 35 Castle street 
Simpson & Eae, plasterers, Affleck street 
Simpson and Whyte, clothiers (to Her Majesty), 21 Union 

Simpson, Alexander, advocate (of Simpson &, Cruden) clerk 

and treasurer of the General Session of St. Nicholas ; 

office, Bank House, 35 Castle street, h 8 Golden square 


Simpson, Alexander, second-hand bookseller, 34 Sclioolliill, 

h 63 Dee street 
Simpson, Alexander, grocer, 39 Hutcheon street 
Simpson, Alexander, clerk (S. E. L. Co.), 2 Albert place 
Simpson, Andrew, mirror and picture frame maker, 70 Wool- 

manliill, ATI Eosemount place 
Simpson, Andrew, attendant, GoK Club House, Links 
Simpson, Charles, tailor, 9 Craigie street 
Simpson, George E., 21 Beechgrove terrace 
Simpson, G. & J., monumental sculptors, 31 Princes street 
Simpson, G. (of G. & J. Simpson), 19 Jasmine terrace 
Simpson, James, M.A., 46 Ashley place 
Simpson, James (of Simpson & Rae), 2 Oldmill road 
Simpson, James, potato merchant, Leggart Cottage, Bridge of 

Simpson, James, foreman blacksmith (James Forbes), Bridge 

of Dee 
Simpson, John, M.D., 2 East Craibstone street 
Simpson, John, 23 Ashley place 
Simpson, John (of A. Forbes & Co.), 21 Ashley place 
Simpson, John M. (of G. & J. Simpson), Alves Cottage, 19 

Mount street 
Simpson, John G., green grocer and fruiterer, 155 North 

Simpson, John, dairyman. View bank, Hilton road 
Simpson, Peter P., beadle (Rutherford Church), 41 Richmond 

Simpson, Robert, sculptor (North British Granite Works), 71 

Constitution street, h 58 Osborne place 
Simpson, Robert, governor, Oldmill Reformatory School 
Simpson, W. J., M.D., Medical Officer of health. Municipal 

Buildings, A 1 1 Crown street 
Simpson, William, principal beadle (Free High), funeral waiter 

and collector, 36 Union terrace 
Simpson, William, horse shoer, 30 Carmelite street, h 21^ 

Union terrace 
Simpson, William, blacksmith, 66 Gordon street, h 77 Consti- 
tution street 
Simpson, Wm., porter (Pratt & Keith), 3a Crown terrace 
Simpson, William, dyer and cleaner, 36 James street, h 20 

Skene terrace 
Simpson, Mrs (late of Kin tore), 11 Westfield terrace 
Simpson, Mrs, merchant, 16 Jasmine terrace 
Simpson, Mrs, restaurant keeper, 1 Kintore place west, A 25 

South Mount street 
Simpson, Mrs, lodgings, 21 J Union terrace 
Simpson, Mrs F., 25 Osborne place 



Simpson, Mrs G., 84 Powis place 

Simpson, Mrs, Farquhar place 

Simpson, Miss, Ivy Bank, Gordondale road 

Sinclair, Alexander, hide, tallow, and offal merchant, 1, 2, and 

3 Wales street market, h 44 View terrace 
Sinclair, A. J., 'seedsman ("W. Smith & Son), 103 Park street 
Sinclair, David (of Loirston), Loirston, by Church of Nigg 
Sinclair, Donald, 1 Skene place 
Sinclair, George, shipowner, 18 Marischal street, h St. Clair 

House, Old Aberdeen 
Sinclair, George, wholesale tea merchant, 40 St. Paul street, 

h 72 Gerrard street 
Sinclair, James A., accountant, and joint agent for the Bank 

of Scotland, 20 Bon-Accord terrace 
Sinclair, James, keeper and resident manager of Mechanics' 

Institution, 17 Market street 
Sinclair, John, boot merchant, 33 Castle st., h 2 Windsor place 
Sinclair-Spark & Taylor, advocates, 129 Union street 
Sinclair-Spark, Thomas S., advocate (of Sinclair-Spark & 

Taylor), 129 Union street, h Fernbank, Banchory 
Sinclair, William, wholesale druggist and oil merchant, 34 and 

36 Upperkirkgate, h in Court 
Sinclair, Wm., jun., wholesale druggist, 36 Upperkirkgate, h 

163 Skene street west 
Sinclair, Wm., mariner, 28 Mount street west 
Sinclair, Miss, 11 King's crescent 
Sinclair, Miss, dressmaker, 20| North Silver street 
Singer Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co., 76 Union street, 

Wm. Milne, agent 
Singer, George, 162 Crown street 
Singer, Patrick (of D. Wyllie & Son), Heathcot 
Singer, Robt., stone turner, 63, A 47f Nelson street 
Singer, W. M. (East Coast Railway), 28 Market street, h 178 

Crown street 
Singer, Wm. (Richards & Co.), 9 Belmont place 
Singer, Mrs, coffee-rooms, 25 Netherkirkgate, h 43 Constitution 

Singer, Mrs, teacher (St. Andrew's Episcopal School), 47^ 

Nelson street 
Skakle, Geo., jun. (Morrison and Skakle), Froghall Cottage 
Skakle, John (of Morrison & Skakle), Froghall Cottage 
Skating Rink and Recreation Grounds, Fountainhall road 
Skea, Miss, milliner, 29 Rose street, /i 41 Summer street 
Skeen, Wm., Brigade surgeon, Army Med. Dept., 13 Westfield 

Skene & Goodbrand, rope and twine manufacturers, Mount- 

hooly rope works 


Skene, Alex., wholesale tea, coffee, and commission merchant, 

21 Eegent quay, h Avondow, Culter 
Skene, Alex., tailor and clothier, 76 North Broadford, h Frog- 
hall place 
Skene, Allan, flesher, 12 Marywell street 
Skene, Capt. Charles, 3 Bon-Accord square 
Skene, James A., staff-surgeon, 23 Ferryhill place 
Skene, Rev. John, 13 King's crescent 
Skene, John, butcher, 277 George street, A 91 Hutcheon street 

Skene, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer (com. trav., Devanha 

Brewery), 46 Summer street, h 17 Affleck street 
Skene, P. A., flesher, 39 and 41 Thistle street, A. 19 View ter. 
Skene, Thomas, inspector of poor. Old Machar ; office 9 Dia- 
mond street, h Victoria Cottage, 43 Ashley place 
Skene, Wm., lithographic printer and stationer, 36 Gallowgate, 

h 8 Kingsland place 
Skinner, H., cattle agent (Cal. Ey., West Coast Office), 8 

Affleck street 
Skinner, James, jobbing gardener, 74 Holburn street 
Skinner, John, & Co., coal merchants, 27 John street 
Skinner, John, & Son, boatbuilders, Wellington street, near 

the Links 
Skinner, Rev. John M., probationer, 178 Skene street west 
Skinner, John (of J. S. & Co. ), 6 Charles street 
Skinner, John (of J. Skinner & Son), 14 Wellington street 
Skinner, Wm. (of J. Skinner & Son), 14 Wellington street 
Skinner, Wm., commission agent, 11 Stirling street, h 20 

Portland street 
Skinner, Wm., tailor, 4 M'Combie's court 
Skinner, Mrs, lodgings, 62 Powis place 
Skinner, Mrs, lodgings, 32 Union terrace 
Skinner, Miss, 130i Union street 
Skirving, Wm., manager (Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull 

Steam Company, Limited), 47 Springbank terrace 
Slaker, Wm., & Sons, painters, glaziers, and paperhangers, 6 

Bath street and Windmill brae 
Slaker, Frank Scott (of W. S. & Sons), Craigston Cottage, 

Holburn road 
Slaker, Wm. (of W. S. & Sons), Gowanlee Cottage 9 Braemar 

Slassor, Alexander, assistant superintendent, Gas Works, h 25 

Union street 
Sleigh, Chas., M.A., mathematical master (Grammar School), 

159 King street 
Slessor, Rev. Robt. (Trinity Parish), 25 Ferryhill place 
Slessor, Robt. (of Pringle & Slessor), 5 Thistle lane 


Slora, Wm., jobbing gardener, 21 Bloomfield road 

Sloracli, Wm., spirit dealer, 15 Castle street 

Smart, Alexander, gardener, Forresterhill 

Smart, Arch. H., wholesale and retail grocer, 9 West North 

street, h 1 Canal street 
Smart, Arthur A. (of Farquharson & Co.), Birchwood, Cults 
Smart, Harry, wine and spirit merchant, 31 Loch street, h 25 

Seamount place 
Smart, George, curer and provision dealer, 39 James street 
Smart, George, baker, 69, h 71 East North street, 
Smart, J. & J., cartwrights, Wellington road 
Smart, J. C, Deeside railway carrier, 48 Dee street 
Smart, James, beadle, Gallowgate Free Church, 16 Catherine 

Smart, John, commission agent, 14 Mary well street 
Smart, Peter H., baker, 45 Green, and 14, h 16 Union place 
Smart, Peter S., linen manufacturer, 86 King street, h 1 Loan- 
head place 
Smart, Wm. H. (of G. Smart), 29 Huntly street 
Smart, Wm. (of Farquharson & Co.), Birchwood, Cults 
Smart, Wm., sergeant of police, 22 Young street 
Smart, Mrs George, 4 Castlehill 
Smart, Mrs John, 6 Caroline place 
Smart, Miss, lodgings, 103 Union street 
Smith & Beattie, builders, 1 Canal road 
Smith & Bonny man, blacksmiths. South bridge, Holburn st. 
Smith & M'Intosh (Limited), card and paste board makers, 

paper colourmen and enamellers. Spring Garden Works, 

entrance. Spring garden 
Smith & Tolmie, house carpenters, Hutcheon street west 
Smith, A. & J., jewellers and watchmakers, 23 and 25 St. 

Nicholas street 
Smith, A. & J., freestone cutters, Gilcomston park 
Smith, Adam, clothier, 17 Hadden street, h 8 Affleck street 
Smith, Adam A., canvasser (N. of S. & 0. & S. S. Nav. Co.), 

150 Wellington road 
Smith, Adam, mason, 16 South Mount street 
Smith, Alex, (of A, & J. S., jewellers), 18 Gladstone place 
Smith, Alex, (of A. & J. S., stonecutters), 25 Ann street 
Smith, Alex, (of Charles Walker, stationer, 18 St. Paul street), 

A 12 King street 
Smith, Alex., plumber and gasfitter, 8^ Schoolhill, h 18 Bel- 

videre street 
Smith, Alex., superintendent. (Gas Works), 7 Constitution st. 
Smith, Alex., police detective, police office 
Smith, A. H., clerk (N. of S. Bank, Limited), Craiggowan 

Cottage, Braemar place 


Smith, Alex., confectioner, 35, h 37 Park street 
Smith, Alex., distiller (Devanha Distillery) 
Smith, Alex., 1^ Devanha terrace 

Smith, Alex. Emslie, advocate, 130i Union street, h Summer- 
hill House, Stocket 
Smith, Alex., clerk (T. Baird), 31 Charlotte street 
Smith, Alex., grocer, 76 St. Andrew street, h 44 Blackfriars st. 
Smith, Alex. J., sorting clerk (P.O.), 26 Union row 
Smith, Alex., shoemaker, 22, h 20 Mary well street 
Smith, Andrew, hairdresser, 136a Gallowgate 
Smith, Arthur, commercial traveller (W. P. & Sons), 135 

Gallowgate, h Rose Cottage, Mid Stocket road 
Smith, Charles, 18 St. Mary's place 
Smith, Charles (of Gordon & Smith), 67 Dee street 
Smith, Charles, district manager, Cal. Railway, 26 Gladstone 

Smith, Charles, tailor, 23 Bon- Accord street 
Smith, David (of Home & Smith), 20 Cardenfplace 
Smith, Duncan M., late farmer, 27 Argyll place 
Smith, E. Townsend, clerk (A. Brown & Co.), 28 Loanhead ter. 
Smith, Ferguson, writer, 311 George street 
Smith, Francis W., house carpenter and builder, 15 Hanover 

street, A 12 Castle brae 
Smith, Frank (of J. Hall & Co.), 43 Broad street, h 26 Ferryhill 

Smith, Rev. George A. (Queen's Cross F.C.), Fountainhall road 
Smith, George, Ashley terrace 

Smith, George, builder, 5 Causey place, and 21 Mounthooly 
Smith, George B., commercial traveller (Leith & Paterson), 8 

Eldon terrace 
Smith, George Brown (of G. W. Wilson & Co., St. S within 

street), Copeswood, King's Gate 
Smith, George, paper ruler, 49 Broad street 
Smith, George, foreman (brass-finishing dep. — J. Blaikie & 

Sons), 2 Calton terrace 
Smith, George, flesher, 44, h 46 St. Clement street 
Smith, Rev. Hugh M., M.A., 3 Roslin terrace 
Smith, Isaac F. (of L. S. & Son), 4 Garden place 
Smith -Shand, James W. F., M.D., professor of Medicine, 

University of Aberdeen, 17 Albyn place 
Smith, Rev. James, B.D. (St. George's in the West Church), 3 

Skene place 
Smith, Rev. James, minister of Newhills, 62 Bon-Accord st. 
Smith, James, wholesale watch and clockmaker, and dealer in 

watch tools and materials, 37 Market st., h 3 Rubislaw 

Smith, James L. (Marr & Co.), 2 Calton terrace 


Smith, James, road surveyor, 27 Broomhill place 

Smith, James, engineer (Bannermill), 4 Bannermill Cottages, 

foot of Albion street 
Smith, James, boot and shoemaker, 42 Holburn street 
Smith, J. Collie, solicitor (of Hunter, Gordon, & Smith), 34 

Albert terrace 
Smith, James E. (H.M.C.), 85 Wales street 
Smith, James (of Pratt & Keith), 15 Osborne place 
Smith, James, picture dealer and picture frame maker, 15 

Correction wynd 
Smith, James, shoemaker, 47i Eegent quay, h 13 Commerce 

Smith, James, gardener. Market Hall, h Kaimhill 
Smith, James (of A. & J. S., stonecutters), Gilcomston park 
Smith, John, advocate, 1 Queen's gate 
Smith, John, game dealer, 26i St. Andrew street, h 3 Caroline 

Smith, John, & Co., iron and nail merchants, 5 Shoe lane and 

30 Longacre 
Smith, John (of A. & J. Smith, jewellers), 20 Gladstone place 
Smith, John, manufacturing chemist, 10 Littlejohn street, h 6 

Alford place 
Smith, John Rae, bookseller, 57 Union street, and 5 Adelphi, 

h King's acre. King's gate 
Smith, John '(of W. & J. Smith, architects), 148, h 142 King 

Smith, John, boot and shoemaker, 26 Woolmanhill 
Smith, John, & Co., outfitters, 13 Union buildings 
Smith, John, sergeant-instructor. Drill Hall, Woolmanhill 
Smith, John, foreman smith (H. R. & Co.), 13 Prince Regent 

Smith, John, reporter (Free Press), 74^ Constitution street 
Smith, John, late farmer. South Seafield, Cuparstone road 
Smith, John, carter, 27, h 31 St. Clair street 
Smith, John, cork machine maker. Canal place, h 64 Hutcheon 

Smith, John, cork manufacturer, 12 Castle terrace 
Smith, John, gardener, 48 Claremont street 
Smith, John, traveller (A. R. Gray), 10 St. Mary's place 
Smith, John R,, hotel proprietor (City), 21 St. Nicholas street 
Smith, John S., manager (N. A. Co.), 22 Gladstone place 
Smith, Joseph, assurance agent, Malvena Cottage, 4 Lemon st. 
Smith, Leslie, builder, yard, Skene square, h 2 View terrace 
Smith, Lewis, & Son, wholesale booksellers, stationers, and 

printers, 3 M'Combie's court, and 55 Netherkirkgate, 

printing office, 52 Netherkirkgate 
Smith, Patrick Blaikie, M.D., 1 Albyn place 


Smith, Peter, stonecutter, Denburn valley, near Railway bridge, 

h 5 Craigwell place 
Smith, Eichard, leather merchant and boot-top manufacturer, 

7|- Queen street, h 16a Constitution street 
Smith, Robert, of Glenmillan, advocate, 152 Union street 
Smith, Robert, bookseller and stationer, 70| Gallowgate 
Smith, Robert, flesher, 124 Chapel street, h 8 South Mount st. 
Smith, Robert, agent. Bank of Scotland, and notary public, 40 

Union street 
Smith, Robert, upholsterer (J. A. & Sons), 166 Crown street 
Smith, Robert (of Smith & Beattie), 147 North Broadford 
Smith, Robert, freestone cutter, Hutcheon street west, h 82 

North Broadford 
Smith, S., tinplate worker, 67 Windmillbrae 
Smith, Thomas, draper, 43 Woolmanhill, h 40 Skene street 
Smith, Wm. & John, architects, office, 148 and 142 King st. 
Smith, Wm. (of W. & J. Smith), architect, and town's superin- 
tendent of works, 148, h 146 King street 
Smith, William, accountant, 4 Holburn road 
Smith, Wm., advocate and notary public (of Stephen & Smith), 

14 Albyn place 
Smith, Wm., printing dep. (L. S. & Son), h 46 Holburn road 
Smith, W. J. Woodman, solicitor (Burnett & Reid), 20 King 

street, /?. 21 Albert street 
Smith, Wm., tobacconist, 181b Union street, h 26 Victoria st. 
Smith, Wm., book-keeper (Free Press), 54 Baker street 
Smith, Wm. & Co., hairdressers and perfumers, 30 Bridge st., 

All Ann place 
Smith, Wm , flesher, Jessiman's buildings, 36b George street, h 

Boathouse, Kittybrewster 
Smith, Wm., gardener, Rosehill 

Smith, Wm., jun., estate, house, and commission agent, 4 Bel- 
mont street, h Cliff Cottage, Cults 
Smith, Wm., porter, 14 Bon-Accord lane 
Smith, Wm., flesher, 44 Holburn street, h 44 North Broadford 
Smith, Wm., resident harbour engineer. Provost Blaikie's quay, 

h 1 Deemount road 
Smith, Wm., grocer, 70 East North street, h above shop 
Smith, Wm., painter, 6 Nellfield place 
Smith, Wm. S. (Steele & Co.), 10 Ferryhill place 
Smith, Wm. (of Smith & Tolmie), 33 Jasmine terrace 
Smith, Rev. W. P., D.D. (of Keig and Tough), 2 Skene place 
Smith, Wm., & Son, nurserymen, seedsmen, and florists, 18 

Market street, and 1 Hadden street ; nurseries at 

Kintore and Polmuir 
Smith, Wm. T., bookseller, 59 Regent quay 
Smith, Mrs Dr, 5 Powis terrace 



Mrs Dr. Eobert, 111 Crown street 

Mrs A., 88 Bon- Accord street 

Mrs A., li Affleck street 

Mrs A., 8 Caledonian place 

Mrs C, 9 Belvidere street 

Mrs C, 49 Victoria street 

Mrs Farquharson, 163 Crown street 

Mrs G., confectioner, 133 King street 

Mrs George, news-agent, 25 Skene street 

Mrs L., 17 Union place 

Mrs John, 10 Ferryhill place 

Mrs John, 22 Osborne place 

Mrs John, lodgings, 11 View terrace 

Mrs John, 8 Mount street 

Mrs John, 160 Crown street 

Mrs, grocer, 9 Bon- Accord lane 

Mrs Wm., 5 Black's buildings 

Mrs Wm., 34 Loanhead terrace 

Mrs, 40 Loanhead terrace 

Mrs, 13 Roslin terrace 

Mrs, grocer, 9 St. Andrew street 

Mrs, lodgings, 75 Park street 

Mrs, sick nurse, 2 Calton terrace 

Miss, 31 North Albert street 

Miss, 9 Belmont street 

Miss, lodgings, 31 Charlotte street 

Miss (late of Birse), 34 Victoria street 

Miss, 30 North Albert street 

Miss, 49 Bon-Accord street 

Miss, draper, 32 Chapel street 

Miss, 55 Thistle street 

Miss, 41 Mount street 

Miss, grocer, Pocra Pier 

Miss, 88 Powis place 

Miss, dressmaker, 166 Union street 

Miss, confectioner, 37 Basement floor, Market, h 34 St 

Nicholas street 
Smith, Miss Rachel, Springbank, Dee place 
Smith, Miss, 3 Dee place 
Smith, Miss, lodgings, 2 South Silver street 
Smith, Misses, Berlin wool repository, 13 Union place, /» 71 

Chapel street 
Smyth, John F., draper (of John Ross & Co.), 100 Chapel st. 
SmoUet, John G., tobacconist, 85, h 60 Queen street 
Smollet, Mrs A., lodgings, 26 Dee street 
Snowie, Mrs, spirit dealer, 9 York street 
Soup Kitchen, 41 Loch street 


Souper, C. & I., boot and shoe, small ware and fancy 

goods warehouse, 36 Bank street 
Souper, Charles (of C. & I. Souper), 34 Bank street 
Souper, Hugh Boss (of E. Chadwick & Co.), 10 Beechgrove ter. 
Souter & Shepherd, wholesale druggists, and drysalters, 74, 76, 

and 78 College street 
Souter, D., accountant (N. of S. Bank, Limited), li above Bank, 

corner of King street 
Souter, George, clothier and hatter, 15 and 17 Gallowgate, /i23 

Mount street west 
Souter, James (A. Cruickshank & Co.), 24 Union row 
Souter, John, M.A., 44 Short Loanings 
Souter, Wm., agent (C. S. Clark & Co., wine merchants, 

Leith), Elm Cottage, Euthrieston 
Souter, Wm., flesher, 98 Powis place 
Souter, Mrs, 12 Watson street 
Souter, Mrs, lodgings, 34 Skene street 
Souter, Mrs, 9 Osborne place 
Souter, Mrs, refreshment rooms, 119 George street 
Souter, Miss, tract depot, 8 Crown street 
Souter, Miss, teacher (Rubislaw Public School), 9 Osborne pi. 
Souttar, James, architect, 42 Union street, h Beech Lodge, 1 

View terrace 
Souttar, Wm., clerk, 42 Union street, h Edenville, King's gate 
Soutter, Alex., flesher, 10 and 11 Market hall, A 11 Holburn st. 
Sowden, George, cashier (John Fyfe), 56 Watson street 
Spalding, Miss, teacher (Davidson's School), 15 Prince Regent 

Spanish Consulate ; Paul Lud^^dg, 17 Regent quay 
Spark, Alex., electrical and scientific instrument maker, 265b 

George street, h 45 Powis place 
Spark, Benjamin, writer, 50 Castle street 
Spark, George, late ship chandler, Kingcausie Cottage, Hol- 
burn place 
Spark, Geo., messenger, N. of S. and 0. and S. Steam Naviga- 
tion Company, 62 Marischal street 
Spark, James, bookbinder (of J. & J. P. E. & S.), 50 Castle st. 
Spark, Wm., professor of music, 98 Chapel street 
Speed, James, Kenfield Cottage, Bridge of Dee 
Speid, Mrs James, music teacher and day school, 56 Stanley 

Spence, Rev. Alex,, D.D. (Free St. Clement's Church), 3 Castle 

Spence, A. A., shipmaster, 38 Mount street 
Spence, J., beadle (Methodist Church, Crown terrace), 38 

Castle street 
Spence, Miss, 2 Castlehill 


Spiby, Thomas M., overseer (Aberdeen Commercial Company), 

21 Ferry hill terrace 
Spring, Mrs James, 22 Albert terrace 
Spring-garden Mill, 82 Spring garden 
Stables, James, cashier (D. Rose & Co.), 22^ View terrace 
Stamp Office, 27 King street ; honrs, 10 to 4, Saturday, 10 to 1 
Standard Bank of British South Africa; deposit agent, Alex. 

D. Milne, 58 Marischal street 
Standard Property Investment Co. ; agents, Davidson & 

Garden, advocates, 7 Union terrace 
Stanley, Thomas, commercial traveller (Copestake, Hughes, 

Crampton & Co., of London), 9 Albury road 
Stark, Rev. J. (Congregational Church, Belmont street), 9 

Westfield terrace 
Steel, Francis W., slater, 5 S. Charlotte st., h 5 Beechgrove ter. 
Steele & Co., wholesale and retail hatters, 20 and 22 Union st. 
Steele, Charles, flesher, 208 Gallowgate, h 59 Jute street 
Steele, Wm. L., boot and shoemaker, 86^ John street, h 58 

Powis place 
Stephen & Byers, fruiterers, 74 Broad street 
StejDhen & Campbell, plasterers, 2a Henry place 
Stephen & Smith, advocates, 89 Union street 
Stej)hen, Alex., late merchant, 4 Richmond terrace 
Stephen, A. (of C. Stephen & Co.), 47 Grove street 
Stephen, Alex. & Son, rope and twine manufacturers. Berry- 
den road, h 35 Richmond street 
Stephen, Alex., stockbroker (of Jas. Black & Co.), 11 Ferryhill 

Stephen, Alex., com. traveller (W. P. & Sons), 22| View ter. 
Stephen, Alex. (Pratt & Keith), 31 Diamond street 
Stephen, Alex., pony dealer, Cunnigar Hill, Park road, 7i 19 

Lodge walk 
Stephen, C, & Co., provision merchants, 9 Chapel street 
Stephen, Rev. Charles, 2 Devanha terrace 
Stephen, David, spirit dealer, 14 Regent quay, h 1 King street 

Stephen, George, & Son, commission merchants, 3 Abbotsford 

Stephen, George, draper, 46 George street, h 4 Erskine street 
Stephen, George, hairdresser, 7 Guild street, h 82 Chapel st. 
Stephen, George, wine and spirit merchant, 60 h 61 Regent 

Stephen, George, clothier, 2 Queen street, h 32 South Mount 

Stephen, G., manager (Albion Steam Power Carrying Co., 

Ltd.), Alexander's buildings. Union glen 
Stephen, James (R.N.), 155 Crown street 


Stephen, James (Gray, Watt, & Co.), 2 Devaiiha terrace 

Stephen, James & John, carvers and gilders, 9 and 11 Skene 
terrace, workshop 6 Denburn terrace 

Stephen, James (of J. & J. Stephen), 168 Crown street 

Stephen, James, grocer, 37, h 35 Jasmine terrace 

Stephen, James (of S. & C), 2 Henry place 

Stephen, James, waiter, 99| Chapel street 

Stephen, James, shoemaker, 44 Gallowgate, h 54 Baker street 

Stephen, James, serated water manufacturer, Ross' Court, 
Upperkirkgate, h Meadow Cottage, King street road ,, 

Stephen, James, restaurant, 68 North Broadford 

Stephen, John, innkeeper, 1 and 2 Guild street, h 3 Erskine 

Stephen, John (Gray, Watt, & Co.), 2 Devanha terrace 

Stephen, John D. (of J. & J. Stephen), 41 Powis place 

Stephen, John H., engraver and copper plate printer, 3 Cor- 
rection wynd, h 6 Ann place 

Stephen, John, gardener, Hosefield 

Stephen, John, commission merchant, 11 Carmelite street 

Stephen, Thomas, shipmaster, 14 St. Clement street 

Stephen, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 93, h 95 Upper Den- 

Stephen, Mrs Lessel, 15 Queen's road 

Stephen, Mrs, sick nurse, 20 Kidd lane 

Stephen, Mrs A., 8 Devanha terrace 

Stephen, Mrs, Fountainhall road 

Stephen, Mrs, matron. Blind Asylum, Huntly street 

Stephen, Mrs John, 35 Caledonian place 

Stephen, Mrs, 176 Crown street 

Stephen, Mrs R., 3 Caledonian place 

Stephen, Mrs, lodgings, 4 King street place 

Stephen, Miss, 6 Albert street 

Stephen, Miss, 41 Dee street 

Stephenson, Wm., M.D., F.R.C.S.S., professor of midwifery, 
&c. (University), 297 Union street 

Stevens, Edward, commission agent, 11 South Crown street 

Stevens, Robert, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, 214 
George street 

Stevenson, Hilkiah, grocer and tea merchant, 77 Park street, 
h above shop 

Stevenson, James, retired teacher, 31 Charlotte street 

Stevenson, John, manager (J. Abernethy & Co.), Polmuir 

Stevenson, John, house carpenter and funeral undertaker, 128^ 
Loch street, /i 178 George street 

Stevenson, Wm., bookseller and stationer, 33 George street, 
h 2 Millburn street 


Stevenson, Wm., superintendent of Works (John Fyfe), 22 Bank 

Stevenson, Young, & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 6 Exchange st. 
Stevenson, Mrs Wm., Viewfield 
Stevenson, Miss, 23 Affleck street 
Stewart & Co., S. K, comb manufacturers, Aberdeen Comb 

Works, 40 Hutcheon street 
Stewart & Cruickshank, Bon- Accord Granite Works, 35 Charles 

street and 127 Cause wayend 
Stewart & Mortimer, Lim., preserved provision manufacturers, 

and export oilmen, Wales street 
Stewart & Mutch, plasterers, 19 Baker street 
Stewart, Rev. Alex., M.D., LL.D. (E.U. Church, John street), 

h Heathcot 
Stewart, A., & Co., grocers and insurance agents, 109 Cause- 

Stewart, Alex, (of A. S. & Co.), 59 Dee street 
Stewart, Alex., sen., 1 Rosebank terrace 
Stewart, Alex., draper and silk mercer, 40 St. Nicholas street, 

h Fountainhall road 
Stewart, Alex., clerk (B. Reid & Co., Bon- Accord Works), 46 

Chapel street 
Stewart, Alex. S., tailor and clothier, 19, ^ 55 Schoolhill 
Stewart, Alex. S., flesher, 46 Market Hall, h 41 Dee street 
Stewart, A. R., dyer and starcher, 13 Leadside road 
Stewart, C. & W., wine merchants, 19 Adelphi 
Stewart, Charles (of C. & W. S.), 13 Bon- Accord square 
Stewart, David, advocate and notary public, 83 Union street, 

h 4 Dee street 
Stewart, David (of S. R. S. & Co.), 293 Union street 
Stewart, George, fruiterer, 77 King street 
Stewart, Geo. (of Stewart & Mortimer, Lim.), 6 Colville place 
Stewart, James, boot and shoemaker, 4 Shiprow, h 32 Clare- 

mont street 
Stewart, James, bookseller and stationer, 1 St. Nicholas street, 

h 27 Thistle street 
Stewart, James M., mill manager (R. & Co.), 28 S. Mount st. 
Stewart, James, flesher, 15, h 13 Little Chapel street 
Stewart, James, manager (John Fyfe, Kemnay Quarries), 77 

Waterloo quay 
Stewart, Jas., time-keeper. Police dept., Town Council, Police 

stores, Frederick street, h 69 Spittal 
Stewart, James (of Stewart & Mutch), 26 Blackfriars street 
Stewart, John (of S. R. Stewart & Co.), Banchory House, Ban- 
chory -Devenick 
Stewart, John, beadle (Roman Catholic Cathedral), 3 King's 

square, Huntly street 


Stewart, John, flesher, 6 Charlotte street 

Stewart, Joseph R, Banchory House, Banchory-Devenick 

Stewart, Joseph, flesher, 54 Powis place 

Stewart, M. P., & Co., boot and shoe factors, 37 Market street 

Stewart, Mungo P. (of M. P. Stewart & Co.), Hay Lodge, West 

Stewart, Neil, 22 Kingsland place 

Stewart, N. D. (Surveyor's dep., G.P.O.), 24 Holburn road 
Stewart, Peter, plumber, brassfounder, and gasfitter, 2 Black- 
friars street, h 20 Beechgrove terrace 
Stewart, Peter, shoemaker, 72 Holburn street 
Stewart, Robert, manager, butcher dep. (N. C. Co.), 195 George 

Stewart, W. K. (K of S. Bedding Co.), 14 Ann place 
Stewart, William (of Stewart & Cruickshank), 14 Powis terrace 
Stewart, William (of Mitchell & Stewart), 35 Powis place 
Stewart, Mrs, 30 Ferry hill place 
Stewart, Mrs, lodgings, 166 Crown street 
Stewart, Mrs C, 3 Fonthill terrace 
Stewart, Mrs, Orton Cottage, Euthrieston 
Stewart, Mrs, 41 Dee street 
Stewart, Mrs, 28 Dee street 
Stewart, Mrs, midwife, 59 Dee street 
Stewart, Mrs, sick nurse, 3 Gilcomston terrace 
Stewart, Mrs, lodgings, 34 Bridge street 
Stewart, Miss, provision dealer, 41 Gordon street 
Stewart, Miss Maria L., 31 Broomhill place 
Still, Andrew, printer (Free Press), 18 Jasmine terrace 
Still, John, late farmer, Hamilton place 
Still, William, clerk (James Asher & Sons), 22 Kintore place 
Still, William, & Co., painters, glaziers, and decorators, 24 

Still, William (of W. Still & Co.), 7 Shore brae 
Still, Mrs, 167 Skene street west 
Still, Mrs, Temperance Hotel, 52 York street 
Still, Miss, lodgings, 66 St. Nicholas street 
Stirling, William, M.D., professor of Institutes of Medicine, 

University of Aberdeen, 5 Queen's gardens 
Stirling, Miss, 4 Caroline place 
Stock Exchange, 22 Market street 
Stopani, Charles, painter, 1 Church street 
Stopani, George, hosier, 7 Castle street 
Stopani, Rev. William, Catholic clergyman. Chapel House, 

Huntly street 
Storie, A. J. W., S.S.C. (of Y. & S.), 5 Springbank terrace 
Stott, Andrew, restaurateur, Bon- Accord Dining Rooms, 19, h 

22 Market street 



Stott, William, spirit dealer, 86, h 84 Shiprow 
Stott, Mrs James, grocer, Balmoral place 
Stont, Mrs, Shetland goods warehouse, 64 College street 
Straclian & Gray, accountants, stock and sharebrokers, 5 Mar- 
ket street 
Strachan, Alexander, pharmaceutical chemist, 48, h 46 Kicli- 

mond street 
Strachan, Alexander G., inspector of plant, loco. dept. (G. N. 

of S. Ry.), 145 North Broadford 
Strachan, George, Berlin wool dealer and embrodiery printer, 

13 St. Nicholas street, h Irvine place 
Strachan, George (Town Clerk's Office), 1 Albert place 
Strachan, Hercules, clerk (N. of S. E. L. Co.), 71 Catherine 

Strachan, James, tea and coffee merchant, 20 Market street, 

h 8 Beechgrove terrace 
Strachan, James (of J. S. & Sons), 31 Leadside road 
Strachan, James (of Strachan & Gray), h South Seafield, 

Cuparstone road 
Strachan, John (J. & J. Fleming), 42 Powis place 
Strachan, John, & Sons, millers and grain merchants, general 

grinders, coffee, and malt roasters, Gilcomston Mills 
Strachan, John F. (of John Strachan & Sons), 7 Leadside 

Strachan, John, waiter, 4 Belmont street 
Strachan, Robert H., tea, coffee, and wine merchant, 1 Rose- 
mount terrace, and 6 Farmer's Hall lane, h Oakbank, 

South Stocket 
Strachan, R. H., & Co., tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 

234 George street 
Strachan, Robert (of Thom & Strachan), 166 Crown street 
Strachan, William, of Moreseat, Stocket, h Moreseat 
Strachan, W. B. (B. Reid & Co.), 5 Cherrybank 
Strachan, Mrs James, 19 Beechgrove terrace 
Strachan, Miss, lodgings, 4 St. Mary's place 
Strachan, Miss, dressmaker, 11 Constitution street 
Straiton, Mrs, lodgings, 16 Craigie street 
Strange, William, ship chandler, 20a Regent quay 
Strath, John (Alex. Ogston. & Sons), 13 Queen's road 
Strathdee Distillery, Cuparstone ; H. Ogg & Co. 
Strathdee, George, baker, 44 Skene square, h 32 Maberley 

Strathdee, James, baker, 2 and 4, h 16 Skene terrace 
Strathdee, Mrs, sick nurse, 12 Skene square 
Stratton, Miss, fancy wool repository, 13 Diamond street 
Strichen, Alexander, baker and confectioner, 214, h 216 King 



Stromness and Stornoway Shipping Office, 3 Trinity Buildings, 

Trinity quay 
Stronach, Duncan, & Duguid, advocates, 35a Union street 
Stronach, Alex., jun., advocate and accountant, 20 Belmont st., 

A 17 Ferryhill place 
Stronach, Alex., yost., writer, 20 Belmont st, h 5 Salisbury 

Stronach, Charles, registrar (St. Nicholas District), 4 Correction 

wynd, /i 17 Constitution street 
Struthers, John, M.D., professor of Anatony, Marischal College, 

Migvie House, 23 North Silver street 
Stuart, Andrew, sorting clerk (Post Office), 30 Bank street 
Stuart, Charles, accountant (Permanent Way department, G. 

N. of S. R.), 168 Crown street 
Stuart, Forbes, grocer, 30 Summer street, A 21 Richmond ter. 
Stuart, George, rag dealer, flock manufacturer, and china mer- 
chant, 28 Harriet street, and 33 Wellington place, 7i 31 

Albert terrace 
Stuart, John S., assistant manager and secretary (G. N. of S. 

R.), 171 Crown street 
Stuart, John, shipmaster, 6 Forest road 
Stuart, John, architect, Balgair Cottage, Bridge of Dee 
Stuart, John, traffic agent (East Coast Railway), 28 Market st, 

h 134 Crown street 
Stuart, William, spirit dealer, 65 Guestrow, li 37 Thomson 

Stuart, Mrs Charles, 4 Alford place 
Stuart, Mrs C, lodgings, 18 Craigie street 
Stuart, Mrs, lodgings, 10 St. Mary's place 
Stuart, Mrs M., Albert Hotel, 9i Correction wynd 
Stucky, A. W., teacher of modern languages, 13 Crown ter. 
Sturrock, Robert, engineer, 46 Ashley road 
Summerfield E. (Postal Telegraphs), 120 North Broadford 
Summers, J., M.D., inspector general, army medical depart- 
ment, 163 King street 
Summers, Mrs, sick nurse, 3 Hanover street 
Sutherland, A., broker, 31 East North street 
Sutherland, A., 28 Wellington place 
Sutherland, Alex. S., stock and sharebroker, 29 Union street, 

h 2 Rotunda place 
Sutherland, G. A., cashier (Cochran & Anderson), 31 Holburn 

Sutherland, Henry, messenger (N. Ass. Co.), 4 Bridge street 
Sutherland, Hugh, painter, 2 Rotunda place 
Sutherland, J. & J., joiners and hand-rail makers, 10 Little 

Chapel street 
Sutherland, James (of J. Sc J. S.), 27 Whitehouse street 


Sutherland, James, house steward, Boys' and Girls' Hospital, 
King street 

Sutherland, James B., shipmaster, 40 Springbank terrace 

Sutherland, James (of John Hall & Co.), 4 Bon- Accord terrace 

Sutherland, John, druggist, 14 St. Nicholas street 

Sutherland, John S., cashier (Mitchell & Muil), 20 Watson 

Sutherland, John, solicitor (Edmonds & Macqueen), Hammer- 

Sutherland, Robert, carver and gilder, and artists' colourman, 
122 George street, h 30 Thomson street 

Sutherland, Wm. C., china merchant, 28 Park street 

Sutherland, Wm., grocer and spirit dealer, 86 Gallowgate, h 
1 Erskine street 

Sutherland, Wm., hardware and fancy merchant, 43 St. Nicho- 
las street, 7i 13 View terrace 

Sutherland, Wm., carpenter, 19 Bon- Accord street 

Sutherland, Wm., writer, County Buildings, /i 19 Bon-Accord 

Sutherland, Wm., 7 Skene terrace 

Sutherland, Mrs, 52 Bon-Accord street 

Sutherland, Mrs, lodgings, 4 Bridge street 

Sutherland, Mrs, 27 St. Swithin street 

Sutherland, Mrs Robert, 20 Watson street 

Sutherland, Mrs, lodgings, 104 King street 

Sutherland, Miss, teacher. Commerce street Public School, 19 
Bon-Accord street 

Sutherland, Miss, 22 Ferryhill place 

Sutherland, Miss I., pipe top manufacturer, 5 Canal place 

Sutton & Co., carriers, William Stevenson, 33 George street, 

Swansoh, James, furnishing tailor, 29 Broad street 

Swanson, John, clerk, 63 Jasmine terrace 

Sweden, Consul for, John F. White, 107 King street 

Switzerland, Consul for, P. Ludwig, 17 Regent quay 

Symmers, G. S. A., Glenburnie Cottage, Skene street west 

Symmers, John, shipmaster, 17 Holburn road 

Symmers, Mrs, lodgings, 158 Crown street 

Symmers, Misses, 31 Whitehouse street 

Symon, Andrew (of J. S. & Sons), 23 Springbank terrace 

Symon, John, & Sons, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 29 
Upperkirkgate ; workshop, 48 and 49 Woolmanhill 

Symon, John, Glenburnie House, Skene street west 

Symon, William, and Co., clothiers and outfitters, 31 Union 

Symon, Wm. (of W. Symon & Co.), Tullich, Duffton 

Symon, Miss, lodgings, 64 Rose street 


TAGGART, James, granite polisher, 56 Cuparstone place, h 

18 Holburn road 
Taggart, Miss, 3 Henry place 

Tait, Edwin, casliier (Scot. Prov. Ass. Co.), 21 Belvidere street 
Tait, Robert, hardware merchant, 26 Upperkirkgate, h 3 View 

Tait, Peter, 24 Powis place 
Tait, Mrs, 19 Garden place 

Tait, Miss, pattern printer, and register office, 23| George st. 
Tait, Misses, dressmakers, 74 George street 
Talbot, David, shipmaster, 15 Chattan place 
Talbot, Wm., late shipmaster, 29 Ashley road 
Tannoch, Mrs, 68 Bon- Accord street 
Tastard, James, flesher, 18 Shiprow, h 13 Marischal street 
Tawse & Menzies, clothiers and outfitters, 24 St. Nicholas 

Tawse, Charles, broker, 23 East North street 
Tawse, John, com. traveller (Gibb & Hay) 
Tawse, Samuel (of Tawse & Menzies), 8 Argyll place 
Tawse, Mrs Andrew (late of Coldstone), 13 Garden place 
Tawse, Mrs Dr., 7 Garden place 
Tayler, George Skene, Inchgarth 
Taylor & Henderson, lithographers, draughtsmen, engravers, 

and printers by steam power, 17 Adelphi 
Taylor, Alex., shipmaster, 5 Constitution street 
Taylor, Alex., shipmaster, 18 Bank street 
Taylor, Alex. H., commission merchant, 63 Marischal street, h 

10 South Grown street 
Taylor, Alex., examining officer (H.M.G.), Prospect Cottage, 

Holburn place 
Taylor, Alex., commercial traveller, 5 Cherrybank 
Taylor, Alex., manager, Aberdeen Goal Company, Limited, 

Upper quay, h Irvine place, Holburn road 
Taylor, Arthur, sculptor, Jute and Froghall street, li 48 St. 

Nicholas streeet 
Taylor, Charles, clerk (J. & A. Davidson), 8i Nellfield place 
Taylor, David (of Taylor and Henderson), Hammerfield 
Taylor, David, late merchant, 36 Jasmine terrace 
Taylor, Donald M'Taggart, clerk (M'Taggart & Booth), 102 

High street, Old Aberdeen 
Taylor, F. G., clerk (H.M.G.), 163 Crown street 
Taylor, G., watchmaker & jeweller, 25 Woolmanhill, h 68 

Taylor, George, inspector of works, 32 Thistle street 
Taylor, George, beadle (Cause wayend E.G.,) 3 Charles street 
Taylor, James, commercial traveller (Leith & Paterson), 2 

Eldon terrace, Cuparstone road 


Taylor, James, musical instrument maker (Cliurcli officer, East 

Parish), 9, A 11 Schoolhill 
Taylor, James (of Sinclair-Spark & Taylor), 31 Watson street 
Taylor, James, officer of inland revenue, 27 King street, h 57 

Rosemount place 
Taylor, James (T. & C, Bank, Limited), 88 Rose street 
Taylor, James, 84 Shiprow 
Taylor, James, boot and shoemaker, 30 Broad street, h Crown 

court, 41^ Union street 
Taylor, James, insurance agent, 7 Bon- Accord terrace 
Taylor, John, rope, sail, and tarpauline manufacturer, and 

general merchant, 2, 3, & 4 Regent quay, and Park rd. 
Taylor, John, assistant (Chivas Bros,), 216 King street 
Taylor, John, clerk, telegraph dep. (P.O.), 73 Skene square 
Taylor, John, Bank of Dee monumental yard and fire-clay 

goods depot. Market street, h Craiginches 
Taylor, John, heating engineer, 71 Woolmanhill, h 10 Jute st. 
Taylor, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Upper Denburn, h 

26 Broomhill j^lace 
Taylor, John, coachman, 33 Huntly street 
Taylor, John, upholsterer, 170 Crown street 
Taylor, John, cutter (J. Lumsden & Co.), 46 Kintore place 
Taylor, John, traveller (Richards & Co.), 4 View terrace 
Taylor, John, shipmaster, 1 Kirkville terrace 
Taylor, P., commercial traveller, 103 Crown street 
Taylor, Thomas, shipmaster, 67 Springbank terrace 
Taylor, Thomas, draper, 148 George street, h 75 Union street 
Taylor, Thomas P., commercial traveller (Black & Ferguson), 

225 King street 
Taylor, Walter, joiner, 3 Henry place 
Taylor, Wm., traveller (J. & A. Gibb), 1 Devanha terrace 
Taylor, AVm., house carpenter and house agent, 85 Gallowgate 

h 22 Young street 
Taylor, Wm., flesher and poulterer, 187, h 185 Crown street 
Taylor, Wm., draper, 39 Castle street 
Taylor, Wm., letter carrier (P.O.), 36 Frederick street 
Taylor, Mrs James, 41 Constitution street 
Taylor, Mrs John, 88 Rose street 
Taylor, Mrs, 4 Canal terrace 
Taylor, Mrs, 13 East North street 
Taylor, Mrs, spirit dealer, 47, h 48 Virginia street 
Taylor, Mrs, lodgings, 75 Union street 
Taylor, Mrs, 19 Argyll place 
Taylor, Mrs, 112 Crown street 
Taylor, Miss, Morkeu House, by Cults 
Taylor, Miss, 14 Springbank terrace 
Taylor, Miss, dressmaker, 48 St. Nicholas street 


Taylor, Miss, teacher (Dr. Bell's School), 112 Crown street 

Taylor, Misses, 20 Watson street 

Templeton, Wm., M.D., 11 Osborne place 

Tennant, John, painter, glazier, and paperhanger, 106 King 
street, h 24 Urquhart road 

Tennant, Joseph & Son, drapers, 67 King street, h 6 St. 
Swithin street 

Tennant, W. M., draper, 80, h 108 Rosemount place 

Tennant, Mrs, lodgings, 36 Mount street 

Tennant, Mrs, 44 Thomson street 

Tennent, P. R, Crown Match Works, Wellington road 

Terp, C. A. Julius, M.A., manager, G. N. Telegraph Co. ; h 
Brighton terrace 

Thain, Alex., carter, 43^ Short Loanings 

Thain, Mrs, 21 Carden place 

Third, John, stonecutter (of Gauld & Third), Helen Cottage, 
Powis lane 

Thirsk, Mrs, berlin wool and fancy warehouse, 3 Arcade, Union 
place, h 6 Thistle place 

Thom & Strachan, plumbers and gasfitters, Palace buildings, 
24 Windmill brae 

Thom, Alex. D., grocer, 36 Spring-garden, h 37 Rosemount pi. 

Thom, Geo., sculptor, 1 Canal road, li 59 Jute street 

Thom, George, market gardener, Honeybrae 

Thom, George, foreman boiler maker, Kittybrewster, 37 
Cause way end 

Thom, James, manager (A. & G. Paterson), 34 St. Andrew st. 

Thom, James, (of R. & T.), 139 Leadside road 

Thom, James, stationer, 156 Wellington road 

Thom, John, & Co., Venetian and wire-gause blind manu- 
facturers, Rodgers' Walk, John street 

Thom, John T., cutter (Pratt & Keith), 23 Thistle street 

Thom, John (of Thom & Strachan), 25 Dee Village road 

Thom, John (of J. T. & Co.), 1\ Canal street 

Thom, John, grocer, 20 Upperkirkgate, h 187 George street 

Thom, Robert, manager (Smith & M'Intosh, Limited), 24 
Jute street 

Thom, W. S., 9 Albert street 

Thom, Wm., feuar, Outseats, Pitmuxton 

Thom, Wm., flesh er, 20 Chattan place, h 58 Castle street 

Thom, Mrs, 38 Spring-garden 

Thom, Miss, Justice Mill Cottage, Union glen 

Thom, Miss, 20 Albert terrace 

Thomas, David, music seller, 22 Union place 

Thompson, Andrew, shipmaster, 16 Holburn road 

Thompson, George, & Co., merchants and shipowners, insur- 
ance brokers and underwriters, 40 Marischal street 


Thompson, George, jun., of Pitmedden, 5 Golden square 
Thompson, James T. (late Burnett & Thompson), watchmaker, 

jeweller, and cutler, 17 St. Nicholas st., h 21 North 

Charlotte street 
Thompson, Wm., teacher and organist, St. John's School, 33 

Bon-accord street 
Thomson, Adam J. J., flesher, 128 King street, h 101 Park st. 
Thomson, Adam, flesher, 46 Wales street, h 24 Hanover street 
Thomson, Adam, grocer, 1, h 3 Gilcomston brae 
Thomson, Alex., teller (T. & C. Bank, Lim.), 14 Garden place 
Thomson, Alex., builder, 6 Hill street 
Thomson, Alex., teacher of mathematics and book-keeping, and 

Principal of the Aberdeen preparatory classes, h 173 

Union street 
Thomson, Alex., waiter, 25 Bank street 
Thomson, Alex., tailor and clothier, 3^ Justice street 
Thomson, Alex., commercial traveller, 8 South Crown street 
Thomson, David M., com. traveller, 161 Skene street west 
Thomson, David, superintendent Skating Eink, 21 Ferryhill 

Thomson, Geo. & Son, wine and spirit merchants, counting- 
house, 14 Bridge street ; cellars and bonded vaults, 32 

and 36 Windmill brae 
Thomson, Kev. Geo. Webster (Free West Church), 2 Rubislaw 

Thomson, Geo. L. (of G. Thomson & Son), 19 Bon-Accord ter. 
Thomson, George M., wholesale tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 

7 Queen street, h 49 Thomson street 
Thomson, George (Town Council, Gas dept.), 11 Nelson st. 
Thomson, Hugh, supervisor (Inland Revenue), 27 King street, 

h 45 Ashley place 
Thomson, James, late land steward, 27 Thomson street 
Thomson, James (of J. Buyers & Co.), 9 Watson street 
Thomson, James, jun., (of Glegg & Thomson), 7 Ann place 
Thomson, James, cattle dealer. Villa Franca 
Thomson, James, veterinary surgeon, forge and office, 6 Flour- 
mill brae, h 21 Union terrace 
Thomson, James, flesher, 65, h 70 Rosemount place 
Thomson, James, grain merchant, 22 Commerce street, h 1 St. 

Mary's place 
Thomson, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 36b George street 

and 18 Schoolhill, h 32 Richmond street 
Thomson, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 56 Upper Denburn, 

h 26 Broomhill place 
Thomson, James (Cardno & Darling), 22 Watson street 
Thomson, James G. grocer, 76 Leadside road 
Thomson, James, shoemaker, 52 Watson street 


Thomson, Rev. John (Free Greyfriars), 1 Gladstone place 
Thomson, John, printer (of A. King & Co.), Canal Road Villa 
Thomson, John, advocate (of Adam, Thomson, & Ross), 1 Ann 

Thomson, John, jun., clerk (Simpson & Cruden), 269 George st. 
Thomson, John, manager, Bon- Accord Distillery Co., Limited, 

h Camden cottage, 21 Justice Mill lane 
Thomson, John, auctioneer, 38 Wellington road 
Thomson, John, miller and corn merchant^ Cults ; warehouse, 

52 Queen street 
Thomson, John, bookkeeper, (G. & W.), 88 North Broadford 
Thomson, John, clerk, 26 Thomson street 
Thomson, John, parcel clerk, Cal. Ry. Joint Station, h Kings- 
field Cottage, King street road 
Thomson, John, agent, 18 Adelphi, h 23 Ferry hill terrace 
Thomson, John, spirit dealer, 18 Park street 
Thomson, J. B., reporter ( Aberdeen Journal), 6 View terrace 
Thomson, Joseph, & Co., tea merchants and general drapers, 

35 Queen street 
Thomson, Rev. Robert, M.A., (Rubislaw Established Church), 

h Queen's cross 
Thomson, Robert, 6 Albury road 
Thomson, Robert, house carpenter and horticultural builder, 

42 Ferryhill terrace 
Thomson, Robert, watchmaker, M^ Upperkirkgate, li 6 Gran- 
ton place 
Thomson, Thomas L., clerk of works, 19 Thomson street 
Thomson, Thomas, commission merchant, 15 Correction wynd, 

A 37 Gilcomston park 
Thomson, Thomas (of Gibson & Thomson), 69 Springbank ter. 
Thomson, William, salesman (Mill of Cults Warehouse), 56 

Chapel street 
Thomson, William, photographer, 259 George street, h top of 

Thomson, William James (Barry, Henry & Co.), 80 Powis 

Thomson, Wm., flesher, 4 East North street, h 6 Canal place 
Thomson, William, soda water and lemonade manufacturer. 

Lemon street, h 7 Lemon street 
Thomson, Wm., shoreporter, 15 Cotton street 
Thomson, Wm. M., basketmaker, 43 and 44 Market Gallery, h 

38 Market street 
Thomson, Wm., inn and stabling, 6 Mealmarket street 
Thomson, William, miller. Lower Justice Mills, h Alexander's 

buildings. Union glen 
Thomson, Wm., salmon fishing. Bridge of Dee 
Thomson, Mrs, 19 Albert terrace 


Thomson, Mrs, 3 Albury road 
Thomson, Mrs Dr., 46 Ashley place 
Thomson, Mrs T., 29 Victoria street 
Thomson, Mrs Wm., Springbank House, Dee place 
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 61 Dee street 
Thomson, Mrs, 69 Springbank terrace 
Thomson, Mrs, innkeeper, 39 Lodge walk 
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 68 Rose street 
Thomson, Mrs, lodgings, 20 Craigie street 
Thomson, Mrs, midwife, 13 Commerce street 
Thomson, Mrs James, Maybank House, Hutcheon street west 
Thomson, Mrs, dressmaker, 269 George street 
» Thomson, Mrs, clothier, 43 Upperkirkgate 
Thomson, Mrs S., lodgings, 181a Union street 
Thomson, Miss, 166 Union street 
Thomson, Miss, dressmaker, 54 Regent quay 
Thomson, Miss, 22 Thistle street 
Thomson, Miss E, L., west-end fancy and millinery warehouse, 

30, h M\ Union place 
Thomson, Miss Johanne, teacher of music, 84 Crown street 
Thomson, Miss Lucy F., teacher of music, 13 Commerce street 
Thomson, Misses, 84 Crown street 
Thomson, Misses, 2 Marine place 
Thomson, M., lodgings, 4 Thistle street 
Thow, George, tailor and clothier, 9, A 10 Black's buildings 
Thow, Robert, fruiterer and confectioner, 13 Guild street, and 

100 Bridge street, h 32 Union terrace 
Thurburn Cooking Depot, 38 Market street : matron, Mrs 

Thomson ; Robert Cran, 46 King street, secretary 
Tindal, Alex, A., cashier (Aberdeen, Newcastle, and Hull 

Steam Co., Limited), 45 Wellington street 
Tindal, James, & Sons, blacksmiths, bellhangers, and heating 

engineers, 79 and 81 Loch street 
Tindal, Robert (of J. T. & Sons), 12 South Charlotte street 
Tocher, James, grocer, 38 East North street 
Tocher, Robert, manager (Scottish Flower Co.), 22 Claremont 

Tocher, Mrs, 4 Belvidere place 

Todd, Gavin T. (of A. Hadden & Sons), Thainstone, Kintore 
Todd, James J. (of A. Hadden & Sons), Banchory Lodge, Ban- 
Todd, Rev. J. F., assistant curate of St. Margaret's, 1 Broad 

Todd, John, baker, 136, h 136a Skene street 
Todd, Wm. (of C. Napier, manure manufacturer), 24 Roslin tr. 
Todd, Mrs, Maryculter House 
Todd, Mrs, grocer, 76 West North street, h 20 Constitution st. 


Tolmie, M. (of Smith & Tolinie), 37 Virginia street 

Topp, Alex,, beadle (John Knox Church), 56 Nelson street 

Topping, John (late Customs), 39 Ferryhill terrace 

Torrie, jkiss, 31 Ashley place 

Torry Saw Mill Co., office, 7 Belmont street 

Tosh, Mrs, draper, 22 Jack's brae 

Tough, George, & Sons, wholesale and retail warehousemen, 

132, 134, 136, and 138 George street 
Tough, George, sen. (of G. Tough & Sons), 24 Rubislaw ter. 
Tough, George, jun. (of G. Tough & Sons), 24 Rubislaw ter. 
Tough, George, spirit dealer and cab proprietor, 32, h 29 

Castle street ; stables 70 John street 
Tough, George, late merchant, 34 Thistle street 
Tough, James, spirit merchant, 34, h 32 Loch street 
Tough, James, grocer, 122, h 120 King street 
Tough, James, shipmaster, 42 Hardgate 
Tough, John, furnishing tailor, 190 George street 
Tough, John, draper (of G. T. & Sons), 53 Victoria street 
Tough, John, wright, 6 Windmill lane, h 38 Whitehouse st. 
Tough, Mrs, 38 Whitehouse street 
Town & County Bank, Limited, 62 Union street (Western 

branch), 262 Union street, A. Morrice, agent ; (Northern 

branch), 236 George street, James B. Keith, and A. S. 

Murray, agents ; (Harbour branch), 15 Regent quay, Wm. 

Leslie, and G. G. Wilkie, agents 
Towns, Joseph, grass seed merchant, Weigh-house square, h 

166 Crown street 
Towns, Robert (of J. T. & K.), 164 Crown street 
Towns, Wm., flesher, 22 Mount street west 
Trade Protection Society ; sec, James Tytler, 137 Union st. 
Trades' Hall, 153 Union street ; house-keeper, Miss M'Pherson 
Trail, James, wright and cabinetmaker, 10, A 12 Rose street 
Traill, Adam, blacksmith, 64^ Gerrard street 
Trainer, Mrs M. A., clothier, 33 and 35 Lodge walk 
Tritschler, Emil, watchmaker (P. Wunderley), 20 Craigie st. 
Trinity Cemetery, King street road, superintendent and sexton, 

James Curran 
Troup, Alex., merchant tailor, 8 Castle street 
Troup, Alex., wholesale stationer and printer (of A. King & 

Co.), paper bag manufacturer, 33 Queen street, h 185 

King street 
Troup, John M., gardener (nurseryman), Granitehill, Rubislaw 
Troup, W. W., grocer, tea, wine, and provision merchant, 41 

Littlejohn street, h 2 King street place 
Troup, Mrs, 51 Garden place 
Troup, Miss, milliner, 26a Summer street 
Troup, Misses, 24 North Silver street 


Trotter, Thomas, tailor, 38 St. Nicholas street 

Tucker, Wm., & Sons, sausage makers, 162 Gallowgate, h 42 

Castle street 
TuUoch, Alex. Jas., fish curer, Point Law, and 17 James street, 

A 10 James street 
TuUoch, James, late shipmaster, Viewmount Cottage, Holburn 

Tulloch, James, & Co., importers, coal and commission mer- 
chants, 30 and 32 Virginia street 
Tulloch, James, jun. (of J. T. & Co.), h Silverdale, Polmuir rd. 
Tulloch, James, yost. (of J. T. & Co.), Silverdale, Polmuir rd. 
Tulloch, John, late Inland Revenue, 27 Caledonian place 
Tulloch, Lawrence, fish curer, Point Law, h 10 Watson street 
Tulloch, Marcus, Newbridge House, Union glen 
Turnbull, A. R. (of Lawson & Turnbull), 103 Union street 
Turner, Frank, bricklayer, 69 George street 
Turner, Miss, 72 Bon- Accord street 
Turreff, Alex., late draper, 11 Millburn street 
Turreff, Alex., shipmaster, 2 Holburn place 
Turreff, James, teller (North of Scotland Bank, Limited), Clare 

Cottage, Seafield 
Turriff, George, teacher of mathematics, 15 Adelj)hi, h 29 High 

street. Old Aberdeen. 
Tytler, George, draper, 89 Broad street 
Tytler, James, chartered accountant and sharebroker, 137 

Union street, li 56 Garden place 
Tytler, Miss, 39 Mount street 

UNION Bank of Scotland, Limited, 53 Castle street 

Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, West-end Branch, 203 
Union street ; William Yeats M'Donald, agent 

Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, George street Branch, 113 
George street ; John Sharp, agent 

Union Loan and Savings Company of Toronto, agent, George 
Allan, advocate, 56 Castle street 

Union Rubber Co., 61 Union street 

United States Consular Agent, John Ramsay, 74 Union street 

University Buildings, Broad street 

Urquhart, Alexander, grocer, 68 St. Nicholas street, h 30 Rose- 
mount place 

Urquhart, Alexander, carter, 5 North Constitution street 

Urquhart, Charles, gardener, Woodhill 

Urquhart, G. R., merchant, 23, h 21 Jasmine terrace 

Urquhart, J. & J., druggists, 65 St. Nicholas street ; John 
Gordon, manager, 3 Gray's Buildings, Rosemount 

Urquhart, James. 267 Union street 

Urquhart, John, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 250 Union street 


Urquhart, R. C, letter carrier (P.O.), Strawberrybank Cottage, 

44 Hardgate 
Urquliart, William, late shipmaster, 5 Erskine street 
Urquhart, William (of W. Urquliart & Co.), contractors, 95 

Bon-Accord street 
Urquliart, Mrs James, 46 King street 
Urquhart, Mrs James, 12 St. Clement street 
Urquhart, Mrs, Eden Cottage, Counteswells road 
Urquhart, Miss, 37 Victoria street 
Urquhart, Miss, grocer, 1 Gordon street 
Urquhart, Miss, lodgings, 27 Albert terrace 

Valentine, Alexander, spirit dealer, I, h 1^ Well of Spa 
Valentine, James, registrar for the District of Old Machar ; 

office and All North Silver street 
Valentine, Wm,, tailor and clothier, 66 St. Andrew street, h 40 

Union terrace 
Valentine, Miss, grocer, 13 Huntly street 
Van Stavern, Mrs, Inmore Cottage, 5 Mount place 
Vass, James, upholsterer (Pratt & Keith), 6 Holburn street 
Veitch, John, manager (J. Ford), 136 Union street, h Rich- 
mond Cottage, Holburn place 
Victoria Granite Works, King street. Garden & Co. 
Victoria Hall, Skene terrace 
Victoria Lodging House, 45 Guestrow 
Victoria Millinery Saloon, Miss Simeon, 67 Thistle street 
Victoria Park, entrance from Watson street, Belvidere street, 

Argyll place, and Low Stocket road 
Virtue & C:!o., publishers (London), 30 Queen street 
Vollar, John Henry, shipmaster, 168a Skene street west 
Vollar, Miss, superintendent, E. C. Normal College Boarding- 
House, 12 North Charlotte street 

WADSWORTH, E., & Brothers, organ builders, 17 Market 

street, J. Wardle, manager 
Wadsworth, Mrs, 27 Victoria street 
Waldie, D., hay and straw dealer. Upper quay 
Walker & Beattie, surveyors, valuators, and engineers, 91 

Union street 
Walker & Co., grocers, tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 68 and 

70 Virginia street 
Walker, Alex, (of W. Walker & Sons), 25 Dee street 
Walker, Alex., umbrella maker, 12 Gallowgate, h 36 Upper- 

Walker, Alex., commission agent, 22 Adelphi, h 46 Rosemount 




Walker, Alex, (of Kemp & Walker), 4 Marine place 

Walker, Alex. C, dairyman, 14 Exchange street, h 12 St. 
Mary's place 

Walker, Andrew, coal merchant, 16 Upper quay, 1% 29 Bon- 
Accord street 

Walker, Charles, stationer, 18 St. Paul street 

Walker, David, secretary and book-keeper (Bon-Accord Dis- 
tillery Co., Limited), 21 J Union terrace 

Walker, David, bookseller (of Robert Walker), 14 Beacons- 
field place 

Walker, David, house painter, 8, h 6 Causewayend 

Walker, George, advocate (of Milne & Walker), 7 Albert st. 

Walker, Geo. J. (of Walker & Beattie), Hillside House, Port- 

Walker, George, late town-house keeper, 5 Abbotsford place 

Walker, George, bookseller (of A. Brown & Co.), 52 Victoria 

Walker, George, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 43 Skene 
square, h 73 Bon-Accord street 

Walker, Henry, grocer, 16, h 12 Summer lane 

Walker, Hugh, foreman carpenter (H. R & Co.), 16 Portland 

Walker, James (of W. Walker & Sons), 21 Union place 

Walker, James, M.B., CM., physician, 214 Union street and 
1 Huntly street 

Walker, James D., draper (J. Kilgour), 6 Elmbank terrace 

Walker, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 41 College 
street, k 73 Bon- Accord street 

Walker, James, bootmaker, 89 Queen street, h 7 Skene row 

Walker, James, carver and wright, 44, h 36 Upperkirkgate 

Walker, James, late bookseller, 14 Catherine street 

Walker, James, 51 Watson street 

Walker, James, inspector of works (City Police stores, 21 
Frederick street), 15 Drum's lane 

Walker, James, ironmonger, 56 Rosemount place 

Walker, J. & G., tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 24 Skene sq. 

Walker, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 181, h 183 Gallowgate 

Walker, John, collector (Aberdeen Steam Nav. Co.), 69 Bon- 
Accord street 

Walker, John H. D., traveller (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 55 Victoria 

Walker, John, cabinetmaker, 37 Broomhill place 
Walker, John, sanitary dep., City buildings, h 2 Mitchell place 
Walker, John, dairyman, Quarry Lodge, (IJairncry 
Walker, John, butcher, 26| Gallowgate, h 2 Gray's buildings, 

Walker, Joseph, foreman (Gas Works), h at the gate 


Walker, Joseph, mason, 25 Holburn place 
Walker, Patrick, commercial traveller, 4 Osborne place 
Walker, Peter (of Gall & Walker), 16 View terrace 
Walker, R. & W., fisli merchants. Wet Fish market 
Walker, Robert, M.A., F.R.S.E., librarian and registrar, Uni- 
versity, 245 Union street 
Walker, Robt., cabinetmaker, 3 John street 
Walker, Robt., tinplate worker and gasfitter, 301 George st, h 

13 Gilcomston steps 
Walker, Robt. (of R. & W. Walker), New Pier road 
Walker, Robt., bookseller and stationer (Scotsman office), 145 

Union street 
Walker, Robt., keeper of Victoria Park, Watson street lodge 
Walker, Thomas (of Kilgour & Walker), 7 Argyll place 
Walker, Thomas, fishcurer, 1 New Pier road 
Walker, Major-General William, Ruthrieston terrace, Bridge 

of Dee 
Walker, William, & Sons, wine merchants, tea dealers, and 

general importers, 52 Union street 
Walker, Wm., Venetian i)lind maker, 17, h 71 Guestrow 
Walker, Wm., & Son, tinplate workers, iromongers and oil 

merchants, 22 Netherkirkgate, h 38 Ashley road 
Walker, Wm., shipmaster, 57 Schoolhill 
Walker, Wm., grocer, 61 George street, h 9 Rosemonnt terrace 
Walker, Wm., umbrella maker, 35, h 37 Schoolhill 
Walker, Wm. (of J. & W. Bisset), 6 Marine place 
Walker, Wm. (of Himter & Walker), 147 Hutcheon street west 
Walker, Wm., tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 24 Park street, h 

44 Constitution street 
Walker, William, english and foreign, new and second-hand 

bookseller, 36 Bridge street 
Walker, William, auctioneer (N. of S, E. L. Co.), 195 George 

Walker, William, shoreporter, 9 Shore brae 
Walker, W. Grahame, Academy, 2 West Craibstone street 
Walker, Mrs, 19 Chattan place 
Walker, Mrs C, 32 Belvidere street 
Walker, Mrs James, 178 Crown street 

Walker, Mrs, spirit dealer, 37 Green, li 24 Correction wynd 
Walker, Mrs, Caledonian Temperance Hotel, 62 Castle street 
Walker, Mrs, lodgings, 17 Balmoral place 
Walker, Miss, 174 Skene street west 
Walker, Miss A., teacher, F.C. Training College 
Walker, Miss, 12 Victoria street 
Walker, Miss M., 33 Broomhill place 
Walker, Miss, dressmaker, 14 Catherine street 
Walker, Miss, 78 Waterloo quay 


"Walker, Miss, dressmaker, 71 Hntcheon street 

Walker, Misses M. & E., Forsyth's Temperance Hotel, 100 and 

102 Union street, h Well brae 
Walker, Misses, milliners, 32^ Upperkirkgate, h 225 King st. 
Walkinshaw, Miss, dress and mantle maker, 1 Barnett's close 
Wallace, A., coal merchant, 10 Canal place 
Wallace, Archibald, late bank messenger, 2 Oakdale terrace, 

Wallace, Rev. David, Park Lee, King's gate 
Wallace, J., & Co., tea, wine, and spirit merchants, 51 and 55 

George street 
Wallace, John M., teller (Commercial Bank of Scotland, Lim.), 

Park Lee, King's gate 
Wallace, John (of J. Wallace & Co.), 255 George street 
Wallace, James, inspector of poor (St. Nicholas) ; office of 

Parochial Board, 38 Castle street, h 47 Waverley place 
Wallace, James, cutter (A. S. Cook), 255 George street 
Wallace, Robert, tea dealer, 42 Povvis place 
Wallace Tower Hotel, 63 and 65 Netherkirkgate, A. Cowie 
Wallace, William, chemist and druggist, 81, h 183 King street 
Wallace, Mrs, 53 Victoria street 
Wallace, Miss, teacher of music, 53 Victoria street 
Wallace, Mrs J., sick nurse, 43 Bon- Accord street 
Walls, James (Cal. Ry.), 37 College street 
Walsh, John, market officer, 2 Shore brae 
Walters, Rev. George Thomas, Unitarian Minister, 15 Ashley 

Walton, Alexander, bookseller and hosier, 179 Crown street 
Walton, Thomas, secretary (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 28 Albert 

. terrace 
Wardle, John, organ builder and tuner (E. Wadsworth & Bros.), 

64 Stanley street 
Wardrop, Thomas Y., manager (Scottish Provincial Assurance 

Co.), 32 Garden place 
Warn, John, shipmaster, Guelph Cottage, Braemar place 
Warrack & Daniel, steam joinery and building works, 7 North 

Charlotte street 
Warrack, George M'Combie (A. & R. Milne), 170 Skene street 

Warrack, John, baker, 5, h 7 Chapel street 
Warrack, Miss, joint-principal. Union Place Ladies' School, h 

Queen's gate 
Warrack, Miss E., 110 Crown street 
Warrack, Miss, 146 Crown street 
Warren, John, surveyor (G.P.O. Northern Dis. Scotland) ; 

office, 44a Castle street 
Warren, Miss, dressmaker, 52 Chapel street 


Warrender, Wm., manager (J, M'Combie & Co.), 32 Portland 

Warrender, Mrs, draper, 36 and 37 Market gallery 
Water Taxman's Office (Eobert Brown), Regent road 
Watkins, Edward W. Gray (Aberdeen Central Hide Market), 

293 George street, h 7 Rosemonnt terrace 
Watson & Robb, builders, 44 Spring garden 
Watson, A. (of P. W. & Son), Broomlee, Cults 
Watson, Alexander G., commission agent, 36 Marischal street, 

h 30 Belvidere street 
Watson, Alexander, shipmaster, 4 Balmoral terrace 
Watson, Alexander, & Sons, stoneware merchants, 75 and 77, 

A 79 Gallowgate 
Watson, A., provision merchant, 1 Virginia street 
Watson, A., rag and metal merchant, 19 and 21, h 13 St. Clair 

Watson, Archibald I., second-hand bookseller, 38 Shiprow, 

h 40 Upperkirkgate 
Watson Brothers, silk mercers, linen and woollen drapers, 92 

Broad street 
Watson, Charles, cashier and book-keeper. School Board office, 

31 King street 
Watson, George, Queen's restaurant, 118 Union street, and 

1 Back wynd 
Watson, George, ironmonger and blacksmith, 72 Gallowgate, 

h SI Blackfriars street 
Watson, George, engineer, 14 Holburn street 
Watson, George, fishcurer. Point laAV, h 24 Prospect terrace 
Watson, James, watch and clock maker and jeweller, 81, 

h 35a Union street 
Watson, James (of Watson Brothers), Ashley terrace 
Watson, James, house carpenter, 9 Summer street 
Watson, James, clerk (A. Ogston & Sons), 32 Rosemount 

Watson, James, & Co., furnishing tailors, Bridge of Dee 
Watson, James, furniture dealer, 28 Castle street, and 188 

George street, h 1 Castle terrace 
Watson, James S., grocer, 26, h 22 Claremont street 
Watson, John, dyer, 104 George street, h Belvidere street 
Watson, John, clogmaker, 53, h 49 Loch street 
Watson, Patrick, & Son, manufacturers and warehousemen, 9 

Union place 
Watson, Philip, & Dawson, importers, 2 Virginia street 
Watson, R. C, teacher (Porthill Public School), 34 Chapel st. 
Watson, Robert H., leather factor and commission agent, 15 

Netherkirkgate, h 164 Crown street 
Watson, Robert, 122 West North street 


Watson, Thomas R, & Co., general drapers, 31 and 33 Gallow- 

gate, and 2 to 14 St. Paul street 
Watson, Thomas E. (of T. E. W. & Co.), Pitstruan, Cupar- 

stone road 
Watson, Thomas (of A. Forbes & Co.), 6 Prospect terrace 
Watson, W. D. (of P. Watson & Son), Broomlee, Cults 
Watson, W. (J. E. Allardyce, 81 Bon- Accord street), 26 

North Charlotte street 
Watson, Wm., general merchant, 160 Wellington road, h 25 

Bank street 
Watson, Wm. H., shipmaster, 2 York street 
Watson, Wm., 32 Springbank terrace 
Watson, Mrs Wm., lodgings, 32 Springbank terrace 
Watson, Mrs, Broomlee, Cults 
Watson, Mrs, 23 Beechgrove terrace 
Watson, Mrs, provision merchant, 136 King street 
Watson, Mrs, lodgings, 39 Springbank terrace 
Watson, Mrs, lodgings, 12 Urquhart road 
Watson, Miss, 121 Crown street 

Watson, Miss, teacher of drawing, 30 North Albert street 
Watson, Miss, teacher of music, 12 Loanhead terrace 
Watson, Miss, milliner, 114, h 116 Skene street 
Watt & Barron, wholesale confectioners, 247 George street, and 

bb St. Nicholas street 
Watt & Clark, builders and house carpenters, 23 Princes st. 
Watt & Cumine, advocates, 4 Correction wynd 
Watt & Grant, dress and mantle saloon, 225 Union street 
Watt, Alex, (of J. W. & Sons), 29 Watson street 
Watt, A., & Son, rope and twine manufacturers, Aberdeen rope 

and tAvine works. Links 
Watt, Alex, (of W. & G.), 68 Eose street 
Watt, Alex, (of A. Watt & Son), 26 Charlotte street 
Watt, Alex._, jun. (of A. Watt & Son), 26 Charlotte street 
Watt, Archibald, watch and clock maker, 2 Gilcomston steps 
Watt, Archibald, painter, 14 Ferryhill terrace 
Watt, Charles, salesman (James Neil, 183 Union street), 5 

Crimon jjlace 
Watt, Francis, & Co., grocers, 64 North Broadford 
Watt, Francis E., teller (T. & C. Bank, Lim.), 11 Argyll place 
Watt, G., M.D., 13 North Silver street 
Watt, G. (of Gordon & Watt), 14 View terrace 
Watt, George M. (of Grant & Watt), 11 Prospect terrace 
Watt, Geo., joiner, 81 Claremont street 
Watt, Geo., mealseller, 64 Basement floor. Market, h 21 

, Hadden street 
Watt, James, wholesale tea merchant and family grocer, 101 
Union street, h Ashley road 


Watt, James (of Willox & Watt), 18 Soutli Mount street 
Watt, James (J. Mess's trustees), Brighton terrace, Ashley- 
Watt, James, shoemaker, 20 Union place, h 68 Eose street 
Watt, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 93 Causewayend 
Watt, James W, watch and clock maker, and musical instru- 
ments, 2 Gilcomston steps, h 29 Charles street 
Watt, John, & Sons, tanners, curriers, and leather merchants, 
hide factors, and belt makers, 132, 134, and 136 Gal- 
lowgate, and 8 Union place 
Watt, John, jun., advocate, 34 Castle street, A 10 Marine ter. 
Watt, John, house agent, 27 Gallowgate 
Watt, John, draper, 206 Gallowgate 
Watt, John, freestone cutter, 14 Summer street, h 68 Skene 

Watt, John, family grocer (successor to W. Milne & Son), 209 

Union street, h 1 St. Mary's place 
Watt, John, commercial traveller, 27 Ferryhill place 
Watt, John (of Watt & Clark), 13 Constitution street 
Watt, John, joiner, 187 George street 

Watt, J. Stewart, solicitor, 34 Castle street, A 10 Marine ter. 
Watt, Marshal, house painter, 3 Marischal street, h 63 Bon- 
Accord street 
Watt, M., & Co., ironmongers, 62 St. Nicholas street 
Watt, Michie (of M. Watt & Co.), 27 Mount street 
Watt, E., teller (Market Branch, N. of S. B., Lim.), 58 Eose st. 
Watt, Thomas (of Watt & Barron), 80 Gerrard street 
Watt, Wm. (of J. Watt & Sons), 8 Belmont place 
Watt, Wm., editor (Free Press), 27 North Albert street 
Watt, Wm., boot and shoemaker, 65 George street, li 1 Hill 

Watt, Wm., flesher, 119 North Broadford 
Watt, Wm., manager, boot and shoe dept. (N. Co. Op. Co.), 8 

South Mount street 
Watt, Mrs Alex., 71 Dee street 
Watt, Mrs G., merchant, 84, h 86 North Broadford 
Watt, Mrs, 34 Carden place 
Watt, Mrs Dr., 41 Belmont street 

Watt, Mrs, 1 Guestrow, register office and servant's home 
Watt, Mrs (late of Foveran), 11 Argyle place 
Watt, Mrs, lodgings, 61 St. Nicholas street 
Watt, Miss, lodgings, 12 Margaret street 
Watts, David, concrete builder, 16 Urquhart road 
Watters, John, missionary, 227 King street 
Waverley Hotel, Guild street ; Eobert Farquhar 
Webster, Alexander, advocate (of J. & A. Webster), EdgehiU, 

Webster, A. S., traveller, 52 King street, h 47 Green 


Webster, Andrew, clerk (H. M'Lennan), 65 Eose street 

Webster, Charles, 12 Margaret street 

Webster, George, joiner and fenar, 11 Hiitcheon street 

Webster, George, Bloomfield 

Webster, George Imlay, butcher, 6 Gallowgate, h 2 Stafford st. 

Webster, James R,sharebroker, 11 Union buildings, h Clifton 

villa, Polmuir road 
Webster, James, ironmonger, 12 Albert terrace 
Webster, James, warehouseman, 28 Mount street west 
Webster, James, saddler, 54 John street, h 9 Nellfield place 
Webster, James (of G. R. & Co.), 12 Margaret street 
Webster, James G., clerk (F. & G.), H Hutcheon street 
Webster, J. & A., advocates, 44 King street 
Webster, John, LL.D., M.P., advocate (of J. & A. Webster), 

Edgehill, Culter, and Westminster Palace Hotel, 

Victoria street, London, S.W. 
Webster, John, com. trav. (James Crombie), 38 Gilcomston pk. 
Webster, John, steward (Aberdeen Club), 82 Windmillbrae 
Webster, John (of Knox & Webster), 10 Albert terrace 
Webster, John, joiner, 28 Powis place 
Webster, John, Westfield Cottages, Whitehall place 
Webster, Peter, blacksmith, Hildowntree, Bridge of Dee 
Webster, W. F., grain merchant, 16 King st., h 10 Devanha 

Webster, "Wm., draper and silk mercer, 47 Union street, h 28 

Osborne place 
Webster, Wm., late baker, 36 Gilcomston park 
Webster, Wm. (of Henderson & Webster), 7 Cherrybank, Hard- 
Webster, Mrs John, 36 Skene terrace 
Webster, Mrs Clarinda, teacher of music, 48 Union place 
Webster, Mrs, 26 Huntly street 
Webster, Mrs, 246a Union street 
Webster, Miss A., teacher (Abdn. Church of Scotland Training 

College), 4 Springbank terrace 
Webster, Miss, broker, 4 Ragg-'s lane 
Wedderburn, Mrs, 8 Mount street 
Weights and Measures and Gas Meters, Alex. Robb, inspector, 

office, 23 Lodge walk 
Weights and Measures, inspector for County, George Cran, 27 

Lodge walk 
Weir, James, grocer, Westfield buildings, h 26 Watson street 
Weir, Mrs, dressmaker, 23 Thistle street 
Welsh, Hugh, assistant inspector of schools, 23 Osborne place 
Welsh, Wm,, foreman (B. Reid & Co., Bon- Accord Works), 13 

Nellfield place 
Westland, James, late guard (G. N. of S. R), 21 Woolmanhill 


Westland, "Wm., importer, Ceylon tea and coffee agency, 53 St. 

Nicholas street, h Olmstead Cottage, Wellington terrace, 

Westland, Mrs, 8 Eubislaw terrace 
Weeks, George M., booking clerk (N.B. Ey. Joint Station), 24 

Bank street 
Wheeler & Wilson, Sewing Machine Co., 17 Correction wynd, 

A. Noble, agent 
White, Charles, meat salesman, Kosebank, Hardgate 
White, James, flesher, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 Market Hall, h 

Millbank, North Broadford 
White, James, 49 Wellington street 
White, James (of J, Bisset & Co.), 8 Elmbank terrace 
White, John F., grain and flour merchant, 107 King street, h 

311 Union street 
White, Wm., salesman (N. C. Co. Lim,), 3 Cause wayend, h2\ 

White, Wm. R., supervisor, Inland Revenue, 27 King street, 

h A\ Springbank terrace 
White, Mrs, 30 Prospect terrace 
Whitecross, Wm., clerk (Customs), 159 Crown street 
Whitecross, Miss, milliner and straw bonnet maker, 34 Union 

Whitehead, Ben., teacher, St. Margaret's School, and organist 

(St. Paul's E. Church), 11 Roslin terrace 
Whyntie, John (Pratt & Keith), 36 Thomson street 
Wliyte, George, grocer, 86 Albion street 
Whyte, George G.. chartered accountant and stock broker, 130 

Union street, h \2 Garden place 
Whyte, James Robertson, advocate, 46 King street, h 72 Garden 

Whyte, John, advocate (of Davidson & Garden), 4 Eubislaw 

Whyte, John, painter, 36 and 38 Chapel street, li 48 St. 

Nicholas street 
Whyte, William, sub-inspector of schools, 3 Kirkville terrace, 

Whyte, Mrs, 4 Albyn terrace 
Whyte, Mrs, 108 King street 
Whyte, Mrs Dr., (late of Methlic), 72 Garden place 
Whyte, Miss, 15 Wellington place 
Whyte, Miss, 37 Victoria street 
Whyte, Miss, 4 Mackie place 

Wigglesworth, A. (Richards & Co.), h Gordondale, Stocket 
Wight, Alexander F., advocate and notary public, 11 Union 

buildings, /i 21 Rubislaw terrace 
Wight, James S., druggist, 1 Mounthooly, h 5 Albert street 


Wight, JoTin, M.D., 305 Union street 

Wight, W. B., manager (A. & F. Mannelle), Sclattie 

Wight, Mrs G., 27 Mount street 

Wight, Mrs, refreshment rooms, 10 Upperkirkgate 

Wildgoose, James (of J. Williams & Sons), 13 Virginia street 

Wilken, George, clerk (Leith & Paterson), 74 John street 

Wilkie, George G., bank agent (Town and County Bank, Lim., 

Harbour Branch), 1 Forest road 
Wilkie, James, clerk, 24 Rosemount place 
Wilkie, William, foreman (Stewart & Mortimer, Limited), 22 

Roslin terrace 
Wilkie, Mrs, 24 Rosemount place 
Wilkins, John T., surveyor, Board of Trade, 28 Regent quay, 

h 65 Loanhead terrace 
Will, George, general merchant, 210, h 206§ Gallowgate 
Will, James, of Woodside, M.D., 11 King street 
Will, James, shipmaster, 2 Park place 

Will, James, superintendent, House of Refuge, 85 George st. 
Will, J. C. 0., M.D., F.R.S.E., 12 Union terrace 
Will, Thomas, 1 Millburn street 
Will, William, mason, 20 Powis place 
Will, Wm., tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 160 George street, 

h 55 John street 
Willans, Mrs, 24 Caledonian place 
Willet, John, civil engineer ; olHice, 245 Union street, h 30 

Albyn place 
Willet, John Charles, advocate, 124 Union street, li 30 Albyn 

Willet, Joseph T., senior dockmaster, 28 Bon-Accord terrace 
Williams, Alexander Malcolm, M.A., teacher, High School for 

Girls', A 17 Caledonian place 
Williams, C. B., assistant inspector of poor for St. Nicholas, 

122 North Broadford 
Williams, James, & Sons, coopers and curers, 13 Virginia st. 
Williams, James, manager (Chivas Brothers), 35a Union place, 

h 5 Beechgrove terrace 
Williams, James, superintendent, AUanvale Cemetery, h 

Nursery House, Polmuir 
Williams, James (of W. Williams & Sons), 4 Queen's Gardens 
Williams, Robert, cashier (Police dept. — Town Council), Mill- 
bank Cottage, Woodside 
Williams, William, & Sons, wholesale wine, spirit, and tea 

merchants, 19 Regent quay 
Williams, William (of W. Williams & Sons), 4 Queen's Gardens 
Williams, William, house agent, 14 St. Andrew street, h 9 

Springbank terrace 
Williams, Mrs, 4 Queen's Gardens 


Williainson & Simpson, soap and candle manufacturers and 
oil merchants, &c., 79 Wales street 

Williamson, Adam, jun., haircutter, 41 Woolmanhill, h 6 
Hanover street 

Williamson, Adam, haircutter, 20 Marischal street 

Williamson, Alexander, coal agent (G. Elsmie & Son, 11 
Regent quay), 93 Chapel street 

Williamson, Alexander, Burnside Villa, North Stocket road 

Williamson, Alexander, feuar, 18 Powis place 

Williamson, Alexander, general merchant, 67 Holburn street, 
h Oakbank Cottage, King's Gate 

Williamson, Andrew, granite polishing works, 1 Canal road, 
h 2061 Gallowgate 

Williamson, A. M., advocate and notary public (of PauU & 
Williamson), 12 King street, A 11 Union terrace 

Williamson, David, llesher, 10 Loanhead terrace 

Williamson, George, farmer. Queen's road west 

Williamson, James, cooper, 16 Bridge place, h 5 Gilcomston 

Williamson, James, sen., farmer, Cornhill 

Williamson, James, farmer, Stockethill 

Williamson, John, & Son, flesh ers, 4, 5, and 6 Market hall 

Williamson, John (of John Williamson & Son), Oakbank Cot- 
tage, King's Gate 

Williamson, John, jun., flesher, 48 and 49 Market hall, /i 6 
West Craibstone street 

Williamson, John, yost. (of J. W. & Son), Oakbank, Stocket 

Williamson, W. H., M.D., D.D.S., LD.S., dental surgeon, 
15 Union terrace 

Williamson, William (of Williamson & Simpson), 10 Bon- 
Accord square 

Williamson, William, flesher, Cairnfield, Cairncry 

Williamson, William, retired engineer, R.N., 14 Loanhead 

Williamson, William, cashier (Aberdeen Journal), Oakbank 
Cottage, King's Gate 

Williamson, Mrs, provision merchant, 55, h 53 Commerce st. 

Williamson, Miss, 14 Golden square 

Williamson, Miss, 68 Garden place 

Williamson, Miss, 67 Crown street 

Willison, Mrs, 18 Beechgrove terrace 

Willock, R. C, M.D., CM., 4 Golden square 

Willox & Watt, sewing machine, bicycle, tricycle, and 
perambulater manufacturers and agents, 45a and 45b 
Schoolhill, 257 Union street, and Langstane place 

Willox, J. S. (of Willox & Watt), 1 Langstane place 

Willox, James, builder, 47 Gilcomston park 


Wilson & Stalker, monumental granite works, 215 King street 

Wilson, Alexander, commercial traveller, 12 Powis terrace 

Wilson, Alex., solicitor, 34 Marisclial street, h 7 Cherry bank 

Wilson, Alex., granite manufacturer, Portland street, h 22 

Wilson, Alex. B., commercial traveller (J. Sheed & Co.), 84 
Skene square 

Wilson, A. & C, grocers, 14 York street, h 27 York place 

Wilson, A. H. (of Hall Russell & Co.), 2 Albyn terrace 

Wilson, Andrew, draper, 33 and 35 Union street, h 27a George 

Wilson, Arthur, joiner, 34 Catherine street 

Wilson, Charles F., traveller (B. R & Co., Bon- Accord Works), 
2 Mount street 

Wilson, C. (of Blaikie Bros.), 74 Carden place 

Wilson, David, dyer and scourer, 20 Innes street, and 86 Union 
street, A 10 John street 

Wilson, David, waiter, 49 Upperkirkgate 

Wilson, E., broker, 62, h 65 East North street 

Wilson, G. W,, & Co., artists and photographers (by special 
Appointment to Her Majesty in Scotland), portrait de- 
partment, 25 Crown street ; printing and wholesale 
publishing warehouse, 2 St. SAvithin street 

Wilson, G. W. (of G. W. Wilson & Co.), Queen's cross 

Wilson, George, shoemaker, 246^ George street, h 169 North 

Wilson, George, accountant (of S. D. & D.), 35a Union street, 
h 60 Osborne place 

Wilson, Isaac, meal seller and grain merchant, 14 West North 

Wilson, J., baker, 76 Gallowgate 

Wilson, James (Inland Eevenue, Devanha Distillery), 19 Cale- 
donian place 

Wilson, James, & Son, provision merchants, 7, h 5 Schoolhill 

Wilson, James, music teacher, C. of S. T. College, A 13 Consti- 
tution street 

Wilson, James E., bookbinder, 76 Broad street 

Wilson, James, slater, 84 Gerrard street, All Urquhart road 

Wilson, James, 39 Powis place 

Wilson, James, dyer, 79 Stanley street 

Wilson, J. H. (of G. W. Wilson & Co.), 25 Crown street, h 
Queen's Cross 

Wilson, John Dove, advocate, sheriff-substitute for Aberdeen 
and Kincardine, Sheriff's Chambers, Court House, 
buildings, A 17 Rubislaw terrace 

Wilson, John I., baker and confectioner, Westfield bakery. 
North Albert street, branch shop, Westfield buildings, 
li Westfield Cottage, North Albert street 


Wilson, Jolm K., 2 Mount street 

Wilson, John S., draper and hatter, 16 and 18 St. Nicholas 

Wilson, John, auctioneer and valuator, house factor and agent, 

74 Union street, h 10 Balmoral terrace 
Wilson, John, shoreporter, 28 Shiprow 
Wilson, John, builder, 52 Park street, All South Constitution 

Wilson, John, mason, 24 Holburn road 
Wilson, John, spirit dealer, 17 Carmelite street 
Wilson, John, 3 Cherrybank, Hardgate 
Wilson, John, joiner, 143 North Broadford, h 17 Erskine st. 
Wilson, Louis G. O., photographer (of G. W. Wilson & Co.), 

Queen's Cross 
Wilson, Robert, grocer, 83, /j 81 Hardgate 
Wilson, Robert G. (of Ellis & Wilson), 60 Springbank terrace 
Wilson, Rev. W. M., minister (North Parish), Millburn Villa, 

17 Powis terrace 
Wilson, Wm., shipmaster, 69 Bon- Accord street 
Wilson, Wm., gardener. South Mile-end, Holburn road 
Wilson, Wm. A., clerk (R. & Co.), 56 Watson street 
Wilson, Wm., draper, 15 Cause wayend 
Wilson, Wm., steward (Aberdeen Conservative Club), 120 

Union street 
Wilson, Wm., grocer, tea, wine and spirit merchant, and aerated 

water manufacturer, 32 Wellington street, and 78 St. 

Clement street, h 33 Clarence street 
Wilson, Mrs Peter, 2 Mary place 
Wilson, Mrs, 1 Marine place 
Wilson, Mrs, teacher of music, 5 Huntly street 
Wilson, Mrs Thomas, lodgings, 34 George street 
Wilson, Mrs, 4 Westfield terrace 
Wilson, Mrs, 8 Albert street 
Wilson, Mrs, 8 Albury road 
Wilson, Mrs, midwife, 25 Guestrow 
Wilsone, Thomas (of Reid & Wilsone), 4 Queen's terrace 
Wilsone, Misses, 2 Albert terrace 

Winchester, Alex, (of D. Macandrew & Co.), 27 Jute street 
Wink, James, slater, 24 Thistle street 

Winkley, James, painter, 3 Flourmill brae, h 9 Huntly street 
Winlaw, Miss, 17 Queen's road 

Wisely, William, grain merchant, 13 James street, h 33 Thom- 
son street 
Wisely, Mrs C, milliner, 38 Union terrace 
Wiseman, Wm., joiner, 44 Jasmine terrace 
Wishart, Alex., flesher, 92 Gallowgate 
Wishart, Dingwall, 20 Gordon street 



Wishart, James, draughtsman (Hall, Eiissell, & Co.), 13 Prince 
Eegent street 

Wishart, John, mason, 7 Broadford lane 

Wishart, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 70 Gallowgate, h Mary Cot- 
tage, 17 Canal street 

Wishart, Wm., boot and shoemaker, 93a Chapel street 

Wishart, Mrs, 2 South Crown street 

Wood, Alex., manager (J. T. Eennie & Son), 12 Albury road 

Wood, Colin, beadle, St. Nicholas lane U.P. Church, h 8 
Charlotte street 

Wood, David, shoemaker, 63 Windmill brae, h 172 Crown st. 

Wood, David, jun., secretary and treasurer, Bon- Accord Cricket 
and Football Clubs, 172 Crown street 

Wood, George, chief clerk. Post Office, 33 Prospect terrace 

Wood, George, fish dealer. Basement floor, Market, /ill Car- 
melite street 

Wood, George, moulder, 40 Eegent quay 

Wood, James, baker, 70, h 72 Park street 

Wood, James, late drum-major, E.A.H., 95 King street 

Wood, James, photographer, 246 Union street, h 3 Crimon pi. 

Wood, James, 4 Skene place 

Wood, John, surgeon, 20 Bon- Accord street 

Wood, John, stonecutter. Jasmine terrace, h\1 Gerrard street 

Wood, John, commercial traveller, 40 Cuparstone place 

Wood, Peter, tailor and clothier, 15, h 17 Woolmanhill 

Wood, Thomas, keeper of Advocates' Hall, Broad street 

Wood, Mrs Eobert, 7 St. Mary's place 

Wood, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 160 Crown street 

Wood, Miss, lodgings, 2 St. Mary's place 

Wood, Miss, embroidery pattern printer, 36 Woolmanhill, h 
160 Crown street 

Woodman, Alex., com. traveller (F. & G.), 46 Loanhead ter. 

Wordie & Co., railway agents and carriers, 8 Schoolhill ; 
Samuel Baker, agent 

Worling, J. & J., plumbers and gasfitters, 192 Gallowgate 

Worling, James (of J. & J. W.), 35 Powis place 

Worling, John (of J. & J. W. ), 33 Hutcheon street 

W^right, Alex., 8 Mount street west 

Wright, Alex., letter carrier (P.O.), 23 Prospect terrace 

Wright, Frederick, stonecutter (of J. W. & Sons), 4 Ann place 

Wright, Eev. Henry W. (Ferryhill Church), 5 Devanha ter. 

Wright, James, & Sons, manufacturers of polished granite (to 
Her Majesty), 112 John street 

Wright, Moses S., electrician and musical instrument maker, 
80 North Broadford 

Wright, E. W., merchant, 32 Netherkirkgate, h bl Watson 


Wright, E., & Son, grocers and spirit merchants, 26 Schoolhill, 

h 20 North Broadford 
Wright, Wra., stonecutter (of J. W. & Sons), Eichmond Villa, 

South Stocket 
Wright, Mrs James, l^ Mount street 
Wright, Mrs, lodgings, 48 St. Nicholas street 
Wunderley, Paul, watch and clock maker, 42 George street 
Wyllie, David (Union Bank), 20 Golden square 
Wyllie, David, & Son, booksellers and stationers (to the Queen 

and H.E.H. the Prince of Wales), public circulating 

library, 167 and 169 Union street, and 2 Bridge 

Wyllie, David, coal merchant and carter, 48, h 47 Jack's 

Wyllie, Henry S., clerk (Young's Par. Light & M. O. Co., 

Lim.), 31 Bank street 
Wyllie, John, grocer, 28 Leadside road, h 2 Hill street 
Wyllie, Eobert, house carpenter and beadle, U.P. Church, St. 

Paul street, and keeper St. Paul street Hall, workshop, 

34, h 15 St. Paul street 
Wyllie, W. B., sorting clerk (P.O.), 27 Dee street 
Wyllie, Wm. (W. Smith & Son), 2 Eichmond terrace 
Wyllie, Mrs, 20 Golden square 

Wyness, Alex., flesher, 7 and 8 Market Hall, h Lochhead Cot- 
tage, Cornhill road 
Wyness, Alex. H., block and pump maker, Eegent road 
Wyness, James D., M.D., chemist, 34 Woolmanhill, h 53 

Wyness, James F., manager (Bon- Accord Slate Merchant Co., 

Limited), 35 Victoria street 
Wyness, James, detective, 62 Gerrard street 
Wyness, James, Eden Cottage, Mount street 
Wyness, John, 41 John street 
Wyness, Thomas, superintendent of police, 1 Springbank 

Wyness, Jane, feuar, 56 Holburn street 
Wyness, Mrs, lodgings, 37 Thistle street 
Wyness, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Mount street west 
Wyness, Miss, milliner, 66 Skene square 
Wyse, Wm., sorting clerk (P.O.), 13 Craigie street 

YATES, James, Police Department, Town House, h 1^ Ferry- 
hill place 

Yeats, Milne, & McDonald, advocates, 46 King street 

Yeats, Alexander, advocate, Town Clerk Depute, Town House, 
h 89 Union street 

Yeats, Charles, cabinetmaker, 5, /i 7 Thistle street 


Yeats, James, cattleman (Cal. Ry.)> 1^8 "Wellington road 
Yeats, Thomas, jun., fleslier, 45 Cotton street, h 21 King's 

Yeats, William (of Yeats, Milne, & McDonald), Beaconhill, 

Yeats, Mrs John, lodgings, 64 Dee street 
Yeats, Mrs, milliner and dressmaker, 45J Nelson street 
Yeoman, Charles, foreman joiner (G. N. of S. Ry.)> Kitty- 

brewster, h Eoseland Cottage, Tanfield Walk, Woodside 
Yeoman, George, gardener, 18 Upper Denburn 
Yeoman, Mrs, provision merchant, 26 Thistle street 
Young, Alex., plumber, 197 George street, h 74 Eosemount 

Young, Alex. B., baker, 276 George street, h 74 Eosemount 

Young, Kev. Archibald, M.A. (U.R Church, Garden place), 29 

Osborne place 
Young, Charles D. (of Stevenson, Young, & Co.), 10 Black's 

Young, Edward, bookseller, 40 Ferryhill terrace 
Young, Frederick, hairdresser. College street 
Young, George, merchant (receiving P.O.), 182, y^ 180 Crown 

Young, James, dealer in porter and ales, 27 Harriet street, h 

Newton, Countesswells 
Young, James, accountant and sheriff-officer, 36 Marischal st. 
Young, John Eobertson, solicitor, 34 Bridge street, h 36 Bel- 

videre street 
Young, John S., shipmaster, Hammerfield place 
Young, P. M., goods agent (G. N. of S. Ey.), 11 Canal terrace 
Young, M., midwife and sick nurse, 82 Chapel street 
Young, Mrs, lodgings, 38 Summer street 
Young, Miss, teacher of music, 10 Black's buildings 
Young, Miss, dressmaker, 5 Bank street 

Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co., Ltd., 33 Market st. 
Youngson & Storie, advocates, 124 Union street 
Youngson, Alex. (G. Elsmie & Son), 20 Chapel street 
Youngson, D. (Broadford Works), 14 Loanhead terrace 
Youngson, James, boot and shoemaker, 30 Chapel street, 7i 110 

Eosemount place 
Youngson, Thomas A. W. A., advocate (of Youngson & Storie), 

Southfield House, Cults 
Youngson, Wm. (of G. Littlejohn & Co.), 55 View terrace 
Yule, Alex., late ironmonger, 27 York j^lace 
Yule, Christopher B., grocer and agent for London Cheque 

Bank, Lim., 73 Holburn street, and draper, hosier, and 

warehouseman, 60, /i 71 Holburn street 


Yule, George, late corn merchant, 116 Crown street 

Yule, George, lace, glove, and fancy warehouse, 133 Union st., 

h 20 Beaconsfield place 
Yule, James, general carter, 45 Virginia street 
Yule, James, tobacconist, 7 Union buildings, and 219 Union 

street, h 40 Stanley street 
Yule, Eobert, working jeweller, 7 Correction wynd, h 41 

Summer street 
Yule, Wm., late merchant, 20 Bon-Accord street 
Yule, Wm., com. trav. (Watson, Philip, & Dawson), 16 South 

Mount street 



Abbothall Villa ; P. Bannerman — on North. Deeside road, about three and a 

half miles from town, right hand side 
Abbotsville ; Geo. C. Leslie— on North Deeside road, three and a half miles 

from town, right hand side 
Aiiy Hall ; Thomas Douglas— on left hand side of Mid Pitfodels road, about 

two miles from Holburn street 
Albert Grove, Kenfield ; Thomas Mason — on Countesswells road, about two 

mUes from Holburn street, left hand side 
AUanvale Cemetery— on north bank of river Dee, one and a half miles from 

Aberdeen ; James Williams, superintendent 
Angusfield ; Mrs Anderson— on Skene road, beside Rubislaw Quarries, right 

hand side 
Anniield ; Arch. Duff — on Cuparstone road, three quarters of a mile from 

Holburn street, right hand side 
Applebank, Spittal ; John M'Lennan — about one hundred yards north of Love 

lane, right hand side 
Ardoe House ; Alex. M. Ogston — on south side of river Dee, about one mile 

from Cults station 
Argyle Cottage, Cults ; Major Joyner 
Arnlee ; — on north Deeside road, near Cults 
Ashgrove ; Robert J. Anderson — about half a mile south-west of Kitty- 

brewster station 
Ashley ; John Cook— north of Cuparstone road, half a mile from Holburn st. 
Ashley Bank ; William Fraser— on Cuparstone road, left hand side, abcut half 

a mile from Holburn street 
Ashley Lodge ; William Duthie, jun.— on Cuparstone road, left hand side, half 

a mile from Holburn street 
Baillieswells ;— Cults —William Brodie 
Balgownie ; Duncan Forbes— on north side of river Don, about a mile west of 

Old Bridge 
Balgownie Lodge ; John Crombie — on north side of river Don, half a mile 

above Old Bridge of Don 
Balgownie Bridge— fOld Bridge of Bon J 
Balgreen ; Robert Maitland--a Cottage on Low Stocket Road, right hand side, 

one mile and a-half from Caroline place 
Balnagarth ; George Collie— on North Deeside road, about three miles from 

town, right hand side 
Balvenie House, Cults ; James Craig 
Banchory House ; John Stewart— on south Deeside road, one mile beyond 

Bridge of Dee 
Banff Villa ; Cults- Wm. Duthie 
Barkmill House ; C. R. Mitchell — Berryden road 
Bay View House ; George J. Scott — Queen's road west 
Beath VUla ; Mrs Beveridge — Polmuir road, Ferryhill 

Beechgrove ; John Fyfe— on South High Stocket road, first house past mile- 
end, right hand side 
Beechhill ; John Edwards— on Countesswells road, left hand side, nearly two 

miles from Holburn street 
Beech Lee ; Mrs Robert Cruickshank— on Cuparstone road, half a mile from 

Holburn, left hand side 
Belmont ; Alexander Middleton— on Berryden road, half a mile beyond Caro- 
line place 
Belvidere ; Misses Falconer — 45 Belvidere place 
Berryden House ; P. M. Barnett— on Berryden road, three minutes' walk 

from Caroline place, right hand side 
Ben-ybank ; Mrs John Lindsay— on Berryden road, half a mile from Caroline 

place, or near Kittybrewster station 
Bethany House, Community of St. Mary and St. John ; 147 Hardgate 
Birchwood, Cults ; WUliam Smart— three minutes' walk from Cults station 
Bon- Accord Cottage ; George Bain, near Oldmill Reformatory 


Bonnymuir ; Samuel Angus — on Low Stocket road, about a mile from Caro- 
line place 
Bonnymuir Villa ; Rev. James Dewar — on Low Stocket road 
Braehead Cottage ; Mrs T. B. Glover — west of, and near Old Bridge of Don 
Braeside, Pitfodels ; Misses Collie — on North Deeside road, two miles from 

Holburn street, right hand side 
Broomhill House ; Charles Mann— on the Old Deeside road, half a mile from 

south end of Holburn street 
Broomhill Cottage ; Rev. Robert Semple — on Old Deeside road, left hand side, 

one mile from Union place 
Broomhill Lodge ; George Robertson — Hammerfield, Old Deeside road 
Burnieboozle ; Stephen Paterson — on the Skene road, half a mile beyond 

Rubislaw Quarries, left hand side 
Cairnaquheen ; Captain H. C. Best, R.N. — on North High Ptocket road, about 

three quarters of a mile west of Mile-end, left hand side 
Cairnlee Cottage; Jas. Corbet — on road leading from Bieldside to Countesswells 
Cattofield ; John Catto — on Cairncry raad, three minutes' walk west from 

Kitty brewster station 
Clare Cottage ; James Tui-reff — Seafield, Cuparstone road, one mile from 

Holburn street, right hand side 
Cliff House, Pitfodels ; Mrs Marr — on Mid Pitfodels road, two miles and a half 

from Holburn street, left hand side 
Clifton Villa ; James Webster — Polnmir road, Ferryhill 
Cornhill House — on Cornhill road, one mile from Lunatic Asylum, right hand 

side of road 
Cosie Brae Cottage, Cults — David Dewar 
Cotton Lodge ; David Littlejohn — about half a mile north of Kittybrewster 

Countesswells road — a by-road branching off to the right from Cuparstone 

road, about one mile and a half from Holburn street 
Countesswells House ; C. Barclay Holland — about four miles from Holburn 

sti'eet by Cuparstone and Countesswells road 
Craigbank, Cults ; Joseph Reid — on North Deeside road, beyond the Cults 

Free Church 
Craigielee ; Wm. Morrison — about two miles from Aberdeen, on the Mid 

Pitfodels or Countesswells road 
Craigiepark ; Henry C. Hadden— a dwelling House on the Craigie Loanings 

road, left hand side 
Craigiebuckler House ; John Cardno Coupei- — between the Rubislaw and 

Countesswells road, two miles from Holburn street 
Cranford House ; David M'Hardj' — on North Deeside road, about one mile 

and a half from Holburn street, left hand side 
Craigton ; William Knox — on Mid Pitfodels road, about two miles and a half 

from Holburn street, left hand side 
Cressbrook ; Wm. Gibb — on Skene road, right hand, near Rubislaw QuaiTiea 
Cults House; Robert Abernethy, C.E. — on North Deeside road, four miles 

from town, right hand side 
Dalhebity ; by Cults — Gavin Hadden 
Danestone House and Grounds ; John Crombie, jun. — on north side of river 

Don, near Grandholm works, about two miles and a half from town 
Deeside Hydropathic Establishment, Heathcot — five miles from Aberdeen, by 

South Deeside road 
Denmore — one mile and a quarter north of Bridge of Don 
Derncleuch ; W. Hall, jun. — on Mid Pitfodels road, two and a half miles from 

Holburn street, left hand side 
Devanha House, Ferryhill — William Hendersou 
Devanha Brewery ; Black & Co.— on north side of river Dee, near Wellington 

Devanha Distillery ; Black & Co. — on north side of river Dee, beyond Welling- 
ton Bridge 
Don Bank ; John Leslie— on north side of river Don, between Old and New 

Bridge of Don 
Dramduan ; S. Shepherd — on South Deeside road, one mile and three quarters 

beyond Bridge of Dee 
Drumgarth ; Mrs George Jamieson — on north bank of river Dee, about three 

miles from town by North Deeside road 


Duncairn House, South Seafield ; Wm. C. King — on Cuparstone road, about 

one mile and a quarter from Holburn street, right hand side 
Dunmail, Cults — Rev. Robert W. Barbour 
Eastfield ; George Catto — on the Low Stocket road, three quarters of a mile 

from Caroline place, left hand side 
Eden Cottage, West Cults ; George Laing 
EUengowan ; Wm. Gray— on Mid-Pitfodels road, about two miles and a half 

from Holburn street, left hand side 
Elmbank ; William Mitchell — near Kittybrewster railway station 
Elmfield ; Major Henry A. Crane — half a mile from Mounthooly, east side of 

railway branch line 
Elmhill House ; Robert Jamieson, M.D.— first entrance on right hand side of 

Cornhill road 
Enfield, Pitfodels ; Captain A. Baird, E.E. — between Mid-Pitfodels and 

Deeside roads,about two miles from Holburn street 
Fairfield, Fonthill road— Alex. O. Gill 
Ferndale Cottage, King street road ; George Duncan 
Ferryhill House ; Robert Lumsden — on road leading from Crown street to 

Rotunda place, right hand side 
Ferryhill Foundry ; J. Abernethy & Co. — beside Wellington Bridge 
FeiTyhill Lodge ; Professor Bain- north-east corner of Roy's Nursery 
Ferryhill Cottage ; Mrs. J. Abernethy— on hill overlooking Wellington 

Fountainhall ; Adam M. Gray — near GUcomston dam 

Forbesfield ; Malcolmson Morrison — on Cuparstone road, one mile from Hol- 
burn street, right hand side 
Forresterhill ; Chas. Davidson— on the Cornhill road, leading from west side 

of Lunatic Asylum, one mile and a half from Caroline pi., left hand side 
Friendly Bank, Mounthooly ; William Dalgleish — right hand side of railway 

Friendville ; Miss Mackenzie- -on Cuparstone road, one mile and a half from 

Holburn street, right hand side 
Froghall Cottage ; George Skakle— half a mile above Mounthooly 
Galleries ; Alex. Forbes, A.M. — a dwelling-house between Mackie place and 

Cherryvale, right hand side of Skene street 
Garthdee House ; Alex. Edmond, sen.— on north bank of river Dee, north-east 

of Cults station, about three miles from Aberdeen 
Glenburnie House ; John Symon — between Grammar School and Garden 

place, right hand side of Skene street west 
Glenburnie Cottage ; Misses Anderson — between Grammar School and Garden 

place, right hand side of Skene street west 
Gordondale ; A Wiggles worth — on Gordondale road, left hand side 
Gordon's Mills ; Trustees of Jonathan Mess — on the south side of the river 

Don, half a mile beyond Old Aberdeen Cathedi-al 
Grandholm ; Mrs Baton — on north side of river Don, about five miles from 

town, by Old Bridge of Don 
Grandholm Works ; J. fi, J. Crombie — on north side of river Don, about three 

quarters of a mile north from Woodside 
Grandholm Cottage ; Wm. Porter — on north side of river Don, about half a 

mile from Woodside, and near Persleyden 
Granite Hill (late Cairncry) ; A. Moir — a dwelling-House at West end of Corn- 
hill and Cairncry roads 
Grubb Lodge ; Cults — Mrs Bruce 

Hawthorn Bank, Cults ; Charles Christie — South side of Ry. Station, Cults 
Hay Lodge ; West Cults— M. P. Stewart 
Hazlehead House— about half a mile beyond Rubislaw Quarries,' then nearly 

half a mile to the left from Skene road 
Henry Villa, Cults ; John Gray 
Hilton House ; Rev. Alex. Anderson, LL.D. — about five "minutes' walk west 

from Woodside F.C. Manse 
Hirpletillim ; James Clyne— near Rubislaw Den 
Homewood— James Davidson — on Countesswells road, right hand side, about 

two miles from Holburn street 
Honeybank ; WilUam Collie — north end of Canal road, right hand side 
Hosefield ; John Stephen, gardener — about a quarter of a mile north from 

MUe-End, Stocket 


Inchgarth ; George S. Tayler — on north bank of river Dee, about three miles 

from town, by north Deeside road 
Ingleside ; West Cults, Cults— Thomas Hutchison 
Inverdee ; J. Blaikie Nicol- on north side of Dee, 3|- miles from town, near 

Cults Station 
Jessiefield ; John Adam— on Skene road, about two miles beyond Rubislaw 

Quarries, left hand side 
Johnston Place ; Major-Gen. Rutherford of Altries — on the Rubislaw road, a 

quarter of a mile beyond Rubislaw Quarries, left hand side 
Kenfield ; W. T. Paterson— on Countesswells road, about two miles from Hol- 

burn street, left hand side 
Keppleston ; Alexander M'Donald— on the Skene road, left hand side, opposite 

Rubislaw Quarries 
Kincorth ; John Fraser — between Church of Nigg and river Dee 
Kirkhill— on the Wellington road, south of the river Dee, one mile beyond 

Wellington Bridge, left hand side 
Ladymill— on King street road, one mile from Castle street 
Lilybank Provision Works; Robertson & Campbell — near Kitty brewster station 
Lochhead House ; Convalescent Hospital — on the Low Stocket road, right 

hand side, about four minutes' walk from Caroline place 
Lochhead Villa— Peter Clark 
Lome Bank ; Geo. G. Sharp— Old Deeside road 
Louisville ; Mrs Bristow — on Caparstone road, one mile from Holburn street, 

right hand side 
Mannofield — a group of dwelling houses on the Cuparstone road, one and a 

half miles from Holburn street 
Mary Cottage ; Hugh Henderson, M.A.— on King street road, one mile from 

Castle street, right hand side 
Maryfield, Ponthill road ; James Murray Garden 
Maryville; Col. James Cadenhead — at the west end of the South High Stocket, 

road, leading from Morningfield, about two miles from Skene square 
Mastrick — two and a quarter miles from town, on Low Stocket road 
Maybank House ; Mrs James Thomson- -Hutcheon street west 
Mayfield House, Cults ; George Hilton Paterson— at Cults station 
Meadow Bank, Cults ; R. S. Duncan 
Merlebank ; John Duncan— on Old Deeside road, left hand side, one mile from 

Union place 
Middleton, Pitfodels ; James Bruce — on North Deeside road, almost three 

miles from town, left hand side 
Millo ; Wm. Espliii— on North Deeside road, about three miles from town, 

left hand side 
Monaltrie Villa, Seafield ; John Edmonston 
Morefield; Wm. H. Cameron, R.N.— on the North High Stocket road, half a 

mile west of Mile-End, left hand side 
Moreseat ; William Strachan— on South High Stocket road, one fourth of a 

mile west of Mile-End, left hand side 
Morkeu ; Alexander Forbes— at extremity of Mid-Pitfodels road 
Morningfield- a group of dwelling-houses on South High Stocket road, about 

half a mile from Mile-End 
Morningside ; W. Bates Avery— on Cuparstone road, one mUe and a half from 

Holburn street, left hand side 
Murtle — Murtle House ; Mrs. Nicol 
Newham Cottage ; John P. S. Mitchell— King street road, first house past 

Cemetery, left hand side 
Newlands ; Misses Duguid— on the Old North Deeside road, one mUe from 

Union place 
Northcote, Cults ; Robert Collie— on the North Deeside road, about three 

miles from town, right hand side 
Norwood Hall ; James Ogston— on North bank of river Dee, about three miles 

from town, by North Deeside road 
Oakbank Industrial School— on North High Stocket road, one mile and a 

quarter from Skene square, left hand side 
Oakbank Cottage ; John Williamson, jun.— on South High Stocket road, one 

mile and a quarter from Skene square, right hand side 
Oldmill Reformatory— about two and a half miles from Union place, on Skene 

road, right hand side 


Outseats of Pitmuxton ; Win. Thorn— on the North side of river Bee, between 

Roy's Nursery and Ruthrieson 
Persleyden House ; Wm. Machray — on North side of river Don, half a mile 

v^est from Grandholm works 
Petrie Villa, Cults -James Ross 
Pitfodels Road (Mid)— branches off west from Cuparstone road at Mannofield, 

about one mile and a half from Holburn street 
Pitmuxton — on Old Deeside road, right hand side of Holburn street, about 

one mile from Union place 
Polmuir — about ten minutes' walk due south from Roy's Nursery 
Powis House ; Misses Leslie — about five minutes' walk north-east from Kitty- 

brewster station 
Prospect Hill ; James Jamieson— on Mid-Pitfodels road, two and a fourth 

miles from Holburn street, rigrht hand side 
Raeden ; Mrs Duncan — on North High Stocket road, one mile and a quarter 

from Skene square, right hand side 
Richmondhill : John LyaU Grant — on South High Stocket road, about four 

minutes' walk beyond Mile-End, right hand side 
Rockland ; David Easton — about three miles and a half from town, north of 

Wellwood, Cults 
Rosehill ; Jas. Mackenzie — a dwelling-house on left hand side of CornhiU road, 

nearly opposite CornhiU House 
Rosslyn Bank ; Wm. Gordon— on Cuparstone road, left hand side, half a mile 

from Holburn street 
Rubislaw Quarries — on Skene road, about one mile beyond Albyn place 
Rubislaw Works and Bleachfield ; Richards & Co. — near Skene road, half a 

mile beyond Albyn place 
Rubislaw Den ; William Keith, jun. —on road leading to right from Rubislaw 

road, about a quarter of a mile from Albyn place 
Rubislaw Park ; General FuUarton — on Skene road, about three minutes' walk 

from Rubislaw Quarries, left hand side 
Ruthrieston House : George Black — on south turnpike road, half a mile beyond 

south end of Holburn street, left hand side 
Ruthrieston Lodge ; Misses Scott — on south turnpike road, half a mile beyond 

south end of Holburn street, right hand side 
St. Clair House ; Geo. Sinclair — King street road 
St. Luke's, Kepplestone ; Geo. Reid — on the Skene road, left hand side, 

opposite Rubislaw Quarries 
St. Mary's Cottage ; Mrs. MoUison — King street road, opposite Spittal Cemetery 
Seabank House — on King street road, right hand side, one mile and a quarter 

from Aberdeen 
Seafield House ; John Harper 

Seafield Cottage ; Geo. M'Bain — near Rubislaw Quarries 
Seaton House ; J. Sherrifs Gordon — between Old Machar Cathedral and river 

Seaton Cottage ; John F. White— on north side of river Don, one mile above 

Old Bridge 
Scotstown House ; Sidney Field — about two miles north-west from Bridge of 

Sheddocksley— on Old Skene road, three and a half miles from Caroline place, 

right hand side • 
Silverdale ; James Tulloch— Polmuir road 
Slopefield ; James Davidson — on Countesswelis road, two and a half miles 

from Holburn street, left hand side 
Smithfield, Whitemyres ; Geo. HaU 

Southfield House ; T. A. W. A. Youngson— three and a half miles from Aber- 
deen, on north side of Dee, near Cults station 
Springbank Lodge ; James Duthie— on Mid-Pitfodels road, a few minutes' walk 

from Mannofield 
Springhill— on Old Skene road, three mUes from Caroline place 
Stocket Hill ; James Williamson — by the Low Stocket road to Raeden, from 

thence one fourth of a mile to the right hand side 
Stocket Road (South High) leads south-west from Mile-End, by left hand side 

road, past Morningside, and on to the Stocket 
Stocket Road (North High) leads westward from Mile-End, by right hand side 

road, past Raeden and Oakbank 


Stocket Road (Low) leads in a straight line westward from Caroline place, 

past Westburn, Bonnymuir, and Woodhill, on to the Stocket 
Summerhill ; Alex. Emslie Smith— on Pouth High Stocket road, two miles 

from Skene square, right hand side 
Sunnybank ; J. W. F. Smith-Shand, M.D.— about half a mile from Cause- 

wayend, by Canal road 
Sunnypark ; James Cocker & Sons— adjoining Froghall, five minutes' walk 

from Causewayend 
Sunnyside ; Peter M' Robbie— adjoining Spittal, three minutes' walk west of 

Old Red Lion Inn 
Temora, Cults ; Robert Fergusson 
Thornhill ; James Chivas— on Mid-Pitfodels road, two and a half miles from 

Holburn street, right hand side • 

Thomgrove ; WUliam Griflath— on North Deeside road, two miles from 

Thornvilla, Seafield ; Hugh Harper 
Torry Farm ; Wilham Duncan- -on south side of river Dee, opposite Victoria 

Trinity Cemetery — King street road, near Powder Magazine ; James Curran, 

Villa Franca ; James Thomson — a quarter of a mile north from Queen's Gate 
Yiewbank ; James Collie— on North Deeside road, about three miles from 

town, right hand side 
Viewfield ; Mrs William Stevenson— between Countesswells and Rubislaw 

roads, one half mile west of Rubislaw Quarries 
Vinery Lodge, Cults — Daniel Macandrew 

"Wallfield House ; Robert Catto— North Albert street, Craigie Loanings 
"Wellbrae ; Misses Walker — near Homewood 

Wellwood ; George Davidson— on N. Deeside road, near Cults, right hand side 
Westbank, Fonthill road ; James Bryce 
Westburn ; James Chalmers— on Low Stocket road, right hand side, five 

minutes' walk from Caroline place 
Westfield ; Mrs Melville— near north end of Albert street, entrance at foot 

of Westfield road 
West Cults House, Cults ; Charles F. Runcy 
Westpark ; Mrs Gray— on North Deeside road, three miles from town, left 

hand side 
Westwood ; Queen's Cross— George Milne, banker 
Westerton of Pitfodels ; Mrs George Stirling— three and a half miles from 

Aberdeen, on north side of Dee, near Cults station 
Whitehall; J. B. Pirie— near Gilcomston Dam, a quarter of a mile from 

north end of Albert street, on road leading west from the same 
Whitemyres House ; James Donald — on the old Skene road, three and three- 

foui-th miles from Skene square, by Low Stocket road 
Willqwpark ; George Ewen— on Low Stocket road, two miles from Caroline 

, place, left hand side 
Woodbank ; Alex. Davidson— on North Deeside road, three miles from town, 

right hand side 
Woodbine Cottage, Ruthrieston — Andrew Adams 
Woodend Cottage, Hazlehead ; James IngUs — on Skene road, two miles from 

town, right hand side 
Woodhill ; Mrs Jopp — on Low Stocket road, one mile and a quarter from Caro- 
line place, right hand side 
Woodland House ; Thomas Baird — on Pitfodels, between the Mid-Pitfodels 

and Deeside roads, about two miles from Holburn street 
Woodside Cottage, Pitfodels ; A. Turreflf— on Mid-Pitfodels road, right hand 

side, three and three-fourth miles from Aberdeen 
Woodside House ; Wm. Murray — on the south side of river Don, about a mile 

past Woodside Railway Station 
Woodville ; James Neil — Polmuir road, Ferryhill 
Yellow Cottage ; James Hardy — on Old Deeside road, left hand side, one mile 

from Union place 
Zetland House ; John Duncan— King street road, adjoining Militia Barracks 




Those marked thus * are, members 
of Society of Accts. in Aberdeen. 
*Byres, Alex. M., 74 Union st. 
Collie, Robert, 25 Union street 
*Cronibie, John, 74 Union street 
Frater, James, Town-House 
Gibson, James, (Com. Bank of 

Scotland, Limited) 
Guthrie, W. S. (National Bank 

of Scotland, Limited) 
Gray, John, 47 Marischal street 
*Greig, John K. (of J. Meston & 

Co.), 75 Union street 
Harper, James B., 4 Belmont st. 
Jaffray, Thos. (N. of S. Bank, 

(Limited, West-end Branch 
King, David M. 245 Union st. 
Lamb, George, 35a Union street 
*Ledingham, Alex., 10 Bridge st. 
Leslie, John, 83 Union street 
*Lunan, Wm., 39 Ashley place 
*M'Connochie, A. L, 74 Union st. 
M'Diarmid, John (Stamps and 

M'Laren, James, 25 Union street 
Macaldowie, John, 12 St. Nicho- 
las street 
Macdonald, Arch. , 59 Bon- Accord 

*Machray, Alexander, 152 Union 

♦Marquis, Hall, & Milne, 147 

Union street 
Meikle, Alex. (Royal Bank) 
*Meston, James, & Co., 75 Union 

*Milne, James, 10 Bridge street 

*Milne, James, jun. (Marquis, 

Hall, & Milne), 147 Union 

Milne, Wm. S., 24 Bank street 
Morrison, R. P. , County buildings 
Paterson, Samuel (G. N. of S. R.) 
Riddel, Thos. (N. S. S. Bank) 
Robertson, Geo. (T. & C. Bank, 

Ross, John A. , 49 Grove street 
*Sinclair, James A. (Bank of 

*Smith, John, 1 Queen's Gate 
Souter, D. (N. of S. Bank, Lim.) 
Strachan & *Gray, 5 Market st. 
Stronach, Alex., jun., 20 Belmont 

*Tytler, James, 137 Union street 
*Whyte, Geo. G. , 130 Union st. 
Wilson, George (of S. D. & D.), 

35a Union street 


See also Solicitors. 

Those tnarked thus * are Notaries 

Adam, Thomson, & Ross, 75 

Union street 
*Allan, George, 56 Castle street 
Allan, J. Buckley, 56 Castle st. 
* Anderson & Rae, 14 Union ter. 
Barclay, John B., 13 Belmont st. 
Brown, William A., Court House 

Bryce, James, 24 Adelphi 
*Bryce, John Stewart, 24 Adelphi 
Butchart, J. S. , 20 Belmont st. 
Burnett & Reid, 20 King street 



*Burnett, W. Kendal, 123i Union 

Cadenhead, Geo., City buildings 
Cattanach, D. G.,12 Bon-Accord 


* Chalmers, C. & P. H., 13 Union 

Clark, Peter, 83 Union street 
Clyne, ISTorval, Advocates' Hall 
*Cochran & Anderson, 152 Union 

*Collie, J. & G., 25 Union street 
Collie, George Duncan (of J. & G. 

Collie), 25 Union street 
Collie, J., Younger (of J. & G. 

Collie), 25 Union street 
*Cooper, P., & Son, 42 Union st. 
Cooper, Patrick, jun., 42 Union 

Davidson, John, 34 St. Nicholas 

Davidson, C. 13. , County bgs, 
*Davidson & Garden, 7 Union ter. 
Dawson, J. G. , 25 Marischal st. 
Downie & Bennet, 1 Adelphi 
*Duncan & Morice, 34 Marischal 

Duncan, John & Douglass, 8 

Castle street 
Dunn, Wm., 63 Union street 
Edmond, J. & A,, 229 Union st. 

* Edmonds & Macqueen, 10 

Bridge street 
Falconer, George, 63 Union street 
Ferguson, J. & J., 31 Adelphi 
*Fraser & Duguid, Albany bgs., 

Bridge street 
Garden, F. T., 13 Union terrace 
*Gordon, Wm., Town House 
Grant, George, 22 Belmont street 
Grub, George, LL.D., Advocates' 

Hall, Broad street 
*Hunter, Gordon, & Smith, 14 

*Jopp, Andrew, 27 King street 
Kemlo, Alex., 74 Union street 
Lamb, R., 29 Union street 
*Leask, A. R. D., 19 Marischal st. 
Leslie, R. D., 75 Union street 
*Ligertwood, J., County buildings 
Littlejohn, David, 15 Adelphi 


*Mackinnon, L. , jun. , & Son, 23 

Market street 
*M'Lennan, Hugh, 71 King street 
Marquis, Hall, & Milne, 147 

Union street 
MefFet, Alex., 26 Belmont street 
*Milne & Walker, 16 Union ter. 
Mitchell, David, 24 Adelphi 
Mitchell, Stodart J., 24 Adelphi 
*Muill, John, 21 Bridge street 
*Murray & M'Combie, 103 Union 

Ogg, Wm. F., 48 Market street 
Parker & M'Combie, 129 Union 

Paul, Wm. , 245 Union street 
*Paull & Williamson, 12 King st. 
Primrose, Thos., 28 Albyn place 
*Reid & Wilsone, 255 Union st. 
Reid, W. R., 123^ Union street 
Robertson & Lumsden, County 

buildings, Castle street 
Ruxton, Charles, 84 Union street 
Ruxton, Thos., 84 Union street 
Runcy, Charles F., Court-House 

*Rutherford & Gillies, 18lA 

Union street 
Shives, Thomas, 74 Union street 
Simpson & Cruden, 35 Castle st. 
Sinclair-Spark, T. S., & Taylor, 

129 Union street 
Smith, Alex. Emslie, 130 J Union 


* Smith, John, 1 Queen's gate 
*Stephen & Smith, 89 Union st. 
*Stewart, David, 83 Union street 
*Stronach, Duncan, & Duguid, 

35a Union street 

Stronach, Alex., jun., 20 Bel- 
mont street 

Watt & Cumine, 4 Correction 

*Watt, John, jun., 34 Castle st. 

* Webster, J. & A., 44 King st. 
Whyte, James R. , 46 King st. 
Whyte, John, 7 Union terrace 

* Wight, A. F., 11 Union bdgs. 
Willet, J. C, 124 Union street 
Wilson, John Dove, Court-House 




*Yeats, Milne, & M 'Donald, 46 

King street 
Yeats, Alexander, Town-House 
Youngson & Storie, 124 Union st. 

Aerated Water Manufac- 

Broomhead, George E., Justice 

Mill lane 
Coutts, Wm., 4 Thornton place 
Maxwell, Forbes, & Co. , Limited, 

Holburn buildings, Holburn 

Ogg, James, 109| John street 
Reid, Wm., Stevenson street 
Salmond, R. & J., 37, 39, and 

41a George street 
Sangster & Co., 34 St. Clair st. 
Stephen, James, Ross' Court, 6 

Strachan, R. H., 1 Rosemount 

Thomson, Wm., Lemon street, 

Park road 
Wallace, J., & Co., 51 and 55 

George street 
Wilson, W., 78 St. Clement st. 

Agents and Commission 


Adams, John C, 22 Broomhill 

Allan, , James, 44 Upperkirkgate 
Anderson, G. B. , Shore lane 
Asher, James, & Sons, 12 and 13 

Back wynd 
Bain, Wm., 13 Bridge street 
Bannerman, William, & Co. , 2 

Trinity quay 
Barclay & Bannerman, 3 Trinity 

Barclay, J., 19 Correction wynd 
Barker, James, 17 Hadden street 
Barron, John, 18 Adelphi 
Black, George, 10 Ann place 
Berneaud & Co. , 63 Marischal st. 
Bruce, R. , 7 Mount street west 
Buyers & Robertson, 53 Marischal 

Cadenhead, Wm., 39 ISiether- 


Cameron, John, 16 Hadden st. 
Catto, James, 21 1 Adelphi 
Chalmers, J. S., 56 Marischal 

Christie, C. , & Co. , Guild street 
Clarke & Co. , 47 Marischal street 
Collins, Charles, 37 Market st. 
Connon, Richard, & Co. , 2 Trinity 

buildings. Trinity quay 
Cook, Alex., jun., Clark's Court, 

2 Upperkirkgate 
Craig, James, 34 Marischal street 
Crombie, James, 3 Trinity build- 
ings, Trinity quay 
Cruickshank, J., 26 Belmont st. 
Davidson, Robert, 2 Correction 

Drummond, R. H. K., 2^ Bel- 
mont street 
Duncan, Alex. , 22 Adelphi 
Duncan, George, 90 John street 
Ellis & M 'Hardy, 10^ Regent 

Elsmie, G., & Son., 11 Regent qy. 
Falconer, J. G., 4 Regent quay 
Fleming, John, 48 Market street 
Forbes & M'Gregor, Weigh-house 

Eraser, James, 26 Thomson st. 
Garioch, Peter, 13 Hadden street 
Gordon, J. E., 63 Loch street 
Gordon, W. & H. C, 29 Union 

Grant, Wm., 49 Marischal street 
Gray, A. R. , Upper quay 
Gray, Alex., 57 Huntly street 
Gray, David, 42 Union street 
Green, Wm., 29 Queen street 
Harpei', Wm. , & Co. , Guild st. 
Hector, John, 81 John street 
Henderson, JDavid, 114 North 

Henderson, John, 102 North 

Henderson, John A., & Co., 25 

Carmelite street 
Hutcheson, George, & Co., 47 

Marischal street 
Ingram & Mortimer, 20 Adelphi 
Johannesen & Co., 55 Marischal 




Johnstone, C. & A., 5 Trinity- 
buildings, Trinity quay- 
Leslie, Wm., & Co., 67 Marisclial 

Ludwig, Chas., & Co., 17 Regent 

Lumsden, Alex., Gordondale rd. 
M 'Donald, P., 21 Upperkirkgate 
M'Pherson, H., & Co., 1 Adelphi 
M'Taggart & Booth, 1 Trinity 

buildings, Trinity quay 
Macdonald, D., & Sons, 27 and 29 

St. Andrew street 
Macdonald, J. B., 22 Adelphi 
Malcolm, Alex., 203 George st. 
Miln, Wm. S., 48 Market st. 
Milne, John, 22 Correction wynd 
Milne, John B., 48 Stanley st. 
Milne, Wm., 76 Union street 
Milne, Wm., jun., 46 King's 

Mitchell, John, 58 Castle street 
Moffatt, W. T., 57 Shiprow 
Moir, Alex., & Co., 216 Union 

Mollison, G., 2 Flourmillbrae 
Philip, James L., 4 Stafford st. 
Porter, George, jun., 28 Market 

Rennie, John T. , & Son, 48 Mar- 
isclial street 
Riddel, John S., 22 Adelphi 
Riddell, G., & Co., 46 Marischal 

Robertson & Arnot, 2 Trinity st. 
Robertson, John, 45 Marischal st. 
Ross, Wm., 37 Market street 
Royal, George, 26 Broad street 
Scorgie, John, 40 Broad street 
Sheed, John, & Co., 44 Marischal 

Skene, Alex., 21 Regent quay 
Skinner, Wm., 11 Stirling street 
Smart, John, 14 Marywell street 
Smith, Wm., jun., 4 Belmont st. 
Soutar, Wm. (C. S. Clark & Co., 
Leith), Elm Cottage, Ruth- 
Stephen, George, & Son, 3 Ab- 

botsford place 
Taylor, A. H., 63 Marischal st. 

Thomson, G., & Son, 14 Bridge 

Thomson, John, 18 Adelphi 
Thomson, Thomas, 15 Correction 

Tulloch, James, & Co., 30 and 32 

Virginia street 
Walker, Alex., 22 Adelphi 
Watson, A. G., 36 Marischal st. 
Watson, Philip, & Dawson, 2 

Virginia street 
Watson, R. H., 15 Netherkirk- 

Williams, William, & Sons, 19 

Regent quay 

Agricultural Implement 

Harper & Co., Albion Iron 
Works, Fish street 

Reid, Benjamin, & Co., Bon- 
Accord Works, Justice Mill 


Allan, R. G., 17 Belmont street 
Bruce, George, 255a George st. 
Coutts, George, 22 John street 
Coutts, Wm. B., 24 John street 
Ellis & Wilson, Victoria build- 
ings, 34 Bridge street 
Henderson, Jas., 26 Belmont st. 
Henderson, William, & Son, 124 

Union street 
Jenkins & Marr, 16 Bridge street 
M'Cann, J. P., 75 Union street 
M'Millan, Duncan, 4 Dee street 
Mackenzie, J. Rus., 91 Union st. 
Matthews & Mackenzie, 255 

Union street 
Macandrew, Daniel, 120 Loch st. 
Maver, Alex., 124 Union street 
Pirie & Clyne, 123| Union street 
Rust, John, jun., 7 Belmont st. 
Smith, Wm. & John, 148 and 

142 King street 
Souttar, James, 42 Union street 
Stuart, J., Balgair, Ruthrieston 

Architectural Surveyor. 

Brown, Alex., 39 Thomson street 



Artificial Limb-Maker. 

Kinnear, James, 110 King street 


Bunting, Thos., 38 Summer st. 
Eraser, John P., 46 Garden place 
Garey, Wm., 37 Back wynd 
Gowans, G. Russell, 267 Union 

Hay, John, 115 Union street 
Hunter, G. S., 209 King street 
M'Mahon, John, 9 Union row, 

and 115 Union street 
Mackenzie, Alex., 35a Union st. 
Mitchell, John, 10 Gladstone pi. 
Salmon, Joseph, 15 Adelphi 
Wilson, G. W., & Co., 25 Crown 

street, and St. Swithin st. 
"Winkley, James, 9 Huntly st. 


Andrew, F., 11 Princes street 
Bain, Wm., jun., 60 Loch street 
Brown, Alex., 1 and 3 Belmont 

Brown, Charles, 115 Union st. 
Brown, George, 27 View terrace 
Christie, H. G., 3 Adelphi 
Christie, John, 3 Adelphi 
Davidson, T., Point Law 
Duncan, John, Cattle Market, 

King street 
Gordon, Geo., 37 Rosemount pi. 
Hendry, D. R. , Union lane 
M'Call, John, 14 King street 
Maitland, James, 13 Canal street 
Middleton, Alexander, Belmont, 

Reid, David, 100 North Broad- 
Reith & Anderson, Kittybrewster 
Sharp, James, 34 Bridge street 
Shaw, S. R. W., 38 Market st. 
Shej)herd, Alex., 15 Guestrow 
Thomson, John, 38 Wellington 

Walker, W. (N. of S. E. L. Co.) 
Wilson, John, 74 Union street 


Anderson, Alex., 60 George st. 

Anderson, Wm., 62 Holburn st. 
Anderson, Mrs., 6 Commerce st. 
Birnie, A. W. , 2 Justice street 
Black & M'Kain, 6 Waverleypl. 
Bremner, John, & Co., Williams' 

Broadford Baking Co., 18 North 

Buchan, Francis, 129 Crown st, 
Buchan, Robt., & Son, 76 Green 
Charles, Wm., 76 Skene square 
Clark, George, 53 Hutcheon st. 
Cooper, Wm., 83 Gallowgate 
Craig, A., 310 George street 
Croll, Matthew, 167 Gallowgate 
Croll, W., 70 King street 
Edward, John, Belvidere place 
Flett, Alex., 7 Dee street 
Flett, John, 142 George street 
Garden & Raeburn, 32 Schoolhill 
Graham, Wm., 102 King street 
Hadden, James, 28 Bank street 
Hutcheson, A. B., 63 Broad st, 
Johnston, Joseph, 44 King's 

Kelty, James, 147 George street 
Lamb, Andrew, ISIJ Crown st. 
Law, James, 9 Upperkirkgate 
Law, Alexander, 82 Shiprow 
Ledingham, Jn. , 3 S. Mount st. 
Leith, J., 66 College street 
M 'Donald, James, 32 Gallowgate 
MTherson, Alex., jun., 3 Guild 

street, and 45 Richmond st. 
MTherson, Alex., Fountainhall 

road, and 18 Guild street 
Mackenzie, Orlando, 64 Virginia 

Mackenzie, Wm., 66 Queen st. 
Martin Bros. , 23 Justice street 
Mearns, P., 90 North Broadford 
Meflf, Robert, 199 George street 
Melvin, James, Mannofield 
Mitchell & Muil, 46i Schoolhill, 

165 George street, and 28a 

Union place 
Morrison, Jas. , & Co. , 6 Shiprow 
Murchie, Wm., 95 Skene street 
Murray, Jas., 77 Waterloo quay 
Nicol, Joseph, 134 Causeway end 
Mcolson, Alex., 11 Waverley pi. 



Northern Co-operative Co., 56 

Loch street 
Robertson, Alex., 92 Bon-Accord 

Sangster, John, 28 Holburn pi., 

and 7 Chattan place 
Smart, Peter H., 45 Green, and 

14 Union place 
Smart, George, 69 East North st. 
Strathdee, George, 44 Skene sq. 
Strathdee, James, 2 and 4 Skene 

Strichen, Alex., 214 King street 
Todd, John, 136 Skene street 
Warrack, John, 5 Chapel street 
Wilson, J., 76 Gallowgate 
Wilson, John I., North Albert 

St., and Westfield buildings 
Wood, James, 70 Park street 
Young, Alex. B., 276 George st. 

Banking Companies. 

See, 'page 11. 

Basket Makers, 

Asylum for the Blind, 50 Huntly 

Hendry, James, 87 Broad street 
Laing, David, 5 Crown street 
Mackie, Alex., 1 and 2 Market 

Mackie, John, 25 and 26 Market 

Ogg, David, 12i, 13, 131 u 

Correction wynd 
Ogg, Robert, Market Gallery, 

and 10 Carmelite lane 
Thompson, Wm. M., 43 and 44 

Market Gallery 


See, page 4^. 


See Blacksmiths. 

Berlin Wool Dealers. 

Cruickshank, A. , & Co. ,105 Union 

Bearsely, Miss, 12 and 14 Crown 


Seivwright, John, 111 Union st. 
Smith, Misses, 13 Union place 
Strachan, G., 13 St. Nicholas st. 
Stratton, Miss, 13 Diamond st. 
Thirsk, Mrs, 3 Arcade, Union 

Billet Master. 

Frater, Jas., City Chamberlain's 


Jackson, G., 3 S. College street 
Meston, C, 26 St. Nicholas st. 
Pattison, James, 14 Schoolhill 

Bird and Animal Stuffers. 

Robb, Arthur, 29 Cuparstone pi. 
Sim, George, 20 King street 


Those marked * are Bellhangers. 
Abernethy, Jas. , & Co. , Ferryhill 
Angus, John, 15 Pork lane 
Annand, Peter, 14 JopjD's lane 
*Beattie, Francis, 20a Dee street 
Blaikie Brothers, Footdee Iron 

Bruce, Alex. , 3 Little Belmont st. 
Cowie, C, 184 West North street 
DaAvson, D., 29 Gilcomston steps 
*Duncan, John, 51 Union street 
Duthie, Alex. , 24 Jack's brae 
Forbes, Francis, 48 Nelson street 
Garvie, Jas., & Sons, Rose street 
Grant, J., 3 Gilcomston brae 
Gray, D., & Son, 180 Hardgate, 

and 15 Spa street 
Hall, Russell, & Co., York place 
Harper & Co., Albion Iron Works, 

Fish street 
Henderson, Jas., Harriet street 
Henderson, J. M., Kingst. place 
Hurry, G. & A., 55 Upper Den- 
Hutcheon, Wm., 10 Bridge pi. 
Ingram, Alex., 37 West North 

Irvine & Co. , 4 Farrier lane 
Johnstone, Wm., 129 W. North 



*Laing, Jas., & Co., 121 Union 

Laing, Thomas, 19 Gallowgate 
*Laing, W., & Son, 207 Gallow- 
Lamont, Alex. , 5 St. Clair street 
M 'Donald, J., 50 West North st. 
*M 'Hardy, D., &Son (in ordinary 

to the Queen), 54 Nether- 

Malcolm, James, Mannofield 
Malcolm, Wm., 30 Mealmarket 

Masson, J. G., DufF street 
Mitchell, Chas. , 40 J Loch street, 

and 77 George street 
Mitchell, Robt., 102 Gallowgate 
Nicol, Alex., Mile-end 
Ramsay, John, 61 Commerce st. 
Ross, John, 9 Chapel lane 
Schaedel, Moritz, Affleck sti'eet 
Selbie, James, 3 Commerce lane 
Simpson, Wm., 66 Gordon street 
Smith & Bonny man, S, Bridge 
*Tindal, James, & Sons, 79 and 

81 Loch street 
Watson, George, 72 Gallowgate 


Richards & Co., Rubislaw 


Wyness, Alex. H. , Regent road 


Duthie, J. , Sons, & Co. , York pi. 
Forrest, James F., P. B.'s quay 
Forsyth, Alex, L., & Sons, York 

Lewis, John, P. B.'s quay 
Ross, D. & J. , P. B. 's quay 
Skinner, John, & Son, Welling- 
ton street 

Boat Hirer. 

Ogilvie, James, Victoria Bridge 


Abernethy, Jas. , & Co. , Ferryhill 
Blaikie Brothers, Footdee Iron 

Dalgety Brothers, 70 Hutcheon 

Hall, Russell, & Co., York place 

Book- Agents. 

Barrie, Wm. P., 9 Kin tore place 
Chisholm, Alex., 60 St. Nicholas 

Hird, A. P., 28 Queen street, for 

Penman, James, & Co, Lond. 
Rae, James (W. Mackenzie), 48 

St. Nicholas street 
Royal, George, 104 N. Broadford 
Virtue & Co., 30 Queen street 


Cormack, W. B., 35 Woolman- 

Edmond & Spark, J. & J. P., 54 

Queen street 
Jackson, Wm., 10 Little Belmont 

Knox, Jos., 24 St. Nicholas lane 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Those marked * are ivholesale. 
Adam, John, 73 Union street 
Adams, W. D., 25 Thistle street 
Anderson, Miss, 133 Crown street 
Bisset, James G., 59 Broad st. 
Bonner, Joseph, 115 George st. 
Brown, A., & Co., 77 Union st. 
Burt, Peter, 3 Gilcomston steps 
Campbell, James, 16 and 17 

Market Gallery 
Cormack, Wm. B., 35 Woolman- 

Craig, Thos. ,286 George street 
Cruickshank, C. A,, 5 George st. 
Cruickshank, Mrs. J., 11 Summer 

lane • 
Daniel & Son, 46 Castle street 
Ferres, John, & Co., 81 Wind- 

Fraser, Geo., 189 George street 
Frost, Robert, 112 King street 
Gibson & Thomson, 62 Nether- 
kirkgate, and 12 Correction 
Gibb, Robert, 61 Upper Denburn 
Glenesk. Wm. S., 95 George st. 





Gullan, David, 52 Castle street 
Hall, T. C, 222 George street 
Hatt, Wm., 42 J Chapel street 
Hector, Wm., 11 Holburn place, 

and 9 1 Holburn street 
*Helmricli, Chas., 23 Adelphi 
Henderson, Wm., 35 Regent quay 
Ironside, Geo. , 265a George st. 
^ Kennedy, Alex., 16 Crown street 
H Lamb, Thomas, 40 Market st. 
Ledingham, Alex. , 27 Bank st. 
Lindsay, W. & W., 28 and 30 

Market street 
M 'Donald, W. P., 7 Upperkirk- 

Mackintosh, J., 62 Broad street 
Macpherson, Duncan, 40 St. 

Nicholas street 
Martin, Alex., 13 George street 
Martin, George, 28 Woolmanhill 
Middleton, George, 2 Baker st. 
y Milne, A. & R., 199 Union street 

and 1 Crown street 
Monro, Joseph, &Son, 32 Wool- 
Morison, Alex., 28 Marischal st. 
Morrice, Geo., 47 Broad street 
Murphy, J. , 6 South Silver street 
Murray, Alex., 247 Union street, 

and 1a Bon- Accord street 
Murray, Jas., 28 St. Nicholas st. 
. Nicol, Alex., 68 Park street 
>» Rattray, David, 135 Union st. 
RobertsoUj Mrs, 27 Chattan pi. 
Scott, Francis, 52 George street 
Scott, Mrs, 4 Holburn street 
Shewan, Alex., 207 George st. 
Simpson, Alex., 34 Schoolhill 
Skene, Wm., 36 Gallowgate 
* Smith, John Rae, 57 Union st. 
*Smith, Lewis, & Son, M'Com- 

bie's court, 50^ Union st. 
Smith, Robert, 70 ^ Gallowgate 
Smith, Wm. T., 59 Regent quay 
Stewart, James, 1 St. Nicholas 

Stevenson, Wm., 33 George st. 
Thom, James, 156 Wellington rd. 
*Troup, A., 33 Queen st. 
Walker, Chas., 18 St. Paul st. 
Walker, Robert, 145 Union st. 

Walker, Wm., 36 Bridge st. 
Walton, Alex., 179 Crown st. 
Wilson, James E., 76 Broad st. 
Wyllie, D., &Son, 167 and 169 

Union street, and 2 Bridge 


Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Anderson, James, 31 Bank st. 
Aiken, Alex. , 27 and 39 Broad st. 
Balfour, James, 68 John street 
Bartlett, Wm. , Westfield road 
Beattie, Joseph, 230 George st. 
Begg, Peter, 52 Virginia street 
Berry, Thos., 4 Skene square 
Bisset, George, 179 Gallowgate 
Blair, Patrick P., 43 Baker st. 
Both well, John, 18 Guestrow 
Brown, Thos. , 27 Cuparstone pi. 
Burnett, John, 200 George street 
Cameron, Wm., 10 Skene st. 
Chalmers, Wm., 26 Carmelite lane 
Craig, Wm, G. , 247a George st. 
Crone, David, 22 Gilcomston 

steps, and 19 Skene square 
Cumming, A., 13 Mounthooly 
Dawson, George, 59 Gallowgate 
Deuchar, James, 7 Holburn st. 
Dow, John, 82^ North Broadford 
Downie, Alex., 44 Guestrow 
Drummond, John, & Son, 175 

Union street 
Duncan, Wm., 37 Broad street 
Dunn, John A. , 26 and 30 Union 

street, and 15 Market street 
Edwards, J. & D., 38 Union pi. 
Ewen & Co., 25 Schoolhill 
Ewen, John, 7 Summer lane 
Ewing, Alex. , 3 Jack's brae 
Forsyth, John, 25 Summer lane 
Gibb, James, 16 Marischal st. 
Gibb, Wm., 33 Park street 
Glennie, Wm., 34 Market st. 
Gordon, Jas. F. , 3 and 5 Broad st. 
Gordon, Wm., 71 George street 
Graham, J. & C, 41 Upperkirk- 

Gray, F. , 8^ Park j)lace 
Gray, George, 177 Crown street 
Gray, John, 10 and 11 Castle st, 
Hadden, Thos,, 65 Commerce st. 



Hay, Wm., 24 Rosemount place 
Hepburn, Alex. , 63 Powis place 
Imray, Wm., 46 Woolmanhill 
Ironside, A. W., 51 Green 
Jackson, Jas., 48 Upperkirkgate 
Jamieson Brothers, 101 George 

Johnston, Geo., 23Broonihill pi. 
Kinnear, Alexander A,, 26 St. 

Clement street 
Knox, Robert, 155 Gallowgate 
Laing, Robert, 193 George street 
Law, Robert, 104 Rosemount pi. 
Lennie, Alex., 40 Chapel street, 
Leslie, Edward, 20 Queen street 
Leslie, J., 31 S. Constitution st. 
Lorimer, J., &Son, 157 Union st, 
M 'Donald, A., 20 Broad street 
M'Intosh, Simon, 73 King street 
M'Intyre, Jas., 113 Gallowgate 
M 'Kenzie, Alex. , 8 Park street 
M'Leod, Daniel, Trustees of, 90 

George street 
Marr, Robert, 17 Chapel street 
Mennie, George, 25 Holburn pi; 
Milne & Munro, 49 Union street 
Milne, A., & Co., 216a Union st. 
Milne, Geo,, 41 Union street 
Milne, Johnston, 13 Schoolhill 
Milne, Sons, & Co., 185 Union st. 
Murray, John, 21 Park street 
Paterson, A. & W., 15 Nether- 

Paterson, J., 194 West North st. 
Peters, Wm., 28 Union street 

and 50 St. Nicholas street 
Porter & Leighton, 58 St. Nicho- 
las street 
RafFan, John, 9 Market street 
Ritchie, Wm., 83 & 85 Skene st. 
Robertson, John, 35 Broad st. 
Ross, Andrew, 5 S. Mount st. 
Ross, G., 16 Correction wynd 
Ross, James, 21 Virginia street 
Ross, Wm., 25 Chattan place 
Runcie, C, 11 Rose street 
Sang, Thos., 50 Summer street 
Sangster, Joseph, 9 North Broad- 
Scott, John, 29 Bank sti'eet 
Seay, Samuel, 77 Windmillbrae 

Shivas, Wm., jun., 182 George 

Sinclair, John, 33 Castle street 
Smith, Alex,, 22 Mary well st. 
Smith, James, 42 Holburn street 
Smith, James, 474 Regent quay 
Smith, John, 26 Woolmanhill 
Souper, C. & I,, 36 Bank street 
Stephen, James, 44 GalloAvgate 
Stewart, M. P.,&Co,, 37 Market 

Stewart, James, 4 Shiprow 
Stewart, Peter, 72 Holburn st. 
Steele, Wm, L., 86| John street 
Taylor, James, 30 Broad street 
Walker, James, 89 Queen street 
Watt, James, 20 Union place 
Watt, Wm., 65 George street 
Wilson, George, 264^ George st. 
Wishart, Wm., 93a Chapel street 
Wood, David, 63 Windmillbrae 
Youngson, Jas., 30 Chapel street 

Boot Top Manufacturers. 

M 'Donald, A. & J,, 27 Gallow- 

Munro, Gordon, 38 George street 

Shivas, Wm., jun., 182 George 

Smith, Rich., 74 Queen street 


Gumming, Alex. , 18 Frederick st. 
Ogg, James, 109^ John street 
Reid, Wm., Stevenson street 
Robbie, Geo., 5 Littlejohn st. 
Sangster & Co., 34 St, Clair st. 
Young, James, 27 Harriet street 


See Plumbers, dec. 


Black, W,, & Co., Devanha 
Durnin, Geo,, 20 Mealmarket st, 
Gilcomston Brewery Co., Spa st, 
M'Adam, William^ & Co., 146 

M'Kenzie, R., 112 Loch street 
Milne, James, 69 Virginia street 
Palmer, Wm,, Holburn Brewery 




Rice, Robert, 61 Commerce st. 


Northern Patent Brick and Tile 
Co., Lim. , Torry, office, 187 
King street 

Seaton Brick and Tile Works, 
Depot, Reclaimed ground 


Galium, Miss Jessie, 68 Wool- 

Davidson, Mrs, 163 Gallowgate 
Fraser, Donald, 88 Sliiprow 
Hay, Mrs, 14 Castle brae 
Imray, D., 4 Water lane 
M'Cann, John, 42 Lodge walk 
M'Kechnie, Mrs James, 21 Lodge 

Napier, Joseph, 56 Shiprow 
Robertson, John, 73 Green 
Robb, Robert, 39 Shiprow 
Ross, John, 24 Shiprow 
Sutherland, A., 31 East North 

Tawse, Charles, 23 East North 

Webster, Miss, 4 Ragg's lane 
Wilson, E., 62 East North street 


Copland, John R., 38 George st. 

Fyfe, John, & Son (to the Queen), 
22 St. Nicholas street 

MacaldoAvie & Co., 12 St. Nicho- 
las street 

Morison, George, 22J George st. 


Barber, James, 57 Chapel street 
Birnie, Alex., Crimon place 
Bisset, P. , & Son, WilloAvdale pi. 
Brown, Alex., 38 Catherine st. 
Brown,. John, Clayhills 
Bruce, George, 255a George st. 
Buchan, Robert, 4 Claremont 

Buyers, Jas., & Co., 12 Kidd lane 
Carnie, Wm., Hutcheon st. west 
Catto, Gavin, Hutcheon st. west 

Cay, Wm,, & Sons, Gilcomston 

Cheyne, G,,& Son, 13 Jasmine ter. 
Cooic, Alex., 65 Holburn street 
Coutts, Geo. , 22 John street 
Cunningham, T,, 3 Commerce 

Dawson, William, 136a Skene st, 
Dinnes & Middleton, 35 i Chapel 

Duguid, George, Kintore place 
Farquharson, Wm., Gilcomston 

Fordyce, Geo,, & Co., Hutcheon 

street west 
Gall & Walker, Richmond sti'eet 
Garvie, Jas., & Sons, Rose street 
Gauld & M'Kenzie, Gilcomston 

Gauld, E., jun., Gilcomston Cot. 
Gordon, John, 2 N. Broadford 
Grant, Thomas, N. Broadford 
Greig & Craib, 10 Broomhill pi. 
Hall, R. , Gilcomston park 
Hay, Geo., 47 Broomhill place 
Henderson, A., Wellington road 
Henderson, G. , Wellington road 
Henderson, John, 6 Summer st. 
Henry, Alex. , 21 Gilcomston park 
Hogg, W. & A., Affleck street 
Howie, Geo, , 66 Loch street 
Ironside & Macdonald, 9 Spa st. 
Johnston & Fullerton, Woodside 
King, J. & W. , Hutcheon st. west 
Leask, John, 50 Hardgate 
Leith, Alex., 18 Ashley place 
Leslie, James, 54 Hutcheon st. 
M 'Robbie & Milne, Albert place 
Macandrew, D., & Co., 120 Loch 

Milne, Alex., 130 Rosemount pi. 
Milne, Jas., 7 Charles street 
Mitchell & Stewart, 48 Nelson st. 
Mitchell, Adam, & Co., 53 North 

Charlotte street 
Mitchell, J. & J., 5 Broadford pi. 
Murray, A., & Co., 38 Short 

Peterkin, James, 54 Rose street 
Porter, David, Love lane 
Pringle & Slessor, 7 Thistle lane 



Rainnie, George C. , 60 Commerce 

Rennie, J. W., Love lane 
Ross, J. & J. , 57 Rose street 
ShancI & Dunn, Maberly street 
Smith & Beattie, 1 Canal road 
Smith, F. W., 15 Hanover street 
Smith, George, 5 Causey place, 

and 21 Mounthooly 
Smith, Leslie, Skene square 
Thomson, Alex., 6 Hill street 
Thomson, Robert, 42 Ferryhill 

"Walker, Joseph, 25 Holburn pi. 
"Warrack & Daniel, 7 North 

Charlotte street 
"Watson & Robb, 44 Spring garden 
Watt & Clark, 23 Princes street 
"Watts, David, 16 Urquhart road 
"Willox, James, Gilcomston park 
Wilson, John, 52 Park street 

Cab Hirers. 

Bee Horse and Gab Hirers. 


Those 'marked * are upholsterers. 
* Allan, James, & Sons, 122 Union 

*Alexander, John, 269 Union st. 
*Bain, George, 21 Thistle street 
*Baird, Thomas, 181 Union st. 
*Brown, Alex. , 1 & 3 Belmont st. 
Burt, Robt., 10 Carmelite lane 
*Cumming, Robt., 41 Union pi. 
*Davidson, Alex., 21 and 25 St. 

Andrew street 
*Davidson Bros., 131| Union st. 
Davidson, J. & R., 94 Causeway- 
*Duguid, And., 43 Schoolhill 
*Ellicock, Jos., 62 & 64 George st. 
Farquhar, Ben., QQ Woolmanhill 
*Fiddes, John, 15 Upj^erkirkgatc 
Garvie, Jas. , & Sons, Rose street 
Gillanders & Sons, 91 Loch st. 
Hay, Alex., 45 Baker street 
Hay, Robert, 7 Union wynd 
*Laws, Robert, 12 Bridge place 
M 'Donald, James, 3 Chronicle 

Masson, Robert, 11 Park street 
*Mathieson, John, 58 Broad st. 
■^Ogilvie, James, 227 Union st. 
*Pratt & Keith, 161 & 163 Union 

Reid, John, 15 Upper Denburn 
Rennie, John, 24 Belmont street 
*Roberts, Geo., 47 George st., & 

10 Whitehouse street 
*Symon, John, & Sons, 29 Upper- 

Walker, Robt., 3 John street 
Wishart, Thos., 70 Gallowgate 
Yeats, Charles, 5 Thistle street 


See Soap and Candlemakers. 

Carpet Manufacturers. 

Hadden, A., & Sons, Gordon's 


Brewster, Geo. & Co., 27 St. 
Clair street 

Cowie, Charles, 184 West INorth 

Davidson, J. & R., 94 Causeway- 

Dawson, Wm., 10 Jopp's lane 

Gray, D., & Son, 180 Hardgate 
and 15 Spa street 

Ingi'am, J. & J., 44 Causewayend 

Smart, J. & J. , Wellington road 


Archibald, Jas., 70 Loch street 
Bird, James, 24 Young street 
Cable, Peter, Regent road 
Chalmers, Peter, 2 Willowdale 

Cruickshank, John, 8 Hill street 
Duncan, R. R., 37 Albion street 
Gibson, A. , 4 Black's buildings 
Hall, James, 33 Frederick street 
Hunter, Jn., 20 Upper Denburn 
Leaper J., 75 West North street 
M'Adam, David G., 4| Mealmar- 

ket street 
M'Adam, John, 4| Mealmarket 


Trades ai^d professions directory. 


M'Kenzie, Jas., 18 St. Andrew 

M'Leod, Alex., Millbanb lane 
MTtobb & Co., 29 Commerce st. 
Mitcliell, Alex. , 6 Frederick st. 
Morrison, John, Willowdale pL 
Munro, James, Cliattan place 
Mutter, Howey, & Co. , 6 King st. 
Eeid, Henry, Inches 
Robertson, Wm., 213 Hardgate 
Smart, J. C. , 48 Dee street 
Smith, John, 27 St. Clair street 
Thain, Alex., 43^ Short loanings 
Urquhart, A., 5 N". Constitution 

Wisely, Wm., 13 James street 
Wordie & Co. , 8 Schoolhill 
Wyllie, David, 48 Jack's brae 
Yule, James, 45 Virginia street 

Carvers and Gilders. 

Bowman & Son, 187 Union st. 
Cruickshank, John, 13 Crown st. 
Eraser, John, 6 Upperkirkgate 
Garvie, James, & Sons, Rose st. 
Gifford & Son, 265 Union street 
Hampton, T. W., 1a. Huntly st. 
Hay & Lyall (to the Queen), 2 

Market street 
Keenan, James, 7 George street 
Kesson, J., 28 Diamond street 
Rutherford, John, 261 George st. 
Stephen, James & John, 9 and 

11 Skene terrace 
Sutherland, Robert, 122 George 

Walker, James, 44 Upperkirkgate 

Cattle Agents and Salesmen. 

Barron, Robt., 3 Belmont place 
Duncan, John (to the Queen), 

Cattle Market, King street 
Gordon, Wm., Holburn place 
Middleton, Alexander, Belmont, 

Kitty brewster 
Mutch, John, 11 Summer street 
Reith & Anderson, Erskine road, 
Kittybrewster and Agricul- 
tural Hall 
Thompson, John, 38 Wellington 

Cement Merchants. 

Bannochie, James, 17a Belmont 

Bisset, P., & Son, Willowdale 

Bon-Accord Slate Merchant Co., 

Ld., Provost Blaikie's quay 
Coutts, George, 22 John street 
DufF, Archibald, Guild street 
Hector, John, 81 John street 
Henderson, J. & W., Upper quay 
Macandrew, D., & Co., 120 Loch 

Seaton Brick Depot, Reclaimed 

Ground, Inches 
Watts, David, 16 Urquhart road 

Chemists — Manufacturing. 

Davidson, Robert, 32 Canal road 
Miller, John, & Co., Sandilands 
Sim, James, & Co., 76 King st. 
Smith, John, 10 Littlejohn street 

Chimney Sweeps. 

Annand, Alex., 13 Crooked lane 
Booth, Alex., 14 East North st. 
Booth, Alex., jun., 75 Green 
Booth, F., 48 East North street 
Booth, James, 50 Longacre 
Booth, J. & A., 50 Longacre 

and 37 Castle street 
Booth, Wm., 10 Schoolhill 
Christie, Alex., 35 Loch street 
Collie, Peter, 29 Wales street 
Deans, Matthew, 25 Mutton brae 
Gibson, Andrew, 152 Gallowgate 
Gibson, Charles, Garden Nook 

M'Intyre, James, 96 Green 
M'Rae, Douglas, 36 St. Andrew 


China Merchants. 

See Stoneware Merchants. 


See page Ifl. 


See Tailors and Clothiers. 




Allan & Eobertson, 213 King st. 

Bain, Wm., 60 Loch street and 
44 Union place 

Brebner & Clark, 101 King st. 

Dakers, James, 7 Union wynd 

Laing & Melvin, 4 and 8 Bon- 
Accord street 

Shinnie, R. & J. , 7 Union row 

Coal Brokers. 

Abdn. Coal Company, Limited, 

Upj)er quay 
Abdn. Commercial Co., Provost 
Blaikie's quay and 2 Bel- 
mont street 
Aberdeen Lime Co., Provost 
Blaikie's quay, and 140 
Union street 
Adam & Co. , 22 Regent quay 
Allan, Alex., 5 Summer street 
Bannerman, "William, & Co., 2 

Trinity quay 
Bucban, George, 55 Jasmine ter. 
Connon, R., & Co., 2 Trinity 

buildings. Trinity quay 
Christie, C, & Co., Guild street 
Davidson, J. & A., 125 Union 
st. and Provost Blaikie's quay 
Duff, Arch., Guild street 
Ellis & M 'Hardy, 10 J Regent 

Elsmie, Geo., & Son, 11 Regent 

Fleming, John, 48 Market street 
Ganimie & Johnstone, 47 Clar- 
ence street 
Gray, Peter, 61 Marischal street 
Hamilton, M'CuUoch, & Co., 

Guild street 
Harper, Wm., & Co. (Cal. Rail- 
way Station) 
Hector, John, 81 John street 
Leslie, G., & Co., 74 Union street 

and Provost Blaikie's quay 
M'Kenzie, A,, Upper quay 
M'Taggart & Booth, 1 Trinity 

Mann, George, 41 Marischal st. 
Menuie & Brown, 56 Marischal 
sti'eet and Upper quay 

ISTorthern Agricultural Company, 

30 Waterloo quay 
Tulloch, James, & Co , 30 and 32 

Virginia street 
Riddell, George, & Co. , 46 Maris- 
chal street 
Robertson, Geo., 48 U. Denburn 
Skinner, J., & Co., 27 John st. 
Walker, Andrew, 16 Upper quay 
Wallace, A., 10 Canal place 
Williamson, A., 93 Chapel street 
Wyllie, David, 48 Jack's brae 

Coal Masters. 

Hamilton, M'Culloch, & Co., 
Guild street 

Coffee and Dining Rooms. 

Aberdeen Cafe Co., Limited, 10 

Athenaeum Restaurant, Union 

buildings ; W. Jackson 
Bridge Street Restaurant, 6 

Bridge street ; Miss Shearer 
Cheyne, G. J., 44 Market street 
East End Cafe Co., 78 Waterloo 

Gonnella, J, & F., 71 Broad st. 
Hay, James, 17 Union buildings 
Landles, Charles, 213 Union st. 
McDonald, James, 11 Market st. 
Macdonald, Alex., Joint Station 
Playdon, James, 26 Guild street 
Scatterty, A., jun., 24 Exchange 

street and 21 Stirling street 
Singer, Mrs, 25 ISTetherkirkgate 
Stott, Andrew, 19 Market street 
Watson, Geo., 118 Union street 

Coffee Roasters. 

Strachan, John, & Sons, Gilcom- 
ston Mills 

Comb manufacturers. 

Elrick, Chas. G., &Co,, Limited, 

Forbes street 
MTherson, John, & Co., Gilcom- 

ston Comb Works, Rodger's 

Walk, John street 
Stewart & Co., S. R., 40 Hut- 

cheon street 

1:rades and professions' DIRECTORT. 


Commercial Travellers. 

Aberdein, Alex., Craiglug Cot- 
tage, Ferryhill 
Adam, James (Jamieson & Mit- 
Allan, John, 4 Bon- Accord ter. 
Alexander, H., 24 Craigie street 
Anderson, R. (A. Skene) 
Auld, James (George Reid & 

Bannerman, John, 5 Hnntly st. 
Barclay, John (B. Reid & Co.), 
Berry, Wm. W., 6 Hill street 
Bruce, A. (Abdn. Com. Co.) 
Connon, G., 7 Elmbank terrace 
Gumming, A., 4 Belmont street 
Cruickshank, J, T., 15 Powis ter. 
Duncan, J. (James Catto) 
Durno, James, 22 Adelphi 
Dyker, Jas., 47 St. JSTicholas st. 
Edmonston, C, 22 Adelphi 
Elder, "Wm. (W. Ford & Sons) 
Forbes, Arthur, 7 Colville place 
Forbes, George, 50 Ashley ter. 
Gardiner, H. 0. (Brebner & 

Gauld, Charles (Wm. Green) 
Grassick, W. E. (C. D. & S. Ld.) 
Gray, J., 3 Marine terrace 
Gruer, Wm. (A. R. Gray) 
Hardie, John (A. Skene) 
Harkness, John, Arbour Cottage, 

Hurray, Wm. (A. Malcolm) 
Hutcheon, Stephen, 25 Prospect 

Hutchison, Wm. (N. Agr. Co.) 
Irvine, A. M, (Milne & Pledge) 
Jaffray, Wm. (S. Shepherd) 
Jeflfrey, J. (W, Williams & Sons) 
Johnston, John (Dent, Allcroft, 

& Co. ), 4 Belmont street 
Johnston, John, 22 Bridge st. 
Laird, Peter (Anderson & Thom- 
Law, Alex. (J. & A. Gibb) 
Leask, Henry, 2 Elmbank ter. 
Leslie, J. B. (A. R. Gray) 
Lovie, James, 17 Richmond ter. 
Lyall, John (T. Craig & Sons) 
Lyall, John (N. Ag. Co.) 


WReil, Thos. D., 4 Bridge st. 
M'Intosh, James (W. Rattray & 

M'Kenzie, Thos., 122 N". Broad- 
M'Kinnon, Jas. (Abdn. Lime Co.) 
M'Laren, David, 61 Rose street 
MTherson, Robert (Edmonston 

and Co. ) 
Macdonald, D., 4 S. Crown st. 
Marshall, Jas. E. (Leith & Pater- 
Maclennan, H. , 9 Bon- Accord st. 
Massie, J. L (Brebner & Grant) 
Masson, Wm. (C. Davidson and 

Sons, Limited) 
Maxwell, Robt. (Robertson and 

Milne, John (L. S. & Son), 4 

Devanha terrace 
Mitchell, P. (J. Forbes & Sons) 
Moir, Wm. (Glegg & Thomson) 
Murray, George (J. Crombie) 
Ord, John, 63 Union street 
Park, James (Abdn. Com. Co.) 
Paterson, Thos. J. (Y. P. L. and 

M. 0. Co., Limited) 
Paterson, Wm., 34 Watson st. 
Philips, G. (Anderson & Thom- 
Reid, John A., 50 Constitution 

Richardson, G. A. (E. & Co. ) 
Ross, F. M., 2 Ferryhill place 
Scott, Wm. (Scott & Stuart) 
Skene, Peter (Devanha) 
Smith, Arthur (Paterson & Sons) 
Smith, G. B. (Leith & Paterson) 
Smith, John (A. R. Gray) 
Stanley, Thos., 9 Albury road 
Stephen, Alex. _(W. P. & Sons) 
Tawse, John (Gibb & Hay) 
Taylor, John (Richards & Co.) 
Taylor, Jas. (Leith & Paterson) 
Taylor, P., 103 Crown street 
Taylor, Thomas P. (Black & Fer- 
Taylor, Wm. (J. & A. Gibb) 
Thomson, Alex., 8 S. Crown st. 
Thomson, D. M., 161 Skene st. 
Walker, P., 4 Osborne place 



Walker, J. H. D. (Abel. Lime Co.) 
Watt, John, 27 Ferryliill place 
Webster, A. T. (S. Shepherd) 
Webster, John (Jas. Crombie) 
Wilson, Alex., 12 Powis terrace 
WHson, Alex. (J. Sheed & Co.) 
Wilson, C. F. (of B. Reid & Co., 

Bon- Accord Works) 
Wood, J., 40 Cuparstone place 
Woodman, A. (Farqiihar & Gill) 
Yule, Wm. (Watson, Philip, and 


Commission Merchants. 

See Agents, d;c. 

Confectioners and Pastry 

Those marked * are wholesale. 
Bannochie, Alex., 175 George st. 
*Berry, Patrick, 122 Chapel st, 
Bisset, Joseph, 149 Gallowgate 
*Bothwell, Alex., jim., 1 North 

*Catto, Alex., 180 George street 
Craigen, Geo., 5 Guild street 
Croll, Wesley, 70 King sti-eet 
*Duffus, Alex., 4 North St. An- 
drew street 
Hobrow, Mrs, 218 Gallowgate 
*Lockhart, James, 2 Little Bel- 
mont street 
*M'Killiam, B. & W., 54 Broad 

Moir, J., 17 Marischal street 
Rocca, Antonio, 73 George st. 
*Salmond, R. & J., 249 Union 
street, and 37, 39, and 41a 
George street 
*Shepherd, Wm., 21 Guestrow 
Smith, Alex., 35 Park street 
Smith, Mrs, 133 King street 
Thomson, Jas., 36b George street 

and 18 Schoolhill 
*Watt & Barron, 55 St. Nicholas 
St. and 247 George street 


Those tna/rked * are Fishcurers. 
Courage, James, 177 GalloAvgate 
^Gordon, Chas., & Son, Ql Green 

Gordon, J., & Co., 13 Chronicle 

Gorrod, G. , & Co. , 21 Regent qy. 
Robertson, John, Hanover lane 
*Williams, James, & Sons, 13 

"Virginia street 
Williamson, James, 16 Bridge 



Bain, David, 12 Littlejohn st. 
Blaikie, J., & Sons, Littlejohn st. 
St. Nicholas Brass Foundry, 74 


Aberdeen Cork Co., 27 Carmelite 

Cook, Alex., jun., Clark's court, 

2 Upperkirkgate 
Fitzpati'ick, John, jun., 24 St. 

Paul street 
Hepburn, George, Concert court, 

M'Gee & Co., 18 Castle street 
Main, James, 31 St. Andrew st. 
Smith, John, 12 Castle terrace 

I Com Factors. 

See G-rain Merchants. 

Cotton Manufacturers. 

Robinson, Crum, & Co. , Limited, 


Fletcher, Wm., 55 Princes street 
Muir, Robt., 38 George street 
Sim, Wm., 74 Hardgate 
Watt, John, & Sons, 134 and 136 

Elrick, Alex., 43 George street 
Hamilton, Gavin, 17 George st. 
Hodge, J. & J., 3 Netherkirkgate 
M'Kinnon, Pat., 29 Windy wynd 
Morgan, William P., 287 George 

Thompson, J. T., 17 St. Nicho- 
las street 




Aberdeen Diary Co., 3a Bon- 
Accord street 
Cowie Diary, 8 Rose street 
Deeside Diary, 150b Union st. 
Westfield Diary, Westfield bdgs. 

Dancing (Teachers of). 

Mitchell, A. Cosmo, Music Hall 

Morrison, F. , 40 Union place 
Poison, A. H. , 33a Summer st. 


Begg, John, 17 Weighhouse sq. 
Black, Wm., & Co., Devanha 
Bon- Accord Distillery Co., Ltd., 

Newbridge, Hardgate 
Ogg, Henry, & Co., Strathdee, 



Crombie, Peter, L.D., S.R.C.S., 

Ed., 8 Union terrace 
Cromar, John, 15 Belmont st. 
De Dessert, Alfred AL, L.D.S., 

R.C.S.I., 220 Union street 
Fearnside, John, 49 Green 
King, Maxwell M., 26 St. Nicho- 
las street 
Laing, Thomas, 83 Union street 
Murison, Alex. S., 50 Dee street 
Murison, J., 44a Chapel street 
Pittendrich, John, L.D.S., 84 

Union street 
Robertson, W. P., 124 Crown 

■Williamson, William. H., M.D., 
D.D.S., L.D.S., 15 Union 

Drapers and Silk Mercers. 

Those marked * are wholesale. 
Adams, Chas., 8 Black's bldgs. 
Allan, Geo., 61| Windmillbrae 
Allan, John, 38J Broad street 
Allan, Miss W., 237^ George st. 
Allan, Miss M., 129 Skene street 
Attenborrow, Mrs, 15 Rosemount 

Bannerman, John, 268a & 270a 

George street 
Beaton, Mrs, 66 Park street 
Bisset, A., 69 Rosemount place 
Bisset, J. & J., 53 Broad street 
Breck, Mrs, 174 Crown street 
Brown, J., & Son, 2 & 4 George 

Brown, Mrs, 19 Woolmanhill 
Burns, John, 266 George street 
Burr & Donald, 38a & 82 George 

Burr & Shirras, 36a George st, 
Clark, Peter, 89 George street 
Cockerill, Chas., jun., 11 George 

Connon, Mrs, 123| Crown street 
Davidson, Misses, 65 Queen st. 
Davie, James, 28 Union place 
Dewar, David, 49 Castle street 
Duncan, Misses, South Bridge, 

Holburn street 
Durno & Cameron, 19 and 21 

Broad street 
Esslemont & Macintosh, 11 and 

13 Broad street 
Esson, James, 41 Castle street 
Falconer, J., & Co., 65 Union st. 
Fowler, John, 88 King street 
Fyfe, Leslie, 150 George street 
Gill, John, 110 George street 
Gordon, J., & Son, 44 Union 

Gordon, Wm,, 2 Marywell street 
Gray, Henry, Greyfriars bdgs. 
*Gray, Wm., 48 and 50 Broad st. 

and 13 Millburn street 
Harper, Alex., 10 Gallowgate 
Hay, R. W., 70 Green 
Henderson, John, 14 Gilcomston 

Henderson, R., 33, 35 Union st. 
Jessiman, Alex. G. , 25, 27 George 

street, and 46 Green 
Kemlo, Miss, 8 Upperkirkgate 
Kennedy, Jas,, 38 Upperkirkgate 
*Kilgour, Jas., 94 George street 
Kinghorn, James, 30 and 32 St. 

Nicholas street 
Littlejohn, John, 1 Rosemount 




Lyall, Geo., & Co., 97 & 99 Union 

M'Crae, Geo., & Co., 50 Market 

M'Intosh & Mackie, 46 St. 

Nickolas street 
M'Intosh, Miss, 78 Queen street 
M'Leod, Mrs, 3 Forbes street 
Macbeth, Mrs David, 33 School- 
hill, and 33 Woolmanhill 
Macdonald, Isa., 17-1 Gallowgate 
Mackay, Eoderick, 120 Skene st. 
Mann, George, CroU's buildings, 

Maitland, Geo,, & Co., 9a Union 

Matheson, Mrs, 73 Park street 
Marr, A., 9 St. Clements street 
Marshall & Reid, 52 St. Nicholas 

Marshall, Wm., & Co., 38 Union 

Milne & Saunders, 58 George st. 
Milne, Geo., 23 Holburn place 
Milne, R., 60 Skene street 
Milne, Miss, 51 Commerce street 
Morrison, Wm., 1 and 3 Black's 

Morrison, Miss, 42 St. Clement 

Munro, Mrs, 32 Upperkirkgate 
Neil, Jas., 183 Union street 
Norrie, James, 173 George street 
Paterson, James, 63 Gallowgate 
Pirie, Mrs M., 7 Wales street 
*Pratt & Keith, 161 and 163 

Union street, and 11 Bridge 

Ramsay, John, 175 Gallowgate 
Reid & Bain, 54 and 56 George 

Reid, Mrs, 69 College street 
Rhind, John, & Co., 42 Broad 

Ross & Ledingham, 23 Union st. 
Ross, James H., 12 Broad street 
Ross, James, 206 George street 
Ross, John, & Co., 119 Union st. 
Ross, John A., 36 St. Nicholas 

Russell, Wm., 149 Union street 

*Saint, James, & Co., 171 and 173 

Union street, and 8 Bridge 

Sedgewick, Mrs, 39 Skene st. 
Shirras, Miss E., 271 George st. 
*Shirres & Forsyth, 76 George 

Smith, Thos., 43 Woolmanhill 
Smith, Miss, 32 Chapel street 
Stephen, Geo., 46 George street 
Stewart, A., 40 St. Nicholas st. 
Taylor, Thos., 148 George street 
Taylor, Wm., 39 Castle street 
Tennant, Joseph, & Son, 67 

King street 
Tennant, W. M., 80 Rosemount 

Tosh, Mrs, 22 Jack's brae 
*Tough, Geo., &Sons, 134 George 

Tytler, Geo., 89 Broad street 
Watson Bros., 92 Broad street 
Watson, T. R., & Co., 31 and 33 

Watt & Grant, 225 Union street 
Watt, John, 206 Gallowgate 
Webster, Wm., 47 Union street 
Will, Geo., 210 Gallowgate 
Wilson, John S., 16 and 18 St. 

Nicholas st., and 87 George 

Wilson, Wm., 15 Causewayend 
Yule, C. B., 60 Holburn street 

Drawing (Teachers of). 
Hay, John, 115 Union street 
Mitchell, John, 10 Gladstone pi. 
Pope, S., 28 Victoria street 
Watson, Miss, 30 N. Albert st. 


See Milliners. 


Those marked * are Wholesale, 
Andrew, Wm., 168 Union street 
Berry, A. W., 29 Thistle street 
*Birss, Robert, 27 Queen street 
Broomhead, G. E., 15 Union pi. 
Cheyne, Walter S. , 5 .Queen st. 
Coutts, Chas., 26 Broad street 



Cruicksliank, Geo, P., 218 George 

Davidson & Kay, 205 Union st. 
*Davidson & Sim, Victoria court, 

54 Castle street 
Dunn, John, 45 Woolmanliill 
Eddie, Wm., 30 George street 
Fearnside, John, 49 Green 
Gall, Andrew, 26f Skene square 
Giles, Wm., 123 Crown street 
Johnstone, David, 66 Broad st. 
M'Robbie, J. S., 160 Gallowgate 
Mackay, Wm. , 260 Union street 
Melvin, James, 148 Causewayend 
Moir, James, 36 Union place 
Mortimer, D.A., 1 Exchequer row 

and 3 Chattan place 
Munro, John M., 141 Union st. 
Murison, James, 44a Chapel st. 
*Paterson, Wm., & Sons, 133 and 

135 Gallowgate 
Presslie, R. D., 61 East North 

*E,eid, George, & Sons, 45 Union 

Reid, Wm., 3 Holburn street 
Reith, Alex., 288 George street 
Ritchie, David, 39 Market street 
Robertson, John, 57 Castle st. 
Ross, Andrew, 43 Castle street 
Sangster, John, 46 Commerce st. 
*Sim, Jas., & Co., 76 King st. 
*Sinclair, Wm., 34 Upperkirk- 

*Souter & Shepherd, 74, 76, and 

78 College street 
Strachan, Alex., 48 Richmond 

Sutherland, J., 14 St. Nicholas 

Urquhart, J. & J., 65 St. Nicho- 
las street 
Wallace, Wm. 81 King street 
Wight, James S., 1 Mounthooly 
AVyness, J. D., 34 Woolmanliill 


Borthwick, Andrew, 76 Loch st., 

and 2^ Summer street 
Cushnie, Wm., 2 William's pi. 
Ferguson, R., 42 Upperkirkgate 

Johnston, J. H., 17 Crown street 
(agent for Puller & Sons, 
M'Gregor, John, 26 George street 
Philip, A., 88 Hutcheon street 
Simpson, Wm., 36 James street 
Stewart, A. R., 13 Leadside rd. 
Watson, John, 104 George street 
Wilson, David, 86 Union street 

Embroidery Printers. 

See Pattern Printers. 


Those mm'Tced * arc Lithographers. 
Anderson, George, jun., 23 and 

24 Market gallery 
*CornAvall, G., & Sons, 45 Castle 

*Dakers, Alex., 17 and 19 Nether- 

*Gibb & Hay, 3 Queen street and 

40 Broad street 
*Gibson &. Thomson, 60 Nether- 

kirkgate and 12 Correction 

*Gullan, David, 52 Castle street 
*M'Millan, William, 37 Market 

*Robb, G., 13 Adelphi 
*Skene, Wm., 36 Gallowgate 
Stephen, J. H., 3 Correction 

*Taylor & Henderson, 17 Adelphi 

Engineers. _ 

Abernethy, Jas., & Co., Ferryhill 

Barry, Henry, & Co., 122^ West 

North street 
Blaikie Brothers, Footdee Iron- 
Dalgety Bros. , 70 Hutcheon st, 
Henderson, J. M., King st. place" 
Hall, Russell, & Co., York place 
Harper & Co, , Albion Iron works, 

Fish street 
Hogg & Sons, 70 Spring garden 
Joss, Towns, & Kynoch, Welling- 
ton road 
Knowles, Alex., 37 Shuttle lane 



Knowles & Leiper, 61 Commerce 

M'Kinnon & Co., Spring garden 
Milne, D., & Sons, Park street 
Presslie, J., 25 Commerce street 
Reid, Ben., & Co., Justice Mill 

Taylor, John (Heating), 71 Wool- 

Tindal, James, & Sons (Heating), 

79 and 81 Loch street 

Engineers (Civil). 

Abernethy, Robert, Ferryhill 

Barnett, Patrick M., Waterloo 

Boulton, "Wm. , City buildings. 

Union street 
Duncan, Thomas, 91 Union st. 
Hird, George, 22 Bridge street 
Jenkins & Marr, 16 Bridge street 
Milne, Robt., 10 Rubislaw ter. 
Rogers, Thomas, Gait Villa 
Smith, Wm. , harbour engineer 
Walker & Beattie, 91 Union st. 
Willet, John, 245 Union street 


Cowe, W. , 1 St, Mary's place 
Donald, James, 6 Crooked lane 
Morris, Wm., V.S. , 7 Langstane 

Thomson, Jas. , 6 Flourmillbrae 

File Makers. 

Gilmour, James, Harper's court, 

74 West North street 
Mathieson, Alex., 126 Gallowgate 


Angus, George, Palmerston road 
Addison, G., 17 Point Law 
Brown, John, 28 Wellington st. 
Christie, R. & A., Wet Fish 

Crombie, Wm., 54 Wellington 

Davidson, G. & W., 17 Regent 

Davidson, T. , Wet Fish Market 

Duthie, Stewart, Point Law 
Farquharson, H. , Point Law 
Findlay, L. , & Son, Pocra pier 
Fletcher, Alex., Clayhills 
Fowler & ISTorrie, Point Law 
M'Combie & Co., 20 Point Law 
Michie, Alex., & Son, 14 Point 

Petrie, James, & Co., Clayhills 
Tulloch, A. J., Point Law 
Tulloch, L., 3 Albert quay 
Walker, T. , 1 New Pier road 
Watson, George, Point Law 

Fish and Game Dealers. 

Those marked * are Game Dealers. 
Allan, Miss, Wet Fish Market 
Brander, James, 9 Stirling street 
*Bremner, John, 19 Stirling st. 
*Brown, James, 62 and 63 Base- 
ment, Market 
Brown, M. , Wet Fish Market 
Caie, Alex. , Wet Fish Market 
*Christie, G., 60 Windmillbrae 
Clark, J. & M., 12 Carmelite st. 
Clyne, Thomas, 20 Gallowgate 
Farquharson, Wm., 9 and 10 

Basement, Market 
Forbes, T., 8 Basement floor, 

Garioch, James, 65 Basement 

floor, Market 
Garioch, P., 13 Hadden street 
Garrow, James, jun., 69 Base- 
ment floor, Market 
Garrow, Robt. , 26 Hadden street 
*Gauld, Alex., 24 Hadden street 
Gove, Mrs Wm., 6 Basement 

floor, Market 
*Harvey, Robert, 88 Basement, 
Market, and 91 Rosemount 
*Joss, Mrs, 55 Loch street 
Livingstone, J., 11 Carmelite lane 
Lees, John, 11 Carmelite street 
*M'Kenzie, James, 72 Loch st. 
M'Lean, James, 93 George street 
Main, M., & Co., 82 King street 
■"Meff", Wm., 46 Market street 
Milne, Robert, 9 Rose street 
*Milne, Mrs J., 15 Loch street 



Pirie, G. B., Market buildings 
Ross, John F. , 24 Bridge street 
*Smitli, John, 26^ St. Andrew 

Walker, R. & W., Wet Fish 

Fishing Tackle Makers. 

Bell, David, 36 George street 
Davidson, Alex., 20 Carmelite 

Dugnid, David, 5 Flonrmillbrae 
Garden, Wm., 122 J Union street 
Gordon, J. & G., 73 Netherkirk- 

Milne, Wm., 32 Back wynd 
Playfair, C, & Co., 142 Union st. 
Ritchie, John, 125 George street 
Robertson, John, 128 Union st. 
Sandison, LudovickG., 118 King 



Abernethy, David, 191 George 

Addison, Mrs Allan, 35 Market 

Anderson, John P., 39 Loch st. 
Anderson, James, 102 Rosemount 

Anderson, James, 10 Church st. 
Arthur, Mrs Thomas, 14 Park 

Black, Jas. , 20 North Broadford 
Bon-Accord Meat Co., 209 Gal- 

Bowman, Alex., 10 Justice street 
Brown, Andrew, 66b College st. 
Bruce, James, 37^ Woolmanhill 
Burnett, James, 61 Skene street 
Catto, George, 31 Urquhart road 
Christie, G., 60 Windmillbrae 
Cruickshank, James, 37 Skene 

Cumming, Andrew, 21 Market 

Davidson, James, 47 Market Hall 
Davidson. John, 27 Park street 
Davidson, Wm., Trustees of, 4 

Donald, Alex., 16 Queen street 

Donaldson, R., 67 Commerce st. 
Ewing, David, 42 Market Hall 
Farquharson, C, 42 Skene square 
Fraser, Mrs, 15 Summer lane 
Fraser, Mrs, 13 Market Hall 
Gordon, A., 44 Market Hall 
Gordon, Adam, 89 Skene square 
Gordon, David, 173 Skene street 

Gordon, J. & W., 74 North 

Gordon, James, 7 Holburn road 
Gordon, John, 80 Gerrard street 
Gordon, Wm., Holburn place 
Grant, John, 78 East North st. 
Grant, Peter, 28 Watson street 
Gray, Mrs, 38 Market Hall 
Harrowes, Wm., 260 George st. 
Kelman, C, 10 West North st. 
Kemp, Wm., 29 Market Hall 
Kirton, Peter, 41 Market Hall, 

and 2 Baltic street 
Laing, Andrew, 82 John street 
Low, ,Tohn, 1 Holburn place 
M 'Donald, W., 37 Market Hall 
M'Intosh, J., 50, 51, and 52 Mar- 
ket Hall 
M'Leod, Isaac, 9 Market Hall 
Main, Alex., 39 Market Hall 
Martin, Wm., 26 and 27 Market 

Mason, John M., 69 Thistle st. 
Mason, Thos, , 64 St. Nicholas st. 
Mathieson, R., 80 Holburn street 
Millar, James, 158 Gallowgate 
Milne, James, 190 Gallowgate 
Minty, Wm., 23 Roslin terrace 
Morrison, Alex., 158 George st, 
Murray, Wm., 291, 293, 295 

George street 
Mutch, Wm. , 86 Bon-Accord st. 
Pirie, Mrs, 85 Hutcheon street 
Rebecca, Wm., 36 Market Hall 
Reid, Alex., 3 Bank street 
Reid, Wm., Mile-end 
Riddel, Alex., 23 Hardweird 
Robbie, James, 19 Mount street 
Robbie, James, 40 Market Hall 
Rose, George, 1, 2, and 3 Market 

Ross, A., jun., 158 George street 



Sangster, George, 198 Gallowgate 
Sangster& Shand, 31 Market Hall 
Shivas, George, 39 Eosemountpl. 
Skene, Allan, 12 Mary well st. 
Skene, John, 277 George street 
Skene, P. A., 39 and 41 Thistle 

Souter, Wm., 98 Powis place 
Soutter, Alex., 10 and 11 Market 

Smith, G., 44 St. Clement street 
Smith, Robert, 124 Chapel street 
Smith, Wm., 36b George street 
Smith, Wm. , 44 Holburn street 
Steele, Charles, 208 Gallowgate 
Stewart, Alex. S., 46 Market 

Stewart, James, 15 L. Chapel st, 
Stewart, Jos., 54 Powis place 
Taylor, Wm., 187 Crown street 
Tastard, James, 18 Shiprow 
Thorn, Wm., 20 Chattan place 
Thomson, Adam J. J., 128 King 

Thomson, Adam, 46 Wales street 
Thomson, J., 65 Rosemount pi. 
Thomson, Wm., 4 East North st. 
Towns, Wm., 22 Mount st. west 
Watt, Wm., 119 N. Broadford 
Walker, John. 26| Gallowgate 
Webster, Geo. I., 6 Gallowgate 
White, J., 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 

Market Hall 
Williamson, David, 10 Loanhead 

Williamson, John, & Son, 4, 5, 

and 6 Market Hall 
Williamson, John, jun., 48 and 

49 Market Hall 
Wishart, Alex., 92 Gallowgate 
Wyness, Alex., 7 and 8 Market 

Yeats, T., jun., 45 Cotton street 

Flock Manufacturers. 

N. of S. Bedding Co., 1 Jack's 

Stuart, George, 28 Harriet street 

French Polishers. 

Masson, Misses, 63 George st. 


Anderson, Miss, 133 Crown street 
Burns, Alex., & Co., 244 Union 

street, and Market Hall 
Burns, A., jun., 65 Thistle street 
Burns, Robert, 17 & 100 Rose- 
mount place 
Campbell, A. & G., 23 Gallowgate 
Craigen, Geo., 5 Guild street 
Davidson, Wm., 97 Bon- Accord 

Davidson, Mrs R. , 4 and 5 Arcade, 

Union place 
Farrier, J., Market Hall, and 7 

Waverley place 
Gray, Alex., Market Hall 
Hardy, Alex., 299 George street 
Herd, Robt., Market Hall 
Hossack, Arch., 179 Union street 
Mackie, Alex., 11 and 12 Black's 

bgs. , 1 Gilcomston steps, 37^ 

George street, and Market 

Morgan, George, Market Hall 
Morison, Miss M., 51 Park street 
Pegler, George, & Co., 7 Regent 

RosS; John F., 28 Bridge street 
Shirreffs, James, 244 George st. 
Shepherd, George, 20 Crown st. 

and 15 Holburn place 
Simpson, J. G., 155 N. Broadford 
Stephen & Byers, 74 Broad st. 
Stewart, George, 77 King street 
Thomson, James, 36b George st., 

and 18 Schoolhill 
Thow, Robert, 13 Guild street, 

and 100 Bridge street 

Furniture Dealers. 

Anderson & Garden, 58 Queen st. 
Anderson, J. & J. S., 93 Queen 

Calder, J. , 22 George street 
Christie, Wm., 20 Woolmanhill 
Connon, Mrs, 55a Schoolhill 
Davidson, Alex., 21 and 25 St. 

Andrew street 
Duguid, Andrew, 43 Schoolhill 
Ewen, Mrs, 26 Castle street 
Gaudie, Hugh, 84 George street 



Graham, Mrs Alex., 85 King st. 
Gray, Henry, 73 Broad street 
Green, James, 49 and 51 Gallow- 

Levie, G. 0., 25 Skene square 
M'Gregor, John, 105 George st. 
M'Intosh, John, 80 Loch street 
Mathieson, John, 58 Broad street 
Pearson, Mark, 25 Castle street 
Eeid, Mrs C. , 78 George street 
Rennie, William, 29 Gallowgate 
Roberts, George, 47 George street 
Robertson, & Co., 16 Gerrard st. 
Saunders, Rodger, 45 Broad st, 
Watson, James, 28 Castle street 

and 188 George street 

Game Dealers. 

See, Fish and Game Dealers. 


Those marhed * ore Jobbing. 
Abel, John, 62 Hardgate 
Anderson, A., 189 West North 

Anderson, Andrew, Market Hall 
Anderson, J. & W., Lower Corn- 
hill, and 45 Park street 
Anderson, James, Cairnfield 
*Buyers, James, 52 Summer st. 
Campbell, A. & G., 23 Gallow- 
Connon, Mrs James, Market Hall, 

and Sandilands 
Connon, Robert, & Co., Market 

Davidson, Alex., Market Hall 
Davidson, George, Pitmuxton, 
and 138 and 140 Gallowgate 
*Davidson, Henry, 35 Skene st. 
Davidson, Wm., 97 Bon-Accord 

*Davie, James, 2 Nellfield place 
*Edward, John, 19 Gordon street 
Fraser, Wm., Market Hall 
Garden, John, Calsayseat 

* Giles, Alex., 8^ Margaret street 

* Giles, James, Pountainhall 
Gove, James, 82 Holburn street 
*Grassie, Wm., Lower Rosehill 
Hutcheson, James, Market Hall 

* Jeffrey, Wm., Mile-end 
Joss, Geo., Westburn, Rubislaw 
Kinnaird, Alex., Pitfodels, 21 
Justice street, and 41 Park 
Kinnard, W., Market Hall 
Laing, Charles, Fountainhall 
*Littlejohn, John, 62 Stanley st. 
M'Intosh, James, Westmore, 

M'Pherson, John, Polmuir 
M 'Robbie, Peter, Market Hall 
*Mavor, James, & Son, 30 Hoi- 

burn street 
Middleton, David, Berryden rd. 
Milne, Thomas, Glenburnie, 

Morison, James, 36 Kintore pi. 
Mortimer, Alex,, Market Hall 
*Mowat, Alex. , Rosehill cottage 
*Mowat, J., 11 Huntly street 
Paterson, Wm., Ruthrieston 
*Petrie, James R., & Sons, 153 

*Rae, Wm. , 33 Baker street 
Reid, John, 25 Mount st. west 
*Rennie, James, 4 Canal road 
Robbie, Francis, Market Hall 
*Shewan, Alex., 38 Watson st. 
ShirrefFs, James, 244 George st. 
Sim, James, 41 Short loanings 
*Skinner, James, 74 Holburn st. 
*Slora, Wm., 21 Bloomfield road 
Smart, Alex., Forrester Hill 
Smith, James, Market Hall and 

Smith, Wm,, Rosehill 
Stephen, John, Hosefield 
Troup, John M., Granitehill, 

Wilson, William, Mile-end, Hol- 
Yeoman, George, 18 Upper Den- 


See Plumbers, dbc. 

German Clockmakers. 

Auer, A,, 51 Upperkirkgate 
Wunderley, P., 42 George street 




See Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Grain Merchants. 

Aberdeen Commercial Company, 
Provost Blaikie's quay 

Alexander, James, Lower Justice 

Brebner, James, 267a George st. 

Buyers, Alex., 131 King street 

Clark Brothers, 15 Guild street, 
13 West North street, and 
Leggart Mills 

Clarke & Co., 47 Marischal st. 

Connon, Kichard, & Co., 2 Trinity 
buildings. Trinity quay 

Craig, James, 34 Marischal st. 

Crombie, James, 2 Trinity bdgs. 

Davidson, W., 12 and 14 Com- 
merce street 

Donald, Jas., 14 and 16 Welling- 
ton place 

Fraser, John, Upper Justice Mills 

Gavin, John, & Sons, 198 George 

Gammie & Johnstone, 47 Clarence 

Grant & Co., 49 Marischal st. 

Hutcheson, Geo., & Co., 47 Maris- 
chal street 

Jamieson, George, 59 Schoolhill 

Keith, Alex., 42 Commerce st. 

Kemp.& Walker, 4 St. Cathe- 
rine's wynd 

Knox, Wm., 16 King street 

Leith, Hugh, 83 George street 

Lindsay's Trustees, City Flour 
Mills, 73 Causeway end 

Lyon, Alex., 194| George street 

M'Dougal, John, 48 Market st. 

Mess, Trustees of J., 12 Virginia 

Milne Brothers, 10 Guild street 

Morrison, Geo. , 16 Mealmarket st. 

Murdoch, A., & Son, 47 Marischal 

Mutch, James G., 30 Exchange 
street, and 19 Holburn st. 

Northern Agricultural Co., 30 
Waterloo quay 

Porter, Geo., jun., 28 Market st. 

Robertson, John, 45 Marischal st. 
Scorgie, Wm., 7 Rose street 
Sharp, Andrew, 37 James street 
Sherriffs, Kenneth, 8 James st. 
Stephen, George, & Son, 3 Abbots- 
ford place 
Strachan, John, & Sons, Gilcom- 

ston Mills 
Thomson, James, 22 Commerce 

Thomson, John, 52 Queen street 
Webster, W. F., 16 King street 
Wisely Wm. , 13 James street 
White, John F., 107 King street 
Wilson, Isaac, 14 West North st. 

Granite Polishers. 

See Stonecutters. 

Grinders (General). 

Strachan, J. , & Sons, Gilcomston 

Grocers, Tea, Wine, and 
Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked * are Wholesale. 
Abel, Wm., 117 Gallowgate 
Adam, Alex., 86 Broad street 
Adam, Jane, 4 Broomhill place 
Adams, Isabella, 24 Castle street 
Adams, John, 64 Green 
Airth, John, 31 Market street 
Alexander, A,, & Co., 151 George 

Alexander, Alex., 1 and 3 Baltic 

Alexander, D., 31 York place 
Allan, Alex., 16 St. Clement st. 
Allan, Wm., 34 Mount street 
Allardyce, J. R., 137 Crown st. 

and 81 Bon-Accord street 
Anderson, David, 25 Park street 
Anderson, Geo., 31 Justice street 
Anderson, J., jun., & Co., 204 

Angus, G., 14 and 16 Bank st. 
Angus, Samuel, 25 Hadden st. 
Arthur, A. W., 59 Green 
Bain, W. F., 38 Gallowgate 
Bannerman, Geo. , 62 Gallowgate 
Bartlett, James, 1 Waverley pi. 



Bennet, Peter, 60 Hutcheon st. 
Birnie, Geo. , 1 St. Andrew street 
Bisset, John, & Co., 37 Queen 

Bisset, James 19 Mount st. west 
*Bisset, J. & W., 15 Exchange 

Black, George, 254 George street 
Bonar, Wm., 212 Gallowgate 
Bowie, Mrs, 18 Prince Regent st. 
Bowman, Robert, 70 Esslemont 

Brand, David, 37 Union terrace 
Brebner, Mrs, 56 East North st. 
Brodie, George, 5 Raggs's lane 
Brown, George, 33 Summer lane 
Brown, George, 43 Park street 
Brown, Mrs, 45 Commerce street 
Bruce, George, 20 Richmond st. 
Buchan, James, 1 and 17 Justice 

Buchan, John, 23 George street 
Caie, George, 159 Skene street 

Carnie, J. M., 115 Rosemountpl. 
Cay Brothers, 69 Upper Denburn 
Cheyne, Mrs John, 14 James st. 
Cliivas Brothers, 13 King street, 

and 35a Union place 
Clark, Alex., 40 South Mount st. 
Clark, Wm., 24 North Broadford 
Clark, Mrs, 75 Hutcheon street 
Clyne, Thomas, 20 Gallowgate 
Collie, Alex., 12 Skene street 
Collie, Andrew, 253 Union street 
Collie, George, 23 Chapel lane 
Collie, Wm., 65 College street 
Collison, David, 43 Svimmer st. 
Cooper, Alex., 92 North Broad- 
*Cook, A., jun., 2 Upperkirkgate 
Copland, James, 141 Skene street 
Copland, Mrs, 31 Causeway end 
Coutts, Alexander, 173 Crown 

Coutts, Gavin, Queen's road 
Coutts, James G., 3 Bon- Accord 

Coutts, James, 42 Gordon street 
Coutts, John, 140 Skene street 
Coutts, Wm. , 5 North Broadford 

Cowie, George, 66 Rose street 
Craigen, James, 70 Bon-Accord 

Craighead, Peter, 106 Union st., 

and Fountainhall road 
Cruickshank, G. T. , 52^ Skene 

Cruickshank, Mrs, 104 Gallow- 
Gumming, James, 79 and 80 

Waterloo quay 
Gumming, John, ISg Mary well 

Daniel, David, 27 Upperkirkgate 
Davidson, Alex. , 202 Gallowgate 
Davidson, Wm., & Co., 44 Broad 

Dawson, Mrs, 61 Windmillbrae 
Diack, Wm., 23 Woolmanhill 
Dingwall, Arthur, 21 Chattan pi. 
Donald , J . , & Co . , 9 A Regent quay 
Donaldson, Mrs, 23 Gerrard st. 
Douglas, Alex., 21 Chapel street 
Downie, Mrs, 8 Holburn street 
Duff, W., 20 Thistle street 
Duguid, James, 1 Holburn st. 
Duguid, Robt, 24 Holburn place 
Duncan, Alex., Bridge of Dee 
Duncan, Thomas, 252 George st. 
Duncan, Wm., South Mile-end 
Duncan, Mrs A., 75 U. Denburn 
Duncan, Mrs M., 17 Causeway- 
Durno, Jas., 32 N. Albert street 
Duthie, John, 99 Skene street 
Elfert, 0. H,, 1 Chattan place 
Elmslie, Wm. , 50 Virginia street 
*Esslemont, Alex. , 32 King st. 
Esslemont, John E., 2 and 4 

King street 
Ewen, Alex., & Co., 270 George 

Farquharson & Co., 131 Union 

Farquharson, J,, 36 Park street 
Farquharson, John, 67 Jasmine 

Fiddes, AL, 52 West North st., 

and 132 Causeway end 
Eraser, Alex. , 43 York street 
Eraser, C, 54 Watson street 



Fraser, Geo., 125 CausewayencI 
Fraser, Hector, 58 Gallowgate 
Fraser, John, 19 Albion street 
French, S. , 78a Hutcheon street 
Fyfe, George, 51 Shiprow 
Glegg, Alex. R., Ill Causeway- 
Gibb, J. , & Sons, 28 Regent quay 
Gibb, Wm., 12 Catherine st. and 

37| South Constitution st. 
Gordon"& Smith, 197 Union st. 
Gordon, Andw., 17 Short loan- 

*Gordon, J, E. , 63 Loch street 
Grant, Alex., 2 Kintore place 
Grant, Wm., 34 Union place 
Grant, Peter A. , 1 Argyll place 
Gray, Geo., 237 George street 
Green, Wm., 29 Queen street 
Greenlaw, J., 112 Wellington rd. 
Guthrie, Wm., 17 Loch street 
Hardy, Alex., 299 George street 
Hay, Mrs, 91 Roseniount place 
Henderson, A., 17 St. Clement 

Henderson, James, 20 Shiprow 
Herd, Wm., 28 Belmont street 
Hickton, Wm., 13 Holburn st. 
Hill, James, 54 Virginia street 
Hill, James, 15 Justice street 
Hird, Benjamin, 38 Leadside rd. 
Howie, Peter, 10 East North st. 
Hunter, James, 49 Park street 
Hunter & Walker, 118 Gallow- 

Hunter, Wm., 63 Huntly street 
Hutcheon, Mrs Gordon, 15 West 

North street 
Inglis, J., 47 Commerce street 
Ironside, Mrs Pat., 31 Ann st. 
*Jamieson & Mitchell, 34 and 36 

Jamieson, Geo., 59 Schoolhill 
Jamieson, John, 7 Commerce st. 
Jamieson, James, & Co., 221 

Union street, and 2 Dee st. 
Jeffrey, Wm, , 8 Queen street 
* Johnstone, C. & A., 5 Trinity 

buildings. Trinity quay 
Johnston, Mrs, 86 Upper Den- 

Kennedy, A. T., & Co., 35 

George street 
Kemp, James, 121 North Broad- 
Kemp, Mrs, 60 Skene square 
Lamont, A., jun., 2 Cotton st. 
Law, Arthur, 133 Skene street 
Law, Miss B. , 8 Wellington pi. 
Laing, Mrs B., 2 Upper Denburn 
Lawiie, Alexander, 1 Irvine place 
Leiper, James, 108 Chapel street 
*Leith, John, & Sons, 17 Ex- 
change street 
Leith, John, 91 Chapel street 
Lewis, John, 57 Virginia street 
Linklater, Wm., 109 Gallowgate 
*Littlejohn, J., & Sons, 39 Green 
London & Newcastle Tea Co., 
7 Market st., and 81 Broad 
street , 
Logan, Wm., 114 George street 
Lumsden & Gibson, 95 Union st. 
Lumsden, Wm. ,& Sons, 58 Union 

M'Gregor, Alex., 57 Guestrow 
M'Gregor, Mrs, 7 East North st. 
M'Hardy, Robert, 188 W. North 

M'Kay, Alex., 12 South Mount 

M'Kay, John, 94 Gallowgate 
M'Kenzie, James T., 69 N. Broad- 
M'Kenzie, John, 43J Schoolhill 
M'Lean, George, 41 Green 
M'Lean, James, 93 George street 
M'Leod, Mrs, 67 Park street 
M'Petrie, Alexander, 3 Garvock 


M' William, Mrs Alex., 13 Wales 

Macdonald, Ewen, 193 Gallow- 
Macdonald, William, 1 St. Clair 

Machattie, C, 18 Victoria steet 
Machattie, J., 40 and 42 Wool- 

Machattie, Wm., 177 Gallowgate 
Mackie, George, 1 Leadside road 
Mackinlay, Robt., 15 Queen st. 



Maitland, Joseph, 229 King st, 
Mair, Geo., 2 Wellington place 
Manu, Alex. J 1 Causewayend 
MaiT, James, 14 Margaret street 
Marr, Mrs, 1 Willowdale place 
Martin, G., 14 North Broadford 
*Mellis, G., & Son, 14 Young st. 
Melvin, Jas., 148 Causewayend 
Melvin, John, 89 John street 
Merchant, Jas,, 72Cuparstonepl. 
Michie, John, 33 West North st. 
Michie, Wm., 20 East North st. 
Milne, George, 51 Powis place 
Milne, James, 72 Union street 
Milne, Thomas, 174 George st. 
Milne, Wm., 1 South Mount st. 
Milne, Wm. , jun. , 1 Watson st. 
Milne, Wm., 46 King's crescent 
Mitchell, Robert, 69 Commerce 

Moir, James, 60 Chapel street 
Morison, James, 17 Skene street 
Mortimer, A. F,, 5 Carmelite st. 

and 15 Hadden street 
*Mortimer, Jas., 12 Harriet street 
Munro, Andrew, 74 King street 
Neil, Alex., 27 Rose street and 

19 Thistle street 
Nicol, John, & Co., 88 Gallowgate 
Nicol, Miss, 56 Summer street 
Nicolson, Wm,, 242 Union st. 
Noble, John, 12 Justice street 
Norrie, Wm. , 70 Broad street 
Nye, Jabez, 13 Hutcheon street 
Officer, James, 8 Garvock st. 
Ogilvie, George, 69 Park street 
Oliver, Alfred, 53 Gallowgate 
Panton, Geo., 36 Urquhart road 
Paterson, James, 47 East North 

Petrie, Mrs, 4 Mealmarket street 
Philip, James, 1 and 3 Ashley pi, 
Philip, James, 67 East North st. 
Philip, John, 196 Gallowgate 
Phillip, Robert C, 44 Green 
Rae, F. M., 31 St. Clement st. 
Rae, James, 1^ South Crown st, 
Rae, James, 6 Union place 
Rae, Mrs John, 45 St, Andrew 

Rainnie, Robert, 31 Shiprow 

Rattray,- D,, 13 Castle street 
Reid, George, 23 Shiprow 
Reid, John, 1 S. College street 
Reid, John, 141 Gallowgate 
Reith, Andrew, 165 Gallowgate 
Reith, Jas., 8 and 10 Skene ter. 
Ritchie, James, 61 Green 
Robertson, A., 92 Bon-Accord st. 
Ronald, G., 35 Bon-Accord st. 
Ross, Alex. , 85 and 87 Rosemount 

Ross, Hugh, 281 George street |. 
Ross, W. & J., 10 Causewayend 
*Rutherford, A., 56 King street 
Salter, Wm., 19 Rosemount place 
Sangster, Alex., & Sons, 94 Rose- 
mount place 
Sangster, Alex., 81 Park street 
Sangster, Alex. , 4 Young street 
Shepherd, A., 13 N. Broadford 
Sheret, Robert, 67 Shiprow 
Sim, Mrs G,, 24 Maberly street ^ 
Sim, Mrs G., 74 Shiprow 
Simpson, Alex,, 39 Hutcheon st. 
Skene, Peter, 46 Summer street 
Smart, Arch. H., 9 W. North st. 
Smith, Alex., 76 St. Andrew st. 
Smith, Wm., 70 East North st. 
Smith, Mrs, 9 Bon- Accord lane 
Smith, Miss, Pocra Pier 
Stephen, C, & Co., 9 Chapel st. 
Stephen, James, 37 Jasmine ter. 
Stephen, William, 93 Upper Den- 
*Stevens, Robert, 214 George st. 
Stevenson, Hilkiah, 77 Park st. 
Stewart, Alex., 109 Causewayend 
Stott, Mrs, Balmoral place 
Strachan, Jas., 20 Market street 
Strachan, R. H., 1 Rosemount 
terrace, and 6 Farmers' Hall 
Strachan, R. H., & Co., 234 

George street 
Stewart, Forbes, 30 Summer st. 
Sutherland, Wm., 86 Gallowgate 
Taylor, John, 22 Upper Denburn 
Thom, A. D. , 36 SjDring garden 
Thom, John, 20 Upperkirkgate 
Thomson, Adam, 1 Gilcomston 




*Thomsoii, George M., 7 Queen 

Thomson, J. G., 76 Leadside road 
Thomson, James, 56 Upper Den- 
Tocher, James, 38 East N'orth st. 
Todd, Mrs, 76 West North street 
Tough, James, 122 King street 
Troup, W. W., 41 Littlejohn st. 
Urquhart, Alex., 68 St. Nicholas 

Urquhart, G. R,, 23 Jasmine ter. 
Urquhart, Miss, 1 Gordon street 
Valentine, Miss, 13 Huntly st. 
Walker & Co., 68 and 70 Vir- 
ginia street 
Walker, George, 43 Skene square 
Walker, Henry, 16 Summer lane 
Walker, J. & G,, 24 Skene square 
Walker, James, 41 College street 
Walker, John, 181 Gallowgate 
Walker, Wm., 61 George street 
Walker, Wm., 24 Park street 
Walker, W., & Sons, 52 Union 

Wallace, J., & Co., 51 and 55 

George street 
Watson, J. S., 26 Claremont st. 
Watson, William, 160 Wellington 

Watt, F., & Co., 64 North Broad- 
Watt, James, 101 Union street 
Watt, James, 93 Causewayend 
Watt, John, 209 Union street 
Watt, Mrs, 84 North Broadford 
Weir, James, 1 and 3 Westfield 

Whyte, George, 86 Albion street 
Will, George, 210 Gallowgate 
Will, William, 160 George street 
Williamson, Alexander, 67 Hol- 

burn street 
Wilson, A. C, 14 York street 
Wilson, Robert, 83 Hardgate 
Wilson, W. , 78 St. Clement street 

and 32 Wellington street 
Wright, R., & Son, 26 Schoolhill 
Wright, R. W., 32 Netherkirk- 

Wyllie, John, 28 Leadside road 

Young, George, 182 Grown st. 
Yule, C. B., 73 Holburn street 


Davidson, Alex., 20 Carmelite 

Garden, Wm., 122J Union street 
Playfair, C, & Co., 142 Union st. 
Robertson, John, 128 Union st. 

Hair Dealers. 

Fyfe, George, 51 Shiprow 
Mortimer, A. F., 5 Carmelite st. 

and 15 Hadden street 
Rainnie^ Robert 31 Shiprow 


Anderson, John, 1 James street 
Beaton, John, 33Rosemountplace 
Black, James, 7 Flourmillbrae 
Black, John, 70 West North street 
Bolton, William J., 248 George 

Cockerill, Charles, 28 Cause- 
Collie, J. H. , 1 South Silver street 
Cooper, John, 121 George street 
Cowie, George, 4 Belmont street 
Craig, Charles, & Co., 6 Park st. 
Davidson, Alexander, 19 George 

Fenton Brothers, 117 Union street 
Findlay, Gilbert, 9 St. Catherine's 

Gray, G., 62 Regent quay 
M'Dougall, Daniel, 33 Loch street 
M'Kinnon, Patrick, 29 Windy 

Milne, John, 53 Upperkirkgate 
Morgan, William P., 287 George 

Presslie, S. G., 7 Bridge street 
Riach, Robert, 83 Queen street 
Rice, James, 118 Skene street 
Sangster, Thomas, 214 Gallow- 
Smith, Andrew, 136a Gallowgate 
Smith, William, & Co., 30 Bridge 

Stephen, George, 7 Guild street 
Young, Fred., College street 



Williamson, A., jmi., 41 Wool- 

"Williamson, A. , 20 Marischal st. 

Hardware Merchants. 

Tliose marked * are Wholesale. 
Anderson, J. & J. S., 93 Queen 

Catto, City Bazaar, 94 Union st. 
Collie, Robert, 123 Union street 
*Fleming, J. & J., 24 Broad street 
Lindsay, W. & W., 30 Market 

Lamb, Thomas, 40 Market street 
*M'Laren, D. F., 15 Union 

*Ogilvie, R., 48 ISfetherkirkgate 
Seiv Wright, John, 111 Union st. 
Sutherland, William, 43 St. 

Nicholas street 
*Tait, Robert, 26 Upperkirkgate 

Harness Composition Manu- 

Brand, George, & Co., 12| Mary- 
well street 

Jamieson & Co,, 86 Spring garden 

Jamieson, G., & Co., Rodger's 
walk, John street 

Jamieson, P., 8 South College 


Crown Clothing Co., 17 Broad 

Donald, J. R., 29 George street 
Esson, Robert, 98 Rosemount 

Fyfe & Co., 2, 4, and 6 St. 

Nicholas street, and 4 and 6 

Union buildings 
Geddes, George, 36 Market street 
Hall, James, 39 Union street 
Jessieman, A. G., 25 & 27 George 

King, Wm. C, 3 & 5 St. Nicholas 

M'Leod, JohnC, 46 Union street 
Martin, Samuel, 34 Union street 
Ogilvie, George, 45 St. Nicholas 


Ogilvie, Thomas, & Son, 21 Car- 
melite street 

Steele & Co., 20 and 22 Union 

Souter, George, 15 and 17 Gal- 

Wilson, J. S., 18 St. Nicholas 

Hay Dealers. 

Deans, Walter, Weigh-house 

Duncan, D. , 8 West North st. 
Leonard, Geo., 3 Langstane pi. 
Mortimer, James, 12 Harriet st. 
Waldie, Davie, Upper quay 

Herring Factors. 

Berneaud & Co., 63 Marischal 

Clarke & Co. , 47 Marischal street 
Leslie, W., & Co., 67 Marischal 

Macdonald, David, & Sons, 27 

and 29 St. Andrew street 

Hide and Tallow Merchants. 

Aberdeen Hide and Tallow Co., 

Wales street 
Ironside, J., 27 and 35 Gerrard 

Laing, James, 74 and 76 Wool- 

Lyon, Alexander, 194 J George 

Lyon, A., jun., 194 J George st. 
Macdonald, D. , & Sons, 27 and 

29 St. Andrew street 
Murray, Wm., 291, 293, and 295 

George street 
Ronald, Wm., 16 St, Paul street 
Sinclair, Alex., 1, 2, and 3 Wales 

street market 

Horse and Cab Hirers. 

Bain, Wm., 60 Loch street and 
44 Union place 

Camp])ell, Alex., 6 Diamond st. 

Campbell, Duncan, 5 Bon-Accord 
street, Alford place, 9 Back 
wynd, and Wellington road 



Campbell, James, 19 Himtly st, 
Donald, John, 93 Rosemount pi. 
Duncan, Alex., 47 and 49 Wales 

street, and 103 King street 
Duncan, J, & J., Clayhills and 

M'Bey, Thos., 137 K Broadford 
Monro, Geo., 20 St. Clement st. 
Ogilvie, Wm., 79 Skene street 
Raid, Mrs, 13 Princes street 
Robertson, Wm., 213 Hardgate 
Shireflfs, John, 19 Gordon street 
Tough, George, 70 John street 

Horticultural Builders. 

Dawson, Wm., 136a Skene st. 
Garvie, James, & Sons, Rose st. 
Macandrew, Daniel, & Co., 120 

Loch street 
Robb, Alex., Wellington road 
Thomson, R., 42 Ferryhill ter. 

Hosepipe (Linen) Manufac- 

Martin, A. W., & Co., Berry den 

.Richards & Co. , Broadford works 


See also Berlin Wool Dealers. 
Barker, J., 17 Hadden street 
■Chadmck, E., & Co., 10 Broad st. 
Cruickshank, A., & Co., 105 

Union street 
Davidson & Son, 87 Union street 
Davidson, Mrs, 111 John street 
Davidson, Miss, 43 Green 
Davidson, Miss, 30b Belmont st. 
Davidson, Misses, 65 Queen st. 
Farquhar, George, 16 Castle st. 
Fyfe & Co., 2, 4, and 6 St. 

Nicholas street, 4 and 5 

Union buildings 
Goodbrand, J. M., 176 George st. 
Goodbrand, Stephen, 33 St. 

Nicholas street 
Macdonald, L, & Co., 33 St. 

Nicholas street 
_ Mackay, Roderick, 120 Skene st. 
Matheson, John, 3, 5, and 7 

Justice street 

Sedgewick, Mrs, 39 Skene street 
Stopani, George, 7 Castle street 
Walton, Alex., 179 Crown street 
Watson Brothers, 92 Broad st. 
Watson, Thomas R,, & Co., 31 

and 33 Gallowgate 
Yule, C. B., 60 Holburn street 
Yule, George, 133 Union street 

House Agents. 

Beattie, Alex., 30 Belmont st. 
Clark, John, 8 Little Belmont st. 
Gavin, Wm., 2 Correction wynd 
Hendry, D. R., 1 Union lane 
Marr, Andrew, 47 Park street 
Merchant, George, 13 Belmont 

Middleton, Jos., 119 Gallowgate 
Milne, John, 16 Adelphi 
Petrie, Robt. A., 39 Frederick st. 
Philip, George, 256 George street 
Smith, Wm., jun., 4 Belmont st. 
Taylor, William, 85 Gallowgate 
Watt, John, 27 Gallowgate 
Williams, William, 14 St. And- 
rew street 

House Carpenters and 

See also Builders. 
Alexander, D., 4a Crown terrace 
Anderson, Wm., 21 Dee Village 

Arthur, J. & A., 1 Canal road 
Bain, Ebenezer, 209 George street 
Barclay, Alex. , 6 Charlotte street 
Black, A., 69| College street 
Brewster, George, & Co., 27 St. 

Clair street 
Brown, Alex., 38 Catherine street 
Brown, William G., 59 Skene 

Bruce, George, 255a George st. 
Buyers, J., & Co., 12 Kidd lane 
Cameron, John, 202 George st. 
Cay, William, &Sons, Gilcomston 

Cheyne, George, & Son, 13 Jas- 
mine terrace 
Cobban, Robt., 85 Claremont st. 
Cook, Alex. , 65 Holburn street 



Cooper, Alex., 2 Union wynd 
Contts, George, 22 John street 
Dawson, Wm,, 136a Skene st, 
Dickie, Andrew, 7 Windmill lane 
Dinnes & Middleton, 35a Chapel 

Duckworth, Henry, Market st., 

Palmerston road 
Ewing, J. D., 20 Prince Regent 

Emslie, Andrew, 12 Rosemount 

Farquhar, James, 18 Broomhill 

Farquhar, W. C, Hilldowntree 
Farquharson, Geo. , 5 Harriet st. 
Garvie, James, & Sons, Rose st. 
Gaudie, Hugh, 84 George street 
Gillan, Wm., 99 George street 
Gillanders & Sons, 91 Loch st. 
Glennie, John, 48 Watson street 
Gordon, Robt., 12 Charles street 
Gordon, William, Bridge place 
Grant, William, 13 Spa street 
Hay, Wm. , 27 Short loanings 
Henderson, John, 6 Summer st. 
Hendry, A., 21 Gilcomston park 
Hogg, W. & A., Affleck street 
Howie, George, 66 Loch street 
Innes, A., & Sons, 6 Barnett's 

Ironside & Macdonald, 9 Spa st. 
Johnston & Stephen, Stevenson 

King & Milne, Stevenson street 
Leask, John, 50 Hardgate 
Leith, Joseph, 6Q Skene square 
Leslie, J., 54 Hutcheon street 
Lyon, Charles, Clayhills, Well- 
ington road 
M'Gregor, J., 105 George street 
M 'Robbie & Milne, Albert place 
M 'Robbie, James, Affleck street 
M 'William, John, Thistle lane 
Macandrew, D., & Co., 120 Loch 

Malcolm, James, Mannofield 
Manson, William, 14 Blackfriars 

Marr&Fettes, 18 Bon- Accord lane 
Milne, Alex., 28 North Silver st. 

Milne, James T, , 1 Canal road 
Milne, John, Craigie loanings. 

Mile-end, and 41 James st. 
Milne, John, 15 Broomhill place 
Mitchell & Stewart, 48 Nelson st. 
Mollison, William, 76 Woolman- 

Murray, A., & Co., 38 Short 

Peterkin, James, 54 Rose street 
Rainnie, George C. , 60 Commerce 

Rennie, J. W., Love lane 
Robb, Alex., Wellington road 
Roger, James, Cotton street 
Saunders, Roger, 45 Broad street 
Scott, Wm., 9i Mounthooly 
Smith & Tolmie, Hutcheon street 

Smith, Fran. W., 15 Hanover 

Smith, Geo, , 5 Causey place and 

21 Mounthooly 
Stevenson, John, 128 Loch street 
Sutherland, J. & J., 10 Little 

Chapel street 
Taylor, Wm., 85 Gallowgate 
Thomson, Robert, 42 Ferryhill 

Tough, John, 6 Windmill lane 
Trail, James, 10 Rose street 
Warrack & Daniel, 7 North 

Charlotte street 
Watson & Robb, 44 Spring garden 
Watt & Clark, 23 Princes street 
Wilson, John, 52 Park street 
Wyllie, Robert, 34 St. Paul st. 

India- Rubber (Vulcanised) 

Campbell, Achnach, & Co., 18 
Bridge street, and 6 Trinity 
buildings, Trinity quay 
Clyne, Wm., & Sons, 6 Hadden 

Drummond, J. & J., 2^ Belmont 

Duthie, Alex., 104 Union street 
Findlay & Co., 146 George street 
Fraser, Wm., 57 and 59 St. 
Nicholas street 



Union Rubber Co. , 61 Union st. 
Watson, R. H., 15 Netherkirk- 

Inns and Hotels. 

See also Stablers. 
Adam, "William {Temperance), 20 

Regent quay- 
Benson, Richard (Bath Hotel), 

Bath street 
Brown, R. (Prince of Wales), 9 

St. ISTicholas lane 
Brown, Eobt. K. (Bursar's), 60 

and 61 Castle street 
Cameron, Mrs. , 6 Little Belmont 

Cormack, John (Lemon Tree), 7 

and 9 St. Nicholas street 
Cowie, Alex. (Wallace Tower), 

63 and 65 ISTetherldrkgate 
Douglas, Thos. (Douglas' Hotel), 

Market street 
DufFus's Hotel, 13 Guestrow 
Duffus, Misses {Temperance), 54 

Union street 
Duncan, D. , 8 West North st. 
Duthie, John, 180 Gallowgate 
Farquhar, Robert (Waverley), 

Guild street 
Findlay, Mrs. (National Hotel), 

42 Regent quay 
Forsyth's {Temperance), 100 and 

102 Union street 
Garioch, Peter (Market Arms), 13 

Hadden street 
Glennie, Mrs, 49 Lodge walk 
Gordon, Geo. (Star and Garter), 

79 Windmillbrae 
Hicks, R. W. (Clyde), 44 Nether- 

Hutcheon, Mrs John {Temper- 
ance), 56 Union street 
Imperial Hotel, Stirling street 
Leith, Alex., 16 Mealmarket st. 
M'Adam, Mrs, 30 Gerrard st. 
M 'Donald's Club Hotel, 11 Mar- 
ket street 
M'Kay, John (North British), 8 

and 10 Trinity street 
Mann, Chas. (Palace Hotel), 159 

Union st. and 9 Bridge st. 

Mearns, James, 10 Harriet st. 

Mennie, Mrs (Ferryhill), 124 
Wellington road 

Milne, John, 7 & 9 Marischal st. 

Moncur, Nicol, 10 Adelphi 

Mullet, Isabella, 78 Union st. 

Mutch, James (Steam Yacht), 
Pocra pier 

Ogg, David, jun. (Crown), 3 
Shore brae 

Riddel, the Misses (New Inn), 

Robson, James (Lome Hotel), 6 
Trinity street 

Smith, John R. (City Hotel), 21 
St. Nicholas street 

Stuart, Mrs (Albert), 9| Correc- 
tion wynd 

Thomson, W., 6 Mealmarket st. 

Thomson, Mrs, 39 Lodge walk 

Walker, Mrs (Caledonian, Tem- 
perance), 62 Castle street 

Insurance Agents. 

See end of Professions^ Directory. 

Insurance Brokers. 

See Ship and Insurance Brokers. 


Abernethy, James, & Co., Ferry- 
hill Foundry 
Barry, Henry, & Co., 122^ West 

North street 
Blaikie Brothers, Footdee Iron 

Gordon, C, & Sons, Pocra pier 
Hall, Russell, & Co., York place 
Harper & Co. , Albion Iron Works 
King, David, & Son, 50 Castle st. 
M'Kinnon, William, & Co., 20 
Spring garden 

Iron Merchants. 

Smith, John, & Co., 5 Shoe lane 


Those marked * are Wholesale. 
Barron, Robert, 15 Schoolhill 
Chalmers, Scott, 52 Upperkirk- 



*r)uiican, John, 51 Union street 
Duthie, Alex,, 104 Union street 
Fraser, William, 57 St. Nicholas 

*Glegg & Thomson, 179 George 

Grant, J., 12 Gilcomston steps 
Harper & Co. , 20 Hadden street 
Henderson, D., & Sons, 79 St. 

Andrew street 
*Knox & Webster, 26 and 28 St. 

Paul street 
*Laing, James, & Co., 121 Union 

Laing, Thomas, 19 Gallowgate 
*Laing, W., & Son, 207 Gallow 

*Littlejohn, George, & Co. (sad- 
dlers), 19 Back Avynd 
Lyall, J. & J., 24 George street 
Lyall, Robt., jun., 34 Broad st. 
M 'Hardy, David, & Son, 54 

Milne, George, 2-3 Park street 
Mitchell, Chas. , 77 George street 
Mowatt, G. & J., 8 and 10 King 

Nicol, B., 33 Thistle street 
Shirras, Wm. , & Son, 44 School- 
hill and Harriet street 
Walker, Wm., & Son, 22 Nether- 

Watson, George, 72 Gallowgate 
Watt, M., & Co., 62 St. Nicholas 


Henderson, D., & Sons, 79 St. 
Andrew street 

Shirras, Wm., & Son, 44 School- 
hill and Harriet street 


See, Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Land Surveyors. 

Adam, Alex., 20 Union terrace 
Duncan, Thomas, 91 Union st. 
Ironside, A. J., 14 Union terrace 
Jenkins & Marr, 16 Bridge street 
Walker & Beattie, 91 Union st. 


Crone, Wm. , 42 St. Nicholas st. 
Lister, John, 46 Netherkirkgate 

Last Makers. 

Reid, Jas., & Sons, 58 John street 

Law Agents, 

See Advocates and Solicitors , 

Leather Merchants. 

Cameron, Wm., 10 Skene street 
Clyne, Wm., & Sons, 2 Hadden 

Drummond, J. & J., 2| Belmont 

Duncan, Wm., 37 Broad street 
Findlay & Co., 146 George street 
Fletcher, W., 55 Princes street 
Gibb, J. & A., 32 Market street 
Henderson, H., & Sons, Imperial 

Lyon, Alex., 194J George street 
Lyon, Wm., 85 Broad street 
Macdonald, David, & Sons, 27 

and 29 St. Andrew street 
Muir, Robert, 38 George street 
Ronald, Wm., 16 St. Paul street 
Smith, Rich. , 7^ Queen street 
Watt, John, & Sons, 34 and 36 

Watson, R. H., 15 Netherkirk- 

Linen Manufacturers. 

Beveridge, Peter, 39 St. Nicholas 

Martin, A. W., & Co., Berryden 

Richards & Co., Broadford 
Smart, P. S., 86 King street 

Linsey Manufacturers. 

See Woollen ManufacturerSi 


See Engravers. 

Lodgings Hotise Keepers. 

Abel, Mrs, 18 South Mount sti 
Adam, Win. , 20 Regeiit quay 



Adam, Mrs, 2 St. Catherine's 

Alexander, Mrs, 91 Queen street 
Alexander, Mrs James, 37 Mount 

Allan, Mrs, 121 Crown street 
Anderson, Mrs, 39 Union terrace 
Anderson, Mrs, 18 Crown street 
Anderson, Mrs, 61 Regent quay- 
Anderson, Mrs, 18 Queen street 
Anderson, Miss, 84 Powis place 
Anderson, Miss, 7 Black's bdgs. 
Bain Mrs, 1 Eldon terrace 
Balfour Mrs, 89 Hutcheon st. 
Begg, Miss, 39 Union terrace 
Beverly, Mrs, 16 View terrace 
Black, Mrs, 11 Ann place 
Black, Mrs, 178 Crown street 
Bootli, Mrs, 265 George street 
Brands, Miss, 27 CroAvn street 
Brown, Mrs, 10 St. Mary's place 
Brown, Mrs Jas., 40 Summer st. 
Bruce, Mrs, 26 Union place 
Bryden, Mrs, 13 Netherkirkgate 
Buchan, Mrs, 268a George st. 
Buglass, Mrs, 4 Watson street 
Burns, Mrs, 51 Marischal street 
Buyers, Mrs, 129 Union street 
Cadenhead, Mrs, 9 Castle street 
Cadenhead, Miss, 30 Watson st. 
Calder, Mrs, 2 St. Mary's place 
Cameron, Mrs, 121 Crown street 
Cameron, Misses, 245 Union st. 
Campbell, Mrs, 172 Crown st. 
Campbell, Mrs, 2 Stephen place 
Campbell, Mrs, 35 Mount street 
Cassie, Mrs, 11 Springbank ter. 
Chalmers, Mrs, 11 Hadden st. 
Chalmers, Miss, 11 Craigie st. 
Christie, Mrs, 16 Frederick st. 
Clark, Mrs, 36 Schoolhill 
Clark, Mrs, 22 Bank street 
Clark, Mrs, 27 Richmond terrace 
Crichton, Mrs, 164 Crown street 
Cochran, Mrs, 5 Waverley place 
Connon, Miss, 8 Albert terrace 
Copland, Mrs, 178 Crown street 
Cormack, Mrs, 1 Broad street 
Coutts, Mrs, 104 N". Broadford 
Cowie, Mrs, 89J Broad street 
Craig, Mrs, 1 Marischal street 

Craig, Miss, 9 Margaret street 
Craighead, Mrs, 13 Craigie st. 
Cruickshank, Mrs, 164 Crown st. 
Cruickshank, Mrs, 84 Broad st. 
Cumming, Mrs, 14 Correction 

Cumming, Mrs, 217 Union st. 
Davidson, Mrs J., 156 Crown st. 
Davidson, Mrs, 146 J George st. 
Davidson, Miss, 2 Rosebank ter. 
Dippe, Miss, 1 Broad street 
Donald, Mrs Wm. , 45 Skene ter. 
Donaldson, Mrs J. , 27 Dee st. 
DufF, Mrs, 170 CroAvn street 
DufFus, Misses, 54 Union street 
Duncan, Mrs, 1 Broad street 
Duthie, Mrs, 31 Queen street 
Eden, Mrs, 88 Skene square 
Ellis, Miss, 2 Guestrow 
Elrick, Mrs, 42 King's crescent 
Ewan, Mrs J,, 95 Rosemount pi. 
Farquhar, Mrs F., 13 Nelson st. 
Findlay, Miss A., 18 Craigie st. 
Forbes, Mrs, 3 Skene terrace 
Forbes, Mrs, 178 Crown street 
Forbes, Mrs, 2 Gray's buildings, 

Forbes, Miss, 13 Holburn place 
Forsyth, Mrs, 31 Belvidere st, 
Forsyth, Mrs, 86J Crown street 
Eraser, Mrs, 168 Crown street 
Eraser, Miss M., 9 Little Bel- 
mont street 
Garland, Mrs, 26 Skene street 
George, Mrs James, 57 Park st. 
Gerrie, Miss, 57 Regent quay 
Gerrie, Miss, 29 Union street 
Gillan, Mrs R., 4 Rosebank ter. 
Gollan, Mrs, 6 Black's buildings 
Gordon, Mrs J., 51 J Bon- Accord 

Gordon, Mrs M. F., 158 Crown 

Gordon, Mrs, 20 Belmont street 
Gordon, Miss, 37 Market street 
Gray, Mrs, 20^ N". Silver street 
Gray, Miss, 2 Chapel street 
Greig, Mrs, 172 Crown street 
Greig, Miss, 55 Thistle street 
Hart, Mrs, 11 Bon- Accord street 
Hay, Miss, 13 Springbank ter. 



Henderson, Mrs A., 49 Bon- Ac- 
cord street 
Henderson, Mrs, 30 Rose street 
Henderson, Mrs, 2 Springbankter. 
Henderson, Mrs, 12 Castle street 
Hood, Mrs, 164 Crown street 
Hogg, Miss, 18 Bon- Accord st. 
Howitt, Mrs, 37 Littlejohn street 
Hunter, Mrs, 22 Bridge street 
Hutcheon, Mrs, 56 Union street 
Imray, Miss, 193 Union street 
Jamieson, Mrs, 74 Hutcheon st. 
Jamieson, Mrs G. , 3 Loanhead'pl. 
Jamieson, Miss, 94 Skene street 
Jopp, G., 4 Blackfriars street 
Kelman, Mrs A., 98 Chapel st. 
Kemp, Mrs, 3 King's crescent 
Kennedy, Mrs, 85 Crown street 
Lawrence, Mrs, 7 Black's bdgs. 
Lees, Mrs J., 225 King street 
Leslie, Mrs, 11^ Correction wynd 
Levie, Mrs T., 19 Marischal st. 
Lister, Mrs, 66 St. Nicholas st. 
Lobban, Miss, 8 Summer street 
Loggie, Mrs, 68 George street 
Low, Miss, 9 Victoria street 
Lumsden, Mrs, 74 John street 
Lumsden, Miss M. A. , 29 Dee st. 
Lumsden, Miss, 10 Margaret st. 
M 'Donald, Mrs, 12 Constitution 

M 'Donald, Mrs, 72 Catherine st. 
M 'Hardy, Mrs, 3 Mary place 
M 'Hardy, Mrs, 15 N. Broadford 
M'lver, Miss, 51 Bon-Accord st. 
M'Lachlan, Mrs John, 24 Craigie 

M'Naughton, Mrs, 83 Skene sq, 
M 'Robbie, Mrs, 3 King's square 
M'Tavish, Mrs, 174 Crown st. 
M 'William, Mrs, 174 Crown st. 
M 'William, Miss, 69 Crown st. 
Mackintosh, Miss, 4 Dee street 
Macaldowie, Mrs, 163 Crown st. 
Maconachie, Mrs, 167 Skene st. 

Mair, Mrs, 24 Dee street 
Martin, Mrs, 2 Carmelite street 
Mathewson, Misses, 25 Union st. 
Mathieson, Mrs, 11 Union bdgs. 
• Melvin, Miss E., 34 Rose st. 

Mennie, Mrs, 24 Union place 
Merchant, Mrs, 8 Schoolhill 
Merchant, Miss, 279 George st. 
Merrilees, Mrs, 1 Hill street 
Michie, Miss, 13 Springbank ter. 
Middleton, Mrs, 21 Marywell st. 
Middleton, Miss, 53 Huntly st. 
Milne, Mrs Capt, 51 Chapel st. 
Milne, Mrs, 45 Skene terrace 
Milne, Mrs W., 147 Union st. 
Milne, Mrs Wm., 4 Craibstone 

street east 
Milne, Mrs, 5 Crimon place 
Milne, Mrs, 16 Carmelite street 
Milne, Mrs, 27 Marywell street 
Milne, Miss, 27a George street 
Milne, Miss, 13 Craigie street 
Mitchell, Mrs, 1 Adelphi 
Mitchell, Mrs, 16 Holburn road 
Mollison, Mrs, 39 Chapel street 
Moir, Mrs, 216 Union street 
Moir, Miss, 41 Baker street 
Morgan, Mrs, 27a George street 
Morgan, Miss, 41^ Union street 
Murray, Mrs, 188 George street 
Myles, Mrs, 36 Union street 
Napier, Mi's, 30 Belmont street 
Rape, Mrs, 39 Union terrace 
Paul, Miss, 12 Castle street 
Raton, Mrs, 41 Baker street 
Philips, Mrs, 5 Langstane place 
Pickard, Mrs, 47 Richmond st. 
Prosser, Mrs, 76 Chapel street 
Rae, Mrs, 170 Crown street 
Rennie, Mrs, 76 N. Broadford 
Rennie, Miss, 4 Dee street 
Reid, Mrs, 41 Dee street 
Reid, Mrs, 19 St. Clement st. 
Rezin, Mrs, 31 Adelphi 
Robb, Mrs, 5 Netherkirkgate 
Roberts, Miss, 7 Henry place 
Robertson, Mrs A., 12 Urquhart 

Robertson, Mrs, 2 Crimon place 
Ross, Mrs, 127 King street 
Ross, Miss, 2 Crown terrace 
Rust, Mrs, 2 Bon- Accord street 
Sangster, Mrs, 170 Crown street 
Scorgie, Mrs, 45 Nelson street 
Scott, Mrs, 9 Crimon place 
Scott, Mrs, 28 George street 



Sliand, Mrs, 2 Hill street 
Sharp, Mrs, 27 Jute street 
Sim, Mrs, 6I5 Skene street 
Simpson, Mrs, 21^ Union ter. 
Skinner, Mrs, *62 Powis place 
Skinner, Mrs, 32 Union terrace 
Smart, Miss, 103 Union street 
Smith, Mrs John, 11 View ter. 
Smith, Mrs, 75 Park street 
Smith, Miss, 31 Charlotte street 
Smollet, Mrs A., 26 Dee street 
S outer, Mrs, 34 Skene street 
Stephen, Mrs, 4 King street place 
Stewart, Mrs, 166 Crown street 
Stewart, Mrs C, 18 Craigie st. 
Stewart, Mrs, 34 Bridge street 
Still, Miss, 66 St. Nicholas street 
Strachan, Miss, 4 St. Mary's j)l. 
Straiton, Mrs, 16 Craigie street 
Stuart, Mrs, 10 St. Mary's place 
Sutherland, Mrs, 104 King street 
Sutherland, Mrs, 4 Bridge street 
Symmers, Mrs, 158 Crown street 
Symon, Miss, 64 Rose street 
Taylor, Mrs, 75 Union street 
Tennant, Mrs, 36 Mount street 
Thomson, M., 4 Thistle street 
Thomson, Mrs, 61 Dee street 
Thomson, Mrs, 68 Eose street 
Thomson, Mrs, 20 Craigie street 
Thomson, MrsS., 181a Union st. 
Urquhart, Miss, 27 Albert ter. 
"Walker, Mrs, 17 Balmoral place 
Warrack, Miss, 146 CroAvn street 
Watson, Mrs, 39 Springbank ter. 
Watson, Mrs W., 32 Springbank 

Watson, Mrs, 12 Urquhart road 
Watt, Mrs, 61 St. Nicholas street 
Watt, Miss, 12 Margaret street 
Wilson, Mrs, 34 George street 
Wood, Miss, 2 St. Mary's place 
Wright, Mrs, 48 St. Nicholas st. 
Wyness, Mrs, 1 Mount street west 
Wyness, Mrs, 37 Thistle street 
Yeats, Mrs John, 64 Dee street 
Young, Mrs, 38 Summer street 

Malt Roasters. 

Strachan, J. , & Sons, Gilcomston 

Mangle Manufacturers. 

Reid, James, & Sons, 58 John st. 

Margarine Manufacturers. 

Lyon, Alex., 194^ George street 
Williamson & Simpson, 79 Wales 


See Builders. 


See Millers. 

Medical Electricians. 

Packer, T. H. , & Co. , 75 Union st. 
Spark, Alex., 265b George street 

Metal Merchants. 

Lawson & Turnbull, 12 Meal- 
market street 
King, David, & Son, 50 Castle st. 

Metal Refiner. 

Rice, Robert, 61 Commerce street 


See Sick Nurses. 

Millers and Mealsellers. 

Those Marked* are Millers. 

* Aberdeen Plour Mills Co., Lim., 

Cotton street 

*Alexander, James, Lower Jus- 
tice Mills 

*Brebner, James, 267a George st. 

*Clark Brothers, 15 Guild street 
and 13 West North street 

*Dalgarno, Wm, , S j)ring Garden 

*Davidson, Wm. , 12 and 14 Com- 
merce street 

*Donald, James, 14 and 16 Wel- 
lington place 

*Fraser, John, Upper Justice 

Forsyth, Alex., 10 Holburn st. 

* Gavin, John, & Son, Birsack 

Mills warehouse, 196 George 



Jamieson, George, 59 Sclioolhill 
*Kemp & Walker, 4 St. Cathe- 
rine's wynd 
Langlands, K,,, 189 Gallowgate 
*Leith, Hugh, 83 George street 
*Linclsay's Trustees, City Flour 

Mills, 73 Causeway end 
*Manson & Co., Cotton street 
. Marr, Alex., 13 and 15 John st. 
*Mess, J. (Trustees of), 12 Vir- 
ginia street 
*Milne Brothers, 10 Guild street 
*N"or. Co. -Op. Co., Millbank 

*Robertson, George, 55 Green 
Scorgie, Wm., 7 Eose street 
*Strachan, John, & Sons, Gilconi- 

ston Mills 
*Thoinson, John, 52 Queen st. 
Watt, George, 64 Basement, 

*White, John F., 107 King st. 
Wilson, Isaac, 14 West North st. 
Wilson, James, & Sons, 7 School- 

Milliners and Dressmakers. 

Alexander, Mrs, 270 Union st. 
Allan, Misses, 239 George street 
Anderson, Miss, 1 Gallowgate 
Baillie, Mrs, 3a Holburn street 
Beaton, Mrs, 66 Park street 
Bennet, Miss, 80 Queen street 
Benzie, Mrs, 25 Prospect terrace 
Bisset, Miss, 30 Queen street 
Bowie, Mrs, 2 Baker street 
Brewster, Mrs, 2 St. Nicholas 

Brown, Mrs, 20 South Mount st. 
Brownlee, Miss M. B., 4 Mary 

Bruce, Miss, 8 Little Chapel st. 
Bruce, Miss 18 Waverley place 
Bruce, Miss A. , 40 Holburn st. 
Buist, Miss, 18 George street 
C alder, Mrs, 31 Frederick street 
Campbell, Mrs, 8 South Mount 

Cassie, Miss, 19 St. Nicholas st. 
Catto, Miss, 40 Charles street 
Clark, Mrs, 10 Wellington place 

Craig, Miss, 55 Thistle street 
Crane, Miss, 11 Diamond street 
Cruickshank, Miss B., 116 

Chapel street 
Davidson, Misses, 65 Queen st. 
Davidson, Miss, 5 Whitehouse st. 
Dawson, Mrs, 20 Kintore place 
Dick & Youngson, Westfield rd. 
Dinnie, Miss, 117 George street 
Donald, Miss, 70 Rose street 
Drummond, Miss, 20 Bank street 
DufF, Miss, 54 Summer street 
Dunbar, Mrs, 9 Causeway end 
Duncan, Miss, 37 Market street 
Duncan, Miss, 4 Granton place 
Duncan, Misses, Southbridge 
Dunn, Miss, 22 Prospect terrace 
Dyker, Miss, 47 St. Nicholas st. 
Ellis, Miss Isabella, 10 Skene 

Findlay, Miss, 19 Chapel st. 
Forbes, Misses, 160 Crown street 
Fraser, Miss, 172 Crown street 
Fullerton, Miss, 19 Jasmine ter. 
Gordon, Miss, 29 Union street 
Halcrow, Miss, 126 George st. 
Hay, Misses, 24 Rosemount pi. 
Hogg, Miss, 30 Rose street 
Howie, Miss, 102 Chapel street 
Hutcheon, Mrs, 52 King's crescent 
Jackson, Miss, 3 S. College street 
Johnson, Miss, 15 Correction 

Johnston, Miss, 8 Castle street 
Lamond, Miss, Mansfield Cot- 
tage, Nigg 
Ledingham, Miss, 86 George st. 
M'Combie, Mrs P., 6 Thistle st. 
M 'Donald, Miss M., 22 Thistle 

M'Kay, Miss, 1 Mount street 
M'Leod, Miss, 24 Dee street 
M'Pherson, Misses, 3a Eden pi. 
M'Rae, Miss, 28 Crown street 
Macbeth, Mrs D. , 33 Schoolhill, 

and 33 Woolmanhill 
Marshall, Miss, 10 Charlotte st. 
Martin, Miss, 71 King street 
Martin, Miss, 3 Gilcomston place 
Matheson, Miss, 10 Caledonian 




Micliie, Mrs, 9a Union row 
Middleton, Miss, 1 East JSTortli 

Middleton, Miss, 65 Dee sti'eet 
Millar, Miss, 158 Crown street 
Milne, Miss C, 17 Whitehouse 

Mitchell, Miss, Elmbank Cot- 
tage, 141 Hardgate 
Mitchell, Miss, 65 Chapel street 
Mitchell, Miss, 4 Thistle street 
Moir, Miss, 40 Chapel street 
Nicol, Miss, 13 Bon- Accord street 
Ogilvie & Campbell, 49 George 

Pirie, Miss, 140 Union street 
Reid, Miss, 18 Springbank street 
Reid, Misses, 87 Claremont st, 
Roberts, Miss, 7 Henry place 
Robertson, Miss, 36 Union ter, 
Robinson, Mrs, 72 Holburn st. 
Ross, Mrs, 162 Crown sti'eet 
Runcie & Lyons, Misses, 150 

Union street 
Ryan, Misses, 25 Marywell street 
Sangster, Miss, 42 Union street 
SherrifFs, Miss, 38 Summer street 
Sim, Miss B., 76 Hardgate 
Sime, Mrs, 5 Mounthooly 
Simeon, Miss, 67 Thistle sti-eet 
Sinclair, Miss, 20J North Silver 

Skea, Miss, 29 Rose street 
Smith, Miss, 166 Union sti'eet 
Sti'achan, Miss, 11 Constitution 

Tait, Misses, 74 George street 
Taylor, Miss, 48 St. Nicholas st. 
Thomson, Mrs, 269 George st. 
Thomson, Miss, 54 Regent quay 
Thomson, Miss, 30 Union place 
Troup, Miss, 26a Summer street 
Walker, Misses, 33J Upperkirk- 

Walker, Miss, 14 Catherine st. 
Walker, Miss, 71 Hutcheon st. 
Walkinshaw, Miss, 1 Barnett's 

Warren, Miss, 52 Chapel street 
Watson, Miss, 114 Skene street 
Weir, Mrs, 23 Thistle street 

Whitecross, Miss, 34 Union ter. 
Wisely, Mrs C, 38 Union terrace 
Wood, Miss, 160 Crown street 
Wyness, Miss, 66 Skene square 
Yeats, Mrs, 45^ Nelson street 
Young, Miss, 5 Bank street 


Abernethy, James, & Co., Ferry- 
Blaikie Brothers, Footdee 
Dalgety Brothers, 70 Hutcheon 

Gordon, William, Bridge place 
Hall, Russell, & Co., York place 
Harper & Co. , Albion ironworks, 

Fish street 
Hay, Wm., 27 Short loanings 
Henderson, J. M., King street 

Hogg, G., & Sons, 70 Spring 

Knowles & Leiper, 61 Commerce 

Reid, B. , & Co. , Justice Mill lane 

Music (Professors of). 

Howard, A. J. , 41 Union ter. 
Kirby, John, 3 Craibstone street 

Meid, K. W., 8 Albyn place 
Parker, S., 130 J Union sti'eet 
Reiter, A. , 4 Langstane place 
Spark, Wm., 98 Chapel street 

Music (Teachers of). 

Adams, Miss, 2 St. Catherine's 

Allan, Mrs, 49 Upperkirkgate 
Allan, Miss, 42 Loanhead terrace 
Brown, Miss, 59 Dee street 
Davidson, Miss, 12 St. Mary's 

Deuchar, Mrs, 33 Caledonian pi. 
Fowler, Wm. , 32 Prospect terrace 
Herd, Wm. A., 7 Skene street 
Home, Miss, 166 Skene street 

Litster, William, 68 Springbank 

Lucas, Miss, 16 Bridge street 



Mackay, G. S., 6 Guild street 
Morrison, Wm., 42 Union place 
Murison, Miss, 50 Dee street 
Nicol, Mrs B., 37 Thistle street 
Pitts, diaries A., 6 Regent quay 
Porter, Miss, 26 Beaconsfield pi. 
Eeid, Miss, 2 Crimon place 
Robertson, Miss, 20 North Broad- 
Sim, Peter, 1 Canal street 
Thomson, Miss, 84 Crown street 
Wallace, Miss, 53 Victoria street 
Watson, Miss, 12 Loanhead ter. 
Webster, Mrs Clarinda, 48 Union 

Wilson, James, C. of S. Training 

Wilson, Mrs, 5 Huntly street 
Young, Miss, 10 Black's bdgs. 

Musical Instrument Makers. 

See also Pianoforte Makers, 
Bothwell, A., 40 Netherkirkgate 
Christie, D. F., 52 Causewayend 
Monro, Joseph, & Son, 32 Wool- 

Rowell, John, 186 George street 
Taylor, James, 9 Schoolhill 
Watt, James W., 2 Gilcomston 

Wright, Moses S., 80 North 



Those Tiiarked* are also Seedsmen. 
*Bruce, G., 35 Market street 
*Cardno & Darling, 80 Union 

*Cocker, J., & Sons, Sunnypark 
*Connon & Reid, 8 Hadden st. 
Gerrard, James, Grove street 
*Leslie & Duthie, 48 Union st. 
M'Pherson, John, Deemount 
Milne, Thos., Glenburnie, Rubis- 

Milne, Wm. , Stockethill 
Morrison, M., Forbesfield 
*Reid, Ben., & Co., Guild street 
Scottish Flower Co., Grove and 

Stanley streets 

*Sharp, C. , 43 Union street 
*Smith, W., & Sons, 18 Market 

street, and 1 Hadden st. 
Troup, John M., Granitehill, 


Oil Merchants. 

Aberdeen Commercial Co., Pro- 
vost Blaikie's quay 

Aberdeen Lime Co., Provost 
Blaikie's quay 

Booth, Robert, 40 George street 

Cotton, James, 178 Gallowgate 

Drummond, J. & J., 2^ Belmont 

Farquhar & Gill, St. Paul street 

Macdonald, D., 27 and 29 St. 
Andrew street 

Northern Agiicultural Co., 30 
Waterloo quay 

Reid, Andrew, Provost Jamie- 
son's quay 

Shirras, William, & Son, 44 

Sinclair, William, 34 and 36 

Souter & Shepherd, 74, 76, and 
78 College street 

Stewart & Mortimer (Limited), 
Wales sti'eet 

Tulloch, James, & Co., 30 and 32 
"Virginia street 

Walker, William, & Son, 22 

Williamson & Simpson, 79 Wales 

Young's Paraffin Light and Min- 
eral Oil Co. (Limited), 33 
Market street 

Oilskin Manufacturers. 

Campbell, Achnach, & Co., 6 

Trinity buildings 
Findlay & Co., 146 George street 


Mackay, 65 Marischal 


Berry & 

Firth, J. 

Gill, Alex., 59 Union street 

C, 29 St. Nicholas 



Hardy, James, 53 Union street 
Hay & Lyall (to the Queen), 2 

Market street 
Morrison & Skakle, 68 ISTether- 


Organ Builders. 

Wadsworth, E,, & Bros., 17 
Market street 

Painters, Glaziers, and 

Adams, John, 32 Holburn street 
Allen, Henry, 43 Thistle street 
Anderson, A. & H., 38 Marischal 

Anderson, D., 32 St. Andrew st. 
Bell, Richard, 29b Dee street 
Collie, Wm., 144 George street 
Coutts, Wm., & Sons (to the 

Queen), 223 Union st. 
Cowe, Chas., 103 Rosemount pi. 
Dey, Wm. , 1 Church street 
Donald, Geo., 16 and 18 Nether- 

Emslie & Burnett, 87 Spring 

Ferguson, Alex. , & Co. , 43 Union 

Forrest, Matthew, 19 Richmond 

Fraser, Charles, 1 S. Crown st. 
Fyfe, J. & S., 5 Dee street 
Garvie, J., & Sons, 236 Union 

Gillies, John M'D., 7 Little Bel- 
mont street 
Gordon & Watt, 48 and 49 Wool- 

Jolly, John, 57 Huntly street 
M'Gregor, James, 292 George st. 
M'Kay, J. G., 6 Eosebank ter. 
M'Leocl, James, 38 Back wynd 
Mason, John, & Sons, 34 Queen 

Murray, Wm., 97 Chapel st. 
Rae, Jas., & Co., 77 Woolmanhill 
Rennie, Alex., 45 Upperkirkgate 
Ross, Walter, 10 Hardgate 
Russell & Sharp, 64 Huntly st. 
Sellar, John, 24 Carmelite st. 

ShirrefFs, Alex., 89 Gallowgate 
Slaker, Wm., & Sons, 6 Bath st., 

and Windmillbrae 
Still, Wm., & Co., 24 Green 
Tennant, John, 106 King st. 
Walker, David, 8 Causewayend 
Watt, Marshall, 3 Marischal st. 
Whyte, John, 36 and 38 Chapel 

Winkley, Jas., 3 Flourmillbrae 

Paper Manufacturers. 

Culter Mills Paper Co., Limited, 

Guild street 
Davidson, C, & Sons, Limited, 

Muggiemoss, and 4 Trinity 

Pirie, A., & Sons, Limited, 


Paper Rulers. 

Davidson, Wm., 15 St. Nicholas 

Smith, L., & Son, M'Combie's 

Smith, George, 49 Broad street 

Pattern Printers. 

For Emhroidcry. 

Bearsley, Miss, 12 and 14 Crown 

Johnston, A. B., 9 Crown st, 
Munro, Mrs, 32 Upperkirkgate 
Seivwright, John (for Crewel 

work). 111 Union st. 
Tait, Miss, 23^ George street 
Wood, Miss, 3"6 Woolmanhill 


Aberdeen Loan Co., 95 Loch st. 
Campbell, Joseph, 39 Windy 

City of Aberdeen Loan Ofiice, 19 

Drum's lane 
Douglas, John, 32 Justice st. 
Duncan, Thos., 5 SeamoimtpL, 
Letters, Charles, Chronicle court, 

10 Queen street 
MTherson, Geo., 16 Hutcheon 




Miller, James S., 4 and 26 Mutton 

North of Scotland Equitable Loan 

Co., 4 Flourmillbrae 


Adams, A., 32 Queen sti'eet 
Anderson, W. B., 26 Union ter. 
Bisset, James, 15 Young street 
Cotton, James, & Co., 6^ Innes 

Craigen, John, 16 George st. 
Dinnie, Alex., 3 Bridge place 
Ewing, James, 11 Crown st. 
Geering, E., 10 Union place 
Gordon, H,, 3 Belmont st., and 

92 Rosemount place 
Harclie, John, 152 King street 
Lamb, John, 5 South Silver st. 
Leith & Co., 6 Rettie's court, 26 

Broad street 
M'Mahon, John, 9 Union row, 

and 115 Union street 
Penny, J., Donald's court 
Reid, Wm., 3 Summer street 
Thomson, William, 259 George 

Wilson, G. W., & Co. (to the 
Queen), 25 Crown street and 
St. Swithin street 

Wood, James, 246 Union street 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Beveridge, Robert, 36 King st. 

Booth, James, 231 Union street 

Booth, J. M'K., 231 Union st. 

Brander, James, 84 King st. 

Burr, James, 57 Schoolhill 

Cameron, Wm. (R.IST.), More- 
field, Stocket 

Cheyne, W. S., 134 King street, 
and 5 Queen street 

Crombie, Charles, 10 Union ter. 

Davidson, A. D., 224 Union st. 

Emslie, Joseph L., 37 Jack's brae 

Farquhar, T., 16 Rubislaw ter. 

Eraser, Angus, 232 Union st. 

Eraser, Wm., 31 Union terrace 

Garden, R. J., 15 Golden sq. 

Hall, J. G., 189 Union street 

Jackson, Henry, 19 Golden sq 

Jamieson, Robert, Royal Lunatic 

Asylum, Elmhill House 
Johnston, David, 2 Union place 
M 'Robbie, J. S., 160 Gallowgate 
Macdonald, Jas. , 26 Carden pi. 
MacGregor, Alex., 256 Union st. 
Macquibban, C. M., 248 Union 

Marshall, Jas. , 6 Rubislaw place 
Moir, F. M., 143 Union street 
Moir, James, 36 Union place 
Morison, G., 24 Albyn place 
Ogston, Alex, 252 Union street 
Ogston, Francis, 13 Albyn ter. 
Ogston, Frank, 156 Union st. 
Pirrie, J. M. Gordon, 281 Union 

Proctor, A. F., 39 Albyn place 
Rattary, Robt., 6 Carden terrace 
Reid, Wm,, Roy. Lunatic Asylum 
Reid, Wm., 181 Crown street 
Reith, Alex., 15 Skene ter. and 

288 George street 
Reith, Arch. , 3 9 Union place 
Robertson, E. W., Royal Infir- 
Robertson, John, 57 Castle st. 
Rodger, Jas., 1 Golden square 
Russel, Peter, 1 Roslin terrace 
Ruxton, James Ferguson, 207 

Union street 
Ryves, W. Edgar, 22 Marischal 

Sim, John, Howburn Cottage, 

Holburn street 
Simon, George, 34 Osborne pi, 
Simpson, John, 2 East Craibstone 

Simpson, W. J., 110 Crown st. 
Smith-Shand, J. W. F., 17 Albyn 

Smith, P. B., 1 Albyn place 
Stephenson, Wm., 297 Union st. 
Stirling, W. , 5 Queen's gardens 
Urquhart, John, 250 Union st. 
Walker, James, 214 Union st. 
Watt, George, 13 North Silver 

Wight, John, 305 Union street 
Will, James, 11 King street 
Will, J. C. 0., 12 Union terrace 



■Williamson, W. H., 15 Union 

Willock, E. C, 4 Golden square 
Wood, John, 20 Bon- Accord st. 
Wyness, J. D., 53 Sclioolhill 

Pianoforte Makers and 

Christie, James, 150 West North 

Logan & Co. , 2a Union place 
Macbeath, James, 164 Union st. 
Mackay, G. S., 6 Guild street 
Marr & Co., 218 Union street 
Marr, James, 14 Schoolhill 
Marr, J., jun., & Co., 5 St. 

Catherine's wynd 
Moir, G. M., 33 Broad st. 
Selby, Wood, & Co., 191 Union 

Thomas, David, 22 Union pi. 

Pipe-Top Manufacturers. 

Booth, Alex., 1 Cross street 
Sutherland, Miss L, 5 Canal pi. 

Plane Makers. 

Panton, James, Thistle lane 
Reid, James, & Sons, 58 John 


Bannochie, J., Gilcomston park 
Brown, D. & W., jun., & Co., 

Albion street 
Campbell, David, 31 Virginia st. 
Forbes, Alex., 37 Bon- Accord st. 
Geddes, Wm., 54 Hutcheon st. 
Henderson, Robert, 16 North 

Charlotte street 
Henry, Alexander, & Son, 50 

Leadside road 
Gibb, George, 72 Nelson street 
Gilbert, Robert, 56 Chapel street 
Kirk & Piggot, Stevenson street 
M 'Mamies, A., 54 and 41 Hut- 
cheon street 
Masson & Findlay, 13 Baker st. 
Mearns, W., 3 J Justice street 
Robertson, W., & Co., 1 Canal 

Roger & Baxter, 181 Hardgate 
Simpson & Rae, Affleck street 
Stephen & Campbell, 2a Henry 

Stewart & Mutch, 19 Baker street 

Plumbers, Brassfounders, and 

Berry, John, 4 South Silver 

Blaikie, John, & Sons, Littlejohn 

street, and 211 Union street 
Bruce, Charles, Guild street 
Campbell, George, 1 Dee Village 

Campbell, John, 13J Dee street 
Cheyne, Joseph, 104 John street 
Davidson, A., 61 Queen street 
Fyfe, Wm. W., & Co., 13 Rose 

Farquhar, Jas., 24 Upperkirk- 

gate and 19 and 21 Loch st. 
Fraser, D., 60 Loanhead terrace 
Gunn & Elder, 123 and 125 King 

street, and 42 Union place 
Hobbs, Joseph G., 7 Rosemount 

Ingi-am, Alexander, 30a Belmont 

Johnston, James, 4 Rose street 
Lamb, Alex., 10 George street 
Lumsden, J. , 7 Baker street 
M'Kay, Neil, 21 Loch street 
Matthews, J., 64 Woolmanhill 
Mellis & Cruden, 2 Langstane 

Milne, Wm. , 1 Wellington place 
Monro, James, 62 Windmillbrae 
Robertson, A., sen., 4 Belmont 

Robertson, A. B., 126 Chapel st. 
St. Nicholas Plumbing and Brass 

Foundry Co., 72 Nether- 

Smith, Alex., 8i Schoolhill 
Stewart, Peter, 2 Blackfriars st. 
Thorn & Strachan, Palace build- 
ings, 24 Windmillbrae 
Worling, J. & J., 192 Gallow- 

Young, Alex., 197 George street 




Aberdeen and North of Scotland 

Newspaperand PrintingCo. , 

Limited, 28 and 29 Adelphi 
Aberdeen Daily Free Press, 14 

and 16 Broad street 
Avery, John, & Co. {Northern 

Advertiser Office), 20 Nether- 

Bennett, Wni., 42 Castle street 
Bonner, Joseph, 115 George st. 
Cornwall, G., & Sons, 45 Castle 

Dakers, Alexander, 17 and 19 

Daniel & Son, 46 and 48 Castle 

Davidson, Wni., 15 St. Nicholas 

Durno, Alex., 34 Gallowgate 
Fraser, G. & W. , Belmont works, 

Belmont street 
Gibson & Thomson, 62 Nether- 

kirkgate, and 12 Correction 

Hepburn, John, 20 Schoolhill 
King, A., & Co., Clark's court, 

2 Upperkirgate ; Printers to 

the University 
Leslie & Russell, 2 Crown court, 

41^ Union street 
Lindsay, W. & W., 28 and 30 

Market street 
Milne & Hutchison, 70 Nether- 

Robb, George, 13 Adelphi 
Smith, Lewis, & Son, 52 Nether- 

Taylor & Henderson, 17 Adelphi 

Provision Curers. 

Bruce, W., 12 Prince Regent st., 

and 12 Canal terrace 
Gumming, John, 18^ Marywell 

Gordon, C., & Son, 57, 67, 69, 

and 71 Green 
Lillybank Provision Works, 

Kittybrewster, Robertson & 

Marshall & Co., Spring garden 

Martin, A., 47 Chapel street 
Milne, A., & Sons, 42 Canal road 
Moir, John, & Son, Limited, 56 

Virginia street 
Mortimer, P., Kittybrewster 
Morton, J. T., Rosemount 
Smart, George, 39 James street 
Stewart & Mortimer (Limited), 

Wales street 

Quill Manufacturers. 

Aberdeen Quill Manufactory, 47 
Queen street 

Register Office Keepers for 
Domestic Servants. 

Adams, W. D., 25 Thistle street 
Anderson, Mrs D., 42 Union pi. 
Bisset, Mrs, 13 Belmont street 
M'Pherson, Mrs, 88 George st. 
MacRitchie, Mrs, 44 King street 
Mathieson, Mrs, 15 Carmelite st. 
Shaw, Mrs, 35 St. Nicholas st. 
Smith, Misses, 13 Union place 
Watt, Mrs, 1 Guestrow 

Rope and Sailmakers. 

Duthie Brothers, York street, 

Leslie, G. , & Co, , 74 Union st. ; 

Works, Provost Blaikie's qy. 
Mackay, A., Provost Blaikie's 

Rennie, J. T. , & Son, 48 Marischal 

Taylor, John, 2, 3, 4 Regent quay 

Rope and Twine Manu- 

Asylum for the Blind, 50 Huntly 

Davidson, G. & W., 17 Regent 

Duthie Brothers, York street, 

Erskine, Alex., South Constitu- 
tion street 

Gray, Watt, & Co., 162 West 
North street 

Marr, Alex., Millbank lane, N. 



Roiitledge, Whinton, & Son, 219 

Stephen, Alex., & Son, Berryden 

Skene & Goodbrand, Mounthooly 
Taylor, John, 2, 3, 4 Kegent quay 
Watt, A., & Son, Links 


Craig, James, & Co., 38 Scliool- 

Craig, John, 20 Back wynd 
Dakers, James, 7 Union Avynd 
Duguid, Peter, 12 Schoolhill 
Laing & Melvin, 4 Bon-Accord 

Littlejohn, George, & Co., 19 

Back wynd 
Low, James, & Co., 45 Queen st. 
M'Gregor, Alex., 43 Queen st. 
Mearns, Alex., & Co., 5 and 7 

Back wynd 
Roberts, D., & Co., 92 and 94 

King street, and 3 Summer 

Shinnie, R. & J. , 7 Union row 
"Webster, James, 54 John street 


S&e, Hope and SailmaTcers. 


Callaghan, Anthony, 67 Nether- 

Falconer, Geo., 7 Harriet street 
Forbes, Peter, 34 St. Paul street 
Moir, James, 63 John street 


See Nurserymen. 


Black, James, & Co. , 23 King st. 
Ferguson, J. & J., 31 Adelphi 
Gordon, H. Campbell, 29 Union 

Gordon, Wm., 29 Union street 
Home & Smith, 31 Adelphi 
M'Kinnon, Lauchlan, jun., & 

Son, 23 Market street 
MTherson, H., & Co., 1 Adelphi 

Strachan & Gray, 5 Market st. 
Sutherland, A. S., 29 Union st. 
Tytler, James, 137 Union street 
Webster, James E., 11 Union 

Whyte, Geo. G., 130^ Union st. 

Ship and Insurance Brokers. 

Adam & Co, , 22 Regent quay 

Aiken, James, jun., & Co., 55 
Marischal street 

Berneaud & Co., 63 Marischal st. 

Buyers & Robertson, 53 Maris- 
chal street 

Connon, Eichard, &Co., 2 Trinity 
buildings, Trinity quay 

Cook, John, & Son, 48 Marischal 

Davidson, J. & A., 125 Union st. 
and Provost Blaikie's quay 

Fenton, William, 21 Regent qy. 

Ganson, Herman, 63 Marischal st. 

Hendry, Wm., 12 Regent quay 

Johannesen, M. R., & Co., 55 
Marischal street 

Leslie, W., & Co., 67 Marischal 

Ludwig, Chas., & Co., 17 Regent 

Mennie & Bro\ATi, 56 Marischal 

Moffatt, W. T., 57 Shiprow 

Moir, A., & Co., 216 Union st. 

Mcol, A, & Co., 39 Marischal st. 

Eennie, J. T., & Son, 48 Maris- 
chal street 

Thompson, George, & Co., 40 
Marischal street 

Thomson, G., & Son, 14 Bridge 


Duthie, John, Sons, & Co., York 

Hall, Alex., & Co., 40 York st. 
Hall, Russell, & Co., York st. 

Ship Chandlers. 

Buyers, Mrs P., 32 Regent quay 
Gumming, James, 79 and 80 
Waterloo quay 



Donald, J., & Co., 9a Regent qy, 
Marr, A. , 21 Regent quay 
Slaeret, R., 67 Shiprow 
Strange, Wm. , 20a Regent quay 


Adams, Jolm, 32 Thomson street 
Alexander, James, 1 Park place 
Allan, Geo. J. , 20 Belvidere st. 
Bisset, R. S. , 54 Regent quay 
Brown, David, 11 Mount street 
Brown, John, 31 Marischal street 
Brunton, J., 44 Victoria street 
Buyers, Wm., 44 Stanley street 
Cadenhead, Peter, 7 Caledonian 

Cardno, William, 70 Wales st. 
Chalmers, Geo. M., 10 King st. 
Christie, William, 38a Virginia 

Clark, Alex., 11a Union place 
Clark, John H., 14 Portland st. 
Colville, G. G., 16i Bank street 
Connon, Alexander, 27 Victoria 

Craigen, Alex., 12 Ferry hill ter. 
Crawford, Charles, 24 Bank st. 
Crighton, D., 37 Market street 
Cummine, George, 49 Powis pi. 
Dawson, George, 42 King's cres- 
Davidson, Charles R., 64 Ashley 

Donaldson, Alex., 11 Union 

Edward, W., 40 Bon- Accord st. 
Falconer, George, 8 Holburn rd, 
Farquhar, James, 67 Broad st. 
Fernie, A. D., 12 Caledonian pi. 
Fraser, James, 26 Thomson st. 
Findlay, Wm., 160 Crown street 
Ganson, J., 42 Constitution st. 
Glashan, John, 162 Crown street 
Grant, James, 28 Chattan place 
Gray, Francis W., Millburn Cot- 
age, Dee Village 
Gordon, Geo. G. , 41 VieAv ter. 
Gordon, J., 52 Loanhead terrace 
Hadden, John, Loanhead place 
Hamilton, G. W., 1 Market st. 
Hall, Alex. , 81 Wales street 

Henderson, John, 21 Broadford 

Henderson, Joseph, Ashley ter. 
Hurray, Andrew, 3 Affleck place 
Ingi-am, A. R., 5 Powis terrace 
Irvine, James E. , 40 Regent qy. 
Laurie, Wm. , 1 9 Ashley place 
Lawson, J., 22 Loanhead terrace 
Leslie, John, 15 View terrace 
Levie, Alex., 37 Carden place 
Linklater, Alexander, 27 Mary- 
well street 
Macbain, G., 62 Ashley place 
Macbain, G. , 17 Hanover street 
M'Beath, Peter, 20 Mary well st. 
M'Pherson, D., 10 Park place 
Marchant, J., 48 Commerce st. 
Mathieson, Thomas, 25 Prince 

Regent street 
Miller, Wm., 7 S. Crown street 
Milne, F. G. , 8 View terrace 
Milne, Geo. C, 33 Jasmine ter. 
Milne, James, 5 View terrace 
Milne, John, 1 Irvine place 
Morison, A., 21 Constitution st. 
Mowat, Wm., 5 Urquhart road 
Munro, D., 22 Argyll place 
Murray, Robert, 21 Argyll place 
ISTicol, Peter, 5 Urquhart road 
Norrie, Thos., 19 Holburn road 
Osborne, John, 57 Regent quay 
Patrick, G., 4 Canal terrace 
Penny, William, 22 Springbank 

Philip, Wm., 48 Ashley place 
Piggie, David, 11 Ann place 
Proctor, George, 16 Ferryhill ter. 
Eitchie, David, Fountainhall rd. 
Roberts, A. F., 10 Watson street 
Roberts, Clifford, 14 Argyll pi. 
Sangster, Wm. , 38 Belvidere pi. 
Sherer, Andrew, 13 Regent quay 
Spence, A. A., 38 Mount street 
Stephen, Thomas, 14 St. Clement 

Stuart, John, 6 Forest road 
Sutherland, James B. , 40 Spring- 
bank terrace 
Symmers, John, 17 Holburn rd. 
Talbot, David, 15 Chattan place 
Taylor, Alex., 5 Constitution st. 



Taylor, Alex., IS Bank street 
Taylor, John, 1 Kirkville ter. 
Taylor, Thomas, 67 Springbank 

Thomson, Andrew, 16 Holburn 

Tough, James, 42 Hardgate 
Turreff, Alex., 2 Holburn place 
Urquhart, Wm. , 5 Erskine street 
Vollar, John H., 168a Skene st. 

Walker, Wm., 57 Schoolhill 
Warn, John, Guelph Cottage, 

Braemar place 
Watson, Alex,, 4 Balmoral ter. 
Watson, Wm. H, , 2 York street 
Will, James, 2 Park place 
Wilson, Wm., 69 Bon-Accord st. 
Young, J. S., Hammerfield place 

Shore Porters. 

Sei Page 53. 

Sick Nurses and Mid wives. 

Anderson, Mrs James, 66 Lead- 
side road 
Anderson, Mrs, 29 Skene street 
Bisset, Mrs, 18 Jute street 
Birss, Mrs, 87 Chapel street 
Bolton, Mrs, 33 Hutcheon street 
Burnett, Mrs, 38 Union terrace 
Catto, Mrs, 16 Bon-Accord lane 
Cheyne, Cath., 55 Huntly street 
Christie, Mrs, 38 Thistle street 
Cobban, Mrs, 2 Catherine street 
Davidson, Mrs, Springbank 

House, Dee place 
Duffus, Mrs, 20 Gordon street 
Duguid, Mrs, 13 Holburn road 
Duthie, Mrs, 55 Catherine street 
Falconer, Mrs, 58 Castle street 
Findlay, Mrs, 35 Rose street 
Florence, Mrs, 30 Park street 
Fraser, Mrs, 37 Ann street 
Gibson, Mrs, 35 Whitehouse st. 
Greig, Mrs, QQ North Broadford 
Gow, Mrs, 82 Chapel street 
Hart, Mrs, 30 Gordon street 
Hay, Mrs, 172 Crown street 
Henderson, Miss, 124 Chapel st. 
Knox, Mrs, 19 Gordon street 

Law, Mrs D. , 37 Bon- Accord st. 
M'Intosh, Mrs, 82 Causewayend 
Milne, Mrs, 9 John street 
Mitchell, Mrs, 6 Minister lane 
Moir, Mrs Jane, 5 Holburn st. 
Murray, Mrs, 5 Gilcomston ter. 
Murray, Mrs, 1 Hanover lane 
Rae, Mrs, 48 Virginia street 
Reid, Mrs, 34 Union terrace 
Robertson, Mrs, 49 Frederick st. 
Roger, Mrs H., 35 Whitehouse 

Ross, Mrs, 31 James street 
Sangster, Miss E., 9 Little Bel- 
mont street 
Smith, Mrs, 2 Calton terrace 
Stephen, Mrs, 20 Kidd lane 
Stewart, Mrs, 59 Dee street 
Stewart, Mrs, 3 Gilcomston ter. 
Strathdee, Mrs, 12 Skene square 
Summers, Mrs, 3 Hanover street 
Taylor, Mrs, 31 Huntly street 
Thomson, Mrs, 13 Commerce st. 
Wallace, Mrs J. , 43 Bon- Accord 

Wilson, Mrs, 25 Guestrow 
Young, M., 82 Chapel street 

Silk Mercers. 

See Drapers. 

Skinners and Wool 

Cushnie, Wm., 2 William's pi., 

Spring garden 
Laing, Alex, , Rodger's walk, John 


Slate Merchants. 

Bon- Accord Slate Merchant Co. 

(Limited), Provost Blaikie's 

quay ; James F. Wyness, 


Henderson, J. & W., Upper quay 

Keith, Wm., jun., 187 King st. 


Adam, Alex., 4 Hutcheon st. 
Bain, George, 310J George st. 
Brownlee, James, 31 Rosemount 



Collie, Alex., 22 Shiprow 
Copland, James, 16 Young st. 
Copland, John, 54 Hutcheon st. 
Copland, Wm. C, & Co., 9 Broad- 
ford place 
Coutts, Wm. , South bridge, Hol- 

burn street 
Currie, G., 31 Gilcomston park 
Davidson, Geo., 37 Summer st. 
Fettes, James, 44 Skene st. 
Forbes, James, 27 Hutcheon st. 
Glass, James, 15 Baker street 
Grant & Robbie, 126 Causewayend 
Harper & Sherit, 11 Jasmine ter. 
Law, Alex., 24 Upper Denburn 
M'Gregor & Shand, Spa street 
M'Kay, Geo., & Son, 32 Union 

Maitland, Chas., 72 Woolmanhill 
Merson, Alex. E., 90 Crown st. 
Milne, Wm. W., 39 Victoria st. 
Murray, Alex., 181 King street 
Pirie, Alex., Justice Mill lane 
Rennie, Alex,, 40 Upperkirkgate 
Sim, Geo., 3 Commercial court, 

58 Castle street 
Steele, F. W., 5 S. Charlotte st. 
Wilson, James, 84 Gerrard st. 
Wink, James, 24 Thistle street 

Soap and Candle Manufac- 

Johnston, John H., 17 Crown st. 
Lyon, Alex., 194^ George street 
Ogston, Alex., & Sons, 92 Loch 

Williamson & Simpson, 79 Wales 


Soap Powder Manufacturers. 

Balmoral Soap Powder Manufac- 
tory, Canal j)lace ; J. Fraser 
Lyon, Alex., 194 J George street 
Smith, John, 10 Littlejohn st. 

Bennet, J. C, 1 Adelphi 
Booth, Williamson, 173 Union 

Brander, A. J., 22 Belmont st. 
Camjjbell, Arch., County bldgs., 

Craigen, John, 63 Union street 
Connon, Alex. A., 74 Union st. 
Cooper, Patrick, jun., 42 Union 

Fildes, Horace, 44 King street 
Gillies, T. R., 181a Union street 
Gordon, Wm., 14 Adelphi 
Hood, G. Mair, 14 Adelphi 
Hunter, David, City buildings 
M'Laren, James, 25 Union st. 
MacDonald, D. C, 31 King st. 
Mackie, James D., 34 Bridge st. 
Milne, George, 56 Castle street 
Milne, Wm., 31 Adelphi 
Milligan, Robt. A. , 83 Union st. 
Murray, John, 74 Union street 
Nicol, R. B., 36 Union street 
Peterkin, Henry, 35a Union st. 
Prosser, Oswald, 25 Union st. 
Smith, W. J. Woodman, 20 King 

Sutherland, John, 10 Bridge st. 
Watt, J. S., 34 Castle street 
Wilson, Alex., 34 Marischal st. 
Young, John R., 34 Bridge st. 

Spirit Dealers, 

See also Grocers ds Spirit Dealers. 
Aberdein, Thos,, 51 Frederick st. 
Anderson, F,, 22 Skene terrace 
Anderson, Wm,, 41 East North 

Angus, Samuel, 25 Hadden st. 
Arthur, Wm., 79 Holburn st. 
Argo, David, 61 Loch street 
Barron, Thomas, 17 Castle street 
Bell, Andrew, 1 Adelphi lane 
Bruce, James, 8 Netherkirkgate 
Bruce, Robt, 16 St. Andrew st. 
Cameron, John, 13 Harriet st. 
Cameron, Mrs P., 6 Little Bel- 
mont street 
Cameron, Mrs, 44 Regent quay 
Christopher, Mrs, 84 Waterloo 

Cock, John, 11 Commerce st. 
Conn, Wm., 20 West North st. 
Gumming, John, 64 Queen street 
Dempsey , Geo, , 7 Exchequer row 
Donald, James, 6 Crooked lane 
Donaldson, Thos., 124 King st. 



Duncan, Geo., 19 Castle street 
Duncan, John, 8 Justice street 
Durward, Robt., 2 Exchange st. 
Emslie, George, 53 John street 
Falconer, Mrs E,., 19 Hadden st. 
Ferrier, Mrs, 64 Regent quay- 
Ferries, Peter, 2 Schoolhill 
Ferries, Wm. , 8 Back wynd 
Fitzpatrick, John, 8 Littlejohn st. 
Forbes, Alex., 137 Gallowgate 
Gaffron, Wm., 29 St. Clement st. 
Gibb, Thomas, 27 Guestrow 
Gillespie, Wm., 16 Steps of Gil- 

Graham, Miss, 6 Church street 
Hallglen, Richard, 46 IST. Broad- 
Hicks, R., 44 Netherkirkgate 
Jackson, W., 1 & 2 Union bdgs. 
Jamieson, Lewis, 76 Hutcheonst. 
Johnston, James, 56 North Char- 
lotte street 
Ivinnear, Mrs; 6 Regent quay 
Kirton, Mrs, 106 Green 
Leaper, Joseph, 60 College st. 
Leslie, R., 36 West North street 
Longair, Andrew D. , 4 Exchequer 

Lyon, Mrs John, 76 Waterloo qy. 
M 'Kay, James, 22 Castle street 
M'Leod, S., 1 Trinity quay 
MTherson, Wm., 88 George st. 
M.'Rae, Mrs J., 2 South bridge, 

Holburn street 
Macdonald, Alex. , refreshment 

rooms. Joint Station 
Mathieson, George, 65 Green 
Mearns, George, 73 Queen street 
Mearns, James, 10 Harriet street 
Mellis, T., jun., 235 George st. 
Michie, Alex., 176 West North 

Michie, Peter, City Bar, 15 Ship- 
Milne, Craigie, 258 George st. 
Milne, J. S., 121 Gallowgate 
Milne, R., Margaret place, Euth- 

Milne, Wm., 18 Upperkirkgate 
Monro, George, 23 Regent quay 
Morgan, Mrs, 5 Park street 

Munro, S., 51 Guestrow 
Murray, Wm., 47 Castle street 
Nicol, Mrs, 18 Wellington street 
Noltie, James, 74 Commerce st. 
Park, Mrs, 13 Queen street 
Pirie, James, 59 Netherkirkgate 
Proctor, M. G,, 68 West North 

Pyper, Mrs, 89 Loch street 
Rae, John, 12^ Regent quay 
Rae, John, 16 Hanover street 
Rait, Mrs, 19 Virginia street 
Ritchie, James, 168^ Gallowgate 
Robbie, J. & M., 42 Causewayend 
Rollo, Wm., 283 George street 
Sangster, Mrs Jas. , 33 James st. 
Silver, George, 92 Shiprow 
Simpson, Mrs, 1 Kintore pi. west 
Scatterty, Alex., jun., 21 Stirling 

St. and 24 Exchange street 
Slorach, Wm., 15 Castle street 
Smart, Harry, 31 Loch street 
Snowie, Mrs, 9 York street 
Stephen, David, 14 Regent quay 
Stephen, Geo., 60 Regent quay 
Stephen, John, 1 and 2 Guild st. 
Stott, Wm. , 86 Shiprow 
Stuart, Wm., 65 Guestrow 
Taylor, Mrs, 47 Virginia street 
Thomson, John, 18 Park street 
Tough, George, 32 Castle street 
Tough, James, 34 Loch street 
Valentine, Alex., 1 Well of S]3a 
Walker, Mrs George, 37 Green 
Wilson, John, 17 Carmelite st. 


Cameron, Mrs Peter, 6 Little 

Belmont street 
Davidson, John, 6 Mealmarket 

Duncan, David, 8 West North st. 
Duthie, John, 180 Gallowgate 
Leith, A., 16 Mealmarket st. 
M'Adam, Mrs, 30 Gerrard st. 
MTherson, Jas., 26 West North 

Marr, Alex., 13 and 15 John st. 
Mortimer, Geo., 16 Harriet st. 
Thomson, Wm., 6 Mealmarket 





See Booksellers, 


King, A., & Co., Clark's court, 
2 Upperkirkgate 


See Sharehrokers. 


Anderson, Peter, Claremont st. 
Benzie, John, 61 Jute street 
Boddie, Wm., 37 St. Clair st. 
Bonnyman, John, Sou_th Bridge, 

Holburn street 
Bower & Florence, King's crescent 
Brook, James, Baltic street 
Brown, Arch. , King st. 
Burnett, John J., 217 King st. 
Davidson, G,, 43 Richmond st. 
Davidson, Jas., Constitution st. 
Edwards, Wm., 33 k 35 St. Clair 

Florence, Peter, 68 Nelson st. 
Forbes, James, 65 Nelson street 
Fraser, John, & Son, Hutcheon 

street west 
Fyfe, John, 72 Waterloo quay 
Gauld & Third, 49 and 51 Nelson 

Garden & Co. , King street 
Gibb, Robert, King street 
Grant & Watt, Portland street 
Grant, James, & Son, 11 Rose st. 
Gray, James, 7 St. Clair street 
Henderson & Webster, Affleck st. 
Hunter, James, 209 King street 
Hutcheon, Jas. , King st. road 
Jamieson, G. L., 13 & 15 North 

Charlotte street 
Keith, Wm., jun., 187 King st. 
Kirton, James, 33 Diamond st. 
Kirton, Peter, Upper Justice Mills 
Knowles, James (Freestone), 

Hutcheon street west 
Lawrence, Robt., 63 Nelson st 
Legge, John W., South Bridge, 

Holburn street 
M 'Donald, Chas., Froghall, Jute 


McGregor, John, 2 Ashley place 

M'Intosh, Jas., 67 Gerrard st. 

Macdonald, Alex., Field, & Co., 
Constitution street 

Milne, Alex. ,124 West North st. , 
and 26 to 32 St. Clair st. 

Mitchell, J. & J., 5 Broadford pi. 

Mitchell, John, 150 W. North st. 

Ogg, Wm., 36 Cotton street 

Ogg, J. & J., 34 & 36 Wellington 

Petrie, J., & Co., Clayhills, 50 
and 52 Wellington road 

Ramsay, Samuel, 2 Jopp's lane 

Robertson, Alex., King street 

Robertson, Jas., & Son, 124 

Simpson, G. & J., 31 Princes st. 

Simpson, Robt., 71 Constitution 

Smith, A. & J. (Freestone), Gil- 
comston park 

Smith, Robt. (Freestone), Hut- 
cheon street west 

Smith, Peter, Denburn valley 

Stewart & Cruickshank, 35 Char- 
les St., and 127 Causewayend 

Taggart, Jas., 56 Cuparstone pi. 

Taylor, Arthur, Froghall, Jute st. 

Taylor, John, Banks of Dee, 
Market street 

Thom, G. , 1 Canal road 

Watt, John, 14 Summer street 

Williamson, Andrew, 1 Canal rd. 

Wilson & Stalker, 215 King st. 

Wilson, Alex., Portland street 

Wood, John, Jasmine terrace 

Wright, Jas., &Son, 112 John st. 

Stone Merchants. 

Aberdeen Granite Quarrying Co. , 
Lim., office, 14 Adelphi 

Fyfe, John, 72 Waterloo quay 

Gibb, J., & Son, 4 Belmont st. 

Hutcheon, James, King st. road 

Keith, Wm., jun., 187 King st. 

Leith, James, Cairncry 

Manuelle, A. & F., Provost 
Blaikie's quay 

Mowlem & Co. , Provost Blaikie's 



Stone Turner. 

Singer, Robt., 63 Nelson street 

Stoneware Merchants. 

Alexander, Robt., 51 Broad st. 
Christie, Robt., 79 Park street 
Douglass, T. S., 2 South Consti- 
tution street 
Dufton, Alex., 31 Thistle street 
Dugan, Hugh, 31 George street 
Dunn, James, 80 Causewayend 
Emslie, Jas., 64 Park street 
England, James, 13 Skene street 
Ford, John, 136 Union street 
Forsyth, Mrs, 4 Skene street 
Fraser, Hugh, 55 Castle street 
Gordon, Jos., 76 St. Clement st, 
Gordon, Peter, 31 St. Nicholas st. 
Hall, Miss, 47 Regent quay 
Hood, James, 202| Gallowgate 
Hoggins, Mrs, 21^ Woolmanhill 
Hunter, Mrs Wm., 90 Green 
Jack, John, Q7 Queen street 
Joss, Mrs, 132 Loch street 
Keith, Miss, 65 Windmillbrae 
Kenn, Alex., 39 Commerce st. 
Kitson, W., & Co., 172 Gallow- 
Knox, James, 27 Skene square 
M 'Alley, Robt., 22a Skene st. 
Mearns, Wm., 9 Carmelite street 
Morgan, Mrs, 11 Exchequer row 
Neilson, John, 98 Green 
Ross, Alex., 57 Windmillbrae 
Shaw, Angus, 1 Crooked lane 
Shepherd, Jas., 6 Schoolhill 
Stuart, Geo., 28 Harriet street, 

and 33 Wellington place 
Sutherland, W. C, 28 Park st. 
Watson, A., & Sons, 75 and 77 


See Physicians. 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Badenoch, Alex., 63 St. Nicholas 

Brown, Robert, 113 Loch street 
Burt, John, 57 Marischal street 

Burr & Shirras, 82 George street 
Cattanach, Charles, & Co., 115 

Union street 
Chapman & Co. , 24 Union street 
Christie, John, 54 St. Nicholas st. 
Clark, Peter, 89 George street 
Cook, Alex. S., 26 and 28 Market 

Crown Clothing Company, 15 

Broad street, and 2 and 4 

Davidson, Wm. , & Son, 87 Union 

Diack, Arthur, 228 George street 
Diack, Wm., 21 Queen street 
Duncan, W. S., 29 Causewayend 
Edmond, Wm. , 22 Crown street 
Erskine, John, 3 Blackfriars st. 
Esson, Lewis, 2 Broadford place 
Esson, Robt., 96 Rosemount pi. 
Ewen, John, Imperial place 
Finlayson, James, 6 Huntly st, 
George, Robt., 115 John street 
Geddes, George, 36 Market st, 
Gibson, James, 49 Queen street 
Gordon, William, 39 Summer 

Hall, James, 39 Union street 
Hardie, Geo., 42 King street 
Hay, George, 5 Skene street 
Henderson, Francis, 9 Bank st. 
Henderson, John, 14 Gilcomston 

Henderson, P., 107 George street 
Hill, Geo., 192 George street 
Ingram, Jas., 49 Skene street 
Jamieson, John, & Co., 50 Union 

St., and 38 Broad street 
Jessiman, A. G. , 25 George street 
Johnston & Laird, 7 Broad street 
Joss, Charles, 8 Broomhill place 
Kelman, R. , 1 St, Paul street 
Kelly, F. B., 10 St. Nicholas 

Laing, Chas., 6 Crown street 
Laird, D., & Co., 211 Union st. 
Lawrence, J,, 53 Summer street 
Lonie, Alex., 154 George street 
Low, Mrs James, 56 Regent quay 
Lumsden, J,, & Co., 155 Union 




M'AUister, John, 24 West North 

M'Donald, P., & Co., 93 Kingst. 
M'Cann, John, 42 Lodge walk 
M'Leod, Wni., 14 Shiprow 
Macbean, D. A., 63 Union street 
Macdonald, J., 21 Marischal st. 
Mann, James, & Co., 54 North 

Charlotte street 
Mann, Wm. , 22 Shoe lane 
Marshall, Thomas, 47 Gallow- 

Maver, Alex. , 7 South Silver st. 
Mavor, John. 18 Union place 
Meldrum, W., 51 St. ;^Nicholas 

Middleton, John, 35 Queen st. 
Miller, R. , 7 St. Catherine's wynd 
Milne, Low, & Co., 127 Union st. 
Milne, James, 82 Skene street 
Mitchell, Wm., 33 Marischal st. 
Mitchell, James, 29 Regent quay- 
Mitchell, James, 63 Queen street 
Morgan & Eraser, 2 Summer st. 
Morrison, Alex., 25 Market st., 

and Market Gallery 
Mowat, James, 9 Flourmillbrae, 

and 37 St. Nicholas street 
Mustard, Robt., 173 North Broad- 
N. Co-Operative Co., 50 Loch st. 
Philip & Cooper, 32 Union st. 
Philip, Richard, 18 Adelphi 
Rae, George, & Co., 171 George 

Reid, Geo., 70^ St. Andrew st. 
Rezin, Geo., 139 Union street 
Ritchie, A., 7a Holburn street 
Ritchie, D. & A., 85 Union st, 
Robertson & Thorn, 9 Broad st. 
Robertson, C, & Co., Arcade, 

Union place 
Roy, George, 29 Woolmanhill 
Schaschke, G., 1 Correction wd. 
Silver, Wm., 42 St. Nicholas st. 
Simpson & Whyte, 21 Union 

Skene, Alex., 76 N, Broadford 
Skinner, W., 4 M'Combie's ct. 
Smith, Adam, 17 Hadden street 
Smith, Chas., 23 Bon- Accord st 


■ Smith, J., & Co., 13 Union bdgs. 
Souter, George, 15 and 17 Gal- 

Stephen, George, 2 Queen street 
Stewart, Alex. S,, 19 Schoolhill 
Swanson, James, 29 Broad street 
Symon, W., & Co., 31 Union st. 
Tawse & Menzies, 24 St. Nicho- 
las street 
Thomson, Alex,, 3 J Justice street 
Thomson, Mrs, 43 Upperkirkgate 
Thow, Geo. , 9 Black's buildings 
Tough, John, 190 George street 
Trainer, Mrs M. A,, 33 and 35 

Lodge walk 
Troup, Alex,, 8 Castle street 
Trotter, Thos., 38 St. Nicholas 

Valentine, W., 66 St. Andrew st. 
Watson, James, & Co,, Bridge 

of Dee 
Wood, Peter, 15 Woolmanhill 

Tallow Merchants. 

See Hide and Talloio Merchants. 


Laing, Al., Rodger's walk, John 

Sim, Wm. , 74 Hardgate 

Tape Manufacturers. 

Leslie, Gray, & Co., Rosemount 

Works, Gilcomston 
Mackie, D., & Co., 169 West 

North street 

Tar Merchants. 

Miller, John, & Co., Links 
Tulloch, James, & Co., 30 and 32 
Virginia street 

Tea Merchants. 

Airth, John, 31 Market street 
Black, John, 27 Carmelite street 
Blackwood, Alex., 2 Longacre 
Brebner & Grant, 48 St. Nicholas 

Cook, Alex., jun., Clark's court, 

2 Upperkirkgate 
Craig, Charles, 46 Queen street 



Craighead, Peter, 106 Union st., 

and Fountainhall road 
Gumming, Alex., 58 Skene street 
Curr, Thomas, 22 Schoolhill 
Gordon, James E.j 63 Loch street 
Graham, Gordon, 37 Market st. 
Gray, A. R. , Upper quay 
Henderson, D., 114 N. Broadford 
Henderson, J., 102 N. Broadford 
Herd, Wm., 28 Belmont street 
Jaffray, j^ohn, 27 Marischal st. 
Johnstone, C. & A., 5 Trinity 

London and Newcastle Tea Co., 

7 Market street 
Moir, John M. , 37 Market st. 
Eeid, John A., & Co., 26 Ex- 
change street 
Scott & Stuart, 5 Belmont street 
Sinclair, George, 40 St. Paul st, 
Skene, Alex., 21 Regent quay 
Stevens, Robert, 214 George st. 
Stevenson, Young, & Co., 6 Ex- 
change street 
Thomson, Jos., & Co., 35 Queen 

Walker, Wm., & Sons, 52 Union 

Watt, Jas., 101 Union street 
Westland, Wm., 53 St. Nicholas 

Williams, Wm,, & Son, 19 Re- 
gent quay 


Allan, Jas., Skene street Public 

Anderson, J. D., M,A., Ferryhill 

Public School 
Andrew, Miss, 13 Union row 
Barnett, Jas. C, Middle Public 

Beaumont, John, Commerce st. 

Public School 
Burnett, Miss, Sheriff Watson's 

Campbell, Jas., Dr. Bell's School 
Chalmers, Miss, St. Paul street 

Public School 
Cheyne, Miss Flora, F,C. Train- 
ins; College 

Clark, Miss, Marywell street 

Public School 
Clark, Miss, Ruthrieston P. Sch, 
Clerihew, Alex., 1 Castle terrace 
Copland, Miss, Chalmers' School 
Cruickshank, John F., Rubislaw 

Public School 
Dale, James, Robert Gordon's 

Darling, James, Marywell street 

Public School 
Davidson, Miss, 12 St. Mary's 

Des Clayes, Camille, 1 Bon- 
Accord street, and Willow- 
Downie, Miss, 3 Powis terrace 
Duncan, Miss, Free Holburn, 

Justice mill lane 
Duthie, James, Ross's School, 

Holburn street 
Ferrier, Misses, 6 Bon-Accord 

Findlay, James, St. Clement st. 

Public School 
Forbes, Alexander, Ruthrieston 

Public School 
Forrest, George S., Ferryhill 

Public School 
Fyfe, Wm. T., High School for 

Fyfe, Misses, 147 Crown street 
Ganson, Miss, Boys' Hospital 
Green, Alex., Grammar School 
Hamilton, Miss (St. Andrews) 
Harvey, Geo. (Grammar School) 
Hein, Gustav, 62 Dee street 
Heintzler, Melle., 140 Union st. 
Holborne, And. C., High School 

for Girls 
Home, Mrs, 42 Ashley place 
Hutcheon, Miss Isabella, F. C. 

Training College 
Hynd, T. C, King street Public 

Hyslop, Robert, High School for 

Imray, Geo. , Gilcomston School, 

55 Summer street 
Johnston, Miss Helen, Ferryhill 
Public School 



Jones, J. K. (ISTavigation), 21 

James street 
Jones, Richard, Boys' and Girls' 

Keith, Misses, 4 Rosemoiint 

Kerr, James, C. of S. Training 

Knowles, Misses, Kindergarten 

and School, 50 Union place 
Knox, Mrs, Skene street Public 

Lawrence, C. M. (Shorthand), 53 

Summer street 
Legge, J. W., Grammar School 
Leith, Miss J. A., Causewayend 

Public School 
Lobban, Miss, 40 King street 
M'Bain, John, High School for 

M'Kenzie, John, St. Andrew st. 

Public School 
M'Kenzie, J., Gordon's College 
M'Killiam, Misses, 217 Union 

M'Killop, Miss, Ferry hill Public 

M'Lachlan, John, Causewayend 

Public School 
M'Lellan, B., Gordon's College 
M'Leod, Miss S., Albion street 

Public School 
M'Millan, Rev. J., 1 Union pi. 
Mackie, Alex., M. A., Union pi. , 

Ladies School 
Marshall, Miss Agnes, Union pi. , 

Ladies school 
Marshall, Miss, Middle Public 

Meldrum, R. (of the Blind), 50 

Powis place 
Michie, Chas., M.A., Academy, 

10 Silver street 
Moir, James, M.A., Grammar 

Murphy, James, Roman Catholic 

Ogilvie, Rev. A., M.A., LL.D., 

Robert Gordon's College 
Ogilvie, Joseph, M.A., C. of S. 

Training College 

Ogilvie, Miss S. L., Mary well st. 

Public School 
Paul, Miss, 7 St. S within street 
Pender, Alex., 31 Belmont street 
Pitts, C. A., 6 Regent quay 
Philips, J. A., Northfield Public 

Proctor, Miss, 19 Victoria street 
Ramage, Alex., F. C. Training 

Reid, Miss, Orphan Hospital, 30 

Huntly street 
Rennet, David, 12 Golden square 
Robertson, Wm., Middle Public 

Robertson, Miss, Ross's School, 

Holburn street 
Robertson, Miss, St. Andrew st. 

Public School 
Roy, John, Dr. Brown' s'^Public 

School, Skene square 
Shand, Miss, Northfield Public 

Sim, Robert, Academy, 18 Union 

Singer, Mrs, St. Andrew's Epis- 
copal Schoo-, 9 Castle street 
Sleigh, Charles, M.A., Grammar 

Souter, Miss, Rubislaw Public 

Spalding, Miss, Davidson's 

Public School, York street 
Speid, Mrs, 56 Stanley street 
Stucky, A. W., 13 Crown terrace 
Thomson, A., 173 Union street 
Thomson, Miss L. F., 13 Com- 
merce street 
Thompson, Wm., St. John's, 

Crown terrace 
Taylor, Miss, Dr. Bell's School 
TurriflF, George (Mathematics), 

15 Adelphi 
Walker, W. Grahame, Academy, 

2 W. Craibstone street 
Walker, Miss Agnes, F. C. Train- 
ing College 
Warrack, Miss, 52 and 53 Union 

Watson, R. C. Porthill Public 




"Webster, Miss, C. of S. Training 

Williams, Alex. M., M.A., High 

School for Girls 
Whitehead, Ben., St. Margaret's 

Episcopal, Seamount place 


Adamson, A., 16 Upperkirkgate 
Booth, R. , 38 and 40 George st. 
Gordon, George, 24 St. Paul st. 
Henderson, D., & Sons, 79 St. 

Andrew street 
Legg, William, 79 Queen street 
M'Intosh, Alexander, 146 Gal- 

M'Kenzie, A., 74 East North st. 
M'Leod, A., 16 West North st. 
Nicol, John, 55 Regent quay 
Eeid, William, 28 Rose street 
Shirras, Alexander, 88 College 

Shirras, William, & Son, 44 

Smith, S., 67 Windmillbrae 
Walker, William, & Son, 28 

ISTeth erkirkgate 
Walker, Robert, 301 George st. 

Tobacco Pipe Manufacturers. 

Beveridge, William, Cotton street 
Gray, Alexander, 63 Gordon 

Rattray, Alexander, & Sons, 70 

West North street 
Noble, Ross, & Co., 9 Broadford 


Tobacco and Snuff Manu- 

Craig, Thomas, & Sons, 29, 31^ 

and 33 John street 
Rae, J. & A., 48 George street 
Jiattray, William, & Son, 24 

Queen street 
•Reid, Robert, 57 Broad street 


Cameron, William, 50 Regent 
quay, 12 and 14 Hadden st., 
and 20 Guild street 

Clake, William, 44 Bridge street 
Dewar, James, 41d George street 
Donaldson, William, Guild street 
Eraser, John M.K., Albany bds., 

Bridge street, and 9 Union 

MTherson, Miss Isabella, 25a 

Union street 
Maepherson, Duncan, 40 St. 

Nicholas street 
Maxwell, James, 242 George st. 
Mitchell, Peter, 3 Market sti-eet 
Morgan, W. P., 287 George st. 
Rae, J, & A., 48 George street 
Reid, Robert, 57 Broad street 
Rickard, John T. L., 38 King 

Shaw, S. R. W., 82 Union street 
Smith, William, 181b Union 

Smollet, J. G. , 85 Queen street 
Yule, James, 7 Union buildings, 

and 219 Union street 

Trunk and Portmanteau 

Craig, James, & Co., 38 School- 

Mearns, Alex., & Co., 5 and 7 
Back wynd 


Cree, Robert, 120 West North 

Forsyth, A. L., & Sons, York 

Garvie, James, & Sons, Rose st. 
M'Kay & Milne, Hutcheon street 

Rutherford, John, 261 George 

Wyness, A. H., Regent road 

Type-Music Printers. 

King, A., & Co., Clark's court, 
2 Upperkirkgate 

Umbrella Makers. 

Anderson, W., & Son, 47 Upper- 
Milne, Andrew, 130 George street 



Walker, Alexander, 12 Gallow- 
Walker, William, 35 Sclioolhill 


S&e, Gahinetmakers. 

Venetian Blind Manu- 

Tliom, John, & Co., Rodger's 

walk, John street 
Walker, Wm., 17 Guestrow 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Morris, William, 7 Langstane pi. 
Thomson, James, 6 Flourmili- 


Bates, Wm., 5 High st., 0. A. 
Craig, Walter L. , 9 Huntly st. 
Figg, C. W., 31 Chapel street 
Parsons, Thos., 96 Park street 
Stephen, James, 99| Chapel st. 
Strachan, John, 4 Belmont st. 
Thomson, Alex. , 25 Bank street 
Wilson, David, 49 Upperkirkgate 


Anderson & Thomson, 25 Broad 

Bruce, Edwards, & Milne, 38 

Bridge street 
Chadwick, Edmund, & Co., 10 

Broad street 
Copestake, Hughes, Crampton, 

& Co., 1 Bridge place 
Edmonston & Co., 26 Exchange 

Esslemont & Macintosh, 10 & 12 

Union lane 
Forbes, Alex., & Co., 42 Queen 

Forbes, Jas. , & Sons, 24 Market 

Gibb, J. & A,, 32 Market street 
Hall, John, & Co., 43 Broad st. 
Kilgour & Walker, 92 George 

Leith & Paterson, 48 Bridge st. 
Milne & Pledge, Imperial place 

Ogilvie, T., & Son, 21 Carmelite 

Philip & Cooper, 32 Union street 
Pratt & Keith, 161 & 163 Union 

Rhind, A., & Sons, 11 and 13 

Saint, Jas, , & Co. , 8 Bridge st. 
Shirres & Forsyth, 76 George st. 
Shirres, Webster, & Mackenzie, 

42 Market street 
Tough, Geo., & Sons, 132 to 138 

George street 
Watson, Patrick, & Son, 9 Union 

Yule, C. B., 60 Holburn street 

Waste Dealers. 

Bisset, Wm., 4 Water lane 
Hall, Henry, 1 Harriet street 
M'Kenzie, John, 13 Virginia st. 
Stuart, George, 28 Harriet street 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

See also German Glock Makers. 

Those marked * are v)1iolesale. 

Alexander, James, 113 Union st. 

Anderson, J. & J. S,, 93 Queen 

Anderson, Geo, , 25 Windy wynd 
Anderson, George, 16 Schoolhill 
Auer, A., 51 Uj)perkirkgate 
Berry & Mackay, 65 Marischal 

Blackwood, A. , 52 Broad street 
Calder, David, 3 Market gallery 
Calder, M, & S,, 55a St, Nicho- 
las street 
Calder, John, 45 Market gallery 
Chisholm, A. F., 6 Correction 

Clark, Wm, G,, 70 George street 
Coutts, Andrew W,, 32 Union pi. 
Crone, William, 42 St. Nicholas 

Davidson, James, 79 Broad st. 
Duffus, Benjamin, 46 Upperkirk- 
gate and 55 & 56 Market 
*Dunningham, Wm,, 78 Union 



Elder, Geo. , 59 St. Nicliolas st. 
Firth, Joseph C, 29 St. Nicholas 

Gill, Alex,, 59 Union street 
Grant, John, 51 Castle street 
Gray, Alex., 11 Netherkirkgate 
Green, Alex., 161 George street 
*Hardy, James, 53 Union street 
Hodgson, B. , 27 Regent quay 
Jack, A. & J., 170 George street 
Jamieson, G. , & Son (to the Royal 

Family), 107 Union street 
M'Kinnon, Geo. B., 20 St. Nicho- 
las street 
M'Leod, John, & Co., 3 School- 
Malcolm, Andrew, 170 Union st. 
Michie, George S. , 55 Green and 

10 Market gallery 
Mitchell, Alex., :37 Upperkirk- 

Morrison & Skakle, 68 Nether- 

Munro, G. W., 28 Schoolhill 
Munro, JohnD., 161 Gallowgate 
Munro, M., 32 George street 
Rettie, M., & Sons, 151 Union 

Reid, David F., 73 N. Broadford 
Robertson, John, 7 Market gallery 
Rowel, Ben., 187 George street 
Scott, Geo., 66 George street 
Smith, A. & J., 23 and 25 St. 

Nicholas street 
*Smith, James, 37 Market street 
Taylor, G., 25 Woolmanhill 
Thompson, J. T., 17 St. Nicho- 
las street 
Thomson, Robt., 42 J Upperkirk- 

Watson, James, 81 Union street 
Watt, Arch. , 2 Gilcomston steps 
Wunderly, P., 42 George street 
Yule, R., 7 Correction wynd 

Wax and Paper Flower 

Marr, Mrs, 7 St. Andrew street 

Wincey Manufacturers. 

See Woollen Manufacturers. 

Wine and Spirit Merchants. 

Black & Ferguson, 30 Adelphi 
Cadenhead, Wm., 39 Nether- 

Catto, James, 21^ Adelphi 
Chalmers, John S. , 56 Marischal 

Chivas Brothers, 13 King st., & 

35a Union place 
Cook, A., jun., Clark's court, 2 

Craighead, Peter, 106 Union st., 

and Fountainhall road 
Davidson, Jas., 44 Castle street 
Farquharson & Co., 131 Union 

Fisher & Ironside, 38 St. Paul st. 
Jopp, W. & K., 13 Market st. 
Maxwell, Forbes, & Co., Lim,, 

Holburn buildings 
Mitchell, Peter, 21 Union bdgs. 
Scott & Stuart, 5 Belmont st. 
Sheed, John, & Co., 44 Marischal 

Shepherd, Simpson, 52 King st. 
Stewart, C. & W., 19 Adelphi 
Thomson, Geo., & Son, 14 Bridge 

Walker, Wm., & Sons, 52 Union 

Williams, W., & Sons, 19 Re- 
gent quay 

Wire Fencing and Gate 
Manufacturers, &c. 

Harper & Co., Albion Iron 
Works, Fish street 

Laing, Wm., & Son, 207 Gallow- 

Reid, Ben., & Co., Bon- Accord 
Works, Justice Mills 

Macintosh, Wm., 58 N. Char- 
lotte street 

Wood Measurers. 

Gordon, George, 37 Rosemount 

Gordon, Joseph, 3 St. Clement 

Porter, Wm., 1 Stephen place 



Wood Merchants. 

Adam & Co., 22 Regent quay 
Aiken, James, jun., & Co., 55 

Marischal street 
Davidson, J, & R., 94 Cause- 
way end 
Donald, Alex., Commercial road 
Fleming, John, Regent road 
Garvie, J., & Sons, Rose street 
Low, A. R,, Provost Jamieson's 

Ludwig, C, & Co., 17 Regent 

M'Kay & Milne, Hutcheon street 

Milne, George, & Co., Victoria 

Dock Sawmills 
Milne, Geo. , King st. Sawmills 
Miller, Wm., 128 Crown street 
Rose, Donaldson, & Co., 24 King 

Rust, John, & Son, 53 York st. 
Torry Sawmill Co., 7 Belmont 


Woollen Manufacturers. 

Those marked * are Wincey 


Bruce, Edwards, and Milne, 38 

Bridge street 
Chad wick, E., & Co., 10 Broad st. 
Crombie, J, & J., Grandholm 

Hadden, A., & Sons, Green 
*Hosie, Alex., junr., 89 King 

*Kilgour & Walker, Berryden 

*Leith & Paterson, 48 Bridge 

*Mackie, David, & Co., 166 West 

North street 
*Leslie, Gray, & Co., Rosemount 

works, Gilcomston 


Campbell, James L., SherifT- 

Clerk's Office 
Davidson, T., 103 Union street 
Downie, John, 46 King street 
Findlayson, Alex. , 34 St. Nicho- 
las street 
Macdonald, Hugh, 56 Castle st. 
Maclennan, Thomas, Procurator- 

Fiscal's Office 
Meston, James, junr., City Fis- 

cal's Office 
Sheach, David, 84 Union street 
Shinie, F. , 4 Correction wynd 
Smith, Ferguson, 311 George st. 
Spark, Benjamin, 50 Castle st. 
Stronach, A., Yost., 20 Belmont 

Writing (Teacher of). 
Pope, S, , 28 Victoria street 



Adam, Tlios., banker, National Bank of Scotland 
Allardyce, Colonel J., 3 Queen's terrace 
Anderson, Samuel, 3 King street 
Cadenhead, Col. James, Maryville, Stocket 
Catto, Robert, Wallfield 
Chalmers, James, Westburn 
Chivas, James, merchant, 21 King street 
Cook, John, of Ashley, 48 Marischal street 
Cook, John, cashier Union. Bank 


Corbet, James, 21 Bon- Accord terrace 

Crombie, John, manufacturer, Balgownie Lodge 

Donald, George, painter, 16 Netherkirkgate 

Duguid, Wm. (of J. Smith & Co.), Shoe lane 

Duthie, Wm., of Cairnbnlg, 13 Regent quay 

Edmond, Francis, LL.D., advocate, 10 Bridge street 

Esslemont, Peter, 11 Broad street 

Farquhar, Thos., 16 Rubislaw terrace 

Field, Sidney, Scotstown House 

Foggo, R. G., 76 Garden place 

Forbes, Duncan, Balgownie 

Forbes, Duncan, Ernan Lodge, King's Gate 

Gordon, J. Shirrefs, of Craig, Seaton House 

Grant, D. R. L., of Kingsford, 48 St. Nicholas street 

Hadden, Gavin (of A. Hadden & Sons), Green 

Henderson, Wm., shipowner, 40 Marischal street 

Home, R. B., 31 Adelphi 

Innes, Col. Thomas, 25 Belmont street 

Jamieson, George, 34 Netherkirkgate 

Jamieson, James, 221 Union street 

Littlejohn, Wm., Queen's Gardens 

Ligertwood, John, advocate, County buildings. Castle street 

Lumsden, Robert, banker. North of Scotland Bank 

Matthews, James, architect, 255 Union street 

Miller, John, 9 Rubislaw terrace 

Milne, Wm., advocate, 147 Union street 

M'Combie, James Boyn, advocate, 103 Union street 

M'Hardy, David, Cranford, Ruthrieston 

Macdonald, Ranald, 240 Union street 

Macdonald, Alex., Kepplestone 

Milne, James, of Kinaldie, Provost Blaikie's quay 

Noble, Crawford, 55 Osborne place 

Ogston, James, Norwood House 

Eorie, G. L., Town and County Bank, Limited 

Ross, Major John, 3 Queen's Gardens 

Sangster, John, 46 Commerce street 

Sim, John, surgeon, Howburn Cottage, Holburn street 

Smith-Shand, J. W. F., M.D., 17 Albyn place 

Todd, Gavin T. (of A. Hadden & Sons), Green 

Walker, Alex., 25 Dee street 

Walker, G. J., 91 Union street 

Webster, John, LL.D., M.P., 44 King street 

White, John F., 311 LTnion street 

Will, James, M.D., of Woodside, 11 King street 

Sheriff and Sheriffs Substitute of Aberdeen and Kincardine 

Provost and Magistrates of Aberdeen 

Procurator Fiscal of the Sheriff Court of Aberdeen 


Do. Fire, 

•^^'rSdly sSy"^!™"". T^.}^^^"" Crombie, 74 Union street 

Aberdeen Cabmen's Provident See. . ■ J. B. Harper, 4 Belmont street r r j ,-^ 

^"SlanrSi5ted"r."'!?".?'}Cocbran & A 152 UnioxlWeet "■ 

Accident Insurance Company A. I. M'Connochie, 74 Union street 

Alliance Life and Fire Insurance Co. .James Black & Co., 23 King street 

At.., insurance Compy., London. . { ^'"^^'^ge^^l'i'^^SS'cSreet 

British Equitable Assurance Co A. Stewart, 59 Dee street 

British Legal Life Assur. Co., Ltd. . .George G. Poison, 33a Summer strdst 

/Fraser & Duguid, Albany bgs., Bridge st. 
Caledonian Fii*e and Life Insurance ;John Sime, Albany buildings, Bridge st. 

Company "Sd. Hunter, City buildings 

(Daniel Laird, jun., 28 Thomson street 
' Home & Smith, 31 Adelphi 
James Tytler, 137 Union street 
J. H. Bower, 48 Market street 
J. F. Chalmers, 24 Market street 
James Jeffrey, 4 Belmont road ' 

Alex. Moir & Co. , 216 Union street 

^''"SilKwlf .'"^'°r.'^^^^^^ Y-ts, 46 King street 

f J. W, E.obson, 27 King street 

City of 'Glasgow Life Assur. Co •< J. S. Bryce, 24 Adelphi 

( George Cadenhead, City buildings 

City of London Fire Ins. Co., Ltd. . ..William Keith, 31 Belvidere street 

/John Ramsay, dis. agt.,74 Union street 
I Wm. Smith, 89 Union street 
j Andrew. Qall, 265 Skene square 
Wm. Grant, 34 Union place 

Commercial Union Assurance Co. . . J Wm. Scott, N. of S. Bank, Limited 

I J. TuUoch, jun., 30 Virginia street 
W. & H. C, Gordon, 29 Union street 
j A. Skene, 21 Regent quay 
' A. M. Ironside, 19 Little Chapel street 

ijiie umce ^ Robert Lamb, 29 Union street 

( John Balneaves, 21 Bridge street 
Crown Life Insurance Company. ...-( PauU & Williamson, 12 King street 

(John M'Diarmid, 27 King street 
East of Fife Mutual Ins. Boat Club. .Wm. Leslie & Co., 67 Marischal street 
T7acrif. Qnri AiWm-i T if« Tnaiiv rn i Paull & Williamson, 12 King street 
Eagle and Albion Life Insur. Co. . . | g^odart James Mitchell, 24 Adelphi 

Economic Life Ass. Society (Lond.). .D. G. Cattanach, 12 Bon-Accord sq.. 


/Home & Smith, 31 Adelphi 

T?,^ir,v.iivfrV. Tifo AoQiivavno J ^r. Carmichael, 226 Union street 

Edinburgh Life Assurance j ^.^^^^^ ^^^^^ 22 Belmont street 

(.George Allan, 66 Castle street 
Edinburgh Fire Assurance D. Hunter, City buildings 

Engine and Boiler Insurance Co Wm. Leslie & Co., 67 Marischal street 

English and Scottish Law Life As- j Davidson & Garden, 7 Union terrace 
surance Company ( Patrick Cooper & Son, 42 Union street 

^'^ISScSerr."?. ^°::. ^^^^^ [m^^^^^ ^ E^^^'^' 56 Marischal street 
General Life and Fire Insur. Co. j John Scott, N. of S. Bank, Limited 
(London) ( A. R. Murrison, 27 James street 

Gresham LUe A„ur. So=. (London) {J'- rolil^^E'llSltT' 
Guarantee Assoc, of Scotland (Edin.). John Gray, 47 Marischal street 
Guarantee Society (London) { ^^'TrSt ^"'''''''' ^ ^"^''''^' ^^^ ^''''''' 

Guardian Fire and Life -J ?;.^^S Burnett, 123^ Union street 

i Geo. Stephen & Son, 3 Abbotsford place 
Guardian Horse, Vehicle, and Gen. \r„^„„T\ -m^„^ -^ oa -o -j j. 
Insur. Co., Lim \ ^^"^^^ ^- Jackie, 34 Bridge street 

Imperial Fire Insurance { ^^ It^^S ^^street 

Imperial Live Stock Insur. Assoc A. I. M'Connochie, 74 Union street 

Indisputable LifeAssur. Co. of Scot.. .A. D. Morice, 34 Marischal street 

Insurance Company of Scotland PauU & Wilhamson, 12 King street 

( Reid & Wilsone, 255 Union street 
Do, do. Fire. . J. George Cadenhead, City buildings 

( James Black & Co., 23 King street 
(L. M'Kinnon, jun., 23 Market street 
Robert Smith, Bank of Scotland 
A. I. M'Connochie, 74 Union street 
R. Lamb, 29 Union street 
Lancashire Insurance Company. ..,-< A. S. Murray, T. & C. Bk., 236 George st. 

Hugh M'Lennan, 71 King street 
J. M. Moir, 37 Market street 
A. R. Murrison, 27 James street 
{J. G. Dawson, 25 Marischal street 
Lancashire and Yorksh. Insur. Co. ..Wm. Smith, jun., 4 Belmont street 

# J. & J. Ferguson, 31 Adelphi 
George Milne, Commercial Bank 
W. L. Reid, 255 Union street 

Life Association of Scotland, .. . -i John Scott, N. of Scot. Bank, Lim. 

J. & D. Duncan, 8 Castle street 
I Alex. Edward, British Linen Bank 
^ John Crombie, 74 Union street 
(John Sheed & Co., 44 Marischal street 
Liverpool and London and Globe ) J. Ferguson, jun., 31 Adelphi 

Insurance Company "^ J. B. Barclay, 13 Belmont street 

(Hugh M'Lennan, 71 King street 

London Assurance Corporation J. B. Barclay, 12 Belmont street 

London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow ) ttt m nr^ff^+i. ctoi,- 

Assurance Co., Lim . . . P" ^- ^^^^**' ^^ Shiprow 

{John S. Chalmers, 56 Marischal street 
D. M'Callum, 18 Marischal street 
Youngsou & Storie, 124 Union street 
Geo. Stephen & Son, 3 Abbotsford place 
/Herman Ganson, 63 Marischal street 
London and Lancashire Fire and! f^J^'iSf'S-' Bfnk »' SjoH^d 

Life ABaurance Company ] i% Twi^r^tl fSlng Seet 

VWUUam Rettie, 3 Rosemount pi. (Fire) 
London and Provincial Horse and ) -nr^ o-^n-u ,•„„ ^ -d^i j. o. t 
Carriage Insur. Co f^"^' S™^*^' J""- * Belmont street 


London and Staffordshire Fire In- (A. I. M'Connochie, 74 Union street 

surance Compy (J. F. M'P. Massie, 26 View terrace 

( David Mitchell, 24 Adelphi 
Manchester Fire Assurance Compy. ^ Alex. Diack, 9 Diamond street 

( John Rust, jun., 4 Bridge street 

Maritime Passengers Assur. Co John Sheed & Co., 44 Marischal street 

National Fire and Life Assur. Co Marquis, Hall, & Milne, 147 Union street 

National Boiler Assur. Society, Ltd. .James Allan, 44 Upperkirkgate 
National Guarantee and Suretyship ) ^^^^^ ^ g^.^j^ 3^ ^^elphi 

Association, Limited ) 

XT i.- 1 -n • J 4. T ^-4. i.- f Stodart J. Mitchell, 24 Adelphi 

National Provident Institution. . . . ■( ^^^^gg Carmichael, 226 Union street 

/^Murray & M'Combie, 103 Union street 
■»i- ._, -fi -i- 1 J Tir i.-i » William Paul, 245 Union street 
North British and Mercantile As- J j ^ ^ Ligertwood, County buildings 
surance Compy I Qgoj-ge Rutherford, 181a Union street 

\^J. Leith & Sons, 25 Exchange street 

Northern Accident Ins. Co., Lim James D. Mackie, 34 Bridge street 

Northern Assur. Co., Fire and Life. .Samuel Anderson, 3 King street, secy. 
Northern Marine Insurance Compy. . .D. M'Callum, 18 Marischal street 

C Thomas Ferguson, 245 Union street 
Norwich Union Fire Insurance Co. . \ R. Davidson, 2 Correction wynd 

( Grant & Co. , 49 Marischal street 
Norwich and London Accident and ij^^^ g^^^^ j^_ ^f g^ot_ ^.^^^ Lim. 

Casuality Insur. Association, . j 
Ocean, Railway, and Gen. Accident J J. S. Chalmers, 56 Marischal street 
and Guarantee Insurance Co. . . ( S. Goodbrand, 33 St. Nicholas street 

Pelican Life Insur. Office, London David Mitchell, 24 Adelphi 

People's Universal Life Assur. Co Alex. Stewart, 59 Dee street 

Phoenix Fire Office R. Davidson, 2 Correction wynd 

Plate Glass (Li v., Lond., & Globe) . . . J. B. Barclay, 13 Belmont street 
Plate Glass Insurance Co. (London). .John Sheed & Co., 44 Marischal street 
„ . ^, //-. 1 J • \ ( A. I. M'Connochie, 74 Union street 

Plate Glass (Caledonian) . . . , ■} ^^ j^^i^j^^ 3 ^ Belvidere street 

T.1 4. m /rt J- \ ( D. M'Callum, 18 Marischal street 

Plate Glass (Guardian) -J j_ Barker, 17 Hadden street 

Plate Glass (National Provincial) James Allan, 44 Upperkirkgate 

Plate Glass, &c. (Norwich & Lond.). .John Scott, N. of Scot. Bank, Lim. 
■i-,i 1. rH^ /cj i-i- UN wj- 1 u ) J- S. Chalmers, 56 Marischal street 
Plate Glass (Scottish), Edinburgh . . -j p_ Hunter, City buildings, Dis. man. 

Plate Glass (L'pool Ins. Co., Lim.) . . . Wm, Smith, jun., 4 Belmont street ,-, 
T.1 i. /-.I n T4.J /XT 4-1, \ ( John Muill, secy. , 21 Bridge street 
Plate Glass Co., Ltd. (Northern). .. ( j^^^^ g^^,^^^^^ 17 Hadden street 

Provident Life & County Fire Ass. Co. Youngson & Storie, 124 Union street 

Prudential Assurance Compy W. J. Leigh, dis. supt. , Des place 

Queen Insurance Compy J. B. Barclay, 13 Belmont street 

Railway Passengers Accidental As- C David Stewart, 83 Union street 

sociation I J. M. Moir, 37 Market street 

Rock Life Assurance Compy. Thomas Ruxton, 84 Union street 

Reliance Mutual Life Assur. Society.. C. M'Combie, 129 Union street 
Rhenish Westphalian Lloyd Marine ] ^^^^^^^^ ^ ^ g3 Marischal street 

Insurance Compy j 

Royal Liver Assurance Society D. M'Callum, 18 Maiischal street 

Royal Exchange Assur. Corporation .. J. Collie Smith, 14 Adelphi 

{W. L. Reid, 255 Union street 
John Watt, 34 Castle street 
John Cruickshank, 26 Belmont street 
W. Todd Moffatt, 57 Shiprow 
^John Gray, 47 Marischal street, local sec. 
r, J.4.- u A -J 4. T n I George Allan, 56 Castle street 

Scottish Accident Insurance Co.,^ j ^-^ Allan, 44 Upperkirkgate 

Limited (Edmburgh) ^1 j J3_ j^^^^^^ 4 Belmont street 

^John Scott, N. of Scot. Bank, Lim. 
Scottish Commercial Insurance Co. . . Alex. Edmond, jun., 229 Union street 

r Alex. Edmond, jun., 229 Union street 
Scottish Amicable Assurance Co. . . < J. Ligertwood, County buildings 

CJohn Rust, jun., 4 Bridge street 


Scottish Employers' Liability and j W. Todd Moffatt, 57 Shiprow 
Accident Assur. Compy., Ltd.. ( James Davidson, 92 Union street 

(W. Hunter, 14 Adelphi 
James Aiken, jun., 55 Marischal street 
Alex. Findlayson, 34 St. Nicholas street 
Scottish Equitable Assurance Co. , . -( George F. Cruickshank, 218 George street 

David M'Callum, 18 Marischal street 
J. E. Esslemont, 2 and 4 King street 
V^A, Moir, 216 Union street 
Scottish Imperiallns. Co., Glasgow .. Robert Sberet, 67 Shiprow 

Scottish Legal Life Assur. Society Peter Milne, 46a Powis place 

Scottish Life Assurance Co., Ltd William Keith, 31 Belvidere street 

Scottish Metropolitan Life Assur- J Eraser & Duguid, Albany bgs. , Bridge st. 

ance Compy ( W. R. Reid, 123^ Union street 

( William Leslie & Co. , 67 Marischal street 
Scottish National Insur. Co., Edin. •( David Stewart, 83 Union street 

( Marquis, Hall, & Milne, ] 47 Union street 
fT. Ferguson, 245 Union st., local secy. 
William Smith, 89 Unio*n street 
Scottish Prov. Inst, of Edinburgh. . ■< James M'Laren, 25 Union street 

I Robert Murray, N. of Scot. Bank, Lim. 
\^ Andrew Gordon, Union Bank 

Scottish Provincial Insur. Compy T. Y. Wardrop, 93 Union street, manager _ 

/ Alex, Stronach, jun., 20 Belmont street 
Wilham Milne, 46 King street 
James D. Mackie, 34 Bridge street 
W. R. Reid, 123^ Union street 
James Henderson, 26 Belmont street 
. G. Milne, Commercial Bank 

Scottish Widows' Fund { ^^''TtJet ^"''''^''' '^ ^"g^^^' ^^^ ^^^o^ : 

i Cochran & Anderson, 152 Union street ' 

Standard Life AssurancelCompy. . . ^£; g^S?n,'junSMSt street 

( J. T. Rennie &, Son, 48 Marischal street 

Star Life Assurance Society George Young, 182 Crown street 

Standard Fire Oflftce, Limited Alex. D. Milne, 55 Marischal street 

''■"''^ifA^p'.r./eSS.VoS"' } J- "• 'I*. <"»• -P- " Market .treet 

Victoria Miitual Ass. Soc, Lim James Taylor, 7 Bon-Accord terrace 

Westminster Fire and Life Associa. . . S. Goodbrand, 33 St. Nicholas st 

Scottish Union and National In 
surance Compy 


Abbey Place. 

46 Shiprow. 

Abbotsford Place. 

Near Ferryhill House. . 

1 John Farquharson 

2 Wm. Beattie, clerk 

3 Geo. Stephen, com. merchant 

4 A. Callaghan, sawmaker 
. . John Rae, clerk 

5 James Scott (M. H. & Co.) 
. . George Walker 

6 Robert Fenton (of Fenton Bros.) 

7 John Lyall, traveller (N. Ag. Co.) 

Academy Street. 

From Dee street to Crown street. 
Baptist Chapel 


Between 49 and 51 Union street. 

1 Downie & Bennett, advocates 
. . Rev. J. P. St. Clair 
. . H. M'Pherson & Co. , stockbrokers 
. . Mrs Mitchell, lodgings 

3 John Christie, auctioneer 
. . Henry G. Christie, auctioneer 

5 John Rae Smith, bookseller 

7 Adelphi Billiard Room 
10 Adelphi Hotel (N. Moncur) 

13 George Robb, engraver 

14 Hunter, Gordon, & Smith, advo- 

. . G. M. Hood, solicitor 

15 Joseph Salmon, artist 

. . D. Littlejohn, advocate 

. . G. Turriff, teacher of mathematics 

16 John Milne, sheriff officer 
. . Wm. Dickie, sheriff officer 

17 Taylor & Henderson.lithographers 

18 Aberdeen WeeMy Neios Office, D. 

Lindsay, agent 
. . John Barron, com. agent 
. . John Thomson, agent 
. . Richard Philip, tailor 

19 C. & W. Stewart, wine merchants 

20 Ingram & Mortimer, com. merchts. 


. . Wm. Geddes & Co., sack hirers 

21 James Catto, commission mercht.- 
21^ Do. do. 

22 Jas. DuiTio, com. traveller 
John S. Riddel, agent 
J. B. Macdonald, agent 
C. Edmonston, com. traveller 
Alex. Duncan, com. agent 
Alex. Walker, commission agent 
Wm. Pyper, merchant 

24 David Mitchell, advocate 
Stodart J. Mitchell, advocate 
James Bryce, advocate 
John Stewart Bryce, advocate 

23 Charles Helmrich, w. stationer 
28-29 Aberdeen and North of Scotland 

Newspaper and Printing Co., 

Aberdeen Journal Office 
Aberdeen Evening Express Office 
Moray and Nairn Express Office 

30 Black & Ferguson, wine merchts, 

31 J. & J. Ferguson, advocates 
. . Wm. Milne, solicitor 

. . Home & Smith, sharebrokers 
. . Mrs Rezin, lodgings 

Adelphi Lane. 

From Market street to Adelphi. 
John Fairley, Billiard Saloon 
John Lunan, agent 

Affleck Place. 

From Affleck street to Mary well st. 

1 James Henderson, grocer 
3 Andrew Hurray, shipmaster 

. . David Laing, basketmaker 
5 John Grant (of G. & W.) 

. . John BroAvn, grocer 

. . James M'Laren, solicitor 

. . Andrew Brown, flesher 

Affleck Street. 

From Crown street to Wellington 


1 Robert Collie 
IJ Mrs Smith 



2 John E. Esslemont, grocer 
Affleck place. 
11 J. R. Jones, teacher 
13 George Shepherd, wine merchant 
15 James Hosie 
17 Peter Skene, merchant 
19 Alexander Robb, gas engineer 
21 Mrs Wm. Black 
23 Miss Stephenson 

26 James Dinnie, com. traveller 

27 Mrs Wm. Hunter, stoneware mer- 


8 A. Hogg (of W. & A. H.) 
. . Adam Smith, clothier 
. . J. D. Fleming, Inland Revenue 
. . Mrs Bibby 

W. & A. Hogg, Wrights 
Henderson & Webster, granite 

Simpson & Rae, plasterers 
James M'Robbie, house carpenter 
M. Schaedel, blacksmith 

Albert Place. 

From N. Albert st. to Leadside road. 

1 George Strachan, Town House 

2 Alex. Simpson, clerk 
. . Miss Blackie 

3 M'Robbie & Milne, builders 

Albert Street. 
From Waverley place to Westfield. 


1 Mrs Milne 

3 Capt. R. H. Oxley 

5 Mrs Duff 

. . James S. Wight, druggist 

7 George Walker, advocate 
9 William S. Thom 

11 F. B. Kelly, clothier 

13 James Meston, accountant 

15 James Shirres, merchant 

17 Mrs Gray 

19 Rev. Samuel Clark, B.D. 

21 W. J. Woodman Smith, solicitor 

23 John Crombie, accountant 


2 Wm. Rae, advocate (of A. & R.) 

4 Rev. J. A. M'Clymont, B.D, 

6 Miss Stephen 
. . Mrs Wilson 

8 Miss Mackay 

10 James Alexander, watchmaker 

12 John Ross, silk mercer 

14 Alex. Milne (of A. & R. Milne) 

16 Mrs T. M'Combie 

18 Miss Farquharson 

Albert Street (North). 

John Black, church officer 

24 Mrs D. M. Mackay 

25 Mrs Macpherson 

26 George Grant, advocate 

27 Wm. Watt, editor. Free Press 

29 John CroU, late baker 

30 Miss Watson, teacher 
. . Miss Smith 

. . G. V. Kursch (G. N. Tel. Co.) 
. . Mrs D. Morison 

31 Misses Catanach 

. . Miss Smith = ^„,. 

32 James Durno, grocer _ JL C2^ 
. . John I. Wilson, baker 

. . Westfield bakery 

Albert Terrace. 

From Wayeiiey place to Prince 
Arthur street. 

2 Misses Wilsone 

3 Mrs Milne 

4 Miss Robertson 

.. Alex. Mackie, M.A., teacher 

5 John Ewing 

6 Mrs Castilla 

7 Mrs Begg ■ \- 

8 James Cran, supt. , rural police / i 
. . Miss Connon, lodgings 

9 Mrs F. Fiddes 

. . J. Craigie, ins. of schools 

10 John Webster (of K, & W.) 

11 Miss MoUison 

12 James Webster, ironmonger 

13 Miss Mitchell 

15 Mrs Wm. Murray 

. . A. S. Murray, bank agent 

16 Mrs James Ross 

17 Miss Chalmers, teacher 

18 J. D. Anderson, M.A., teacher 

19 Mrs Thomson 

20 Miss Thom 

21 Chas. Leslie (J. Laing & Co.) 

22 Mrs James Spring 

23 Samuel Martin, hatter 
. . Mrs Clark 

24 Adam Gray 

25 Miss Milne 

26 George Hutcheson (of G. H. & Co.) 

27 Miss Urquhart, lodgings 

28 T. Walton (Aberdeen Lime Co.) 

29 D. F. M'Laren, hardware mercht. 

30 John K. Greig, accountant 

31 George Stuart 

32 Mrs Anderson 

33 Alex. S. Cook, clothier 

34 J. Collie Smith, solicitor 

Albion Court. 

18 Castle street. 

Albion Street. 

From Park street to Links. 
Albion street Public School 
D. & W. Brown, jun., & Co., plas- 




19 John Fraser, grocer 
23 R. Saunders, furniture dealer 
37 Robert R. Duncan, carter 
86 George Whyte, grocer 

Albury Road. 

From St. Machar place, northward. 


1 Andrew Gordon (Union Bank) 

2 Mrs Forbes 

3 Mrs Thomson 

4 Alfred Macleod, elocutionist 

5 John J. Rose, surveyor 

6 Robert Thomson 

7 John Duncan, ironmonger 

8 Mrs Wilson 

9 Thomas Stanley, com. traveller 


10 Rev. Geo. Macdonald 

11 Duncan M'Millan, architect 

12 Alex. Wood, manager 

Albyn Place. 

From Alford place to Queen's Cross. 


1 P. Blaikie Smith, M.D. 
lA Professor D. J. Hamilton 
3 Miss Cumine of Rattray 

5 Francis Edmond, LL.D., advocate 

17 Jas. W. F. Smith-Shand, M.D. 

18 Theodore Crombie (of J. & J. C.) 

19 Female Orphan Asylum 

. . Mrs Reid, matron, F. O. Asylum 

20 Mrs Duthie, sen. , of Cairnbulg 

21 Wm. Alexander (of J. L. & Co.) 

22 Mrs William Connon 

23 W. Cooper (of P. & C.) 

24 George Morison, M.D. 

Grove street, 

25 John Keith (of Pratt & Keith) 

26 Dowager Lady Forbes 

27 Mrs P. M. Clark 

28 Mrs Leslie of Nethermuir 
. . Thos. Primrose, advocate 

29 Patrick H. Chalmers, advocate 

30 John Willet, civil engineer 

31 William Adlington 

32 Charles G. Downie, advocate 

33 George AUan, advocate 

34 Peter Esslemont (of E. & M.) 

35 William Gordon, solicitor 

36 WiUiam Hunter, advocate 

37 Frederic A. Sargeaunt, R.N. 

38 Mrs Davidson 

39 A. F. Proctor, M.B. 

40 Wm. Milne (of M. H. & M.) 
. . A. D. Milne, merchant 

41 Mrs John Ferguson 

42 Alex. Rose (of D. Rose & Co.) 

Queen's cross. 

2 David Mitchell, advocate 

2a Wm. Findlay, late merchant 

4 James B. M'Combie, advocate - 

6 Mrs James Brebner 

8 Karl Wilhelm Meid ]'[ 

10 Mrs Jamieson 
12 Miss Dyce 

14 Wm. Smith, advocate 

16 Thos. Adam, jun. (of Adam & Co. 

Albyn Terrace. 

North side of Albyn place west. 

1 James Forbes (of J. F. & Sons) 

. . Alex. Forbes, jun. (of J. F. & Sons) 
. . Miss Forbes 

2 A. H. Wilson (of H. R. & Co.) 

3 Alex. Duthie, shipbuilder 

4 Mrs Whyte 

5 Wm. Jopp (of W. & K. Jopp) 

6 Rev. H. W. Bell (Free High) 

7 James Bisset (N. Ass. Co.) 

8 Wm. L. Reid (of Reid & Wilsone) 

9 J. F. Lumsden, advocate 

11 Miss Fenwick Bisset ,! 

12 Wm. Duguid of Auchlunies ' -^ 

13 Francis Ogston, M.D. 

15 James Matthews, architect 

16 Mrs George Dickie 

Alford Place. 

From Union place to Albyn place. 

Duncan Campbell, cab office 

1 Patrick Joss, agent 

2 Wm. Beveridge, curator, F.C. 


3 Miss PhUip 

4 Mrs Charles Stuart 

5 Mrs Carr 

6 John Smith, chemist 

7 Mrs David Dunn 

8 Miss C. S. Catto 

Allan Street. 

From Broomhill place to Holburn rd. 

2 Thomas Brown 

Anderson's Court, 

46 Loch street. 

Ann Place. 

From Mount place to Loanhead ter. ' 

1 J. Thomson, advocate(of A. T. &R.) 

3 Alex. Cruickshank 

4 Fred. Wright (of J. W. & Sons) 

5 John Davidson, advocate 

6 Thos. Mellis, sen. ., ::, 
. . J. H. Stephen, engraver 

7 Mrs James Thomson 

9 William Meldrum, tailor 

10 George Black, agent 

11 Mrs Black, lodgings 

. . D. Piggie, shipmaster 
. . Wm. Smith, hairdresser 



. . W. & J. Ross, grocers 

12 Mrs G. Greig, Carnation Cottage 

14 W. K, Stewart, manufacturer 

Ann Street. 

From Maberley st. to Hutcheon st. 

7 Charles Murray, saddler 

Chmy place. 
25 A. Smith (of A. & J. S.) 

31 Mrs P. Ironside, grocer 
37 Mrs Fraser, sick nurse 

Annand's Court. 

30 James street. 

Argyll Place. 

Stocket, near Mile-End. 


1 Peter Grant, grocer 

8 G. T. Curtis (Inland Revenue) 

5 T. C. Hind, teacher 

7 T. Walker (of K. & W.) 

9 George Shand, late farmer 

11 Mrs Watt 

13 Thomas Hector (Clerk and Trea- 

surer), Aberdeen School Board 

15 Mrs Anderson 

17 John Sharp, Union Bank 

19 Mrs Taylor 

21 Robert Murray, shipmaster 

23 Alex. Milton, late merchant 

25 James Kerr, teacher 

27 Duncan M. Smith, late farmer 
Wm. Milne, Victoria Cottage 
Mrs C. Reid, furnitm-e dealer 
Francis CroU, St. Nicholas Cot- 


2 Alex. Dinnie, photo-artist 

4 A. J. Ironside, land surveyor 

6 Thomas Ruddiman, book-keeper 

8 Samuel Tawse (of T. & M.) 
10 Mrs Alex. Mearns 

12 Alex. Pardy, book-keeper 
. . Mrs James Reid 

14 C. Roberts, shipmaster 

16 Alex. Davidson, grocer 

18 Charles M' Robbie 

20 Robert Esson, tailor 

22 D. Munro, shipmaster 
. . K. Munro, late baker 

24 N. Matheson 

26 John Lawson, printer 

28 Rev. Robert Lippe 

30 George Harvey, teacher 

32 J. Rutherford (G. N. of S. R.) 

Ashley Place. 

Cuparstone road. 


1-3 James Philip, grocer 

5 A. Cook, carpenter 

. . Neil M'Kay, plumber 
11 Mrs Sutherland 

15 Rev. G. T, Walters 

17 James F. Henderson (of F. M. «& ' 

Co., Ltd.) 

19 Wm. Laurie, shipmaster 

21 John Simpson (of A. F. & Co.) 

23 John Simpson 

25 John Grant (of W. & G.) 

27 Charles Brown, auctioneer 

Holburn road. 

31 Alex. M'Adam, foreman (G. F. & 

. . Miss Torrie 

35 Geo. MoUison, com. agent 
37 Mrs Davidson 
39 William Lunan, accountant 

41 William Bisset 

43 Thomas Skene, inspector of poor 

45 Hugh Thomson, supervisor (Inland 


47 Mrs Cobban 

49 James Alexander, grain merchant 

Eldon Terrace. 

2 John M'Gregor, stonecutter 

16 Mrs John Reith 

. . John Shepherd, clerk 

18 Alex. Leith, builder 

20 Lieut. G. E. Baker, R.A. 

22 T. W. Kettle, Lloyd's surveyor 

24 R. A. Dyer Connon(of R. C. & Co.) 

26 Wnii. Carnie, treasurer, Royal In* 


28 W. J. Shaw, Ry. agent 
30 Mrs Mahoney 

32 Wm. M. Brown, cashier 
34 Mrs Edward 

42 Mrs Home, teacher 

. . John Maver, clothier 

44 Alex. Green, cutter 
. . Miss Mackie 

. . Alexander Murray 

46 James Simpson, M.A. 
. . Mrs Dr. Thomson 

. . Rev. J. S. Clark 

48 William Philip, shipmaster 

50 Mrs C. Calder 

52 Wm. Coutts (of W. C. & Sons) 

Ashley road. 
54 Mrs Hay 
56 MrsC. F. Griffith 
58 John Airth, surveyor of taxes 
60 Miss Findlay 
62 George M'Bain, shipmaster 
64 C. R. Davidson, shipmaster 

Ashley Road. 

From Ashley place to St. Swithin st. 


9 Miss Middleton 

11 Thos. Law, cashier (H, R. & Co.) 
13 George Milne 
15 Daniel Levie 



19 James H. Forshaw 

21 John Begg (Aberdeen Journal) 

23 John Machray 

29 W. Talbot, late shipmaster 


16 Alex. Shivas 

. . Thomas Shivas, advocate 

18 John Fearnside, druggist 

22 D. M 'Hardy, jun. (of D. M'Hardy 


24 Alex. Adamson 

26 John Johnston, com. traveller 

25 A. M. Ingram (of I. & M.) 

30 Alex. Rennie, painter 

Claremont street. 
38 W. Walker (of W. W. & Son) 
40 James Watt, merchant 
46 R. Sturrock, engineer 

Ashley Terrace. 

Cuparstone road. 

John Ogg (of J. & J. O.) 

James Cruickshank 

WMUiam Harvey 

William Davidson 

George Smith 

William Anderson, engineer 

Alex. Mackay, printer (Free Press) 

John Bruce, cashier (Free Press) 

Mrs John Roy 

Mrs John C. Buyers 

James Watson (of Watson Bros.) 

Mrs M. Milne 

Joseph Henderson, shipmaster 

Mrs James Brander 

George Forbes, com. traveller 

Alexander Ross 

Back Wynd Stairs. 

From Green to Union street. 

Back Wynd. 

Fi'om Union street to Schoolhill. 

5 and 7 Alex. Mearns & Co., 

7 John Hay, sexton 

8 William Ferries, spirit dealer 

Gaelic lane. 

9 D. Campbell, horse hirer 

10 Jas. Laing & Co., ironmongers 

Little Belmont street. 

11 James Lockhart, confectioner 
12-13 James Asher & Sons, merchants 
14 John Salmond (of R. & J. S.) 

19 G. Littlejohn & Co. , ironmongers 

20 John Craig, saddler 

32 Wm. Milne, fishing tackle maker 
35-37 Wm. Garey, artist 

38 James M'Leod, painter and glazier 

39 John M'Kenzie, gi-ocer 

Baker Street. 

From Skene square to South Mount 

2 Mrs Davidson, hosier 

. . Mrs Bowie, dressmaker 

. . George Middleton, bookseller 
2| D. Shand(of M'Gregor & Shand) 
7 James Lumsden, plumber 

13 Masson & Findlay, plasterers 

15 James Glass, slater 

19 Stewart & Mutch, plasterers 
33 Wm. Rae, gardener 

41 Mrs T. Paton, lodgings 
. . Miss Moir, lodgings 
43 Pat. P. Blair, shoemaker 
45 A. Hay, cabinetmaker 
47 George King (of K. & M.) 
52 James Matthews, plumber 
54 Wra. Smith (Free Press) 
. . James Stephen, shoemaker 
58 John Milne, hairdresser 
60 A. Hay, cabinetmaker 
Incurable Hospital 

Balmoral Place. 

From Balmoral ter. to Broomhill rd. 


Jos. Bonner, Broomfield Cottage 
21 J. Murray, Bellahill Cottage 
. . Mrs John Legge, Bellahill Cottage 

20 Rev. J. W. Legge 

Braemar place, 


7 Robert Gordon 
7i Robert Bruce 

8 Mrs John Cran 

9 A. Campbell, law agent 

10 Mrs E. W. Von Laer 

11 Rev. J. W. Gilchrist 

12 Mrs Diack 

13 Arch. Gillies, Cluny Cottage 

15 Mrs J. Humphrey 

16 Wm. Gordon, flesher 

17 J. G. Mutch, grain merchant 

18 Miss Gordon 

. . Wm. Mon-ison 


Mrs James Stott, merchant 
W^m. Kerr, Heath Cottage 
Wm. Milne, Fern Cottage 
Mrs Gray, Thistle Cottage 

Balmoral Terrace. 

South from Holbm-n place. 

1 Mrs Brown 

2 Mrs James Brebner 

3 C. Gordon 

4 Alex. Watson, shipmaster 

5 George Gerrard 

. . Rev. Robert Fiddes 

Balmoral place. 



7 Mrs James Robertson 
9 Miss Riddell 

10 John Wilson, auctioneer 

11 Alex. Duthie, ironmonger 

12 Alexander Robertson 

13 Misses Duthie 

John Anderson, Balmoral lodge 

Baltic Street. 

From Prince Regent street to Links. 
1-3 A. Alexander, grocer 
7 Mrs James Connon, gardener 

. . Mrs Captain Jaffray 

23 John Bremner, baker 
James Brook, stonecutter 

Bank of Scotland Court. 

35 Castle street. 

Bank Street. 

From Wellington road to South 
Crown street. 


3 Alex. Reid, butcher 
5 Miss Young, dressmaker 
7 George Angus, merchant 
9 Francis Henderson, tailor 
11 Francis Russell (N. B. Ry.) 

17 Mrs Copland, merchant 

21 Mrs Lendrum 

. . Robert Petrie (Cal. Ry.) 
. . John Airth 

23 W. C. Jarvis, clerk 

. . John Innes, detective 
25 James Sim, clerk 
.. John G. M 'Kay, painter 
. . Alex. Thomson, waiter 
. . Mrs Emslie 

27 Alexander Ledingham, bookseller 
29 John Scott, beadle 

31 James Anderson, shoemaker 
33 William Gellan, clerk 
35 Robert Booth, draper 


14-16 George Angus, grocer 
16i Alex. Ferrier (N. B. Ry.) 
.. G. G. Colville, shipmaster 
. . James Kemp (Joint Station) 

18 Mrs Alexander Sangster 
.. John M 'Edward, clerk 

. . Alexander Taylor, shipmaster 

20 James Gibb, bootmaker 

. . Miss Drummond, dressmaker 

22 Mrs Clark, lodgings 

. . James Donald, grocer 
. . Wm. Johnston, builder 
. . James Morrison, fishcurer 
. . W. Stevenson, superintendent 

24 Alex. Fowler, agent 

. . Charles Crawford, shipmaster 
. . Wm. S. Milne, agent 

28 James Hadden, baker 

30 Robert Fraser, clerk (P.O.) 

. . F. J. Jolly, salesman 

. . Mrs Daniel Nelson 

. . Andrew Stuart (P.O.) 

32 A. Marr, ship chandler 

34 Mrs Mackintosh 

. . G. A. Richardson, com. traveller 

. . Charles Souper (of C. & I. S.) 

36 C. & I. Souper, fancy warehouse 

Bannermill Street. 

Between Cotton street and G. N. of S. 

2 Alex. Ross, brassfinisher 
7 James Allan, carver 
9 James Nicol, foreman 

Barnett's Close. 

From Guestrow to Flourmillbrae. 

1 Miss Walkenshaw, dressmaker 

2 Alex. M'Gregor, spirit dealer 

6 Alex. Innes, house carpenter 

7 J. & R. Hall, french polishers 

Bath Street. 

From Bridge street to Windmillbrae. 
Bath Hotel, R. Benson, manager 
6 Wm. Slaker & Sons, painters 

Beaconsfield Place. 

From Fountainhall road westward. 
14 David Walker, bookseller 
16 Rev. A. Macqueen, M.A., B.D, 
18 Mrs Gordon 
20 George Yule 

22 Wm. Rattray, jun. (of W. R. & S.) 
24 David Rattray, grocer 
26 George Porter (of P. & L.) 

Beattie's Court. 

102 Gallowgate. 

Beattie's Court. 

75 George street. 

Beattie's (J.) Court. 

99 Gallowgate. 

Beechgrove Terrace. 

South Stocket road, 

2 James Mortimer, merchant 

3 C. Shirreffs, secretary 

4 George Rose, flesher 

5 F. W. Steel, slater 

. . James Williams (Chivas Bros.) 

6 Wm. Rattray (of W. R. & Son) 

7 James Jamieson 

8 James Strachan, grocer 

9 Mrs John Reid 



10 Hugh R. Souper (of E. C. & Co.) 

11 James E. Gordon, merchant 

12 Alex. Green, teacher 

13 James Davidson, manager 

14 Charles Edmonston, com. trav. 

15 John Gill, draper 

16 Wm. Mitchell (A. R. Gray) 

17 Robert Rainnie, grocer 

18 Mrs Willison 

19 Mrs James Strachan 

20 P. Stewart, plumber 

21 George E. Simpson 

22 John Connel (J. & M.) 

23 W. Jackson 
. . Mrs Watson 

Belmont Place. 

Berryden road. 

1 J. D. Morrison, book-keeper (A. 

H. & Sons) 
. . Adam Maitland 

2 Rev. Herbert Bell 

4 Alexander Davidson 

5 John Lyon 

6 Mrs Chrystal 

7 Robert Barron, cattle dealer 

8 Wm. Watt (of J. W. & Sons) 

9 Alex. Campbell, late farmer 

. . Wm. Singer (Richards & Co.) 

Belmont Road. 

From Berryden rd. to Kittybrewster. 

1 Mrs Middleton 

2 John Gaudie, house carpenter 

3 Rev. J. Mearns, late teacher 

4 James Jeffrey, com. traveller 

5 Robert Eraser, shipmaster 

6 Neil S. Ritchie, clerk 

7 W. P.Cowan, engineer (G. N. S, R.) 

8 James M'Intosh, butcher 

10 John Calder, watchmaker 
George J. Cheyne, Lilybank House 

Belmont Street. 

From Union Street to Schoolhill. 


3 Alexander Brown, auctioneer 
. . H. Gordon, photographer 
5 Scott & Stuart, merchants 
Patagonian close. 

9 Miss Smith 

11 Miss Grant of Monymusk 
13 John B. Barclay, advocate 

. . George Merchant, house agent 
. . Mrs Bisset, register office 
15 John Cromar, dentist 
17 R. G. Allan, architect 
17a James Bannochie, plasterer 
25 Colonel T. Innes of Learney 
Belmont Chapel. 

31 Deaf aud Dumb Institution 

. . Alexander Pender, teacher 

35 A. Murray, advocate 

41 Mrs Dr. Watt 

45 Miss Margaret Shand 


2 Aberdeen Commercial Company 
2^ J. & J. Drummond, leather mer- 
4 George Cowie, hairdresser 
.. John Gibb & Son, stone mer- 
. . John Donald, dynamite agent 
.. William Smith, jun., commission 

. . J B. Harper, insurance agent 
. . A. Gumming, tea merchant 
. . John Strachan, waiter 
. . John Johnston, com. traveller 
Belmont Works, G. & W. Fraser, 

Gaelic lane. 
South Parish Church. 
Little Belmont street. 
20 J. S. Butchart, advocate 
. . Mrs Gordon, lodgings 
.. A. Stronach, jun., advocate 
. . John R. Gordon, agent 
22 A. J. Brander, solicitor 
. . P. Farquharson, house proprietor 
. . George Grant, advocate 
24 John Rennie, cabinetmaker 
26 James Henderson, architect 
. . Alexander Mefi'et, advocate 
. . John Cruickshank, agent 

28 William Herd, grocer 

U.P. Church, 
3d Alexander Beattie, house agent 
. . Mrs Napier, lodgings 
30A Alexander Ingram, plumber 
30b Miss Davidson, hosier 
32 George Jamieson, grocer 
. . Wm. P. Gordon, Tract Repository 
46 Mrs William Gavin 

Belvidere Place. 

From Rosemount place to Mile-end. 


3 Alexander Aitken, painter' 

29 Robert Catto, Wallflekl House 

45 Misses Falconer, Belvidere House 
John Edward, baker 


4 Mrs Tocher 

36 William Robbie, writer 

38 William Sangster, shipmaster 

40 Wm. Moir, traveller (G. & T.) 

42 Mrs Davidson 

44 John Duthie, grocei* 

46 John M'Gregor, dyer 

48 E. J. Maguire, collector (I.R.) 
50 David M'Gregor, dyer 



Belvidere Street. 

From Belvidere place to Low Stocket 


1 John Gibb (of J. & A. Gibb) 
3 William Alexander (Free Press) 
5 J. Grant Forsyth (of S. & F.) 
7 Mrs Cuddie 
9 Mrs C. Smith 

11 Thomas Laing (of W. L. & S.) 

13 G. B. M'Kinnon, watchmaker 

17 Robert Grant, Glenbogie Cottage 

19 Mrs M'Combie, Dilkhoosh 

21 Edwin Tait (S. P. A. Co.) 

23 John Ogilvie, late bookseller 

29 John Holmes, manager 

31 William Keith, cashier 
. . Mrs Forsyth, lodgings 

33 John Roy, teacher 

39 William Henderson (of W. M'K. 

41 John Watson, dyer 


12 Robert Anderson (Free Press) 

14 John M'Lauchlan, teacher 
16 Mrs M'Taggart 

18 Alexander Smith, plumber 

20 George J. Allan, shipmaster 

22 William Allan, grocer 

30 A. G. Watson, commission agent 

32 Mrs Charles Walker 

34 Jas. Lorimer, sen. (of J. L. & Son) 
36 John R. Young, solicitor 

Benzie's Brae. 

69 College street. 

Berryden Road, 

From Caroline place to Kitty- 
Kilgour & Walker, manufacturers 
A. W. Martin & Co., do. 
A. Stephen & Son, rope and twine 

C. R. Mitchell, engineer, Barkmill 

N. Co-operative Co. 's Mills 
Alex. Bruce, Millbank Cottage 
P. M. Barnett, Berryden House 

Berry Lane. 

From GalloAvgate to Loch street. 
1 George Bisset, bootmaker 
. . James Balfour, bootmaker 

Black's Building-s. 

From Skene street Bridge to Wool- 

1-3 Wm. Morrison, draper 
4 Andrew Gibson, carter 

5 Mrs Wm. Smith 

6 Mrs Gollan, lodgings 

. . Charles Craig, tea merchant 

7 W. B. Cormack, bookseller 
. . Mrs Lawrence, lodgings 

. . Miss Anderson, lodgings 

8 Charles Adams, draper 

9 George Thow, tailor 

10 Miss Young, music teacher 
. . Chas. D. Young (of S. Y. & Co.) 
11-12 Alex. Mackie, fruiterer 
28 John Milne (of K. & M.) 

Blackfriars Street. 

From Woolmanhill to St. Andrew st. 

2 Peter Stewart, plumber 

3 John Erskine, clothier 

4 G. Jopp, lodgings 

. . Mrs Wm. Diack, grocer 
6 George Grant, japanner 
. . Alexander Macandrew 
14 Wm. Manson, house carpenter 

20 Miss M. Annand, mantle maker 
26 J. Stewart, plasterer (of S. & M.) 

28 Wm. Davidson, porter 

Co ngregatio nal Church. 

29 Blackfriar's Hall 

31 George Watson, ironmonger 
35 Thomas Michie, beadle 
42 1st A.R.V. Drill HaU 
44 Alexander Smith, grocer 

Blair's Lane. 

From Jack's brae to Leadside road. 

Blairton Lane. 

Fi'om Broad street to Guestrow. 


Southend of Holburn place. 

George Webster 
Miss Davidson 
3 Capt. D. Ross (E. C. Mission) 

Bloomfield Road. 

From Holburn place to Allenvale. 

21 Wm. Slora, gardener 

33 J. G. Morrice, com. traveller 
41 Alexander K. Craighead 

Bon-Accord Lane. 

From Dee street to Bon-Accord st. 
Headcroft lilace. 
11 Mrs Smith, grocer 
14 Wm. Smith, porter 
16 Mrs Catto, sick nurse 
18 Marr & Fettes, house carpenters 



Bon-Accord Square. 

From East to West Craibstone street. 

1 Mrs James Brown 

2 James A, Beattie (of W. & B.) 

3 Captain Charles Skene 

4 Mrs Colonel Fraser 

5 George Milne, timber merchant 

6 Misses Ferrier, Boarding School 

7 John Keith, sec. (T. & C. Bank) 

8 Mrs L. Barron 

9 Joseph Ogilvie, M.A. 

10 Wm. Williamson (of W. & S.) 

11 Wm. Gordon, sharebroker 

12 D. G. Cattanach, advocate 

13 Chas. Stewart (of C. & W. Stewart) 

14 Mrs Elmsly 

15 Mrs Professor Nicol 

16 Mrs James Crombie 

17 Professor James S. Brazier, F.C.S. 

18 Robert Ogilvie, M.A. 

20 Keith Jopp (of W. & K. Jopp) 

Bon-Accord Street. 

From Union street to Springbank 


1 Collegiate School 

lA Alexander Murray, bookseller 

2 Mrs Rust, lodgings 

3 James G. Coutts, gi'ocer 
3a Aberdeen Dairy Co. 

Langstane place, 

5, 7 Duncan Campbell, post horse 

9 H. Maclennan, com. traveller 
11 Mrs Hart, lodgings 
. . H. J. NicoU (Free Press) 
13 J. G. Fenton, bookbinder 
. . Miss Nicol, dressmaker 
15 Alexander Johnston, clerk 
. . John Reid, grocer 
. . Andrew Bell, spirit dealer 
17 Mrs Thomas M'Lean 

19 Wm. Sutherland, carpenter 
. . John Robertson, gunmaker 

21 William Holmes 

23 Charles Smith, tailor 

25 James Ogilvie, upholsterer 

29 R. Shinnie (of R. & J, S.) 

. . Andrew Walker, coal merchant 

31 G. C. Dawson, organist 

33 Wm. Thompson, teacher 

Bon-Accord lane. 
35 George Ronald, grocer 
37 Mrs D. Law, sick nurse 
. . Alex. Forbes, plasterer 
, . Miss Elder, corsetmaker 
. . Alex. Johnston, manager 
39 James Robertson, clerk 
. . Samuel Fyfe, painter 
43 Mrs J. Wallace, sick nurse 
. . P. Johnston, gas inspector 
.. Wm. Pope, detective 

45 Miss Miller 

49 Alex. Anderson 

. . Mrs A. Henderson 
. . Miss Smith 

51 Miss M'lver, lodgings 

51^ Mrs John Gordon, lodgings 

53 Miss Scott 

59 Arch. Macdonald, cashier 

63 Mrs Knowles 

. . Marshall Watt 

65 D. B. Milne (S. P. A. Co.) 
67 James Brebner 

. . Miss Murdoch 

69 Wm. Wilson, shipmaster 

. . John Walker (A. S. N. Co.) 

71 David Millar 

. . Misses Bruce 

73 James Walker, merchant 

. . Geo. Walker, merchant 

75 Miss Melville 

77 Miss Chisholm 

79 Mrs Lewis 

81 John R. AUardyce, grocer 

83 Do. do. 

The Oldmill road. 

85 James Leith, clerk 
. . James Craigen 

86 Mrs G. Anderson 
. . Rev. James Bell 

87 Mrs Dr. Duncan 

88 Mrs A. Smith 

89 George Porter, jun., grain mercht. 

90 Miss Pickthorn 

91, 92 Alex. Robertson, baker 

Springbank street. 
93 Mrs Park 

. . George Marr, architect 
. . Adam Marr, clerk 

Springbank terrace. 
95 Wm. Urquhart (of U. & Co.) 
97 Wm. Davidson, gardener 

4, 8 Lalng & Melvin, coachbuilders 
10 James Cormack, coachmaker 
14 Alex. Laing (of L. & M.) 

Sast Craibstone street, 
18 Miss Hogg, lodgings 
20 John Wood, surgeon 
. . Wm. Yule, late merchant 

Lane to Bon-Accord terrace. 
38 Ralph W. Hay, draper 
40 Wm. Edward, shipmaster 
42 Alex. Martin, M.A. 
. . Rev. Alex. Beverley, LL.D. 
44 Rev. Wm. Henry Bleaden 

46 W. Paul, advocate 

50 Andrew Reid 

52 Mrs Sutherland 

54 S. Baker (Wordie & Co.) 
58 John Fraser 

60 John Ellis, merchant 
62 Rev. James Smith 

64 J. P. Edmond, bookbinder 

66 Wm. Marshall, draper 



68 Mrs Tannach 

Entrance to Bon-Accord terrace. 
70 James Craigen, fruit dealer 
72 George Mann, coal broker 
74 Miss Bearsley 
76 John Black, manager 
. . James B. Wilson, bookbinder 
80 James Brown, fish merchant 
82 John Macaldowie, accountant 
84 P. Diack, ass. insp. of poor 

Springbank terrace. 
86 Wm. Mutch, flesher 

Bon-Accord Terrace. 

From Union street to Bon- Accord st. 


1 Bon-Accord School 

2 Mrs James Petrie 
4 Mrs Lorimer 

6 George Robb, lithographer 

7 Robert Sheret, grocer 
. . James Taylor, agent 

8 Wm. Middleton 

9 Chas. A. Laing 

10 Isaac R. M'Killiam (of B. & W. 

16 John H. Fyfe, brush manufacturer 

18 John Black 


17 John Fleming, hardware mercht. 

19 Geo. L. Thomson (of G. T. & Son) 

20 J. A. Sinclair, agent (Bank of 


21 James Corbet (late H.E.I.C.S.) 

22 James Elsmie (of G. E. & Son) 

23 James Shepherd (of S. & S.) 

24 C. J. G. Duguid 

. . James Duguid, advocate 

25 Harvey Hall, advocate 

26 Wm. Melville 

28 J. T. Willet, dockmaster 

29 Mrs James Blackett 

30 Wm. Dunn, advocate 

31 Mrs G. G. Brown 

32 Wm. Shirres 

33 John S. Chalmers, merchant 

35 Henry S. Lumsden (of L. & G.) 

36 John Ligertwood, advocate 

Bothwell's Court. 

25 Justice street. 

Boy's Hospital Court. 

18j Upperkirkgate. 

Braemar Place. 

Adjoining Balmoral Place. 
George Bisset 
James M'Cormack, postal tele- 

John Warn, shipmaster 
W^m. Slaker, painter 

A. H. Smith (N. of S. Bank) 
Charles Brown (of M. & B.) 
James Allan, teacher 

Brebner's Court. 

84 Shiprow. 

Bremner's Court. 

9 Castle street. 

Bridge Place. 

From Bridge street to Windmill lane. 

1 Copestake, Hughes, Crampton, & 

Co., warehousemen 

3 Alex. Dinnie, photographer 

10 Wm. Hutcheon, blacksmith 

12 Robert Lawes, cabinetmaker 

15 Wm. Gordon, millwright 

16 James Williamson, cooper 

Bridge Street. 

From Union street to Guild street. 


7 S. G. Presslie, hairdresser 

9 Palace Hotel, Charles Mann 

11 Pratt & Keith, warehousemen 

13 Howe Sewing Machine Co., Lim. 
Albany Buildings — 

Fi'aser & Duguid, advocates 
John Sime, insurance agent 
J. M'K. Fraser, tobacconist 
John Muill, advocate 


2 D. Wyllie & Son, booksellers 

4 Aberdeen Club 

. . John Rust, jun., architect 
. . Mrs Sutherland, lodgings 
6 Restaurant and Dining-rooms 

8 J. Saint & Co. , warehousemen 

10 Edmonds & Macqueen, advocates 

14 G. Thomson & Son, wine merchts. 
16 Mrs Elliot 

.. Jenkins & Marr, C.E. 
. . Miss Lucas, teacher of music 
18 Campbell Achnach & Co., India- 
rubber manufacturers 
22 City Club 

Mrs Burness 

Mrs Hunter, lodgings 

John F. Ross 

John Johnston, com. traveller 

Georges. Hird, C.E. 
24 John F. Ross, fish and game dealer 
28 John F. Ross, fruiterer 

Bath street. 
30 Wm. Smith & Co., hairdressers . 
32 Belgrave, confectioner 
34 James D. Mackie, solicitor 
. . John R. Young, solicitor 
. . Ellis & Wilson, architects 
. . Mrs Stewart, lodgings 
. . James Sharp, auctioneer 
36 Wm. Walker, bookseller 



38 Bruce, Edwards, & Milne, ware- 


44 James Clake, tobacconist 

48 Leitli & Paterson, warehousemen 

Brighton Place. 

From Ashley terrace northward. 
James Cruickshank 
George Cruickshank 
James Philip, grocer 
James Malcolm, carpenter 
Mrs Christie 

Brighton Terrace. 

North side of Cuparstone road. 

C. A. Julius Terp, M.A. 

Robert Milne (of Milne, Sons, & 

George Carrick Coats, collector, 


Broad Street. 

From Union street to Gallowgate. 


1 Mrs Cormack, lodgings 
. . George F. King (Journal) 
. . Alex. Leslie, sheriff officer 
. . Mrs Duncan, lodgings 
. . Miss Dippe, lodgings 
3-5 James F. Gordon, shoemaker 
7 Johnston & Laird, clothiers 
9 Robertson & Thom, tailors 
11-13 Esslemont & Macintosh, drapers 
and silk mercers 

K ether kirk gate. 
15 Crown Clothing Co. 
19-21 Durno & Cameron, drapers 
23-25 Anderson & Thomson, Avare- 

27 Alex. Aiken, shoemaker 
29 James Swanson, tailor 
. . G. Mathieson, spirit dealer 
. . Wm. Bain, storekeeper 
. . George Masson, printer 
31 John T. M'Intosh, draper 
33 G. M. Moir, music seller 
35 John Robertson, shoemaker 

Raggs lane. 
37 William Duncan, shoemaker 

39 Alex. Aiken, shoemaker 

43 John Hall & Co., merchants 

45 R. Saunders, furniture dealer 
47-49 George Morrice, bookseller 

49 George Smith, paper ruler 

51 Robt. Alexander, china merchant 
53 J. & J. Bisset, drapers 
Blairton lane. 
57 Robert Reid, tobacconist 
59 James G. Bisset, bookseller 
61 Thomson's court. 

63 Alex. B. Hutcheson, baker 
67 James Farquhar, shipmaster 

71 J. & F. Gonnella, refreshment 

73 Henry Gray, furniture dealer 
75 Med Lion court. 

79 Jas. Davidson, watchmaker 

81 London and Newcastle Tea Co. 

83 Ramage's court. 

85 William Lyon, leather merchant 

87 James Henry, basketmaker 


City buildings. 
2 Police Writing Chambers 
. . Gas Office 
4 Police Office 
10 Concert court. 

Advocates' Hall 
Norval Clyne, advocate 
George Grub, LL.D., advocate 
Thomas Wood, keeper 
Chadwick & Co., manufacturers 
Thomas Anderson, painter 
12 James H. Ross, draper 
14-16 Aberdeen Free Press Office 
20 A. Macdonald, shoemaker 
22 Cruden's court. 

24 J. & J. Fleming, hardware mer- 
26 Rettie's court. 

. . Jas Rettie (of M. Rettie & Sons) 
. . Leith & Co. , photographers 
. . George Buclaan, porter 
. . Thomas C. Jack, publisher 
26 Charles Coutts, chemist 
30 James Taylor, shoemaker 
34 Robert Lyall, ironmonger 

Queen street. 
38 John Jamieson & Co, , clothiers 
38j John Allan, draper 
40 Jopp's court. 

. . Blackie & Son, publishers 
. . Gibb & Hay, engravers 
. . John Scorgie, butter dealer 
42 John Rhind & Co., drapers 
44 W. Davidson & Co., grocers 
46 Henderson's court. 

48-50 Wm. Gray, draper 
52 Alex. Blackwood, watchmaker 
54 B. & W. M'Killiam, confectioners 

58 John Mathieson cabinetmaker 
62 John Mackintosh, bookseller 
64 Geo. Collie, fancy goods dealer 
66 David Johnston, druggist 
68 J. Donaldson, refreshment rooms 
70 Wm. Norrie, gi'ocer 

74 Stephen & Byers, fruiterers 

82 Aberdeen University Buildings 
. . Peter Robb, sacrist 

84 Ogston's court. 

. . J. Mackintosh, bookseller 
. . Mrs Cruickshank, lodgings 

86 Alexander Adam, grocer 

88 Gordon's court. 

89 George Tytler, draper 
89|^ Mrs Cowie, lodgings 

92 Watson Brothers, drapers 



Broadford Lane. 

From North Broadford to Cause- 

7 John Wishart, mason 

9 Noble, Ross, & Co., tobacco-pipe- 
. . Wm. Duncan, weaver 
9J Alex. Philip, dyer 

Broadford Place. 

From 235 George st. to Maberly st. 

1 Thos. Mellis, jun., spirit dealer 

2 Lewis Esson, tailor 

3 Alex. Milne, house proprietor 

4 Robert Bruce, spirit dealer 

5 J. & J. Mitchell, builders 

9 W. C. Copland & Co., slaters 
10 Rev. M. Mackay 

20 Miss Duthie, Broadford House 

21 John Henderson, shipmaster 

Broomhill Place. 

From Holburn pi. to Balmoral pi. 


15 John Milne, house carpenter 

17 John M'Gregor, stonecutter 

21 A. S. Ritchie, book-keeper 

23 George Johnston, shoemaker 
.. Alex. Hutcheon 

25 Alex. Birse, late teacher 

27 James Smith, road surveyor 
31 John Mann, late shipmaster 

. . Miss M. L. Stewart 

33 Miss M. Walker 

37 James Matthew, shipwright 

. . John Walker, cabinetmaker 
45 James Murray, salmon fisher 
47 George Hay, builder 


2 Northern Co-Operative Co., Lim., 

4 Jane Adam, gi-ocer 

6 Alex. Gray, tobacco pipe manfctr. 

8 Charles Joss, tailor 

10 Greig & Craib, builders 

18 James Farquhar, carpenter 

22 John C. Adam, com. agent 

24 John Rose, Postal Telegraphs 

26 John Taylor, grocer 

.. James Thomson, grocer 

Burn Court. 

44 Upperkirkgate. 

Burnett's Court. 

5 Exchequer row 

Caledonian Place. 

Near Ferryhill House. 


1 Andrew Collie, grocer 

3 Mrs Stephen 

7 Peter Cadenhead, shipmaster 

5 Wm. Brand, engineer 

9 Hugh Cowan, Inland Revenue 

11 John E. Berry 

13 And. Milne (of A. M. & Co.) 

15 David Boyle, superintendent, Joint 


17 A. M. Williams, M.Ai, teacher 

19 Jas. Wilson, In. Rev. 

21 Robert Davidson 

23 W. Cameron, shoemaker 

25 Thomas Mathieson, late In. Rev, 
27 John TuUoch, late In. Rev. 

29 James H. Collie, hairdresser 

31 J. Littlejohn, jun. (of J. L. & Sons) 

33 Mrs J. G. Leslie 

. . John Greenlaw, grocer 

. . Mrs Deuchar, teacher 

. . Alex. Joss (of J. T. & K.) 

35 Mrs John Stephen 

37 James Auld, com. traveller 


2 Mrs Gray 

. . George I. Mowat, ironmonger 
4 James Frater, Town House 

6 Mrs Alexander 

8 Misses Linton 
. . Mrs A. Smith 

10 C. Morrison, clerk 

. . Miss Mathieson, dressmaker 

12 A. D. Fernie, shipmaster 

14 James Russell (of Leslie & Russell) 

16 George Leslie (of Leslie & Russell) 

18 J. W. Legge, sculptor 

20 George Johnston (H.M.C.) 

22 James Marr (of C. Christie & Co,) 

24 Mrs Willans 

26 Alex. Brown 

. , James Brown, draper 


Extremity of North Broadford, 
Rev. John Duncan 
John Garden, gardener 

Calton Terrace. 

Braehead, Gilcomston, 

1 Mrs Attenborrow 

2 Mrs Smith, sick nurse 
. . James L. Smith 

. . G. Smith, brassfinisher 

3 Mrs A. Donaldson 

4 Mrs Hall 

6 James Brown, printer 

Canal Lane. 

From Canal terrace to Summer lane. 

Canal Place. 

Near Mounthooly Bridge. 

5 Miss Sutherland, pipe top maker 
6 Wm. Thomson, flesher 



10 Alex. Wallace, coal merchant 
John Smith, machine maker 
James Fraser 

John Mathieson, cabinetmaker 
Balmoral Soap Power Factory 

Canal Road. 

From Causewayend to Froghall. 
1 Andrew Williamson, granite works 
. , George Thom, sculptor 
.. J. & A. Arthur, joiners 
.. Wni. Robertson & Co., plasterers 
. . Smith & Beattie, builders 

4 J. Rennie, jobbing gardener 

16 Jas. Minty, inspector of cleansing 

23 James Gonsalvo, proprietor 

24 Alexander Adam, grocer 

32 Robert Davidson, chemist 

42 A. Milne & Sons, provision curers 

43 James Melvin, merchant 

. . Alex. Leslie, insurance agent 
52 Wm. Collie, painter, Honeybank 
. . George Sheriffs, beadle 

John Thomson (of A. King & Co.) 

Canal Street. 

From Mounthooly Bridge westward. 

1 Matthew CroU, baker 

. . Arch. H. Smart, grocer 
. , Peter Sim, teacher of music 
. . George Scatterty, clerk 

2 Alexander Sangster, sheriff officer 

3 Alexander Gray, engineer 

5 Miss C. L. Philip 

6 Alexander Bremner, proprietor 
7^ John Thom (of J. T. & Co.) 

8 George Ramsay, tea merchant 

9 John Milne, clerk 

10 Alex. Paterson 

. . A. Hosie, jun., manufacturer 

11 Mrs Henry Brechin 

13 James Maitland, auctioneer 

19 Alex. Mitchell, prison warder 

20 A. Arthur (of J. & A. A.) 

Canal Terrace. 

From Castle ter. to Garvock street. 

3 Alex. Alexander, grocer 

4 Mrs Richard Taylor 

. . G. Patrick, shipmaster 

5 Alex. M. Ross (G. N. of S. E.) 

8 Mrs James Nicol 

9 Mrs Heriot 

10 Wm. Neilson, boatbuilder 

11 P. M. Young (G. N. of S. R.) 

12 Wm. Bruce, provision curer 

Carden place. 

From Skene street west to Queen's 

31 Robert Bonner 

33 Mrs George Robb 

Robert Arbuthnot 

Alex. Levie, shipmaster 

Mrs Inglis 

Mrs M 'Robbie 

Charles M'Combie, advocate 

A. Lyon, hide factor 

Mrs Thomas Howling 

Hector Fraser, merchant 

Mrs Morton 

Mrs Troup 

Robert Davidson, agent 

Mrs G. Littlejohn 


Wm. L. Henderson, architect 
Jas. M'Kenzie (of S, W. & M.) 
Samuel Paterson (G. N. of S. R.) 
Isaac F. Smith (of L. S. & Son) 
Mrs Mackenzie 

North Albert street, 
U. P. Church. 
Mrs Dr. Tawse 
J. B. Harper 

Alex. Mavor, merchant tailor 
Misses Wilson Nicolson 
Mrs Rhind 
Wm. Brebner 
Mrs Col. Parr 
G. G. Whyte, C.A. 
Mrs Tawse 

Alex. Thomson, teller (T. & C. B. 
Mrs Wm. Routledge 
John Sangster, druggist 
Miss Farquhar 
Mrs Tait 

David Smith, stockbroker 
Mrs Thain 

Chas. A. MoUyson (N. of S. Bank 
Alex. Marr (Free Press) 
Mrs John Avery 
James Moir, M.A., rector 
James Macdonald, M.D. 
Prince Arthur street. 
Rev. John Robson, D.D. 
T. Y. Wardrop 
Mrs James Watt 
Mrs John Milne 

Thomas J. Bremner, of Glasslaw 
John P. Fraser, artist 
James F. Keilas 
Wm. Glennie, shoemaker 
Alex. Lyon, jun., hide merchant 
R. Whyte Mackay (of A. & T.) 
James Tytler, accountant 
Miss Gray 
Mrs Dr. Clews 

David Morton (of J. L. & Co.) 
Hugh M'Pherson, sharebroker 
Miss Williamson 
Thos. Craig (of T. C. & Sons) 
Mrs Dr. Whyte 
James R. Whyte, advocate 
C. Wilson (Blaikie Brothers) 
R. G. Foggo 
James Mathieson 
Mrs M. A. Black 




Garden Terrace. 

From Albert street to St. Mary's 

1 James Henderson, architect 

2 Mrs G. Gordon 

3 James Buyei-s, bank agent 

4 Mrs Adamson 

5 Miss Gordon 

6 Robert Rattray, M.D. 

Carmelite Lane. 

From Hadden street to Trinity st. 

Peter Garioch, potato merchant 

10 R. Burt, cabinetmaker 

. . Robert Ogg, basket manufacturer 

11 John Livingstone, fish dealer 

12 Wm. Anderson, salmon merchant 

20 C. Butler, glass blower 

26 Wm. Chalmers, shoemaker 

Carmelite Street. 

From Green to Trinity street. 


5 Arthur F. Mortimer, grocer 
5a "W. Gervaise, gen. dealer 

7 Mrs George Noble 

. . Mrs Calder, draper 
9 Wm. Mearns 

11 George AVood, fish dealer 
. . John Stephen, merchant 
. . John Lees, fish merchant 

13 John Livingstone, fish dealer 

15 James Mathieson, riddle maker 

17 John Wilson, spirit dealer 

21 Thos. Ogilvie & Son, warehouse- 


27 Aberdeen Cork Co. 

. . J. A. Henderson & Co., merchts. 
. . -John Black, tea merchant 

2 Mrs Martin, lodgings 

8 Mrs A. Mackinlay, fish merchant 
. . Andrew Christie (of R. & A. C.) 
10 Mrs W. Gove, fishmonger 

. . Mrs Anderson, fish dealer 

12 J. & M. Clark, game dealers 

16 Mrs Milne, lodgings 

18 Bradbury & Co., serving machine 

20 Alex. Davidson, gunmaker 

22 John Sellar, painter 
24 John Sellar, painter 

28 Heathcot Diary 

30 Wm. Simpson, horse shoer 

Carnegie's Brae. 

Fi-om Netherkirkgate to Green, 

Caroline Place. 

From Skene square to Hutcheon st. 
1 Wm, Gray C Aberdeen Journal J 

2 James KUgour, draper 

3 John Smith, game dealer 

4 Miss Stirling 

5 A. W. Ledingham (of Marshall & 


6 Mrs John Smart 

Castle Brae. 

12 Francis W. Smith, house carpenter 
14 Mrs Hay, broker 


From Heading Hill to Hanover st. 

Military Hospital. 

1 Wm. Findlay, fish curer 

2 Miss Spence 
. . Mrs Booth 

3 Rev. Alex. Spence, D.D. 

4 Mrs Geo. Smart 

Castle Lane. 
From Castle terrace to Virginia st. 

Castle Street. 

From Union street to Justice street 
and Castle terrace. 
Court House 
J. Dove Wilson, sheriflp 
Wm. Alex. Brown, sheriff 
Charles Duncan, pro. fiscal 
C. F. Runcy, advocate 
John Ligertwood, sheriff clerk 
G. B. Michie, sheriff clerk depute 
William Richardson, Court House 

County Buildings 
Clerk of Supply and County Road 

Clerk, J. F. Lumsden, advocate 
Robertson & Lumsden, advocates 
C. B. Davidson, advocate 
J. & R. Ligertwood, advocates 
A, Campbell, solicitor 

Lodge walk. 
North of Scotland Bank, Limited 
King street. 

7 George Stopani, hosier 

8 John and Douglass Duncan, advo- 

. . Alex. Troup, tailor 
. . Miss Johnston, dressmaker 

9 Bremner's court. 
.. Alex. Forsyth 

. . Mrs Cadenhead, lodgings 

. . St. Andrew's Episcopal School 

10-11 John Gray & Co. , shoemakers 

12 Mrs Henderson, lodgings 
. . Miss Paul, lodgings 

13 David Rattray, grocer 

14 Matkieson's court. 

. . James Milne, draper (of M. & S.) 

15 Wm. Slorach, spirit dealer 

16 George Farquhar, hosier 



17 Thos. Barron, Edinburgh Ale Es- 


18 Albion court. 

.. M'Gee & Co., corkcutters 

19 George Duncan, spirit dealer 

20 Wm. Ogg, shore porter 

24 Isabella Adams, grocer 

Peacock's close. 
Justice street. 

25 Mark Pearson, furniture dealer 

26 Mrs Ewen, furniture dealer 

27 Mrs Milne 

. . Lewis Anderson, insp. of lighting 

28 James Watson, furniture dealer 

29 George Tough, horse hirer 

Lobban's court. 
Castle terrace. 

31 George Brown, draper 

32 George Tough, spirit dealer 

33 John Sinclair, boot manufacturer 

34 John Watt, jun., advocate 
. . J. S. Watt, solicitor 

35 Bank of Scotland court. 
. . Mrs C. Ludwig 

. . Simpson & Cruden, advocates 

37 J. & A. Booth, chimney sweeps 

38 Office of St. Nicholas Parochial 

.. Robert Mackenzie, brewer 
. , J. Spence, beadle 
. . Robert Cooper 

39 Wm. Taylor, draper 

40 James Esson, draper 

42 National Bank Court. 
. . Wm. Bennett, printer 

. . Wm. Tucker, sausage maker 

43 Andrew Ross, druggist 

44 James Davidson, wine merchant 
44a John Warren, surveyor, G.P.O. 

45 G. Cornwall & Sons, printers 

46 James Daniel & Son, printers 

47 Wm. Murray, spirit dealer 

48 James Daniel & Son, printers 

49 David Dewar, draper 

50 Pirie's Court. 

. . David King & Son, ironfounders 
. . Wm. Seilar, agent 

51 John Grant, watchmaker 

52 David Gullan, lithographer 

Marischal street. 

53 Union Bank of Scotland, Limited 

54 Victoria Court. 

. . Davidson & Sim, druggists 
. . Hugh Eraser, china merchant 

55 Do. do, 

56 George Allan, advocate 

. . J. Buckley Allan, advocate 
. . George Milne, solicitor 

57 John Robertson, chemist 

58 Commercial Court 
. . George Sim, slater 

. . John Mitchell, agent 
. , Mrs Hunter, music seller 
. . Wm. Thom, flesher 
. . Mrs Falconer, sick nurse 
. . D. Gabriel, inspector 

60-61 R. K. Bro^vn (Bursar's Hotel) 

62 Mrs Walker, Temperance Hotel 

63 Stronac/i's close. 

Castle Terrace. 

From Castle street to Canal terrace. 

1 J. Watson, furniture dealer 
. . Alex. Clerihew, teacher 

2 George Brown, draper 

3 Alex. Bowman, flesher 

4 James Philip, shoreporter 
6-8 Hospital for Sick Children 

12 James Milne, brewer 

. . John Smith, cork manufacturer 

. . R. R. Duncan, carter 

Commerce street, 
16 Mrs Angus 
. . Mrs Wm. Mitchell 
. , John Angus, blacksmith 
St. Clement Free Church 

Catherine Street. 

From Causewayend to George st. 

1 Alex. Mann, grocer 

2 Mrs Cobban, sick nurse 

12 Wm. Gibb, provision merchant 

14 James Walker, late bookseller 

. . Miss Walker, dressmaker 

16 James Smart, beadle 

18 Wm. Laing 

20 J. Bothwell, shoemaker 

24J Mrs Hendry 

34''Arthur Wilson, wright 

36 John Rennie, cabinetmaker 

38 Alex. Brown, house carpenter 

55 Mrs Duthie, midwife 

58 Mrs Milne, spirit dealer 

62 Mrs J. Dalgarno 

70 Alex. Brown, house carpenter 

71 H. Strachan (N. of S. E. L. Co.) 
. . John Bannerman, draper 

72 John C. Jack, joiner 

, . Mrs M 'Donald, lodgings 


From Gallowgate to Powis place. 


1 Alex. Mann, grocer 

Catherine street. 
3 Northern Co-operative Co., Lira. 
7 George Ken-, mason 
9 Mrs Dunbar, dressmaker 
15 William Wilson, draper 
17 Mrs Duncan, grocer 

Hutcheon street. 
25-29 Wm. S. Duncan, tailor 
31 Mi's Copland, grocer and spirit 

37 George Thom, boilermaker 
39 Alex. Duncan, stationer 
47 Alex. M'Donald, late C.S., 93rd 

51 John Robbie (of G. & R.) 
71 Charles A. Lindsay 



73 City Flour Mills 

91 John Davidson (of J. & R. D.) 

93 James "Watt, grocer 

109 Alex. Stewart & Co., gi-ocers 

Charles street. 
Ill Alex. R. Glegg, grocer 
121 Wm. Duncan, weaver 

125 George Fraser, gi-ocer 

127 Stewart & Cruickshank, gi-anite 

137 Mrs Wm. David, feuar 
141 Alex. Dow, blacksmith 


6-8 David Walker, painter 
10 W. & J. Ross, grocers 

20 Causey place. 
26 Chas. Reid, beadle 

28 Chas. Cockerill, hairdresser 
42 J. & M. Robbie, spirit dealers 
44 J. & J. Ingram, cartwrights 
52 D. F. Christie, mus. instrument 


Causezoayend PuUic School. 
80 James Dunn, stoneware mercht. 
82 Mrs M'Intosh, midwfe 
Ca7ial road. 

92 Fire Engine Station 

94 J. & R. Davidson, cart-wrights 
124 George Guthrie, engineer 

126 Grant & Robbie, slaters 
132 Alex. Fiddes, grocer 
134 Joseph Nicol, baker 
148 James Melvin, chemist 

160 Mrs Cruickshank, merchant 

Causey Place, 

20 Causewayend. 
5 George Smith, builder 

Chapel Court. 

61 Gallowgate, 

Chapel Court, 

3^ Justice street. 

Chapel Lane. 

From Weigh-house square to Shore 

9 John Ross, blacksmith 
11 Meter's court. 

23 George Collie, grocer 

Chapel Street. 
From Union place to Skene street. 


5 John Warrack, baker 
7 Wm. Geddes (of W. G. & Co.) 
9 C. Stephen & Co., prov. merchts. 
17 Robert Marr, shoemaker 
19 Miss Findlay, dressmaker 

21 A. Douglas, grocer 

Thistle street. 

31 C. W. Figg, waiter 

35 A. Ramsay, convener's oflBcer 
35a Dinnes & Middleton, house car- 

37 Mrs Bings, laundress 

39 Mrs MoUison, lodgings 

41 Mrs Mitchell, provision merchant 

43 John Duncan 

49 Alex. M. Elder (of G. & E.) 
61 Mrs Captain Milne, lodgings 
. . Wm. Middleton (of D. & M.) 
57 James Barber, builder 

65 Miss M. Mitchell, dressmaker 

. . T. Henderson, mason 

67 A. Cooper, house carpenter 

71 Misses Smith 

. . Wm. Gruer, com. traveller 

75 James Black (J. & W, Bisset) 

77 Alexander Inglis 

79 A. C. Barker 

87 James Murray, church officer 

. . Mrs Birss, sick nurse 

91 John Leith, grocer 

Whitehouse street. 
93 A. Williamson, coal agent 
93a Wm. Wishart, shoemaker 
95 John Mathieson 
. . John Booth, pianoforte maker 
97 Jas. Dunnet (Hay & Lyall) 
. . Wm. Murray, painter 
. . Mrs R. Davidson, fruitei'er 
101 Fire Engine Station 


2 Miss Gray, lodgings 
10 Misses Donald 
12 Mrs Pegler 
14 Miss Falconer 
16 Wm. Reid, photographer 
. . John Russell, painter (of R. & S.) 
18 Robt. Hunter, provision mercht. 
20 Alex. Youngson, clerk 
. . Thomas Murray, letter carrier 
26 Mrs Wm. Daniel 
28 Alex. Rennie, late Gordon High- 
30 J. Youngson, shoemaker 

32 Miss Smith, draper 

34 T. Campbell (N. of S. B., Lim.) 

. . Charles Landles 

, . R. C. Watson, teacher 

36 John Whyte, painter 

40 Alex. Lennie, shoemaker 
.. A. Sharp (of R. & S.) 

. . Miss Moir, dressmaker 

42 Thomas Laing, ironmonger 
42^ Wm. Hatt, bookseller 

44 James E. Lawie, overseer 
44a James Murison, chemist 

46 Alex. Stewart, clerk (B. R. & Co.) 
48 Joseph Jobberns, Capt. H. P. 

50 James Fraser, letter carrier (P.O.) 
52 Mrs Elmslie 

. . Miss Warren, dressmaker 
.. Thomas Riddel, N. S, Savings 



54 Jas. Garden, upholsterer 

56 Robert Gilbert, plasterer 

. . Wm, Thomson, salesman 

60 J. Moir, grocer 

Little Chapel street. 

72 Peter Farquharson 

76 Mrs Prosser, lodgings 

78 Jas. Cooper, provision merchant 

82 George Stephen, hairdresser 

. . Wm. Hampton 

. . T. Knowles, clerk 

. . Mrs Gow, sick nurse 

. . Mrs Young, sick nurse 

86 John Mitchell, beadle 

98 Mrs Kelman, lodgings 

99^ James Stephen, waiter 
100 John F. Smyth, silk mercer 

. . Geo. J. Riddel (of G. R. & Co.) 
102 Miss Jane Howie, dressmaker 

Kidd Lane. 
108 James Leiper, grocer 
116 Miss B. Cruickshank, dressmaker 
120-122 Patrick Beriy, confectioner 
124 Robert Smith, butcher 

. . Miss Henderson, sick nurse 
126 A, B. Robertson, plumber 

Charles Court. 

40 Upperkirkgate. 

Charles Street. 

From Broadford to Causewayend. 

3 George Taylor, beadle 
. . Mrs G. Pirie, flesher 

4 Joseph Fettes, com. traveller 

6 John Skinner (of J. S. & Co.) 

7 James Milne, builder 
12 R. Gordon, joiner 

25 Miss Chalmers, corsetmaker 
35 Stewart & Cruickshank, gi-anite 

39 H. S. M'Kay, overseer 

40 Miss Elspet Catto 

Charlotte Street (South.) 
From St. Andrew street to John st. 


F. W. Steel, slater 

Alex, Barclay, builder 
Free South School, 
31 James Stevenson, late teacher 
. . Miss Smith, lodgings 
33 John Baillie, bellhanger 
. . Miss Downie 
35 Wm. Cay, house carpenter 


4 James Lonie, prison warder 

6 John Stewart, flesher 
. . Norman Moir, compositor 
. . Wm. Henderson, manager 

8 Colin Wood, beadle 

10 John Cumming, spirit dealer 

10 Miss Marshall, milliner 

. . Miss M. Marshall, teacher 

12 Francis Balfour (of G. B. & Co.) 

. . Rob. Tindal (of J. T. & Sons) 

26 Wm. Milne, fishing tackle maker 

. . Mrs Gray 

. . A. Watt, ropemaker 

Charlotte Street (North.) 
From John street to Broadford place. 

2 David Hay, clerk 

. . Alex. Mackie, basketmaker 
7 Warrack & Daniel, builders 

12 Church of Scot. Boarding House : 

Miss VoUar, superintendent 
13-15 Crown Granite Works ; G. Leslie 
Jamieson, proprietor 

16 Robert Henderson, plasterer 

17 William Daniel, builder 

20 J. Brockie, cashier (A. T. & R.) 

21 J. T. Thompson, watchmaker 
42 Samuel Presslie, sergt. of police 

Craigie street. 
46 Francis Ogg (iS". T. Co., Lim.) 
. . Wm. Manson, carpenter 
48 Mrs Robert Adams 
.. Jas. Marnoch, letter carrier (P.O.) 
. . Robt. Ingram, sorting clerk (P.O.) 

52 James Nairn 

53 Adam Mitchell & Co., builders 

54 James Mann & Co., tailors 

56 James Johnston, spirit dealer 
58 Wm. Macintosh, wire worker 

Chattan Place. 

From Ashley pi. to Claremont st. 


1 O. H. Elfert, grocer 

3 D. A. Mortimer, chemist 
5 James Davie, draper 

7 John Sangster, baker 
11 Mrs James Anderson 

13 John Sangster, baker 
15 Captain David Talbot 

17 John Lamb, photographer 
. . Wm. Sim, ■svriter 

19 William Rhind 
. . Mrs Walker 

21 Arthur Dingwall, dairy 
25 William Ross, bootmaker 

27 Mrs Robertson, stationer 


18 James Munro, carter 

20 Wm. Thom, flesher 

22 Wm. Ross, shoemaker 
24 Arthur Dingwall 

. . Mrs Berg 

28 James Grant, shipmaster 

30 Robt. Ogilvie, hardware merchant 
. . William Reid, R.N, 



Cherrybank Cottages. 

Off Bon- Accord terrace. 

1 William Duncan, shoemaker 

2 A. Law, baker 

3 John Wilson 

. Mrs Falconer 

4 Wm. Hector, carver 

. Wm. Hector, jun., draughtsman 

5 Alex. Taylor, com. trav. 

. W. B. Strachan (B. Reid & Co.) 
. Mrs Joseph Falconer 

6 Wm. Cameron, tobacconist 
. J. A. Philips, teacher 

7 Wm. Webster (of H. & W.) 
. W. W. Attenborrow 

Chronicle Court. 

32 Broad st. , and 10 Queen st. 
Charles Letters, pawnbroker 

Chronicle Lane. 

From West North street to Meal- 
market street 

8 James M 'Donald, cabinetmaker 

13 James Gordon & Co., coopers 

Church Street. 

From Waterloo qy. to St. Clement st. 

1 Charles Stopani, painter 
. . Wm. Dey, painter 

2 James Selbie, blacksmith 
6 Miss Graham, spirit dealer 

10 James Anderson, flesher 

Clarence Street. 

From Church st. to Wellington st. 

11 William Dey, painter 

15 James Pirie, superintendent 

27 David Johnston, shoreporter 

.. A Mackay, sailmaker 

31 Arch. Davidson, engineer 

33 Wm. Wilson, gi-ocer 

35 James Murray, baker 

. . Wm. Hazelwood 

47 Gammie & Johnstone, coal mer. 

Claremont Place. 

North side of Claremont street. 


27 John Mathieson 
29 0. H. Elfert, grocer 


4 Robert Buchan, builder 

.. Wm. Campbell 

. . P. Davidson, book-keeper 
6 Wm. Middleton, merchant 
8 John Dunningham, engineer 

10 John Fraser, beadle 

12 Arthur Hunter, mason 

14 James Fyfe, flesher 

Claremont Street. 

From Cuparstone pi. to Ashley road. 


15 John Mackie 

. . Wm. King, clerk of works 

81 Thos. Lamb, stationer 

. . A. R. Collie, slater 

. . George Watt, joiner 

83 John Barron, com. agent 

85 Robt. Cobban, joiner 

. . A. Ritchie, clothier 

87 Geo. F. Milne, insp. of works 

. . Alex. M'Pherson, land steward 

. . Misses Reid, dressmakers 

89 Chas. Douglas, joiner 

. . David Douglas, shoemaker 

95 Alex. Robson, engineer 

97 Mrs J. Cheyne, prov. mercht. 

Thos. Davidson, writer, Claremont 

Mrs B. M 'Donald, Claremont Ho. 


Charles Gauld, com. traveller 
Peter Anderson, stonecutter 
14 Wm. Manson (G. N. Tel. Co.) 

16 Wm. Milne, plumber 
22 J. S. Watson, grocer 

. . Robt. Tocher, manager 
26 J. S. Watson, grocer 

Granton place. 
32 David Moonie 
. . J. Stewart, boot & shoemaker 
34 Nazareth House 
40 Abdn. Steam Laundry Co., Lim. 

Miss Porter, manageress 
46 James Harvey, mason 
. . J. Leighton (M. R. & Sons) 
48 John Smith, gardener 

Clark's Court. 

2 Upperkirkgate. 
A. King & Co., printers 


Between Affleck street and Portland 
C. Lyon, packing case maker 
James Gall, house carpenter 
Crown Match Works 
J. & J. Duncan, cab hirers 
Alex. Fletcher, fish curer 
John BroAvn, buUder 
James Petrie & Co., fish curers 

Cluny Place. 

17 Ann street. 

College Court. 

82 Broad street. 



College Street. 

From Windmillbrae to Marywell st. 


35 James Paterson, grocer 
37 WaLker's Court. 

. . James Walls (Qal. Ry.) 
39 Robert Gray (Oal. Ry.) 
. . James Duncan (Cal. Ry.) 
41 James Walker, grocer 
Guild street. 

65 Wm. Collie, grocer 
67 A. Black, wright 
69 Mrs. Reid, di-aper 
69| A. Black, wright 
77 Miss Black 

83 Miss Allan, fish merchant 
85 John Proctor (Hogarth & Co.) 
87 Robert Groundwater, engineer 
89 J. C. Hutchieson (A. Pirie & Sons) 


60 Joseph Leipei', spirit dealer 
64 Mrs Stout, worsted dealer 

66 John Leith, baker 
66b a. Brown, flesher 

74, 76, 78 Souter & Shepherd, drug- 
82 Hogarth & Co., merchants 
88-90 Alex. Shirras, tinsmith 

College Street (South). 

From Marywell st. to Affleck street. 

1 John Reid, grocer 

3 George Jackson, bill-poster 

5 James Henderson, carpenter 

8 Peter Jamieson, harness composi- 

tion manufacturer 

9 Peter Jamieson, jun. 

Collie's Court. 

28 Shiprow. 

Colville Place. 

East end of Urquhart road. 
3 John Grant, tailor 
. . Wm. Brown, postal telegraphs 

6 George Stewart (of S. & M., Lim.) 
. . G. E. M. Robertson, cashier 

7 Abdn. Building Co., Lim. 
. . Arthur Forbes, com. trav. 

. . Alex. Ross, inspector of works- 
9 John Henderson, engineer 
. . George G. Hay, late teacher 

Commerce Lane. 

Between 5 and 7 Commerce street, 

1 James M 'Donald, iron mercht. 

2 James Selbie, blacksmith 

3 T. Cunningham, carpenter 

Commerce Street. 

From Quay to Albion street. 

Commerce lane. 

7 John Jamieson, grocer 
9 Do. do. 

. . John Cock, spirit dealer 
11 Do. do. 

13 Mrs Thomson, midwife 
. . James Preston, carpenter 
. . Mrs R. Innes 
. . James Smith, shoemaker 
Commerce St. Church. 

23 T. Cunningham, carpenter 
25 James Presslie, engineer 
29 M'Robb & Co., carters 

39 A. Kenn, stoneware merchant 
43 James M 'Donald, iron merchant 
. . Mrs Brown, grocer 

45 Do. do. 

Virginia street. 

47 John Ingiis, grocer 
49 Do. do. 

. . O. Mackenzie, baker 
51 Miss Milne, draper 
53 Mrs Williamson, provisiom mer- 
55 Do. do. 

57 R. Donaldson, flesher 

Craigmile's court. 
61 J. Scott, merchant 
. . Robert Rice, metal refiner 
. . Knowles & Leiper, engineers 
. . John Ramsay, blacksmith 
65 Thos. Hadden, shoemaker 
67-69 Robert Mitchell, grocer 
Castle terrace. 

6 Mrs G. Anderson, baker 

8 Do. do. 

12-14 Wm. Davidson, grain merchant 

16 Joseph Mather, beadle 

18 Rose's court. 

22 James Thomson, grain merchant 

24 Commerce court. 

42 Alex. Keith, grain merchant 
Virginia street. 

46 John Sangster, druggist 

48 James Marchant, shipmaster 
60 George C, Rainnie, builder 
72-74 James Noltie, spirit dealer 

Castle terrace. 
Commerce Street Public School. 
Stairs leading to Heading Hill. 

Commercial Court. 

58 Castle street. 

Commercial Road. 

North side of Albert Basin. 
Peter Cable, carter 
Alex. Donald, wood merchant 



Concert Court. 

10 Broad street. 

Concert Court. 

27 Gallowgate. 

Constable Place. 

West end of Canal street. 

Constitution Street. 
From Park street to Links, 


1 James Hall, clothier 
3 Robert Clark (H.M.C.) 

5 A. Taylor, shipmaster 

7 Alex. Smith, sup. (Gas Dep.) 

11 Miss Strachan, dressmaker 

13 John Watt (of Watt & Clark) 
. . James Wilson, music teacher 
. . Stephen Hunter, clerk 

. . Wm. M'Kenzie, clerk 

14 George Cheyne, house carpenter 

17 Charles Stronach, registrar 

21 John Morison, late banker 
.. Alex. Morison, shipmaster 
. . Mrs Leslie 

23 Wm. Fletcher, currier 
27a Wm. Elmslie, grocer 

29 James Farquharson, gi-ocer 
33 Mis Black 
. . S. ivl'lntosh, shoemaker 
37 Andrew Lamont, jun., grocer 
39 Wm. Ferguson 
41 Mrs James Taylor 
43 J. Marr, jun., pianoforte maker 
49 Thomas Clyne, merchant 
Railivajj Bridge. 
Aberdeen Granite Works 

71 North British Granite Works 

North Constitution street, 

72 John Cassie (Chivas Brothers) 
74J John Smith (Free Press) 

76 "Francis Ross 

77 Wm. Simpson, blacksmith 
Golf-Club House, Links ; Andrew 

Simpson, attendant 


6 Wm. Donald, painter 

10 Wm. Allan, phonetic teacher 
. . R. Leslie, spirit dealer 

12 Ewen M'Donald, joiner 
.. Mrs M'Donald, lodgings 

. . David Sherrit, draughtsman 
16 George Sim, naturalist 
16a Richard Smith, bootcloser 

18 A. W. Ironside, shoemaker 

. . James D. Robertson (W. Lyon) 

20 Mrs Todd, grocer 

. . Wm. W. Riddel, upholsterer 

22 Mrs Aberdein 

24 James Doig 

28 Wm. Ogg, stonecutter 

South Constitution street. 
Roman Catholic Schools. 
James Murphy, master 

42 John Ganson, shipmaster 
44 Wm. Walker, grocer 

46 B. S. Martin, baker 

48 Alex. Dakers, lithographer 

50 John A. Reid (of J. A. R. & Co.) 

54 James Davidson, Granite Works 

Railway Bridge. 
60 James Fantom, manager 

Constitution Street (North). 

Off 72 Constitution street. 

5 Alex. Urquhart, carter 

Constitution Street (South). 

From Park street to Constitution st. 

2 T. S. Douglas, china merchant 
4 Mrs Craig 

11 John Wilson, builder 

19 James Mitchell, engineer 
. . Robert Johnstone, agent 
23 Wm. Constable, feuar 
29 John G. Robertson, clerk 
31 John Leslie, bootmaker 
. . Alex. Erskine, ropeworks 
33 J. F. Forrest, boatbuilder 
37 George Milne, ironmonger 
37^ Wm. Gibb, grocer 

43 Charles Esson, engineer 

44 James Christie, pianoforte maker 

Constitution Lane (South). 

Foot of South Constitution street. 
D. M'Donald, leather factor 

Correction Wynd. 

From St. Nicholas street to Green. 

1 G. Schaschke, furnishing tailor 

2 M. Edwards, secy., Abdn. Tern. 

. . Robert Davidson, insurance agent 
. . W. Gavin, house agent 

3 John H. Stephen, engraver 

4 Peter Gordon, stoneware mercht. 
. . Watt & Cumine, advocates 

. . Registrar, St. Nicholas District 
. . Mrs Duncan 

6 A. F. Chisholm, watchmaker 

7 Robert Yule, jeweller 
9-9^ Mrs Stuart, innkeeper 
11|^ Mrs Leslie, lodgings 

12 Gibson & Thomson, engravers, &c. 
12i, 13, 13i, 14, David Ogg, basket- 

14 Mrs Gumming, lodgings 

15 Miss Johnson, dressmaker 

. . James Smith, picture dealer 
. . Thomas Thomson, agent 

16 George Ross, bootmaker 



17 Wheeler & Wilson 

19 John Barclay, com. agent 

22 John Milne, com. agent 

24 Mrs Walker 

. . Robert Hird, fruiterer 

Cotton Street. 

From Summer lane to Links. 


15 C. M'Robb (of M'C. & Co.) 

. . Wm. Thomson, shoreporter 
. . D. Alexander, grocer 
19 George Hardie, foreman 

23 J. Grant, agent 

25 Wm. Laing, shoreporter 

27 Andrew Mitchell, shoreporter 
29 Wm. Findlay, boilermaker 
Aberdeen Flour Mill's Co., Lim. 
Cross street. 
45 Thomas Yeats, flesher 
47 John Reid, shoreporter 
55 James Chrystall, shoreporter 
57 Wm. Ganimie, agent 
59 Peter Kirton, flesher 
67 T. Lute, ass. dockmaster 


2 Andrew Lament, jun., grocer 
8 James Cook, moulder 

16 A. Scorgie 

. . Jas. Cooper (J. M. & Son, Lim.) 
Shoreporter's Stabling 
Wm. Beveridge, tobacco pipe 

James Roger, joiner 
36 Wm. Ogg, Cotton Street Stone 

Polishing Works 
38 Mrs FuUerton, merchant 
Aberdeen Gas Works 
Lewis Ross, storekeeper (Gas 

Jos. Walker, foreman (Gas Works) 


From Justice street to Castlehill. 

Craibstone Street (East). 

From Bon-Accord street to Bon- 
Accord square. 

1 John M. Munro, chemist 

2 John Simpson, M.D. 

3 John Kirby, professor of music 

4 Mrs Wm. Milne 

. . John Livingstone (N. of S. Bank) 

5 Walter Lawrance, R.N., fleet sur- 


6 Mrs James A. Beattie 

7 Mrs Wm. Littlejohn 

Craibstone Street (West). 

From Bon-Accord terrace to Bon- 
Accord square. 
1 Mrs Professor Black 

2 W. Grahame Walker, Academy 

3 F. T. Garden, advocate 

4 Rev. G. F. Knight 

6 John Williamson, jun., flesher 

7 Misses Murray 

8 Gray C. Fraser, advocate (of F. and 


Craigie Street. 

From Geoi-ge street to Charlotte st. 


7 Samuel Ramsay, stonecutter 

9 Charles Simpson 

11 Miss Chalmers, lodgings 

13 Mrs Craighead, lodgings 
. . Miss Milne, lodgings 

. . Wm. Grant, carpenter 

15 John Ingram (of J. & J. Ingram) 
. . Mrs Robert Henderson 

17 James Martin, upholsterer 
21-23 Northern Co-Operative Co. 


14 George Craigen, confectioner 

16 M. Calder, watchmaker - 
. . Mrs Straiten, lodgings 

. . E. Bain, wright 

18 Miss Ann Findlay, lodgings 
. . Mrs. C. Stuart, lodgings 

. . Ebenezer Bain CFree Press) 

20 E. Tritschler, watchmaker 

. . Mrs Thomson, lodgings 

24 H. Alexander, com. traveller 

.. Mrs J. M'Lachlan, lodgings 

. . Misses Bonnyman 

26 Charles Home, merchant 

Craigmile's Court. 

59 and 61 Commerce street. 

Craigwell Place. 

From Skene street to Skene terrace 

5 Peter Smith, stonecutter 

Crimon Place. 

From Golden sq. to top of Skene ter 

2 Mrs Robertson, lodgings 

. . P. Mortimer, provision curer 
. . Miss Reid, teacher 

3 Alex. FuUerton 

. . James Wood, photographer 
.. Alex. Mathieson, filemaker 

5 Mrs Milne, lodgings 

. . Alex. Birnie, builder 

. . Jas. Anderson 

. . Charles Watt, salesman 

6 J. Ogg (of J. & J. Ogg) 
. . Wm. Rae, engineer 

. . Robert Brown, water taxsman 
. . Thomas Sang, shoemaker 

7 James Burnett, bookbinder 
. . Misses Lindsay 



7 Thomas Coleman 
. . Mrs Robertson 

8 Geo. Milne (Northern Assur. Co.) 
. . Miss Anderson 

. . Mrs Rodger 

9 Thomas Anderson (P. & K.) 
. . Alex. Johnston, agent 

. . Mrs Scott, lodgings 

10 Miss Ogilvie, teacher 
10a Alex. Birnie, builder 
16 Mrs G. W. M'Courtie 

John Alexander, cabinetmaker 

Crombie's Court. 

37 Park street. 

Crooked Lane. 

From St. Andrew street to Loch st. 

1 Angus Shaw, stoneware merchant 

2 Do. do. 

5 Aberdeen Public Baths 

. . Wm. Cameron, superintendent 

6 James Donald, farrier 

. . Robert Leith, photographer 

9^ Back entrance. House of Refuge 

13 A. Annand, chimney sweep 

Cross Street, 

From Cotton street to Albion street. 
1 A. Booth, pipe-top manufacturer 
5 Wm. Beveridge, tobacco pipe 

11 James Roger, joiner 

Crown Court. 

41^ Union street 

1 John Johnston (of G. Reid & Sons) 
. . M. Schaedel, blacksmith 

2 Leslie & Russell, printers 
4 Miss Morgan 

Crown Court, 

36 Upperkirkgate. 

Crown Lane. 

From Crown terrace to St. Mary's 

Crown Place, 

1 Mearns Bruce 

2 Douglass, Duncan, advocate (of J, 

and D. D.) 

Crown Street. 

From Union street to Ferryhill, 


1 A. & R. Milne, booksellers 
. . Mrs Black 

5 David Laing, basketmaker 

9 A. B. Johnston, designer 
11 James Ewing, photographer 
13 John Cruickshank, carver 
15 Miss Lamb. 

17 John H. Johnston, soap manu- 
19 James Davidson, flesher 

21 Geo. Mennie (of M. & B.) 

22 Wm. Edmond, tailor 

23 Miss Jamieson Neill 

25 G, W. Wilson & Co., artists and 

photographers to the Queen 

26 Miss Donald 

27 Miss Brand, lodgings 

28 Miss M'Rae, dressmaker 

Croivn terrace, 

67 Miss Williamson 

69 Miss M 'William, lodgings 

71 Mrs John Douglas 

73 Miss Gordon 

75 J. Leith (of Leith & Paterson) 

77 Mrs Dr. Christie 

79 James Milne, C.A. (of E. & M.) 

83 Robert Sangster 

85 Mrs Kennedy, lodgings 

87 Mrs Adair-Moffat 

St. John's place. 

89 Rev. Dr. F. Cameron 

91 James Batchan (T. & C. Bank) 

93 Alex. Brown, late merchant 

95 Adam C. Anderson (J. Blaikie & 

97 Miss Forbes of Echt 

99 Wm. J. Routledge (of W. R. & 

101 George Russell 
103 P, Taylor, traveller 

St. Mary's place. 
Ill Mrs Dr. R. Smith 
113 R. P. Morrison, accountant 
115 Mrs Wm. Gray 
117 Mrs Ligertwood 
119 Mrs Bannerman 
121 Mrs Milne 

. . Miss Watson 

. . Mrs Allan, lodgings 

. . Mrs Cameron, lodgings 
123 Wm. Giles, druggist 

Maryioell street. 
123J Mrs Connon, draper 
125 George Gray, shoemaker 

. . Wm. Nicolson, late coal broker 

. . Wm. Garden, gunmaker 
129 Francis Buchan, baker 
131-133 Miss Anderson, fruiterer 
135 James M 'Hardy, draper 
137 J. R. AUardyce, gTocer 
139 Misses Cameron 
141 W. Kendall Burnett, advocate 

Affleck street. 
145 John Scott (of H. R. & Co.) 
147 Misses Fyfe 
149 George Reid, grocer 
151 Miss Cormack 
153 George Grub, LL.D., advocate 
155 James Stephen, R.N. 



157 P. Morison 

159 Wm. Whitecross (H.M.C.) 

161 Misses Reid 

163 Mrs Macaldowie, lodgings 

. . Mrs F. Smith 
165 Wm. Y. M 'Donald (Union Bank) 
167 Andrew E. Hector, salmon mer- 
169 John P. Cumine, advocate (of W. 

171 John S. Stuart (G. N. of S. R.) 

.. Wm. MUne, advocate (of Y. M. 
& M'D.) 

Portland street. 
173 Alex. Coutts, grocer 
175 R. M'Pherson, com. traveller 

. . Alex. Scatterty 
177 George Gray, shoemaker 

. . Mrs Grant 
179 Alex. Walton, bookseller 

. . A. Grant, clerk 

. . Mrs Anderson 
181 Wm. Reid, M.D., CM, 

.. Wm. Anderson 

. . C. R. Eraser, painter 
181^ Andrew Lamb, baker 
183 Do. do. 

185 G. S. Mackay, teacher of music 

. . Wm. Taylor, flesher 
187 Do. do. 

Dee Village road. 


6 Charles Laing, tailor 

8 Miss Soutar 

10 Mrs Ogg 

.. Miss Mowat 

12-14 Miss Bearsley, Berlin wool 

16 Alex. Kennedy, bookseller 

18 Mrs Anderson, lodgings 

20 George Shepherd, fruiterer 
Croivn place, 

82 Henry Gray, draper 

Free Trinity Church. 

84 Misses Thomson 

86 F. M. Rae, grocer 

86J Mrs Forsyth, lodgings 

. . James Reid (of R. C. & Co.) 
Academy street. 

90 Alex. E. Merson, slater 
St. James's Church. 
100 Wm. Cassie 
102 Miss Glennie 
104 Rev. David Brown, D.D. 
106 Geo. T. Harvey (Abdn. Lime Co.) 
108 George Cruden, advocate 
110 Miss E. Warrack 

.. W. J. Simpson, M.D. 
112 Mrs Taylor 
114 Mrs John Innes 
116 George Yule, late merchant 
118 W. F. Ogg, advocate 
120 Rev. James Masson 
122 Peter Mitchell 
124 Mrs W. Adams 













Wm. P. Robertson, dentist 

Bee place. 
Arch. M'Kenzie, coal merchant 
Wm. Millar, wood merchant 
Alex. Eddie, late baker 
James Catto 
J. Stuart, traffic agent (E.C.Ry.) 

Springbank street. 
Miss Warrack 
James Paull, advocate 
James Leith (J, L. & Sons) 
Miss Gibbon 
Mrs J. Davidson, lodgings 

Springbank terrace. 
Mrs James Aiken 
Miss Miller, dressmaker 
Mrs M. F. Gordon 
Mrs Symmers, lodgings 
Miss Wood, milliner 
Mrs John Smith 
Misses Forbes, dressmakers 
Wm. Edmond, clothier 
Miss Justice 

Wm. Findlay, shipmaster 
John Hardie, com. trav. 

Rosebank terrace. 
Joseph Norrie 
Alex. Reid, carpenter 
John Glashan, shipmaster 
A. Milne (of A. Milne & Co.) 
Wm. Henderson, clerk 
James Petrie (of J. P. & Co.) 
Mrs Ross, dressmaker 
Mrs Alex. Purves 
James Munro, sawmiller 
R. H. Watson, leather factor 
Mrs Cruickshank, lodgings 
G. Paterson, mason 
Mrs Grichton, lodgings 
Mrs Hood, lodgings 
Mrs Stewart, lodgings 
D. A. Macbean, tailor 
Miss Forsyth 

Robert Strachan (of T. & S.) 
John Fairley 

Joseph Towns, seed merchant 
Robert Smith, upholsterer 
James Stephen, carver 
Wm. F. Bain, grocer 
Mrs Eraser, lodgings 
Wm. Goodwin, late mail guard 
Charles Stuart (G. N. of S. R.) 
George Divorty, clerk 
Mrs A. Mennie 
Mrs J. Sangster, lodgings 
John Taylor, upholsterer 
Mrs Duff, lodgings 
Mrs Rae, lodgings 
Mrs Grieg, lodgings 
Wm. Rutherford, painter 
Mrs Campbell 
Mrs Hay, sick nurse 
David Wood, shoemaker 
Miss Fraser, dressmaker 
Wm. Hogg (of J. Jamieson & Co.) 
Mrs M'WiUiam, lodgings 



174 Mrs M'Tavish, lodgings 
174a Mrs Breck, draper 
176 Mrs Stephen 

. . Mrs John Gibson 

., Wm. Elrick (G. N. of S. R.) 

. . W. W. Fyfe (of W. W. F. & Co.) 

. . Mrs Geo. Dickson 

. . E. Chasser, clerk 
178 Mrs Copland, lodgings 

. . Alex. Paterson 

. . F. Mathieson, agent 

.. Mrs J. Walker 

. . Mrs Black, lodgings 

. . James Findlay, teacher 

. . Mrs Forbes, lodgings 
180 George Young, merchani; 
182 Do. do. 

. . Branch Post Office 

Crown Street (South). 

1 Chas. R, Fraser, painter 
1^ James Rae, grocer 

2 John Michie 
. . Mrs Wishart 

.. James Petrie, clerk (Cal. Ry.) 

3 William Green, merchant 

4 D. Macdonald, com. trav. 

5 S. R. W. Shaw, auctioneer 

6 Geo. Fowler 

7 Wm. Millar, shipmaster 

8 Alex. Thomson, com. trav. 

9 Miss Hector 

10 Alex. H. Taylor, R.N. 

11 Mrs Robert Hall 

12 Miss M'Condach 

13 Alex. Bruce, traveller 

Crown Terrace. 

From Crown st. to St. Mary's place. 

1 Miss Johnston 

2 Miss Ross, lodgings 

Baptist Church. 

3 Wm. Farquharson, fish dealer 
. . Francis Beattie, blacksmith 
8a Wm. Simpson 

.. John Esson, draughtsman 

. . D. Alexander, house carpenter 

4 A. F. Mortimer, merchant 

4a D. Alexander, house carpenter 

5 Richard S. Mackie 

6 Wm. Garden (of A. Pirie & Sons) 

7 John M'Intosh 

. . George Christie, flesher 
., John S. Allan 

Methodist Chapel. 

13 A. W. Stucky, teacher 
. . Charles Lyon, joiner 

. . James Keith, blacksmith 

14 A. P. Hogarth, merchant 
St. John's Episcopal School 

Cruden's Court. 
22 Broad street. 

Cuparstone Place. 

From Holburn st. to Nellfield place. 

24 G. M'Kay, joiner 

26 J. M. Philip, Ashvale Cottage 

27 Thomas Brown, shoemaker 
30 Andrew Gibson, fishcurer 

32 Alex. Brown, draper, Cuparstone 

34 Mrs Captain Longmuir 
. . John Ramsay 

36 James Gordon, Cuparstone Lodge 
38 David Sheach, writer 
40 John Wood, commercial traveller 
46 R. Harvey, Rose Cottage 
48 William Macintosh (of E. &. M.), 

Grove Cottage 
50 John Laing, Granton Lodge 

Claremont street. 
52 Mrs Reid, Hawthorn Lodge 
56 James Taggart, granite polisher 
70 Strathdee Distillery 
72 James Merchant, grocer 
74 Do. do. 

Cuparstone Row. 

From Wellington place to Cuparstone 

Daniel's Court. 

48 Castle terrace. 

Darlington Place. 

120 West North street. 

Dee Plaee. 

From Marywell st. to Springbank. 

1 James Berry (of B. & M.) 
. . A. W. Berry, chemist 

2 W. J. Leigh, insur. agent 

3 Miss Smith 

. . Mrs George Sim 

4 Mrs Gibson 
.. Mrs Rust 

5 Mrs Dr. Longmuir 

6 Mrs James Asher 

7 Misses Brand 

Dee Street. 

From Union street to Dee place. 


5 J. & S. Fyfe, painter 

7-9 Alex. Flett, baker 
10 Miss J. Ellis, ostrich-feather dyer 
13^ John Campbell, plumber 

14 Do. do. 

15 Colonel G. Kirkby 

23 Wm. Rettie (of M. R. & Sons) 

25 A. Walker (of W. Walker & Sons) 
27 A. E. Merson, slater 

.. JohnCowe(W. C. Ry.) 



27a Richard Bell, painter 

. . Mrs Donaldson, lodgings 

29 Miss Melvin 

. . Alex. Allan, coal broker 

. . Miss Lumsden, lodgings 

29b Richard Bell, painter 

31 Mrs Rennie 

. . John Gibb, merchant 

S3 Mrs J. S. Henderson 

37 Miss Allan 

41 Miss Stephen 

. . Mrs Stewart 

.. Mrs Reid 

43 T. T. Armstrong 

. . Thos. Jaffrey (G. N. of S, Ry.) 

. . Mrs Mitchell 

. . Thos. Jaffray (G. N. of S. Ry.) 

Academy street. 
55 John A. Dunn 
67 Geo. Cadenhead, advocate 
59 A. Stewart, insur. agent 
. . Mrs Stewart, midwife 
61 Mrs Thomson, lodgings 
63 Alex. Simpson, bookseller 
65 Alex. Roger (of R. &B.) 
. . Miss Middleton, milliner 
67 Charles Smith (of G. & S.) 
69 Miss M'Pherson 
71 Mrs Alex. Watt 
. . James Farquhar, plumber 
73 Miss A. E. LaAvrence 
75 Mrs T. Lawrie 
77 James Sim (of D. & S.) 
Bee place. 


2 James Jamieson & Co., grocers 
4 Duncan M'Millan, architect 
. . Miss I. Mackintosh, lodgings 
. . Miss Rennie, lodgings 
Langstane place. 
St. Columha F. Church. 
20a Wm. Barron, mason 
. . George Gordon 
. . F. Beattie, blacksmith 
24 Miss M'Leod, milliner 
. . Mrs Mair, lodgings 
26 Mrs A. Smollet, lodgings 
28 Mrs Stewart 
30 William Henderson, tailor 
. . Wm. A. Fraser, watchmaker 
. . Mrs Lambert 
32 Gavin Catto, builder 
42 James Allan & Sons, workshop 

Bon-Accord lane. 
48 John C. Smart 
60 James Murison, dentist 
62 Charles Gordon (S. P. Ass. Co.) 
54 Miss Carter 
56 Donald Gordon 
68 George Dewar, draper 
60 M. Barclay, com. merchant 
62 Gustav Hein, teacher 
64 Mrs Yeats, lodgings 
66 Francis Muil, baker 
68 Wm. Dickson 

70 Wm. Davidson, paper ruler 
. . Mrs Fyf e 
72 Mrs Robert Cobban 
. . Miss Knowles 
74 Wm. Shepherd, confectioner 
76 David Reid 

78 Al. Copland, manager (Aberdeen 
Com. Co.) 

The Old Mill road. 

Dee Village. 

Off Dee Village road 
Francis W. Gray, shipmaster, Mill- 
burn Cottage 

Dee Village Road. 

From Crown street to Wellington rd. 
1 George Campbell, plumber 

7 James Grassie (Cal Ry.) 

21 William Anderson, carpenter 
25 John Thorn (of T. & S.) 
. . Wm. Ironside, overseer 
27 James Fraser, wright 

Deemount Road. 

From Prospect ter. to Polmuir roacL 
Wm. Smith, harbour engineer 
James Scott (of S. & S.) 

Deemount Terrace. 

Near Railway Bridge, Polmuir road. 
1 James Russell, surveyor of taxes 
James S. Butchart, advocate 

Denburn (Green), 

From Green to Union Bridge. 

Denburn (Side). 
From Union Bridge to Woolmanhill, 

8 Wm. Davidson, licensed porter 

Denburn Terrace. 

From Skene terrace to Corbie Well. 
6 James & John Stephen, carvers 

9 James Reith, grocer 

. . W. Robertson (of W. R. & Co.) 

15 John R. Donald, hatter 

17 Alex. Duffton, china merchant 

Devanha Terrace. 

Ferry hill. 
1 Wm. Taylor, traveller 
1^ Alex. Smith 
2" Rev. Charles Stephen 
. . James Stephen (Gray, Watt, & Co.) 

3 Mrs Thomas Russell 
. . Miss Ross 

4 John Milne, com. traveller 

5 Rev. H. W. Wright 




6 Rev. A. Murray Scott 

7 Mrs Rannie 

8 Mrs Stephen 

9 Rob. Gumming (of W. Black & Co.) 

10 W. F. Webster, grain merchant 

11 Robert Harvey, H.M. inspector of 


12 John Lumsden, merchant 

13 Rev. Matthew Galbraith, M.A. 

Diamond Lane. 

From Diamond st. to Silver street. 

Diamond Street. 

From Union st. to N. Silver st. 
1 Alex, Davidson, of Desswood 
6 Alex. Campbell, horse hirer 
9 Office of Oldmachar Parochial 

. . Poor Rates Tax Office 
11 Miss Crane, dressmaker 
13 Friends Society Meeting-house 
. . Miss Stratton, fancy wool reposit. 
. . George Day, lieutenant of police 
28 John Kesson, carver and gilder 
31 Alex. Stephen (P. & K.) 
33 J. Kirton, marble manufacturer 

Dingwall's Court. 

85 Gallowgate. 

Donald's Court. 

20 Schoolhill and 16 Loch street. 
1 John Hepburn, printer 

5 John Penny, photograper 

6 David Paterson (P.O.) 

9 John Penny, photographer 

Doric Place. 

120^^ Loch street. 
1 Peter Leith, toy maker 

Drum's Lane. 

From 26 Upperkirkgate to Loch st. 
13 Miss M. Fraser 
15 James Walker 
19 David Reid, pawnbroker 

Duff Street. 

Off Park street. 
J. G. Masson, blacksmith 

Duncan Place. 

90 North Broadford. 
James M 'Bain 

Duncan's Court. 

74 Gallowgate. 

Duthie's Court. 

45 Guestrow. 

Duthie's Court. 

14 Schoolhill. 

Dyer's Court. 

32 Upper Denburn. 

East North Street. 

From King street to Park street. 


1 Miss Middleton, dressmaker 
.. Wm. Mitchell, clothier 

4 Wm. Thomson, flesher 

5 Peter Howie, grocer 

6 Wm. Allan, provision dealer 

7 Mrs M'Gregor, grocer 
10 Peter Howie, grocer 

14 Alex. Booth, chimney sweep 

20 William Michie, grocer 

38 James Tocher, grocer 

42 Isaac Barnett, picture frame maker 

44 Thomas Cox, provision dealer 

46 Miss Ingram, stationer 

48 F. Booth, chimney sweep 
56 Mrs Brebner, grocer 

62 E. Wilson, broker 

64 Alex. Erskine, ropemaker 

70 Wm. Smith, grocer 

74 A. M'Kenzie, tinsmith 

78 John Grant, flesher 


13 Mrs Taylor 

17 Webster's court 

23 Charles Tawse, broker 

31 A. Sutherland, broker 

41 Wm. Anderson, spirit dealer 

47 James Paterson, grocer 

49 Isaac Barnett,picture frame maker 
59 James Presslie, engineer 

61 R. D. Presslie, druggist 
67 James Philip, grocer 
69 George Smart, baker 

Ebenezer Place. 

1 North Broadford. 

Eden Place. 

Rosemount place, left hand. 

2 F. Ross, sorting clerk (P.O.) 

. . John S. G. Campbell, cashier 
Sa Misses M'Pherson, dressmakers 

3 James Knowles, stonecutter 
. . Miss Davidson 

4 G. Gillanders, inspector of works 
. . Alex. Green, watchmaker 

7 Miss Mitchell 



Edward Place. 

20 Seamount place. 

Edward's Court. 

39 Frederick street. 

Eldon Terrace. 

Cuparstone road. 
7 Mrs Bain, lodgings 

2 James Taylor, com. traveller 

3 James Davidson 

4 Henry Lees (G. P.O.) 

5 A. G. Reid, (G. N. of S. R.) 

6 John Drummond, jr. (of J. & J. D.) 

7 Mrs R. P. Ironside 

8 G. B. Smith, com. trav. (L. & P.) 

Elmbank Terrace. 

Near Kittybrewster station, east of 
railway line. 

1 James H. Bisset, builder 

2 Henry Leask, com. traveller 

3 William Boswell, observer 
.. A. Grant, manager 

5 Wm. L. Aberdein (Aberdeen Jute 


6 James D. Walker, draper 

7 George Connon, com. traveller 
. . James Hunter, jun. 

8 James White (of J. Bisset & Co.) 

Erskine Road. 

From Powis terrace to Hermitage. 
1 A. Rhind jun. (of A. R. & Sons) 
. . Reith & Anderson, cattle salesmen 

Erskine Street. 

From Elmbank terrace eastward. 

1 Wm. Sutherland, grocer 

3 John Stephen, spirit dealer 

5 Wm. Urquhart, shipmaster 

7 Joseph Reid, clerk 

8 W. Linklater, grocer 

. . John Laird, com. traveller 

11 J. G. Falconer, agent 

13 James M. Marshall (R. & Co.) 

15 Jas. W. M'Kenzie, grocer 

21 W. M'Leod, tailor, Celtic cottage 

23 Joseph Bonner, stationer 

25 Robert Stewart (of M. & S.) 

. . E. H. Philips (In. Rev.) 

27 John Rattray (of W. R. & Sons) 


4 George Stephen, draper 

6 Alex. Rhind (of A. R. & Sons) 

Esslemont Avenue. 

From Skene st. west to Rosemount 

59 Wm. Shand (of S. & D.) 

66 Wm. Crone, jeweller 
70 B. Bowman, grocer 

Exchange Lane. 

Between Market street and Exchange 


Exchange Street. 

From Hadden street to Guild street. 


15 J. & W. Bisset, wholesale merchts. 
17 John Leith & Sons, wholesale 

27 National Security Savings Bank 
. . John Drysdale, messenger 

. . Offices of the Royal Infirmary and 
Lunatic Asylum 
Catholic Apostolic Church. 
2 Robert Durward, spirit merchant 
4 Exchange Billiard Rooms, William 

6 Stevenson, Young, & Co., tea mer- 


8 N. of S. Bank, Limited, Market 

12 Masonic Hall 
. . Samuel Innes, keeper of hall 
14 A. C. Walker, dairyman 
22 W. Ford & Sons 
24 Alex. Scatterty, restaurant 
26 Edmondston & Co. , warehousemen 
. . John A. Reid & Co., tea merchts. 

28 B. Reid & Co., seedsmen 

30 James G. Mutch, grain merchant 

Exchequer Court. 

9 Exchequer row. 

Exchequer Row. 

From Castle street to Shiprow. 
1-3 David A. Mortimer, chemist 

4 Andrew D. Longair, spirit dealer 

5 Burnett's close. 

7 George Dempsey, spirit dealer 

9 Exchequer court. 

11 Mrs Morgan, stoneware merchant 

Farmer' s-hall Lane. 

From Baker street to Rosemount 

6 R. H. Strachan, grocer 

Farquhar's Court. 

17 Upperkirkgate. 

Farquhar Place. 

218J- Gallowgate. 
Mrs Captain Greig 
Mrs Simpson 



Farrier Lane. 

From North street to Mealmarket 

4 Irvine & Co., horse-shoers 

Ferguson's (J.) Court. 

110 Gallowgate. 

Ferryhill Place. 

From^Marine place to Rotunda place. 


3 Wm. Rassell, silk mercer 

5 J. R. Massie (N. of S. Bank, Lim.) 

7 John S. Riddel, agent 
9 Henri C. Burneaud 

11 Alex. Stephen, stockbroker 

13 Mrs Chas. Davidson 

15 Peter Beveridge, manufacturer 

17 A. Stronach, jun., advocate 

19 David Anderson, book-keeper 

21 John S. Grassick 

23 James A. Skene, stafE surgeon 

25 Rev. Robert Slessor 

27 John Watt, com. traveller 


IJ R. R. Russell, clerk 
. . James Yates (police dept.) 
2 F. M. Ross, com. traveller 

4 Miss M 'Donald 

6 Charles Robertson 
. - A. W. Robertson 

8 Charles Merrylees (N. of S. and O. 

and S. Steam Co.) 

10 Mrs John Smith 

12 Rev. James Iverach 

14 Rev. Geo. Archibald 

16 Alex. Duncan, agent 

18 Rev. Samuel Sheard 

20 Mrs Maitland 

22 Miss Sutherland 

24 Alfex. Scott, cashier 

26 Frank Smith (of J. H. & Co.) 

28 Mrs Hastie 

.. D. M'Kenzie, engineer 
30 Mrs Stewart 

32 A. R. Low, timber merchant 
34 John Sangster, cashier 
36 Lewis Fyfe, draper 

Ferryhill Terrace. 

From Crown street to Caledonian pi. 


7 John Hunter (A. Pirie & Sons) 

11 John Edwards, stonecutter 
. . George Connon, gi-ocer 

. . G. Ronald, grocer 

15 Al. M'Addie, pattern maker 

21 T. M. Spiby, overseer 
. . David Thomson 

23 John Thomson, agent 

. . John Adams, coachman 

35 Robert Cooper, tinplate worker 
. . David Logan (of Logan & Co.) 
89 John Topping (late Customs) 

8 Wm. Beaton, mason 

. . James Abercromby, letter carrier 
. . Mrs James M'Kay 

10 George Lickley 

. . George Dickie, bookseller 
12 John Collie, coal agent 
. . Alex. Craigen, shipmaster 
14 James Sievewright (Cal. Ry.) 
. . John T. Miller, piano-tuner 
. . Arch. Watt, painter 
. . Wm. Ewen, stonecutter 
. . Arthur Chalmers, porter 
16 George Proctor, shipmaster 
. . Alex. Kynoch (of J. T. & K.) 
. . Alex. Cheyne, builder 
. . R. A. Petrie, house agent 
40 Edward Young, bookseller 
42 Robert Thompson, buUder 

Findlay's Court. 

60 Gallowgate. 

Fish Street. 

From Castle terrace to Albion street. 

9 Alex. Adam, manager (Aberdeen. 

Salmon Co.) 

11 David Carnegie, missionary 

12 Alex. Cruickshank, engineer 

13 George Grant 

14 John Beattie, shore porter 

. . Joseph Cooper, shore porter and 

15 Robert Robb, shore porter 
Harper & Co., engineers, &c. 


From St. Nicholas street to Barnett's 

2 George Mollison, commission mer- 


3 James Winklcy, painter 

4 N. of S. Equitable Loan Co. 

5 Dav. Duguid, fishing-tackle maker 

6 James Thomson, V.S. 

7 James Black, hairdresser 
9 James Mowatt, renovator 

Flourmill Lane. 

From Netherkirkgate to Flourmill- 

10 N. of S. Equitable Loan Co. 
James Thomson, veterinary forge 

Fonthill Road. 

From Rotunda place to St. Machar 
Free FerryhUl Church 



A. O. Gill, Fairfield 
Professor Binnie 

James M. Garden, advocate, Mary- 
A. D. Morice, advocate, Eastbank 
James Bryce, Westbank 
R. D. Leslie, advocate 
Peter Du^uid, advocate 

Fonthill Terrace. 

Off Fonthill road. 
G. G. Jenkins, C.E. (of J. & M.) 
Mrs C. Stewart 
George Henderson, builder 
Wm. J. Palmer, brewer 
R. G. Garvie, engineer 
Alex. Henderson, builder 

Forbes' Court. 

78 Green. 

Forbes Street. 

From Rosemount terrace to Rose- 
mount place. 
S Mrs M'Leod, draper 
9 Alex. Begg, dairyman 
35 Chas. G. Elrick & Co.,Lim., comb 
A. S. Morrison, Donald place 

Forest Road. 

North and south from Queen's gate. 


1 G. G. Wilkie, banker 

3 Mrs Wm. Paterson 

5 Mrs P. C. Campbell 

7 Alex. M'Donald, M.D. 


2 Benjamin Lane, Brigade Surgeon 

4 L. Mackinnon, Yost, advocate 

6 John Stuart, shipmaster 

8 Mrs Sylvester Reid 

12 Forbes Manson, manufacturer 

Fountainhall Road. 

From Queen's Cross to King's Gate. 

Skating Rink 
•Receiving Post Office 
Alex. M'Pherson, baker 
P. Craighead, grocer 

Beaconsjield place. 
Mrs Robert Glegg 
Alex. Stewart, draper 
Donald Ritchie, clothier 
John M' William, house carpenter 
Mrs R. M. Milne 
CraAvford Noble, jun. 

John Christie, clothier 

James Davidson, merchant 

Rev. G. A. Smith (Queen's Cross 

Free Church) 
John Black, tea merchant • 

Alex. Edward, banker 
George Murray, Harvieston cot. 


Tramway Depot 

James Grant, stonecutter 

Mrs Coutts 

Mrs John Stephen 

David Ritchie, shipmaster 

Francis Coutts 

Misses Lamb 

John Muill, advocate 

Miss Marshall, teacher 

Wm. Anderson (of B. & G.) 

Charles Laing, tailor 

Miss Angus 

Frederick Street. 

From King street to Park street. ' 

21 Police store, Wm. Bain, keeper 

25 Miss Cumming 

Blue Ribbon Gospel Army Hall 
29 James Hunter, grocer 
. . George Anderson, grocer 
31 Wm. M'Callum(H.M.C.) 
. . Mrs Calder, dressmaker 
33 James Hail, carter 
39 Edward's court. 

.. R. A. Petrie, house agent 

Dr. Bell's School. 
49 R. W. Hicks, spirit dealer 
. . Mrs Robertson, midwife 
51 Thomas Aberdein, spirit dealer 

6 James Adams, beadle 
.. Alex. Mitchell, carter 
16 Mrs Christie, lodgings 
18 Alex. Cumming, bottler 
24 Wm. Buchan, shoreporter 

26 Wm. Porter, foreman 

36 Mrs Alex. Petrie, grocer 
. . Wm. Taylor, letter carrier 
. . John M'Donald, blacksmith 
38 Mrs Sangster 
48 Wm. Shaw, ship carpenter 

Friendship Terrace. 

Off Ashley road. 
3 John Craib (of Greig & Craib) 
7 Thos. Pollard, inland revenue 
9 James Niddrie 

Froghall Place. 

76 North Broadford. 
Alex. Skene, tailor 



Gaelic Lane. 

From Back wynd to Belmont street. 
1 Dimcan Campbell, cab hirer 

From Broad street to Causewayend. 


Henry Gray, draper, Greyfriars 

David Ewing, flesher 

11-13 A. Rhind & Sons, warehouse- 

13 D. M'Dougall, hairdresser 

. . James Black, hairdresser 

. . And. Wilson, draper 

15-17 George Souter, clothier 

19 Thomas Laing, ironmonger 

23 A. & G. Campbell, fruiterers 

26^ John Walker, butcher 

27 Concert court. 

. . A. & J. M 'Donald, boot top mfrs. 

. . George Hepburn, corkcutter 

. . John Watt, house agent 

31-33 T. R. Watson & Co., drapers 
St. Paul street. 

47 T. Marshall, clothier 

49 D. Jieid's court. 

51 James Green, furniture dealer 

53 A. Oliver, grocer 

59 George Dawson, bootmaker 

61 Chapel court. 

. . H. Franklin, beadle (St. Paul's) 

. . John Nicol (of J. N. & Co.) 

63 James Paterson, draper 

67-69 N. Co-operative Co., Lim. 

77 Alex. Watson & Sons, stoneware 

83 Wm. Cooper, baker 

85 Dingwall's court. 

. . Wm. Taylor, house carpenter 

89 Alex. Shirreff s, house painter 

91 Wm. Henderson's court. 

97 James Morris, eating house 

99 Beattie's (J.) court. 

103 Moir's court. 

107 Winlaio's court. 

109 William Linklater, grocer 
111 Watt's court. 

112i- M'Kay'a court. 

113 James M'Intyre, bootmaker 
115 Wm. Abel, grocer 
117 Do. do. 
119 Middleton' s court. 

. . Joseph Middleton, house factor 
121 John S. Milne, spirit dealer 
133-35 W. Paterson & Sons, druggists 
137 Alex. Forbes, spirit dealer 
139 Simpson's court. 

141 John Reid, grocer 
149 Joseph Bisset, confectioner 

Innes street. 
155 Robert Knox, shoemaker 
161 Henderson's ( W.) court. 

161 John D. Munro, watchmaker 
163 Mrs Davidson, broker 
165 Andrew Reith, gi-ocer 
165^ A. Milne, provision merchant 
Young street. 
George Mann, draper 
Matthew Croll, baker, CroU's 

Alex. Forbes, spirit dealer 
168^ James Ritchie, spirit dealer 
171 Isabella M 'Donald, draper 
175 John Ramsay, draper 
175^ James Courage, cooper 

. . B. Farquhar, upholsterer 
177 Wm. M'Hattie, gi-ocer 
179 George Bisset, shoemaker 

Berry lane. 
181 John Walker, grocer 
187 Alex. Mackenzie, merchant 

Windy wynd. 
193 Ewen M 'Donald, grocer 

Gerrard street. 
207 W. Laing & Son, ironmongers 
209 Bon- Accord Meat Co., butchers 
214 T. Sangster, hairdresser 

218 Mrs Hobrow, confectioner 
218J Farquhar place. 

219 W. Routledge & Sons, rope manu- 


220 Miss Routledge 


1 Miss Anderson, dressmaker 

6 G. I. Webster, butcher 
10 Alex. Harper, draper 
12 Alex. Walker, umbrella maker 
14 John Avery & Co. , printing office 
16 Miss Clark 

. . Alex. Adamson, tinsmith 
20 Thomas Clyne, tea dealer 

Littiejohn street. 
24 John Littiejohn, draper 
26 Union court. 

30 Jnglis' cou,rt. 

32 James M 'Donald, baker 
34 Reid's court. 

. . Alex. Durno, printer 

36 Wm. Skene, lithographer 

38 W. F. Bain, grocer 

44 James Stephen, shoemaker 

Middle Public School. 
52 M'Lean's court. 

. . John M'Lean, superintendent of 

56 Poor's Hospital court. 

58 Hector Fraser, spirit merchant 
60 Findlay's court. 

62 George Bannerman, merchant 
64 Rhinds' court. 

70 Plasterer's court. 

. . Thomas Wishart, cabinetmaker 
70j Robert Smith, bookseller 
72 George Watson, blacksmith 
74 Duncan's court. 

76 J. Wilson, baker 
84 M' Kay's court. 



86 Wm. Sutherland, merchant 

88 John Nicol & Co., grocers 

90 Paterson's court. 

92 Alex. Wishart, flesher 

94 John M'Kay, grocer 

98 PorihiU dose. 

102 Seattle's court. 

. . Robert Mitchell, lock and hinge 

.. John M'Kay, grocer 
104 Mrs Cruickshank, grocer 
110 Ferguson's (/.) court. 

116 Walker's covert. 

118 Hunter & Walker, grocers 

Porthill Public School 
126 Sutherland's court. 

. . Alex. Mathieson, file maker 
132-134 John Watt & Sons, leather 

136a Andrew Smith, hairdresser 
138-140 Geo. Davidson, gardener 
144 Beid's place. 

146 Alex. M'Intosh, tinsmith 
152 Logan's court. 

. . Andrew Gibson, chimney sweep 
156 James Millar, flesher 
158 Do. do. 

Galloicgate Free Church. 
160 John S. M 'Robbie, M.D. 
162 William Tucker & Sons, sausage 

164 New Porthill School 

Seainount place. 
170 William Kitson & Co., stoneware 

178 James Cotton, oil merchant 
180 John Duthie, innkeeper 

189 Robert Langlands, provision mer- 


190 James Milne, flesher 

191 Hugh Bryce, brass finisher 

192 J. & J. Worling, plumbers 
196 John Philip, grocer 

198 George Sangster, flesher 

200 Robert Kaye, beadle 

202 Alex. Davidson, grocer 

202J James Hood, stoneware mer. 

204 J. Anderson, jun., & Co., grocers 

206 John Watt, draper 

206^ Andrew Williamson, stonecutter 

. . George Will, grocer 
208 Charles Steele, flesher 
210 George Will, grocer 
210^ D, Macpherson, tobacconist 
212 Wm. Bonar, grocer, &c. 

Garden-nook Close. 

12^ Upper Denburn. 
2 C. Gibson, chimney sweep 

Gardiner's Lane. 
From Justice st. to East North st. 

Garibaldi Place. 

71 Skene square. 
Mrs Wiliam Davidson 
H. G. Murray, book-keeper (F.P.) 

Garvock Street. 

From Canal terrace to Garvock Avynd. 
3 Alex. M'Petrie, grocer 
8 James Officer, grocer 

Garvock Wynd. 

From Garvock street to the Links. 
Charles Reid 
James Officer, Links Cottage 

Geddes's Court. 

17 Prince Regent street. 

George Street. 

From St. Nicholas street to North 
Broadf ord. 


5 Colin A. Cruickshank, bookseller 
7 James Kennan, carver and gilder 
11 Charles Cockerill, draper 
13 Alex. Martin, bookseller 
17 Gavin Hamilton, cutler 
19 A. Davidson, hardresser 
21 John Laird, book-keeper 
23 John Buchan, grocer 
25-27 A G. Jessiman, draper 
27a Miss Milne, lodgings 
. . Mrs Morgan, lodgings 
29 J. R. Donald, hatter 
31 Hugh Dugan, china merchant 
3lA Do. do. 

. . Miss Buist, milliner 
33 Wm. Stevenson, bookseller 
35 A. T. Kennedy & Co., grocers 
37, 39, & 4] A R. & J. Salmond, con- 
4lA James Dewar, tobacconist 
43 Alex. Elrick, cutler 
47 George Roberts, cabinetmaker 
49 Ogilvie & Campbell, milliners 
51-55 J. Wallace & Co., grocers 

Loch street. 
61 William Walker, grocer 
63 Misses Masson, french polishers 
65 Wm. Watt, boot and shoemaker 
71 Wm. Gordon, shoemaker 
73 Antonia Rocca, confectioner 
75 Beattie's court. 

. . Wm. Fiddes, joiner 
77 Charles Mitchell, grate mnfr. 
81 Machray'i court. 

83 Hugh Leith, grain merchant 
85 House of Refuge 
87 David Dawson, refreshmt. rooms 
89 Peter Clark, draper 
93 James M'Lean, fishmonger 



95 Wm. S. Glenesk, bookseller 
99 Ligertzoood's court. 

. . "Wm. Gillan, house carpenter 
101 Jamieson Bros. , shoemakers 
105 J. M'Gregor, fm-niture dealer 
107 Peter Henderson, tailor 
109 Wm. Guthrie, grocer 
111 Alex. Strachan, chemist 

St. Andreio street. 
113 Union Bank of Scotland (Branch) 
115 Joseph Bonner, stationer 
117 Miss Dinnie, dressmaker 
119 Mrs Souter, refreshment I'ooms 
121 John Cooper, hairdresser 
123 John Mearse, sergt. 1st A.R.V. 

Unitarian Church. 
141-145 Abdn. and Northern Friendly- 
143 Wm. Cay & Sons, undertakers 
147 James Kelty, baker 
149 Peter Annand, blacksmith 
151 A. Alexander & Co., grocers 

John street. 
157 N. of Scot. Bank, Ltd. (Branch) 
161 Alex. Green, watchmaker 
165 Mitchell & Muil, bakers 
173 James Norrie, draper 
175 Alex. Bannochie, confectioner 
177-179 Glegg & Thomson, iron mercts. 
Church of Scot. Training College 
187 John Thom, grocer 
. . John "Watt, joiner 
. . B. Rowell, watchmaker 
189 George Eraser, bookseller 
191 David Abernethy, flesher 
193 Robert Laing, shoemaker 
195 Do. do. 

.. Robert Stewart (N. Co-Oper. Co.) 
. . Wm. Walker (N. of S. E. L. Co.) 
197 Alex. Young, plumber 

Craigie street. 
199 Robert Meff , baker 
203 Alex. Malcolm, commission agent 
205 Mrs W. Dunbar 
207 Alex. Shewan, stationer 
209 Ebenezer Bain, wright 

Free Greyfriars Church. 
Broadford place. 
235 T. Mellis, jun., spirit dealer 
237 George Gray, grocer 
237^ Williamina Allan, draper 
239 Misses Allan, dressmakers 
247 Watt & Barron, confectioners 
247a W. G. Craig, bootmaker 

Kingsland place. 
251 James Reid 
253 James Ogg, beadle 
253A James Knowles, marble merct. 
255 John Thomson, clerk 
. . James W^allace, cutter 
. . John Wallace (of J. W. & Co.) 
. . Wm. Machattie, grocer 
255a George Bruce, builder 

. . John Ross (G. Mellis & Son) 
257 Rev. John Robb, of Pittrichie 
259 Wm. Thomson, photographer 

261 John Rutherford, carver 
. . John M'Kenzie, teacher 
261*^ Rev. G. W. S. Cruickshank 
263 Mrs J. Leslie 
265 Mrs Booth, lodgings 
265a George Ironside, bookseller 
269 Mrs Thomson, dressmaker 
271 Miss E. Shirres, draper 
275 Andrew Mustard, clerk 
277 John Skene, butcher 
279 Miss Merchant, lodgings 
281 Hugh Ross, grocer 

Hidcheon street. 
283 Wm. Rollo, spirit dealer 
287 "Wm. P. Morgan, hairdresser 
291, 293, and 295 Wm. Murray, hide 

299 Alex. Hardy, grocer 
301 Robert W^alker, tinplate worker 


2-4 J. Brown & Son, drapers 
8-10 Alex. Lamb, pliimber 
16 John Craigen, photographer 
18 I. & M. Buist, milliners 
22 Jas. Calder, furniture dealer 
22|^ George Morison, brushmaker 
23J Miss Tait, pattern printer 
24 J. & J. Lyall, ironmongers 
26 John M'Gregor, dyer 
28 Wm. Eddie, druggist 
. . Mrs Scott, lodgings 
30 Wm. Eddie, druggist 
32 M. Munro, watchmaker 
34 Miss T. Wilson, lodgings 
36 David Bell, fishing tackle maker 
36a Burr & Shirres, drapers 
36c James Thomson, confectioner 
36b Wm. Smith, butcher 
38a Burr & Donald, drapers 
38 Robert Muir, currier 
. . Gordon Monro, bootcloser 
. . J. R. Copland, brush manufactr. 
38-40 Bobert Booth, tinsmith 
42 P. Wunderley, clockmaker 
44 J. R. Copland, brush maker 
46 George Stephen, draper 
48 J. & A. Rae, tobacconist 
52 Francis Scott, bookseller 
54-56 Reid & Bain, drapers 

loch street. 
58 Milne & Saunders, drapers 
60 Alex. Anderson, baker 
64 Joseph Ellicock, cabinetmaker 
66 George Scott, watchmaker 
68 Mrs Loggie, lodgings 
70 W. G. Clark, watchmaker 
74 Misses Tait, dressmakers 
76 Shirres & Forsyth, warehouse- 
78 Mrs C. Reid, furniture dealer 
80 George Street Hall 
82 Burr & Shirres, drapers 
84 Hugh Gaudie, furniture dealer 
86 Miss Ledingham, dressmaker 
88 Wm. M'Pherson, restaurant 



f 90 Mrs D. M'Leod, shoemaker 

94 James Kilgour, draper 
104 John Watson, dyer 
110 John Gill, draper 

St. Andreio street. 
114 Wm. Logan, grocer 
120 D. Henderson & Son, japanners 
122 R. Sutherland, carver and gilder 
124 Lewis George, engineer 
126 Miss Halcrow, milliner 
128 VVm. G. Clark, -watchmaker 
130 A. Milne, umbrella maker 
134 George Tough & Sons, drapers 
140 John Flett, baker 
142 Do. do. 

144 Wm. Collie, painter 
146 Findlay & Co., India rubber 

146J Mrs Davidson, lodgings 

. . George Hogg, engineer 
148 Thomas Taylor, draper 
150 Leslie Fyfe, draper 
152 Do. do. 

154 Alex. Lonie, tailor 
158 Andrew Ross, jun., flesher 

. . Alex. Morrison, butcher 
160 Wm. Will, grocer 

Joltn street. 
170 A. & J. Jack, watchmakers 
174 Thomas Milne, grocer 
176 J. M. Goodbrand, hosier 
178 Wm. Cheyne, tailor 
180 Alex. Catto, confectioner 
182 Wm. Shivas, jun., bootmaker 
184 George Gordon, tinplate worker 
186 John Rowell, clockmaker 
188 Mrs Murray, lodgings 

. . J. Watson, furniture dealer 
190 John Tough, tailor 
192 George Hill, tailor 
194 Hugh Dey, letter carrier 
194^ Alexander Lyon, margarine 

.. Alex. Lyon, jun., hide factor 
198 J. Gavin & Sons, millers 
200 John Burnett, shoemaker 

. . Branch Post Office 
202 John Cameron, house carpenter 
204 James Ross, clothier 
206 Do. do. 

214 Robert Stevens, grocer 
216 Hugh Ross, gi-ocer 
218 G. P. Cruickshank, druggist 
220 Miss Penman 

. . Mrs J. Milne, shirtmaker 

. . T. C. Hall, bookseller 
222 Do. do. 

228 A. Diack, tailor 
230 Joseph Beattie, shoemaker 
232 James Finlayson, clothier 
234 R. H. Strachan & Co., grocers 

Spring garden. 
236 Aberdeen T. & C. Branch Bank 
242 James Maxwell, tobacconist 
244 James Sherriffs, fruiterer 
Gerrard street. 

248 W. J. Bolton, hairdresser 
252 Thos. Duncan, grocer 
254 George Black, grocer 
256 George Philip, joiner 
258 Craigie Milne, spirit dealer 
260 Wm. Harrowes, flesher 
262 Mrs William Williams 

264 Wm. Rodger, clerk 
266 John Burns, draper 
266^ Do. do. 

. . " J. W. Duncan f Dundee Advertiser) 
268a Mrs Buchan, lodgings 
268B Wm. Mitchell 

Catherine street, 
270 Alex. Ewen & Co. , gi'ocers 
274 Miss Mitchell provision mercht. 
276 A. B. Young, baker 
278 Robert Dawson, foreman 

. . James Moir, letter carrier 
286 Thomas Craig, bookseller 
288 Alex. Reith, M.D. and druggist- 
292 James M'Gregor, painter 

Hutcheon street. 
294 John C. Munro, flesher 
296 Mrs Wm. Morgan 
308 Alex. Craig, baker 

310 Do. do. 
310J George Bain, slater 

311 Ferguson Smith, writer 

Gerrard Street. 

From Gallowgate to George street. 

2 W. Laing & Sons, ironmongers 
10 A. Hem-y & Son, plasterers 

12 John Wood, stonecutter 

16 W. Robertson & Co., furniture 

23 Mrs DonaldsoUj^grocer 

265 Alex. Shewan, stationer 
30 Mrs M'Adam, stabler 

35 James Ironside, tallow merchant 

Free John Knox Church. 
48 George L. Adam, slater 
56 Alex. Anderson, painter 
. . Miss Duncan, bible woman 
58 Robert Gordon, joiner 
62 James Wyness, detective 
64 Douglas Grant messenger 
64J Adam Traill, blacksmith 
66 "Joseph Cheyne, plumber 

67 James M'Intosh, stonecutter 

68 George Black, grocer 

72 George Sinclair, tea merchant 
80 John Gordon, butcher 
. . Wm. Johnston, painter 
. . Thomas Watt (of W. & B.) 
84 James Wilson, slater 
86 Alex. Allan, boxmaker 

Gilcomston Brae. 

From Woolmanhill and Spa street to 
Gilcomston Brewery. 

1 Adam Thomson, grocer 

3 John Grant, blacksmith 



3 W. M'Kenzie, blacksmith 
. . W. G. Craig, boot and shoemaker 

Gilcomston Park. 

Off Spa street. 

R. Hall, builder 
A. & J. Smith, stonecutters 
Gauld & M'Kenzie, builders 
Wm. Farquharson, builder 

21 Alex. Hendry, house carpenter 

29 Wm. Silver, clothier 

31 George Currie, slater 

33 James Bannochie, plasterer 

37 Thos. Thomson, commission agent 
39 W. D. Ross {Evening Express) 

41 Wm. Bruce 

47 James Willox, builder 


1 Mrs Wm. Ironside 

2 Wm. W. Lumsden 

34 Williamson Rust 

36 Wm. Webster, late baker 

38 John Webster, com. traveller 

Gilcomston Place. 

From Gilcomston ter. to Baker st. 

1 Mrs Forbes 

2 J. Johnston, -warehouseman 

3 Miss Martin, dressmaker 

E. Gauld, builder, Gilcomston 

John Minto, do. 

Gilcomston Steps. 

From Spa street to Skene square. 

1 Alex. Mackie, fruiterer 

2 Arch. Watt, watchmaker 

3 Peter Burt, stationer 

. . John M. Masson, printer 
6 Wm. Collie, stonecutter 

12 John Grant, ironmonger 

13 Robt. Walker, tinplate worker 

14 J. Henderson, draper, &c. 

15 Charles Maitland, slater 

16 Wm. Gillespie, tavern keeper 
29 David Dawson, blacksmith 

Gilcomston Terrace. 

North end of Gilcomst